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Episode 27: Not In the Fridge!

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hello and welcome to cooking issues to show where you call in or email in all of your cooking related questions technical or not I'm Dave Arnold go to cooking issues here with this Tasha the hammer Lopez cooking issues big old Hammer bringing the hammer down on all you people that don't behave Studio at +718-497-212-8718 for 97212 8 for the next 45 minutes or so so please call in your questions what's going on well it is true I'll give you a partial announcement now but in the near future you know we might be open to Consulting kinds of situations but

so you know should you ever hire me if nastasha was just a cookie sheet team this point I should you ever ask for anything we're not going to think about your problem until it's actually time to think about it try to break him of that short so speaking of thinking about problem last week we came on the show and we ask for any sort of suggestions as to what to do with a 3D printer 3D printer that is given to us by the fat at home guys at Cornell it's a prince basically it's a syringe the moves around in three dimensions and squeezes out a note at a very precise rate any sort of paste a pace that you want and they want us to come up with a good food application and I we didn't for about 8 months we can come up with one and you know finally a couple people called to interviewed me actually about what I thought about 3D food Printing and I always said pretty much the same thing which is no one side of a really good application yet and I think it's you know there's no need to print you know the Mickey Mouse in in it you know out of out of

you paste it means just no need for it because I can and I could I could I could make a Mickey Mouse mold and then spread I'm going to Orlando today what's the one thing that is a Mickey Mouse mold and spread it into into a silicone thing that I can make a whole bunch of turkey things I wish I never thought that like weird shapes was an interesting application for me for 3D printer and lo and behold we came up with this right thought was a good idea in conjunction with Jeffrey Lipton who runs the program if at home program up at Cornell and it was well we're going to take what I think is one of the ultimate pace of all time which is Masa dough nixtamalize corn means it's me know what's better than Masa mustache anyting about you know it's just not my not my place say I hate the sun I hate you note flat Landscapes and you know Spanish moss is okay anyway whatever

stop the squiggly shape and Masa and it looks great and has a grey texture like Shredded Wheat it but it tastes awesome I can talk to you if I thought it was fantastic CNN shows up we give him this long song and dance about you know what these applications are good with the printers are really good for coming up with made with new textures or for ideation thinking about new ways to make things and they basically what I say what I'm not interested in is this whole idea that in the future is going to be the Jetsons or Star Trek into going to push a button and all of a sudden your meal is going to come out and you know princess there's nothing I think worse in the world and thinking that you press a button your meal is going to is going to pop out and what could be more horrific to a cook them thinking they were totally going to remove human beings from the cooking process and furthermore it you know get us even further away from you know from the from the food chain from where food comes from from the from the whole food supply system to a point where we don't care that everything that serve to us here comes in a tube as extruded out of a syringe into

shapes what shape do you want your turkey paste in tonight we had Mickey yesterday goofy seriously I thought we'd one over the other CNNMoney people and yesterday I looked at the CNN Money piece on the web and I was horrified to see that what you took away from it was the in the future we will basically print turkey paste and kind of know understood understood lease our point of view that that was a horrible horrible horrible idea anyway to see what we what we think about it that's enough enough. I tried right enough. I tried for today all right so John Mayer I met him

Hey listen I bought some cheese and I put it in my fridge and I think maybe that was feeling maybe the first mistake put in the fridge me the Panthers going to buy the Chiefs today I would never put it in the fridge will get into that I have Cheez-Its in the fridge I forgot to take it out or I bought it to you know you know right before I went to somebody's house and it was in the refrigerator case the store the store doesn't know how to keep their cheese XYZ whatever and I promise. I have to eat it what can I do besides throwing it in the oven and the microwave or just waiting for a couple of hours will I feel your pain I really do I remember once I flew back from France and I smuggled in my favorite I think my favorite cheese in the world which is faster on land or my wife used to have to go out to France at Des Peres every January for a trade show and I will go out with her and I would know just basically swim through like like wheel after wheel of ashram on door and you know you cut off the top you scoop it out you eat it all in the really is almost no better experience on Earth than crusty bread and buy some on dork that's it that's

apogee so far in my life me back and I'm planning on having Sunday family dinner because every Sunday I have family dinner the family comes over to my house and me and we cook a big meal and horror the horror it was put in the fridge I won't say you know I won't say by whom it was put in the fridge and there wasn't enough time to temper the thing out and and I was I was it was just it was one of the worst Food experiences in my life because it tasted good I put in the oven but it tasted good but it wasn't the greatest thing in the world wasn't what it should have been here you smuggle this wheelchair back you think it should be the greatest in the world that wasn't so I definitely feel your pain John hear my suggestion to you if you're buying cheese just don't put it in the dang fridge if you have a wine cooler put in the wine cooler let it sit there unless it's going to go for a very long time it's going to be fine

Sorella I buy it I don't put it in the fridge even if I buy in the morning I'm going to eat in the evening I don't put it in the fridge because I know I'm going to put it in the fridge or freeze it after I'm done that first day cuz I don't carry it over to the second day anyway cuz I use it for cooking at that point and mozzarella really will be okay in a cool spot for the whole day you don't need you don't need to worry about it that's one further say that there are some people I'm not one of them but there are some people that they feel that she should be served a lot cooler than we serve them in general that they should be served at Cellar Tempe to be at your wine cooler temp I don't agree with that but there's some very you know find cheese sources that they do say that okay so one is just don't ever put it in the fridge this would be my first recommendation second would be you could end it doesn't apply to soft cheeses like mush wrong things like that but it harder Cheese's and I hate this but you can do this you can cut the cheese up in two slices before hand covered with a layer plastic wrap and Chamberlain cuz of chamber very rapidly if they're cut into pieces I happen to not like that cuz I hate the look of the cheese as it warms up

sweating out or the fat coming up to the top I don't prefer presides cheese but this is definitely an option if there's no other alternative now on the subway over here I thought that you might want to look at that I've never actually try but I guarantee we'll work that is take tap water turn it on so that the temperature of the tap water is roughly in the mid-80s so slightly below your body temperature of it slightly warmer than your normal tap water which is probably running between 57 where you live but could be as high as sixty or seventy degrees at 80° and then put your cheese in a ziplock bag and up use the instructions on the cooking issue blog under the low temperature primer on which I need to finish Chase how to pack your things and Ziploc space we put in a ziplock and the mercy thing in the ziplock underwater to force at the are you close it then keep that ziplock bag in the running tap water at the right temperature and it will chamber lickety-split without the water getting on the cheese and without

heating it because I really find it no good way to temper. Cheese in the microwave or in an oven without ruining a good portion of it what he thinks that same question from John is Richard blais on a television program I was trying to make pizza through a bunch of binchotan charcoal in there and got his oven up to you know 800-900 degrees Fahrenheit that's a good trick question is is it going to ruin your oven is it safe eccentric cetera but that would work mean I have electric electric heaters electric stone heaters in the bottom and top of my oven to Jack the temperature up to 8:50. That's how I do it but if you could definitely like a Kohl's in your in your oven hear the caveats the Japanese have been cooking with coal indoors for a long time every bag of coal that you purchase what to say right on it that you're not allowed to cook it inside the reason is they don't want to generate a lot of smoke and be a lot of carbon monoxide

one I would say that if you're going to burn coal inside of your kitchen you better have some good ventilation that's one please have some oats have some good ventilation but that said places that do have good ventilation do do it inside although no one in the United States will tell you it's safe okay secondly he's using binchotan charcoal which is extremely expensive form of Japanese charcoal which theoretically they say gives off less smoke then our standard ordinary charcoal here in the US however it if you buy real hardwood charcoal that you open it up and the thing looks like it was a piece of wood back in the day and is now a piece of charcoal I mean I don't know how much better the bench of time can be than that stuff it burns fairly clean for a charcoal you can get here and isn't that expensive the carry it at Home Depot that carries some stores so you could do that now it's going to venture time or whatever you know Kingsford briquettes don't use but any of these things nothing against the king for Corporation

generate some carbon monoxide so you should need to be aware of that and you need to eat to ventilate it properly the third thing is M are you going to damage the oven well it's possible. Depends on what your oven is made out of a mean I would Elevate the stuff on a great you're going to need to make sure that are can you have a sufficient Air Supply in your oven to get it started and I would also put a heat shield above it like a piece of steel or something above the direct flame so if you were to build the of the put your pizza stone in the bottom of the oven then build a bench a ton on top of that then have some sort of like a deflector Shield above in case you get a roaring fire up and please try not to get a roaring fire I think theoretically is possible also don't overload it don't go crazy if you're basically just trying to get an extra hundred or two degrees out of it because your oven is probably going to make it up to 5:50 and you're only looking for an extra couple hundred degrees out of it so it's I think the idea just to not go super crazy with the amount of of coal that you put in rice

he was in New York so he's right there yeah if you're if you're in New York I doubt you have decent ventilation I'll tell you a little story I'm going to tell this on the radio once already I did I want enough coal in my house to ignite the small Hibachi that I had put into it and yeah I almost got me divorced him not be careful be careful although I have seen people like Ben chat on charcoal inside our Amphitheatre at the school and not have basically any smoke at all because you know they would light it on top of the gas burners they would ignite and then they pull it off and it is fairly clean burning more clean-burning the most of most of our charcoals but he can only use it for that extra couple hundred degrees to pump up

we're going to have you calling all your questions to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 we going to go to our first commercial break cooking issues

welcome back to cooking issues on the Heritage Radio Network on your questions to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 a Henrietta color hello, you're on the air. I was listening to the first part of the show and I also find the things are bad when they're putting the fridge what is why is that what is the chemical reaction happening that takes taste away from like vegetables and cheeses and meats and like you're nice when they're actually put in a cold space with different with different products are in tomatoes it's it's it's the texture that gets ruined of the Tomato never to come back cheese a lot of it is reversible I do we did a study wants where we took balls of mozzarella fresh ones all from the same batch and we were refrigerated some and then let them chamber for a long time back and we end the post

block it a long time ago and we didn't your emotion it actually does come back of it we think there is some effect that putting it in the in the fridge ever butthurt is texture a revocable e but not as much as we generally think because the texture of cheese is so dependent on temperature that even a couple of degrees in the center of like a ball of mozzarella or something like that means a difference between it being delicious and you know Susie awesome and and being rubbery right so it's like part of it is a fact that I think we never do allow something enough time to to chamber up but me and also at like eight likes me like Jared meets also I haven't run a side-by-side clearly out of the lake and everyone says when you're chasing cured meats when they're cold you know put them on your tongue let him warm up but it's not it's not the same thing as having a piece of meat served with the right temperature and not having to like lay it on your tongue for 30 seconds to try and warm it up do you know what I'm saying so with that I don't know what

actual problem is certain effects like this like with cheese that the questions or tomatoes this happens just from the temperature change and then there's problems with the refrigerator itself so you know like that for freezer right which could be desiccating could be removing moisture could be adding really bad Aromas of the most fridges like you know most fridges have awful Rome is on the inside of them just turn off the fridge which allows of all those to become your kind of feel better for your nose and you can see kind of the nasty things are going on in your fridge but I have to research kind of other like which which which vegetables do you have in mind is being Never As Good when they're in the fridge some by the way are Never As Good after their stored. Because you change their metabolism mostly vegetable a lot of vegetables is basically still alive when they're being pulled right and so you know if you alter their metabolism rate you change their metabolism rate and they just are turning to crap anyway so the fact you're putting in the fridge and storing it for longer means reducing its qualities that make sense

I'll look into this more maybe we'll talk about it right and Sasha will look into this more so I have another question then from John and it says it's going to take awhile and I think the question is initial supposed to me by several people in the past couple of days why is it or how is it that we use ice we use salt to melt ice on the roads right otherwise using calcium chloride. Sodium chloride but principles the same why do we do that and at the same time we were in the kitchen if we want to make something really really cold we want to keep our stuff cold we dump salt on its own one case it seems like we're using it to melt it which seems like we're warming it up and the other case were using it actually cool it down to make it colder and so what's going on

seems like a contradiction right it's not not a contradiction and this is something that is actually a poorly explained by most high school teachers when when you're learning it not by my high school teacher mrs. suck my chemistry teacher was awesome and maybe that's the reason why I am where I am today so I know I come from a place where we have seasons I don't have to drive to see snow so no offense California it's all if it's actually kind of complicated but you know to bear with me it's all about a fight between heat and Poppy and entropy right so here's what happens

in order to melt ice age you need heat that makes sense right Natasha you need to melt ice and the reason why is because ice is at a lower energy than water at the same temperature soda water to make it from Ice into water you have to add energy and that that's called to keep the heat of fusion right and that that takes 80 calories 80 calories per per mole so every every gram the melting one gram of water is in one gram of water I believe is enough energy to raise that same gram of water 80 degrees again that's how much energy and is so it's not insubstantial okay so it will know what which means right there at that thing's want to be at a lower energy so at you know in general things want to turn into ice to go in that lower lower energy state to give off that

show that heat and become ice now there's a competing principal here which is things like to be disordered entropy right is basically a how much a disorder there isn't a system in the in the universe wants to be disorder chaotic have a lot of different states available for everything maximum chaos you know like our lives and and and so what happens is is that at 0 degrees where is normally melts it's the point at which the amount of the amount of entropy right that the amount of heat that you have to that you have to add tip to melt the ice is balanced by the amount of entropy gain you get from from melting it does not make any sense with a Blog and make more sense but it's a fight between enthalpy and entropy and all balanced on temperature when you add salt to system right what happens is is that now there's more states of disorder that one

I can be in when it's in when it's in the solution with the salt so therefore right the entropy when is greater and the temperature at which the stuff freezes drops so now you can forget everything I said for the last three minutes because I'm sure it didn't make any sense beating on her blog and keep this in your head when you add ice to add salt to ice what you're doing is making it so that everything wants to freeze at a lower temperature and we all know that you know salt water freeze at a lower temperature than ice right so here's what goes on in order for the ice to melt into saltwater you need to have heat heat needs to go into the system to do it but where's the Heat going to come from nastasha where is he going to come from

the Heat going to come from the ice and he's going to come from the ice so when you take a big block of salt ice and you add salt on it right like the ice is going to start to melt into the song in the form of Brian but in order to do it's going to require heat that heat has to come from the block of ice because that's the easiest way for it to get it's not going to suck it out of the air because if not fast enough and so the entire block of ice along with the salt Brian is going to get colder and that's what happen when you making your Meson plus right now if there's not enough ice their right to all get colder and not melt you melt it all out right furthermore if you let it sit there for a long time energy is going to go into the air and then it's going to keep remelting more so it's basically the same thing happens when you put salt on ice on a road initially the whole block of ice is going to get colder right and then it's eventually going to to melt off a long and as long as you depress the freezing point long enough

low enough Section 8 I can't freeze in your ambient atmosphere and that temperature where it's going to freeze frightened ambient atmosphere in a fully saturated salt solution is quite low like in the -10 so it's solar system all works and it's not a contradiction if it didn't make a damn bit of sense no one's going to think what the hell I was talking about you can go on the Block and look up Cocktail Science the very first Cocktail Science with post I posted about a year-and-a-half ago has a much more lucid and easier to follow easier to reread explanation of it I apologize for kind of going all over the place where you think to make any damn sense at all

play the color where the caller even though they make no damn sense at all right call her you're on the air hopefully I'll make more sense

wait for me a few more minutes ago Through The Eyes look like really like something about cars


no I haven't tell me what about it goes through Twain's a tramp abroad and plane went through how he loved all these American foods that no longer exist and he tried to recreate all these dishes from the 1800 how is it so funny misanthropic writers you know of America what do you think

I think you'll like the fuck I definitely recommend you get it and what I was calling about is between apparently likes his coffee American coffee much more than coffee abroad because of our milk and they're guessing it's because it was raw milk and I wanted to know your thoughts on the Run has to be at the Milken in Europe was pasteurizer for the milk is was here I don't know I don't know the actual I don't know the truth or falsity of that I know that that the milk we used to get was alternately in the milk back in the day back in the day they like 3 for instance pre Erie Canal pre railroad into New York City the milk we used to get was alternate Lee was horrible here but could be much better in the country where now we kind of get a a kind of broadband mediocre milk no offense to the milk people might have my feeling on the on the raw milk is that I'm sure that there is both good milk a good ramen

and bad raw milk I have had some fantastic raw milk and I'm sure you're aware that you know here in in the United States you have to buy it directly from the farm so friend since we have a farm in at the Greene Market here in New York that sells raw milk when you buy in Upstate New York at the farm and has warning labels all over but they can't ship it into New York to sell it at the farmers market here give me my debate on a case for my debate on the law might be the laws absurd but I mean that the laws of ridiculous the law was originally put in place because they thought that you would get tuberculosis from cows and so he started pasteurizing the milk I'm sure pasteurization is done a lot of good you know he keeping milk for a longer. Of time but there's no question that mean you can have really good cheeses that are made with pasteurized milk obviously I've had many many but you know that said you know most of the great Cheese's of the world outside of the US are made with unpasteurized milk so it will be interesting to do

a side-by-side test which I've never done of the same exact company same exact process pasteurized vs. not say milk same cow I've never I've never had that happen I had great experience with a remote that I purchased at farms here but because they're great farmers and they make great milk do you know what I'm saying and the milk and and and and a lot more happens to our milk other than just pasteurization you know it's broken up into mogenized so I think there's not there's a lot wrong with there's a lot wrong with our milk supply based on what it could be and it's really only I only ideal in the sense of its relatively cheap compared to what it actually you'll probably should cause it was done right and it lasts a relatively long time that's about all I can say kind of good about it what do you think

I think I think it's a little absurd the law again like I said you said before but also I think it's almost impossible to really recreate the mill in about as edger Bears is trying to do in the book I don't know how he would possibly be able to recreate it exactly get me there are people that have the same kind of breeds of cows are treated in the same kind of way it's not mass any of them sure in a microwave you could go reproduce it because you're you can go to someone who's passed during a very similar to read the cow that were around back then are still extant and you can get them you can find some milk in them and you can get it directly from the cow this is all possible it's just not feasible in New York for instance I talk to a bunch of food scientist you say that I'm a jerk for saying that the that the law is absurd because they point to the fact that you know and either are diseases you can get

from Romeo Cheese's have been pasteurized and end it is true that there are certain number of people who know can I guess contract diseases from raw however I'm willing to take that I'm more than willing to take that risk and nine times out of ten nowadays in the US when someone gets a disease off of a cheese for instance or a dairy product it's off of pasteurized product just been stored incorrectly show me the the big the big be no problems in the past I think in the seventies and eighties were kicked queso blanco queso fresco that we're just me or not they didn't have any back because you're having a bacteriological you're having a bacterial components culture in the milk protection against certain pathogens so I think it's actually kind of Visa pasteurize and then stored improperly re contaminated products can sometimes be less safe but you know again I've had Dairy scientist you know just tell me that I was a complete jackass for saying that but I think we should a slap a label on I'm allowed to smoke if I want you know

French dance I think that's a lot more dangerous than you know eating the cheese that I want and I think their point is yes but the consumer doesn't know that there's a risk to eating cheese where is they know there's a risk of smoking dry the hate why don't we just slap a warning label on it and they're like well you sure wouldn't want to do that because I would love that you kidding me like you think of the people that I know that I hang out with it or paying a bazillion dollars a pound for a block of cheese anyway right and I used to Cheese's always my favorite thing in the world because you know my theory was I could afford the best cheese in the world I can't afford the best why it says it's no longer really the case cuz she should have gotten so I'd say but you know we can afford to have at least a little bit of the best cheese in the world and I think that we would flock to achieve that had a big ol warning label on it saying it was made with raw meat we look for it wouldn't be it would brighten as we would actually seek it out you know but anyway that's just my my feelings but I'm definitely to check out that book as a fan of Twain and as a fan of nineteenth-century American cookie

Dino day to take on 19th century American Cooking I guess it most dicks in my head was what was her name oh my God has us that the couple what was their name use a famous Buddhist story and he was a he was a New York Times credit for a while maybe they wrote a book called A Taste of America she just passed away recently it's real curmudgeon like her main right was that American food used to be great before the invention of baking powder and baking powder ruin everything that was her basic that was her basic tenets and she was real kind of like I think a tough you know a tough individual but she was hanging out with the likes of William woys Weaver and your writers like that people who really have kept your language Weaver's big on Pennsylvania Dutch and food saving an heirloom vegetables of these guys are really brought back a lot of the oatmeal recipe and I think there's a lot of value there so I'm definitely going to check out that book and thanks for bringing it to our attention no problem

commercial break please calling all your questions to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 cooking issues

how much bone broth

we're going to have a boy

weather back to cooking issues still got a couple minutes left here in the studio or though I'm totally will have to get off the air at 7:45 fairly promptly 1245 my brain my brain is fried frying a minute call 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 we have a question about a registry on a Saturday we got College eyes Clayton for you being referred to as the same Fried Chicken guy so let's go Fried Chicken later alright one more question if he has time I'm getting married soon and would like to use my wedding registry to beef up my kitchen what are few items at any modern cook shouldn't be without I would recommend you get some rich friends that's the first thing and register for an immersion circulator if you do not already own an immersion circulator you should register for an immersion circulator if you throw three parties this year

you have an immersion circulator think about this for a minute cuz you're on the air I like to buy cat chicken and fish in the boys I can't renew healthy foods to cook with him in general show you want to fix us or thin sauce you want something to the server you want something something separate my one summer day has been I tend to just be kind of a tomato base like a besotted with them onions and spices send anything different ready to change your your sauce repertoire what what is very good very very good book on sauce is a highly recommended by James James Peterson called sauces at 1 Like A Beard award like vape pen weed

12 years ago it's available, very cheaply I think on Amazon now or you know you use it's fantastic book know what I like about it is it is it teaches like basically fundamentals of sauce making and how to build on Sasa starting a certain bases so what I would do is I would I would come up with a couple of techniques that you like that you can then build a bunch of flavors officer presidents whenever I have vegetarian now you're talkin about chicken so it's no different but you can use the sauce whenever I whenever I have vegetarians coming over I do one event which is a lot actually I have various up variations of fundamental coconut milk sauce that that that we make and you have a good blender so it's on Indian but you can switch it to Asian or tie if you want just you know what I pre-cook your your your your your onions or shallots or whatever you want or garlic then put in your spices you know hit them with the heat a little bit

then I usually put in cashews sometimes tomato paste if I want it red sometimes not then you took me all your coconut milk near you heat blend correct with lime and or soy and and whatever but don't rush but I have like maybe 15 16 sauces that I can build out of the simple idea that I'm going to start with frying my ingredients toasting spices throwing in probably a nut to Beef It Up and then and then coconut milk and bread Cimorelli I have you know 13 or 14 different variants of you know for frying up the XL start was Ryan the onions and garlic frying that and then some form of cheese Cheez-It you know and herb and oil Blended or so they all work that way and separate sauces that you can make in advance me and then of course it is obvious is he or the pants off whatever based on what's in the pan which is usually some form of deglazing so it all it all depends on kind of like a building up building up your repertoire I would choose it a taste flavor that you like like if you like an Indian Pro

I would get like you know if a couple of the Bay spices in your kitchen that you need to do it coriander cardamom cumin you things like this and have them ready and then you know whenever you want to make a sauce what's the Twitter wherever your heart takes you that night and you blend it but it's just having you know if you could submit Tomatoes you only base to start with now then you know there's only so far you can go with that so then you just need to stop at your pantry and get a couple of them getting emulsified sauce and their likes to start building on unlike Hollandaise sauce and Bearnaise base differences those delicious Everyone likes them and they're really they're really quite simple you don't need to have clarified butter now you can look up Harold McGee I think wrote about it we and we might have it on the blog very very fast hollandaise or bearnaise or any one of those sauces no sauces form a fantastic base for further things he was just a question of changing the flavors and so you can really kind of alleviate boredom by just picking one or two of these sauce families right and then working with it from from there really

expand out and that's how I think all good Cooks expand their repertoires fide like taking some new basic nugget and then building on it again and again and again through repetition set helpful at all or no Frank the hubs before you then I had an associate depend so I got the classic did a lot of the dry spices and things like a ginger things like nuts I tend to fry before I add the liquid is cuz I let you know that I've never going to side by side that's interesting but theoretically you know that's how it's done in those Cuisines and so I just I tend to do it and yeah they say that it release is the Aromas I don't know if that's actually true what they probably if there's a high heat involved it actually does probably do some sort of toasting frying and changing the the bass notes involved because I know that French toast and Caraway taste very different from untoasted Caraway not better not worse different and so it's just it tends to be something that I do I don't ever pre cook a green herbs and you know I always like that that dried spices not dried

there's more dried spices attended get a pound of bacon and emulsified into a sauce and no one will even know it's there other than the flavor no one know from a texture standpoint so good blender is a definite sauce makers friend in the kitchen needs days cuz it definitely saved me a lot of a lot of heartache and so I thank you for the call right now I'm going to finish the wedding before taking a portion of my 4-minute said to tell me that I can't just question formats this is the lady who berates me for my Martha Stewart position was supposed to be three cocktails in 3/4 of a cocktail all right I'm going to think more about your registry problem unless prep register if you can find a place over here is what I hear what I would want

buy your own vacuum machine or get you know what a cheap one Whatever obviously if you don't already own a decent set of knives get buy you a good set of pots chrissakes get a good set of pots night when I registered I had like a mismatch of different parts and now I have a kind of the standard pots and even though I got them you know 18 years ago whatever it is to me in 15 years ago when I was registered I'm Still Loving them today they're fine I have the you know standard kind of all class but definitely hit all those big ticket items that ditch that China and get the immersion circulator get some decent pots get some decent knives right and then she thinks anything while I'm talking will go for that okay now only about once a month that's a reasonable amount although you can make it more keeping the oil how do you keep the oil after you're done because the oil can be expensive is it worthwhile to keep the oil okay listen

the enemies to oil are basically oxidation and break down when you're cooking and when you're storing what causes that break down to happen for sale fresh oils kind of bad anyway you should always try a little bit with your it really picks up quick especially home because you're probably pretty brutal on the oil but no fresh oil actually isn't the best you like you want to use it a little bit because what happens if the oil breaks down somewhat and when it breaks down if it comes to has more polar compound so that she can attack the food and fry it a lot faster so a little bit of oil breakdown is actually helpful but in general don't worry about your well-being to Fresh at home cuz it ain't going to be fresh for long anyway so the main things are going to kill your oil as if you're overheating if you overheat your oil would you tend to do on not you but one tends to do on a stove temperature Cycles up and down up and down and and way high that's going to ruin oil very quickly and if it gets really dark in color it's not going to be worthwhile and you probably won't keep it the other thing is if you get a lot of particles floating in the bottom that burned down

will cause your oil to go down really fast in a second if you're frying a lot of high liquid stuff stuff sprays out into it a lot of salt you didn't know she was going to start forming a lot more and the Orioles going to go south faster a lot of how long you can keep the oils how you treated it when you're frying we use in a while if you can go to a commercial supplier and get a 5 gallon of the other through every is 30 lb in 5 gallon pail of oil are the professional flywheel that we use is 8 times better than the fryer you can get in a supermarket because it has antioxidants in it which means he was going to last a lot longer okay that's 1/2 when you store if you want to let it cool down and then right away that night you want to stop for it filter it through first like a strainer and then threw something finer like some napkins or cloth to get all the particles out of it because those are really going to make your oil turned to crap then when you store it you want to store it outside of the light because if it's stored in the light you're going to get more oxidation so you want to start in the dark cool place you wanted to be filtered and you want

just a you know it in a cool area you want to make sure you don't do too much temp temperature cycling on it and here is the best way to find out if your oil is a crappy right take a little bit of your oil heat it up in a pan and fry a piece of white bread in it and then eat the white bread white bread is extremely neutral it soaks up a lot of oil and it's the best way other than just dipping your finger in and tasting it to figure out what you're going to get any off notes in your fry products from the oil that you're using and that's my standard technique in the kitchen determine if an oil has gone too far to keep using as I do a bread for I test all right now I have 30 seconds on the way out Jared called in and our road and he said hey when I make my Dashie right I eat a huge bowl of it and I get all buzzed and I have to sit down and watch Comedy programs because I get a buzz is this from the glutamic acid and I don't know whether this key to a door keys in with the kind of pot questions we had before but I definitely I love you gave us a recipe I want to know what kind of

secret ingredient you're putting in to get buzzed I've never noticed this I've never heard I couldn't find any reputable cases of monosodium glutamate intoxication but the last time I've got drunk without drinking was an ice cream party the random an ice cream machine I look more Jared by the way on the way out of here on the side of the street is soft serve ice cream machine it was all broken and beaten battered weighed 900 lb of wielded into my apartment wired it into three separate circuits because it took three phase power and it was all demented finally got it to work the refrigeration didn't work so I had to throw dry ice into it all these nightmare problems I had a giant soft serve party right actually went up to the Bronx to Mister Softee which is our local ice cream soft serve ice cream here and bought a bunch of gallons of Mister Softee ice cream makes him through the most disgusting part in the world it was all it was was champagne and all you can eat soft serve ice cream out of an ice cream tap you have to be at the big saucer machine with all the toppings and I didn't have anything to drink that night but

must have eaten I don't know like a half gallon of ice cream and I felt completely looped drunk crazy and said she only similar experience I've had to a non alcohol-based buzz on a food I've done and it was related to MSG or two. She but I definitely want your Dashi recipe if you can get a few get buzzed off of it yard so I'll look into it some more and for this week it's cooking issues come back next week this time next Tuesday 12:12 noon