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Episode 269: Vegettified Garbage

this episode is brought to you by Jewel the emergent circulator for sous-vide by chefsteps order now at Joule you from dear sessions radio listening to Heritage Radio Network broadcasting live from Bushwick Brooklyn if you like this program. Org for thousands more

coming to you radio network every Tuesday from 12 to like almost like in Bushwick how you doing yeah listen listen I need you to call in all of your cooking related questions to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 we have no one in the studio today where this is just an engineer Dave and myself how you doing did nastassia Lopez joining us from Washington DC on telephone and do we have our special guest in DC

yes you do and you ready for it

Jackie molecules Jack Ensley from DC what's up

whats up babe how you doing so you started this new radio thingamajig down there yet what's going on a entire podcast Network here in DC in an awesome yet to be open Hotel so it's basically still a construction zone but 11 DC so far man that's really cool over here so you like wearing blue blazers everyday and like women what dedes now and hang out with people is that what happens but what's going on with Starbucks here in DC than I have my entire life in New York unfortunately that's actually true statement election while you're waiting for the construction to happen

I've been reading it yet I've been actively rigging it everything what you do do you know the stuff that you've seen and all the television programs or what

well I mean I got to see liked pictures of Michelle and Barack desk that's kind of cool but not in the Oval Office itself in the oval office's bathroom people who know nastassia Lopez will know that she cannot be in a new place without using the restroom this includes like you know if she could use is Elvis's death toilet at Graceland she would you definitely would have been all over that Oval Office toilet in my right Nastasia now are you allowed to say while you're there or not

what are you allowed to say why you're in Washington or no

I know I don't think so so we can talk about it next week

sure all right well that's exciting but we can't talk about exactly what you're doing alright we'll talk about it next week so in other news Booker and Dax the bar is officially closed book 9 - 1.0 + Soundbar is officially closed so you know that's that it was a crazy. She was away was a crazy crazy Saturday who's that was fun that was good you know people like are you sad to say no because it's going to be better than next time we will reopen that you don't I mean

yeah it where their pinatas okay so I had to pinatas on me I want to place a local place in New York called economy candy and bought a bunch of candy for these pinatas freaking horrible I went to Party City return in the garbage mean like first they started making them out of this cardboard that doesn't break right you know it ain't no one but no one makes a ceramic pot anymore I mean but whatever I'm okay with not having the ceramic pot like traditional star pinata sign those are awesome right cuz he knocked they're like those star points off and then eventually you get to the pot you know what I mean but it will break I've seen his new cardboard pinata is where like I've seen kids break on them for like like 20 minutes and they're getting bored they walk away from a pinata what the hell is that you know what I mean I mean what they said

I hate the modern pinata but over the past couple of years mustachioed have gotten even worse there now just flat most of them are just flat cardboard would like the picture on them of what you're supposed to hit and a little and little crepe paper around the outside I was like yo what give me a traditional donkey and unicorn you know what I mean which is basically it's like psych Carvel Ice Cream like they make fudgy the whale in the Santa they took the donkey and made it into a unicorn so I got a unicorn a donkey but I'm just saying I think that they didn't trust me on the last night to be reasonable so they didn't allow me to break the pinatas there so we all went to be no my someone who used to be working Booker and Dax rentals opened up his own bar black Crescent so we did a late night after party pinata breaking at the black Crescent so yes pinatas were damaged some pinatas were harmed in the making of the closing night

Booker and Dax with Diet Coke and Mentos right so she's taking in the Diet Coke or Diet Coke is the one everyone uses you stick to Mentos in a Diet Coke and you throw it down and you get all these nucleation sites and the diet coke bottle basically turns into a rocket okay so you can do that with liquid butane or with liquid nitrogen and you know you can see on the internet you can see people doing it with the liquid nitrogen in their thanks, I'm not saying I tried this what I'm saying is is that if you try it be extremely careful to not put too much liquid nitrogen is what happens is is it theoretically I did not say that I did this but if you were to pour out like you have her third of the bottle of that I just hit a trump sniff you were poured out like 1/2 or 1/3 of the lick of the diet coke from a fresh bottle and then pouring

pour into liquid nitrogen right now the liquid nitrogen floating on the top of the bottle now if you flip that feel like tilt that bottle down what happens is liquid nitrogen will rush through the liquid diet coke trying to float to the top and while its doing that it's explosively boiling and creating super multiple nucleation sites so theoretically makes a really nice rocket it turns out that I guess if you wait a little bit too long or maybe you put too much liquid nitrogen in that when you turn it upside down it like takes off for like a foot and then explodes with like the sound of like of of like like bigger than bigger than a Karrueche firework we're talking like a very loud explosion and you definitely do not want to do this

in Manhattan

at like 4 in the morning it's definitely not something that I did or that I would recommend that any of you do anyways so tonight while back okay so I got paid right for something finally right so I'm just asking I got paid Johnny Johnny Walker yeah alright well theoretically paid in a promise of payment baby steps nastassia baby steps so

basically they see these guys came in and there's a gray this new Johnnie Walker red Rye Cask you know that are you know our new one of our Master blenders that Emma Walker no relation came up with me want to come in and do like a cooking issues where you talk to her about this product right as I supposed to be how it went so it wasn't one of our normal cooking issue sings and yes we were paid but it turns out I'm starting I had a good time we like the product and we actually like to Emma Walker we thought she was fun and so we have the cooking issues episode Dave how do we how do they get to it was not going on a normal fee because I believed out some of the crazy Parts by redacted somebody's name I didn't want to publicly embarrass and I cut out some of the cursing but still not really a family showed about drinking and there are some of you know even with the bleeping Carlo mirarchi from

Christian today how do they how do they get to that cuz it's not part of our normal fee road so if you go to the Heritage Radio Network website and look for a cooking issues Johnnie Walker you need to actually go to our website to get this you're not going to it's not going to appear in your iTunes or whatever you have to actually go which is always a good idea don't you think they have to go to Perry's Radio website I was talking about bad ways to let you know that in the 1980s when they used to overdub purses my least favorite was the forget for the F-bomb forget you know what I mean it that doesn't make sense doesn't feel that have the same Force you don't I mean it's a better place a better

I he was hanging out with him over the weekend he said that he saw something and literally they dubbed the full like after you as get that she ready for it and it became his favorite thing to say as a substitute curse Chinese dentist

say that again Chinese dentist and it's good because it makes no freaking sense yes Chinese dentist but have no meaning has no meaning and understand feel like whenever he would like smash his hand with a hammer or something like that and it makes no sense and he said it was literally I mean like it has no meaning I can't be racist like what does it mean how is it how is it racist it happen to have the word Chinese in it does it have any relationship to it is said to exist in remote areas of China but has never been cited by a reputable source that was a Chinese dentist see that's like

friends I get it now but why would they use that why would they use that as a as a as a dub in a movie

Bad some some you know some klansman was doing the overdubs

see now this is classic nastassia right she would prefer that I walk around like accidentally insulting people then like tell me what's going on I want you all to kind of realize that you know where to stassi is on this sort of thing crazy crazy things can you discuss it Cooks Integrity as it relates to trying to replicate dishes and techniques seen on social media what is crossing the line and what is the sharing of ideas curious what you think and hopefully there is a yesterday they can also weigh in Elliot can weigh in

I can't believe you looked it up that fast

yeah as a crazy. Thank you for your thank you for saving me from going the entire episode without knowing that I was like accidentally spewing hatred draw the episode like 8 million someone would have liked written in and then like you know what I mean

here's what I think I think

a lot depends right I'll give you a short story about the bar and then we can talk more about other stuff so like I've had many bartenders at Booker and Dax who have gone on to do you know the bigger and better things their own programs go to work at you know the best bars in the country or run them and the the thing is is that they tend not to take some of the some of the core technique and both of the core techniques from Booker. That's some of that is because you know they can't afford a centrifuge or or whatever but a lot of those recipes and techniques 10 not to get taken from or you did not get taken from Booker and Dax and and kind of promulgated to other bars and I always wondered why now could just be that those techniques suck and nobody wants to use them right that's the first way right size could be that right

alternatively I put such a I put such a kind of a premium on doing anyone else's stuff like not doing other people's specs not using techniques that were developed modern recent techniques that were developed by other people are people I knew you know where that we hadn't come to independently and I think that kind of made them feel that using that stuff with words is bad right that using it would be a rip-off or whatever and I ate it that's actually the opposite of what I want like I want those techniques to be to be used right I mean the issue of anyone what people don't like I think everyone wants their stuff to get used their recipes and techniques to get you

what they want out of it is to be honest I'd like some sort of like credit right so what they don't want to have happened but the worst thing that can happen it's happened starts how many times has happened like you come up with something somebody else uses it there the more famous person it gets credited to them in your host right that's that's the worst case scenario the other thing that thing that happens is that the people hate is when you know someone will take a technique or a recipe to a different market and then allow reporters and other people to say that it was their idea that's also not kosher at all but you know I think if you use a recipe or a technique or or anything and as long as when the reporters come and ask you you're like yeah this was an awesome recipe from whoever from Sean Brock from Wylie Dufresne from

using from Dominica and cell phone number and I think I think it's that's that's the the issue what people don't want is someone to take credit for a recipe mean he has famously said you don't patent you know the these recipes that you know they're basically they're open source as long as you can figure out how to make them but there is in the in the higher-end food world and drink or at least like some sort of sense of Honor in it I think that I think as long as you are respecting that kind of code of honor and ethics you know you that I would love it if people used you know recipes to me in kind of famously said from your PDT that you know the goal at least I'm a bartender is to create a recipe that becomes a classic and is made everywhere right I mean and I would think the same thing would hold true for

you know a chef what do you think guys I mean

rapid infusion infusion whatever I mean it depends the right people know you know what I mean it's like what you going to do today

the issue is it that this is why I like people like Ferran Adria put a year on everything that they do so that they can kind of date it and plant their flag in it and the only reason I even really matters at all

is I mean it's weird when you're a cook you're in the business of making ephemeral things that get consumed on a daily basis right and yet you still for some reason and I think part of this has to do with kind of the group of people that are becoming Cooks these days if you still want to have some sort of

you want to exist past the last meal you made you want to have some sort of impact or some sort of you know note that you had existed other than the fact that you just happen to a cooked and so that's why you know people and you look back at Old chefs that have famous dishes or famous Cook famous cookbooks not a reason why it's a good idea it like if you're well known to actually make a cookbook at least you plant your flag in something people can look back on it that's initially why we started cooking issues blog years and years and years ago was so that we had some sort of record so it wasn't just we would do stuff teach other people how to do that stuff and then you know it just gets forgotten but it's kind of a weird it's a weird impulse me I do have that impulse to want to plant that flag but it's a weird impulse to have in a business where you're making stuff people that eat you know what I mean

yep yep in the old days and it's entirely honorable right to all you care about is good execution right yeah he don't care necessarily about making a name for yourself whatever that means or having some sort of posterity all you care about is the food that's in front of you right now I mean that's the same way to go you're not supposed to care about your own kind of personal baggage or what you know what you need out of you know so that you can when you're an old person people talk to me like you are the great but you know that's not necessarily what it needs to be about an especially if you're one of those kind of looks like these kind of issues aren't really a problem so the short answer is that if you fancy yourself an extremely creative Coke or someone is doing cutting-edge things or if

being original is important to you it is still okay in fact encouraged to use other people's ideas as long as you're not a dirtbag about it

yep I actually have a question from a listener that I met here in DC if you want to take that real quick from Josh seaberg it's a throwback he wants to know if he can find a practical use for a veggetti behind the bar all my God oh my God I mean in my mind Jack I had about 8,000 inappropriate references immediately pop up and I have suppress them all thankfully I no no no no no that was unintentional that was unintentional no no no no special game today's political climate I am not about to like so I'm not going to be dropping

I'm going to actually attempt to legitimately so for those of you that don't know the veggetti aka the spiralizer was one of our favorite topics back in the day and you know it doesn't take someone with a dirty mind to see how stupid that name is right I mean it's it's a it's like a thing with an orifice is it you jam like cylindrical things into and it shreds them in his teeth and it's called of the Jenny I mean you don't need to travel too far mentally to get to the scads of veggetti jokes because Claire Nastassja friend would call in kind of seemingly unaware of what you was talkin about when we were asking her

what manner of things she was shoving into her veggetti and she would say things that were like you know if your mind was taking the leap that everyone's did would seem in inappropriate but I think the problem with making veggetti jokes behind the bar is that while the bar arena is less sexist than the kitchen Arena I'm talking professional it still has a long freaking way to go for gender parity so I will merely say this I want to see as many veggetti is behind the bar as is humanly possible

because I think it's a it's a it's a problem but it is it is it is an area that I'm taking on the metaphorical sense here it is an area of food service I think that is making inroads faster than the back of house kitchen is and so I think anything that goes that direction is good now to the serious question of should I put an actual vegetable spiralizer behind the bar if you are the kind of person that prefers to drink your cocktails with chopsticks then I say go ahead and just fill your cup with whatever kind of the Jetta 5 garbage he wanted like put into it but I can't imagine I can't I mean maybe it's just because people like I don't like Gloppy drinks I don't like tons of garbage in my drinks I don't like I don't like drinking my cocktails through a Brillo pad of fake

spaghetti so I I mean I can't conceive of something I mean I could conceive of like okay okay let's just say there are people might do this people might take some sort of like apple let's say and you know shape it such that you could jam it into your veggetti vegetta Phi the Apple into the Strand pour liquor over with some acid that causes the Apple not to go Brown and then you have it fairly rapidly infused because of the high surface area of apple or you could do it like mash down the apple but I wouldn't cuz it'll get ugly then you drink the apple flavored stuff and then you could take Chopsticks and eat it afterwards but it's just not my style I would not do that

you know dancer though and you can substitute anything for that like that could see someone doing like some sort of like a lady of the night which is clarified Bloody Mary and having some of the Jetta 5 vegetables in there that would Infuse and then be a meal afterwards because of his face and Bloody Mary is basically a liquid alcoholic meal anyways so what do you think

that was a nice way to answer that question about a zucchini this one is about zucchini and it's sticky slimy residue much of it tends to stick together and I suspect that this residue is the culprit do you think that's the case yes


get ready for this. I'm going to use the word exudate

exudate cheat like that cuz you know why because when his Endeavor you say exudate she's thinking like pimple popping that's what she's thinking about so I can not Jack's got the nastassia face on like this. See it doesn't like look the reason to start yet I'm guessing this is a guess we haven't actually had a conversation but I'm the reason she hates looking at pictures of like leaf fungus and like those weird things that grow on plant leaves is because in her mind I think she instantly equates with human skin that's that my feeling

what does Dave on the on the vomiting sound effects do you know I used to be able to do a very passable fake throw up noise and as I've aged it puts too much pressure on the back of my eyeballs and like I almost blackout Nobody Does it Better Than Stephen Colbert using that now cuz I think the older you get the less good you're going to be at the fake throw up but just like like jamming up your diaphragm like that just puts a lot of internal pressure on your system you don't I mean okay you want to take that slimy stuff is the K is it making sure pieces don't over this is going to be coming at 4 and family-friendly show at this rate we got The Accidental racism herbal horrible day

trading which is unavoidable to my application can anything else be done to neutralize this sticking

the main issues when I reconstitute the zucchini with water the pieces tender main stuff together I'd prefer they come apart within a few minutes thanks for your help Jared okay so I looked up a an article called this extra fascicular phloem is made for fighting which is like like nowadays all these scientific papers have like these catchy titles

zucchini Strangely I don't have the good version of of the thing happened to Kini is

is a a cucurbit write the same way that pumpkins are two cubits and watermelons and does a pumpkin already cucumber zucchini all that stuff all same same family and they all have these exit like he's like it like this they say it's flowing base but they can be like exudate so for any of you ever killed a pumpkin like for soup. You notice it gets that weird stuff in your hands get that like crazy skin on them from like that stuff drying and their surface active and I think that that's what what's going on cuz they're also present in in security Now the problem is you can't just peel it to get rid of it because I think these things are pretty dense into the zucchini so I don't think you can rationally just peel it and get rid of the stuff what I think and this is just a guess is you maybe if we treat it and I

you have a chance to look it up what the components in Cactus lime or but for those of you that use nopales like a no Cactus thing they're slimy and you can either do a quick pre boil on those to help out with the flower like you cut it you do a little pre boil which I get Spoils of slime off drain it rinse it again before you dehydrated or you couldn't salt it right and then rinse it off in the salt will help you pull out the Slime so I would bet that either one of those techniques and look at the mess behind us a little bit of salt not going to hurt the zucchini my right guys I mean come on please be sauteed zucchini out a little bit first and then rinse the salt off and then dehydrate I think that might help too but I would look up

like treating Cactus lime I'll do a little more research maybe I'll run a test on all. Don't have scads of time to be cutting up zucchini which is one of my least favorite vegetables anyways but we are maybe we can get cleared at the Jetta 5 bunch of it and and test it out she still making her zucchini for zucchini veggetti strands if involved is about the jetty strands good Lord so I guess cuz she didn't want to carbo-load I don't know what her deal was like I was making baked zucchini spaghetti but then she would overcook it and then fry it and then like just an oil-soaked

strand of zucchini actually bad I didn't need it I've never hated you were sitting in front of it and you couldn't bring yourself a tape one bite how great it is

but you need to have stopped at this point when I feel like we talked about her not to need to have it in about an ultrasound I recently had acquired a centrifuge in a laboratory ultrasonic cell disruptor which is a is so basically it's like they're powerful ultrasounds and they just they vibrate so rapidly that the cavitation from it at the tip causes things like cells to kind of break break apart anastacio you you hate the sound of it right

oh I hate that a high-pitched thing I recently acquired a laboratory ultrasonic cell destruction from a restaurant closing down I'm very familiar with a centerfeed have very little experience with a sonicator being a bartender one of my main interest in this piece of equipment is to make infusions I'm ready for a replacement cap for the probe so I haven't had a chance to use it yet you never went forward used to have a maid a car called The probe and it will literally the commercial was is there anything hotter than a hot new probe and I could not have been the only guy was like are you kidding me you just said whatever he's waiting for new probe are there any benefits to using a sonicator versus classic infusion or I sign Fusion by the way I'll probably also have access to a rotovap soon should I make ultrasonic thanks Simon

the one trick that actually nastase I think came up with for the rotovap going to distill something that has plant matter Blended up in it at a little bit of Tekken X Ultra sp-l to the product that you're going to still why because I put Blended plant residue without it tends to form up a lot and one of the main problems when you're running a rotary evaporator is getting boil over into your distal ruins everything how many hours we spent cleaning out Road of apps after failed boils like that does why don't you just put some into it so that at the pectin breaks down and then it won't boil over Miss pretty much had happened right

I do not remember that Maybe This Time by mistake I don't know but you did it and it caused me to never had never boil over a habanero pepper into my if you if you blend Habaneros or Naga Jolokia or fatalii peppers and you boil those over into your rotovap I used to clean it twice with soap Wicked to verify that it wasn't a hot anymore than re clean it to get rid of the fact that I just licked it would take forever to clean those things and so the SPL trick in the rotovap I think is a good

a good Pro tip versus the now we talked about the ultrasonic homogenizer I have one I never really came up with you know I know people who use it for infusions but I've never had a side-by-side where I'm like yeah that's that's delicious Phil Preston sells them I know some people that use them but I'm not the guy I'm a contested I still have one but I just never built in as part of what I what I was doing maybe because it sounded so freaking God awful that I never wanted to hear it I think some people have them now have these like soundproof it's even worse than that Tina worse than that noise

it's like how do I describe it it's like someone's drilling a hole in your head but I'd like a super high high the closest thing without buying it is when you throw a dry ice chunk into a into a hotel pan and if you ever done that stops you know that noise where you drop a chunk of dry ice in a hotel pan terrible terrible terrible we have a Darren Road in about Transportation Manase he said first of all this is not hate mail transglutaminase for those who don't know transglutaminase is an enzyme it's a meat glue right so it's the it's the protein that you use to glue at anyone meet any other but also strengthens right by by reinforcing a protein bonds and doze it also can strengthen cheese tofu but colloquially chef

I asked me go to become important later to the story meat glue the transport animals that we use in the kitchen is wood called microbial transglutaminase it's derived from you guessed it microbes and it is different from another fact that you that will become important later the story is that your body is filled with transport a minute because it's necessary for a bunch of things like blood clotting hair growth scan your skin your manufacturing skin all these kinds of things and also occurs in your intestine now tissue transglutaminase which is the stuff that's in your body there are there many there's not just one there are many tissue transglutaminase is in your body they do relatively similar things to microbial transcript but they are in fact different and the structure of the protein structure of the enzyme that different breast and some of the many things the transglutaminase is in your body require calcium to work where's my

will transfer combination has not now I Dreamed a moto like I said makes the microbial transport a man dies and then sells it to chefs background for for what's about to happen in there? All right first of all this isn't hate mail I love the results are transmitted to a man days has produced in my limited use of it I've never eaten a chicken mousse that didn't catch that didn't contain transglutaminase can also have an odd grainy texture aside from this I was reading a study with a with a link below that they give me another chance for celiac patients further reading could not honor the supposed groundbreaking study but I came across several sources indicating that celiac disease attack certain kinds of transport a miniseries that our body naturally produces chemistry a professional by any stretch but this makes but this makes sense because autoimmune syndrome

body functions suggesting that culinary transglutaminase a similar to the transport our body produces giving a theory as to why I helped some Celiac patients as I remember you met you before and I already started get complicated will get into what bothered me after reading this is the discovery of several studies indicating the user transglutaminase and several gluten free products to strengthen protein cross-links and then make the temperature in Spring gluten products in bread and pasta if celiac disease is in fact targeting transport a miniseries in the body that may react to gluten in their body and adding it to gluten free products seems counterintuitive again it doesn't affect me and I don't really condemn any food out of it as I can as I accept it is a fact of our food cycle now but if you or anyone you know might have something that could shed some light on the subject I be grateful Miku already get the bad enough rap as is and then below are some links in the studies that Darren link to where the function of tissues rent transglutaminase and celiac disease and then something about

some type of how they they use there's an interesting article again with the funny article names food industrial micro about microbial transglutaminase that's not the funny part and celiac disease treat or trick which is ibuprofen Halloween is coming up now I was reviewing some of these articles and I got to be honest it's a little more than my morning perusal could get to the bottom of it in terms of what's going on but basically here is here is kind of what to know not knowing him know what's going on so in your gut there are Tissue transglutaminase human transglutaminase in your gut when you consume gluten proteins contain gliadin which is the protein that protein makes it through your gut relatively undigested because it's difficult to digest protein but it protein but what you got but what happens is is that the transfer case there gliadin is relatively

interesting in the fact that it has many many many sites that transglutaminase can use many free glutamine to bind it to other things so ugly it in reaction very strongly with tissue transglutaminase just like further bulks it up and maybe makes it more reactive for celiac disease It suffers maybe we're also is known as it true tissue transglutaminase not only cross-links the proteins but also does something called Deanna date them which means it's knocking off a functional group and as far as I can tell that really is one of the main problems that is causing

the autoimmune response is this deamidation okay so that's what's happening to this ugly it in that in your system now furthermore transglutaminase in your gut might also be implicated in other aspects of the pathway besides simply it's functioning with gluten right so there might be multiple things that are ugly I don't know who that might be happening and all of that is unclear to me now when you go to read the studies on microbial transglutaminase cuz remember that stuff's transglutaminase it's already in your gut microbial transglutaminase you are first of all basically if you cook it you're deactivating at the greater part of that you're deactivating it and second of all it functions of slightly differently the problem is when you go to look at the studies right social some people have said this some people have said if you add microbial transglutaminase two things that contain gluten proteins

what you're actually doing is you're making them stronger so you don't need to have as much and then you're also pretty reacting those proteins together so that they can't really undergo those reactions in your gut there for maybe it makes it less reactive for celiac sufferers that has been as far as I can tell in conclusion on the other side of the coin perhaps these larger proteins that are made by cross-linking actually are more inflammatory can actually cause more inflammation this is also not been shown conclusively one way or the other the third question is is if they microbial transport amination somehow survives cooking or if you're eating it raw and makes it through the gut could mimic what's going on with tissue transglutaminase in your gut also this has not been conclusively tested one way or the other so as far as I can tell none of these

things have been tested now what has been tested because of Gina Moto is worried about this or the various these thing but I won't say this when you read the studies some of the studies that I've gone through I think including that food in industrial microbial transport am nice article and in some of the other ones that if they're paid for by ajinomoto just take that into account that the people that make the transcript aminase are have an axe to grind in this in this situation now the their main points are the one they took pasta and they transmit terminate the heck out of it and then they tested to see whether it created more reactive antibodies I guess in the human in the human body and they were not able to cause that to happen so they're basically saying it doesn't seem to make things like pasta that have been reinforced

with our transglutaminase more reactive than they were before that's their first point their second point is is that is that you should not eat if you have our suffering from Celiac where are intolerant to gluten then you shouldn't contain things you shouldn't eat things with gluten in them to begin with and therefore if there's gluten and transglutaminase then that won't be a problem right now what what that kind of leaves out is the fact that there's still the possibility as yet untested that things that are reacted at that might cause a response in you when they're cross-linked by transglutaminase

wouldn't have cause a reaction in someone if they hadn't been linked by transport so it's theoretically possible that you could have two things which someone with Celiac could consume without without without problem you meet glue them together and all of a sudden now it will cause a problem this is never been showing that there is a case of this but it is a theoretical possibility that needs to be looked at the Gina Moto says is that look at they real problem with transport aminase in in in in your gut isn't the cross-linking the real problem is that the end of day she and in fact they say microbial transglutaminase is much less likely to DM it at the end of date the protein than tissue transglutaminase and they did that not to hear the problem didn't do that in someone's got they did that in vitro and so they're in vitro studies of microbial microbial transglutaminase did not effectively increase how much the protein have been.

so that's their argument that it's not going to do that the imitation thing and their last and final argument is if you eat raw fish if you eat raw meat they're full of transglutaminase anyway actual tissue transglutaminase from the animal sources and you consume those things wrong and so Philistines don't cause a problem microbial transglutaminase doesn't cause a problem either but as far as I can tell that's the long and the lawn frankly cuz all of that was long current story on transport amination celiac disease that makes sense.

about how to call me a racist when we get off the air even though I know I did it because they can really quickly from milk cold ice cream remember he send you all those ice cream sandwiches I've been I've been hanging with your music cool guy cool guy did you read about this

I forget Charleston that serves a martini made with liquid nitrogen 320 degrees Fahrenheit is liquid nitrogen can call up or actually nastassia if you can call up how this is done and figure it out so we can give it to me then I can rent it out real quick so this is the warning label that comes with the martini it says liquid nitrogen is served at -320 degrees Fahrenheit nitrotini should be given the same respect as fire avoid rabbit ingestion of any nitrotini before consuming that please allow a minimum of 3 minutes wait for the cloud like liquid nitrogen ln2 to completely disappear or evaporate entirely do not attempt until the water vapor during dissipation as a man disrupt the balance ratio of nitrogen to oxygen gas in the air that you breathe failure to follow this morning and its entirety may result in severe burns permanent internal

organ damage and other detrimental health problems please enjoy safely and responsibly Charleston describe the taste of Leo robitschek one of my favorite bar people here in New York whenever he drinks a drink of to Sweet just goes diabetic diabetic diabetic person but the he's the best I mean it doesn't get better for pitching diabetes stuff then I got diabetes Ramos the best business says here's my thing why the hell would you serve that why the hell $19 charge a billion dollars doesn't matter to me like if God bless restaurants out there bars out there if you can charge something and somebody wants to pay it God bless you know what I mean

like everyone's got to make a nickel how much money Dave people make for doing things that we don't respect in life think of how much freaking money people go out and make for anything so the fact that a restaurant or bar can charge whatever they want to charge for whatever they're doing God bless what do you think

yeah I guess so yeah I mean like if you think they're ripping you off as a customer don't go there I don't like when people like I can't believe what they're charging I drink only cost $12 to go to a place that charges $12 for drinks go somewhere else that's the problem so like that it's there the cost of it is not a problem but why would you ever serve that that's like first of all that's like straight-up gimmick second of all no drink it's very hard to get an accurate chill with liquid nitrogen. Very hard and believe me I've been doing it for years one of the reasons it's really hard is because you can't even see what's going on is very hard to judge how much you've added so unless you have some sort of special volumetric liquid nitrogen at her it's very hard to figure out you need more than you think the chill it down so odds are you're going to get some nasty crust on the top of your drink and then a liquid underneath.

if you mix it will tell liquid nitrogen it all froth and spit and boil over into something and into the face and I don't like being told to wait someone's going to drink it someone's going to do it you know what I mean I think a better drink would be to hand someone a force of a why is there sugar in a Martini why the hell is there sugar in any way I do they just hit me why is there sugar in his Martini it's not a martini if there sugar in it why is there sugar don't have that answer I think a better thing to do would be to have a bunch of spinning razor blades that you suspended from the ceiling right in front of the patrons face and then say if you lean forward your face will get cut off and then just throw them a normal drink because it's the same amount of danger if they don't follow the instructions they get their face cut off but at least the drink will be good you know what I mean like I'd rather have like some other

gauhar more like have a whole bunch of chef knives sticking straight up out of the bar surface and if you put the drink down wrong you impale yourself like if the same the same level of stupid why would you hand somebody a drink that can harm them it's just really really stupid what do you think Nastasia

yeah I know it's very

and you know when somebody messes up as they will in a situation like that you know what's going to happen like people like us are not going to be able to use a liquid nitrogen anymore even though it's completely valid because someone will have will have ingested the liquid it to me it seems like it's the same level as shocked as anyone of any one of the other weird shock things that people do we look again God bless your place it's like this is the way to get the customers in just don't do it in a way that could theoretically harm a your customer and be other people who want to use the technique in a different way this is why we can't have nice things that was what's the name of that comedian that she when she said that about her own body when she got cancer so she's hilarious whatever she said she had she got cancer and then said this is why I can't have nice things about her own body awesome amazing so hilarious if you can laugh about that like you are

a strong person anyway I want to get to before we go by real quick of a Shagbark Hickory so this is not a tap the tree in the early spring like a maple situation if you're making a bark tea and then adding sugar to it a party starts what do you think about bark tees at bother you you're ever then

she's gone cherries go out my neighbors have a shellbark hickory tree so I've been searching to see if there be any difference in a cigarette made from that bar I haven't found any answers online so I'm wondering if you had any idea thanks love the show Emily Burns well first of all I looked it up again so for those of you that don't know Shelby Shagbark Hickory is like one of the great nut trees of the United States is Korea of its related to pecans and I cooked up Nastasia and Piper when he was with his did a lot of work with Shagbark Hickory nuts they're amazing they taste freaking amazing I like them more than a pecan butter is really hard to get the nut out of now there are various things about Shagbark Hickory is it's called it's one of the most aptly named trees you can find because the bar looks super Shaggy was coming off in big thing so you can go into the forest grab the bark off of it without hurting the tree

make a t there's some art to make a Natty apparently from what I've read and then you'd open up cuz it gets better you'd open sugar and there you have your syrup now the shellbark Hickory has is also known as a king nut is has the largest I think hickory nut and then melt itself is as sweet as the nut in a Shagbark Hickory and I think it's bark will not as Shaggy as a Shagbark Hickory it is still quite Shaggy and so if you can remove the bark without damaging the tree I'd say go ahead and do it I have some Shagbark hickories up in Connecticut if I can ever get back up to Connecticut and I try to get some make some of this now what I don't know a lot of the other hickory's I have a lot of with calling mockernut Hickory and pignut Hickory is especially have terrible tasting nuts they're super Tanika always try to find ones that are there completely inedible I don't know if that would translate to the bar for the other problem is those trees don't have

the kind of bark that sheds off properly so I'm going to go ahead and say that she'll bark Hickory will probably make as good a syrup as Shagbark and one of the reasons you don't hear about it is that she'll bark is a lot rarer than Shagbark and I also read that in some place is the shellbark is also called Shagbark even though there are actually two different species the shellbark being Korea last in your side which I don't know about Ariel. Is when we get Shagbark so give us a try and let us know I'll try to make it with my Shagbark and maybe we can compare notes over the radio I shut off to Raymond luck Cheryl is a T5 set Dave

look Cheryl thanks for donating and that's it

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