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Episode 266: Dr. Arielle Johnson

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Bushwick Brooklyn from formerly of where you going to return you went to Harvard NYU resume and why you were originally where you knew I met you first there right when you were with tanker ship your doctoral work on cocktail bitters back machine to take a look at what the searzall does to meet which is very helpful then I did a stint at mad over there in the snowmobile and then in the Denmark right recently got back from that and is now

some sort of like what do they call it like what's the title over there at the MIT directors fellow at the media lab me on Thursday and take me to the movies on a Friday and then pick up lettuce for me on a on a Monday I mean only if we're like trying to optimize the flavor of that lettuce that well are they still doing that why isn't it happened already asked me out on a date or babysit my kids for me and then get me lettuce like was not the dream a dream but like warm or cold like database goes off lines on your finger

haven't talked in refrigerator but maybe they are applying with into the back ends right now just asking if you want your refrigerator to talk to you I would just like a full size fridge that's all I want right now because why solve a like social problem with a technological solution is there certain problems that I would like to solve like for a sentence if I never had to shave again it would be awesome without having it not face

oh you know people that lasered there they're down there see ya perfectly optimizes like today stubble amount of scruff I wouldn't mind mean like looking once you're past the point of of trying that have any sort of like I can grow hair therefore I'm manly or I need to get into a club and I'm not 21 which you know by the way I couldn't when I was 29 18 19 20 I could not grow facial hair like I can now and so therefore you know it was no use to me then and now it's no use to me anymore I just assumed go smooth-faced I mean not like baby but like I don't know what you guys think are you Pro or like what's your stubble feeling up for me it's just laziness

how do you how do you let me have stubble on my legs feel about dudes with stubble he would totally smooth it was it will be Weird elf me to go laser my face

you know I don't know like a pill that you take my refrigerator for me what's the dumbest thing you can say to me live starts on 3D printing in food you know how I feel about it. It up to me they're so so so so far we've dodged that bullet I am not a fan of 3D printing and food I think it's kind of Senseless that kind of stuff doesn't act like a vending machines in the media lab that they have not yet but I've seen try to 3D print their food as well well there's this amazing like slack connected webcam call the food cam so if you have like leftover food you put it in a particular place and hit a button and then the entire lab get the blast

why would they do that for free food I see does that mean that this is the ideal for that just put it in a place and then someone gets a notification. Yeah I've seen stassia on more than four occasions attempt to give mangled sandwiches to homeless people she's always failed nobody turns out nobody wants a mango sandwich did you go to show this. See how hard the MIT media grad students are if they're willing to pound 1/2 mangled sandwich would have some kind of squishy and trying to control it so that the stuff doesn't slip out of the back while you're eating in the front if you can

pick up somebody sandwich at that has happened to and start eating it like that's a new level becomes a sort of like competitive how many how much of my calories like what percentage can I get just from free food cheats is it like students grad students Engineers my point is if they should have like date they have apparently the brains they shouldn't be like in the Stasi and I trying to get like the cheapest free stuff they should just like become the new overlords of the tech World instead with that energy there ain't nothing there comes a little later. Everyone left out all the overlords the tech industry were like 20-25

and what do I know old man Old Man Blues by eating free food I think might be there a Chanel

they literally think it's faster to go on there phone find food go to where the food is consumed the food to eat to their bodies a day 3 would rather than just hit send me a freaking Pizza well and it's free

I don't know I'm just saying I feel that the youth is wasted on the dumb

it is just make sense to me I would eat a donut that was left over in a box of donuts that's not the same thing would you eat the half-eaten donut no

no tell people time do they break the food in half or do they slice it or do they mangle it sounds like we'll have to have an experiment where we put out food of different different different degrees of magnitude and nirit in a fork stuck in it around like daring each other to eat something gross Factor

people over there just high all the time

not that I see you but I think you out to a Wii pop super pot who you know what one of the founders of the number to Jack's Rams Head Bartender by the way speaking of head bartender as I said Booker and Dax his last day of business in the current Incarnation will be on October 15th so 2016 so you should go check it out if you want to get your Booker and Dax tile drinks on Pride October 15th because no date has yet been announced when we will open another one anyway so we pop out one of the founders and creators of the nomiku which did not win best new device best technology thing at The Taste caca Ward's but he's in good losing company because Museum of food and drink we also lost yesterday the CIA to me because I mean the CIA Culinary Institute

we're so much bigger and older than we are so it's like even like to be in the category is like that's great let me know how the heck are we going to be that the CAA for best like food cultural institution how to how do we do that in a sense or Southern foodways Alliance was in there so we pop like you didn't know me a Long Time person of the air this obsession with cleared and stained animals you know if that is what you do is people also call it something stupid like that thing or something dumb word like that a small animal like a fish rat or frogs in like this and you soak it in potassium hydroxide which is very strong base and that denatures a bunch of the proteins and softens up and renders the entire animal transparent totally transparent you then soak the animal in dies and the different dyes like like there's a

which is a blue they use in in in slide staining there's a lizard in a pH indicator Samsung phones or the nervous system and then leave them back out so you have the transparent animal with the color of the bones and the color of the and I just love these things so we pop sent one back in case in acrylic with little little fish but the problem is it's technically very difficult to do it on really large specimens because I got a diffusion is totally Donner you maybe can't leave stuff out fast enough because I've always had this dream in like a in like a teaching Butchery

to just have a completely like cleared and stained like Stryper well when you buy me a corpse right you're not from is it as you're doing it you're destroying your destroying but you're reducing the structural Integrity of the animal right so like let's say you were going to refuse it like I don't know whether the stuff of collapse or whether or not my intention idea actually nobody's ever attempted big big animals as far as I know it would be like the cleared and stained show look like 3D Butchery on is anyone done the 3D cow butcher program yet that you know of

not that I know of but I think I should be in you know what an app for the four that I wanted to cuz all you need is like you need to just scan the couch and then you take like you know a knife and you make your do your online Butchery of the cow is not the same as because Realtree involves like moving the meat around to get to the right bone does not maybe you could build like a haptic feedback knife that is such as crazy as it was peeling away requires the manipulation of the meat as it comes up again but strictly the sectioning I talked about this a while ago one that I want to make 3D toys for the museum like imagine like little pigs and cows that are magnetic and you pull them apart at the at the meet boundaries

yeah I got in in Japan it's a Bonito that will disassemble with velcro so you can see where the different lines for cats will be she come from on the fish for kids will expensive for kids toy a child chef knife which is basically I'm so know where they just took the front tip off of it like literally it's like School scissors for chef knives I could have your kid I mean like learn the hard way I mean it's like it's like this is like time I think this way it's like okay they're not going to stab my eye because they have a point on it anymore

what's the first thing a kid dies when they when they when they take a knife they put their fingers flat

I mean I would doubt that the average first injury that occurred guess is stabbing there they're brother sister died with a knife I would imagine the kids first entry is coming straight down on fingertip reattachment kid need like a lot of like dexterity with your left or right handed if you don't need a lot of dexterity with your left or if you were like really in guts and poop with your right and you don't need like like yeah you can hold a big like a big freaking knife with one of those things and you don't need that much kind of like feedback in your hand but how the hell you going to like like do fine work with those cut-resistant gloves on find work

yeah and then I guess that's like the trade-off and with little fingers fingers inside of the gloves polymer with extra hands does hands are no good anymore and we would just wanted like we wish we could put a whole fresh ham on the outside cuz this is like the idea of cleaning off all that garbage is just catch a really mold like snakes

that's true

are lobsters lobsters gross lobsters have to starve themselves and Shrink out of their shell break through the carapace and come up that's why they don't taste as good right after they shed ideal for children then yeah right yeah yeah I think so have you ever had one of those high-pressure deshell lobsters you know about this right if you put that if you kill a lobster with like the super high pressure pasteurization thing apparently can't you just like like remove them from the shell that is pop out I guess I don't know like this is what like a picture of them like the whole lobster it's just a meet completely articulated but with no shell I thought I thought maybe they had some internet time to like pick every piece of meat out with tweezers and then sew it back together that sounds like a thing to do but I don't think that's what they did maybe someone in the chat room one though I was doing some tests of pressure cooking eggs and vinegar

okay so obviously it's decalcify so she'll and vinegar rise as the egg at but I haven't had a hundred percent success it had marginal success how do you Define marginal success will I did it with just vinegar and the eggs were quite hard I mean like white hard coming out like quite hard good A little bit of that grows calcium taste and penetrated the actual egg but the shells were after an hour and 15 an hour and 20 in the pressure the shelves were completely peelable off a bowl they were actually interesting ly there was still some mayard on the

on the egg which leads me to believe that the vinegar hadn't penetrated 2D alkalize the white until like fairly late in the game like maybe a crack and penetrated the second time I tried to make flash be like mustard eggs explain see you take like vinegar and mustard some people use mustard powder some people just squeeze into it and other spices like pickling spices like coriander and and you know aliens and crap and you throw hard boiled eggs into it and they turn yellow and vinegar pickled eggs because if you were here have the same that taste like mustard and stassi which one you choose

not on this case cuz I really like playing in dirt literally the same Jasmine that the flavor compound from dirt by the way Harold McGee says that there's a museum he went to a microbe Museum in Holland have you been to this I've heard of it but I haven't been to a gay said they have a bacterial culture that makes pure Jasmine see if that smell bothers you and other things than it can bother you in beats is most concentrated near the surface

that I don't know that's an interesting question like like like that's when it's the biggest problem for us

but like flavor-wise or Texture was actually in the same way that helps make tilapia not taste like much different right that's a T-Mac what the bird is trimethylamine right with the do beets and vinegar does the acid also knocked down the Jasmine or have you received the Jasmine less it's so pungent that it's possible you're just not experiencing like compared to

I mean it's possible they could Lake Road and eat something and then like reduce volatility I'd have to look this up and follow up with you on it is the party hydrated roasted beet salad like four years ago or something like this I know that a couple of where do I get Mike Sharon was is the guy that made first romantic ideas of food did it pulled it off and chewy you like elongated

I'm looking at mustachios face by her reaction to the elongated beat

dirty on Hayley Paige

every one of them myself Aroma chemistry and or cocktail bitters chemistry and or MIT media lab Shenanigans or whatever else we're going on Thursday to taste The Waters at Saratoga excited about that I've been reading a lot about to watch out for those of you that don't know Saratoga is a town in New York where the millionaires used to go in the 1800's and it remained a very popular spa resort was one of the first Spa Resorts based on Waters water in the United States not the first as they claim not the first one of the first and remain popular at a very recently actually interesting didn't start necessarily as like a water cooler is a hydro cat has a hydro whatever they call a pit be like

but it was started before the hardcore temperance movement but like this part of those areas did get taken over by some Temperance cruise but they had full booze and all that and then later horse racing and theoretically invented the potato chip I guess we should have some potato chips you believe that garbage invented the potato chip that is freaking nonsense that is nonsense potatoes have been around so freaking long you telling me that nobody anywhere in the rest of the freaking world was like you know what would happen if I cut these freaking things then and then fry them until the water was gone you can get some more on in freaking Saratoga with the first person ever freaking do that

I doubt that very much. I highly doubt that statistically improbable yes and another thing speaking of the same thing the same thing it's like I wish people would never attribute things to like things like that they're just dishes to a particular are a particular time what did she say instead is X Y or Z is popular because of XYZ so the potato chip became a thing in the United States because of what they did at Saratoga say an interesting in and of itself boom right like here's another one Arnold Palmer who just passed just died do you like Pastor just dead Pat pasta what password password pass the peas he's dead anyway to Arnold Palmer 87 died and my wife pointed out that

let me watch battery on a timer 30 get 30 30 30 for 30 ESPN 30 for 30 anyway I was like to ask you clearly not the first person to mix iced tea and lemonade like clearly these are two beverages that you see next to each other on a kind of on a constant basis it's not alcoholic like name like 60% of the way there you are absolutely correct and if you have ever been to the South like sweet tea like coming out your freaking eat there's a time and place for it yes thank you for that I don't know anything about golf

okay I'm with you on that so what is it that you don't like about to go waiting for people

so you're already assuming that you're going to be faster than everyone else we can't drink during mini golf either really, you might be onto something Booker and Dax questions here and McQueen on the right stuff so I'm going to do the best I can

is there any ideal way to cook long grain rice to the texture doesn't turn out your clumpy or mushy I'm aiming for something light and fluffy says I think everyone's aiming for light and fluffy no one's ever like I want to make it I want to make a condom of Paces suck around that turn into a paste maybe they should want to be like Calico rice paste green like lab arima the Club remix. Which not really means it's on Friday price but like they break easily so there used to be a whole Cuisine based on broke. I know that your favorite is letting puppy white like just playing

when you have regular white rice does it need to be like as hard in the center's you like your risotto do you like playing like rice cooker rice in a rice cooker I use my bathtub is a rice cooker but only holds one top

I member something light and fluffy with the grains intact I follow a standard procedure for washing the rice multiple times by the way that never freaking works you don't I mean it's like so much Start you're going to reach out to service recipes for cooking rice shouldn't tell people like me to rent it until the rice runs the water runs clear with the water never ever does it never runs clear

never like you should just say rinse it three times like you know

unless you own a stream and you can suspend the rice in a flowing freaking stream rinsing it till it goes clear makes no freaking sense at all that's what your new refrigerator should do my rice farming extreme and extreme what's the Japanese name for the pre-rinse rice and woozy woozy mess I don't know if we and the thought of dropping it off all the Stanford teacher washing the rice multiple times followed by soaking it for 15 to 30 minutes then drain and add fresh water to a 1.5 to 1 ratio of water to rice by the way the ratio of water to rice everyone gives water to rice ratios but it's entirely dependent on the evaporation rate that you get out of you cuz you're never cooking your rice and

hundred percent sealed vessel I run some tests many years ago I don't know what the results were watching someone did it I forget what it was America's Test Kitchen so you did it in Sydney bags bags Bean cookery I was trying to do I was trying to ignore you know beans how do you say beans in a bottle in times like that's the only reason like this remember us a bottle Italian size Yoli a fiasco or some like that but slowly Fiasco I don't know in a couple of herbs and you just throw the put the bottle in the oven uncapped and then it just like absorbed the onion to shake the beans out of the bottle and so basically it's just a method to

a cooked beans very slowly and beans BBC's Channel and cesare Casella please reduce the amount of liquid cooking so that we can so I was trying to do different various ways of doing it I never got I never got it perfect that culminated in a test Iran where I did a pressure cooker making quote marks in my fingers that you can't see over there but where I did pressure cook beans directly in an isi whipper with a blowtorch like super not safe anastacio I shoved a thermometer into the top of an isi and then like blow torch kit and then

hi okay you know I forget how I forgot it was like multiple times with a pressure cooker can take cooked beans from dry 5 minutes right or who's like stupid it was dumb I think I should go back and look at the video we did it for we did it for first we Feast I was making nachos at someone's desk from oh yeah a scratch needs someone that we do that was like a really terrible terrible idea. Okay so like when they were shooting it to dude next to us they want him to keep working like it was a normal work day while doing it and I'm sitting here like I turn in I'm like hey this is probably not going to explode

and I start blowtorching a sealed container and he was like so back to this a 1.5 to 1 ratio there is no such thing as a hundred percent ratio what there is is if you use 1.5 to 1 on a particular style of rice with a particular style of rice is going to have similar rest of the longer something Cooks right probably I'm guessing all that's not necessarily you had more to brown rice and white rice

trying to look at I'm trying to see in my head the water levels for the cups on the side of my rice cooker but anyway I would guess that the longer a rice cook some more water you need to add because of the increased evaporation also The Wider your pan in the more water you have to add for a given amount of rice because no more surface area and therefore the more evaporation because your typical pot is not actually sealed and in fact there's not a lie people tell you constantly that I kind of setting it on there are a bunch of times but anyone that thinks you're generating any pressure on the inside of a pot is sorely mistaken unless it is completely sealed because even 1/2 PSI of overpressure on the inside of a pot that's 8 in across right across so half of it is 444 squared 16 rice that's r squared + 2 pi 6 * 3/8 is 48 of 48 and 1/2

by 2.4 lb is pushing up out of an 8-inch pot that is that is not sealed at a mere 1/2 PSI is a lot of weight 24 lb that's right so you need a perfect ceiling and you would need a 24 lb sack of garbage on top of your pot to get a mirror 1/2 PSI voter pressure but it is true that you are vastly reducing evaporation by covering it vastly reducing evaporation but you're not stopping it by any means just just buy service area Yeah Yeah Yeahs like you can't go based on like a ratio like that make it back to the question because my phone decided I was done

the cook surface is nice and pretty fluffy but as I get closer to the bottom it gets more or less clumpy and mushy is it a matter of changing as a ratio or the soaking time to 30 minutes or are there other variables at work such as the age of the rice or humidity levels and helpful tips or suggestions

if you want to make fried rice right I almost don't care if some of this that's broken or fried rice mean or or a little mushy but you might want to consider it yours say what type of rice does anyone do like fried rice like a boss Maddie style

finish someone must but would taste good note to thin like coolant and then fry it could like the texture be not as good maybe write me to prom with something like let's say like the kind of choice in my house is jasmine rice cooker. I enjoy the smell the problem with Jasmine rice in general for this kind of style cooking that that we're discussing here pot pot cooking is that it hasn't lost its longer grain so but it also is stickier than a lot of other long grain varieties of rice and so it tends to have this problem of having some of the grand of the bottom be mushy when the top is perfect right and also I don't think jasmine rice is going to respond well I don't know I haven't tested if I don't respond well to the technique

Maddie rice which would be boil it and copious water drain it just before it's done and then let it steam out you can if you're really worried about it you can do a like a half and half for you do a partial absorption cooking of your rice and then steam it to completion and now I know that will cause the bottoms to knock it must out maybe this is a stupid question but why not just steam all of it you can if you're going to steam jasmine rice dinner on your lair and wide chill like that would be another thing I think like in general I said this last week I think that in in general I think what you're you're going to minimize textural difference between the bottom and the top of the Rice simply by not having the layer be so thick but you're always going to have a tendency for the bottom rice to absorb more water is because it's in contact with water longer

done so yeah like I said like one thing you could do if you want to have partial absorption cooking because it's faster right is you could you put it so there's always water above the surface of the rice we start cooking so you could in essence lifted slightly so it's off the bottom so that it Cooks down and then it's not touching this early really cute kid looking in our window so it's not touching the bottom of the rice when it starts to steam that steam the rest of you boil for a certain amount of time so like you could probably do that you know that a lot of people do is they'll towards the quote and they'll open it fluff the rice IE turn a little bit close it and let it be equalized and steam out for the last little bit of the stuff that was on the bottom is not the top five standing now steaming and they finish. That was that's that's always to do it but when I was researching this I looked at a couple of interesting papers one is called

the formation of cracks and rice during wedding and it is looking like copy and paste into to take a look at it but that so it turns out that he could access the full that the surface of the rice cracks like fairly soon after you start soaking it and so it's those cracks that allow water to get in like really really quickly and therefore even a small soaking time can drastically decrease

the amount of time it takes to get water in to make it taste cooked then there's another piece so that I read and I wasn't cited a lot so I don't know whether people agree with it but this is interesting it's called the not mention this last week I don't know if anyone looked it up I didn't talk about at the impact of pre soaking on Flavor of cooked rice by ET champagne and Caleb Garber is in was printed I don't have the date on me but you can look it up and maybe where the rice is moving at maybe that's where we keep our rice cultures are no longer before cooking is traditionally practiced in Japan Korea and other Asian countries this paper is going to piss Japanese people off like piss them off because they're so hyped up on like this specific techniques

you and I mean that like anyway so check this out when the rice grains hydrate developed cracks and water is absorbed soaking facilitate uniform cooking and shortens cooking time this is why we a lot of times Bible say we do it right because because water absorbs in Faster you're not going to have a hard center of the Grain in a mushy outside and also it shortens the cooking time for those you they're interested in shortening in cooking time is no big deal because you're increasing the freaking soaking time hello and a lot of people have run tests on things like cooking time for my being obvious it's much faster pasta faster everything pre pre soaking makes it faster so I guess I guess I mean when it's done the present study was undertaken to determine the effects of pre soaking on the flavor of coke price and whether the flavor differences are associated with text rule changes that can

what's the retention of Aroma compounds to give you 11 samples of short medium and long do a descriptive sensory panel

play the set of all right samples undesirable rapist in Statue animal flavor significantly increased and sweet taste significantly dink decrease with pre soaking for 30 minutes summer flavor we are from the name of that defect in rice animal / see what flavor did they say what temperature they serve two that I think abstract animal intensity basmati rice samples and one of the u.s. long grain rice samples when pre-soaked sweet taste was significantly lower in one of the Basmati and Jasmine rice samples the u.s. medium grain rice and one u.s. long grain rice okay so basically they're saying that animal and Sewer was in the Basmati and a couple other long grain so maybe too short grain Japanese style rice don't get the animal Stewart and sweetness was decreased in the long rain so may

it's just soaking on short and medium grain Japanese style rice is okay but longer grain rice as if you pre-soak them they bring on the sweet sweet animal and Sewer especially scented ones but then they pre soaking also resulted in significant increases in some negative flavor attributes and significant decreases in some positive flavor attributes for the set of all right samples pre-soaking on texture as measured by TPA hardness of texture penetrator and Alice in free sulfur containing amino acid with pre soaking could have resulted in an increase of their breakdown products thereby contributing to the increase in sewer slash animal flavor the decreases and sweet taste in the increase in sewer animal and some negative Libra attributes

I want to see if they actually use like a Japanese style one yeah yeah cuz like I typically like when I feel like I'm treating my rice nicely I'll pre-soak it certainly rice as you have to pre-soak yet like Emily rice is all about the soaking when you're making a doe but you never think of Italy is having like a sewer animal or like a lack of sweet flavor of course all that stuff I couldn't see whether they decrease taste like animal soaking thing who knows Hampshire

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I can imitate that idiot joule

are we really playing like me on this year like like they don't hear enough they got to hear me and the promo to not this is from Cafe besalu. Are we going to be able to answer answer this question but in fact it lets us get to the question person you know Ariel maybe you have some information about Dairy chemistry nice all right I wish I wasn't this is your question cuz what do you know about the burrito that which I enjoy showing in fact that's often the best kind of stressed but the problem is is that like it's also not the kind of person review of literature could answer because

it's not something that is a lot of other people who worried about right for you guys was I tried to get in touch with a professor golf at the University of Guelph like the dairy guy who's ice cream Pages I've read for years and years but I didn't try to contact until this morning so I didn't get back so I'm going to read your question now and then I'm going to re follow up if he gets back to me I'd like to have him call in or gone to the show because I kind of like to talk to the guy because I've used his ice cream information so freaking much you don't talk about the man the myth the legend

it goes like this the question hello Dave and my wife and I have owned a bakery in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle for the last 16 years we specialize in space trees have you been I have not been but I have flown through the Vienna Airport and the airport pastries are slightly less bad than regular airport pastry so hopefully that I praise you actually know you would like it you actually would like it like because I know I've seen every European that you can be like you like you seen every European city but like the Vienna actually has their pastries are freaking phenomenal like they and you like pastries right there really good like I have to say they're really freaking good I had to schnitzel it was good I mean

it was good there forced was very good

originates from possibly is that it's like at such a Confluence of culture and it's like right on that and right at the border between it's definitely feels like a Western European town but it's right at the border between Europe and like part of the South are to write and put the thing about it is is that it was the center of Western European culture for still has that like super cultural feel to it by concentration of urban Vineyards in like the 18th and 19th century like put all these interstitial grape Vineyards

people have been sending it for like hundreds of years and you had this one a long time ago yeah I know more about it as a historical curiosity of winemaking but yes you can get this one I had in my light yeah I forgot the name of it but I hadn't Norton I like in someone's supposed to ship us some Norton's yeah we're waiting people will will credit you will give all kind of love I'm interested in I'm interested in the north anyway you know the u.s. green

there's another name for Norton that is used in Virginia Fox don't like a bad but I think the reason I think the window of great of greatness but I've read for people who actually know about Norton is at the window of greatness of Norton is like short and not right away so it's not like great right away and it's not great if it's really old you want to hold it for you no like 46 3 to 5 years and then drink it but that if you can do that at Norton really can kind of hold its own

we were so freaking prejudiced against alternative grapes really are and they're and their sibling is like interested in the tiniest like Italian or French grape that they grow three of and everyone's like super jacked and no one wants to look for the awesome weird American grape there any more like pride in our I mean

and I think it's because I think it's because at least all those weird European grapes are all under cultivation for when I'm going to be good because a lot of wine from from others but never enough enough enough of that we're back we're back in Vienna we specialize in and I can't say the word again with the with the French Kiss I'm just going to say Vienna style pastry brush alarm panel Chocolat excetera start sorry nastase they apologized to you for loving the question chocolate croissants

lately we've been played by recent okay recently really good butter has a stretch or extensibility that is essential Equus all making as you may know the butter and puff pastry and croissant has to stay cold The Forum smooth even layers is it is rolled between layers of dough so cool right needs to be soft enough that it can be rolled out but not so warm that can melt into the dough right and used to stay at the same place as of late has been shattering into little chicks between the dough see the attached video so they like the dough after like one or two and they slice it with a sharp knife so you can see the dough to dough layers in the butter layer and they pull on it and in the one the good butter sure enough about apples with it the butter pulls with it at like a fine

happy and then when it before I knew what they were I just saw the video from the Star Sia and it said butter and I thought these guys had managed to make butter that pulls I tapioca

imagine if you could have butter with that texture let's go with the butter in the middle once I look closer you're going to throw it all away for these people I clearly like you know there is a Yoda out there and I need to go study with Yoda because like I said it's like one of those things are now it's in my head that I should be able to do this with butter and she'll like someday I'm going to figure it out like I'm going to have butter with the texture of celeb dondurma and I was just saying this is Avenue right but you're losing your mind tells you know this is like the same mind to cause me to walk into a glass wall we can have to go and stay in mine it's not quite paying attention that you look much better better right now I just look like you know I got in a scuffle maybe you were a monster last week while you should have seen me

right after work because I look like Frankenstein look like he had a small brow it was it was even though I'm happy that you're hurt I can't look at it because it makes me nauseated literally said I can't look at it anymore because it makes me nauseated Is It Anyway shattering to little chicks between many forms from saturated to liquid putting canola oil to boost a fat content of milk I also recall working in Switzerland where the baker's had a choice of Butters with the same as been intermittent from case to case right which is the worst you just want to be one way or the other one way or the other

Casey Kasem in case of butter like a case of butter is either one way or the other right but they're using the same producer they say they have no idea what we're talking about and that we should ask the cows that is a jack weed thing to tell you first of all like if I'm the producer and I'm making like fancy expensive like European style butter and one of my users who like is spending a lot of extra money to buy my product comes to me and says without being a jerk like I'm having this issue can you help me out like the thing I need your butter to do that I buy it for and it's not doing that yeah you freaking look into it upset you know and so like the reaction of this butter producer is not cool right super super uncool be intrigued

ask the couch my butt my butt but you know when I say it's a fun way to really at the mean brush off but it kind of feels good to use it right now since you said it to me yes I have the problem of Butters intermittent Case Case usually we can use the funky butter funky butter it would be an awesome James Brown songs too bad he's dead

what is a funky drummer you just got to do is take the song funky drummer and take the word Remeron say Butters weirdo So Weird Al's actually doing voice-overs for Teen Titans Go to be a fatty acid, but presumably these guys have control over the moisture content of their butter so it's not the moisture content presumably it's the fatty acid content good butter any insight would be much appreciated as we're much in need of a solution okay that's from James at the cafe besalu in Seattle so I did some original research. And I did some preliminary rather research on the internet and it is in fact true that the the actual

bushrod profile of butter changes quite a lot based on the breed of the cow and the feed of the couch so you might you might need to switch to a butter producer that has a finer hold over the feed of their cow right so I feel like it's going to cost you a phenomenal amount more right so you might need to go to like crappie

crappies the supermarket because it's probably all coming from the same like garbage industrially fed cows right but maybe it works for you but the other side is you could probably spend a lot and I don't know whether a grass feeding is good for this or not but I mean you can buy a butter where you know what the feed of the cows is and then like we only feed silage friend since I only feed rations and there's two reasons to feed your your cows that literature talking about the feed your cows specific things one is some people want to lower the saturated fat index of their butter and so they attempt to feed lots of Hooper's to polyunsaturated fatty acid acid to cows need to change that competition the other is to increase the fat content of normally all the studies

where they tried to drink to decrease the saturation of the fat also led to an increase in overall fat content so their breath probably not what's happening in in your case I mean correct me if I'm wrong from your research on this boat imagine that like more saturated fatty acids would give a crumble ear Textra profile than you would think that however when I was looking at it one of the one study and I was like skimming through it this is why we really need to get ahold of someone like you was up with a butter technologist to show that butter that has actually been reinforced with steering likes like Tri-State like stearic acid three times as a stiff stiff hard was more plastic in all temperature ranges interesting

which was totally I was like what I'd like a must be misreading it so I think maybe I was misreading it but when I when I started getting data that was like so back and forth in my head on my phone I can't say anything other than this is a really interesting something to me the other thing I would say is is that you might I wonder whether there whether you can get any benefit by pre plasticizing the butter and I don't know how you I don't know what you do to your butter block before you before you do it but like some beating is this is this is just true is that whenever I bake I'm lazy and so I pull butter hyper cold out of the fridge and I beat it with a rolling pin and in and it all the sudden becomes plastic now a lot of this has to do with friction right because you're doing heating with friction in your Beating it but I can't but when I thought about it not really getting that much warmer can't all be that I wonder where

you can like do something almost like I don't know if it actually does have a crystal structure at all was my number two has multiple yeah it's like it's not like as sharp as it's not as sharp as let's say cocoa butter with very pretty sharp there is any kind of like pattern to the alignment of the fat molecules then physically manipulated them could make the overall texture more plastic then it's got to be some combination of solid order for when you're using to shortening for these kinds of situations they have specific solid fat

over the week hopefully Professor golf get back to me or points me the direction of a butter expert next week in the Stasi and I'll come back with information about Saratoga Saratoga Saratoga is the reason we're going is because water comes out of the ground with bubbles in it in Saratoga it comes out of the ground carbonated by whatever you want to call it. Nature magma from the mantle its carbonated out of the ground and I'm like that's like literally your Holy Grail like like like honestly I'm so freaking excited to go drink put my face under a tap of water outside that is carbonated and just inhale salty carbonated water like I like Vichy Catalan the salty caramel and stuff so yeah I'm super excited and different rooms are also going to take a bath in carbonated water

mine take a bath and carbonated water it's going to be excellent in the meantime go to mofad. Org and please donate to Kickstarter for the next upcoming exhibition going to have a child and making a Chinese American Cuisine and they didn't we have a donor for cooking issues if you want to give a shout out to do you have that information see if I can call it up really quickly on the way out and we'll be back with cooking issues

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