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Episode 264: Cookie Monsters

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that's nice last week I was at the the Harvard giving the talk and then the week before you were at the the sweet sweet Naples stuff to catch up with the cooking not really right I don't know anything about what I did do at the Harvard lecture I showed off the Prototype of the centrifuge talked about the relative difficulties of making a pie let's get to chase questions cuz we have a lot to do taste a so she's opening them now and in reading the description so that we can have a comparative tasting later

today what's that what's that signify there that we could all you were here last week before that I'm in distress I I can remember when I was kidding when you know people my age for kids everybody in their house cooked with the cylindrical boxes of iodized salt McGraw familiar with a cylindrical box light that's all right so as soon as I started cooking I've always a hundred percent exclusively used kosher salt Diamond coat into like in my house and by the way my kids you know rarely do they eat at restaurants it's mainly stuff that we cooked at home and a hug

percent of the earth is made with kosher salt kosher salt contains and no iodine there's no iodine so I'm wondering if you know I mean my kids luckily they eat enough Seafood you know that not as much as the Triple Six Mafia with the shrimp in the iodine poison that's like my favorite my favorite crime ever of there is it in I eat so many shrimp I got iodine poisoning at the love that my Nest from sippin on some sizzurp the that song is kind of amazing. You think so day

we don't have that kind of money shrimp with shrimp is rhymes with with pimp right is that we die wonder whether we are raising a generation of people would not know by then probably not over vitamins and everything that we that we consume right at me as Americans are pretty much over vitamin considered the fact that we have reduced the overall iodine in in our diet to the extent that we cook with kosher salt which for me is 100%

4 maldon salt which also has you not I don't think I'd like to lie down and it is sea salt so she has some iodine but I use relatively little maldon salt compared to kosher salt okay in showing a New York Times article that came out yesterday do you read the time since I see there's no talking about how in the sixties the sugar industry paid money to scientists to say that it was that particles that were pointing to do a review article that said that the people who are saying that Sugar increases your risk of cardiovascular disease were were wrong and that they're being paid by the sugar industry and so everyone is up in arms at the sugar industry would do this thing here's the thing you know they had like Marion Nestle is coordinate a guy named Stan glantz who is Big known for I was on the paper actually could just got released in that thinking Gemma and it said it was very critical he was a big tube

anti-tobacco guy here's here's my take on it what do you think happens like do you like what does it what does what do we all think happens here in America or anywhere I've Corporation makes a product sugar what do they want you to buy it what do they not want you to think that it is unhealthy so clearly they're going to do whatever they can at any point to try to convince people that that their product is good and so I think you know the other thing is to look at it is actually really Sinister. They won't pay that much money was like $50,000 in in today money to two scientists to publish a review article my enlarged every here's what is Think Like

yeah like their recommendations were that that goes signed his recommendations regarding fat cuz they weren't they were very much in kind of the ancel keys fat is the bad thing and not sugar I think they probably believe what they were saying yeah they took money yes they gave draft of their paper back to the sugar industry yes they did not disclose it no undisclosed stuff like that at the time it was kind of the Wild West should have been disclosed yes is it now should be off in his but the fact is it there is a false belief among Among Us that scientists are somehow dispassionate that science nutritional science especially that it is somehow non-biased or should be non-biased every paper that I have read on nutrition is intensely biased one way or the other so I'm sure that the sugar scientist didn't go to like you know Billy and Joe neutral

add a review article saying that Sugar you know did not contribute to cardiovascular disease where as fat did I'm sure they didn't choose neutral people they probably chose people already believe there anyway and this is how stuff works now scientists have particular views their searched out by industry because they has a particular views and then money does or doesn't change even if he doesn't change hands the scientists still are biased towards their opinion and then if a researcher if a if a corporation wants to use their research they will anyway to publicize it sending the whole thing is wretched I think this just points out that I think most nutritional science on either side if there are two sides are 5 side all five sides is all wretched and horrible because it all starts with with fundamentally typically the stuff that I read skewed data interpreted through the lands of people that have a preconceived notion of what they think the answer is and I think that's one of the big differences between

you know people who do long-term predicted studies or like come up with scientific theories that can be easily tested and confirmed and he's kind of like large-scale multifactorial epidemiological studies anyway that's my thoughts I'm sure some people going to think of a jerk for saying that's just the truth Bobby White Road in about white zin we were talking about that stuff and he said that many Sonoma wineries now make a dry rose a that is labeled as an Italian field I'm a predominantly out of zinfandel taste like a serious why my wife made for barrels and dry Zinfandel Rose at work in 2013 and pulled off a barrel for our wedding with his excellent though it might be a bit old at this point I can open a bottle and give it a try and send it in if you're interested but it should not be hard to find a decent example from Sonoma out where you live Bobby yeah shirt right I would love to take some with wedding wine every sweet they save it still at me not sweet dry but you know anything

okay or do you want to do that you wanted to go to the break and come back so let's do what you want to do list Asia Lopez first and only time has ever quoted Primus on the are in fact it's the first time I've ever heard her

cuz you said that exact you hate whenever I quote you hate it for the troops stuck in my head and I'm good

remind me Coco..... He's so many cookies oh my God what's the festival seems that like a party at a Renaissance Festival

bad dates bad dates matter one of our favorite quote hamburger fourth reference to that at my house where it comes up whenever my cousins are over it's nothing but Indiana Jones references 100% of the time like mixed up like you know in and sometimes mixed up with with other stupid things that we do what we do how to get to pecten levels down before the fermentation of Apple to make Applejack Dave mention that he was going to answer the question next week a couple of times was too busy if there's any chance of an answer of an answer because apples are here again I'd be very grateful last year I tried freezing to set up an out the pectin should have been out the pectin but still had too high of methanol level when it was done

Applejack with a headache and then I wrote about the results and cut the heads off long anyway story for using diction it should work in Oregon who deal with Oregon Truffles and they don't do direct sheep stuff they literally just put truffles in jars with think I think that's because they want to use the Truffle again later I don't think since we eat truffles I don't think there's going to be anything that you're going to extract a bad into the into the vodka and then I think you know you'll get most of those aromatic notes back out when you do the rotovap so the answer is I think you'll get a lot I mean I don't know what in a truck me look most of what they think about a truffle is a rum anyway let's be honest right I mean that's what that's what most of it wasn't sure about some papers online

truffles but on the cold on a low temperature vacuum distillation of other mushroom Aromas and it seems to work well getting in about pectin was trying to keep pectin during the process of keeping which is a process of making cider where you actually induce a pectin gel to form after the juicing procedure to trap nutrients in the reason you wanted to trap nutrient is so that they yeast die before they have a chance to ferment at all the sugar sow it so it said it decided remains sweet without having to add sugar back to it before that you obviously want to reinforce a pectin cause of what they typically do is a lot of pectin meth last race Ensign was strengthened suspect in let it sit for a while and then they will hit it with calcium chloride adding stuff if you're glad stuff and then I'll cause that gel to really firm up the chill trap was going to crap it'll float to the top skimmed off for men

but your question is quite different it seems me what you want to do is just get rid of the pectin and for that I would just use Technic Ultra sp-l I don't know like have you tried that and failed picnic Ultra sp-l will wipe out the pectin lickety-split like and you can add it at the end of fermentation which is you know what I typically I've done it both ways I've added some people add a package of pectin XR during the Smashing procedure before crushing so that you increase the yield of juice out of the press in fact that's what there's a there's one called spec next smash is designed literally for that to increase the yield off of Apple alternatively you know it and if you're doing a press that way you can add the enzyme early right I wanted my problem was I was kind of it was clarifying quickly is clarifying beforehand so I actually let it ferment on with the suspended sediment and then knocked it out at the end and for that pectinex Ultra sp-l is vert

good because it works in alcoholic environment so you can add like a couple of milliliters per liter at the end of your fermentation time it should settle out as long as you as long as it's not actively carbonated which is going to keep popping the stuff off the top once the carbonation level in the CO2 is die down in fermentation has slowed all of that stuff will settle to the bottom with you yeast and you should be able to get it get rid of almost all of the pack now if you want to kill the pectin early because you think it's producing other products in it right so far I don't know this haven't looked it up but if there are things that are producing methanol in your fermentation then I would recommend juicing adding the pectinex at the get-go and then racking right and then you'll lose some at the bottom you can do a separate service of fermentation of the kind of stuff that has two broken down pecking it and then ferment the batch with no pectin in it by starting at the beginning but even without a central fuse you should be

Apple varieties varieties don't sell very well at all and some Apple varieties settled quite well but if you're doing a typical you know chumming them up in an apple grinder and impressing them you're getting rid of a lot of the solids anyway so then hitting it with the with the ultra sp-l after that procedure but before fermentation should work so I don't know whether you're one of these people that kills the yeast and then and then allows the wild used to do afterwards but you at least have a day before it really starts ripping and roaring and that's more than enough time to get the pectin to settle out anyway what do you think he like besides as I don't care recommendations from both of you at once. You should give the recommendations

I was the best place to eat months ago

probably not relevant anymore why do they close what kind of restaurants are they coming from

I don't know if they're coming here though so out of the way I mean depends on what you want right how much money is spent on what kind of restaurant experience you want really I mean like everyone's all everyone's are they still at work so hyped up about that Pasquale Jones

Contra is that's you know my for my friends fabulous Fabian Von hauske and Jeremiah Stone definitely go there that is in the Lower East Side on Orchard Street like down in Ocean close to Delancey car situation where you know you ordered like a tastings at like plates and then they have with it they have this incredibly crispy squid thing there and then next door is Contra which is their original their Flagship one and that's more of a tasting menu we're not me like a light like they bring like that you get what you get and you don't get upset

so good choice Ryan about St Louis back home for a local Chef to turn butcher offers confit chicken leg quarters at 2 Go what's a chicken leg quarter

do you mean the whole quarter of the back chicken including the leg I think that's what they mean

need an idea what a chicken leg quarter is probably just the chicken leg with thigh and that piece of the that piece of the skeleton in the back and, yeah but if you were to take a chicken to be like a how about you be four pieces of chicken instead of one piece of shaking like that you know what I'm saying and so you get the flu you get the brat to Brass tattoo back leg things in the back what you use for soup yeah yeah he mentioned they were a cook at a hundred eighty degrees Fahrenheit for 72 hours using the circulator I'm interested in replicating this at home but I'm not seeing any similar time and temperatures of this preparation online is it likely that I miss her the butcher's instructions or do you think this time and temperature could yield rate results also would you recommend solving before the cook thanks for your time does Fantastic Ryan from St Louis

yeah it was going to be a confit you got us all to beforehand or it doesn't taste like coffee right so I would always go through The Classic Q R step with the herbs and salt before you do your coffee and the salt against not just taste the texture of the meat I'm pretty sure although I haven't done it without any salt it all looks all that that's what it supposed to be that's what it's supposed to taste like modern coffees have a lot lower salt level than old school counties in an old-school confit it was salt and then cooking and was an actual preservation methods so you're looking at preserving something under grease and salt level in most cases needs behind up to prevent the growth things like botulism is also be no contrary to what people say you know a decent amount of evaporation not not not a bow tie because otherwise it wouldn't be bubbling now would it so that because that's what is evaporating water to boil pot boiling anyway so salt to

I have never seen a recipe that is a hundred and when you're at a hundred eighty degrees you're up close to normal County temperatures anyway like 185 somewhere in there Fahrenheit by this isn't like the 80 somewhere in the 80s in Celsius land and that is kind of normal confit temperature and therefore I would say it only needs to cook for normal coffee time on the order of several hours or in a little more than a little less little more depending on if you're on the lower side of that temperature and as your temperature is crop lower even a little bit lower the times are going to extend longer longer when I start hearing things like seventh 48-72 hours then I'm thinking you're cooking a much lower temperatures down like 64 degrees celsius convert in my head because that's the lowest thing I would confia chicken at still going to the thing I tested lower temperature 6465 Celsius range and those ones you would have to cook

format for 72 hours but for a long time and I don't like them because they don't have the characteristic texture a confit they're they're good they're not overcooked and they are tender but they're not the same my guess is that if you cook it for that long that's going to be a little bit mushy I would never do it for 72 hours I don't see any benefit I think you're going to lose texture at that point but that that's me

that's enough that we take a short break and come back with some cookies on Cookie cookie if you

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welcome back to cooking issues so we're doing a cookie tasting from Judy in Malden and she said only unwrap them on Arris Anastasio at the mic down by the rapper so that you can hear the fact that we are unwrapping it sorry I'm saying I guess what is this a butterscotch do you like in General Studies the beverage or any form of matcha because other people like matcha so I would assume that you do not so Dave is going to come in here and sit that sit down for a minute away from the booth new thinking about himself

now she has had these in her apartment for a couple of weeks cuz things haven't worked out to the mail but they're supposed to

step away from the mic when you're chewing

two-player all right doing in

what is it was an excellent cover Coco Macadamia Green Mango cranberry he's obsessed with you know what you should get her meeting with that Christina Tosi because she's obsessed with a recipe for I forget which one the blueberry cream blue and white a what's the next one Green Mango Pina Israel to lose one's answering the question which will take

I want to hear any Dave Dave our Intrepid engineer is is doing at the same time just dead radio Silence of mouth noises when everybody is David's cookies Nickelodeon Twitter before what's a reasonable deal for a who steno and steeno by the way as when you blend liquor and fruit and then with pectin X enzyme destroys if you spit it out and Center for you to become clear again what's a reasonable yield for a loose tea know I'm getting around 85% yields using dried Peach at 150 grams of dried Peach 4 liter of booze in a centrifuge 330° 300 300 3300 Gees

and I said look you know if you dry fruits out it really lowers a yield and it's because if you look at a hundred 50 grams of dried peaches that's the equivalent probably of like five hundred grams of you're looking at like almost you're looking at probably that somewhere in the order of 250 300 and something grams of water loss so the peach as you infuse it into liquor is going to want to reabsorb that that water and so it's going to make your yield consequently lower also because you are on your hydrating it and trying to break it down the parts aren't hydrated aren't going to get broken down by your pecker next enzyme that well so I recommend always doing what's called what you're doing is your remoisten the stuff and trying to extract out some the stuff that you missed on the on the first go-around and you tried that you said that when you blend of the Remi back in it ended up two weeks so you're my two

Nations one don't want to use a lot of what I'm saying when you're doing a rental yeah it's just a little bit of water just not the kind of resuspend it and make it a liquid again at a little more enzyme and then that will hopefully break down some of the stuff that I didn't get broke down before and increase your yield dramatically and also before your first spin blend it with a pekka next wait a while for the stuff to rehydrate again and then blend it again too kind of we break up with in there and really get it broken down fine so he was waiting is really going to be your friend and if you do a rental yard shut a small amount and even maybe a little bit of liquor with a little bit of water for his a little bit of water at the get go into the dried fruit before you do the blend to try to get some of the water level back up a little bit before you do your before you do your spin it so that's what I'm going to recommend so how do you taste not sure

damn it there a little cold where we're restoring them

Hello Kitty in her heart

guittard chocolate chips and cocoa so it's a spicy is spicy chocolate spicy Reese's cookie is it is it in fact

Judy about cookie tastings on The Heirs they take your mouth Parts up

I don't yes you did not like the wine tasting it's true we see you in about induction in Phoenix and you're letting me know what's going on, just use the pavement you ever been in summer in Phoenix does nasty right but you gave you ever been to old people write in Arizona bunny Roadrunner it like really looks like that like they're really are saguaro cactuses just like hanging around

tumbleweeds flying around on the streets it's like real as it's like at the curse

hey Mike. Get back from Phoenix

Phoenix also like I don't know like the meantime I have a phoenix as it's in like a bowl-shaped Valley and so it's easy for pollution to kind of get caught down there but I haven't been there in over a decade so I don't know if they're taken care of that problem why what it is on this one thing one poison it

Clearwater Cheetos question while Davis talking about the cookies so I can go to options and was wondering if I could get your opinions and advice he's looking at the wolf CI with not stand for cooking issues I believe it's probably cooktop induction 36 5365 South 36 in wide 5 burner and the Bosch and ITP triple six now I like triple six because of the Triple Six Mafia and of course cookware Appliance with the number of the beast in it

hello maybe if it sells well like we should think of that for our stuff to make sure change it from the the centrifuge 28666 thing I don't know so you said earlier so in the past couple of years the way that the the way that the wolf is laid out is it has a for normal size burners on the side and then one large burner on the on the left and one large burner on the right now it's cool about the wolf is that you can run everything in called bridge mode so you can for the left or the right in two into one burner and they also have what's called boost so you can suck the power out of the burner next to it which you're not using and jacket into

into one burner and it's kind of it's fairly powerful so like you know the the smaller ones go between 2100 Watts which is still more powerful than any plug-in induction and 3000 watts in boost and the big one goes from 2600 watts to 3700 W it looks good people seem to like it but I'm curious about when you put those things in bridge mode and have two burners running and try to put like a roasting pan across it I wonder how even the heated because they look it looks kind of like that like the elements are around but people seem to enjoy using it the other thing I'll note and this also goes for the Bosch is that neither of them appear to allow you to control temperature which is kind of interesting they all go by power ratings and one of the nice things about induction is if you put the proper sensors and now it won't be as accurate as the the Breville one

they're not going to have external pop up sensors like the brother one does but you can put like something out under the ceramic to do basic sensing temperature in you could also add a jack so you can have a temperature monitor monitor I'm just a little surprised they don't give you a temperature as well as a as a power but I may be no one does that in a in a cooktop cuz the Box people don't do it either but it seems like a good unit interesting set up because what they do is they have a large round burner in the middle and then on the left and right they have a rectangular burners that are divided into two sections so you have a like a like a front and back left and right and then a big Center one and the interesting thing is that the layout of them is can also be Bridge together so that their one you know if either of full left side or full right side you can't do what the wolf does with a wolf allows you to do all four as one a big 17 inch by 17 inch thing which would be cool if you had a large cast iron griddle let's play

how you do strips along the along either side and I actually saw an exploded diagram of it and the actual elements are kind of duel over to probably be fairly even over the entire width of that element which is nice now that gets me through only downside I really see about the Bashas people seem to say that they don't like how the controls work for it and since you're going to be using it every day for all of the cooking that you're doing I highly suggest that you actually use it and I say the same thing about the other one find someone somewhere that has a unit running but will let you run here in New York leaving have some places that have all their cooktops hooked up but

I would be very curious how even the the wolf one is when you're using non round pans on those things in bridge mode if they're even then fan-freaking-tastic but they draw the burner shapes around which leads me to believe that the elements themselves are round I'm also curious to see how even it is on the bus if the boche had excellent Can people really love the controllers on the Bosch I'd probably go with the Bosch but some people seem to really like the controls on the wolf and not on the bus and I might go for the wolf assuming I can get a relatively heating thing but I would definitely say you have to use it it's too big an investment to make to not use

I have one here called fugazi which is getting really excited and I think it's like some kind of

fugazi yes thank you

it was pretty good I can't find Roxanne

you have to put on the red light now is chewing or I would have said it for you and if it's not that spicy in here that rocks and now is going through my head that I can do for you

the Red Hots red lights

you like our peppermint patties and stop music

that was my favorite candy has a kid freezer or not freezer non are both of you non freezer candy people in general or do you like any sort of freezer candy if it's got ice cream inside of it then sure but I usually I'm the immediate gratification guy and now you're like must be immediate melt for it's all worthless you know I don't want to have something like Rock Solid that I'm chewing on

it's not ideal so Martin if you're listening we're going to do with your smoking question next week because that's want to I want to verify something with you by 11:28

I looked I didn't look after I got on the train now I'm saying can you check now and see what they're trying to get back to us okay Andrew rights and I've already learned so much I was hoping to see David wasn't able to make it anyway under 1 honey with water

it's not that's a very light syrup I wouldn't go one to one honey with water while you're adding too much water and I think that's part of you wants 640 grams of water for every kilo of honey I repeat that again 640 grams of water for every kilo of honey and the reason is there are in every kilo of Honey there is already a 1880 grams of water that's the truth honey this makes a drink super sweet

I want a clear honey flavor without the sticky impossible to drink multiple sweetness sweetness I know you guys have answered the floral notes habanero peppers and she would answer this question before I apologize I have a lot of catching up to do in the podcast but otherwise any help would be great thanks so much Andrew you can go for like a few want honey flavor without the sweetness you could do distillation pretty sure I used used to do rotovap stuff and honey other way I can really remember it you could also use you confirm it. Some of the sugars and user a mead that's on the dryer side right not going to have some other than honey notes will have changed but one of the main things is like I said don't do 11212 642 a kilo and then by adding less water the entire thing will be shorter right so you're going to add however much actual sugar from the honey so they

solution your problem I believe it's going to be finding a stronger honey so like you know do like a comparative honey taste and some of them are much we are wildly more assertive than other so I don't know what you're using a mention like if you're using something as relatively neutral like a clover honey I know by switching to something a little more with a little more power I think you'll be able to up up your up your honey game I'm sure I must have been some point but I can't remember what the results are so do you think there's anything is the me's website fermented don't taste 100% like honey anymore right but they're good you could bolster it with fresh honey and then I think it would be that expensive and probably hard for anyone who's not doesn't have a sorcery to find the dry meat and they're not maybe something about

okay so I can do me a favor can you pull up Johnny's email on your phone so I can keep the the thing up okay we got a question in from by the way my stomach hurts and cookies how many cookies what's the one I had in my handy handyman stassia

I think that's the caring

Karen did you have to go

we are back something specific to ask people that actually have rather than give advice out of the blue so it's not sounds vaguely like whole smoked turkey sounds like a little Sicily vaguely Sinister sounding about it jerky jerky I love jerky things you actually like do you like do you like the fibers to be short or long so you like like like like

get dentures where she gets it could be eating with Dentures that's what you're saying I want to put a human humidistat in the thermostat into his well the thermostat is for microbial control in the humidistat is to ensure that I can reproduce the Empire consistently and then what do you think my process should be should I do hear the choices and then we got some smokers out there should I do a two stage where I won cold smoke and then to dry or a three-stage where I one hot smoked for my troubled microbial control to cold smoke it for additional flavor and then dry or should I do a smoking and drying in a very controlled way all at once

can you give me tips on the design and then you ask what do you think of this smoke generator and it's a German 140ax so I don't have any experience that only one that's used if I like that word hornyak it's a sound like a maniac smoker right but it's basically just at one of those auger screw feeds where it has like a low temperature element and it feeds that the stuff past creates the smoke and has a long tutu at the smoking cool down but seems fine I'm assuming you're going to put it into something like a an old fridge or a box that you're going to making a bunch of people sell controllers for it and it should be fairly straight-forward on but as for your procedure here's what I asked Johnny I was like what do you think on safety he says there can be an E coli risk if the meat isn't cooked but if you do an acid wash then you can lower at the feds I eat our federal government say you have to cook beef through that being said it's almost for sure safe to cold smoke and drive says Johnny Hunter coming in I also said the real

you hear when you're smoking right so when you're making jerky you just season it he'll do whatever you going to do season it and then you dehydrated but remember it's never in an anaerobic environment so you're never in a situation where you have to worry about botulism or anything like that growing the real issue is when you're taking something and putting it in an anaerobic environment which yo smoker is can be anyway and then and then not heating it to the point where you're going cold when you're not heating it to destroy botulism botulism grow while it's still moist and then because you're not heating it again afterwards or not wouldn't deactivate any toxins that were created in the product while smoking that's the theory I don't know right then also Johnny says it's Nico about the zika virus can be to begin with what you could do on the botulism front if you really want to keep it cool to hundred percent if you could just nitrate it

and then night ratings going to play along with the salt that's going to prevent any botulism growth during the cold smoke phase and then once you're drying it out then you're trying it out in anaerobic environment you should be fine anyway we have time for one more week so we have a question I wish I wish I enjoyed

sassy my brain has been turned off I can no longer find things hello cooking issues on cooking turn more bitter in a plum tart and I said that there's a bunch of people online that have that problem suggestions and soaked in milk and milk and the other soaked in water then drained and bake them Saturday the experiment failed as none of the plums got bitter at all

what's are a failure because you didn't have a bigger chart it seems like a success although you know what you didn't do you didn't do a control with no soak at all like maybe maybe you were leaking out some of the stuff they caused the problem so you didn't have a full control there a little more solid and firm quite interesting

I don't know first Wild Plum is relatively acid so I don't know how much of the calciums going to be available after whatever happens at the end of acidic barrier between the plumbing to know if it's a question for someone that's actually studied that rather than someone is just you know make it up as I go along with what I would be doing if I said something warm and clarifying brown butter massassi brown butter pan I don't like everyone remember I like it like I mess it was Danielle or someone that used to hand you the Madeline at the end of dinner and you would eat it right then it was like Fresh Salad to the butter in order to increase the amount of solids

no you mean no cuz you need to make that you need to make that you couldn't okay look you could add it maybe to the queen before you turn the butter right at but the easiest thing to do would probably be just to add milk solids to the cream before you do it because I'd you don't want to add a whole boat time of water to extra water in the milk to the cream before you turn into butter but I'm sure you can increase the solids content of the butter by

just Jackin the amount of milk solids that are in it help add milk solids to the butter as it's cooking and just Burnham but it won't be the same as cheating cuz they want to go on right the same way second what causes a some Greek yogurt near your house where they make it and it's like super duper thick those guys who like some turkey stuffing some Greek stuff so good they make really good stuff and they have really good taramasalata that's like the best time I ever had in my life for those of you turn my slow days at Greek thing with like that with like that fish eggs in its kind of creamy

and the stuff that they sell on the supermarket shelves is like rubbish garbage compared to like the real real deal stuff that is made Fresh So if you're in New York and internet if your National Grocery is still in business they still in business Theory walk by there anymore I've ever had in my life do you like The Target

sorry back to the the question cuz I know we're on our way up to be pleasantly bitter and I've never noticed bitterness in a strained yogurt products like Greek yogurt ever noticed any bitterness I never noticed it and other sour milk products but as soon as cheeses from what I've read as related to protein breakdown I would like to make my own strained yogurt again I haven't tasted so I can't really say one thing I can say is that situation a lot a lot a lot of the water gets in your way of removing and way is inherently sweet because way has more lactose in it and so maybe what you're noticing is just a reduction in sweetness which should pump up the sourness because if he's going to be there more sour solids there but also maybe that you're picking up on some flavor that's being masked by the lactose at my only guess in the shut the gas and lastly for the stash on the way out

is there a couple of months I would appreciate hearing about your trip anyting Naples what are the cities were you there on that trip

nah nah nah nah nah nah

normally and italophile people but for some reason and she will judge the whole city by whether she had a good time on a particular trip and it's just who she happened to be sitting next to enable don't take it personally cooking issues

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