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Episode 263: Lost in Mianus

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every Tuesday from 12:45 12:55 sometimes one more time on the Heritage Radio Network in Brooklyn and specific area in Brooklyn is the hammer Lopez she is in Naples. Florida Maples like the actual City Florida to Naples Florida know she's in the actual you know Naples and Napoli when I was a kid you got your looks

is a used car salesman who has used car lot Napoli like anyone environs area till like to me like my think of Naples I think of used cars I don't think of me know

that's kind of sad right the local commercials here are pretty amazing they got a leg up on Philly for sure so taking the Stasi to hammer Lopez place we actually we have two people here one officially said she's not here but because she's here she actually is here we have this is not Nick Wang high and you might have remembered him from the last time I was on the show and he purposely made faces at me what you can't see

through the internet but wouldn't wasn't saying anything but today is he say he's going to say stuff right

stuff that me Iraq so Nick came to work with me at the French Corner when were you there and then after that went to Soundbar for what like a billion years

bus to work with Chris Cosentino ride East Coast even though you're from California I say you're from Milpitas but you're not used me that up that you pull that out of your ass

when you told me this week because like I think it's a hilarious word and obviously like a meal Pete like it sounds weird sounds weird in my anus he says it's pronounced me in this and I'm like prove it and I've never had anyone call in is there and be like is it mayonnaise isn't my anus open ocean of my anus to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 where you actually from there if you're not from Milpitas to the song by what's your current title there

that was weird title shifa Cuisine can mean like almost anything right pretty much but you're actually I knew that you were working on

would you put on the menu last month that you that you think it's fun we just did a new scallop Crudo dish is going on this menu tomorrow again

good ones like you're getting likes eBay what are you getting my favorite scallops ever out of the freshest coughs every every like to give her like Fleck hang out like where they bring the Nantucket scallops right in and just get them like right there is over by my anus

now that like Nantucket scallops like Dave like right off the thing or like brush never shut the lifestyle but I've always wanted to go to heaven on the shell like how long they've been in transit is a huge impact on kind of their kind of flavor profile but I don't know every all the seafood like has it taste like you're eating at New England you know why cuz you are food really taste different depending on where you're eating and I think like your mental association with the food like if you hate the people cooking it never tastes as good again

there was that yours that Nick wasn't looking sweet

we also have with us estremecer what's your last name and your cook at which one of the Daniel boulud establishment Cafe boulud how are ya what are you doing to make anything fun you got anything fun

fun dishes I like I need to like Rhonda me it's gray place what what what do I need to go there and eat like right now she pooped Korean food on the French restaurants menu really hook me up

boat like actual like Danielle I haven't been in years and years when I did go like it was like hardcore like garadon service like like the waiter knows how to like get the fish out of the pastry and then like the phone and put the field without touching it like hardcore awesome like like tears to your eyes old school French but I mean like a long time ago they also had their share of like kind of like you know kind of cutting-edge do weird stuff to go with the old school friend but I've always pictured like kind of cat is being like like you know like I'm a Bastion of kind of like a lot of the old school cool crunchy stuff right so it would be how do you cook curry anafi koreana 548

create create a dish Wild Mountain pickled vegetables on to it did you like what you do

we have with Voyage section over menu and it changes every season so the next one is Korea so I was trying to pitch a dish for fish that's good that's good alliteration there anymore but like we have a good day for fishing in Korea like how big is the voice of the menu to have that years ago did they sell like hot like the special for this past week was at a con agua Tim which is a braced monkfish dish in Korea

pretty shity fish and then sweeping Sprouts so once you over cook a monkfish and then you keep going like what happens

don't even think about it is it's got that kind of like shellfish and kind of texture to it right so really it's okay so I do know how do you know Nicholas a discussion results been a long you having for years and years back I would say like in the mid-2000s right when everyone was interested in these hyperlow V preparations and like that the thing that people were most worried about like in life was over cooking your fish when you're cooking that style that what you think you know a lot of it came to us via like in il clock on Roku over there cuz they were doing a lot of that really really low temperature fish and then later on you had I guess with modernist cuisine came out a couple years ago like that super low temperature geoduck the stuff that is like not really cooked in a classic Central cook

and so for a number of years like cooked when I say cook that mean like traditionally cooked fish dishes were like not served that you wouldn't get them you know what I mean at a lot of restaurant monkfish is one of those fish that I think you want like I don't really particularly and people get mad at me like the low cooked shellfish except for the geoduck actually that we are golden and and Chris Young in those guys did I thought that was an excellent texture wise but in general

manelyk my shrimp and what amount of Barbarian I can cook if I don't like it I don't like it when it's especially something like a shrimp shrimp is a little bit too under and still got a little bit of that tastes hate hate hate spring it so seems like it would work for a dish like that and you shouldn't be afraid to do a longer afraid do a longer cooked version agree or disagree kind of read revamped everything so that because you thought the traditional was to hammer and you want to serve people like it looks so I'll read it so I can apply with something I guess green would be your first choice ready to be your second choice around his last round is blue his last

is it blue or brown color on the air

hey it's Judy from Malden gun hey how you doing this is has your cookies in the freezer so I think the cookies are where Fox is going to die in her building Taylor Swift cookies 10 signatures

so you got going on

what you got going on you got a question for us


come up with center of the pricing but there's a cookie was Cheetos it so how do you get to Christy

you need you need to use a cookie Cheetos are first of all you have to if you want a Cheeto to remain crispy you can't use the puffy ones you have to use the the hard ones are less expanded the second step is that you're going to need to choose a low water cookie you know what I mean I have to go hard baked that you're not going to get a soft baked texture because it contains moisture and also have your Cheeto remain hard unless you did some like real fancy footwork I have to think about it but there's a classic cookie that I didn't know existed the rest before it because of Chester County Fair where I was last week they had a contest for it potato chip cookies

potato chip cookies I like

Compass Cove

better than I like pretzels pretzels or just have the coffee in it like there's coffee in it right people are in ice cream

may I can appreciate that it's done well or done poorly but I don't like it you don't even notice it. If it doesn't come from like a guy that made it the day before I like like like on Liberty being sold on the street should Max enjoy the taste of the paper cup doesn't like you can't talk full of nuts just for her really whatever my mom used to but my mom was meant to med school when I was a kid and the only source of nutrients for The Med students without leaving the hospital at Columbia uptown

but not until like I spent a good chunk of my childhood only eating crappie over wrapped and sometimes rancid Kreme donut pastries from never forget I used to hate Kreme donuts for like like 10:10 12 years because I got one that was moldy and it knocked me off a Kreme donuts at chock full o'nuts in the 70s and knocking out the cream donuts for like well over a decade I don't like them I'll eat them do you like cream donut of course cuz you're from up there so the money way it looks like I got to get to the price I got a bunch of stuff I got to get to buy here pay here

Dunkin Donut has ruined the world in terms of the way they spell donut it just ruined

they just ruined and they've also ruined the year that David trademark taken trademark Boston cream because they spell it c r e m e c r e n e what the heck is c r e n e

Boston cream pie Boston do not they sell Do-Nuts they do not sell donuts and I happen to like Dunkin Donuts by the way the flavor of Dunkin Donuts I happen to enjoy them I'm just mad at what they've done to our language

oh okay one more thing there is a cookie with sumac and sumac and red hot moon ever think of Slim Jims I have to have to type I was wearing a hat it would take it off from a Man Macho Man Randy Savage that favor and there's not really a solution or you're going to think about it and see what they're doing but I looked at the the classic potato chip cookies that were the winners in this contest they had at the Chester County Fair reply the way we should all enter everyone cooking issues who listens should go and we should just Crush all the locals not a big kid truck where she gets imagine it imagine if all these like cooking nerd descended on Chester the Chester Fair every year and was just like

is it up like a huge explosion on everyone's Chester County fairs vegetable vegetable judging is all shape it's all shape shape so I can no flavor no flavor and not even like a size so I was so wrong with American fruit and veg today is the shape based cuz who cares shape and color who cares that's not in color sometimes as indicators quality rarely you know what I mean it's like me no more Redman whatever this is a social commentary on body image in the medium

it could be if you wanted to be or it could just be we need to change the way that people judge fruit and veg and think county fair skin people

people yeah sure if you could change at me like I don't really judge people I just judge fruit and veg

anyway so what's up so you going to say more cookies then we'll talk about the pricing when they cut when they get here I know you're not too deep in armies of a person as we used to call it dim no none of that or not but I'm doing that talk with our Harold McGee so I won't be able to be here I'm giving a public lecture with Harold McGee on Monday and you know I don't know how you get into it or whatever up in and the subject that I will be discussing is how kind of modern ideas of cooking and kind of observational and analytic cooking has led to a change in kitchen equipment design my own perspective like Sears Auto Center fuse tube stuff like that and other people's perspective like the baking steel and maybe what the future of that means the post to the path in kitchen

that's one of the things I know I don't know what he talking about he may or may not talk about it impossible food then like food engineering from that side which is kind of a whole new category of things going on babe that's when we talked about so what else because some evil freaking either climbing or small mammal has eaten I see the teeth marks in the tomatoes I have not had one freaking to make my tomato plants are like six and a half feet tall all up on like thing but all beautiful like healthy as all get-out not one thank goodness whatever this thing is doesn't like cucumbers are pumpkins or I'd have nothing zip if you plant perilla leaves around the stairway

Mateus weird like cuz tomatoes are also a stinky Leaf you think that they would

can you tell your planter you plant things my dad used to can I can I just put like at like at like some sort of evil like like fence of death can I just obliterated everything that lives at walks near the tomatoes is there some sort of like something it does that

I mean I bear this thing ill-will ill will mosquitoes he's going to wipe out malaria I need that to protect my tomato plants I don't think that ever happened anyway okay

by the way my son tax lazy lazy lazy I was cooking for all these people this this weekend cooking so much you know what I mean cuz it's family couldn't cuz I'm like that I need to I need to cook I need to cook can you roast a coffee all he has to do is sit there and turn a crank for like 10 minutes roast coffee entertainment complaining about how much work it was and why can't I go by

AAA automatic coffee roasting machine lazy I love him lazy he did help me build a hovercraft together next step propulsion anyway really good deep. But I had a somewhat bitter tart taste to it it's a flavor of notice before to an extent in uncooked nectarines and peaches by views were very ripe and not bitter at all at mixing with some brown sugar in baking for quite a long time until the crust crust got crisp and brown anytime safety Brown is bad in a big dish that you sort out but it's crisp and brown people like

honey crisp and brown good golden brown brown butter in baking and hopefully a method to prevent it thanks shy yes well at first I thought I think in multiple problems first of all what you're noticing is not just you a quick internet search shows that is the problem lot of people have had with Plum Tarts and I think also sometimes with apricots and cook plums in general

so the short answer is no one's written the answer and like what people have said it's pretty much like the stuff they are pretty much I did do some research in the and here are the three articles that I read the physical pretreatment of plums prunus domestica part to the effect on quality characteristics of different prune who did Coat of Arms by Luciano IG quanta and I read bitterness and astringency of Flavin 3 all monomers dimers and Tremors by Hannah peleg in 1999 along along with a couple of other things and things going on very interesting very interesting there are so there's a lot of like polyphenols and like terrans and stuff in in plums both in the Skins were you taste them more and turn and in the plum fruit itself now one thing I was thinking is that you ever noticed you guys notice it when you eat a plum if you chew on the skin for a long time you get a lot more that astringency versus if you just

suck it down and also let a lot of the acidity is in the plum skin area in a plum and so like I've noticed a lot when I'm doing Plum juices or infusions with if you let them sit a long time on the skin the same way that you do with a grape you're pulling a lot more the astringency out and a lot more of the sourness so it like at like a short you don't let the plum so you can typically when I want to extract a lot of those flavors before I do any juicing or clarification I'll just smash the pumps the plums in the Skins maybe even and then depending on how much you want you can blend in if you blend it it really does get very strange and better once you then spit it out or clarify whatever else you going to do with it right so at first I thought that was the only thing I was going on but then when I did some research it turns out that this is a known issue when you dry plums the amount of the Cabbage into them which has the same kind of polyphenols that you get in tea

they provide allow those I kind of those bitter is fingering notes in teas there like somewhat bitter somewhat astringent but they're polarized to a certain extent this is what I've gathered I could be totally wrong or right in there a certain extent in a native Plum but the more of those polymers are built up the more they taste the stringent right the more they're broken down into smaller molecules the less astringent they are the more bitter they are so perhaps and this is the data in these articles show that during the drying plums from plums to prune are so delicious that they actually change the name you know the meaning of the thing from Plum to prune a dried apricot preserve their own name I personally think that the best dried apricot to me I would rather eat it than a fresh apricot

there yeah yeah I think it deserves its own name I don't know Nick you'll come up with it has a lot of that so my point being that as he seems dry the level of their the polyphenols in them by dry weight has composed of unclaimed ride catechin goes up by a good chunk so you can have something that doesn't appear bitter that then appears more bitter now as to what's going on with the tartness or getting more tart I don't know about the interesting thing is here that there is chemistry going on here that is beyond my kind of knowledge but someone else can find out now as to how you fix it I don't know I would try to maybe do a test where you cook down some that you blanch and peel can you plant a plum

probably could guess you could I'm just saying I thought because I've never tried it and I've never peel the plum being on purpose with my teeth and peel the skin areas off I tell you what I'm not I'm not doing I'm not sitting there with a knife and trying to cut the skin off of a ripe Plum that's what's not going to happen

no would you try to do that Nick never tell the story on here where we try to make you peel fennel seeds

I know you never paid me jest November I pressure cook the fennel seeds and they still are those little white inside in them I tried to convince you as a joke to peel a quart container fennel seeds down to the little white things that some other stupid person that's not me I'm pretty sure wasn't me

what are the what are the other stupid internet is may be doing like some sort of like either I mean sounds kind of gross but like an egg-white soap or like a milk soaked to see whether you can complex more do a more of a hard complex in with the casing of some of these things to come out of the plum before you cook it alternatively you could use something else that cut like some other charged proteinaceous thing that Mike complex with the precursors to this bitterness and knock them out that's my another thing you can do is you could try to actually dip the stuff in milk and see whether that reduces the bitterness after the fact it would it you at a test to see what was happening although my guess is is at the more condensed the more poke Pola merized the these things are the better they will complex with milk but again you're beyond

actual level of knowledge and you're into my realm of extreme speculation anyway which is where I was like you know by porcinis believes they're the ones that have the poor structure instead of the gills good news about bullies is that about their taste good and that they that they're not poisonous like there's very few boat but there's no bullies are going to kill you if you go for gilled mushrooms and you get the wrong field mushroom like your toast you know I mean like unless you get a liver transplant you know what I mean like this crying Angel at me I am in need of things like this bullies like some of them are like toxic Ash but like not going to kill you it looks fairly similar to an actual protein is called a bitter bolete bitter bolete

you are beautiful in Connecticut only bitter to people who have the genetic ability to taste that particular bitter compound and like prop you know the bitter tasting strips of people test to see if you're a supertaster not everyone can taste it so if you don't have the genes to taste it apparently it's delicious mushroom as delicious as a porcini but then if you have that Gene it's at discussing is chewing on Prop strips like hardcore bitter so I could try to find something to bring it back will have a bitter bolete cook-off and it will sit there and like I hopefully I can taste it just so that I can serve it to other people so I can sit there and be pounding it and then someone else do you think are you

set it to call Macy Gray hey it's a really crappy like cuz it makes it seem like it's an awesome thing to be a supertaster me and may or may not be but it's like whatever is righteous ruin your life for the lights in the sand the same people out there and maybe get some of the chatroom why has no one made a delicious well-crafted wives in me I'm sure they had never tasted a delicious well-crafted white sand

the we all grew up here we all grew up in drinking life especially like you know by my age like a lot of people were pounding that sweet White Rocket whites in you know what I mean and so like it took a long time for even real good Zinfandel to kind of overcome that hump of like the whites and that would like the kind of you know bad connotations of the whites in but then why hasn't there been more of like a white zin come back like good wife saying like what can it not be made I'm sure someone makes a delicious when I was 7 had it I had a True caller on the air

hello hey hey I'm a baker and I make a carrot pumpkin bread sure how do you kill the pump

guava juice

obviously I don't want to redo some of the labor of it at the outlet for the runoff from the process and you mean like give me the character Marshal texting and years make carrots one of those things that like you know Auto auto clarifies to a very high extent as opposed to like a lot of other juices on separation like so it's one of those things that I have focused a lot on in like trying to clarify and I used to do like back in the day we run for that one Nick we did apples and carrots we did a bunch of cocktails like that gin

apple carrot but it's been a long long time look the original purpose of a lot of these techniques think there was one that I used to use on apples called Technic smash XXL which is what we started using before we were using SPL back in the day and its stated goal is to increase the yield of juice out of increase the yield of juice out of apples and I'm sure it would also work on carrots now I would use SPL because my guess is that there's probably Beyond pectin that there's a good bit of like Hemi cellulose and stuff in a carrot so I would

carrots are the reasons carrots are harvested aren't they high in calcium

anyway like inside structure of the ear is hiring calcium that like lighter core and if they did a differential tasting where they pop the core out and did it like a triangle tested like that outside of the carrot versus the inside and I think they were saying that they thought it was higher calcium level that was increasing to a bitterness perception in the inside of the Taproot but I don't know if that's actually was going on or if it's just the majority of the sugar storage is in the outside I don't know how far they went into it in many years but so my guess is that yes pretreatment with pectin Onyx Ultra sp-l will increase your yield it's got to be some good use for that dry nasty pulp it's got to be

Mexico Missouri crappie Health cookie

Minnesota crappie Health cookie like is there's got to be some use that's like you know how like when you make tofu you have all the old car I left over like that the thing and you're like what am I going to do with it so you just add a little bit to like every muffin pancake you make for the next like you know month to try to get rid of it until it starts going stay on Stanky in your in your in your fridge air pump the same way can you just kind of tossed dry worthless carrot pulp in tooth as roughage for people who want like a cookie that helps him like a go go to go you know to the bathroom or no

we found it that derive from the juicing just isn't really flavorful to use for too much fiber so say I'm using about but I think it's about like fifty percent of water in the in the in the the the formula if a word is to just take care of and submerge them wonder One by weight in water place that connects and kind of let it sit and then we break down at all or no no no no no no no no no no no no to do if you have to juice it

taking ball treat the pulp with pectin X and then try to do another juice extraction on that will not penetrate at all in fact we used to use the trash people to do things like a no one of the old tricks is. To get all of the white off of like doing Supremes of like pamalos is like things are very hard to do some friends up and you know we would peel it first because it wouldn't penetrate through the peel then we would break the it until like like halves and quarters then soak it then break it apart after it started dissolving and then soak it again to get all the stuff off the stuff you will not penetrate it won't even under vacuum conditions in a carrot specifically vacuum infusion to go that deep unless you doing super multiple pulses and so I highly doubt that you're going to get that much of an increase in yield unless you could if you if you

if you put all of the carrots if you didn't want to do it twice if you put all the carrots through like a like a roboku with a disk in it and like ship them into carrot chips and then soak them in tectonics and then pull them out and throw through and through your Champion whatever you're using that might increase your yield that would run some tests and make sure that it's worth the time and effort otherwise I would just try to do a reduce of the stuff and see whether the stuff that comes out later is any good payers a question it's just off the top of my head any of you guys ever make rice brand pickles I wonder cuz when we make rice brand pickles you know you have to eat the rice bran and all this and it has to have a city has a certain moisture content your bearing your vegetables and you have to replenish bubble ball right I wonder whether you could cut a rice bran mixture with like really dry press carrot stuff

I wonder whether you could like at it whether it would be bad or whatever add like a good thing to like an already going rice bran pickle what do you think

I know but it's over though it's right for what fiber plus some fat some other stuff what's carrot with carrot waste

little bit of sugar not no fat fiber 100% of saying like oh partial or do you think it's low enough moisture content going to be okay I don't know you see though I'd be the one concern when you taste like when you do a good job like if you'd like double double juice that comes out of a champion with the care it's pretty it's fairly neutral eyes compared to a real carrot you and I mean like I wonder how much actual sugar is left in there I get what you're saying but you wouldn't want to like you wouldn't want yeast to stop going by Webbie interesting anyway I don't know

alright thanks very much cool thank you so

no no thoughts and olives you guys are you guys are you guys are worse than nastassia Hall Road and I can't pronounce words I read castelvetrano olives for dirty martinis two parts dry gin one part dry vermouth and a bar spoon of brine it seems good but I am I missing a better option what about of the cocktail sink mat Hall so we use we use frankly we use all of it fit into the bottles because what we do olives into our Martini bottles

I don't know the little one little green guy's son Cobra grow and cheddar townhouse excetera excetera in London he uses exclusively know chillara olives and he course he's Sicilian but then he realizes that. The least the least I should say the lowest yield idea on Earth he takes know chillara olives

trains the Brian from them put them in a centrifuge spins them and lets the the increase weight of the centrifuge on whole olives a spell some Brian and if that's what he uses for his dirty martinis

and then the rest he sent back to the kitchen to make tapenade I was like Tony how much tapenade do you sell like who are you who are you unloading all this out on that you can like I'm talking like you know he'll get you know those two big the big ten cans of no Chihuahuas and he'll get out of that like I don't know like like a cup less than a pint of like and think of how much tapenade number 10 can has in it follows the most people do but it's very specific and colored so it's kind of like people generally want green olives right if you have access to a centrifuge you can make really really really good Olive brine just by blending it and spinning it and you get really really good taste really really good Brian and a little bit of oil that all of kind of sort Aid because it's fusty it has that they have

oxidized kind of pure tasted which all of people hate sex and he said while watching the video I got a few last-minute and a couple of Faith facepalms over there science behind the Prada probably the worst thing worse than being that they filled all the water is gone for the inside of the meet at 110% some science problems these people make sticks out of some sort of seasoning and then they shove these sticks into like a meat product

now I'm sure that Richard is expecting that I'm going to go completely like 8 on this and I would if I had more time but I'm going to say something here and this goes back to it like Greg bread blond aren't supposed to be talking about Greg blonder and back the vacuum pressure marination but I haven't had time to run a lot of experiments in whatever will get to it next week or in fact I would love to meet him at the Harvard next week he believes that vacuum urination and pressure marination don't work but I think that he is not necessarily correct based on experiments he's run for president have you guys noticed do you guys are you guys back in bag for with with flavor right right so and I'll get back to the season that under vacuum salt penetration is higher right and nitrate pentetate penetrations higher I know this because you can run the tests you can refuse a pork belly with with pink salt

not do it mean not vacuumed it and vacuum it he's doing it under a lower under a less High vacuum then we would be doing it but and then when you cook it the next day the pink in pork belly that you did and he's also not getting a lot of the effects you doing whole muscle means he's not getting effective like penetration along phone lines and crevices in in in muscles also he's not doing it to the point where you know how when you do a bad vacuum job and like you can see the meat inflate like a marshmallow like an puffs up clearly you're separating the fibers and by doing that you're allowing the meet the pantry for the practice practice on meat that you are trying to quote on tenderize so he says we sit there and we beat chicken and beef with mallets to tenderize them and yet I'm worried about inflating the vacuum so who's the idiots me destroyed by that what do you guys think you two here in the studio with me think and Dave

you if you do this is love is it is that thing that you cook most often that absorb marinade the fastest in a vacuum

how do you five seconds to think five four three two shrimp shrimp and Crustaceans cuz they have open circulatory systems thinking of your dealing with something like everybody knows it when you vacuum bag shrimp shrimp in a bag as opposed to something like a chicken right I didn't notice that it like shrimp picks up stuff in a bag I think it's because it's just a big straw it's a big open circulatory system goes right through I want to run some tests done with larger molecules he uses green food coloring as a stand-in for larger molecules because most of the flavor molecules that we have are very large something like salt until like the mistake people make in marinades as they think that these larger molecules are actually going to make their way into the meat and they're simply not under most think unless you be

with mallets weather being marinated which case it will anyway we'll get into that later as this sticks to work but anyone that's right Nicky rotisserie chicken if you stuff crap into a chicken's cavity is there anyone on Earth who doesn't think that the flavors from the herbs and the Citrus and the onions and Aliens you shove into the cavity of a chicken when you wrote it don't permit freaking meet cuz they're stupid they have no smell or taste you and I mean it's like it's obvious that those flavors during cooking permeate yes and so like that's a fact that's temperature thing happened while it's cooking and so if that happens by shoving a chicken by shoving like you know chopped up lemon coriander parsley onions and rosemary into a chicken cavity pepper salt

Me Maybe these sticks as horrifying as they are to have size me about the idea of a stick of spice through something is that you have this like hyper concentrated like spice hit right where the stick was going to contact them and they just throw the freaking spice into the bag and then they walk away and then you get that super concentration a lot of spices go hard bitter when they're cooked for a long time and high concentrations and one thing until you get spice burns are some idiot would throw like Rosemary right against like a fragile thing in a bag hardback it down without any liquids and then you get that like in print that like bitter over Rosemary imprint of green all over the meat right hits first of all those jerks would make an actual literal cook imprint of a rosemary stick into the food which is enough that you should like you should go to a car

how to really cry but beyond that

is is a rosemary stick the original seasoning stick a skewer I think

I'm not sure why you're turning into something gross but I don't I'm not sure exactly how that works but says question from we have a month he hasn't a video of an event a month away but I'll get into it by next week hopefully with time for you to work on it by democrats had a question about how'd you get into this whole line of business which is a kind of a longer discussion will get to it will eat some cookies and that's it I will say this one thing on the way up

New York City and Washington Philadelphia like all the buildings are is not a cooking think they're like Brownstone you from YouTube to all that Brownstone came from a quarry in Connecticut Brownstone and the it flooded in 1936 is now a waterpark dude it's Stickman you got to go got to go to Brownstone water park related to everybody listen to me knows that I'm very proton door right you know this is your neighbor hand tight end or well no but I'm very proud and very very protan door but what it's done and this is a totally changed my entire outlook on cook cooking in general because yeah because

what if you cook in a Tandoor other than bread which is one and done right on the side pops off everything in a Tandoor is most everything is is multi cook right in out in out in out and I said before like David Cantor David can she know from Monterey so when he decided that he wasn't going to do low temperature anymore because it wasn't enough was enough work for him to do just low temperature work so he would take his like old-school I thinking I forget whether he's born a normal que me one of those things right he would he would just take his Meats in and out of the old traditional oven to try to get that high average a high instantaneous heat heat which is why we're tisserie is so good intent towards the same way super high instantaneous in out in out in out oil-based in between so that it it starts cooking as soon as it gets into the fire right and so you get these like that's how you get a really nice Crossing to be late but I just been cooking everything that way so like on my grills now and like you know Meathead when he was here with hate this but like everything I do is like is done Tandoor style now because I don't have to think

you know what I mean it's just like make it soon enough so that it's going to work and then just off on off on off on off on the vertical group I've been doing it now for a cowboy grills at Home Depot for $150 that has you know basically the grilling area of a of a dining room table and like I have so much would that like I don't have to like I don't have to worry about like a sustainability it's like I live in the 1800's and like I'm just destroying the Earth you know one person at a time you know it's like but again like the would rather wise go to waste wood rot into the ground no one's coming to buy a user build houses out of it so I feel that I do one I do one chimney of charcoal and then if you go back and you recant cookbooks from like a lady 200 early 1900 there's a huge wood crafts movement that went along not Woodcraft meaning like woodwork wood craft meeting like how to survive in the woods movement that happened in the US as part of the kind of return

denature naturalism movement right around the time when all of our forest we're already kind of asteroids people were trying to like hook it up but the culture at the time was still you know you get a big Hunting Party you go out into the woods shop down a bunch of full-size freaking trees and you build a camp occluding like you know like I like big fireplaces and they were burning huge amount at least for a little while so I'm feeling a giant wood fires and man having a giant like dining room size like super hot flame that you can just off on off on I can crank I really look that way I just love it the trip on the other day and chickens like trip trips and master of the off on off on shrimp cook their shrimp at to lower heat and then the whole thing is ruined and outside still doesn't have any nice crust on it I hate that one last are you guys bigger fans

getting a shrimp and cooking it nicely so that you can eat the shell and get all the flavor or do you like people to cook it with the show on and then the idiots peel off a shell and lose all the flavor or do you like to show the sucker and then put the flavor on it but then also not shielded meat as much from the high heat

I like the worst option in that which is you cooking with the shell on and the idiots peels what do you does that mean you also like the double stir-fry technique the second one is want to make seashell crispy enough to eat like like salt pepper shrimp or you hit it once then you pull it and then you hit it again and then actually be honest and they said they're going to have to kick me out here but that's the one advantage to kind of the low quality really think she'll like farm-raised like BS shrimp that we get is that if you cook it like that those shelves are super super easy just to eat you know what I mean and I don't mind it I don't mind it Americans need to get over heat the Shelf anyway to see if the truth is there calcium is chitin it's a good for like whatever is good for maybe there's calcium then I'm sure there is because I make that terrible Flav

if you could ever make a lobster broth

you ever accidentally cook the shell too long

lobster show me want to be in the broth for a certain amount of time if you overcook it it gets that she'll taste and I think that she'll taste is Kelsey but I don't know because I never researched it all I know is that if I see someone in a lobster shell and then I Come Back Inn in like an hour and they're still going in that lot to show I'm like oh my God why you know what I mean anyway thanks for listening to this program on Heritage Radio Network. Org you can find all of our archives programs on our website for S podcast in the iTunes Store by searching Heritage Radio Network you can like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter at Heritage underscore radio you can email us questions at any time at info at Heritage Radio Network. Org Heritage Radio Network as a nonprofit organization to donate and become a member

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