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Episode 262: In the Pocket of Big Dump Meal

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can we do Tuesday for me the latest I'm still roughly noon ish to like you know around 1 every Tuesday Roberto's Pizzeria in Bushwick when I hate speaking of Bushwick Brooklyn by Subway or something so it went like a One-Stop too far and I got to take a different waughtown normally do it to me just a little bit of attention to Classic Bushwick on the walk over here take this out and start the first of all pass by Kings Distillery know which is right and like typical like by the way this neighborhood if you never been to it is like a bunch of hipsters have actually moved here but this is supposed to be in industrial neighborhood right it's like all like low industrial neighborhood Roll-Ups like some Residential Building

and like just like a lot of trucks and stuff coming around anyway like stay there Warehouse here I guess maybe thing where they ate it the roll-up is up cuz it's hot as hell right no one guarding it all their whiskey barrels right they're literally like on the ground like if it had been you and me there would have been like it's just I mean like let's leave a note saying we're not actually stealing as which of the security test and Roll It Roll It Roll It Up go down the street and go there is not a single soul there then I whooped the corner and I find that of course I was working on a high low because he was always working on the roads around here on the on the overheads on the wires and some incompetent truck driver like you know okay sideswiped it so there's that like the complete street is completely shut down because of this like Giant Truck sideswiping a high low then I see more classic Bushwick a 76 Eldorado convertible which by the way the sweet card but completely to Hell Nastasia and being used as a

large closet because they don't want to pay for the Manhattan back in the day they got the historical license plate for it so they wouldn't have to pay as much for insurance and they can still keep it on the Street Brooklyn you know how I love it anyway me on report for my sister's roommate yeah yeah alright so roommate like

lives with her who is it jrjr she's always busy busy busy busy last day are when he calls in to the show at the at 12:30 so make sure he's like he know a solid dude to 1028 with a lot of questions to get to because we didn't do any last week because of the rock start a fight away once it has happened to me to some people at least like to David in the booth hello David I forgot to call you out how you doing all right today like the new that that that style of show

chat room a couple people wanted to have some questions answered but I think generally the response was favorable a reference nothing sounds quite like an 808 David how to call the first color of the year

hey it's Judy for Malden hey what's up I'll just have a question from you today on cookies right

Yahoo the cookie is well you don't have to answer the how many cookies I should be for $100 less than he says he likes the question was a colleague offer her $100 to bake in quotes a bucket a bucket of cookies and the problem is nobody knows what a bucket of cookies looks like me we know what a bucket of chicken looks like we don't know what a bucket of cookies looks like right so what was the answer and how did you come across the answer

I'm taking three three cookies or very large cookie so how many cookies in a batch like how many how many how many cookies will fall like when you say a batch of cookies how do you want to see what you want to see all the cookies cookies if you bake them like my grandma did they're tiny if you bake them like you know like like toys he does there bigger but I'm taking Tia's cookies so they're about a heaping tablespoon three batches

last night one batch was 26

prices Parsons getting like 75 cookies assuming that you eat one from each batch to prove that they're okay to yourself they're getting like 75 cookies for a hundred bucks that's a freaking steal that's a steal

it's still it's legal, you have to pay $200 if you want not going to buy a bucket he needs to see I was thinking about this question by the way folks for Flo's you don't know you're not you don't do this for a living in fact what the problem here is your shifting from a I know if you've read either a predictably irrational by Dan ariely or Richard Taylor's misbehaving or not dries be removing from a a social Norm right where you're baking cookies for someone because because they're your buddy into a market Norm and it's like totally different and I think you've fallen into you falling into this uncomfortable like in between situation because

if the person was going to pay you for the PC you're basically you're putting yourself out in a discount situation which like if you're happy to do it is one thing but in general when you switch from a social Norm for market Norm and then you undervalue yourself in a market Norm situation that can lead to like resentment that you're not willing to bake that many cookies for that amount of money in definitely right then all of a sudden you put yourself in an untenable because you anchored the price right with his coworker directory is Christina Tosi he hated shooting weddings cuz he's a photographer wasn't a wedding photographer what happened was someone said hey we want you to shoot our wedding things like I don't really want to see where things are like well we really want you to shoot the wedding

she goes okay and you put that a number so freaking high right that he's like you know what like if they go for this they're crazy and I should do it because that's so much money they went for it he did that and then you got a bunch of those other high high high paying job if you're gone low just do it as like a marginal favor then if you keep getting asked to see what I'm saying so it's like I would like I would I would say the word for cookies I be able to buy Steve and more let's say let's say let's say you were going to do this even like marginally right like the first batch you do you have to say to yourself okay if I don't really want to do this for a living like what's a high enough number such that I won't be asked to do it again right and then that's what you'd that's what you charge and if they go for it you're like well maybe it's worth doing after all I have to reassess my choices if if you do it and then and then it doesn't even matter really what you make out that one back because you're like okay

do this again and ask him a bunch of equipment I want in any way like a speed rack a bunch of sheet pans maybe some extra silpats bubble bar so high that you're like but then would you put yourself in a situation where by the time you factor in your time and anything you have to buy into and the goods that you're manufacturing the actual cost because remember you're buying ingredients probably in paying a lot more for them than someone who does it for a living is he said I'm saying it's like you kind of like I have undervalued yourself in the situation I was thinking about it on the on the right over here

egg costume dollars butter cost $3

good day that's on a good day we need butter on on super sale in a regular Supermarket paying retail is $3 a pound you know what I mean kind of factory these things in when you're switching cuz he can see what I look like I think that anything less than $2 a cookie and you're you're valuing yourself below the market and then if they say no Bryson is well that's that's my point is National Wear here's the here's a scenario scenario he gives in the book I think it was this book and and you cook them a nice Thanksgiving meal because they're your family and you are from right so you could be nice to any what if someone got up and I was like okay how much do I owe you you be like what are you talkin about how much do you owe me right because if you're going to do it for a living you charge a lot more so you're like putting yourself in this uncomfortable

in the middle position unless you're happy to do it but then like be expected to ask to do it again and again you say I would charge like I would charge enough that it would be professional prices then they would say man and then you'd like to know what here's a batch of cookies on the house because you're my friend say and then like you didn't have to go into the market and yet they got some cookies and they're still your friend but they won't ask you to do it again because they know now that when you were charging for cookies you charge this High rate see what I'm saying

I guess I see what you're saying but they're also for the people who have eaten these cookies hold fast

Facebook. They do tend to talk about the same subject I think I was just finishing listen to The Last by guess and spine if it was just seeing red and nobody got to talk about anything else right well that was expensive special it was it was a one-off special like rock and roll wine podcast yeah yeah I would consider that like a

oh yeah

she cheated that we saw she gave out her home address to Perfect Strangers last week on the show

pressure to bring it in to give it to me

I'm going to read it first though right because you wanted me to get some give it to now the sister and she's not going to be any more apparently I was mean to her on the phone but she's having her we're calling him oceans, she's fine

what both you and stars if you only sign it with one of us and it wouldn't be fun and you would just you know but I think that's enough for today all right cool a big emotional psychological tall and

how much do you know if I'm sweet grade not much

okay so we need 300,000 hour at my store

Monday through Friday between 11 and two people will wait upwards of the half-hour and there are several and your areas in New York and Manhattan are over here in Brooklyn

I don't know

9-ball definitely check it out and you think about the cookie price

are you you think about the cooking price thing more and then and then you know email us back and let us know what you think

okay alright we'll do it we'll we'll talk about talk about it soon alright okay alright so your sister like decide to call in after all Nastasia I think so you think so we got a question in last week from Chris hear this have you looked into the level of evidence linking carrageenan to inflammation or bowel cancer as carrageenans for those of you that don't know or a class of hydrocolloid that are developed they're made from various species of red seaweed right and carrageenans are thickeners have been used for centuries and centuries in cooking the common name would be like Irish moss and they have a very specific synergistic reaction with milk

so the super interesting thing about carrageenan is that because of the synergistic reaction with milk it takes a preposterously small amount of carrageenan to gel a milk system so it's used extensively especially in things like yogurt and ice cream and other thickening chocolate milk for instance but it's typically use in vanishingly small amounts because of that synergistic effect with milk now also is carrageenans are not a it's not like sugar which is pretty much just a molecule sucrose right carrageenans are a there a polysaccharide but they're not in any sense peor in other words there a picture of three or four different types of molecules pull out a main molecule Kinder Kappa carrageenan riddle and very very closely related actually 2

which is another hydrocolloid I just had to leave the difference between them has to do with sulfates on them anyway so Kappa carrageenan very close to a gar in structure and in texture in fact it melts at a lower temperature than a car but it is fairly similar there is Iota carrageenan and Iota is a lot softer and bouncier than Kappa so it's very different kind of even though it's very closely related very very different kind of texture Iota is also interesting because gels made with Iota and when you share them will we somewhat reset after after time so they're interesting for that and are widely used land carrageenans are more thickening carrageenans they don't really tell but all actual natural carrageenan are mixtures of these things and they're they're made industrially to specify certain kind of uses so you'll be if someone says they're giving you a Kappa carrageenan what they mean is they giving you

Kappa carrageenan with a bunch of other stuff and if it's been standardized her particular application what's a ice cream introduction into what so long in fact my phone was like maybe you're not watching anymore I turned off kind of what carrageenan is now the thing about it is that it has been it was rumored to have caused cancer. Most of these stuff about cancer specifically in Kappa carrageenan it comes from decades ago in the in the 80s but every once in a while there's a kind of a Resurgence of it in the question is how strong is the data and then I'll read exactly what the question was it if it got to have you looked into that level of evidence linking care games to information about cancer I'm still on the Quest for a fresh espresso espresso I painted that is stable for at least 5 minutes and landed carrageenan seems promising but Wikipedia

weather sources not just crack heads to get the potential risk thanks for any insight you might have that data alternative approaches love to show every week and looking forward to the centrifuge Chris okay so that the deal is that most of the current stuff is being put out my say current really like 15 years old in this country anyway put out by a particular person per article her name is tabakman and her review article from 2001 is available on the web for free and it's called something like a potential health effects of carrageenan in the dietary carrageenan and here's the deal no one really thinks that carrageenan the actual carrageenan it is is bad for your health all of the all of the data is focused on something called degraded carrageenan Nepali Kenan and what this is is carrageenan to have been broken down into much smaller molecular weight molecules than you would have in

carrageenan it's actually kind of used industrially and so her point is it so basically no one thinks that regular carrageenan is causing cancer okay now the question is is okay now does this degraded carrageenan Paula Deen and cause cancer now most of the studies for degraded carrageenan are feeding directly feed degraded carrageenan to things like rats pigs in mice and in general they're feeding them at levels like 1% in the diet is 1% of everything that you eat is degraded or drink is degraded carrageenan and at levels between 1% and 5% which is a jug jaundice amount of carrageenan optic rated straightener finger straight through we can be graded carrageenan either in the liquid diet or in the salad diet their hat like it does show

he died show the debt increased cancer rates in information rates in in those things that studies in first of all you can't do that studying humans that would be ridiculous and no one no one said that I believe she has participated in some epidemiological studies I didn't get a chance to read them now here's the issue right that's all he graded carrageenan now that it hurt one of her main arguments if you have too many arguments that carrageenans assholes like I told you before don't have a specific molecular weight so any carrageenan sample that you have possibly has a bunch of lower molecular weight of poly Guinea in it right because they're not specified now whether or not an actual sample has that in it who knows I don't but it's not specified for instance or or written in it that this contains fractions smaller than let's say you know 10,000 you know adult and then we're what would a high where they measure I don't know how to measure it

adult things on your buckets I can remember point being that it might be probably disperse this way the other issued she has is that is that in the stomach not the way you make probably get degraded carrageenan is you take care of guinea and you heat it in the presence of acid and so one of the contentions has always been that in the stomach possibly carrageenans can get converted into degraded carrageenan so there is a study that she references in her in her a 2001 study from 1983. In Europe where they just took carrageenan they put it in at 37 degrees body temperature and a put it at one point one molar hydrochloric acid which is by the way it's the maximum that your stomach gastric juices ever get and actually the pH they had what's a reference for the typo there reference to that a pH of one might have just been a typo which way below the pH of gastric juices Mosa Mosa time for gastric juices are about half point point five four

5.0 v 2.1 molar hydrochloric acid equipment anyway that neither here nor there and they showed that there was carrageenan degradation being done over that length of time 6 hours inside the stomach to the point where it was classified as having us some degraded carrageenan it now first of all that showing that taken care of meaning and putting it in the stomach or create some degraded carrageenan remember that when the other ones they're feeding straight degraded carrageenan not partially degraded a carrot Neo full carrageenan and furthermore logic would dictate the exact degraded even further into smaller subfractions so I would say the evidence relatively weak very kind of you know we gotta dance I don't feel bad feeding it to my family in the levels that are currently being used I don't see any reason why this particular hydrocolloid I don't know like they didn't say

okay we did the study with carrageenan now we're going to run it with agar and yes agar is much worse than carrageenan so I don't really the studies didn't have kind of that level of understanding why there be a causal relationship versus other kinds of similar and adjustable fibers so until I see that our hotel at research more I would continue me personally would continue to use data if you want to go look at it and make a decision for yourself

hey dude we got the J are on the way how you doing you want to describe the dump meal you made for this week he didn't make it right and if not he's the dump meal correspond it I'm like the auxiliary reporter I like that so you're like everyone somehow seems like they're the chief political correspondent seriously like there's 50,000 people at CNN who are all somehow the chief correspondent for something it's kind of like you know there's a sculpture in front of Columbia University's sorry a law library that is the largest of something but it has so many qualifiers on it it's like the largest semi relief

my freestanding attached lost was like one of those so you will figure out some title for you like that where it seems like you're in charge on and it's all about you know how to get some made yeah yeah yeah so what do you want what do you want to be you want to be the chief National dump meal correspondent doctor yelled at all right listen if I yell I've never met you so if I yell at you it can't be personal the dump meals so there were three actually this week that we tried out again I didn't make them personally but I had some kind of role we had a peach cobbler describe how do you how the hell do you make a cobbler dump how old was the crunchy on top of the cobbler that was done in that in the Crock-Pot

yes there it was pretty I was surprised that kind of the texture and that it was actually country

sorry I couldn't hear you on that was like what were the ingredients like what was the preparation of rape details on how it was made but I do know that there was some granola and I think peaches and a few other things can we talk in peaches the Rockstar for a billion hours in a Crock-Pot is fundamentally what we're talking about

Hario recipe calls for 1.5 cup oats 2/3 cup buttermilk baking mix teaspoon cinnamon tea spoon that make 1 cup sugar 1 cup light brown sugar 8 medium peaches sliced so I left it in for a 6 hours it took some NyQuil and passed out real peaches real teachers yet and you're passing up oatmeal somehow crunched out on top all right what was the second time meal by the way what is your idea of delicious do you find McDonalds

apple pies delicious where you're coming from why do you not find that isn't there in the McDonald's like one of the fundamental problems of their McDonald's apple pie is it is weak in acidity and salt least okay I haven't had one in twenty years but back the last time I had one I've had them both back to fry cuz I did a switch over right and they're just not you're not you know what is what in your opinion what is the best easily gettable fake mass-produced pie

right now what is it what's it what what I do like Hostess pies

Adele okay who is this wise are poor quality but they taste good see I'm trying to like ferret you out here why do you not like Hostess pies you actually think that they are a bad tasting item of food as opposed to artificial artificial sugar in corn syrup

the next one is mac and cheese okay so how was mac and cheese and it being kept in a Crock-Pot for 6 hours

it was actually quite good use some shell pasta noodles and very good in the way that I knew if it wasn't a what way was it good if it wasn't give me the recipe to stassi I don't know how much we have to get the actual recipe so I can insult the actual recipe bit by bit I don't have any idea what Jr's actual like of a good mac and cheese is a yes

yes okay I have had Yale University's macaroni dishes in the past and their Roman rice and beans and all of those things how did it compare to Yale dining hall

directions to the pocket of big dump meal Rick even an accurate on the show that we're going for real

how was it compared to the Yale dining hall macaroni

I know I said I thought it was far superior far superior General but I really liked it and it was even In the Heat of the summer it was very good and felt like very even like that but you keep it like like a mac and cheese or chopped up tomatoes on top of a bread crumb topping on top that was added after it came out of the dump stravaganza cuz that would add some sort of texture to an otherwise textural is overcooked pasta dish you know I'm saying

yeah what was the what was the what was the cheese Campana do you know did you see what cheese went into it

that please Velveeta was built for case of your case of right size Velveeta Velveeta is very expensive so if you don't want to use all Velveeta you can take Velveeta and supplement the rest of it with like other cheese and use the excess emulsifiers everything back into the queso kind of around to describe to us today was used from a new foot that we received recently and as opposed to all the others that you've heard about over the course past few weeks that were from

and this one was also get it was kind of like a coconut sticky rice pudding very flavorful and yeah very positive very very good Thai black sticky rice or didn't use regular short-grain glutinous white rice

we use it

was it white or black

my sticky rice puddings I like I like using the Thai black sticky rice is still has a hold on it because it's goodness rice on the inside but not as sticky on the outsides got that beautiful color to it yeah honestly if you're going to Crock-Pot something like a sticky rice pudding that's the one that I would go for these three right that's the one that I would probably go for but we need as we don't have a list of the stuff I can so we know what went on top of the main problem we have here is that there needs to be a differentiation and texture in foods that you eat otherwise this is the problem with nursing home food is it there's no freaking differentiation and texture everything is made so they can be gummed by anyone because they don't actually respect the people feeding generalization but I'm saying that in many places that I have seen there's a lack of any hospitals as well and lack of respect for the eater and what that typically means is I'm going to make life easier

myself and I Jim problem down your throat with it with no texture right answer the problem that don't mean in general is the creation of alternate textures same problem a tanning safe temperature cooking with all this is that you need a variation and texture so like my one of the key questions here is if I'm going to write a dump meal all of the textural add-ons are going to have to be thrown on after it comes out of its 6 hour Health deep inside of the little bucket of death you know what I mean like stuff that can chill for 6 hours that are relatively high temperature is yet but you need to have some how to Crunch it up like what's one of the greatest things on earth duck confit one of the greatest things on earth right now and I feel like we have to figure out is how the different textures were play

or whatever I mean I don't know what are you taking we have people accusing you Jr being in the pocket of big dump

I guess I should disclose my interest before I came on the Earth all right all right I feel like we didn't fully answer. If you need more information on how to go cheap on espresso

I'll say this one thing in case I forgot to say it before the issue is is that it cuz he was interested in using that are okay with you think I'll just say this again there is something cool about taking incredibly hard route to make a single cup of coffee when you're 23 the problem is I say the same thing. People who are doing a like a back when everyone was writing about doing low temperature cooking by using coolers giant like insulated coolers and you know can you cook a steak using a 5 gallon cooler and you know heated tap water by calculating that all this the final temperature in your temperature drop and it in the sky temperature of the water sure let me ask you this would you do this on a regular basis answer no because when do you actually need coffee Russ like you need coffee in the morning when you are not a human being when you wake up and your eyelids are glued

but because you're like kind of sick and you had all those things you were working on the night before you're tired as all heck you can barely get up to go to the bathroom and take a shower and at that moment in your life is when you really want in nice good cup of coffee and if you have to go jump through 18 flaming hoops at that point in your life to get that cup of coffee you just never going to have that cup of coffee that's all right what you think says I don't care about coffee making coffee why do you not care if I call you just don't care at all I don't know why I put milk and sugar in it

I just really liked and I really much that I am letting you know I care

because I care you don't tell if I didn't care you would care if that's what you just said that's what you just said

cat does not get through your head I do not care about coffee all these years 8 years I don't care about coffee before I met you didn't care about coffee

how do you like everyday consume something else are you like it that doesn't mean you don't care what I'm saying I'm saying she shouldn't even listen to what I freaking say what I'm saying is make your life easy because in the morning when you actually need a cup of coffee you don't want to have to jump through a bunch of Hoops you literally didn't listen to anything I said one of them listen to one word that I said I said that when you're 23 you willing to go through a bunch of stuff to do something but taken mind the fact that you need to do it a lot and you don't have all the time you're telling him to perfect it at. What I said LOL oh I thought I said I said you can do that as an interesting exercise but it's not something you necessarily want to do everyday people does not listen to a thing I say I did not even get the gist of what I was saying you did not even know how do you not get the gist of what I was saying

don't drink coffee I don't be saying you should do something to make you poop in the morning I'm going to buy you a mixture of Xbox and NoDoz write it up and put it in there built and have you drink it all free coffee machine that's all you care about is people to don't care about coffee I have an automated machine like I have an automated machine and she cares enough about coffee to bring her own coffee machine if she really wouldn't care if she would just turn on my machine and take whatever came out of it I don't know if you're using a drill on the top of your being fat

Giuseppe I'm not touching your machine because I don't want it, it's not no no no no

you want me to care about Costco for someone who does not care about coffee bring a coffee machine to somebody's house 3 hours away. Had to unplug and take off their counter bring special coffee to use because I don't have that kind of ground yes you did special meaning any I had coffee in my house so that she goes she brings her coffee machine and brings her coffee I submit to you does this sound like a person who does not care about coffee especially because you could drive 5 minutes and by other coffee or does this mean someone who just obstinately like my racist dead Grandpa obstinately only enjoys having garbage to shove it in other people's face and Stacy I like garbage I submit to you is what is actually happening

thought to pack a coffee machine cuz everybody needs coffee right doesn't everybody needs coffee grind it up he'll have to go to the bathroom the same way and it'll wake you up the same way mr. coffee by the way thank you

native about mr. coffee like I mean if you're going to do that like you probably get a technivorm I don't know if they still sell those but I'm not I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with that kind of coffee nastassia is saying there's something bad about that kind of coffee doesn't care about it and so because she doesn't care about it she told me that you think it's crap I never said that I said the coffee that you buy everyday in the morning I know she goes to a street corner

face like the stuff I used to say that the opportunity of coffee production was to go to a quilted metal box on the side of the street with plexiglass and get coffee that have been brewed at 3 a.m.

with beans at God knows how old they are like makes chock full of nuts look like the greatest coffee on Earth was kept in a swill bucket that entire time right and then serve her at some point later in a styrofoam cup that she then a drink 20 minutes after that that she didn't just say that that was acceptable to her we would have been one thing she said that's my favorite coffee okay

do we have anything on a David from the chat room on whether anyone's tested vacuum tumbling or a pressure infusion laundry from genuine ideas on that

LG stereo do we handle the bitter orange question

just got an email from the I don't care if part in a high-energy pointless big Eric what makes one wife and one husband what's the difference this is he God wins law of cooking issues discussion on the internet eventually devolved into somebody making a comparison to Hitler or Nazism racist my grandpa was racist and is it actually that Godwin but is 100% true that high school debate into everything their ands up with nuclear war or fascism or Hitler everything everything

ask question already or no last week this is from Matt Hall initially cook City in finished off on the grill I live in Rochester New York our local Wegmans grocery stores are great but they're not bitter oranges great the usual recommendation for simulating bitter orange is it a mix of sweet orange and lime I decided to research the actual composition of bitter oranges and sure enough citric acid malic acid are the primary constituents but I also found references to fumaric acid the blue article as much as example blah blah further research shows if your mark ass it is well known as said you went for food to my question do you have any experience to comment on weather for Merrick acid provides a unique contribution to the flavor profile Spectrum chemical supplies food wait for Mara Cass and if so I'm ready to give it a shot when one way or the other thanks

and so the extra I also know that is used as a message in LinkedIn foods but I never bothered sourcing it because I was talking to some professional food formulators and I've talked to him about it and they said it's mainly there to adjust pH should be at to be in acidifier without having that much flavor impact so it's actually more it's less of flavor impact acidulant and more of just a dexa me to adjust a PH down I don't know if that's true or not but I remember that they they said someone said that to me and stuck in my head

and once that stuck in my head like kind of the fire inside of me to go get it kind of fizzled out also you know

I tried I tried it you know when I recommend things recommend things that are easier to get the stuff that you got on Spectrum chemical cuz their prices are really high the exception is quinine just because quinine that Unique Kind of a thing that you need and the results you get using quinine sulfate are so different from the results you get using controller bark but I get your point if anyone out there in chat land or of can tweet me that they've used to Mark acid and whether it tastes substantially different out of preciate it I mean obviously you know the major acid we use are all different lactic Malik citric tartar act and fuss for exhaust work being the most different and one that Nastasia does not enjoy to do you like Cola but you don't know you never liked anyone like everyone is trying to make a drink with us for a Cascade in the bar you hate it right

pretty you also don't like if you know there's bicarbonate you don't like bicarb like all those adjusted Waters by cardi don't like right yeah I missed it on the flight wasted on a fight all right let me know my God we have so much else to talk about like plums and bitterness bunny when I guess we'll have to get back to it next week cooking issues

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