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Episode 261: Rockstar Wines

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Family Radio Network every Tuesday from roughly twelve 12:45 and Roberto's Pizzeria in Bushwick nastase the hammer Lopez how you doing stuff we got David in the boot day how you doing today Rockstar wine tasting Rockstar Sumner and to share this with you we have a bunch of special guess we have returning to the program and Jordana Rothman

maybe if we have time we'll talk smack about Burning Man and Cocktails and giving each other crap and whatnot we have also a serious eats not always forget Daniel gritzer welcome back to the show by the way if any of you want to call in New York 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 but try to keep your questions relatively either Rockstar related or wine really think we got a lot to get through today I will deal with all of your non Rockstar and non wine questions later now to round out our actual like information because he know we're not bad people write like we're not like we're not none of us are professionally kind of Rockstar folk or wine folk actually I have a I have a career

what is actually written and I wish you would told Adam snipped off the vest now you have like different balls we have to show New York Times bestselling author will get at you later if we have time but like midnight till 4 in the morning and he usually would a ride with a open the door in a row with a turban that is sick so kind of had I guess still but turkey

10 / yeah like that that's the life in the Pamela days or none of the Pamela days he wasn't about the crew and I lived with him I got to be yeah I'm glad to be here like to see who could stand still like get it on with the ladies on a constant basis like to shower that much. Is a family show is the famous online

explicit video of Tommy Lee and Pamela when they were together right I want you to reimagine that without any showering for a long. Of time during every airing everything out with the series

next time with Clifton hide who is essam where you sound cooking Blue Man Group Marshmallow with some wine so it works out well this is strong business to get through and he might do some tricks with like ping pong balls and catching all sorts of crazy stuff with various things and whatnot in blue I hear the tryouts for the Blue Man Group or just freaking bananas

are you and you're expected to memorize and play it back on one listen and they change it for each person crazy craziness and craziness and then to keep putting in front of people the whole time see if you break under pressure and stuff and it's fun I got to I got the most of it off within like 10 minutes wow you're ready in 10 minutes or you still got a beard and a mustache mustache mustache the second thing is is I imagine like gratifying and fun but also question or not

put them on Sunday night screaming from Blue Man Group the only time everyone to my room it's a Caligula movie all right all right we got to make a we got to make a bottle or right so we have it a bunch of different wines Which Wich what we were going to go through first we got to go through BLM to get some friends on the show

have a good time which is what we're doing but in actuality it's it's it's it's a tasting and judging not your celebrity wines with which there are many but Rockstar. He is a winemaker and it's been a winemaker but really is a huge Rockstar fan so he has a lot of collaborations with rockstars and people in the music business but the wines themselves aren't owned by the rock stars in his case on a leash and Cohn Pinot Noir from Sonoma Coast 2013 150 cases producer has 160th of the entire production which ones that sets the grand finale

it's mostly made his favorite bottle that they make in the series is a collaboration do I actually think he does go to the winery and do a collaboration with Jonathan, Jonathan Cain is like a musician / like a pic like a piano player who like a pedia and he has gone to like every Journey concert for the last umpteen billion years play the piano solo which he wrote in Don't Stop Believing and then life in my peace I'm out and then I believe so hopefully for him they play at me the beginning of the set guessing no cuz I come on guys make it through separate ways how do you say Don't Stop Believin because here's why Nastasia hates Don't Stop Believing because she's like a bunch of people who don't know their butt from a hot rock

also I hate it loves old man music actually I have what's your name what's your name Carlson or whatever what's her name to Billy Joel Portland USA on my phone I could play the for you right now is good now like Steve Winwood

my first take Chicago 17 Peter cetera's finest effort to be white I don't know why though

let's take the stasis oh no slurping no slurping in the my carve our listeners get our listeners get like Super Pretzel let me not to talk about the the finale wines so

the finale is where is it

why you talk about it when you talk about it looking at it filtered

Pinot Noir by the way this was shipped shipped by UPS UPS this morning I feel like I like to shovel the back here as fast as possible like through it and I have been spinning at the Kennedy football

no surfing in the microphone

all right yeah so this is definitely seen some Pete high alcohol a little bit of cherry a little bit of

put strawberry thing on it this is Sonoma right yes sir roots on alcohol is really hot on the back there on the side a little mouthwash not bad very very classic Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir

are you feeling that the piano solo from from Don't Stop Believing there's a movie Never Ends it go on and on and on and on. The most fun thing ever is for people to listen to Wine notes

that's why we have a legit woman on tell me a chase their nipples take down your next group

I shouldn't be the blue group family freaking show I'm a blue clues cease-and-desist when they started coming out or no glasses be like lady in red light

it is simply red never listen to that stuff I'll just get it next rain coming down I taste it in my mind I spread it all around and I'm going to give I'm going to I'll give up some sort of prize that doesn't exist to whoever can name the source

you got me a journey song Cherry Moon in Cherry Moon by the way speaking of rolling for the next time they are doesn't matter like whether they whatever is happening them they played the song just like the album The solos are exactly like the freaking album every time they come out with an album it sounds roughly the same

and Angus wants quoted my favorite quote it seems like it's not true leave me 13 album winemaking potential there right cuz they're like they're like they right cuz they are good at that golf game they can keep going same country record this time I can listen to it. Just do you know

maybe you guys maybe that's why I like that you choose what a tease ACDC as your go-to to turn into a Bluegrass and you don't choose like you know you don't use Back in Black Bon Scott you'll go straight razors edge tour wild wild wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow

we got the this is once again dlm finale all access available all access pass drinking it in the in the in the back of stage with your buddies bring people together that's what this pill says on the websites that read that I appreciate that I appreciate that I have with the musicians you know younger guys like when you start making wine to tell Dave Arnold about I'm water shot without water shots

can you sing five songs about it and anyway so his fiance charged me with making sure he doesn't you know doesn't get dehydrated doesn't get too but you know I looked up whatever pussy so anyway invented a way to make him drink water and that was to do it like a shot like go and get it you know little Solo weight of Poland Spring and you like the desert

play cat people and chug and throw them down sorry

registered trademark what do you go by when you're not being professional

nobody wants that you can go with Dave Arnold alday it's like you know steal my identity please wait at the end they already I like ice world and it's already gone like I had something at the beginning that it's it is totally like Backyard Barbecue any sort of like bringing girls the queen of going backstage with outperforming any

actions that's what she said she disagrees

play if you're going to choose one group chat to break that rule on corn hello this is the wine that makes the Blue Man women's Ace bandages come right off hand I mean stop

Fun why not much to it no aftertaste really just throw the spending afternoons if nothing

now we're moving on to the pin-up is one of the ones that's done with David Coverdale David Coverdale I want to say about about these guys about dlm and they're at their website I think so and so they don't get like all of Journey or are David Coverdale to sign a bottle and bottles and then they do charity so I know that one of the things I did with journey made a lot of money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation so it's kind of interesting and stick model

I Just Don't Stop Believing will not leave my fridge guys for watch the first we Feast did I did a series of like tasting tasting celebrities Spirit brands with Jim Meehan and Danny Brown on his tasting note for all of them was taste like pussy family not the Coverdale way time is it who is the favorite wine of the owner Dennis De La Montanya he came up with the blind in concert many years ago when the winery open until 3 wanting a label and being a photography enthusiasts he took his own pictures and had them placed on the bottles it is since going to pop alarie now our own wine club members volunteered have their picture taken on the bottle

I apologize not to Coverdale not the cover that wants to be a rockstar by by the way if we're going to talk to a rockstar best best pinup album cover of all time

I could give yeah it's an awesome one I don't know this is Hardcore pulp is pretty good classic they like the cars literally got Vargas to do their album cover I mean it's 15% Mississippi right outside New Orleans really so you don't like in California in your face

family show this is like this is like like how you describe it's like Parker style but but like big people who like that big stops before the backlash that started at 8 or 7 like it used to be that like Americans we made our bones on these giant freaking wines right like the turley's the Screaming Eagles that are unavailable really expensive only by Liz no one had them and then and those were in response I think too kind of like what Robert Parker like the first time and then what happened was he had a bunch of like being like I don't like that I hate it I want a steer and then everything went austere you know what I mean but

like if you're at home or what happened the market got caught with $10 giant Fruit Farms they were all like when you have like a situation in like in the 90s the best deal on Earth was the $10 Black Label Rosemount Shiraz right it was under 10 we were all dirt freaking poor and like I had this for under ten bucks

and like they're only making a certain amount of it but then all of a sudden you realize that they made enough of it eventually when it got popular to feel like Michigan you know what I mean and the quality obviously didn't stay as high as it did we all got kind of sick of this style it became more affordable and therefore became something that nobody likes everyone wanted something more kind of austere and I think we're like I was saying earlier I know what I said on are like this music that I like now that I hate it when I was a kid because I'm old enough to realize that everything has a place you know what I mean and I think the same thing goes with those big kind of fruit they are an American thing and we should just embrace them just don't drink them all the freaking time sexy and just feels so great with State you know why wouldn't I

and every time I do that I do that I do the Ben Stein Bueller you send for your state tax Journey this is the fanciest one of the line to see which one is the for the purple convey which will have next is the David is David Coverdale one

what's not a white zin that's the thing I think it was it was purple Deep Purple to badass to see this is much more austere this is right I think it's quite nice

I don't know which makes me want to say it exactly American Way in some sort of weird New Orleans way of a car so cool by the way when I was going to get my dog neutered I kept on saying I was going to Tchoupitoulas there balls on ice

there's a delicious wine in the sky

don't know don't know where we're going to be tomorrow hopefully his limited batch has the most limited this is most limited one this is his it's a it's a it's a what's it called between the winery and Jonathan Cain collaboration I'm just bad at it for those that want to know if she has found what it's like working with me and she's described it this way look at the first pilot episode of Veep with Julia Dreyfus

Blake has someone sign the document word comes out and says the amount of confidence and it's good we've been together for like eight years so like working together for a year so she s you read my mind cuz I was like she didn't know all together now she's like she's like you know whatever it's like they did something to think I didn't I didn't I didn't make fun of you today

formerly the time out New York writer of the book was takubeh call Tacos Tacos wrote it I wrote it I done wrote that book did last summer we made in a situated cordial so that we could the problem we are solving was to make a shelf-stable margarita for Burning Man and we did it even though you were a huge ass you were huge asset assets to the process I know what I like all of you in your meetings if any of the one listening here has meetings like to go in that meeting and slip this into someone next to you you're a huge ass hat to the team now it sounds like you're saying you're actually saying ass hat

Bill heer asset and you said ask him and me feel so good about yourself amazing amazing I've tried to get my wife to do this in her meetings for but she's my wife's like she's like you know she wants to do it but she is like to professional she's amazing and whatever the backpack so like I we put it out there to are the cooking issues Cruz someone out there is like hopefully tomorrow will Tweet back to the cooking issues after can you shoes with I use asshat Tennessee said the dude that rode in about the tiramisu know that's right you want to make the cordial so basically the deal was we approximated the flavor fresh lime juice using Malik and lactic acid in like store bought

orange juice switch workout super super well actually with a car like the ratios were good we just didn't use fresh line which you were very upset about the whole point was that you can't bring fresh lines into the desert because they don't end up in the desert so we got as close as we could and it was great and I felt very proud of it I would recommend to that guy that he I brought unlike a large Poland Spring water cooler water cooler jugs so that he can sit in that and I kept under the trailer and it worked out really well and it worked out Super Why on Dave's an asset to the team

do you have any content of the poison and I don't mean to me the harder I am on you the closer you are that sounds like every relationship ever but give me give me some purple give me some purple rose quartz does anyone have some plastic wrap plastic wrap we can get rid of this week following at home just jammed some soiled Saran wrap a wine glass

find M1 prophylactic honestly if that helps hey hey hey hey I want to drink that we did a test a swirling it is well guess It's Magic by the hour so the molecule is surface area the plastic in the contact will preferentially absorb decorticate nested TC brain is totally shafted TC

my brain is gone I'll get it in this situation

in a big bowl cuz want to flash that stuff off it is volatile because what he's doing he's squeezing out the Saran Wrap into it with his Dirty Fingers and then some rock and roll

it's less it's nice it's still there but it's less safe and side by side by side with a red stained plastic coating looks like on the radio I will call that sound up all in Clifton outside of our Windows tonight right in front of them final story buildings for sale Chelsea boom boom the label label label is pretty terrible proved you guys married to that

Tawny Kitaen

no then it's still a show night shift on on your own. I'm going down the only one that's what's up genius about that song it's not like a Robert Frost this is who I am this road to the road. He's on the front of the car how many series going something obviously the only Road and he's been there and back he's going to take him the same road back and forth song is actually a Whitesnake cover of a song

for he had a real deal and was like a hobo I was born to walk alone so he covered himself from the top of the Jaguar from the exhaust so I manager. It's a lot better than we gave me to stop candy if you're backstage at a white snake reunions right but you know what you could do just smashed it on the hood of a white Jaguar in the drink it out of the Jagged Edge that era of Jaguar with the least reliable car on freaking Jaguars

the worst cars ever made cars ever go to the next Winery were going to come back I'm going to taste the wine by the way Les Claypool huge influence on me Les Claypool has a winery called play pool Vineyards and I first don't ever sell Primus once in concert was defy the laws of tradition or Mister know-it-all

outline of you taking hallucinate drugs before the show started over the best Primus album and clearly Frizzle fry like straight up and face like this I want to shoot you but I didn't know

first of all like

steamer vs. Taurus when I saw him in 91 for sale fishbone was awesome obviously credible was amazing and you don't like my back then for those of you who used to be hard to learn good music used to be like a thing you had to go do you know what I mean like six phone was never played on the radio and there was no Napster until 92 is sunless Saturday and they made it on Saturday Night Live they did a horrible job on Saturday Night Live so much so that when I saw them in concert two weeks later like they were heckled by the crowd until Angelo Moore when a pain the guy in the front like screaming is that Adam but they were when they

greatest live acts I've ever seen taste on and private actually really crushed it but back then was so hard to learn to like I've never been out west even though I was born there in California but all of my big influences with that West Coast that West Coast sound you needed like to know the cool guy at the record store who is older than you $15 on his recommendation album back in the day and I was like it took me years extinction level event and I was like it took me years to get back to learning what good but yeah yeah I mean like you know none of my Busta Rhymes fast it was a big deal to buy an album unless your buddies already listened to it

so and I always ended up going on the tour after

dial my really like so I love fizzle fry didn't see that tour learn about it later and when the sailing Seas of cheese tour which by the way I'm not a Big Tymers oh don't start with me so there's a guitar beginning to there's a song called those damn blue collar tweekers and the beginning of it goes it sounds like you're diving in the submarine it's like

that sounds so enjoyable the guitar intro the song

did they send through the Russian River Valley exit 13 commercial classic with the label but it's the best thing I've ever seen on a commercial my life the guy is trying to impress his date and he goes

Pinot Noir which means peanut of the night

I need a good it's good it's a very classy label I was expecting something real pretty subtle which is not what I normally think of when I think of Les Claypool Claypool Claypool has bought a place I guess since I'm in Sonoma right and he was telling people to drink wine I guess as opposed to shrooms the drug of choice is I know you used to do a lot of marijuana but he's probably high on drugs when he told us not to take them this is a pachyderm Pino the guy is an extreme technician when it comes to base whether you like is base or don't like his base he's an extreme technician I happen to think the reason I like fizzle fry the best of all of their albums is it has the best mulatto

since I think after fizzle fry and sailing the Seas of cheese there's just so much virtuosity and all the plane from everybody that it doesn't become as an employer just stuff I can't take anything seriously called Frizzle fry like that have gotten really don't want that one less people accused of fishing records

yeah does he like the fish I just think you get disqualified from the world of music for the name Frizzell fryer for the fryer whatever.

38 you should know better

Democrats are remember you when you turn 30

yeah a lot of Claypool once here is it cool if I said you are such a find

I've got it all mapped so we have to sign into the Combined Locks

Sonoma Coast the only Primus fans what's your favorite Primus

I don't know what the show is about and who is listening to it that's later though they've already lost me at that point we'll get together with Lighthouse from the limbomaniacs and do something I don't know what house have you met Buckethead I have met Buckethead lifting come on how was he says I'll stab you in the face

I saw the residents tripping on mushrooms at Home Warsaw in 2002 Les Claypool and the album best album name baby ever duck stab you guys you guys going to let me know when I can come back but she start singing voice like personally do you guys know like the alien Jorgensen Jello Biafra like lard

he said we were based on the last leave absurdist lyrics fresh fruit for rotting vegetables and we're going to take from the single venues in or going to do the one where they're combined

I like the other one better that's my that's my boy you know what the Les Claypool and whoever they have making their wines it's excellent that I'm going to give you a double thumbs up on that

today's technician Siskel and Ebert related artists go to Virginia these ones this is Dave Matthews from South Africa I feel like it's very hard to find Norton lines or is it the end of wines that are good and or made because it's not

right it's a Xavier pronounce a test of Alice or whatever like like like Stephan whatever whatever it's called hear something about Norton everyone says now I have a Mario my day one of my favorite Beastie Boy lyrics I feel that having read from producers that Norton is given a bad rap because you need that age Norton for at least a good Norton for at least a five to six years before you drink it and then it's only good for another like 2 years ago

what is the greatest Dave Matthews bought this Vineyard I think I'm like 2,000 interly and he next door to Trump Vineyards literally next door to Trump Vineyards and I looked it up and I was like crap on you not because of political reasons which I don't knock him for not drinking because his brother like had a severe drinking problem I don't know what I'm saying don't actually if you actually look it up no matter what he said in the debates he doesn't make the wine is not affiliated with the wind his son Eric is the sole owner de Trump

Trump Donald Trump at the Donald will try whatever this thing is he does not own Trump Winery but they're right next door to spend more time on that has a drink yeah I know who does that the monks at truck shows they they have their stuff twice a year do guys not offer this is a this is a saltwater swimming pool getting into lately

Virginia City, Nevada

and it's really cool for historical reasons concerned there was this dude way back in the day

and he was like a big Bordeaux hound and he was from

and I've been really kind of doing really well last 20 years. The yes Hemmings yes by the way which is only a couple miles from here I went in and and don't let the ladies who are giving the tour there are like nuns for Jefferson and other words like you can't insult Jefferson you can't crack wise there like they don't they are not playing when you like message, so don't go there and I Hemmings it up location so I learned early on that no fun is allowed by my stepfather made incest jokes at the Wright brothers Museum in Kitty Hawk he's like

to do the lawn all that time on the beach anyway so when I went to Monticello the what I found is if they have an amazing historical Garden at Monticello and nobody's tending to Monticello right now its peak season and you can just rip all of the vegetables off of The Vines and eat them that's what I did a nice but they're not eating those possible as possible and they're not eating it to waste location we like this one all fruits do in different Locale so Virginia thinks that they get a very good expression out of this scrape as opposed to let's say where the soccer come from the faces why would why do you not like it she called it a water shot

got the key but it's not like heavy mineral it's not like it's not like you're on your you're on your weighted pool floaties with a straw

you guys want to see knows about a grassy knoll tennis ball or cat urine cat urine okay so this is okay. Citrus Blossom Peach melon bright acid for the shows. This one

this one no one is listening this one by the way, should be there 65 Chardonnay 25% VA 9% 10 months in French and Hungarian Oak Hungarian Oak what's up with Hungarian

I think this is a note that time the most of our other whites I try to select the best in our most interesting ride is we had to blend together to create this wind by the way that they are Blenheim Vineyards does they produce around Graves but they also by other Virginia Grace but all the grapes are from Virginia not from outside time I hear Blenheim I'm super happy whenever I talk to tell me about the mine but there is some sort of history there was a house that burned down it was called that but the world's greatest apricot crap on anyone who doesn't believe it is Blenheim apricots

you in the face if you don't like my apricot I believe it's better like it has some stuff from the juice stage song that goes into barrels once a Chardonnay and Vallejo come out in early spring next week spring cleaning our wind hope you enjoy that this is a good way to switch

okay you're higher than the Blue Man Group can you can you spin a ping pong ball up and catching your eye socket

you don't like it. It doesn't like it and daddy said tonight he doesn't like it very well may find somewhere I would be remiss I would be remiss if I didn't actually going to be going to crack

sound like a good idea driver dumped all the Pooh out of the tour bus through a graded bridgeinchicago onto an architectural boat tour

that's what happened and why show

the fact of the matter is Dave Matthews with a knot on the bus you none of us who was on the bus at the time of Dave Matthews on the bus. The bus driver a went to prison and behead pay Define was fired and Dave Matthews like prison for that matter and the point is about a lot of his fans and I'm not a fan I like I don't don't care about that stop music it's not my thing but like I don't hate him I don't love him he's never seen

I've known in this race but did the thing is he handled it well and I don't even I don't understand there's a lot of for like 5 minutes I like knowing that story cuz I mean I don't even know this but I usually don't pay like the news alerts for Dave Matthews Band I never had them on like a random notes the hell up

I like I like those wines they made I'm a huge supporter of not newer because it's hundreds of years old in general I really like that I like I like them both and like I said Play Primus it's jammy

there is no one that handles that lets people does I mean like farm-to-table he's from Virginia and South Africa and he supports local farm-to-table on the tour bus that's for sure

no he's cool he's in that way like Steve Miller I Love Steve Miller no hit songs has not accurate.

pay the guy who wrote the big old jet airliner Tatum even though he didn't need to pay and pay them and I was the only money that freaking guy mittens blunt when was a good movie that was a good movie worth watching two notes is producing like an A and A D the same time that no no no no no no

Joy not of what you speak of what you speak like kind of like spray I can listen to music all day long I agree it's a it's a party trick I just dismissed all culture North Coast the cob


you're really asking for you to Rick Nielsen

like who played a Flying V that like needs that like who's like I completely misunderstood flying Rick Nielsen

he's like a metal explained that you're a loser but you do it for what I need is for you know that you're only guitar on the whip it up for certain songs in 1979 and that was not a good idea was not a good idea at the time he was going out with a go-go dancer is it in New Jersey I would have loved to party with them on Saturday Night Live off of total of love

I was only eight or nine I still remember what she looked like it was like right before the 80s hit and she had that she had that like that flare out in her hair and the frost a slight Frost and my cheek thing I don't know what you mean by that lady will you call my uncle's girlfriend

do drop rubberband hey if you've never known anyone who has danced Amanda's dance does for a living. He thinks it's a closed group photo anyway so we have a lot to get to that we're not going to get to I get to next week I have questions on possible cancer links with carrageenan Brandywine still listening Greg blonder from who's amazing go to his blog Revlon wants to talk and call in Tweed in about vacuum infusion vacuum marination and pressure marination cuz we're going to talk about on the show next week our experiences with it we have to talk about cordial at Burning Man

Rockstar wine cooking issues and maybe if they CDC send us some more wine we'll do it again sometime but thank you everyone

thanks for listening to this program on Heritage Radio Network. Org you can find all of our archive programs on our website for S podcast in the iTunes Store by searching Heritage Radio Network you can like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter at Heritage underscore radio you can email us questions at any time at info at Heritage Radio Network. Org Heritage and become a member visit our website today thanks for listening