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Episode 260: McGeez Nuts

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Network every Tuesday from man and I'll let you know around 12:12 today we have already in the studio as usual nastassia as a hammer Lopez how you doing good by the way I was having one of my usual unpleasant text exchanges with me this morning and it's the fighting for Novi fighting for no reason I shouldn't make a joke at people's expense

basically in the New York City shelter system over the weekend and stassi is doing her like a moron head shake it shake it shake it shake anyways so I went to go get this dog and barely any small dog can get it. Basically pits and so you know if you can you should adopt a Pit mix why didn't you I need a taste like a large dog

the odds that like get the high sign for adopting another large dog roughly zero mykids like are old enough now to take on a dog that has and territorial you know like traits where is like when they were a lot younger and you get a little nervous of having any kind of territorial dog around so that the lab was bought with y'all shut the dog is awesome but like on this point they can handle it but I couldn't handle the Big Show miniature like they I said what do you think of mix is the guy goes Heinz 57 anyway if any of you are in the New York area and want to go to a shelter I highly recommend Sean Casey animal rescue in Brooklyn you can just go walk dogs you can you show your driver's license can you just walk dogs you need to take one but if you're a dog person and you show up and you start walking dogs be aware that there's a high likelihood that you end up with one do you want I mean cuz they're cute dogs are dogs are dogs so cute

the sky looks like a little miniature version of my lab even though it's something I don't think it's any last-minute to Dax my young son was walking the small dog and I was walking the big dog is like a mini me walking of a mini version of my other dog is going to have this kind of crazy not even called mini me now there's like a thing for that thing for a shrunken version of you and your dog walking next to you down the street no vocabulary to the show what's up what's up

I make cocktail sauce for shrimp and oysters and that kind of stuff we use we use Heinz ketchup and you use Gold's horseradish ingredients

that would be about the consistency of ketchup and you could put that in the refrigerator overnight and take it out the next day and it would still be the same consistency friend of mine gave me a homemade Horseradish that he makes and I did everything exactly the same when you put the the cocktail sauce in the refrigerator 24 hours later it is and why is that happening cuz I haven't purchased gold that don't remember a gold bottle and it comes in either with or without beet horseradish grated that you get in

in in Supermarket up with I'm trying to remember the label on Golds does is a gold have anything in it or is it just shredded horseradish don't do they vinegar it

Emily actually read the ingredients and if there's nothing but then she thought it could have something to do with the and that the acidity level in the homemade Horseradish was different but I don't know I don't know but not as bad as if you use Hunt's Ketchup but your friend not add anything no offense to hunt but I mean Heinz the ketchup please anyway right does your friend not add anything to the horseradish is it

is horseradish it's very sympathetic horseradish there's no beats had it so it's horseradish vinegar salt and a little bit of sugar and that's it but she hears when I here's what I'm thinking my guess and this is just a guess is that there's a lower liquid content in your buddies horseradish and straight up that if you add a little bit of vinegar when you did it with pasteurized but I'm not sure in which case if it's like a pectin leaking thing that could be an issue but at but I don't know my guess is it's a liquid thing ketchup is very very is it basically that's what you call that guy thixotropic liquid so that under under sheer under sheer ketchup is acts like a liquid and when it's not under sheer it acts like a solid right and my guess is that the horseradish

is is it horseradish with a certain amount of liquid keeps that thixotropic balance the same as also fiber so it's going to add some stability or could add stability almost like fiberglass to it mean if the liquid level is a little bit higher it'll go liquidity very quickly as ketchup does and if the liquid balance is lower that it'll set up even her by the way we now have in the studio can also win weigh in on your question Harold Harold McGee the Master Blaster of Science in the in the as it relates to the delicious so Harold the question we have on see what you have anything else in hey hey I heard you heard that telling you what I was saying there but the question was we have a horseradish cocktail sauce made with everything else Remains the Same Heinz ketchup and you know whatever other you know what flavor adjustments are added to it and either the storm Gold's brand which is the eastern coast Branch you may remember my device goes to prepare horseradish vs. someone

is homemade Horseradish and homemade Horseradish makes it set solid into a gel and my guess is it's just that the cocktail sauce is extremely sensitive to liquid balance

sets into a gel

that's a new one on me yeah I mean I don't know of any I don't know of any special hydrocolloid in horseradish that you know may or may not be activated all I could be wrong I don't know about that either but I do know that the horseradish has a very active peroxidase enzyme and that might be doing something that allows cross-linking wouldn't otherwise take place is there a store-bought horseradish pasteurized that's the question I bet I mean how else would it be shelf-stable I mean it's horseradish I don't know maybe pasteurized and the Panthers Nation May. Some of whatever they are they from. I'm going to jail

not yet I was just at the attractions like a it's a it's a solid Mass tomatoes are full of so and I don't know much about horseradish but I mean if there is some sort of cross-linking going on I mean that's plausible I guess so you're saying that that's me you're lucky that Harold stop by you know that's got to be something what it is I'm going to check and see if the gold is pasteurized and if that's it I've experimented the route was just adding a little War II what did I say I mix it up and it comes back and it's fine but I was just curious why it's some kind of reaction with the Paxton and the ketchup and it comes back

yes. So that doesn't sound so much to me like cross-linking well unless unless you adding liquid you're literally just breaking it almost like you be making a fluid gel in which case you're taking a light gel and breaking it you know into a into a fluid gel after you break it and it comes back does it hold Peaks better than regular ricotta sauce hold the peak pretty well as is because it's you noticed they fix dropping things so it's not that much I don't know I'll try to remember over the over the week to do some searches on horseradish and and pectin in jelly and see what I can figure anything out

sorry I can send you some samples and then you can you can look at this yeah that I could drop them off at the radio says I go I go into Brooklyn and about every other week and I've actually been there a couple times I can make it a point of I could bring you what I can do I can bring you the ingredients and you can put it together and then you can you can watch a gel I need to get some cocktail sauce shrimp and cocktail sauce shrimp I don't need it here so I'm sure people going to want to call in for some Harold McGee style question couple things one

Harold is here last week for impossible burger and ask questions about GMO heme protein vegetable coconut you know oil Burger Lloyd songs more yeah I think it's like of the level of is impressive in the thing is that they've got their their scientists so this is a spino stage one and they're going to move on and on and on and credibly impressive first effort I would say that's what I would say end of the blood note that that the kind of sucking on iron note when did you taste it at times you can go to an event with me

okay that's one too and did not get to see the amorphophallus titanum the the Giant in Titanic was penis flower the world's largest single in fluorescent it's actually in the family as I was told by someone at the Botanical Garden which is interesting because it is a family sound very similar but it was not at Mack by the way so the interesting thing from the food I bring it up as debt amorphophallus titanum is is like first cousin and by the way the flower in the wild gets to be about inflorescence is not a single flower but gets to be by 12 ft tall and Sumatra where it comes from and that is pollinated by carrying Flies what not and so it's me

a lot actually like rotting Mouse is what it smells like it smells like rotting Mouse but it it's it's like first cousin if you consider genus relations cousins its first cousin to contract that I like what you did make contact out of the food stuff and which also smells but is apparently a much more heady Brew of Santa Corey the docks that you sent me right here that's why you can't I don't remember exactly what the mix is for konjac but but it's it's the Impressions right before it's used no no no no no it doesn't smell until it opens up and it produces the stink in the in fluorescence and in fact the in fluorescent itself a portion of it will heat-up I guess do to you know it took metabolic activity will heat up a couple degrees above ambient to help release of the waft you think you would have wanted to see

sorry I didn't I didn't even invite you because I figured you wouldn't even when I showed up they opened at the Botanical Garden early I showed up at 9 a.m. and Dax and I went we just walked in and then at 10 when I left there was like the equivalent of a 3 block line trying to get in to see a stinky flower just goes to show you the links that New Yorkers will go through to see a stinky flower cam regularly to see if it would it would open while I was here and was sorely disappointed in fact you and I were and that we were going to go I'm glad I didn't because it had stayed close for another couple of days

what kind of privately they don't know so I put them on display but obviously heard about it after the fact so listen if any of you listening have in the San Francisco Bay Area are within I don't know probably probably a hundred mile radius or so and you want Harold McGee to come smell your flower I'm sure he will come smell your flower or if you're growing any form of carrying fly or any sort of dung dung insect-pollinated arum family flower I'm sure Harold would love to come smell am I wrong you're not wrong now and I don't even like the amorphophallus titanum the corpse flower has has the problem that it only blooms it doesn't Bloom for at least ten years after after it's started and then and then it blooms

and then it doesn't bloom again for another like 4 days seven eight years and so you know 36 hours it's a it's like a very picky really just wants to grow in samatra and like nowhere else. I brought your sister are dump meals course my short list of ingredients to a Crock-Pot walk away and then eat it baby do dump the stuff into the crock pot and then that becomes your meal and so he's recently college graduated sister is our dump meal correspondent and she called and apparently I was like horrifying to her

I was mainly horrified at the at the dump meal right chicken you don't wash chicken anyway cuz wash chicken really don't watch him yeah yeah yeah but my point is is that like this is yet another reason why I like most people's recommendations are because people flip back and forth people you ask someone a question you asked if you was dead person hate should I wash chicken and they've never run the experiment that never won the freaking test Bill like yeah you should wash chicken write me it's just why the hell would you wash your chicken you know what I mean like like I'm not thinking about like this or that a group of people bought you going to cook the freaking chicken why you going to wash the freaking chicken right

here's why I wash my freaking chicken all right because when I buy a chicken it kind of stinks your chicken but listen listen here I remember this duck was fairly common right as thing you could buy in a super me to buy it mean that they sold a lot of so I bought it.

And it was in one of those classic like poultry tubes that they put like chicken and ducks in right that sealants tank and their tubes and then they will presumably freesman the to ship mom thought until somebody who wanted to cook a duck so like I bought the duck and I opened it up and it stank I mean it's dang it stank and by the way what's dank means in this case is lots of bacteria are growing on it right and so like I was like it's so good it's so good I can fix it because it was dinner it was dinner I didn't expect that I all of a sudden my main protein the centerpiece is stuck I've been thinking about was going to be garbage so then what do I do

turn the freaking duck try to wash it off and then I say to myself that you just freaking duck butt stinks that's going back to you really wrong that is garbage that is like just the no-go and and that's kind of maybe win like my version to watching poultry started when I realized that I was using that as an excuse to try to serve my family garbage and I realize that I was in severe and to be a quality in that I probably over developed a reaction any other direction do you know Alice is where I come from on this on this poultry washing situation now

I get USDA though like it's like you know someone that's a problem it's like doctors and you ask them advice on on nutrition they can say something that sounds good they haven't actually run the tests really the USDA purse which I don't know maybe it's good maybe spat poodle I don't know if you want a chance of data don't make recommendations this is what we think might happen so maybe it would be better not to so if you have a chicken that you deem has like a little bit of smell but maybe it's going to be okay with me if you want to wash I mean I think that's fine I'm fine with that but just baked like like deragger washing your chickens when you open them

why do it no I agree and usually when did the chickens at I buy when they have a problem it's on the inside so I don't actually mess with the outside that much I bought it so it'll crisp up better but I but I do rinse the inside of the long out because you know it's just easier to Flipside some things have things that smell terrible in them or are tasting sit aren't spoilage issues and those things are constantly fish fish Moshe time when you buy it a whole they haven't cut the vessels along the spine and reinstall that kind of Blood Out I do that stuff just happens on the surface no matter what I'm eating fish makes a difference

I think you should and I think we're in total agreement here but apparently pissed-off nastassia sister so now she she claims that she claims that that she's not calling him because he has a meeting but really she doesn't want to she's like now she's filing her report heard reports with the Stars yet. What makes it difficult is it's harder if it's easier for me to like you know go after things if I know exactly if I can query like why certain decisions were made or not

I have some stuff for us to taste first of all I brought the latest longtime listeners

anastacio and I think maybe the Peter was there was either that time had some of Harold McGee is delicious walnuts Harold's Harold's we have a new version of McGee's nuts

yeah I went to Turkey a couple of years ago and one of the things I did and it's time we were given those samples of the things that they were making and I was amazed at the flavor of the pistachios which were compared to California pistachios tiny and dark dark green and just incredibly aromatic so I bought some and brought them back and share them with you cuz I know you're a pistachio fan and I also prevailed upon a friend who may have been on the show Arielle Johnson to bring them up to the lab over the weekend and we'll put them on a machine that's not being used and see if we can figure out why they're so different from the California so we did a gas chromatography-mass

spectrometry olfactometry test on these two batches of of pistachios and found that basically they have identical chemical compositions it's just that the Turkish ones had like 50 times the quantity of the volatiles that gave the aroma and there that they were so fragrant that they did to me they smell like mangoes right so they were fragrant not in the way that like Bronte pistachios are they were fragrant in a different way I mean to the botany here they are actually related to Mangos at mean distantly there at all and Accord AC right weeks ago I was in Oxford for the Oxford Symposium on food and cookery and my friend Island Tan was there and

so she wrote me from Istanbul this is like know a week before the coup coup attempt and said anything I can bring you so I just had pistachios and Natasha Cruz two different batches which we got here one is the standard Turkish pistachio which are larger Pistachio Pistachio Nuts

I like nuts

and then the the special ones for baklava making which apparently are not sold on in the market generally they're sold only to manufacturers yeah this one's Oldsmar descriptions is

remember not to chew on the mic people freak out I know what do you think I mean the Nutty and fruity as a result of rancidity like since France and fruity notes but these are not like that these are good fruity notes are like fatty acids and alcohols and aldehydes and things like that piece are terpenes so they're formed by the plant early in the development of the knot and I guess they get diluted with as the nut gets bigger I guess they're there to protect the nuts and so they're really concentrated to begin with and then as the knot gets older and they shall get gets hard and that kind of thing maybe it doesn't need as much chemical

Minnesota the flavor gets milder protect the nut useless the Wu-Tang B-side protect a nut so they're they're apparently not for general sales are only sold two buckle of a makers that people care that much about like the quality difference of their nuts, I guess to make a better baklava I don't know see but why don't they believe that the other ones are better eating nuts maybe because they have them both they actually must believe it the bigger ones are better eating nuts and these are better pastry nuts

could be could be maybe in a place that has pistachios Galore people are not willing to pay a whole lot of money for them just as a general eating not speaking of Jung Seeds nuts so I have this a pumpkin so turns out that I have this Garden patch up in Connecticut and it's it's like cucurbit fantasy freaking land so like cucumbers go freaking bananas and I didn't know this cuz I had ever planted a pumpkin before pumpkins go

freaking nuts and I planted like a punk in the taxi at Connecticut Friday I forget the name of it but it's from Connecticut and it's one of the ones that's designed to become giant like a couple hundred pounds and I was gone for a couple of weeks I came I came back and looked at it and it's like Jack In the Beanstalk the sucker had punched through both sides of the garden and one of the pumpkins I have to send them out so they get big right but one of the pumpkins that was going to consider keeping in span of two weeks and it was a size of like a tennis ball or racquetball 10 pound pumpkin over the course of like 2 weeks and it's snap itself off because they've Define could no longer hold it through the fence it was like a it snapped it off and so I took it right cuz I'm going to anyway but like there is almost no information on the internet about

even though I'm sure everyone is thinning pumpkins out there's nothing there's nothing on them and what's interesting is this skin is very very thin and delicate cuz you haven't shared it all right when you cut it open the pit between the seeds hasn't fully it's like still kind of solid so it's kind of hard to scoop it out the flesh is actually really good I made I made out of like a s or something like that but I did a Mexican I did it with oaxacan string cheese and Cotija because that's what I have in my fridge and I mean so it's more like you know like a Mexican Italian pumpkin casserole

I took the rest of the pasta and dehydrated shiitake and more Battalion Style with a lien Dino actual parmigiano is delicious but but they don't have melon taste and they don't even have that much pumpkin take some very light they're like the watermelon of pumpkins when they're like that so there is that they're a lot more refreshing even raw they have a lot of latex free stuff so you know how when you cut your fingers get that like second skin on them that grow Second Skin when you're cutting pumpkins up its skins the hell out of your hands but you know I just filled it with a veg chopped up and it's it's nice it's refreshing it's good it's a lot less pumpkin he even then like a calabaza Mellon which is like pretty

mellow in flavor don't I mean when it Cooks up and hold its flavor and doesn't hold its shape and doesn't much out so it stays well it's soft as hell but it stays intact doesn't instantly pulp out but the most interesting thing which I brought for you guys to taste is the seats the seeds are almost the size of full grown pumpkin seeds but that's all to do a little bit but they're soft and you can eat them like cucumber seeds these are totally uncooked but they're they're almost full size

that's good that great right

blue crunchy things tosee hater of things people out there who growing pumpkins I looked on the I feed them to you no feed them to rabbits feed him to Pace the fact that matter is is it a lot of delicious stuff to do with these young pumpkins and it's not insubstantial I said my family for two days including when guests came over on this one freaking pumpkin that we've been called tossed into a ditch by most people Mark Ladner that's his favorite cooking term

pump and dump pump and dump all right I brought some more crap


you stayed and how you like that first

but while I'm while I'm going to say what it is and then while I'm pouring it will take the call right so I have I'm testing center fuse is out and I don't think we're going to dinner cruises out and what that means is I have a whole boatload of clarified orange juice like like around my house right because I can just go buy it right and it and it clarifies rough in a roughly similar fashion to other states receives and things in which is a big thing of clarifying the centrifuse so I have like gallons of clarified OJ it in my house and so I was like a I start fermenting it something fermenting it this is my first fermented back now actually interesting ly like I think it tasted better when I first made it I think this is like a month old now so I think it tasted a little better when I first made it in this one was I have a batch that I just met but it hasn't bottle carved up yet but this batch was made with orange juice which is better

and breaks taken up to about 15

and it got shaken up on the right over taking up to about 15 with white sugar but have one with the with honey as well. But this is just pouring all over the grounds what it's doing don't worry it's sticky not kidding it's very dry it's like Superdry what's interesting is that even though I don't really like clarified orange juice because the the bitterness of the orange pulp is gone right when you're when you're using it that I actually quite like this because the bitterness after all the sugar is fermented out comes back a little excited

why we take a call or well I'm kind of glasses

I call her you're on the air hey guys this is Tyler from UC Davis

impossible Foods since usually there are pasteurized

scalding milk or cream even when they're pasteurized they've still got stuff in them

and now back in the old days it may not have been pasteurized they may not have been pasteurized at this point you you may not know how old it is so I guess it might just be a way it sort of standardizing the microbiological quality I had that was pouring stuff and getting stuff shipped All Over Me by anytime I see scalded milk in a recipe I think it's a throwback recipe

which recipe we talking about here

Pizza Hut

I mean I think it is a throwback right

could I please anyone decide by

I always follow recipe just because it's easier to follow a recipe than it is to have a failed recipe afterwards unless you're specifically testing out a theory something else that it's going to do is his change the flavor

for sure in the question is whether at the end of the process of making whatever you're making you're going to notice that flavor difference or not but scalded milk scalded cream taste for a different then plane pasteurize either one

I think if you scald that it's going to taste different to the amount of time and the temperature that any milk product reaches the longer it stays that elevated temperature in the more the flavor changes and then when you're selling something in a store you mess with it the least amount that you can

having cell before it spoils parmalat pretty cooked to begin with

death till I mean as with all questions like this question what I would do is a side-by-side just make the same recipe with and without scalding and see whether anybody notices any difference whether you notice any difference during the process of the making and I'll weather it makes a difference to the process my guess is that there are small differences but they're not going to be that significant and especially for things like that that you're not really relying on the chemistry of the milk so I think like small amounts of heat difference in small amounts of changing the confirmation of the of the of the ingredients in milk to make a huge difference in things like cheese making making me know if you get a much thicker set if you scald the milk first

write a note to somebody that you're relying on the chemistry of the casing you know in the end of my selves what you're working on in like pastry cream you're not you know what I mean mean I wouldn't guess

cool thanks so much

it's just orange juice weird

I'm watching it that noises me watching the the the orange juice off more than you thought is present in the OJ completely masked by the sugar it's almost like it's got like

a Bitter End in it on down I think because there is little or no sugar so there's just not that kind of reinforcement from the

interesting stuff

I'm Pro yeah

I mean Sunday morning brunch

yeah this thing's right now clocking in probably somewhere between 8 and 10% alcohol

so higher than beer but lower than almost anything else but lower than you know any normal wine or anything like that

all right so should we take a quick break and then come back so I brought the American Mandrake the may apple is an awesome looking at least as it looks crazy to leave what's awesomeness that say it's like super green big leaf that really low and each plant only has like a couple of leaves like two leaves and they they they they they grow underground Runner so they can kind of see so probably get himself and they produced the entire plant is poisonous and so

I would say it's been used as Poison by Native American to use as a medicine is used as a topical butt. Applied it and so this is Miley. But the fruit is incredibly delicious once it's right once it's ripe it's very hard to get them because as soon as they ripen they are eaten by all the animals so last week I harvested them all when they were still a little green and then I wrapped them in plastic and the day would you know increase our ethylene production and the question is is is is is the May apple climacteric fruit will itself ripen after it's been removed answer yes it will

and it will yellow and so my theory is that if it smells tropical and it's soft that it will not be poisoned you don't want to eat the seeds because the seeds are also poisonous it's thought questions that we have

all right

Rich McDonough Road in about cocktails for burning man but we're saving that for next week when Jordana Rothman who has made cocktails at Burning Man is going to be on the show to discuss it because you figured it was better to just has won on the show who's actually done it so that and and I'm the only person apparently who get sassy with Jordana yeah right now and by the way he is not here but I'm Bo you can stay in for Peter are also yours is a new engineer that's David and the coast of Jackie molecules so nice the ghost vacuum molecules in the ECU depending on what area you're talking about so this is a type what type of my nitrous infusion where you use nitrous oxide to inject liquid into an item under high pressure and then you boil it back out and you do fast infusion

just got a hold of a large tank of medical grade nitrous oxide which one you mentioned pressure infusion it was possible liquid intelligence but didn't go into details as this is still much lower pressure than is I assume I need to adjust recipes and let it sit for longer but how much longer should I go without risking bitterness from Material such as cacao nibs any other tips and tricks you can share would be great cheers Rich okay it's actually not that much time so if you go on Amazon looking Second Assassin can you get Amazon do you have it on your phone to look inside and then look up pressure chart and see whether it's there I thought I had it on my phone but I don't buy on Amazon the chart of the pressures

side of an isi bottle and it literally list directly what your particular recipe will produce inside of the bottle for a given fill a given number of chargers now there are two numbers there I think I gave both numbers if not I'll have to go and find out try to post a picture of it the number is the initial pressure which is important but not the most important in seconds of final pressure which is what you're not going to be able to achieve the initial pressure but you probably will be able to achieve the final pressure so that the issue is is that if you have a 5 gallons quite a bit I would do it in a 2.5 S because it's not unless you are up and realize it is not easy to vigorously shake a 5-gallon container Under Pressure it's just you know what I mean oh oh it's so stupid stupid stupid stupid listen

the difference between an isi and a keg is that when you're doing a is I all of the gas at delivered at once at a high pressure and then that pressure drops as you shake it in a corny keg you are delivering the pressure at the pressure and you must shake it until you get to an equilibrium pressure inside so you have to keep the the valve Hooked On To The Keg as you're shaking which add to the difficulty of doing it so you have to keep the thing on as you're shaking it to shake vigorously do not turn it upside down or stop oil leak back into because those things like I said don't have check valves in them so you have to hold it for a living hell out of it up and down up and down up and down until you stop hearing gas come out of the tank then you know you've reached equilibrium time and then you vent it now if you can't get pressure is close to the ones that you get me as high but my feeling is you can I don't know if David is sounded that relevant documents.

like look at the final pressure on I think I gave 40% ethanol in a half liter Whipple with two Chargers is that on that chart you should be able to get to it as long as you with that caveat that you shake it until you stop hearing a lot of gas go in which means you've reached equilibrium everything else will be the same the event being everything else should be the same one more note of caution do not do not do not I don't care if you do with the balloons with it or whatever the way people died with nitrous oxide once they have the tanks is they put a mask on their face then they pass out and there's not oxygen supplied it won't kill you if you had actual if you had a proper oxygen mix going in with a nitrous while you were breeding it you would pass out and you wouldn't die and if we remove the mask you revive very quickly the real danger is people asphyxiate themselves with the mask and it happens more often than you'd think so do not under any

circumstances ever put a mask over like a type of Mass to this and like go and do a mask shots of nitrous with your body's just don't just don't do it will see if they can come up with this stuff and yes have you tasted one last year

I tasted last year's butt.

I see her

oh you smell that even if you don't taste it smell that I'm going to taste a little bit because come on

describe describe describe the flavors and Aromas rather

actually to me it smells a little like cherries like benzaldehyde plus passiflora it's really good it might is one of my favorite fruit is like what you taste of last year it's one of my favorite fruit is got tropical it's got banana getting he's got like banana notes it's got like passionfruit it's got like that is freaking delicious right

thanks alright to listen but root beer soy sauce salt and pepper I said all together she said yes how else

and some movies they always be I didn't like it why why she said tasted like ass it just tastes like root beer but the pulled pork really pulled easily I said that it wasn't great taste like ass or because she is an Aficionado of ask Hastings tuition I had it I had a question I didn't get to I was going to talk more about our 23 year old friends espresso machine problems but I guess we'll get to that next week when Jordana is on a show for her cocktails for my espresso machine advice we need to grow more apples yeah man it's right it's freaking delicious cooking issues

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