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Episode 26: Through the Slush

when you open the bottle and you drink the water that speaks for itself is it you know a wine that's made for food yes those types of wines are tend to be more rustic or have a little bit more body are they wanted or just chill out hedonistic pleasure sure there's ones like that that baby from California that are more cocktail lights are wines that are just big Jami fruit bombs and there's nothing compared to a certain group of people as well I think the ones that bought a house specializes in is more of these food-friendly you know rustic-style biodynamic organic wines at 10 to be a bit more earthy come from someplace so you can always taste of Tarawa you can almost feel this guy this said Sarah was grown and this lady rocky soil and so to me that's exciting part that the wind feels like it comes from someplace

hello and welcome to cooking issues on the Heritage Radio Network coming to you live from approximately it's another rainy slushie day here in Brooklyn I'm in the studio add Roberto's Pizzeria with nastasha to hammer Lopez at 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 okay so I'm so I might as well as well get into it a question is what what the heck difference between all the different what's the difference between fission and your animal-based regular is red meat but your meat bass animal gelatin what's the difference between the different grades the bronze the the gold silver and platinum

gelatins in Industry are rated on something called Bloom strength and blue strength has nothing to do with a flower blooming or even the fact that. Gelatin water it has to do with a dude named Bloom who in the early twentieth centuries came up with a technique for measuring the strength of gels and gelatin gels it's a really dumb simple technique you just take a bunch of a particular size and you push it into the surface of a gelatinous been cured very accurately I'll give you the exact numbers in case you want to run your own blue it's at 6.67% gelatin solution that is 10 / 17 18 hours at 10 degrees Celsius and they measure how much weight in grams it takes to push a half inch diameter plunger for m m into the surface of the of the gelatin part of it in inches and 5 in millimeters

make no damn sense it's really a simple little thing and most most industrial by the way old school industrial measurements like this are quite quite simple like it used to date and they still measure viscosity of a lot of things by literally like building at Raw for the ruler in it dumping some crap into it and see how far that stuff runs along the truck before it stops when this is the kind of is the kind of like the it makes everything standardized because they need to be able to standardize gelatin for various different applications so has come in a wide range standing sheet gelatin bronze gelatin the bronze grade going to be about a hundred and twenty-five 255 Bloom so it's fairly soft right where silver it is this is silver gelatin is about 160 gold 192 to 20 + Platinum is 235-2265 stats the highest Bloom strength that most of us use something in the

in the gold in the gold ranch right now has nothing necessarily to do with how the job was going to perform in a particular application like for instance gelatin clarification it's just a measure of how strong a particular gel concentration is as a gel it doesn't necessarily mean it's going to make that are marshmallows because gelatin isn't just uses a gelling agent it's used as a weapon agent it's used as an emulsifier because it's made a protein is made if you take any any form of collagen connective tissue already connected tissue most of it is a collagen and collagen is a triple helix. In each one of those protein in each one of those Helix is when it's properly turns into gelatin that's how Braves products work right until the collagen breakdown turns into

animal-based gelatin come well you guessed from animals a lot of it is from skin like pig skin or from Bones and Bones Bait they taking a wash the bones and acid for a long time to lie chat all the calcium leaves a spongy Mass T bone mass which they didn't wash dry will neutralize dry grind up and then they then or the Skins anything else they take them that raw material and they usually treated either with an acid or with with a base and they get the two different kinds of gelatin depending on whether they do that and that up further kind of brakes across link between this triple helix proteins right makes it easier for them to extract the gelatin and then they taking a heated hot water and they extract like three four five times different gels of different qualities the first water is the highest ranked highest quality end up farther down extraction line you are kind of crappy you're you're you're jealous that's how to get all the chill out and how they get jealous of various different strengths part of the question was what's in between the powder gel and a sheep

the answer is nothing going into it right sheet gel is at you take the jet junk solution that you you get out of you know your process product and you dehydrated and you spread into it she'd let it dry and cut it and put in the box where is powdered gelatin extruding to Noodles those noodles are dried out and then a pulverized it in a milk and then that's this has been gel powder but there's no inherent difference between powdered gel powder gelatin and and now there was a major difference between fish gelatin and like me a pig or or or cow you're probably not going to run to poultry gelatin unless you know process your own or you doing like some sort of a chicken chicken soup and you get the gelatin out of it but but Pagan and mammal skin gelatin Pagan sorry Cal gelatin art fairly high strength this is the one we normally used to using fish gelatin come from one of two sources cold water fish make a really crappy gel

barely Joe's at all really pisses crab meat really is horrible other there working on it just would like to have that works and it has to do with the amino acid makeup of the of the of the proteins of the connective tissue in in the cold water fish it's just they suck what you want and make a gel strengths that is okay but the problem is is a fish jolt intense to melt at a lower temperature so you know it's a lot harder to work with a fish bass gelatin and to get a good result you know I tend to not use it I thought I kind of stay away from it we tend to use sheet gelatin for some applications and powdered gelatin for other applications and not just a matter of wood box comes into my hand first frankly but you shouldn't switch blooms ranks in order to basically the strength of your gels between different recipes because your results May differ house that was good

does too much of the right amount at least one booster in your corner like we put up with one post every 8 years of just forget we're going to get better we have some cool stuff come in like the center fuse video I promised you and a bunch of other stuff but I'll give you an idea stuff we've been working on about a year ago I think you're no less than that are you talking about the first thing I should Cornell University and they gave us one a while back and it's basically they want us to print food with with this 3D printer and what is it really it's a syringe filled with paste any kind of paste like I don't know gel paste poop meat paste

late to have a new ones apparently we cannot extrude Tostitos and and Masa which were going to work on today Wisconsin State because of cookies a three-dimensional it's basically just very accurately controls the X Y and Z axis it's hooked into a computer and they actually control how fast the group is sprayed out of the syringe and they had multiple syringe you so you can use different materials Yaya fantastic right now

they want us to print food with it not hear it appears the main deal and CNN by the way some money show do you know what it's called they're coming to the school today and our buddy you know I send you a Lipton from from Cornell is here and we're going to shoot this thing with it with the television people today but they have the classic kind of what I think that CNN does awful idea when horrible horrible idea that someday you are going to go home push a button and your meal is going to be printed for you I thought I hope not you know what I mean it's just it's just a terrible terrible idea and so who and when I say there's two people that I can't because the technology is not right I'm like no this is it conceptually horrible idea that we would that we would like grind all of our raw ingredients into a problem like paste and extrude them in the various different shapes and call that a meal goes against

Leslie everything I think is is good about the world right now there are some fantastic applications for the 3D printer not my applications but no good applications for since the other kids birthday the wizard icing printing machine of all time you're saying can print a three-dimensional El Santo wrestling like you know a martian on top of a cupcake like without breaking a sweat right so for things like kid birthday parties where you want to print out you know one you know cake with the kids face on it and then or maybe the kids face with a dog trying to bite his face or something like that anything like that anything you got a model of you can you can print out onto a cupcake because icing is a straight up awesome paste printing material also great if you know if you want to make things out of epoxy your kids want to make things out of

food only you can print cookies in the shape of a I don't know like space shuttles donkeys bait application not my application from me the you know I'm obviously not interested in the application that I think is you know one of the root of all evil thinking in the future of food that we're all going to live like The Jetsons and have our food in pill form units produced a new and delicious food with this printer that can be made any other way and that's basically why you haven't seen a lot of work from us out of it because we haven't come up with that killer application but there's this new technique that we're hopefully going to trial today we're basically you can print what looks like how do you spell

GMAT that you walk on that are made out of like plastic loopy Doodles with his flip-flops Natasha knows everything about flip-flops and I don't because I find them a horror that the idea of my heel slipping around on a mission but you know that you'd sooner see me dead than in a pair of flip-flops material in flip-flops but you can print it out of any kind of food so we're going to take Masa dough which is next month is corn a crown into a fine paste we're going to try to print is basically spongy Matt like surface out of the Masa and then fry it to get kind of a new Snapchat texture that's going to be

all right we're also going to try to print out some extruded some snacks that you know that they can be later yes I can make one space shuttle out of scallop pace which is what we did the last time we print something out but if I really wanted to make space shuttle shapes would make a silicone mold that had like 20 or 30 space shuttles in it and then I would just strike mode everything out with an offset spatula and call it call it a day I wouldn't I wouldn't bother printing each one because it's a nightmare so these are the basic problems with a 3D printer but if you have any ideas please call him in ASAP because we're going to talk to the CNN people today there's nothing I'd like more than to say one of our listeners are readers just came up with the killer app that 718-497-2128 cooking issues

Jourdan Dunn

welcome back to your questions to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 coming to you live from Brooklyn to stop by another project we're working on that strictly cooking-related but generally food-related and that's the Food Museum as are some of you might know the project that I was involved in before I joined that French culinary team start a food Museum in this isn't necessarily a place where it isn't a place where you just go look at shellac pieces of bread and Muse over how awesome the food to the Past was just going to be a place where you go and you you eat you taste you learn you see you touch them really find that at nothing you shouldn't listen to food radio but I find it really do you want to learn about food you really have to eat if you have to see it yet to touch again smell it and that's it that's what food is you know I love listening to

taste about any of you out there ever going to approach Jeffrey steingarten the food writer in Vogue you know a friend of ours if you're ever going to approach him and say that you're interested in getting started in the food business are specifically in food writing please please have a long list of places you've gone and things you have eaten and avoid saying that XYZ is the best like a voice saying things like that's the best hamburger because you like well so you've eaten every hamburger on Earth I mean like when I was telling you should you ever approach Jeffrey steingarten at to ask him for advice that is my advice to you first came up with the idea there wasn't really any food museums we were talking about me

Hope ya and in Napa which closed unfortunately there's a New York free museums about history of New York food but it's a museum it's not meant to have a location that is now the Museum of southern food which you haven't been down there but you know start running in New York and Patrick you know the the Jefe of Heritage Foods a great leader of this like the idea and say well let's start this project this product up again and so that's why we're going to have a fundraiser on March 27th which is a Sunday yeah and it's going to be held at Del posto pretty badass and say that he pretty badass you know our friend Mark Ladner graciously agreed to let us have the fundraiser there he'll be cooking we haven't confirmed all the other chefs yet but it's going to be anyway

if you have any questions about it should you wish to go to this fund-raiser you can email Anastasia and Lopez at French culinary. Com and Lopez at French culinary., I'll be making some cocktails will I not eat all of my friends and family in a submission to work on this damn thing don't even know about it yet but I'm going to be until he says yes I'm going to beat on Wiley until he says yes I'm going to beat on Dave wonder if he says yes to make cocktails on her ass beat down to try and get as much of the food World involve at least our friends and food were involved in Chinese

so that's that's going to be that's what we're working on something that's working behind the scenes and not a welcher anyone out there to call me a welcher but I have to fly to Boca Raton during the week I was supposed to do the raw food thing and that confidence that are the event that I'm going to involve cooking and since I will not make anything ever that I don't taste before it goes out I cannot eat raw food during that week so nastasha is busy as we speak rescheduling for one of the first two weeks in February to do the raw food Extravaganza but I'll give you some low-down about what we've tested so far by myself which was there's no place to put it so it's like in the ceiling on top

is my printer in a cabinet that can only be accessed on the tallest Cherry have right that's why I use my iPhone and camera mode to look and see what the knob is said to so I can set them even at home anyway so it's not really a dehydrator for some reason I have all the equipment and I managed to make it look stupid by the way I set it up and the horrible conditions I set it up and that's the story of my life something really nice in a pile of Filth that's anyway so we're going on with the stuff in the dehydrator anesthesia make a series of sprouts because apparently raw vegan food involves a lot of sprouting for 4. Reasons wanted helps out grains and things be more easily broken down because as a grain sprouts and enzymes go to work and I guess Rob was all about enzymes anyway start breaking down some of the starch is making them more

so you can eat them raw now I guess the once-proud where I can I will stand up in the hallway and say hey you know what mung bean sprout you are a good Sprout that's a good sprouted mung bean sprout not these other people for some reason thought was oat grout I don't know why I don't know why you would grow out your your tiles with oats but anyway Groats apparently she didn't grow up singing the old beans and barley grow song anyway so and Suki beans we did what we didn't get to do the ride something berries wheat berries berries berries we're not we're not awful

you don't know or care rejuvelac is you know you take wheat berries you let him Sprout and then you let him sit in in water too kind of form Angelo that may use that as a Kickstarter for four different things let me just say that and only Sprouts taste like poison to me with the exception of the week and I'm not saying this look good and bad right one I'm not saying that they were bad because one Chef was like Hey I tasted your Sprouts was a pretty good I'm like really cuz to me they tasted like poison my wrong about the air like you just sprayed your grass front lawn with with poison poison anyway but but it was good that I had a chef who like Sprouts taste them

and say that they were okay because now I know that I just would prefer not to use those things the weed Sprouts okay like you know like the Reggie Bullock is good that's good I want to see if I can make a real version of a ride rejuvelac that we can then almost make a cross out of which is he who crosses like you know the the Eastern European Russian fermented bread beverage using you can't do it but I want to see if you can do with sprouted since they don't have time but I'm interested in trying to work with a Rob Deer that might be a might be interesting but I have to think of something else to do because I didn't like them when I get mad I'm just chasing this is like deciding what I'm going to eat for this week we made a bunch of nut cheeses

why did Hector called cheeses that don't taste like cheese I wasn't there and or and or orange juice and or you know and some other stuff and it into like a Musa paste and they're used I guess as it kind of a cottage cheese replacement and it is I really like cheese a lot cheese to me has a specific texture and taste which these don't have I mean like could you make a delicious raw nut moose yeah like no we did do an interesting thing remixed we soak a bunch of nuts to get the soap somebody's not when they're raw because I haven't been roasted in their stuff and if you want to get out so we served macadamias pistachios sunflower we don't have any raw cashews left in the hospital so sunflower seeds shelled thank God and almonds all raw we put into a champion juicer

and then after they're so too and then we took the paste and we squeezed it out and then I actually was really good had a really good texture the oil separated out and we were able to make little balls that have actually really good picture so that will be an expensive dish that all those nuts and so can everybody will probably seems really expensive in a lot of work and necessary where is just eat it well you know it's not a necessary if the goal is to eat raw problem so far is is that it does take a lot of prep work in our space we need space let's say you actually ate raw food like this is what you did you ate raw food has this level of time to devote to always being 3 days out and I'm sure some

Things become Staples you always have Sprouts in your fridge you always have rejuvelac a-brewin you always have you know whatever whatever cultures are going to get it to go you know what I mean but in the absence of that I mean probably like a note like that and everyone's image of what raw food people eat which is the sitting around eating carrots all day I mean I can see how you would devolve into that because it's a lot easier on me like he's raw food restaurants have to jump through some serious serious Hoops to kind of do the things that they do not have the last wave experiment I'm hoping this works really really well is the marination of vegetable partial dehydration to simulate kind of a roasted flavor

I will play with some other things but barring that I'm just going to have to do something radically ignore all of the raw food advice that I've gotten yeah I like a good deal of what was put out so it's not like it can't be done but I mean I'm going to make raw food people out there totally jealous because I'm going to be drinking sweet sweet booze that's never been heated distilled illegally in my rotovap right and went on what else you want we can do when ductions also low temperature so we'll be able to do fruit reductions that are totally low temp that's going to be awesome we can use enzymes we can use our our pectinase enzyme to break things down to do clarifications we're going to make some bang-up sauces with that kind of stuff I'm extremely interested in trying to get some transport aminase it doesn't have maltodextrin cuz I'm Fortune

it's been cooked and doesn't have casein because that's not vegan or gelatin cuz that's not obviously not digging to see whether or not we can strengthen nut nut pace and other other suspensions with proteins in them in the absence of heat I think that could be an interesting test on their try and run that and that shouldn't be that shouldn't be a problem for vegans right memes on if a Rob Higgins if it's not animal-based microbial base fermentation so it shouldn't be a problem so that's our rough we progress we welcome any sort of advice you know we've read Matthew Kenny's books we've read us our Miss Brooks with red probably who Liana Liana do we have these these but we have a Trotter Trotter what's the name of the woman work with photo rock rock

are good it's just like you know some of the wrong gredients I have issues with like Sprouts I just detest them I really do I wish I could like them I've never liked them growing up special alfalfa sprouts I can't think of anything I'd rather have caught in my teeth in alfalfa sprouts people people like pea shoots most people like pea shoots guess who doesn't like pea shoots that kind of raw starchy taste I'm averse to and so since that is inherent in almost every Sprout I like pea shoots Brooks put them in a dessert with strawberry ice cream Brookshire's Bakery pastry chef at Del posto and one of her favorite pastry chef Phillip every one of the world likes except for me so I'm not saying that they know I'm right here I'm clearly wrong clearly peashooter delicious and you know I find them merely you know not awful

but it's that starchy sweet taste that I'm not really down with +721-287-184-9721

Jourdan Dunn

welcome back to cooking issues 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 coming to you from rainy slushie Brooklyn okay so interesting little story we were on you or on eat while you were in the studio audience the Martha Stewart show Anastasia never lets me forget it because I was supposed to complete three cocktails talk to you you're an idiot or moron why can't you make it through it you useless anyway my point is is at most a time when you do demos the person your demo in front of it basically just their kind of reacting where's when Martha Stewart is there with the demo with you Martha Stewart ask you questions that relate to how things work and you don't just tell Martha Stewart she has off at your wife

I don't dare I thought she asked

it's completely up to you or that easier than one wife in college through it a question about cooking for real anyway so so anyway so I didn't make it through all of the steps I was supposed to make it through on on the program I made it three quarters of the way through a gin and tonic I was able to show Martha the other liquid nitrogen trick of polarizing a grapefruit juice and blood orange Pips into their individual the best Paul reisman to individual things that they float around and look pretty I knew Martha would love that because it is anyone in the world who likes a pastel color is Martha Stewart right so here's what happened at the at the end of the show Martha's like yeah that's great I'm figuring she's no blowing Sunshine up my you-know-what and that and she's like that's great young like a well you know if you're ever interested in any of this stuff and identity

date of centrifuge clarifying lime juice in a centrifuge using of combination therapy eBay ninja I am and how I was able to get for $100 on eBay because they had blown fuse in it and the other one I got was because they spelled it like centrifuge I just bought 160 liter liquid nitrogen Dewar used but retail value brand new $2,000 and eBay value 1012 hundred dollars in that range for like three hundred bucks because they spell Michael Gendron hello I feel a little bit guilty actually frankly taking advantage of people who spell nitrogen wrong

you don't get to see him very often but that's why they call it a hammer spring spring but has a new book coming out the action of the galleys of it so kind of more of a memoir not a cookbook more than more but turn on the show and I guess Mark some like that so looking forward to that it wouldn't get ya is books coming out soon can get whatever Martha Martha sitting there and I'm like figuring she's not going to ask me for anything and

the next day her the assistant calls her system calls and says hey Martha wants a centrifuge from like for her house all right what's your budget and Martha so kind of love the fact that I'm this kind of scrounging male person who can lose everything together with duct tape and bubblegum quality and self quality and feel that she's like I don't know three hundred bucks like what they did something I swear that if you want to buy one that is in working condition that's good that you trust with your with your family like that writes that the $1,200 that's a $1,254 problem right new we're talking a $7,000 to $10,000 for a problem Wylie Dufresne just had just got a new centrifuges do they call me and says it like he's now I kick myself pretty cool that's cool I should maybe upside down the air

so she like three hundred bucks because she wants to get like The Cools far as she wants to be part of the eBay bargain Because of You Realize for $300 I'm going to have to buy a broken one and pray I can fix it and then it hasn't been you know dipped into much feces that I can't clean off so these are all have all sorts of nasty blood blah blah blah mean they're all they're hardcore right she's actually we did we did find one thing was was dead blocks like a car and she kind of what was wrong with it like how it was broken and then kind of praying that I can fix it and I determined that because the motor could spin freely and the tachometer still work and everything powered up that if I was lucky right it was a problem either with a wire leading to the motor that would be the best or it was a problem with the actual brush his teeth are brushed Motor Service carbon brushes that are in it that basically

transfer from the wind at your back to the thing and so these go bad after a while and someone to jerk and I had to replace them then everything goes south in the machine stops working so I bought a centrifuge for under 300 bucks I think we paid to do something is 350l together with shipping and everything and Refrigeration replace the brushes that was a $6 sixteen after I created by two sets of brushes $16 problem and Martha's got a centrifuge so she when she gets herself back in the country Martha Stewart's going to be rocking with a cookie and she said she better give her a star at some fancy fruit and she can clarify in that Center fuse so that's our first celebrity hookup where we're hooking a celebrity up with some high-tech equipment and that's cooking

cheats for this week with Martha Stewart Center fuse doing this next week for cooking issues