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Episode 259: Who's Got Spirits?

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every Tuesday from McKenna and we got David in the booth and it's the only time my life I fly home to replace freaking hotter than I was when I'm flying from New Orleans in the middle of summer I just got back from Tales of the cocktail tales of the cocktail with your dollars my dad I've been going since I think like you're to the year right after Katrina hit the first year I went and originally they started down there because they had no money

don't have it in New Orleans just be cocktail town but they like what time of year does nobody but nobody want to go to New Orleans right now like it's like the other convention was like maybe the second year I went down there at the same time swingers the only other people there like it don't matter I'd like to take them out somewhere nice where all this going to like me to meet up afterward in the hotel room anyway so just got back from there I demonstrated the centrifuge to the group of a catfish they called cocktails this group of people that take care of all the behind the house stuff at tales of the cocktail said there's something like I forget what it was or something like two hundred thousand drinking cups that they at 8 they with all the seminars and all the parties and events stuff like that so they do all the bad team to do the saying that they

coordination getting it done so I didn't say to those guys I think they liked it I made some banana mastino which was good and I made a lime cordial a sorry I'm in Orange cordial and I always say orange juice when you clarify it tastes like Sunny D right and so it's not that useful because doesn't taste that good I've been fermenting it at home like I told you maybe the next time I will try it on a little longer think but I use it

blueprint fermented but the other thing I do is a take the clarified orange juice and turn to go off as fast as a lime cordial so he doesn't have to have that heated taste because a lot of people like I want my we doing just lime cordial it doesn't taste like it's fresh with my fresh you dunce it's cordial it's like a traditional flavor it's supposed to taste like it's been cooked and you supposed to like bring it on board a ship and keep yourself from getting scurvy more on that they're not supposed to taste every freaking drink with Citrus and it has to taste like it was made by 13 seconds ago that's not the freaking what is the time

we make lime cordial typically It's 121 lime juice and sugar right cuz like simple syrup that's what people do they add people to it and then they heat it up to a boil and then they strain it and then they bought it and that's cordial all right now the inherent problem with that is oh by the way is your sister going to call in today just to key lime pie

just tequila lime pie I know first of all key lime pie is perhaps the simplest dish on Earth to construct I mean please tell me she at least made her own graham cracker crust I'll ask her I mean for god sakes bottled key lime juice people you are better off using regular person slashgear slimes than bottled key lime juice do you agree with that instead of seeing their pain to do so I remember when I bought that miniature juicer in Mexico and it brought it back and I and I didn't angry juice and I broke it on day one before we could ever used at the at the bar anyway

send it to me. I hope it is all the boys Noah's voice no advice I thought Noah enjoyed grapes and that was the problem where he got naked Miss kids had to cover them up this is made from honey not from grapes Noah got conked out and drop his drawers in front of his kids on account of wine so they're saying that that they're off of no advice and they're on this meat action maybe no I had more of vices and we knew about is that like that's that's like it's somewhere in the liner notes for for some band that I don't that I don't know I haven't thought of the name yet but right is correct me on my Bible here Noah Bible experts and the kids like look the other way so as not to become

Abominations and like Drake stuff over more like your dad sleep that one off I believe that is exactly what happened that's that's in the Jersey Bible which someday nastase and I are going to do your dad sleep that off you know what I mean is like Sunday we're going to do it you don't have to say in this Asia

color color

hey what's up hundred ninety-five proof grain alcohol and most of them require or recommend that the the after adding the simplest sugar bee age for a couple months in a dark place I'm wondering why that would be if that's just an old wives tale or what the case what kind of bottle is it in

I'm sorry you're barely coming in a couple of things here one many many products are actually photosensitive it's not just very few products have the extreme reaction to light that you know what the human loans in hops have right where they just go skunky on you but many many things are very reactive to do UV light show in general unless you know that something specifically is lights table it is a very good idea to store it in the dark it seems to be some kind of flavor development or flavor maturation or some kind of smoothing of the flavor out overtime after the extract sugar and water

couple months before drinking I have never made this kind of thing with raspberry but I've dealt with basil quite a lot and aging and I can tell you for sure that the day you make it right it has one taste the fresh kind of basil taste and then it does go through a period of it being not my opinion. It's good right by but you know different and changes and then after basil in particular stabilizes somewhere between three and six months I can't Zach date because I didn't taste it every day but the end and that's at you know 40 or 50 proof you know what I mean and so the distillate don't and it's a it's a myth that

high-proof high-proof Spirit don't age in the bottle complete Mets it depend some high-proof Spirits don't really age in the bottle so whiskeys tend to stay pretty stable in the bottle vodka clearly stays stable in the bottle James tend to stay stable in the bottle but I mean st-germain does not stay stable in the bottle chartreuse is you know stable ish but if you taste chartreuse that's like you know 15-20 years old it's definitely different and it's not because the recipe has changed but it's because it's because it's 8 now that I think about it the thing that that looks so as a consumer who goes into making their own the reason it's not a parent is because you know all commercial Spirits have been developed to stay stable so that their customers kind of know what to expect right right

you know we're really only exposed to things that have been either stabilize or made stable which is why a lot of like you know vodka flavors no offense to them but they all taste Vape because they have to be fake because the real ones would be horribly unstable if they actually made it for real you know what I mean until like a lot of the flavors that are used car in in Liquors are dried dried herbs or things like citrus peels things that have like after some initial movement after they're made and they can usually be held by the company's long enough for that initial movement to happen they eventually you know mail and everything gets along fine and there were relatively stable the part of the joy of making something yourself is to make things that are not stable now right right a lot of things are delicious some things just are wretched while they're going through their awkward phase it's like you know it's like the Middle School of infusions but it's you know a lot of things taste good

what kind of all along but you're so different there every step of the way usually you love something when it's fresh because that's why you made it because it was delicious when it was fresh right I mean that's kind of what happened you your your palate was geared to making something fresh especially if you're not used to tasting with a mind six or eight months from now cuz you don't know what's going to happen right so you like you like this stuff it's fresh and then as it changes almost invariably you like it a little bit less as it starts to change initially if you really liked it at the get-go and that's when you need to like keep in your in your like in your mind and your in your heart that this stuff might get good again later I think that when people write recipes I think that they make a huge mistakes when they talk about things that need to be aged with the exception of things that are kind of dangerous until the age out I think you don't say no because they made it a million times that you know they might as well not taste it between now and you know in a couple of months when it's what it's

the truth of the matter is when you're learning you should taste a little bit as you go so that you can kind of get a feel for kind of what's changing and then get a feel for what you like and what would the stability is that's really the only way to to learn if you know if you if you just put something down and then don't taste it again and then write you don't know what's happening in case it as it goes and then make a fresh batch in a couple months from now and then I should be able to pay some side-by-side two-month-old versus a fresh extraction mature so it's not an old wives tale that there's something happening to even just a simple syrup to end and then I'll call extract some things are pretty dang stable but a lot of things move so Dosa recipe by recipe no. I don't know who the rest of your following but you know it's also a habit that you have if let's say you make a lot of infusions and it's been your experience that these

things like move around and aren't really stabilized for you know if a couple of months then you can start writing into all of your recipes to do that whether or not you've actually tested for that particular item or not you see what I'm saying the same thing by the way goes for every recipe that cooks right chest right or even you know like like bloggers anything like this once you have some experience in your life to lead you to believe you know the XYZ procedure is what you need to do then even if you don't maybe even sometimes do it yourself even included in every recipe you ever right so that nobody comes back and expanding tell people to a Jaden and needs to be a even if you haven't touched a swear like I do this you know what I mean it's just a sad fact of the way the world works that you have to pretend he's complete recipes to people for everything for foods for drinks and and you have to guard against these kind of attacks or or worse like having someone think that your recipe is bad and so you include things and in

recipes that you haven't actually tested on that particular recipe or if you have tested you haven't tested in a b where you left that step out it's just the nature of the Beast is not how it works. If you take 50% lime juice right now lime juice is we clarify 4th August at 6% acidity okay and now you add sugar you add to equal weight of sugar assuming the laundry said no sugar and it was just a little bit of a lie you have a fifty-fifty simple syrup it's acidic right it's a cordial cordial now what's the inherent problem in that since you weren't listening to me I'll tell you

write the problem is that it's what you want when is most a lot of the drinks that I am make have roughly equal amounts of a one-to-one simple syrup and like lime or lemon juice in it right one to one if anything there's a little more acidity a little more lime juice are little more sugar than there is very little more lime juice or lime or lemon juice then there is simple syrup right right problem is if you'd if you put a half ounce of that cordial into a drink it contains the same amount of sugar as a half ounce of of simple to write that make sense okay does it contain the same amount of acid as a half ounce of lime juice so you have to add some extra acidity in the form of citric and malic acid back to The Cordial to get the acidity such that the that it has the actual acidity of lime juice

all we do is we dope it's or orange juice normally you have to add 32 grams of citric acid and 20 grams of malic acid to every leader of Orange Is to have the same acidity as lime but you have to add a little more to make up for the space that the that the sugar is taking up and then when you pour an acid adjusted or double adjusted in the case of orange cordial every half ounce of that stuff is the same as pouring half ounce of simple syrup and a half ounce of like acid like lime juice but about a half an ounce less of total liquid get it get it got it good nothing mean de nada the city you couldn't borrow your buddies car that you paid the fix

Steve from Los Angeles is going to New Orleans and he said that I'm going to be in New Orleans this coming weekend unfortunately I'm missing out on tales of the cocktail are there any new news key here is a new bars and restaurants you saw this year that I should check out Steven Los Angeles well actually only went to one new restaurants they only had really had two dinners there when was Spirited award where it's not like a normal ass. Dinnerware it tells a cocktail you go in like it's paired with like it's not a normal dinner right but the second one I went to was that a new place get this it's I didn't even know he had done this shot in New Orleans called Johnny Sanchez Johnny Sanchez & R Bar Arena one of my favorite in terms of all time was it the French culinary is now a soundbar is it when they went to school together and so he's the exact there so

it's getting what they had that I like first of all for some reason in New Orleans like that ever since I could Sean which is like one of the famous favorite restaurants that we can all go to down there down there like pig ears and like they're big on pig ears and pick parts

see no Chilla killas right so these guys instead of using tortillas they do like a pig ear Chilla killas what do you think I don't know pig ears ears and kill the killers so like doing an interpretation like a killer kill its interpretation with big ears at that was good I enjoyed it we also had squash blossoms and we were we were we were we were saying how ridiculously have squash blossoms here it's like so sad when you go down in Mexico and there's a billions and billions of squash blossoms for almost nothing but if that's the only new place I recommend I can recommend that I didn't get to go to go to call Shaya the guy was not named after Shia LaBeouf which is the place where they make their own Peter Pan goes crazy for I didn't get to go you want to like do you like tourist things in stassi I'd like sometimes sometimes there's a place called Central Grocery muffuletta

and someone that all the tourists go to write all the locals there like a jerk why you going to the place at all the tourists go you got to have our Muffler that are this that bubble butt muffaletta sandwich and making New Orleans and it's all about the chopped up olives in Indy no pickles and stuff that goes in it in the end of a call about that with this giant giant huge loaf of bread with a sesame's on top it looks like a giant overgrown Sesame bun with like any of the meat and the cheese is in a chopped up olives olives and peppers and like a pickle stuff on it right but you know what it's good a crap on you I enjoy crap on all you haters out there who just because like you no sense you know since whenever this has been a place people go so what still good you're not saying

I don't know whether you do this New Orleans Louisiana is possibly the the like apogee the height of personal injury lawyer advertising I turned on so I turned on the TV and it was one of these shows where was trying to figure out who the dad is and nobody knows there's like eight guys up on stage and nobody knows which ones did the dad to have a paternity test is also at the screaming and yelling and the bouncers and stuff like that Maury Povich and the commercials for the personal injuries attorneys are just amazing it's like almost like that it's an art form that my favorite there's a personal injury attorney and they wanted him to come to his birthday party but he wouldn't come but he sent a life-size cutout of himself and make a pen to this kid's birthday party but there's a there's a

chip Forstall who's got like this like polished but bald head and go online and look up chip Forstall videos he's hired all of these local Louisiana musicians to sing various Renditions of Chip Chip Forstall he's a man of integrity and he wants to be your attorney chip Forstall takes care of it all personal injuries big or small some sort of like Mardi Gras version version of Chip Forstall takes care of it like I went down there thinking that cellino & Barnes was kind of the height of personal injury attorney advertisement actual life is like we never discuss anything serious we just will sit down a silent for like an hour or so like staring at

distance with dead eyes and then all the sudden will just start singing the cellino & Barnes Song Selena and Barnes injury attorneys right anyway so I feel bad yet another thing if you think you're the best at something and you like weekly it comes to personal injury lawyer advertising and I found out I think why so intrigued by that looked it up and when it turns out that in New Orleans Parish is down there in Louisiana the judges that are hearing these cases are elected right right so I need to have campaign and get this unlike any other state in the Union the threshold for a jury trial for this stuff is $50,000 to any case that's below 50

thousand dollars what's a $49,999 people like chip Forstall get to go directly in front of a judge judge why don't we settle this for like 4995 you know what I mean like 49k didn't know I'll give you some money we'll all get out of here just got to get his money boom, advertisers and I think it's worth it anyway I call around here

hi how you doing is a Shane ham come from from Dublin Ireland

great it says gray and cloudy as usual my favorite green cloudy man I wish I could live in a place was always gray and cloudy. What are you

we call in about I'm I'm trying I'm looking at the restaurant equipment and I'm doing a lot of low temperature cooking and I want to get some equipment in account for sharing for searing meats and vegetables on a conscious charcoal because fire restrictions at a difficult I just wanted to know if you have any recommendations for

brother equipment that would be good like a cast iron pan is too small for my for the volume all be doing so like I looked at induction planches and things like this and I don't know if you have any recommendations for good steering equipment that's not charcoal or we're not even natural gas I might have natural gas I'm I'm trying to get the lines installed so I might and I might not I'm interested in both Natural Gas and Electric the deal is me anytime you're going to do heavy steering work on on low temperature to matter what the source of the heat is you're going to make a crap ton of smoke and so you're going to need like regardless of what the regulations are anything else you going to need really good ventilation so that's what the given I was going to stipulate that right there

it's it's hard so like in there in New York where now like they allow certain things have been used to whatever one you used to do in the trip back in the day was they would have these these gas is gas grill situations right and then they would just the manufacturers knew you would do this if we just throw wood on top of the gas and just get it completely roaring but then whenever obviously someone's coming in to inspect it's just the gas gas you know what I mean and you would throw on wood in quotes for smoking you know what I mean and then that would that's how you kind of get around in those guys have Jack the heat that way a lot in terms of your me if you can get get gas and you going to do a lot of this work I would invest in like a deck Broiler and the deck Broiler is just like a salamander but they're stacked like it's like it's like three salamanders stacked together and it's much more than three times as powerful because if you ever use a salamander you just had

sweet spot right in the middle and then it kind of radiates out where is like the deck boiler you have a giant sweet spot and it you can they really scream they really scream and so I would recommend something like that but that's only going to work kind of in an over fire to chew ation so if you're looking to finish

you want to go electric I don't have a lot of experience doing hardcore scissoring on I've never used for instance and induction Plancha I've never used it and so I can't really let you know I can't really speak to it I'd say that think a lot about what your me any electric thing that you use I've never used and I've used some of them I've never use an electric Broiler that was worth spit you know what I mean they're just there's not enough there's not enough power output me the good news about using induction is it so efficient in terms of heat delivery to the to the pan or or the or the Poncho The Griddle if it specifically built that way that you know even though you know you only have a certain amount of power you can suck out of a wall it's providing a lot of that power to actually to keep the food item that you're that you're talkin about now

that when you're doing low temperature cooking as I'm sure you're aware one of the main issues on the Finish is that unlike a traditional pan sear that you do before before you're you're cooking or if you're going to pan sear and then finish in the oven traditional-style the meat when you put it in is pretty or whatever it is is is pretty floppy and can make good contact with a service in the pan or The Griddle or the whatever and what that means is you get a nice even even see or off on the thing and it makes a lot of smoke however if you're doing a posts here and you put that same piece of meat on to acquittal then you're going to have very dark marks exactly where you're touching the pan but unless you have a pretty hard core weight on it right you're not going to have an even and even sear aquatic so how do we get around that we paying a lot of oil on the on the meet and we try to hope that there's some sort of connection between you know Bridging the oil to the meat but then as soon as you do that

you now have a lot lot more smoke than you did back in back in the day before you know you back. So you can't get it to work that way but you can't really win that way and what happens is if you're sitting there in kitchen and you have only screaming pans you're constantly having to wipe it out because just the amount of oil that you have to put on it is just you know kind of an intense now some people you know like we used to when we're doing duck breast and we're cooking low temp remade very very sure that we put them in the bag we flattened it all out so that then we took the duck breast and put it in the pan after work do the crystals on the skin that it was all going to be in contact and it would render right but if you don't you're pretty much hosed write some pieces of a some products and I know that you know of people getting mad at me about it sometimes sometimes the best way to say deep fry it

can you deep fry it you get like instants ear all the way around and the problem with it is is it nobody notices as long as your oil is impeccable but when you do a fry finish on something and like a steak and the oil is even a little bit over it's like it gets kind of it gets kind of ugly because they start to taste that oil on the outside if if not then as soon as you pull it out of the fryer if you will is good you have you know someone wrap a towel around it get the excess fat grease off the outside and by the time you cut it No One Ever Knows it's been an oil they just want to know why the crust is so nice that is particularly useful on things like lamb racks which are very hard to post finish and hard to get a nice crust on the outside without overcooking using a low temperature kind of techniques so in my mind things like lamb racks big bone in pieces like that work extremely well in the deep fry

but you just have to get mean like people don't like to think about it and also they don't like you have to make sure that your oil is impeccable so those are kind of what what I'd used there's no question that an induction induction range can get cast iron pan hot enough the problem with the cast iron pan on the induction range is I think we talked about this last week or the week before it's really have to not like having screaming right away because you'll notice on most induction things that you that you use Me Maybe the commercial ones I haven't checked their burner pattern but the burner pattern on induction is relatively small and so they tend to work well on things that have a big a fast can a heat conductive surface so like the aluminum sandwich pans that have like the slug in them that the induction works with of the stainless steel induction works with and then they have an aluminum Billet and that aluminum spreads the heat out relatively quickly so you don't get made

major hotspots with the induction with it with cast iron you're going to tend to heat the local area and it's going to take longer for it to be totally even now that point is moot if you have it on the induction thing for like 5 minutes and heating up but then you know you have something is screaming hot all the time and unless you're going to chill it in between or let it cool down in between orders which isn't really feasible in like a heavy environment like when you're going to get an order and you don't necessarily want to have to keep your pan going up and down and up and down Sonos you know most people want like if they having a griddle they want a high heat griddle for app launcher that's running now you know the advantage there you know I'm the reason why they're so good as they can stay really hot but remember Pancho's green the grease down and out so quick to take your your your spatula and you scrape off the extra grease and now you're not smoking up your whole kitchen with the extra grease from before while you're waiting for the next order to come in but that said planchas

design for searing meat should have already been cooked you can like a Li'l squeezy bottle of oil so you take a Li'l squeezy bottle of oil and then hit it and it can it can work we just have to get some practice if you have a buddy that has one I would definitely go to use it before you invest in it to make sure it fits your cooking style you don't even see a lot of lunches in units on giving different surface temperatures like to 30° the dishes Celsius and 250 degrees on for a conduction heat Source do you know what kind of what kind of temperature I'll be looking for a for a post I'll do it for you there to help the unevenness of the me tissues hopefully I did so on the cooking issues blog I think it's there I might not to put that picture up and I'll go look at it again I died once did a test where I was actually testing the cert the temperature of the cast iron

during the thing to look at what is a standard old cast-iron pan you know like maybe 50 60 years old trying to figure out like what the best initial temperature is actually who called into the show he is at his blob with you know he did a test and he has a thing I think with Meathead Goldwyn when he was on the show you know he did a test with a probe underneath showing that in most cases the temperature drops very quickly right at the surface you know because obviously it has to boil water off and so you know he seems to think he seems to think it doesn't matter that you that that hot in my research that I did shows that an initial very high heat in the pant does help so I was getting the stuff up into the range of like 500 and or something which is which is Sassy 400 is 360 is 200 right so I was getting I was probably getting up to like at 2 I'll call you getting up in the hill closer to what were you saying hi to 62

what are you saying they were ranges from 222 maybe 250 is the ones I've seen her because you can always turn it down right but might you know it was I had to wait until these things got very very hot before I started seeing diminishing returns me eventually you get me Ava to call the the leidenfrost effect and it takes a little longer for it even to know that it's hearing right that's like I can stick my hand in liquid nitrogen and pull it out because because of a performs but in actuality what tends to happen is is that that your Poncho is a slug of a metal you put the meat down on it and that you get it shows it right there eventually and then you have to wait for the heat to come back in order to get up there it's temperature today they're storing heat a little bit I know some people have moved to very very thin funchess with work almost I guess I got like a Mexican Kamal and those things don't store as much energy and so then there were lying a lot

more on how much energy your ear combusting in heat to get their incredibly quick recovery rather than a thermal mass that allows it to recover so you can kind of play either way but I'll say this and I might have said it's on air but remember it was well over a decade ago I interviewed Jose Andreas a relatively soon after he had opened atlantico and I was doing an article on ponchos for food Arts magazine at the time and he said I said to him and you know I knew all about punches and I knew that they had this like you know it central heat and then it would spread out and it was colder and so people could then you know spatially arrange the stuff that wanted lower heat over on the edge of the planter and stuff that wanted Haier heater searing heat in the middle of the punch of right sounds familiar that's helped launch it supposed to work and he says no I just buy a griddle and I set the oven to wake me up American Girl dolls have like the one he had had four zones for different burners right so I'm assuming he sets one side high and then the other side low and then he has a great and he

that's the way most people who use griddles that's how they think right so they had the spatial organization of heat much like a French flat top hot and he was like oh no absolutely not freaking crazy and you know I write all of my recipes such that everything only requires one temperature now is like all right and that kind of makes sense so when you're doing a lot of low temperature work you're not going to need a lot of these little kind of warming zones are places you can let things ride you're going to want a big even screaming mother of an object that you can just crank with not a saint

Tweeter calling and let us know what's going on but I definitely is a huge recommendation don't trust anyone on their sales salesmanship on buying equipment go use the stuff everybody sells you a bill of goods and it's almost impossible especially when you're shopping for something that you can have to cook with for years and years and it's goes what you're going to go buy a Combi oven or anything like that anyone will sell you anything and everyone sounds good and a lot of equipment is good but the things I would ask you if your friends or anyone around how often does that sucker break with a piece of electrical equipment especially if you're going to go induction like ask a bunch of people that have used it not for like a week or for like are you guys at Jeffrey steingarten says like you know all good knives are good just like puppies right it's like you want to know how is that thing after a year how many service calls do they have to have and if it breaks like how fast I'm going to come in and fix it because you don't want to build your business around you know some sort of an induction range and then

it's going to die every week and a half now old induction units used to die constantly write the reason being that no one had adequate Cooling in them and they would try to do things like putting induction Range Rover in oven in the heat will get so intense and electronics they would just fry and I think of the modern inductions of the past me no 6 7 years they probably a dealt with a lot of that and you fix a lot of that problem but you want to make sure that that's not going to be an issue for you because you don't want to be down unless you have it a Spare also you know as you know as they say here you got to make sure it's got enough power you know what I mean you got to make sure that you like like cooking with it and so I highly recommend finding one it any good big equipment manufacturer has a has someone that they can send you to let you click on it you know what I'm saying and then you know like y'all don't know who bought it in your area and you can go check it out and see whether or not it suits it suits your your cooking style you not want to be saddled with a system like

that and regret it in five or six months because you know you might have to live with it for years

all right I hope that's helpful very helpful thanks a lot

American storaway 58 billion disposable cups every year a lot of those cops will still be around long after your death kind of dark I know but I'm Greg Powell and we decided to do something about it we created the only glass travel mug that's 100% us made you can check it out alongside a complete line of everyday reusable Zach poww. Com

and we are back alright so do you want to come taste this meme was going to taste it. Thank you for Neil Wallace for donating to Heritage Radio Network on behalf of the cooking issues I broadcast we appreciate it for David to I bring a cup in here to taste it. I'll take care of this call no no call me to talk to you about Harold McGee and this this thing you remembering

it's going to have a word that you're not going to like what I like from California hey hey guys basically broke and love espresso been there right I mean like actually I didn't really like espresso when I was 23 I didn't really like it until I was

almost 30 I didn't drink coffee in college I drink tea but you know I'm glad that you didn't say 100% stability and you said control because back in the day when I was first starting everyone thought that the best of everything was complete consistency across the board right so you want the temperature to be completely consistent across the shot you want the pressure to be considered completely consistent across across the shot and in fact we now know that that's not the case and that it in general most people prefer shots where there's gradients in in those things over the course of the shot not everyone most people and the trick is being able to control and repeat it so like certain

large commercial machines were you know just made genius cups of espresso not necessarily because they were they kept everything the same drop the shop but just a repeatedly deliver the same profile of temperature and pressure point well kit about the question and not about like the price of a supposedly rancilio makes a machine that does a good job of this for about $700 and the people of the interweb seem to believe that everything cheaper is crap I'm assuming you're talking about the rancilio rocky rancilio rocky is a bit it's a good piece of equipment I have one

it is the reason people like it is that it the bones very good right it's got a good boiler on it that uses a good portafilter and so like that stuff is relatively robust also it's like an old-school like American car in that when you open up the hood there's not a lot of junk and garbage inside of there so you can pretty much do whatever you want so it became very early on like yeah well well over a decade ago the machine to mod out right so the problem and so then peel people with PID controls in people do. It controls and some people that a second boiler to it there's a lot of stuff out there and there's a lot of people that have already walked on the road back to buy kit stomata and I have to say that a PID controlled Rocky may I am sorry Sylvia Sylvia Rock use a grinder rancilio Silvia is it's a good machine and makes a good cup of coffee it is a pain

in the behind if you also like milk in your coffee I don't but my wife and milk and coffee person and because it's not do a boiler you have to always like turn it on to steam let's team up and then you have to get the temperature back down by pushing water through the through the group head and then let it stabilized again and then probably you know if you're making your 23 and you're broke if you're also single and or and or nobody in your house like anything but espresso the the Sylvia is good but apparently it's too expensive at right because you're basically broke all right now so you then you say how you take a question while back about the ROK ROK espresso maker which goes for $150 I can remember what you said about it well I haven't used it right about it but the consensus seems to be it is possible to get a good espresso from that however it is difficult if not impossible to do so consistently as the pressure is regulated by hand I'm considering buying one and adding a spring to the system to regulate the pressure that have a machine shop at my disposal and key

do this with relative ease but I wanted to get your take on whether or not it would work well potentially before wasting the time and money involved also any tips on looking into a professional espresso machine at auction for almost no money as you did would be much appreciated thanks Russian California alright first of all these in reverse order so buying something at an auction is a really good way to go what you need to find it an option where nobody else there wants a piece of equipment so usually the way you do that is you find something so if you go on eBay you can buy an espresso machine commercial that is broken for some reason other and then if you're willing to fix it or go to the trouble of fixing it then then you can do it I would make a hundred percent sure that the parts are available I get to know someone cuz Parts on espresso machine can get very very expensive very quickly but let's say there's an espresso machine out there and the pump is broken most people who serve espresso machines know how easy it is to get a new pump and so you wouldn't get a big discount because they would buy it just takes the pop rather than give you some

maybe you find some knucklehead who has a machine just want to get rid of it at an auction so you what you need to go into a restaurant option is patience the unfortunate thing is back when I was starting in Espresso World it was people on the on the web that the general consensus was that poem people use his forget about making espresso right and the only people that were making espresso at home with machines that they liked where the people who are using the Euro Piccolo said that hand lever machines now so there you have it The Rock Against pronounce Rock what it is is like a dual would you describe this motion nastassia this like the Hulk

into a column of water is heated and then in in through the into the ground espresso now

in actuality some of the best in fact still the best cups of coffee that I've had espresso have been some of the best I've been out of Labor machines and they're working on Springs so Springs are good the problem with modifying the spring on that machine is that how would you do it you have to pull up on it right in it if you have the Spring Pulling easiest way to do it be to have springpoint handles down but then you're going to have a difficult time leavering them up and then holding them there for the infusion section and then letting them go so it is possible that you could I guess make some for the crossbow scenario where you just lift it up and then crank something up and use that the kind of pull it down almost there like 30 seconds Russ will deal again next week so I also talked to you you need to spend money on a grinder we need to worry about grinder as much as you do about machine so I'll get back to that. Tell me a little bit about the meet David tell me about the meat is delicious notes of popcorn

and yeah I think it's good I would have this one after dinner or some some flavor in and I don't like the spicy one I like it to be in New Jersey during lunch with Harold McGee all of you go on the New York Botanical Garden go to their corpse flower, there's a rare corpse flower that's about to bloom any day now and hopefully Harold and I are going to go it smells like Rotting Flesh it's a close relative of the same thing that makes konjac and the name of it is ready for us in the name of the genus is the largest inflorescence in the world in the world amorphophallus titanum amorphophallus titanum because if your house is going to be poorly for him

just wanted to be Titanic cooking issues

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