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Episode 258: Clay in Your Crème Brûlée

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Bushwick Brooklyn

morning assassin morning how you doing it's not morning somewhere we've been speaking since like 7:45 know your life is a constant radio mistake and you can you can you should all know in like how do you pronounce yeah I know

after work there time before our work to do when you're when you're when you're building something that's 12 hours time zone away you have to kind of arrange your calls either like early in the morning or late at night there's no I guess it's not true they could arrange it so it's early in the morning or late at night for now

yeah we said we organize it so it's either early in the morning or late night rest at night

that we

look we've had working prototype for some months now but we're not going to officially release anything until or give a date until we are sure that we have the future production Kings pretty ironed out right and Sassy but we're still planning on doing a pre-order it's still going to be under $1,000

you will get a pre-order discount that still our plan and we hope to have it on pre-order and somewhere between three and five months before the actual delivery date and we might have a tiered early bird system where the early early birds get it for less than the later early bird Cedric's at the right is not our current plan okay yeah whether there's levels of early bird we don't know what the issue is where to go on pre-sale and you're going to get a discount because you're buying it before it comes out and what that's going to do is there's a substantial amount of to lie that we need to make that to get it made and we don't have the cash.

Toronto to the pre-order trubisky going to go towards the tooling to Get It produced as for the specs the specs are going to be that it is going to hold up five hundred milliliters at a time of liquid or oil or whatever but it's going to have the ability with a built-in pump to pump liquid through the rotor such that you can do more than 500 mL at a time no not that many solids in it I did 5 gallons of cider I filter in 5 gallons of cider with it

we're pretty excited about it the whole thing's going to be smaller it's about a little bit bigger than a Cuisinart mixer right easily fit under counter easy to lift around move around excetera excetera they ask is my partner's they ask how do you know how many people are going to buy it so when we had a number while ago but I know where it is now and

we figure if someone's willing to Shell out $500 for a book A lot of these people don't already have the centrifuge they're going to be willing to Shell out less than less than a thousand bucks hopefully as low as we can go right but we chatted P butter for instance all these kinds of things the recipes are different because that's part of the work that I've been doing is figuring it out and if anyone really cares they can ask me to do a an ABCs of centrifugation on are later in terms of the actual science and math behind a better I don't think I know but I never really talked about

there's a there's a there's a number of factors and in Santa Fe the same problems that people run into with with things like induction burners write a compare watts of an induction burner with BTUs in a gas stove and nobody really knows how to compare them so comparing friend since so they can act more like a fixed angle centrifuge where's a swinging by the people deal to call fix angle the liquids are held at a fixed angle in the rotor as it spins and the products are in buckets that as you might guess swing out when you open it when you turn it on rather and that's and that's how they work

they have the two different kinds of rotors have different characteristics primarily based on the fact of having an angle helps with certain kinds of pelleting are you getting salads to deposit and steak salad at the bottom of rotor and also fixing a rotors definitely usually the Cloudy bits have a shorter distance to travel before they hit the bottom of the tube so differently between bucket rotors usually larger capacity

try to bridge the gap between those two so it works it works at a considerably lower G-Force than the than the equivalent swinging bucket would also like how well something a centrifuge to separate solids out is based on a variety of factors that are inherent in the product itself so that it's Casa TV with we work on with enzyme that connects but also in the speed of the rotor which is something I can't change too much but they obviously they work in the force, but the big one important that you get to manipulate is particle size so the the the speed at which you said sediment stuff out ghost linearly as the force is increased it goes nearly as the viscosity decreases but it goes by by the square of the particle size

so you what you really wanted and also the density difference between a solid and a liquid so a lot of my recipes to get the smaller center fuse to work like a big guy has to do with increasing the particle size so I already went through it with anyone didn't understand that what temperature is a hundred percent of people because I wasn't very clear then you can ask me to explain it later at a later date the recipes that use in liquid intelligence for

things like lime juice is centrifuge lime juice out lime juice is more difficult to Center to use another things because the enzymes don't fully break everything down because of the extreme acidity in lime juice and the way did I make that work in a centrifuge regular bench top three leaders centrifuged I use at the bar is wine fining agent and what does wine fining agents do they make the particles agglomerate together they become bigger as of particles become bigger it becomes as I said you know by the square easier to filter them out or smashing to the bottom of the centerpiece bucket and so I do that trick with this centrifuge and I can send it to use basically anything so far things aren't just a matter of making sure they're consistent so that when it shows up at your house or at your bar

you are safe and happy safe

will give you updates as we know them but they like if it doesn't go on Wheatley look we're still hoping to deliver it

this calendar if not early next calendar but I want to promise anything but if we don't pre-order by the end of this year I think we're in some serious trouble anyway so expect that to happen right is your sister by the way still on dump meals or no did you do any but she said she explained to her that I realize that she didn't write the dump meals and therefore she shouldn't feel bad about me insulting the dump meals we had to call remind me at 3 come out of brake mozzarella

can you cook anything interesting by the way over the week now you have like a whole pig in a raw bar they went all out I was a skin with a chewy or crunchy crunchy really

I love the country skin I love the country's going to take anyone there is cooked a pig nose that until the pigs get like longer than that it's all like bones anyway there's a view skinny little Motors that will die young pigs baby pigs and that there's not a lot of meat on a right good news is is it that they're fairly I don't give a little guys dry out of these lyrics I wasn't is right now in did you know who wrote The Wedding is always one who is the wedding come on 16 pieces at a happy at the cocktail no one like me there who walked over. The year starting now

you better get yourself some new friends you need new friends Judy from sin

good healthy Paws to jot down a note while listening to you shout down dump meals it is true I got Mighty angry over the over the dump meals. You don't have to trust my opinion though since I don't mind wraps she goes on say yes it's a centrally edible cardboard but I can't help myself if I don't want all the bulk of the bread here in yours key this is why I know I can trust her I may be a garbage individual

but I'll call a wrap a sandwich nicey I have infinite respect for someone who comes out can I say it to myself all the time I may be a garbage individual but props props major respect that I got a lot of love from Malden right now

I know you guys feel that maybe America's test test kitchen which is true but I spent seven years we didn't cook books cover to cover and cooking mostly dishes it makes sense when only one person is eating 98% of the time and how you have no access to outdoor cooking cooking for yourself a lot of the time and no access to the outdoors okay so I cook my way through America's Test Kitchen slow cooker cookbook which I guess it is their answer to dump meals and certainly not all the dishes are winners but some dishes like shredded barbecue chicken that is literally chicken and a slightly to say. But something seems like a shredded BBQ chicken is literally chicken and slightly doctors with a barbecue sauce talk about a dump meal but

I'm sure miss Asia and I were talking to the factory in China paragraph the first cooker recipes are mediocre at best slow cooker and walk away at 1 news about play refusing to listen mostly new and interesting techniques are contained in the book apparently America's Test Kitchen has a bunch of new techniques that allow you to just dumped a bunch of crap into the slow cooker and I'll get a good result microwave spices first and aromatics tomato paste excetera excetera Park cooking Hardy vegetables in the microwave blah blah blah

and and obviously soy sauce and tomato paste for secret weapons for building flavor as I yelled at your sister for the teriyaki sauce but we'll try it we'll try it will take a look at it until next week we will have anastacio sister the corresponding coming in with her dump meal you can warn her a little bit beforehand at like that I'm going to have some violent reactions

yes to are some of the stuff that we covered the size question on a Burmese tofu right to trick people into a try don't stop we got to nothing I thought we covered it okay I want to call remember I want to call Francis Lam but I couldn't get in touch with him because he's like we talked about it right if I didn't get to your question on the on the Burmese tofu which essentially not tofu it's essentially a trick people into right and I've never tried it but there's also Italian variants of chickpea uplifted call Panela I haven't either but I'm sure where it's definitely not a tofu style think it's much more like a plan. But it sounds delicious I've never had it you also had a question on

using molds that are not sure to add to make tofu ripen like cheese and usually the cheeses that are the moles that are used for fermented tofu sarn't classic Western cheese mold but they have run tests I would like penicillin work fourteen but they bolstered has a lot of those flavors and cheeses are fat breakdown products so in general they have to dope the tofu with fats first and sometimes they do with milk solids as well what kind of defeats the purpose but so dope the tofu with fat such that the molds can make similar fat Ox lipase stop labor that you would get from cheese but it has been tested I think in the seventies I don't know anyone that does commercial stuff by shortly in his and his his wife would I can never pronounce your name they have all the story books and if you look online they have an exhaustive search of the literature bibliography on cheese is tofu in ocular

different most I go check on that and if I didn't get to your actual question actually just send back again I know it's taking forever to feel better but I feel bad that you had a bunch of weeks we've had a bunch of crap Chris do I get to Chris's gravlax question called in a long time ago in a few times before but I'm now going to have to make it for my sister's wedding which hopefully didn't already happen you know otherwise we're host I am concerned about the principles which make it safe to eat

procedure for curing fish is a mixture of salt sugar black pepper and Bill sources very quite a bit in the ratio of these ingredients and also in the ratio of curing mixture to the massive fish being cured spread it over longitudinally sliced salmon fillets with the skin on face the two fillets together and wrap in cling film The Cure in the fridge for about 48 Hours flipping every Noggin which by the way I emailed Nils and that's pretty much his rest that I have noses recipe here I'll give it to you before I continue is 1.5 sugar to 1 salt if you's a kosher salt when until it's fine otherwise it doesn't not properly nose makes a salt and sugar mixture with chopped dill and black pepper even though white pepper is more traditional nose hates white pepper because of the moldy taste hate hate hate it hate actually matter

Pismo Beach and do you care about seeing black pepper on your product now to meet the side of black pepper there I love black pepper

I hate white pepper Wylie Wylie Dufresne love white pepper you said that you think Trump is a white pepper fan he said I think tanks in yourself you don't actually do any opinion but I've heard some people say Trump like white pepper I get all my information from the internet all the sudden I hadn't even never even it never occurred to me although I guess it fits wiping moldy scale the skin and leave the leave it on as the skin here's a key thing in those says it's a skin is really good to see her after it's cured before you slice it but it's cured he likes seared carrots can I rub them

and put the flesh dies together don't weigh it down just make sure to turn it on for 24 hours or less if it is a smaller salmon so it's that's Mills is direct from Mills is minded pretty damn good I mean if I had to say give me some Swedish crap I would go to Mills and Thanos can you cook me some Swedish crap when you do that okay I don't understand that there might be some risk of Contracting parasites that you hate what's the worst word for parasite in your mind that says here when you don't mind the word parasite you just hate all the things associated with it worm or frozen to below a certain temperature Ford extended. Of time I probably not attainable and home fries or actually it is that the issue with a home freezer

is it you just need to freeze it for an extended. Of time so like if you hear a home freezer and you can measure it with a thermometer but you're home free fries are probably easily gets down to about minus 20 Celsius which is -4 Fahrenheit and that's fine but it you have to leave the free fish in that for a long time the problem with that also is that probably your fish has already been frozen and multiple freestyle Cycles really kind of beats up the texture of the of the flash I think your best bet is to get stuff that you can guarantee is previously frozen I mean to meet me at shoes there are definitely parasite issues in salmon and those parasites are not necessarily killed by the salting or by the refrigeration they will be killed by freezing at you know that the thing is is it a lot of times if you talk to people in the store they're like what do you mean

they don't realize that you're like my will you please just tell me two suckers been frozen because they don't have to worry about it people still in their minds they think that the never-frozen is like a positive thing for fish where is a lot of fish especially farm would you like what you're saying is going to get unless you're getting the wild-card it's much better for them to freeze it properly at the stores and ship it then to go through the the whole cold chain unfrozen a lot of all your sushi that you eat a supposedly has been frozen to kill parasites and so freezing is not what it once was like very high quality frozen fish is kind of the best that you can get for some of these bigger things unless you're catching it you know right away unless it's off of add a boat or some like that but you're not you're not getting less you live in Alaska or in Washington you're not getting salmon anywhere close to its source you going insane so anyway so I buy stuff this Frozen ahead of time so that you don't have

do I worry about it I like the parents license in advance how far in advance can I prepare it and what's icing in advance increase the risk of somebody might get sick from the fish muscle and cutting it you are introducing the possibility of adding bacteria so if you get like any kind of contamination on it whenever you're increasing the surface area on which you can grow and you know that if it's not fully sanitize mean are you going to get someone sick like maybe not but you know yeah you definitely increase the increase the risk you know if you I don't know if you wanted cheat it and you can add something that will kill bacteria like I tried to feel like this. Really I don't know a lot about

cured fish 80 but definitely you're increasing the risk of small risk right and I also have any value for the ratio of curing mixture to fish and a competition to make sure he knows this stuff on that but not sure how to answer on the safety I look I would slice it I would say sit pretty soon thereafter it keep it really cold you know to keep everything really cold like a of sanitizer knife it's probably not going to be a problem but yeah anytime you're doing something that you're increasing risk and maybe someone in the chat room has something to say on that

should we take a break come back on

hi this is Peter Kim the executive director of mofad the Museum of food and drink nonprofit founded by Dave Arnold the host of cooking issues here on the Heritage Radio Network and we want to take people to the world of food we just open mofad lab our Gallery space at 62 Bayard Street in Williamsburg Brooklyn accent flavor tablets deliver tastings of vanilla a new mommy and the Willy Wonka inspired smelson what is over half a million different flavors so weak and tickets are $5 for kids and $10 for adults learn more about the Museum of food and drink at. Org

Peter, Peter can't you just like I Can See You Too Faced I can see his face of disgust as he mentioned cooking issues I can feel it back in here so we can be Mimi Mimi Mimi working on the on the next exhibition that we're going to do what you going to do a Kickstarter later and find the next passage tomato Kickstarter face

stassi hate kickstarter's which we can get if anyone ever wants and stassi to if you want to stassi to rent but get her started on running kicking Apu then I'll tell you they're good idea soon as you should you do when you're like yeah yeah so funny sometimes

are you living nightmare some people may be okay

yeah also if you were going to do a Kickstarter and you didn't actually have a product you needed to deliver if it was not actually a product nonprofit

he gets better and David in the booth and any other special guests know no other no special guests because Peter Pan Lee doesn't think that we were where were they not even not not even the chance to talk about Mossad and a free lunch that's enough to entice him and take him in the game only found out about your podcast this January spent the last six months powering through the entire backlog yes I'm one of those nutjobs wow I feel for anyone that you're friends with a lot of screaming and ranting be on your way through to wish Jackie molecules for me to get Jack to 1/4 more outra someone just beat down the back while you're that almost punched through the back wall like Kool-Aid Kool-Aid

oh man that you are quick on the button today that is some strong Kool-Aid oh yeah noise have my coffee are you express a man or American cup of coffee man open on my coffee. I like milk formed into cheese in a furlough Tim Cook's but text her side because my theory is it that especially the higher the vacuum if it's cooked in a vacuum bag it affect the texture of the chicken and makes it spongy and and gives it that are more apt to have that feeling of scribe it this way then when you bite into it it's excessively juicy at the beginning with them turn to fibers pulp as you chew you don't talk about and tell him you felt it that's my feeling

the temperature outside as soon as I pulled out hard vacuum on a bag of chicken breast and cooked it through to pasteurization time and temp how long will the cook chicken then keep in sealed bags refrigerator before spoiling your car's cook I've had bags keep almost 2 weeks smelling and tasting okay so far but recently had a bad smell off after 6 days I reckon it's an anomaly might have messed up the seal on that that was a question is if you accept the seal on that bash the one that smelled off like did you get did the bags blow another word did they inflate a lot of time if something's gone wrong there's two things that can happen you can just see that you have a loss of seal

eres Especial forget to say did you blow on them

did you found them I can't I can't see safe if you if you don't let's say you let's say you have chicken breast before I get to your safety question let's say you have chicken breast on the bone bone attached to them now if you suck a very very hard vacuum like like that like like way to the machine gets down to its full vacuum in and allow her to suffer an additional 30 to 40 seconds right you'll evacuate most of the are most of the air out of the bones and then your you know if you'll be able to get a good seal and you'll be able to have the bag stay tight however if let's say that chicken was a little bit warmer than the rest of the chicken then it's never going to get down to the super low vacuum you might not pull all the air out of the bones and that case when you cook air will seep out of Bones because bird bones are Hollow and you'll get a puff bag right that's one way to get a puff bag on a chicken but that didn't happen right you can sometimes you can get a pinhole leak right and usually if you look at it really

so you'll see that little fold in the bag Co where didn't seal right or the edge of the bag got too close to the edge of the bar and sometimes you can get a little Pincher Creek Mark and they in where the sealer is towards the edge of the bag you know she don't have a good seal or they'll be like a little piece of herb or something that cut across one of the bags any points and you can see and there you'll see you'll get some leakage in and what you'll have it and not type bag at usually won't give you a blown bag a blown bag happens when there's bacterial growth in the bag and it literally inflates from gas being produced and if you get a blown bag on anything that you weren't specifically trying to get it blown back on so for instance like a few making sauerkraut you're trying to grow lactic acid bacteria in an anaerobic environment in that case if the bag doesn't blow it's not working properly write so anytime you get a blown bag something terribly wrong has happened

anomaly I might have messed up the ceiling at that but I'm also curious as to what makes stuff go bad in the absence of air in any pathogens since it's been pasteurized the reference I tend to cook my chicken breast in flattish 200 gram bags and is pushed to the ground at 62 degrees Celsius for about 2 to 3 hours thanks in advance and for all your time doing the show every week it's been an awesome Source information and I entirely sure to go to listen to now that I wiped out the fat loss A backlog cheers Rachel from Hong Kong all right so there is a lot of stuff going on here first of all as regards that shelf life I'll read this is from the the the Minnesota this is Minnesota's record I don't know why Minnesota that's the first people to came online when I when I popped it up right so it's the Minnesota food shelf life on refrigeration in a retail store right so that we like what you so it's like to be limited to 14 days however food manufacturing places that are inspected by USDA or state get 30 days or

and the reason is it because they don't trust retail operations to have the levels of safety and quality on the products as they go as they go into the bag and they don't trust the pasteurization procedures in the cold chain holding ability of a retail outlet to guarantee safety for 30 days or longer but if everything is done right right then 30 days no problem so you can keep stuff that long as long as you're cooking stuff properly and and maintaining it now ask for bags that appear to have been pasteurized and still still blow off and go bad so now you're quite right most spoilage bacteria especially things that stink and smell bad

do not grow in anaerobic environment by you they will not grow in a vacuum and in fact that is why people are worried about the safety of vacuum cooked product because typically when things spoil in Aerobic environment I eat with oxygen when they spoil an anaerobic environment they smell terrible and so you can use sliminess like the gross slime you can take smell and all these things indicate that bacteria have been growing on it and that's no longer good North safe to eat the problem is is that in a vacuum that's not the case so in a vacuum you can get pathogens that grow their prickly worry about things like botulism listeria perfringens he sorts of things that can grow in the absence of producing a smell or sliminess and sometimes in the absence of producing a gas that would indicate that there has been growth at all and that's why people are worried about the safety of

vacuum packed Foods in general now when things go wrong in a bag usually it's due to improper pasteurization and so that can happen and then you can get the grill if you don't kill all the vegetative cells typically in a pasteurizing procedure and 62 degrees Celsius for 2 to 3 hours and something that is fairly flat is more than enough to properly pasteurize a chicken breast more than enough

typically ride if you get blow off in the bag you're you're getting something that can grow in an anaerobic environment that's not spore-forming so we're talkin about lactic acid bacteria most of the time you're going to kill lactic acid bacteria apartments at a time if you pass try that you're going to kill lactic acid bacteria and they're not for me sports do you shouldn't have that kind of a problem typically when you do have that kind of a problem I described it usually either as you say to a leak where bacteria can get in or through situation where you have like two or three bags touching each other and in fact the temperature on the inside of that bag didn't actually get up to where you think it should have fast enough so sometimes I can incubate bacteria in the bag in which case it probably tasted bad right when you took it out of the bath or

it it hasn't killed everything and I can grow later or you have like a nice job and some bacteria have survived on the inside of the meat that somehow got there it didn't pass drive all the way through because you had layer on layer on layer and then it grew over time the other thing is is that I I have this sneaking suspicion that in certain cases of this there are other things going on and so if you go to this book called principles modified atmosphere and CBD product packaging edited by Jeffrey Farber and Karen. If the pH inside of the bag and so this has happened enough that it warrants some

to thinking at a pH greater than about 5.8 right there are things that are like thermophilic and mesophilic that might be able to survive and can grow in an aerobic things for instance you know off the top of the Wikipedia and this books head I haven't researched it enterobacteria tricks and showing alopecia factions with salsa known as I'll turn Ramona's putrefaction and they can cause Think and Grow in an anaerobic environment and may not be killed unless you really make sure to pass ride right but I have a sense that that's kind of what was happening obviously if it smells bad don't don't need it right time is Gotham a college student Kentucky majoring in biology and chemistry I actually love how scientific and detailed you guys get on the show I would at my two years of biology and chemistry classes I'm not sure I understand half of what you got

a my spare time I love to make a bean to Bar chocolate Associated making bean-to-bar chocolate grinding all of the cacao nibs and cacao in the Champions and then all of that cocoa liquor and everywhere you didn't hate that as much as he hated like all of the nut Butters in in the in the Santa was the combo tests and clarifying grapefruit juice by hand volume setting never going to get my spare time I love to make me to buy chocolate I order the raw beans and then ferment roast winnow grind and finally consta my ground in my hand for a while in a molcajete before recently upgrading to a countertop in a lawn chair I usually end up with some pretty delicious results and I enjoy the process however I'm pretty blind as far as the science behind it all

like sugar and fat structure tempering blooming Etc I would love to learn more do you know of any books are out of literature that really dive deep into this than earlier the better I haven't had much luck finding anything so any info would be greatly appreciate it thanks so much. Keep up the great work okay so back in the day when I used to buy uses Xerox all of the technical books out of the science and business industry library in here in New York City the classic chocolate work was by a felon and Menifee and it was just known as Menifee chocolate it's very industrially oriented and it's also it's been updated a couple of times and it is I think still one of the industry standards but it's a extremely expensive like like $152 + B is I think a little bit out-of-date however I'm sure they have it in the light in your library at school

for you to take a look at its not what I what I recommend the kind of book that came out I don't know what it was 10 15 years ago that everyone started buying that it's it's a couple of things it's blessedly short you can do an Amazon look inside of it and it's only thirty bucks is the science of chocolate by Stephen Beckett there's a paperback to hardcover and one of them I forget is on on Amazon Prime for like 30 bucks and it's decent it short and it's to the point it gives you the scientist still focused on operations not a Sierra Leone on kind of what you're doing but I would get that and then

in terms of the actual now give you some of the signs but in terms of the actual like putting your hands to recipes I would go on any of the websites out there where people are doing their own kind of bean to bar stuff like chocolate Alchemy do we use when we were originally getting the Santa there's a lot of different there I would say in addition to the mountains are you'd be good be good if you went and got yourself a champion juicer that's still what I would use for the initial grind out of the of the the you know the cocoa cacao beans or Nails whatever you're using to do it but yes I would get ahold of champion but yeah I get to sign to chop a second edition and let me know what you think of anything better at that price point that's for sure I'm assuming that you don't have any money to spend sent to a college student majoring in biology

Barry Road and it's going to take Maggie on this but you know he's been in Spain so I don't know where the show here's my question for the next show how to make shrimp etouffee it taste like shrimp etouffee but when when a chef does it on the initial bite which when does it mean if you taste the red pepper than a salary than the onion followed by the Tomato as one choose each one of the clear individual flavors males together to taste like a second-rate how does a chef create an initial spicy flavor that passes and is followed by a different lingering spicy flavor later

how do you create things with milk

it's a complicated at the really complicated question I don't really it's in there it's kind of hard I've never really used kind of do those kinds of things you know what kind of naturally one thing you can do Barry is you include things that that bridge so for instance like if you need something to linger and you're going to add some acidity you want anybody to draw friend since the front of the palate towards the back of the palate and you know something's missing you can add an acid like something that like a lime it's going to pull into it like a lot of spicy or you see I think it's not just cuz that's where it grows you'll see lime in it instead of lemon and the reason is is that lines going to integrate across the flavor palette longer than lemon because the malic acid has a longer trail out like when you're tasting something a lot of times when things in a great it's either because you put something in with too high of a of a high note like a particular spice

Hits 1 no too hard and you need to bring the rest of the stuff up the kind of beat that no down or a lot of times what happens is is you'll have a drop down somewhere in the mid pallet of you eating I when I think about flavors I tend to think about the time progression of what goes on in in in in something and then try to figure out kind of where things drop out and usually that's where you'll notice things don't meld well like a lot of times in the in the middle of the palate and that's where you know that's why we tend to add a bunch of salt with rounds out all the flavor that's why we tend to hit everything with acid at the end because it doesn't just brighten but it round everything out but I don't really know how to answer your question I need more thought on it more thought about how do you say in sassia eggs is eggs

what does that have to do with this you just think about it welcome to my life Welcome to my life at two Faye at your face I'll be there a blessedly short. Of time I'm going there from I'll be there Thursday night and Friday night he's with me by the way so for those either tales of the cocktail I'm going to do a demo of it for the cat program so you can get some feedback for the some some bartenders use evil person you know I'm saying just like you no have to be mean to me for no reason if you want to contact

people that we work with swipe credit card for the original seal searzall alert and people calling me to charge my credit card about Kickstarter right or chop daughter then they would forget and they didn't know what Booker and Dax was you know what I mean that usually like the wives of the men who bought who did you check with your husband you buy a gift for anyone

I like Nastasia how the hell did they get my personal number to call about credit card stuff

so weird yeah they matched them and so you know to get back in like the time she sent me on Spirit Airlines next to know a dog next to a woman and her fake service dog you know what I mean the I gave him her number but you need to call nastassia on it

one big Siri question Siri question this part of the joke are I'd like to serve a thousand creme brulees at this year's Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert but what the serve these in first of all

we got to ask Jordana turn in a r Rahman come on the show in three weeks because she served some sort of cocktail at The Burning Man last year didn't use mine I don't want to get into it I don't want to get into it she came we talked about how to do what we wanted to do and then she did something else entirely don't ask my point is is that is that let me ask you this is the Burning Man crowd the creme brulee kind of crowd that's a question I think know but I don't know whatever

the creme brulee is sorted some investigations led me to this product dr. Decker for ochre German brand and make the vanilla to Creswell creme brulee mix it's prefab just need milk and cream foolproof and taste okay and it's

which will come in handy since we're going to prepare this in an RV with a very limited kitchen we also get to insult the French kitchen at large by the way I look at the ingredient list for that sucker and it's a starch and carrageenan and milk powder so it should stay in the heat because of carrageenan to keep it set in the matter what's not gelatin bass Solo or anything like that so the carrageenan should work okay I can't work out how to make the ramekins however they must be edible since there's no waste at Burning Man and we definitely don't want to bring Pottery ramekins although how burning man would that be too like literally like slip cast thousand things to eat the creme brulee just shatter into the freaking desert becomes part of the Earth part of the Earth

seems like a very burning man right now I mean like those little like free game like

oh no what if you have no family would you ever do Burning Man. Don't beat all people have to get naked I hope we make it and that recorded I don't like heat

I like I did it gets cold at night like stupid I like the collaboration you get to choose who you want to be with I like the kind of like be left alone you can do that too

by myself not in burning man you really want to be all alone in the desert isn't it like large petroleum fires

I don't know I never been I never been so I've had plenty of friends who have gone and say it's life-changing although I'm not sure their life afterwards was better than their life beforehand

Beyonce have no people who like it was life changing in the sense that like they ended up breaking off their engagement and then like going to a downward spiral for five years the river everybody kind of like LSD different for everybody like some people they spiral off and some people that like me at least two Enlightenment can go either way what is Jordana said she loved it again is her boyfriend Daniel going did he go to first time without crying like wow

stop insulting our friends on air

I can't work out how to make the ramekins they must be edible since there's no ways to burning man if we don't want to bring Pottery ramekins I'm thinking of a caramel or Cornetto / cookie Ramekin the alternative for making you will be very labor-intensive and also they going to get soggy right there

I think of super baller move be to slip cast a holy crap ton of these things like

the plaster mold

and even got a firearm so you can try in your creme brulee fire them fire outside your RV and be firing the clay dragon that is super bowl at your you got your slip mix right which is like a liquid and then it's just he's plastered use to plaster

thanks you pour it in to that to the Ramekin so let's say you have this big piece of plaster that has the cut mold shaped and you fill up the entire cup make sure right and you let it sit depends on how thick you want it but like like the ones I used to do you only had them let us let him be let it sit the slip makes you that's it for like you know however long the 30 minutes the plaster absorbs the moisture from the slip mixture and forms a leathery lay right next to the plaster you didn't dump the rest of the slip out and you have this thin perfectly Halo are used to make vases this way for art Bernard sculpture I was doing the others and and then you have this thing that you can mango fire and then you do it again you can do it again and again and again and again and again and again and I made big like like two and a half feet tall vases

a couple of days I made like 40 or 50 of them since you're making little ramekins in like a nut like a master mold thing you can make a crap ton of them seem super baller to like make it seems like super baller thing to do or maybe get someone else to do that in order for a cookie at work it's going to have to be so thick that you're going to be hauling 8 tons of cookie out there you know I'm saying what do you think about that would hold anyway

I hate that idea

also the problem is is it and how you get the creme brulee wants to be cold right are you going to chill it but if you chill it in the Ramekin that edible the Ramekin the terrible is going to get all nasty right it's going to get all sloppy and nasty cuz it's going to be a liquid contact get me see the problem why does he want to do if you could get you could set them up the creme brulee in a to attu Alaska senator in a tube and then slice it into discs and let them thaw in your Ramekin then you could use almost anything so it wouldn't need to be around that long before you serve it right but the issue is that I don't know if the carrageenan they're using enough time to look it up is going to be free Star Stable but you got to run a test on that anyway

you have a lot of work by the way I'll think on a little more they said best I can find more prefab waffle bowls not quite yet but we'll do that's kind of expensive maybe someone in the cooking issues land has some theories one thing I'll say remember creme brulee is one of the few things I recommend using a naked torch on instead of especially for Burning Man naked torch and not a searzall because they just as it's one of those things about I'll think on that I'll think on it some so quick question about pressure cooker and by the way it's one of the guys hear that

like you had such a traumatic experience that you won't ever do it again or 24 years ago write 23 years ago I was like 22 and I was at my wife's apartment I was still in college or just got a call if she was in she was at her first job there's no internet and I wanted to make mozzarella and I'll just say that it was freaking catastrophe like a freaking catastrophe there was no place to look it up I was just what I could gather from books on how it was. I didn't know how to make heard I was not a professional and my wife for the past twenty-three years has made fun of my mozzarella attempt 23 years ago so much that I've never tried it again ever until last night and I have to say

6's she was like you should leave that kind of stuff to the professionals and I was like I'm tomatoes are going to grow where is my tomatoes are growing is no good mozzarella I need to learn how to make mozzarella again and plus you know what damn it I am professional now

in New York and Connecticut is it good to get your question in minute pressure cookers a good hundred episodes are going to call her ass about what's pressure cookers you would recommend a he buy and and Qui I'm having a hell of a time finding the episodes thought you might answer it again What stovetop pressure would you recommend ignoring price I think you've mentioned the Coon Recon model in the past that's the only one I like that I've used it myself personally how does that compare to the fissler vitaquick I hate the word vitaquick because it implies that you're keeping vitamins inside in a pressure cooker which is ho ho ho come but it looks like a really good looks like it has a pressure gauge that goes up and down and so allows you to geisa pressure without inventing and as you might know in my test I've noticed inventing pressure cookers 10 to make stocks at

taste good that's been my experience backed up by many many trials looks good I don't have any personal experience with it quite a bit higher than the Coon Recon model again I don't know I've never used the fisler are there sessions bow in your peni also can't get a hold of there so we can send me their stuff I don't have their password to their website they clean the country, I'll have the most evaporative loss out of all the models they tested if that's the case and they're not testing the creek on right Dakota Recon if you overshoot the pressure gauge you'll get evaporative lost because it's telling you to turn down but my Coon Recon with operating properly is dead silent and there's no there's no venting out of it so you said you found this to be true no I also I looked up their thing I looked up their tests they recommend the Fagor and I hate I don't know I hate I didn't like that the Fagor and they made a classic air I'm going to leave you with this we can talk more about it next time if you want more

they made a classic are the people with the Fagor pressure cooker make the Fagor pressure cooker when you close the lid and you turn on the heat and it starts building pressure a little button ghost poop and indicates that there is pressure in the unit it does not indicate that you have reached your operating pressure so if you use the Fagor model and think that that little yellow. Is an indication that you would reach 15 psi on the inside of your pressure cooker you are mistaken the only way you can figure out whether you actually reach that pressure is whether or not it's venting steam through the pressure regulator that set to that pressure right because the button doesn't know whether you're in 5 PSI or 15 psi or what it just knows that is sealed and he started building pressure sick mistake anyway we can talk more about it next time on cooking issues

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