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Episode 256: Firewoks

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right I'm on 95 right now though well that sounds awesome 9595 like if I could choose one place as hell it would be 95 with traffic you only make it worse if you were driving that towards sunset with the sun shining directly in your eyes because it's actually basically where you are at it's actually 95 West 95 south where you are it's like you face directly into the sun it's my favorite I love it

yeah in your pickup would make it but make it the best I don't know if my I have a pickup truck it was gifted to me by my cousin and the brakes failed and I thought I had fixed them this weekend but it turns out that I made it halfway down my intensely steep driveway only to have the brakes fail again thank God for parking brakes

parking brakes ever had your brakes fail on you like so like what happened was it breaks its leg started to get the master cylinder in a cylinder if I have breaks again I can get to a place in Lino have them check the lines and stuff and then down to the floor and then I want to have the parking brake on at 10 I would start hitting it'll go

just like like an asthmatic version of me when I was young I could see like the mist of the brake fluid spraying out from underneath the freaking Hood so yeah but I once was terrifying how much it cost to fix it myself it's just going to take me at you know a whole day breakdown on the way home again

well I am in a rental car it's not stick which is why I can talk to you like this and hopefully doesn't how was your fourth of July Beach ban things you hate fireworks

I I've been modifying my vertical drilling technique standard techniques to work in horizontal environments in extremely hot fired cowboy grill that I have such that everyone can hang out outside instead of like cuz they won't hang up they won't hang around with it and or if they won't hang around you know what I'm saying so I had to modify the techniques in my cowboy grill has a secondary side thing where I can put things to rest almost like hanging skewers I still do everything on skewers I did chicken and lamb I did the chicken from raw because he just do it you know you marinate at Tandoor style, and it's so it's not it's going to cook quickly and it's going to be tender and the lamb I I did lie low temperature first act like real people actually don't like their lamb that that rare you know what I'm saying Stars yeah right maybe they think they want it rare but they don't really want it that rare feel like you're doing a steak down to like 55° Celsius and people like you

they want it like 56 57 so that's what I cooked it up there cooled it all the way down and then just incinerated the outside Tandoor style like three times off and good good good that one I used her herbs from my garden Herb's nice so I didn't think anyone's going to be over and so I didn't like by Firework by had leftovers from last year some like small motors you know and some rockets that are so I had some New Hampshire fireworks are some Connecticut read big bull crap fireworks and some Pennsylvania fireworks I had leftover Pennsylvania fireworks interesting because you're allowed to tell the rule in New Hampshire is as you know nastassia that they only sell fireworks that that you like walk away from and then as soon as they go off their they're no longer powered right which means no bottle rockets

no no bottle rockets no Rockets right in in New Hampshire and no firecrackers strangely where in Pennsylvania everything's allowed to New Hampshire the store I go is a lot cheaper so I like shopping there anyway I had leftovers to a nice little show but it only lasted the length of Ray Charles America the Beautiful song normally like I have to go from that into like I have to do like American woman I have to do like you know like three or four songs to get through my my firework Arrangement by just this one was just call Ray Charles I had 2000 watt amplifier I had that Crank that had the Ray Charles go on and then sit back and forth.

never going to do I think I'm going to do I'm going to try to make a trip up to New Hampshire at some point before the Summer's over and then just have like a you know maybe you can come in and end of the summer like fireworks Bonanza have it you know if a firework but everybody likes illegal fireworks absolutely everybody even think separate like you know certain dogs and certain small children careful to hear that some a poor kid stepped on someone else's improvised firework over the weekend and got his foot blown off in Central Park

oh yeah so yeah I saw on the news last night

yeah that's not really a cooking related issue but there you go out on a cooking later get you someone wanted to me to talk about it I'm training my dog my my lab my black lab major I'm training him I sent training him to be a truffle dog now

that's the thing I was like the state rock of work because literally it's just like one chemical that they did they put in the oil to make it seem like it's truffle oil right Charles his name is Lyft safe by calling the fever I call him Charles the fever is like the Oregon truffle expert he says yeah you can use truffle oil and dogs somehow generalized truffles variety of truffles grow underground right we know this we all know they say grow underground but the way that they reproduce is they create a smell that animals like a lot of times smaller animals like you Chipmunks and voles things like this they smell that from up topside dig down to get at it eat it and you ready Stars poop out the spores they poop out the spools when they're ripe have some sort of a Roma that's at least enticing to mammals in the woods

evolve to be to reproduce after the fever tells me that that there are definitely all species in fact I know I looked it up there's a 1 call The Pecan truffle which is harvested commercially in in down in Georgia down south which grows all the way up to Come Back Inn in conjunction with Hickory is pecans and like sometimes oak trees but he says that there's definitely trouble varieties it's just you know he has know if they taste good and a lot of them haven't been characterized yet and he says but part of the problem with truffles is printed so I'm going to I'm going to Oregon during truffle season then I guess January what not to let you know see firsthand like searching for a good truffle but one of the problems is they call that the troubles that are harvested over there Oregon white in Oregon black truffles when in fact they smell nothing like European white or black truffle so it's kind of one of those things where people like it doesn't smell like a trouble so it's no good will now it's just different different product

price is obviously have like you know the lattice form of the magnanimity no truffles from Italy and France but you know they're good valid culinary things apparently I haven't had one you know that you know recently to tell you but he says one of the main problems with quality is that people harvest them with rakes like trumpy people go out there with rakes and rake them up until you get these unripe ones he says unripe ones are coming early useless because they only develop their characteristic Aromas once they want to be dug up by a whittling creature and eaten and pooped out the only way to really Harvest a good truffle Oregon or otherwise is to use animals like dogs and so he trains his owner of truffles truffles that are haunted that way obviously they cost more because you know you're not just waking them up by The Bushel you're getting the ones that are right because those are the ones that have culinary value so who knows who knows

train major to see whether he can ever find a truffle over in our neck of the woods and then later on we'll figure out whether whether you know they're any good or not but

yeah well because there's no there are no toxic truffles right because we were meant to be eaten however underground things can look like truffles that are actually early-stage mushroom you're in quotes because they're not eggs IVC eggs and those can be deadly poisonous Amanita is it so you have to cut them in half and kind of know know what's going on those typically don't have a smell but don't worry I'm not going to eat them until I know what's what's going on speaking of which for those of you that tune in to last week's show we had her call her who may or may not have poisoned himself his girlfriend and her friend but I am glad to report so the issue was David forage for wild carrots which is incredibly dangerous don't do it unless you know what you're doing if you know what you're doing is fine but if you don't know what you're doing it's not like a it's not an app that's not an amateur foraging 6 their there wild carrots and then at the same time they had drunk question

smelly well water heater to mistakes I am extremely happy to report that it was the well water people and that you know they all went to the hospital and everyone's okay and you know nobody nobody died a little bit of dehydration because when your boom so they say I saw you I had to be on IV fluids there for a little while but apparently everyone's okay and we're super glad to hear that had some people and people ask me actually in person and also on Twitter Like a Piano Guys okay yes they're okay be careful if you're going to forage for mushrooms

you got to know what you're doing or only hunt for mushrooms that have no poisonous look-alikes because once you eat an Amanita you know like a destroying angel or something like that like being the only way out to get a liver transplant which is kind of unpleasant so so there you have it all chiefs liver transplant will they had white truffle oil

stop. You know and I had to buy a whole bottle nastase for 15 freaking dollars do you know like how the heck am I going to go through a whole bottle of Dipping a little bit in a Q-tip make you know it's like a waste is anyone out there want let you know when I'm done like the rest with me you don't we should do we should just keep mailing this bottle around from person to person training dogs until I can know the entire entire country is trained off this one bottle of white truffle oil

99 in Dallas like to punk someone just pour it over someone and run history in my house of flavored oils obbys I told me with Sabe oil one right where Dax to my pantry right as all these bottles that are lined up and dax's you know that he was maybe nine or ten at the time he said the kids are careless kids are freaking careless what's going on what you know and then I hear

he's going to look at this with Sabe oil and it was almost like you know like a wave of of death smell just like goes into his eyes and nose man saying I have a really bad history of that kind of stuff for like you know spending some nasty like you know it's super green parts of a cell or like super green I told the story on air I think we're like my Miley my sister-in-law when she had her first date with Wylie Dufresne was over at my house and I dumped my entire Bania cauda like anchovy oil on her so like to see if you come to my house and there is some sort of extremely pungent or extremely colorful oil nearby just on your phone your new dress it's going to end up in your eyes you know up your nose anywhere other than where it supposed to be as we're going to end up

check my at my phone decided that I didn't want to actually read the questions people asked Ontario I got to this Dave Nastasia and says Gagnon jackets David now it's David from me because you're with the ID and I'm the 8th question I've been wondering if you guys are still have a link to the Plex aphonic cover a vicious vicious vodka from episode 99 do we have that David to Jack stash that somewhere on the

what what is it it's a vicious vicious vodka to cover that that you know that we open the show with sometimes electrifying it's okay I'll see what I can find put it up once on episode 99 and then I don't know if it's another came back anyway or some sort of Turbo steering device woohoo yes yes there is but I have a flat bottom Wok that I tend to steam things in such as fish would it be better if I use a large cast iron pot pot a source that has a heavy lid thanks Alex so here's his jacket look on a tour which is nice jack is not there yet right at leaving him pretty soon maybe is there I don't know I'm sure he'll tell us what's going on when you're steaming

walk when you're steaming is if you leave the water in there it can you can have some Rust issues if it's not really really well seasoned and even if it is I can be a little bit of a pain in the butt because you should have I hope you have a carbon steel or cast iron wok and not a stainless Wok but anyway but they're really good news about what makes a walk a good steamer and what makes a walk also for that matter you know possible fryer is that it expands as it goes out so when you're frying you want that that expanding lip because when you add stuff to boil it tends to Bubble violently and if you have a straight walled pan it's very easy for that are the stuff to overflow which is terrible now they did bad side about a walk for frying is is that unless you have a very good ring have to make sure it's 100% stable 100% stable because an unstable walk with oil and it is very very dangerous this is one of the reasons that I prefer to use the Cantonese style walk with the two little handles on it

rather than the walk with the big handle that you can pick up in Flippin at to do stir fry with because what a freaking nightmare if you have a walk full of oil that's hot and something in cow poop comes up and like elbows the freaking handle sticking out of the side of your walk and dumps oil all over a lit burner and you talked about like running around going I don't recommend using a walk with a long handle on it after that kind of work but I do use the rather large relatively and have a very stable lock ring those things for frying and I feel good about it because they're not going to overflow on you which one of the main dangers could people always tend to over over over fill their frying stuff now the flip side of that is that I'm through the worst thing that can happen when you're steaming is well you don't have no power your puny but the other two things that suck about steaming R1 you're steaming Implement Weatherby baskets

partially they just have large cabinet Steamers and the amount of power and they're freaking awesome some of them can do Under Pressure you can pressure seems stuff like lobsters some of them have that have dedicated boiler some of them they're freaking sick they're amazing they steam like a man majama you're not going to get one problem then if you're doing steaming at home on your on top of it and they make little bo kind of electric Steamers but I think they're kind of like you know whatever they like whatever you know what's what I said but if you if you're steaming at home one of the problems is trying to get a good seal between you're the vessel that you're using and the steaming thing so I have the bamboo steamer to have a whole bunch of them the problem with the bamboo steamers by the way is that if you don't let them dry right they mold which sucks you know and mildew and mold which sucks but the problem is

fairly well in your in your thing or you have a steam shooting out of the sides which sucks so the great thing about a walk is that you have the sloping sides with sloping sides it can fit various sizes of steamer basket relatively easily the other cool thing is that as the water boils in a walk right you know what it takes a lot of time to boil the upper layers and because he knows to keep concentrating down so it's harder to boil a walk dry without noticing because of that way it's it slows down it always has that little guy bit of water at the end you have time to fill it up and when you do fill it up it feels up out and say you have a big surface area you have it you can say about walk steaming and steaming in general in tiered basket systems as opposed to in a big machine with doors and drawers is that there is a very large difference in the steaming time

and the characteristics between the bottom basket and the top asking so I don't really like the steam more than three baskets and even when I do sometimes I'll swap them around and I'm saying is that what he thinks does that guy never know my talking too much too little of your reasoning is sound like it has to be tight enough that like you're getting good circulation and that you're not like you know a having a place with a steam isn't isn't traveling to but I wouldn't worry about like getting some super tight-fitting lid I think I should handle jungle bunny. Whatever someone can get back to me and tell me that I'm wrong I'm a bad person and excetera excetera unity and I'm sure that someone will Twitter in a thing here I'll read the question I find them generating a lot of trimmings while preparing summer fruits particularly in trying to make things clean and quotes for my kids think stone fruit pits melon rinds

mango pits and skins same things for apples and pears in the fall I'm all for knowing on a pit or skin to get that last bit of fruit but there's only so much one man can handle last summer I threw a bunch of cherry pits each with a bit of fruit action to a mason jar cover it with red wine vinegar and forgot about it in the back of my fridge for a year I finally cracked a jar opened last week it was delicious on its own and became even better when reduce was sugar into a sheriff and drizzled over some good cheese drizzle nastassia

David you got any problem with the word drizzle I think I'm okay with it because it reminds me of everything Snoop Dogg says oh well spring rain either I think of Snoop Dogg smoking a giant meant like giant blunt some good ideas for a good cleaner uses any risk of extracting too much of mangle and slash sign item if poison my family I doubt it unless you're using exclusively you know like me make people make peach pit a cherry pit liquor and stuff like this but if you were to crack them and boil them you probably could but I wouldn't worry about it we did a whole thing on that we've got a search because I had to do some research on it and a guy ask Maggie about it

I will get the get the book on shrubs and look at the you know I think teachers of the author that writes I print it and could you can make a lot of really good shrubs or a flavor fruit vinegars or make your own fruit vinegars way that something where you like you're going to soak it for a long time their lot of like I say non-alcoholic so is Sheriff's vinegars and your troubles which are basically vinegars which you can then use and sodas or to drizzle on cheeses as you desire but that's going to be that's the only thing I can messenger thing I can reliably think I once made an Apple iWatch may try to make an apple sauce out of just peels but it was kind of nasty cuz it was all just like chopped up peel and I'm talking about stars not chopped up peel texture I was like I'm going to make her sauce from the can I eat it I was like you know what I don't want to do and I want to eat this they detect the texture wasn't right so I just didn't want to

I didn't want to deal with it I'll try that lost peel sessions over or do it on the on the chat room only when the show is running an idea now and then the next time the show is running someone can come in and look at it and be like

now he is nice

mine went directly on the Slick like that nowadays update from a few months back what happened to Skippers way to get to defeat euphemism for magnet well then yeah but they're fast and I mean like they they they they invade any fly larvae has a maggot right

I didn't I guess because I had ate only affected one ham and I'm not sure because you're properly to begin with was that one less salty

it was it was always squishier it didn't seem to be taking the Cure I'm wondering if that one

Rotting Flesh that attracted its right hand be like tails off to exudative

everything looked okay you know this is all new to me be able to trim it I tried turning it but then I separated it from the other one and then it seems to be completely consumed and I just kind of point unfortunately in Yangon holding in a fridge for a couple weeks before I get a chance to actually make sense to envelop the whole painting place in a mosquito

concerned that young future losses due to the skipper aren't you

it's been awhile you should look at dr. Norman Marriott's have already direct you to that doctor Norman Marriott who used to work at he's now Emeritus at I think it's working attacker some in the bag the bag method on the pest I think I can't remember my memory doesn't work like it used to be aren't you passed are you past the skipper like era and aren't you into kind of beetles now is not your big Adele told her how we say his name in it it effectively was rotten meat while the other ones that you took effectively and are sort of out of the stage where the other path doesn't concern

now my guess early summer and you should be you should be getting like a decent amount of water loss already like I don't know how much of your green weight I've lost but probably around 30% and elsewhere but then that I lost track of which hand with which yeah if you've lost that much weight but I did look again like you know I would just look it up or have someone chime in here if you lost that much weight already like that's almost has been a long time in the regs by think you know like most folks are standing around like even 25 for like for moisture content not for Aging for 4

I would guess that you're not going to have like a skipper blowfly problem at this point but you will have mites and you will have beetles have you smoked them are you going to smoke him at all because I know a lot of times I just putting like aloe for like a little bit of smudge down for a long. Like what when they're first out in the open like that can get any of that last hacking ass off in the bugs won't grow in that you know what I'm saying it for the long term aging is it going to be in the Loosely so that's still the plan I'm just enough

it looks like I say like I've hung not my own I've never done my own but I've hung a bunch of people's hands for long periods of time and never run into maggots of any kind in a in a ham that hat you know that's already lost his weight I've run into I've run into having not sure all the way down to the bone and getting paint along the bone Witch is nasty but the Hannah still salvageable I've had many many problems with mites and I've had many problems with Beatles but never with never with McAfee don't want the boring holes in your in your ham at the at the at the line between the fat and the interest nasty to don't want that you know

twitching before before stealing it for the Aging wanted to see the blow-dryer something you don't want to case harden it anymore than it already is the most amount of weight you want to lose right then ceiling it's going to prove like going to at least slow further further moisture loss and presumably presumably you know that moisture level over long periods of time will equilibrate throughout throughout the ham assuming that assuming that you know there's not a phase section if you have an open face section of me

you're just going to have moisture is constantly going to leave their preferentially to the other areas of the of the ham over by the you know where that the skin the fat cap are and so he's always going to happen if you cut into any you know American hands at our age or even the Italian was it are covered you'll notice that that that's a section of the hands expect much darker than the rest and dryer and sometimes can have that back of your mouth like like over kind of pure because been dehydrated so much and so she lost that you want and you know you can also press up on top on that kind of cushion area and you can see if it's still spongy up there you know you need to get more moisture loss there but if it's hard enough on the face section I was still kind of equilibrate over time that's what I would do if I'm not an expert in the actual functional eating hams

from my kind of my reading and dealing with other people's hands over the years you know you have have a lot of a lot of them still experimental you have a device to like yourself or you know what people do is they take like a like a nice pic right and you shove a nice pic now you got to I would sterilize it and what not and obviously like you take this whatever but like Old-Timers would take an ice pick and shovel the ice pick into the ham and then pull it out and smell it and then they could get an idea what was going on in the inside of the ham that's a plan 114 hang for a few he know who legitimately Aging for a few more months cuz it's

play be more polite than I thought so just getting getting the Asian going so you have pain or that they're not dehydrated enough you'll get an idea pretty damn quick you know based on whether that thing comes out smelling sweet now on the other hand you are providing an entry for other things but not the best but they know

am I am I permitted at the second question or are we on a 101

induction induction burner in my apartment because my stove is horrible material but I'm just thinking how to approach cast iron sword with him with a with a gas burner you crank the heat up but you can wait for a minute for it to get really hot wanted Unity store heat capacity different of the same on

when you're cooking with induction with cast iron and I put a dusting a flower on the bottom of the pan and turn it on and then see where the burn marks are so even if you're cranking a full 1800 watts into your induction burner out of the way you're still only looking at something that's like 12 to buy forget it somewhere around 12,000 of 13000 semi-good BTUs equivalent of gas right so you're not going to your cast iron down right now some of the cheaper induction burners don't have enough cooling on their electronics and if you overheat the surface they'll eventually crap out on you but I don't think I think dangerous going to happen but the truth of the matter is

Factor matter is that because it's heating the middle of directly cast iron is not a very fast conductor of heat the way that aluminum is right it's just doesn't you're going to get a lot of localized hot spots so with induction thing you're probably better off but kind of you can wait a long time and then it will equalize or you can crank it up like you can Crank It Up in kind of the increments up and then try to get it even but you'll notice that you can I've done it you can kind of see very clearly see where the actual induction element is in a cast-iron thing just by sprinkling sent us a flower down in and letting it come up and I kind of recommend doing that and then as a second thing just to get a feel for what's going on especially because if you can depend on the thickness of your cast iron and how wide it is excetera excetera put the cast iron on put it on like let's say medium high for like I don't know like for 5 minutes 5 minutes let it kind of equalize and then

pasta flour directly on top and see whether you get an even scratching pad or whether or not you still get like really black marks around where the element is when you get a feel for kind of how but it heats the answer is it the metal that is actually being heated directly by the induction unit keeps very quickly and then you still have to wait for that heat to transfer out to the other sections and then once the entire thing is hot you know you have to just certain maximum rate at which you can dump heat from the part where the induction units are hot you can even lie get it but I'm assuming that once it's really hot even when it's cranked eventually it'll it'll even out but I've never actually run the full test of a full crank cast iron for long periods

interesting induction that's the difference between the relevant in certain kinds of applications right so you're not worried about capturing gas planes that come above the side but you'll evaporation patterns will be different so if you have a lot of liquid in one pan and it goes down right it's like they used to make pan specifically for reducing sauces that they get smaller and smaller as they go down so that you don't get in a situation where when you're trying to reduce something down to a small volume you all the sudden have something it's like you know like half of a millimeter thick and then score consistently right so also the size and shape of a side of a pan in anything that you're going to move IE hand flipper toss is obviously crucial to the

size of your pants still make a difference in kind of what kind of wire using what you're using but they don't make any difference as to kind of heat channeling

I hate Idol I like certain Zofran stay in heat will transmit differently in a smooth and a Smooth Wall thing that curves up that wheel if there's a sharp break right that's all the truth but do you think but it's not going to be because of because of convective currents of gas going up the side it'll be through conduction of metal you know through the metal itself which will also change with an Abrupt band I think but you didn't have to test it and put it into keeping all the scratch in addition to the meet as part of this I was wondering if it's possible to approximate time Kachi broth with just the bones and skin in my head I feel like the bones would provide a good amount of flavor while the skin can provide

body but it's all theoretical at this point additionally a while back how you mentioned that there is a good Porky and bad Porky with regards to the skin so do you think this would be contributing adversely to flavor Anastasio let him know let him know what the giant vat of boiling pork skin smells like

how about beaver tail on a beaver tail is like just just pig skin is like yours like wow that's a boiling stock pot of pigskin and so like you know what we would do all the pics we would take the pigskin we would spoil the crap out of it and in in salty water then pull it out let it let it cool cuz otherwise if you can't hold it it breaks apart then we can scrape all the fat off because also disgusting then we would cut it and dehydrated and then you deep fry it that's how you make pork rinds in the pork rinds were delicious but anyone that had actually been involved with the boiling in the scrape would have to wait like a week before they wanted to eat the pork rinds because of the stank of the of the boiling the boiling what's it called pigskin and I have to stay

similar thing like with tripe if you've ever done like a lot of preparing of tripe and then you have to at least I have to wait a little bit after I deal with it then you know before I have like really want to like talking to a giant thing of tripe but similarly to tribe a really good use for pig skin is the longest say it like you know I guess in Italian tomato sauce Boston you know they would typically they would use actually the meat Patrol but you know classically you would add rolled pork skin so the same way that you do with the meat ones you lay it out you put in the herbs and the cheese and you saw in the pepper and you roll it tie the pork skin up and then and then you throw it into the tomato sauce and you cook it for

powers and the stuff renders out in the tomato sauce and tomato sauce to tomato sauce I maybe it's the acidity I don't know what it is but like I should know but I don't but you cook it there it adds that unctuous character to the sauce and then you can pull that out and you don't have to take the screens off obviously you can you can eat it along with the other meats that you cook in the in the in the Sunday in the Sunday sauce that's one thing to do it so you can do your pork rinds with it you can do that or not you can do the tattoo tongue tattoo broth pressure cooker working bad for him in regards to Skin So you think would be a contributor ever see the flavor and then what a pressure cooker be a good option for making a tongue katsu brought any points to Kenji

Serious Eats Ramen broth which is what he hopes to put the pigskin into I don't know man I mean you get out a little bit because it's there for gelatin but you kind of want the bones and other kind of meaty things in there that aren't just straight there and I want to go actually later into the discussion of bone broth this is basically a variation of a Chinese kind of emulsified Kreme stocks and what not and whether or not it's possible to make it in a pressure cooker because obviously he doesn't believe that it is possible to make your pressure cooker inner pot for various reasons I think that might not be the case but I don't have time to get into it I don't time to get to today because they're about to about to pull us off so I still have not gotten to the a chimichurri question which I'll get you next week but I have a question from weeks ago that I want to get to really quickly because I got it we got a sad face

I don't want to say that sad face

not nice to Shiro Dan about Burmese tofu and cheese most next time you smoke in the correct that has been my experience on the other hand people make things that are tofu like right I think modernist cuisine I have to go and look at it again has a whole section on it but you know someone will tell me whether they do or they don't but most of these kind of things are more tofu and quotes So you're making a puree of something or a milk of something you maybe you had a quagga. Maybe you don't but then you fundamentally cheat and just said it with agar another thing you can do with these things is supplement that the protein strength with with a transport aminase meat glue but again I think those are

not done traditionally like you would with tofu where you actually Layla when I strain it wasn't it was a nightmare I don't know whether it's going to be easy for you to make traditional like you you we make that the tofu clouds you know you get some of the water out by pushing the clouds down and then you laid all the rest through and let it go agulate you might need to add an adjunct such a setting with agar in terms of the very soft you'll kind of custard set fake tofu or partial take tofu right into me listen to this and say that they have done it and give us a procedure that we can do

also you say experience with tofu AK Burmese tofu I've never made it but there's also the it's basically chickpea polenta not tofu and so you cook the heck out of it like a polenta and then when it cools down it sets and you can cut it you can do very they also do that they do a chickpea polenta in southern Italy would have never had it he born article on if he said it's good I've never I've never mess with it though it was similar flavors or maybe tofu just won't keep well in the time it takes mold to grow the answer is it can be done someone did it in the seventies they did a blue cheese but they had two dope the tofu before we

made with a nonce nonfat milk solids and milk fat to get the right kind of flavor texture to think you need to you can probably do it non-dairy but I think you need to dope a little more maybe different kind of protein maybe even cross-linking it might help and a little fat needs to go in there but we can think think think more about that we got a question on gravlax garlic and since it's the people have been asked a couple times and I can't do this day before we leave take 20 seconds I know he presented it at Mossad pH delicious event and that the existence of this technique

put the Garlic Knot single clothes or full head of garlic in foil then put a damp towel on the bottom of a crock pot and then a damp towel on top put the lid on top of the Crock-Pot and then wrap the whole thing and cellophane to keep everything sealed and put the Crock-Pot on high around a hundred eighty degrees and go for at least twenty-four hours and maybe more and you can test it periodically see what comes out and what comes out will be black garlic that's his techniques will get to the other questions next time I'm cooking issues

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