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Episode 255: Safety Day with Paul Adams from Popular Science

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unfortunately she cannot be here she is doing she is taking anastacio de Sol in the place of nastase the place of anastacio Lopez will be taken by our good friend Paul Adams the head of all web Empires for Popular Science hey Google who is Twitter handle at pups I eat scratch that your mother or food or whatever or fourth of July related questions true 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2718

497 to 1 to 8 because we missed last week I forget what was going on last week is graduating from elementary school board when when I was a kid so presumably you know when when you had the awards at the end of school it was that one freaking kid that want everything way down with the weight of metals and they're showing you how crushingly Superior they were at Charming the school administration and you are and or at taking tests or maybe they did their homework our leaders sometimes that's true that they don't do that anymore

Awards out so that no one child it's all the awards so is that person instead of the science award Beyond saying actually a leader guess it wasn't just going to the scrap I don't think so no we don't have a graduation ceremony 71 do before what my point is if it's not about being exceptional Awards this is why you should give them all to one kid awards are about punishing the people who died

it's about saying why are you so worthless that's what it's all about for me to realize that somehow I wasn't kind of working with in their system sings you're a great citizen but not award-winning anyway Point me he wanted leadership award which is he he was the only kid in like 5 days is a valedictorian of the of the school

to make any freaking sense in my 12 Oscars

tell me all your school and your school that's how you can do it that's the only Wars to one child be part of the system

at least that's the way it felt questions because two weeks ago we had meet head-on to you if she has her all the same as nice eye of the advanced review copy the regular review coffee and then the how much change is it between the between the advance or even given the people to read ahead of time so because once you like written something read it a billion times he can't stand to look at it anymore for awhile you need to put it down so you can't catch that

what is like mislabeled all the fractions or something like this and it's more difficult than you think that does help listen let's get some questions and then later Paul a long time ago Paul got in the in his Popular Science you know male bucket one of these new Breville what do they call it again to call a control freak the control frequent a quick story is that I'm sure it's from like the culinary Wing I think a good portion of it I don't know whether it was all of their circulator line or just some of it but they bought

then they were going to come out with this new induction hob I hate that word

Jakob isn't that cooktop cooktop and I was like hey would you like an induction hob to be like Hub Hub in America would never say in Dutch but burners not right

anyone who take about an induction and the idea of this induction thing in the ticket is that it's a much more accurate and has more control and more whiz-bang read another induction cinema tickets and we'll talk about it later but the interesting thing about it. Polyscience the guy who brought circulators Two Chefs originally they like you know the one you know who I was and he actually just came out with some sort of Twitter I ate some I'll look it up for me the heat is come out with a new kind of Stevie documentary that he put out in a book or something I guess pennyweight

they teamed up with him on on some of the control algorithms for the unit so it's also co-branded polyscience it was a long way to say that it's Breville co-branded probably sign potatoes for I have no idea why but recently I have become like most favored nation status for Breville so he sent me a bunch of things to test as well so I have tested the unit myself and anyone that wants to make me most favored nation status for testing equipment probably better to have heard hate you and me not hate I don't know or maybe later in the show also I have a request do you know of a good Mead

a good Mead mean either a good meme there has to be a good meat I have had bad weeds but not in many years that means I've had her to I've also read a lot about making needs and they tend to get stuck because I got people don't put enough nutrients and I think also people are trying to format the doubt that too high a too high and alcohol level so they're shooting for like 20% or something like that I never got a dry Mead really yes what I want to try is a dry Mead that clocks in at like you know like 8 to 10% alcohol that's what I want to try I want to try like in somewhere between 8 and 13% Alcohol dry meters other problems meet people have no written oh no honey is very acidic it has a pH of 3 .53 somewhere right click people there's not that much water in in honey so whatever you're going to call it Mead must whatever you going to call it when you do it down

is not in the in the in the threes somewhere you know what I mean me this is simply probably unless you had unless it's infected with some bacteria it's going to create sourness like you would get in a new shower beer like some sort of lactic acid bacteria or something like this oh now I have how my God I have a new kind of the bacterial kind of stock Ranch Road is Ivory pronounce it whenever I say lactic acid bacteria and the word laconic. Goes through my head I said it before I have the song Luckenbach Texas goes through my head but it's Lucano stock Texas and just keeps looping through my head and I'm hearing with Willie and Waylon and the boys over and over and over the only person that happens to someone else out there feels me and like


it's not like shower with fermented orange juice and I'm hoping to try because the permit in orange juice has like the orange juice itself has a fairly good acidity for something like a wine you know what I mean I had to test it I bought a tradable of city kids so I could actually test and see what's going on when it's done to see where hits and all the stuff but also people tend not to make when they make fruited needs their shooting on the sweeter side not adding up to make it really acidic anyway I'm working on these problems but what I want to taste is a good commercial Mead a good preferably dry a little residual sugar is okay but preferably dry it tastes like Mead so someone can say hey this this

is what meat should taste like I suspect that is out there there's an AM Eatery in New Jersey that was at work not too long ago I called Discovery want all of these like little shops here in New York do you have meat meat meat I'm like no Mead Mead Mead and they're like no except for a store has a couple but they're sweet needs that I don't want to sweep need I don't want something that is like something to just krunk up kids that can't take that the alcohol you know what I'm saying so tell me a place in New York City where I can walk into a store and buy delicious meat that's all I want to know what these guys bring me down to the river Drive crisp thanks no advice

all right well although I thought it was grape juice I thought very specifically it was grape juice wasn't grape juice that what did we have any around that we can crack open I'll give him props I think in his can they send us some can we taste it can someone give me this the other thing is I want to taste real maple sap beer as well and there's a place called Lawson's by thing called Lawson. Slick but it didn't until you can't get inside the Pappy Van Winkle of fermented beverages you can find it in Montreal

what Maple beer solely Maple beer I don't want some sort of like hey I made a regular beer and I put a little maple syrup Maple has to be reduced first because maple sap is you supposed to use end of run maple sap it's not good for making sugar can be to Metallica ever had end of run maple syrup started to be on B grade yeah it's hardcore like metallic like me hanging I thought I was going to love it cuz I love you so much and then I was like I talk to this Maple supplier he's like you're not allowed to sell that mess like not like this like that doesn't fit the US standards for what is maple syrup my brother I don't care if I buy it and he's like I can't read can I buy it until you brought Accord in for me to try and I was like you know man you're writing like the stuff I love be no I don't like to see nobody to see is what you want for Maple beer well no I don't want to take it all the way down to you don't take it all the way down to Siri

so I think they take it about halfway lesson that take less than halfway right there doing wrong with you anymore anyone there been a roughly 40 to 1 then depends on what you want the bricks to be right but if so then if you did it like a quarter of his might you be able to do the calculations but like somewhere like a third of the way somewhere between a third and a half probably if I was going to guess I take 15 breakfast me like this and I think if you're boiling it only that level you don't lose are they call it night or which is like the weird like stuff that's come that forms on the on the maple thing as you're boiling it down that they skim off. That probably has some sort of protein in nutrients and other stuff that helps a yeast get going but then you're supposed to come out that way rather than just buying syrup and watering a town although apparently you can do that too but that's what I want that's what I want to try and it's it's using a product and a run maple sap that is otherwise relatively useless

it was interesting interesting me to hate it why do you hate it

flat tasting didn't have a lot of nuances I recall getting asked if they chose a poor yeast

I don't have a lot of other Maple beers to compare it to hard to say anyway if any of you guys out there have a good source for maple sap year that you think is both delicious and that we can actually get a bottle of we hear a cookie sheet would appreciate it at least 2 release date

hey babe how's it going in Phantom from Boca hey how you doing at my bar with like a 40% sugar and for some reason to keep Jello flying like within a matter of hours or a few days in addition to that I'm also trying to clarify it right get it up with some pasta names and for whatever reason it's not stripping at all and I put it like in the separatory funnel and not straining it hitting up some back today is 2% solution or whatever it is the two grams per liter and then nothing separating at all

I wonder whether it's the strands don't get broken up by the pectinase and if somehow being stabilized by what's in the Strand so so baek nights Ultra sp-l wipes out or can wipe out a lot lots of pectins also does hemi cellulose I haven't looked at the at the composition of celery but like you might be a might be stabilising itself with like you know microcrystalline

why wouldn't he might be stable right out of my butt here cuz I have no idea but I'm just trying to guess and why it wouldn't why it wouldn't stay but here whatever you want to do it entirely because you want it or not you're making a quart of your heating it set the flavor and celery

infuses fantastically well I recommend you just do a very like fine slivers of celery boil and strain you're going to get a lot of celery flavor out of it in color and you're not going to Cloud it out

weight understand how is it you're recommending and stuff when I'm doing or what I used to do a lot of celery Tunes I would just cut it extremely fine cross fiber because remember it's got a lot of fibers but it's actually very porous along the length of the celery so as long as you like you'll be able to get just by heating it in the syrup that way and then straining solids out you'll be able to get a very strong celery flavor without a lot of the clouding effects because you're not busting up all of that stuff that would otherwise cause problems but you're extracting a lot of the flavor like you might've it will probably stay almost entirely clear from the get-go

okay but you got to remember when you cook celery a long time make cook celery obvious he has a different flavor so remember if you're doing a celery cordial also if you're trying to emulate something like dr. Brown's cel-ray soda dr. Brown's cel-ray soda which in my humble opinion is one of the greatest soda flavors all times all times for fantastic all-time celery seed to celery seed is actually a celery seed soda so if you want to emulate some of that I also recommend throwing a little bit of celery seed into that I guess I did the the the gradual replacement method where are you you blanch it first then you peel off the strings then you put it into a one-to-one simple bring it up to the boil last sit for a day or two take it bring it up to the boil boil it down a little bit at it back in for a little bit of the boil and just do that again and again until you get it down to where you know when it cools it will get stiff when you throw it and throw some extra sugar on the eye

Saturday putting the D High until it kind of like gets stiff candied it detector that I took it to his is like a not as firm as a as an apricot butt firmer than an Australian glaciate apricot

little bit little bit less firm than candy pineapple no crumbs left no crunch I've also taken the screens out Sono strings and also this is my secret Ricky ready for the secret and I would do this with your celery cordial as well if it wasn't going to be a certified I added a pinch of to the last boil I had to pinch of malic acid bright brighten a little bit we were talking on Twitter a couple weeks ago about is there a genetic predisposition to like or dislike celery and someone from monel chimed in saying that and Austria known androstenolone is

flavor that's present in celery and also a more saliva I like what I like me some more saliva so what kind of people like for saliva and celery the same people don't like Boris alive out you might not like celery on a cookie sheet before but now there is a but it does it's not a genetic thing to turn the weather going to like it or not it's a genetic marker showing that you're going to receive it in a certain way there are plenty of people in Mexico who have the gene to have a taste soapy to them and they still loved it because they were raised to like it hot on the trail of this because there were a lot of people complaining online that celery is totally watery and tasteless. Early like that is wrong with it say that bay leaves don't have waiver


12 / tried the going back to your meat question there is also have you ever tried the zombie killer bee nectar will it dryer is good

can you still buy it or you have to get it shipped to you but no one knows where me so I don't think me and can be sold and beer stores here and so like cuz it didn't add me mall to it and it's not cider doesn't fall into what category is a gorean the wine stores don't want to sell it because they can't push it and the beer stores can't sell it and so everybody gets hosed by so maybe it's easier outside of New York has different laws maybe somebody has to have them be a malt beverage the same malt beverage next time you look at it see whether it says malt beverage summer on the bottom it's so like some of these guys doing the maple stuff

I can be a malt beverage so it's easier for them legally ridiculous trouble by we should just have our taxes based on like the fact that it is alcohol in what continent the hall is not like whether or not it was made from Farley are made from what episis our laws are so Arcane and Spade you know anyway thank you Paul hydrocolloid

lecithin cuz it looks like it doesn't listen look right doesn't look English no it's fine. If you like what you think of the word lecithin that's incredibly hygroscopic so it should pulling stuff out of the air comes up you need to store that stuff in completely vacuumed out like low-moisture with like silica packing the stuff just like sucks up moisture like nobody's business but it doesn't like clumps and becomes even if you started with silica gel

in a vacuum without compressing it like in a jar haven't done that I buy liquid lecithin I don't use it I don't have that problem then I would throw it away I make my own cooking spray out of oil and alcohol emulsified with a little liquid lecithin Endicott

good idea what do you like it better than the one that you just buy

it allows me to bury my oil but I mean deep do you think it makes a difference

I just want to do it this is why I love call okay on the various cell types of hydrocolloid Dimension are there others that need replacing in anything short of five years or so I think some of these things basically they're like you know they'll be around for the next ice age as long as they're kept dry like that I have used I have personally used alginates that are 10 years old jail and I probably used to him at seven or eight years old you know so it's

I just don't worry about those things and certain things like enzymes have a shelf life but the good news about an enzyme is there kind of like medications there is a shelf life that they have to put on because they have to put it on but typically it's there. It's not like it's not like a balloon that like after certain date like it has lost its Lolita Grand so if something what let's say that you were going to have a hydrocolloid let's think of a method where might be grade there's some oyster in the air maybe it hydrolyzes overtime breaks into smaller units have the same kind of functionality used to is possible

basically it's just going to get less efficacious overtime it's not going to like be good one day there's no safety issue so it's not going to be like good one day kill you the next night so the shelf life that I really worry about our Shelf lives that are either due to Quality like the stuff going to go rancid on me but these things in general don't contain fats and then to is it going to lose is going to lose efficacy the other one that you want to worry about on shelf life is Titus and try to say anything that comes in a liquid form at like I don't know what liquid lecithin they are usually if they're sold the shell stable thing they are mostly shelf-stable eyes but they're not permanently shelf-stable I say things like Titus and if you don't store them in the fridge they'll throw throw throw away I am old flock after a while and you have to pitch on more or things like this you know so I would worry about mostly liquid press things like enzymes Ultra sp-l 10 to degrade slowly in terms of their efficacy so you have to add more so in general is good

does a refrigerated and also to use in a relatively timely manner but if you're not using them industrially and you're not counting on a grand being a gram all the time hundred percent of time then that's true refrigerated so I'm always Wylie Dufresne Chef extraordinary my brother-in-law and repeatedly tells them not to do that and they think he's some sort of like insane like homeless man his look like a homeless man but they think he's like some crazy person like you know like what like what's the chef equivalent of a cat like a cat lady

transglutaminase Refrigeration proselytizer well it was true as it doesn't need to be frozen it would be frozen right but doesn't need to be frozen if there is no water present so if you have actually packaged in a place where there is zero water present then freezing it in theory shouldn't do that much to help it or to hurt it as soon as there's any moisture present the freezing prevents the it from gluing itself to itself you know we're cool looking at her Like Glue yourself to the case or whatever whatever chicken breast my favorite band chicken thigh chicken has the most effective cuz it's real to neutral if you put it on their rub it in and then sniff it don't help the freaking stuff but if he Smith Edition smell like wet

dogs or like I don't have a dog like a wet wool sweater

oh hey how are you this is Rob coming from the North Fork of Long Island big fan of you guys first time calling in how you doing today I got kind of a kind of a random question for you I'm actually out here vacationing with some friends and been getting really into the foraging scene and made a bunch of stuff that we Forge locally up here we got these really cool we made an especially of wild muscles that all of us gathered probably about a hundred of them there's really cool little guys and have a sort of ridges that I never really asked you before but they were like delicious and where they are shells

what's really muscles are where they are shells where they white with ridges or the classic like like like blue and and blackish muscles Lacy flowers on the top hits do you have an expert with you

we don't and I'm actually calling we don't really have internet access out here but my phone works and a couple people aren't feeling so good and I just figured you guys by the way is this a joke are you calling to test me or not

I know I'm I'm I'm serious we listen you have to be careful Paul look up someone look up carrots right now or they say you have to be extraordinary really careful with with humble AC because there are some extremely extremely poisonous versions of humble as he's like things like wild parsley and wild carrots very very dangerous to forge do you have any left

we got a couple yeah you need to take a picture of you take a picture of it and you need to send it to poison control person to make sure that no one now there's some of their relatively different in terms of what they you know what's in them or what not and I'm not an expert so I cannot diagnose it but you want to make sure that someone didn't consume anything related to water hemlock or any one of the other humble AC family that are no good for you in general

yes look out here we don't really have internet standards

Papa CA also known as umbelliferae

we are in a hurry or just called Shoot which we do here

I can I let me Nike I'll probably just drive into town cuz I'm a worried you know that a couple of the girls have diarrhea and bring it with you have them test it when you get better internet access try to get a positive ID you have to be really careful when you're for a foraging for wild carrots while parsing stuff like that you need to really be like a hundred percent sure of the diagnosis I don't want to worry you too much because there's lots of stuff they can just give you a stomach ache and in you're probably going to be all right but please don't mess around with it hang up now go please take please please tweet at cooking issues I want to know that you guys are okay alright alright well water going right now I hope it's the well water I'm sure you guys are okay with please take care of it all right all right thank you bye

hope that's hope it's the Walton well water mean bad well water will get you really sick and the odds are that that the stuff that they forage is not poisonous but I've never had stuff in forging. Type of plant simply because there's always warnings on wild carrots and yeah I mean I haven't had occasion to stay away from it but I would stay away from it looks like like like an umbrella stay away from it bro I stay away from it unless I planted it shoes

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and we are back okay I'm sure there are some questions for us to look at it but Quinn Road in can needed to contain the clay pots fire bricks and vermiculite which is a good word for good word vermiculite why was vermiculite probably at work that I like

you don't like vermicelli Ellie and it's not my thing I know that you're at you're a you're a true you've taken Jeffrey steingarten to his come up

I like the word vermiculture come up yet and it won't because it's still not a fan book efficient way to raise protein is it really more efficient than this of agriculture

you got to feed him something right

yeah but you don't have to feed them something that you would otherwise use for anything else

what is going really well with chilled monkey brains are in a monkey brains you make me like feel like you make me but that the accent because any time someone pulls out anything from Indiana Jones and Temple of Doom I have to go with it you know what I'm saying a monkey brains snake surprise his name he still alive going to get that guy on the show you my favorite like a deep deep voice to dude from the Indiana Jones series though is the boy's name is out of my head the guy who says bad dates in the first one yeah. Gates I love that guy and then she kisses singing I Am the Monarch of the Seas

yeah dude that you didn't close your eyes out when the propeller shop at the Nazi still haven't seen the face melting I think you can handle it now fall but if you could take a nap pods toxic yes there a fairly low temperature it makes kind of like white and yellow weird wispy craps on the outside of the metal and you get a few more comes off with fever and I myself have had this obviously killed in college they they limited my access to the

so I put all of my money together and I bought one just like Home Depot 110th in the bathroom and I was welding I was making parts and so I was welding galvanized nuts on two pieces of metal all night I was in my bathroom communal bathroom. What are you doing and they wouldn't let me use the welder at the shop in the morning thank God thank God but I got sick but they not not terribly no one in maintenance had any idea that I didn't realize it but the slag coming off because it was flux cored welding you know because I didn't have gas cuz I really wasn't rich in flux cored welding the swag and the little metal balls pitted all of the porcelain tiles in the thing made Little Mill

they had no idea who or what to blame because it's not in the realm of mental possibility that some knucklehead idiot student has gone welding all night in the bathroom but it doesn't freaking compute so I got off scot-free on that one is so proud should be wiser for me to buy a Tandoor oven instead you can also what people do with the galvanized ones is they'll do a burnout or buy a bucket that's regular steel paint on it and do like a long hot burn out of the bucket it makes really noxious fumes but usually you can do it away from wherever you are that's what a lot of people do when they're making like I've done that myself so I can later on in a different location we were making a 55 gallon drum grills different bathroom different bubble on roof actually we were torch cutting them and that's nasty because the fumes are discus

but then you just basically prop them up and you do massive massive burnouts in them you burn the paint off and then usually you're okay which is another way to go but you recommend going to get the Galati Junior home Tandoor model 100 I'm not going to go to the next go to the biggest one that he recommends for home that's what I would recommend a good look at that question in about from Judy in Malden Mass we have time in Malden Mass and she shares my version to the outdoors is not his son that I hate I like being outside if there's no sun I like overcast days I like I like forests find information on anything else I've certainly had a lot of aha moments recently I joined sweetgreen in opening a new store in downtown

Raquel since a friend a decade ago try to pass it off as cooked this is not a friend this is not a friend a friend who tries to pass off Rock Hill is cooked kale not a friend enemy why would you do that why would you do that nowadays I still can't say I love it so what's the deal why is it so damn hard to cook kale correctly I'm not sure I've heard of the existence of a wilted kale to cook a correctly should everyone thinks that you can just cook it for a couple minutes and then go it's like college got to cook it for a long freaking time to have it actually tastes good it's not it wasn't like winds develop does a variety wasn't developed to be like you know a spring roll wrapper it was extraordinary Li young so now people pick all this chaotic store nearly young and then they can do it like lightly on a pizza or in a salad or some like this and it's not so terrible that like hell is meant to be a big old tough

green they get chop up and you cook the ever-loving snot out of it that's why it's not hard for some reason we forgotten what kale is for and what's her name Mimi Sheraton why often disagree with adjusted something about this look it up

but she's right about the cat and she blames herself she's like I was on the bandwagon the crap on what's happening right now okay let's what you said crap on crack on it Mel said it's essentially an industrial garnish they use in supermarkets because it never wilts dustrial Garner stats or hit single cutting board and it's all over anytime I seen this recipe tells the emphasize the importance of keeping everything chilled I thinking on this after listening to cooking issues I wonder if the cake should be like grinding meat where you initially freezer bowl and Peter any insight on this is it would be much appreciated as I'm a fan of pineapple upside down cake and making The Milk Bar version would be incredible thanks for the inside Judy and then I asked for more info and she

is the cake texture that's coming out wrong I really tried making toys he's barely brown butter cake for her apple pie after it's simply a little tingle down my spine to be called out on cooking issues okay like I email Christina and I said that you were having problems and she said the secret to the cake is to really value the creaming process Ingredient Corporation step by step because of nonfat buttermilk recipes she listened because the non-fat so much water do you have to be very careful about streaming it in little by little until the fully cream butter sugar eggs and oil the buttermilk and looks the force of Separation but your job as a baker is a force imaginate ization it takes longer than most expected 3 minutes before adding any of the ingredients XOXO

distance from Steven Los Angeles bottle says for laboratory use only one of those warnings it's just there because of the extreme concentration or is it cool to use Champion as I put it in Lime acid Blends but you know the champagne ass is tartaric and and lactic bought it also put liquid intelligent than its reagent grade Steve so I can't tell you whether or not it's which is nicest pharmacopoeia grade or the FCC like food grade stuff entirely possible that it's safe but each chemical has its own way that is synthesized and the old

and their own possible contaminants are in it so it could be that this facility is everyone that make 6 in the gas it makes the reagent grade and Purity that's not acceptable for USP bad but doesn't have anything it's not going to hurt you for instance heavy metals or other contaminants are poison what is entirely possible that it has some terrible contaminants in it so I would not use it even though 6 mg acid is used in very small quantities I'll have to look and see if I can find a see if I can find a source of USP 6 in a gas that is not what a fantastic expensive shoot Alex and Stephen questions semen question question or do you want to talk about the Breville thing

how long do we have a nose like they going to be another 2 minutes to minutes to get next time because I found some patents has hilarious translating with a patent and you're going to be in English language it's like so heartfelt and how this person wants you to enjoy this garlic product that they're making it in the English it's like it's like it's like the translations on the casa Kye gummies with my favorite has a question on pork tonkotsu which will get you next time you want to talk about the Breville machine real quick with your Breville polyscience control freak how much it cost 1799 maximum energy 1800 watts of power is like I think somebody I calculated wants equivalent stove be

use a somewhere between like 13 or 14 mm equivalent BTUs of a flame output on a pan that has a probe you can control off of that it has an actual like depressed like metal thing that measures the heat of the pan much more accurately in the glass things do I plug into a regular socket and as powerful as any unit will ever be that can plug into a regular socket is that the thing that plugs the probe into freaks me out because it's not at an angle that I can hit a hundred percent every time it so when I pull it in and out I'm always worried they're going to ruin it over time but as as the band says only time will tell

Asia first of all I talked to Philip wrestler who worked on a little bit on the things he couldn't get on because he's dealing with some people at Boeing saving people in airplanes or whatever but he kind of hinted at the fact that you'd be able to put custom programming in eventually things like rice cooker programs and stuff like that so that you can actually put profiles and going to let you do a ramp on temporary pain late or are they going to let you hit a certain temp eventually and then meet up or down so that you could do relatively different interesting rice things only time will tell goes to pasteurize and then goes down to

W900 it is the best leftover hurricane was my brother's birthday and my mom was making like old-school macaroni macaroni and gravy in Boston is pasta with spaghetti sauce here with all the different meats and it right pork chops carrots everything in this family like literally decades decades later I hear the story about someone who's been dead for two decades and pay attention and she burnt the sauce for the baby Richard birthday gravy and yes you know I wasn't actually alive yet but I remember you telling me the story with a burnt gravy

if you want to bring the tomato and it burns in a permeate everything you stare at once in the whole thing's toast is done like the world's greatest reheater of leftovers and pasta leftovers by the way I like my regular stove top pressure cooker State like to 63. My dad and it goes up at 2:50 and I can put it back down to 59 if I need to talk more so when asked questions about it we'll talk about it cooking issues

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