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Episode 253: One for the Road with Jackie Molecules

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Collier County questions to sad show Today Show today was a great intro though thank you blow that for you today is not in the booth today in the in the room with us today is it is last cooking issues Jack is leaving us and so you know it's it's sad and he's not in the booth to give us the sad noise

but the good news is he's going to go on on tour I wish he'll talk about a minute for a couple of months and then he's going to start his own radio station down in Washington DC it's going to be I can't give too many details away yet I think is not dry but it'll be a really really exciting radio station I'm starting a really cool public space in in DC so the music of course in politics by nature of the city of counterculture to all kinds of stuff it'll be fun be sharing those Heritage in the lot of music

definitely not really club music I don't think so now it's just for a little gambling that stuff was going to last station is going to open before the elections in November no but I'll be down moving in September to DC so if any listeners are in DC want to hang out I need some friends so so get at me and I'll be recording like compiling content starting in September and definitely covering the election so nice cool instead of pissing me off you know

got the other people want me want me here to needle you days so Sean Paul Adams here from the popular the science that is popular how you doing correct I'm here also a fan of skunks I don't know you know this and included fan of me and Rocketeer for drones

play drone it's here now but your owner and ever a buoyant nastase the hammer Lopez here we have some we have some bubbly in Assassin's going to open it cuz if there's one thing that makes her happy it's got to be the bubbly true love it called a drone thug-n-harmony now I have to wait I didn't have to wait I was like you can rework the lyrics of our strong fast rapping like my taxes obsessed with rappers that can react quickly I probably already talked about this on the radio show in like the ones you don't even know what you're talking about one of them

I don't remember if she's a super it's because I was going to meet I think Busta Rhymes at one time and I didn't get to meet Busta Rhymes and then and so and he thought Eminem was the fastest and I was like you don't know what you're talking about it's not even in contention in first of all like speed isn't it speed with flow is what's important. Like Twista technically yeah but I mean was is that the fast after you'd listen to but on a daily basis anyway so then remember your molecules related questions to Jackie molecules I wish we could export a molecule

for 97212

hey you guys pay you before I asked my question I just real quick I wanted to extend a sincere thank-you the jack for all the time he's put in and good luck in everything that he's doing thank you

time to be there my brother recently got married and I was asked to make a groom's cake and so I decided to make The Milk Bar mini chocolate chip cake with a passion fruit curd and because I couldn't find passion fruit curd locally and it was either the time constraint I went ahead and use the really crappy mango nectar and I felt kind of like an enemy of quality but but when I made the record feeling the egg mixture like totally curdled and like the little protein particles through the likes locked out in like a glomerate and the weirdest thing happened because after I had mixed in the butter in the food processor it became totally silky smooth again and I'm just wondering why it would like curdled and then be able to come back to being totally smooth again

Baja 70 chairs Jack while we're well wear it while I'm thinking

so I don't know why I broke that's it interesting the pier wooden chairs me speaking of enemies quality so weak I'm in the room are you wanting to say cheers everyone but I don't know I mean I've never I've never actually interesting the I mean I've eaten a whole hell of a lot of mango in my life including Nastasia and and Harold McGee and I went down to pound mangoes in Florida wants to nightmare the trip actually but we can talk about that later completing I better let me to the knowledge that tropical fruit people are very possessive of their fruit whether they're ever going to freaking up to this before I'm like a temperate fruit person where they like the strange thing is I have never cooked with mango ever I've only ever eaten mango I've made mango into drinks and I use mango and cold prep but I

overcooked a Mango Mangos are relatives of let me see there is actually by Poison Ivy and and a cashier's I think they're anacardiaceae I think but it's been a long time since I've looked that up so they contain a latex in them but I don't know of anything that would break a record there anyone out there in the chat room is had an experience cooking mangoes and can can it can help us out but as for the silky smooth there's lots of times when you get like kind of a micro break and something and then when you blend the hell out of it with another like Smooth especially emulsified ingredient like butter it'll come back into shape on you in fact I have a recipe for a milk syrup which I'm actually and talk about later because of a question we have if we get to it where the whole point is you make a micro break in it so you stabilize the milk with sugar you make a micro break in it with with a little bit of acid and it curves it a little bit and that like little bit of break actually keep

smooth because you break the event that the pieces that have broken you break them into in pieces smaller than your tongue can taste which is roughly 20 micrometers is roughly the limit that your tongue can sense in terms of now you can send different textures smoother than that like things can become more anxious all of a sudden but the in terms of actual Britt or or particles you can't really tell much below 20/20 mccrometer so

it is my grandfather's right now being that it's easy to do so if something is breaks a little can actually be more stabilized if the ensuing actions break it into pieces that are finer than your tongue can taste and it no longer agglomerates afterwards I know is that helpful at all makes total sense that you did some sort of partial break and then when you put it into the other thing it just you know brought it all back together and whatever the partial break was is stable now I have no freaking idea what's in mango that would make it behave differently if anything I would get passion fruit would be the evil thing because it's so acidic you know what's an anger a nasty taste nasty

Mary Winstead came out like exactly how I wanted it was super silky smooth and like you could not even tell that it remotely even broken at all he did not ruin the wedding

no other way did you do some sort of like Steve Buscemi toast at the end in like you know

I didn't bring any plain white toast either my question out right before I get to delicious you know they're very very many different kinds of passiflora fruits that you are the hole in the genus red passiflora fruits that are consumed worldwide especially in South America

and we only get one of them maybe two but nowadays you can sometimes get the yellow like they're going to be a style ones up here but you usually get the small wrinkly ones and I liked them all but they aren't all strictly speaking delicious do you like do you like musky flavors folks said it sound like there's like some very musky passiflora ones in like weird shapes that there's one that looks like an overgrown Australian finger lime kind of hook Cordova and and it's got a very muscular kind of note to it so maybe that's not inherently delicious but also like there's something you know how late she gets sweaty so I think sometimes passion fruit it's not the same kind of sweat but I can get some sweat on a passion fruit what do you guys think so when are free but I like I do think it's delicious it's just too acidic I like anything freaking acidic and I like the texture of the LCD seeds

it's a cynic but it's also got that like juiciness that's a certain kind of acidity that use who has and a couple of other tropical fruits question you know how like you group together for apical fruit flavors of a category is there an actual Common Thread between tropical fruit. I don't know I mean you think about like right like mango banana papaya fruit has like high volatilize and thinks I don't know maybe there's something about tropical environment that requires fruits to be extremely volatile

a Nick not like volatile like I'm volatile and non-volatile like Aroma chemicals but the it is interesting but it's true and since very there very few temperate fruits that have tropical notes in them strawberries right have a little bit of that all those are clearly a temperate taste but they can some of the other ones have some higher no special when they start to go off Peach a good Peach I could be some apples

the other are Apple but like you know what the the the one that really tastes like it's a tropical fruit that is completely temperate is the May Apple the American poisonous but it's not really poisonous but it's like kind of poisonous it's like he met symmetra poisonous it's like it's like it's poisonous if they sold it in the supermarket somebody would kill themselves because they would eat the seeds and they would eat it unripe but once it's ripened and I only got a couple of them last year I have a whole life plot of them and I was like I'm going to let them ripen one more week before I pull them in and the Animals came and ate everyone but to I'm talkin I have like bigger than this studio of like a may apple tree but you know whatever they call the plants a perennial and

but when it finally ripen man that was delicious a few Worth Dying For the poisonous cuz it's like tropical but it grows in Connecticut anyway size of what size is that

yeah but they're still green I've got it I can't let him go it's at 1 week as soon as he starts to show signs of riping I'm going to pull them let them ripen inside that night he needs to go longer than that it says maybe cuz they show up in May but like last year wasn't like I was after 4th of July is when they got when they got taken this year so weird anyway with with what's it called what's the weather what's that what's that thing whether you the would sodium species I think and so obviously it doesn't have actual technical fruit because it's a conifer so it does not an angiosperm has no flowers are for has a fruit right right but it has what's called an arrow that looks like a fruit and will and it's like a red we'll call it a berry even though it's not a berry but it's a red berry

you can always tell a you because it's got the red berries on it and the red berries have like a hole in the front of them like sunken it look like a cup mini red Martini Olive and what's interesting is that even a couple of the seeds Crush will kill you but the fruit okay if I don't have to I don't have the cojones I've got the stones

where's the right inside the damn thing so you have to like squash on but not crush the seeds and like and make sure you supposed to see that because literally 5 red cases of like kids who beat three of them are down down for the Conifer Hemlock not related to the poisonous hemlock

Jamaica tea from hemlock and apparently nice fit because it's nice and soft if you're in the woods woodcrafting sound poisonous is not the water hemlock of poison is weak as we all know related to parsley and all those things which is why you should never forage for what Peter never forwarded for wild freaking parsley on the air

hey there. No not really doing

I mean doing a drink that has bitter orange juice in it but bitter oranges are now out of season and I want to know if there any substitute

I don't know anything about the sea do you have a hardcore Latin neighborhood in DC are never out of season in Latin markets but they're not the good I don't want to be like they're not the ones that you might think of is good ones like they're not Savills they're not like they don't have really nice skins or anything like that and the juice to be honest not like super on point point but it's got not just the sourness till I can easily at the bar like I take regular oranges and I hit it with acid to get the acid profile that I liked it doesn't have the kind of bitterness that the bitter oranges have like mashed up with garlic and what not like they have them like all your lawn New York they do they have them all your lawn

but in the bar and also like I can't think of anything you like that like the shop last year garlic stuff I haven't really tried it it's that thing that looks like convenience garlic it's like weird stuff nasty my grandma used to buy that exclusively my grandma you know died and I don't know like early 90s maybe early 90s she was like look what they can do now they can put chopped up garlic in a jar I'm like no they can't Grandma to taste of this stuff you know what I mean anyway whatever I would do that or I would say that you know you could try acid adjusting if it's not going to have that that paper catch a cheat and I just turn it into lime juice and so

is off the trees and in Arizona and I view straight bitter orange juice for cocktails before I don't remember what the ratio is but it's pretty damn close to lemon or lime juice in terms of total acidity and so what you're looking at there is a 6% you're looking to 6% of 80 so you can choose what kind of do you want what you want if you want to stay more on the lemon side then you know citric if you want to shade it towards their lime side you know I wouldn't go more then I wouldn't go higher and Malik cuz it only gets Citrus anymore I think it'll take on some other kind of notes but like anywhere in that in that ratio is is fine and you know the the the ratio to turn it into lime juice would be 32 roughly depending on the oranges you have roughly 3206 Rick and 20 grams of Malik for leader so you're looking at an additional acid of someone help me out of 30

52 grams of acid per liter in any sort of ratio up to about 20 grams of Malachi should do it and that way all of your bartenders can just use it as though it were lemon or lime juice so you don't have to worry about them like me like I got a flat or I got to I got to use a fat half ounce of this because it's not the same crappy thing about the the juice the yield on the bond that Latin sour orange is is bad if you are going to strain it because the pulp tends to be very coarse and so you lose kind of a lot to the pumping the me to wish you wanted me to know if I'm doping orange juice

yeah I mean you can just me and you can add any sort of like bitters anything I guess or you could like throw some peel in there and let it macerate for a while you know what I mean and then that that word about orange essential oil

I never use that you'd probably want to spend that and some alcohol and then stared him but it might break you might need to have a little bit of money and go do it to go back to the question

I got a quick question for you but first I was going to say thanks. Congrats on your new Venture that sounds pretty awesome dude

okay so Dave I've been doing a Sourdough culture for a while like a couple years and have fed it with all different types of flower but recently have been feeding it with gold medal and they just had a big recall because it's possible he coli contamination on some of their flowers so my question is

will you remind me of the time and temperature killing regimen for E coli and like am I going to have to toss out my dear old sourdough starter because

I'm going to go ahead and say no the chances the chances of you that's the God's honest truth is I don't know whether look your sourdough starter isn't going to kill e-coli but I don't like your sourdough starter is a huge melange of different microbes I think you're probably the equalize probably going to get way out competed especially over if you keeping it alive and means you're feeding it and using it on a regular basis and so it's going to get out competed and there's equalize what we in the trade like referred to as ubiquitous it's everywhere so that you know if you have a toddler anywhere in the house it's gotten anywhere near it you've liked decoline up and down all over like no I wouldn't worry about it

also unless you're eating sourdough raw like you are cooking the hell out of bread even if you would say you let your sourdough go for such a long time that it's an acid bomb you need to bring it back and see you make pancakes with a whole bunch of it so that you can have a small amount that you bring back to life again which is a valid use because as we all know sourdough pancakes using the acidity of the sourdough starter of an overdone sourdough starter at in in conjunction with baking soda as a base you're not actually using that the actual acid the actual Flora of it anyway so even in that pancakes are you cooking the hell out of a pancake and you're going to be killing the hell out of the photo

illnesses were from people eating raw dough obviously obviously a good place for bacterial and yeast growth otherwise guess what it wouldn't work right there so many chances for contamination and just think of the lawsuits lawsuit must have been contamination of a liquid on a grain perhaps when it was going through the tempering step prior to being milled of there's a couple of places that you can get contamination on the Grain and then obviously you know you're not killing the bacteria it can go dormant in the dry conditions and that's how I can see erratically survive but I personally I would

to my family that's all I'm saying he says making clarified milk punch I want to keep the punch bass grapefruit pineapple whole milk matcha tea separate from of the booze so I can figure it out as an Alucard cocktail use with different spirits and minimize ways I'm getting very small courage is my next ban all heard small curds altereds coffee filters work especially super thick Chemex filters visitor brutal process at one of the things as we all know that nastassia Lopez will never do is filter liquor through coffee filters never never she know what she be like know when to walk away. It's one of those things

coffee filters I won't do

grapefruit juice priest all to cheesecloth

ever ever

Chihuahua looks like it's like like like pooping in diapers where you say you're done with it but you never know you might go back to it later

good well I do what I have to do you know me it's like it's like if I'm in a situation where I have to do it now choosing things that don't require me to do the awful thing like it used to be so eager to please that I would just choose the thing that I thought was absolutely the best and then figure out how to do it later which often mad screwing us but now I'm like it's really good but it's also not going to screw us

getting older

you familiar with the gangrene album older Budweiser

yeah good strong but they they were famous for a

yeah older Budweiser yeah they were famous for they did a cover of a voices carry they did a hardcore cover voices carry in the 80s that one some in very important Boston battle of the bands at Rock the damn to quote unquote Fame in the comedy hardcore world babe I think they for a minute they were past the Dead Milkmen it was like who's going to be the comedy hardcored like you know group is gangrene or they going to be Dead Milkmen and its back and forth I like them both yeah I'm getting very small cuz they're too small for even to find cheesecloth coffee filters work especially the thick Chemex filters what is a brutal process what up in the acid increase the size of the curd making it easier to clarify any other tips yeah I don't think up in the ass in fact I've had someone over like the somehow they were able to rapidly acidify it and then like stop it from breaking

here's what I would do in in in this order depending on whether you need to do it right now like today or you can wait so I did a little test this morning and the problem with one of the problems with the recipe is your recipe has a lot of sugar in it sugar tends to stabilize as I said before with milk serious attempt to stabilize and create very small very very small cars in fact sometimes such as it doesn't even look like it's broken so I would not put any sugar into your recipe or as little sugar as you can use as little as you can until later on in the recipe after you've broken the milk that's one at 2 or anything you can do to destabilize the protein so that they go together in big clumps would help so I did this for I did I didn't know what your about your recipe is so I did 50% water 50% milk right and then I added as I did an ounce ounce Oz and then in one addend

half ounce of water and some citric acid to break it and another one I added a half a half ounce only of 30 proof I had some 30 proof old banana who's Dino vodka right and put a small amount of alcohol Jeff Hale destabilize a little bit and citric acid and I got much bigger fluffy record and better yield out of the one that had even a small amount of alcohol so it doesn't need to be like out like doesn't need to be alcohol-free for kids even a small dose of alcohol will help you stabilize it if you need to do it right now if you and also we are technique how you move the car around can cause the car to be bigger if you move it gently around and as I like to say sweep the spoon around to collect it Courage get bigger and bigger is a is a pull casing in from outside that's going to help lastly it's pretty much universally recognized that rent it does a better job of making big herds than acid so if you can if you can go on the internet Sand by rent it to do Yorker ding instead of acid microbial so you don't need to worry about it

being an ally killing some baby animals for it unless you want to which case you can get the baby animal want if you need to have dinner animal in your cocktail you can do it but the guy would do it in that order in that reminds me last week we had a question about that's enough last week we had a question about spices and freezing them and I remembered like afterwards what I forgot to say that another reason to free spices we were talking ques year was worried about the question was worried about spoilage and all this other stuff and whether or not the freestyle be a problem in moisture but here's a good reason to free spices a lot of spices are infested with the eggs of insects like weevils another nasty little things is especially true on like the more artisanal your product is the more likely it is it's infested with some sort of crazy thing even like flowers that you get if you get like small run flowers from

artisanal places that don't have like you know don't have like e-coli spraying quality controls kind of situations in it they can have infestations in them and if you're worried about long-term storage assign that might have insect eggs in it freeze I was going to spices that do all the that like Indian shop has great date that you know what your dates good for it's good for you as a consumer to know how long you had it anyway but it wasn't especially but there's a particular brand of flour that I still to this day by because I really like it Indian like a chapati flour that is that like it's like I love it because it's like it's it

hope it's mostly whole grain but it's really soft and it doesn't puncture like whole wheat does so it's really good at adjunct Like Biscuits if you want to give it a little bit of weed in this like I really like it biscuits biscuits Everyone likes him but Nastasia please

what. Do not know this because

that's why they invented butter solution to your problem I mean to butter jelly I'll name some more molasses good molasses not that bull crap that we get no normalium supermarket.

first thing that came to mind was like cacio e Pepe done right

Musashi want to give us your thoughts on the hardest hardest likes it hard to the point of like small core on the inside I mean that stuff like I think there's a dude making it I think

I have a question about set up at the rice back rate of a job though how can you up your game how can I up my game it's the finishing step there you know it's just the consistencies never like perfectly on using pasta water or snapped it has a weird technique where he kind of cooks the pasta dry in a 4K why I don't know I tried it I know a bunch of people that have talked about pre frying their pasta and I really bought I never I never done it, like Pepto or something

find the popular game show.

Hello Dave

first-time caller made it under the why are you still have Jack here yeah nice what's up my first question is for Jack and it's in regards to start the show Chef talk going to fold into my second question for cooking issues remember your name when she told you jack in it has a lot going on in Tucson that is that a thing as jacking is like a person

she's up the names a little bit like Ensley when I say how do you say you get your second question going and I'll get i'll get Peters ringtone up here to olive oil industry and cold pressed not being a real thing and I started to look into like raw juice and juice bars and I've always been a fan of the champion juicer and want to see what the fundamental differences and everyone that I see who puts out a cold pressed juice machine

that's you to get a food processor where you blend ingredients first and then cold press that in the box that's what I like that's what I get on my phone but before that it was the sound of me in pain from burning my hands on the puppy Gun Supply for you

I don't honestly have any experience with cold press and I'm sure you're talking about like Norwalk it's basically just like it's low temperature but like like you say if you have to put it through a whole bunch of blending operations first there's the opportunity for heating it before it goes into the Press can you call in to Popular Science cold Juice Guy

Brian are you listening to your call or tweeting give us the answer I can't come down one way or the other on cold using the hell out of the juice sometimes especially like case three or four apples and you're not stopping in your cranking through I've had the champion heat the Jews I've had the champion boil water I've melted the magnets DIY protective magnets in the champion juicer from going to town on it and partially that's why I love it so much worse with extraction works I texted the Breville versus the champion on Apple Juice this year and the juice qualities were very different not better not worse different color you are on the are the answer to the question

no cooking fish and all this other stuff tastes wise is minimal if anything the traditional juicers at home cold pressed actually last longer when you use Trish on juices that are using nutrifaster Zoar using Champions is so fat as such a monster I need you have a nutrifaster at your juice bar

no we used it's called the good nature which is basically a souped-up version of the Norwalk essentially yeah about 10 times more expensive and you were like this is Holcomb

you like this is horse hockey This is BS this it makes no difference if your concern is enzyme as long as it's not very long

I don't think I'm going to run into too much trouble by Kimbra thing altogether like I'm going to put that out there over the back maybe I hope we get other people be putting cold pressed juice on a man you and people like cold-press juice destroy all the title nutrients juice obviously habitual line Crosser as we've known takes it just to the edge of the family show and then crosses over it but the reason why is because

I hate any any labeling on any food of any type claiming health of any sort at all. I just don't like it at all I hate it when people say the XYZ piece of garbage is healthy because they know just so you know I hate it it's like it's like just whatever leave it off and so we were saying that ice cream should get the healthy label the ingredients should be removed juice vegetable juice rare Orchid seeds from it right so cold pressed juice vegetable juice good for your health vanilla health health

like that's Philly Philly style that's old style Breyers is boob juice vegetable juice and and and and tropical orchid you know it's like that's like just some like weird that's weird up and then I say okay

peter meter to me

stop. Really showing your true colors here and likes it for the record she did not think you were Chinese she did not raise a steer we clarified that I'm not Chinese last year of the day I've known you I know you were created is not the case that I know that she's got her shut up face on right now I know I'll do the Japanese racing next next next week this gets too long and involved before about making tofu from peanuts

tofu the same as go look up their stuff in the peanuts I didn't have super great success with them cuz it was didn't clot as well when other people have had good success I looked up the internet's today and another modernist cuisine folks I did a lot from peanuts earlier this year was a successful temp but it was disgusting tasting

a successful text really but the mold grew correctly looked good but if you think it smells bad Paul's remember that was Paul Adams the man who brought an open can of surstromming and a taxi home with him and didn't think it was a problem so if all thought it smelled bad is stank up its time its time its previous things you have to wash the Jesus out of them before they're even usable dried soybeans to read the only plant the female ginkgos because I'm sorry the male geckos because if the nuts stink so bad

but the point is is that that's not the case right outside the moffats office there used to be a ginkgo nuts ginkgo tree to a drop it Stinky Nuts all over the tree all over the sidewalk what are you talkin about nuts drink again never getting high sign over there you can talk about it this week because whatever Hey listen all love and thanks to my man Jack Hensley for all the years of cooking issues and being a part of the show being part of the team being my friend

my favorite part was Paul that you do I'll come bake cameos I'll come Frank you from different places by guys thanks for listening to this program on Heritage Radio Network. Org you can find all of our archive programs on our website or S podcast in the iTunes Store by searching Heritage Radio Network I can like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter at Heritage underscore radio you can email us questions at any time at the info at Heritage Radio Network. Org Heritage Radio network is a nonprofit organization to donate and become a member is it our website today thanks for listening