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Episode 252: Deez Rancid Nuts

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you know why I have to go crazy on the Bushwick because this is one of Jackie molecules jachens Lee's last week's here in Bushwick last week next week since last night what where's my where's the on voice the what where's the envoy so I know right all I have is this

I want to hear some good news my phone decided to be funny to erase all of the stuff that I had prepared a I talked to a so we're going to have to have you call up the questions then I'll make the answers that you got and then there's one from last week

because we're waiting on you couldn't miss it because you were stuck in my anus mine is connected up for those who did last week nastassia borrowed a stick shift 1993 stick shift Saab that for some reason

one of her friends decide is a good New York City Car to have and the clutch cylinder leaked its oil its last breath on the way back to New York City and she was stuck in these beautiful Hamlet of my anus part of Greenwich Connecticut do you know you were the one for a while do they honestly because my son Booker is like enough with the bathroom humor dad you and your precious my oenis it's what he says cuz we would pass the sign what time do they pronounce it. We got to find someone who lives around there maybe someone from the neighboring Cos Cob who can tell us how you going to look it up and looking it up right now there's like so there's people whose only thing that they do in life is make fake pronunciations and put them on the internet's to mess things up there is just some guy

mispronouncing words on purpose so as in my star my Anis my Anis what is it some sort of Tropicals Greenwich nice French mayonnaise alike makes no sense probably preferably a hater right who can who like you know grew up like you know fighting the the local like my anus Warriors growing up whatever the name their team is you know I'm saying and just give it to me straight

going to be straight so we had some questions bad they say they've lost stone statues finding those and I'll start with the one that I have here Dave Nastasia Jack Peter who's not here because if Peters doesn't care right price as Jack's last

Marina by British is Artemis double cream which has about 48% milkfat I haven't even found this in the USA is there anyway I could take that heavy cream in either add more milk fat without a homogenizer or remove water to month of milk fat content from 35 to 48 thanks for all the great works on Fisher plow it depends on what you want to do with it and you can boil cream down to a very very high fat content but then the question is I'm not sure what you want to do with it afterwards whether that's going to alter the where that's going to alter the flavor you can't just melt butter or butter fat and added in because remember that cream is a fat in a water emotion and butter is the reverse it say water in fat in motion so we used to do

experiment with Harold McGee at the French culinary where we would take cream which is fat in water right whenever you're talking about emotion you first name the things that you know formed in pockets it's not the continuous phase and then you say what it is so fat globule distributed Nano in a water at in a water-based in the water dish and so then you beat it you know until it the fat particles agglomerate you break the emotion and now you have the reverse you have a water in water droplet in oil most which is better so you know you can't really fortify you can mount it and do a revert like a mounted they look the same but luckily for you yeah you know if your getting ice cream in into me or doesn't have any like high acidity or anything like that you can boil it down and get pretty much where was that content you want now

you might be affecting or you will be affecting the taste and the whipping properties but I didn't have time to look what this standard recipe for making it is because I'm pretty sure that it's going to be hard to get 48% fat straight from the cow just rising up on the top and less you really spend it. Like I could spend it in the center Fusion can get it pretty easily because I can make butter in a centrifuged I don't know if I can I guess I could probably in which it to that level but you're getting real close to it like having you just automatically format dance kind of butter anyway you know what else I've never noticed I was the quote unquote butter that you make in the centrifuge when you spend butter in the centrifuge

I wonder whether it's actually butter or just really solidified cream but I wonder whether you've actually broken the emotion I think you probably have because you get that's in buttermilk you know what I'm saying speaking of can you want to Sully get more feedback people before we release what the Prototype is going to do so I can test recipes like right now I already know that the centrifuge were working on can do strawberries to Mayo orange lime lemon you know banana who is Tito dates I know it can do parsley oil I know it can do peabod her I know it can do I know we can do some kind of nut milk because I guess that maybe we should try to figure out what people want it to do so I can test the recipe I don't know if you guys have any things that you are dying to have a centrifuge be able to do

I can test it on my prototype will be speaking in a language I might as well be speaking we have a prototype here we have a prototype here that I'm going to send that they're sending us another one and in fact we just need to send a rotor of which I have 3 4 testing nastassia again talking about stuff that you out there don't care about or don't know

between the two of us who's the one that spent an hour from Midnight to 1 a.m. talking to them yesterday for units in the u.s. for any way a little bit of Dave Dave anger on the on the on a Tuesday move and it seems like it's like you're on a Tuesday everybody's confused and come over it's a New York when it's hot you know

did you go anywhere fun over the weekend the same way that you always do by taking a train or for stealing a car that you drive a car fixed just need to get her buddies car fixed her buddy with this car is insulted she's like yesterday not a big deal in fact saw some accidents still didn't cause too much problems on the way back

I'm saying you know that I wouldn't go anywhere so you know if I were to say hey are you going to be around this weekend to cycle you think I stay wherever you want me you know I'm always in you are going to do you have to stop using the word Dirtbag because the kids are the picking it up what do you think says that's not a cigarette case

without any actual physical contact picked up my hatred of geese or Canadian geese cuz I was like driving by you know if you've ever lived in the Northeast and spent in the suburbs and spent you know this time of year and you go to any Pond that has a lawn next to it right you need a pond with a lawn next to it it is infested with freaking Canadian geese and right now this time of year is when they have their rancid little goslings and when when Canadian geese have their gods if you want your children to grow up with a healthy hatred of Canadian geese just throw them on the side of a pond with freaking geese and their guising because they're the most vicious creatures that even if you didn't know better you like obese what are they going to do it's not my little brother was attacked once when he was a kid and then that was it

like snapping and hissing with their with their wings give you the the give me this one stop and get her name but she's right about how to poach animals I'm not advocating for that but she said I think it was her who wrote that if you ever want your kids to never be vegetarian and always support the killing of animals expose them as often as possible to geese

please see the gorilla I felt so bad but you know what I looked up do they have been following the news is I was a three-year-old or for something like this kid makes it into the gorilla pen Falls 10 feet down into this mode where this like 450 lb Silverback 17 year old silverback gorilla is I forgot the gorillas name and the gorillas like what I got crazy so they shot the gorilla to death I looked it up there that there is no such thing as a gorilla down I don't know but first thing you know you know my dachshund I would like what the hell why can't they just shoot it with a tranquilizer dart why do they have to kill the Gorillaz horrible

you know what I mean but then I saw at least two things on the internet saying that there's nothing that can take a reliably take a gorilla down in less than about 30 seconds and you know and what you don't want is an enraged pissed off gorilla that shuts been trying started like taking a kid and smacking around a bunch of concrete in the kids in the face look like it's like I don't know if the gorilla look like a lot less fat content on damaging that kid then you know my dog did eating frogs this weekend my dog turned into such a frog murderer this weekend like there frogs everywhere and she would see a frog and then instantly starts foaming at the mouth is it rabbit and jump after the Frog and if you like Laura and my kids like that

I'm like the dog the carnivore the dog is a freaking carnivores like you're feeding it trimmed up chicken and cow and land everyday out of a can and you're worried about a frog a frog an amphibian that doesn't even have a sense of play and like you're okay whatever

so start you find the other question that there's two there's last week There's the John Oliver one and then there's the other one that came in

hello and thank you for making this a great podcast first it seems to me that other than mixers and cheaters and not much advancement was made in the process of making puff pastry croissants are they making it is time consuming and cry as much still in practice can you suggest a modern ingredient method that might help in the process preheats keeping the butter from soaking in the door melting at room temperature or maybe even and forgive me for the hearsay use less butter Sakura seeing use less butter and still get separate flaky layers II in order to keep the dimension Quest onto right but first of all I have to say I have I've only made you don't like what what's worse? Biscuit what about almond what if you had what if you had a what if he had chocolate in a Biscuit

no no but traffic was I'm okay chocolate chocolate inside of a biscuit it's easy enough to do that mean freaking sample you know what I mean they beg for a roughly the same amount of time as a quest on base at a bake at roughly the same temperature is it across all banks so and they're they're cooked through this as much as a quasi is so I'm going to go ahead and say that you could do a chocolate biscuit you know I'm a question exactly once in my life it was well over 20 years ago and it was in the middle of the freaking summer

in an air-conditioned house so it sucked and I was like when I met them they've tasted fine but I was like this crap like this crap is not worth it I'm glad I made it once and never again do it again so I don't have a lot of experience with what I have made a bunch of puff pastry and I've never really tried to make it I've never really tried to take it up I looked up the patent literature on this and there are a bunch of people that have patents out on on puff pastry specifically trying to lower the fat content of puff pastry because for some reason this is the kind of thing that people are interested in doing I'm not me not me personally like I rather just have puff pastries but what they did was so when you're making puff pastry obviously the ideas you have a laminated tell you have the dough layers and you had the fat in between the now

back when I was paying attention to such things you would people always said that it was the water in the butter that was the important part that would blast that it would Steam and blast layers apartment now most people say that the water in the dough does the same thing as the water in the butter although I've never tried making puff pastry with us with a solid fat that didn't have any water in it at all and I'm pretty sure that the puff pastry fat they make specifically for making super light flaky puff pastries which are they are a technical Marvel if terrible for you that they are because they're all trans but

those like are awesome but I think that those are a motion to Waterton Lakes that are larger but it done for puff pastry twists so you need the separation that and you need a dolares not stick together so they can talk apart so there is a fella I forgot his name cuz I don't have it in front of me anymore but they who had a patent out on making a thickened starch water along with fat emulsion so that had the plasticity and laminating characteristics of margarine but instead of being 82 or 80 to 82% fat was like forty 45% fat and so that would be a significant fat reduction and according to the patent it works but if nastase and I both know any idiot can write a patent even the stuff doesn't work and we'll get it but if you were right a patent it doesn't mean you can literally if you write a patent you never have to prove that the sucker works you just have to make

a good night story for the patent officer to believe that you come up with you know if in fact people that patented things that are physically impossible to do and they slipped it past that you know a patent officer who you know I don't know how high is the kite or no drunk as a skunk or whatever dude wasn't paying attention and there are people that forget that who collect these kind of absurd patents as kind of little thanks anyway so that's one of the second question I keep condensation at check is there any reason repeated freezing and thawing might hurt them and is the same true for nuts nuts okay so to look up my suspicions astacio enjoy this I think I look up UC Davis has PDF on a nut storage and you know UC Davis a no from nuts they safe the safe handling of nuts how awesome is that is it as a PDF

the safe the safe handling of nuts gently gently I believe is the not to freeze dry spices just because it's unnecessary but the breakdown what's going on here there are several things you need to worry about when you're when you're dealing with spices so in general dried spices are those things that have been deemed for Millennia in some cases to withstand the rigors of shipment on boats and long storage and still retain potency and as long as they're kept whole not ground you know for long long periods of time that's why they are the spices that we use because they are items in Commerce that can be shipped over long distances so they just tend to store rather well without any sort of like freezing or or Refrigeration now most that you were going to extend the life of these things

is a yes they will have all the lies they're their Aromas off overtime and and decrease their potency some of them will also probably all turn flavor overtime but you have two main things you have water damage due to condensation which is obviously enhanced by cycling through different temperatures where you get condensation on it so that's why I repeatedly bring you in and out of cold can be problematic unless it's stored under a vacuum so it's stored under a vacuum you can bring something in and out you're not going to get condensation because there's not any extra vapor in there that have water that can damage it through repeated freeze-thaw Cycles but I doubt you're going to get that much of an advantage on that versus just storing it in a vacuum that also remember every time you suck a vacuum you're sucking follicles off of it now are you really going to notice I don't think so but good way to do this if you really want to do it instead of vacuum these are things into smaller packages and keep them back down so you're not repeatedly vacuum and I'm backing him time and time again so that's in terms of keeping but the other thing

this is where you know the some spices but also Deez Nuts and seeds and things like that right so you're nuts are going to go rancid if you leave them out at room temperature for a long time in fact I just had an interesting a pack of black walnuts American grown black walnuts have I'm not I'm not going to get into that joke was the Family Feud I think it's a surprise as a family show and then look like he just he touches not in his nature to turn off the the the bleep bombs like it's not a political show not a political show Family Show you can listen to it I don't care what your me within reason I don't care what your political beliefs are

so that they're going to go rent in fact I've got these black walnuts and they are gone rancid in a really kind of interesting way here when we ate with Paul and Donna are those ants did you eat one of the most the time when I taste rancid nuts it's more that cardboard kind of rancidity that you get with oil where you can taste oil and see that it's gone off it's getting rancid but these walnuts had that fruity rancidity was so weird anyway so they go rancid very obviously so you going to want to store your nuts in a vacuum as possible and nuts are good in the freezer but you also you wants a Lego store in the vacuum and you can get rid of the the air you're not going to get condensation even through the a couple of fries freeze thaw Cycles but other than that I would say that are tight store

age and find them whole and buying high-quality is the way to go and unless you're cooking professionally so if you're cooking professionally at you know what you people in general if it depends on what kind of professional cooking if you're dealing in a large kind of institutional environment where you're expecting someone to follow measurements like you will use 5 grams of pink peppercorn right then consistency of your pink peppercorn over time is super important but if you just cooking or even if you were real cooking a restaurant and you can adjust on the Fly typically these kind of spices will just lose potency over time until you can just Jack the quantity this is why I like we were talking before when he was in in someone on the internet said that Bailey's don't have flavor remember that check and and I was like yeah yeah yeah it's wrong but she was more because you had crappy right and so a lot of times I think you're probably better off to Jackin the quantity a little bit I mean I know I do that most of us use those kinds of things to taste any how

okay so what was the other question in from Norway right

you sent to me last night

damn. What were the flower looking it up but they weren't you separate email he lost any changes I made to my commercial brake shoes

and the brakes on here is called for exposed slow Roasters will be right back

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all right all right and we are back so we had this question in a by the way you can call your cooking questions in to send money for 97212 8 that 718-497-2128 missing from Arnie Olsen hey guys and thanks for great show I have a question about limequat that I'm glad they're technically a mix between a kumquat and a line but they're these little kumquat anything to eat the whole thing like a letter where I am right let me know what are you going to Nastassja little bit I don't know I don't like eating the Rind you know that's where all the freaking love kumquats like I completely denuded Harold McGee is kumquat tree and which is a gross sounding sentence I know but like it was never came back from what I did I just wiped it out I'll just like

basically just like sat there and shoot on the whole plant until the kumquats were gone and then we must Asia and Harrison I visited Gene Lester Citrus Farm we buy bathing and different kinds of kumquats in line but I think I like the kumquat better than old-fashioned orange-colored kumquat check if you need to give a kumquat another chance Hardline on these things like the last time I like sour things

I'ma just had a bad batch possible I guess you know what I don't like about him is like like like every once in a while to see if he'll take me off

what you think about biting into a kumquat Taste of garnishes with M. Bunch of candy van Eaton

yeah yeah and it might have just not been like the highest quality you know what was it garnishing to remember I don't like what I have been fermenting all sorts of things lately and I threw some limequat wedges in with some Chili's and Turkish sour green plums I'm not going to try to pronounce the Turkish word here is Alaric televisie I guess it was as if it's the one I'm thinking of day like there in season I forget when exactly are seasons when I was in Istanbul is when they were in season and they're good and

but here's the here's the liquid has become a lot more viscous that do anything like that word viscous than I've experienced before and the only different thing this time we're lot the line quad the plums haven't behaved like this before so I assume it's not them I've been able to find anything online about hydrocolloid properties of limequat or kumquat I used to Brian about 4% salt the change in viscosity happens fast before any significant drop in PH can have occurred after a few hours and it hasn't changed after a month any ideas huh know that is really weird I know that Harold McGee has had a snotty preserve lemons before like they've gone like it's preserved lemons have gone all snotty on him

but that is probably due to a Halo Feel Like bacteria that were causing making some sort of mutually typically like I wouldn't imagine that the limes the lines are far more acidic than the plums are ripe mean the plums are acidic but the line quads are more acidic still I wonder

I wonder if you wonder if you as a test just took some of the plums and jacked the acidity up a little bit to the same kind of acidity level you had I wonder whether it's just some sort of weird texting phenomenon like you have solubilize some pectin and then when you lower the acidity and doing some sort of like pregel or set or something like this for that might my guess is that it's not an aspect of the Citrus itself it's an aspect of the acidity of the environment dropping with the addition of the of the line plot but you said it wasn't there wasn't significant drop in PH that must mean you been measuring it and if measuring you know what the pH was so I don't know I have never heard of any weird hydrocolloid property in a limequat or any anyting else but maybe some people in the chat room have something to say remember my wife I'm quite experienced is solely based on the Stasi and I eating the hell out of them out on June Lester's Farm I've never shopped for line plots

norvise or slime quads or you know the only sort of quiet that I have sourced is is kumquats what was that we're going to make for that kumquat thing that Derek had figured out we have a kumquat kumquat drink at the bar and I and Nastassja came up with an awesome name for it which is not a name that you can order from at the bar but would you like something in the car and possible as it was like yeah I guess something right in and want us to look at the John Oliver what's a show called this week this week to something like that tonight or tomorrow yesterday tonight to Sweet Nothing on on science that scientific studies and food specifically that someone wanted us to read and look at rather and comment on and I have to say that I think it was hilarious

everybody should go to John Oliver's website and look at his 22 or 23 minute rant basically on how crappy most food science studies are and how their mishandled by the media Last Week Tonight Last Week Tonight it is I think it's pretty much spot-on I'm thinking like it's a it's a subject that I plan on going more in-depth on

if I ever finish for start writing the book that's what the right I'm going to have a chapter on kind of like what I consider the Pyramid of garbage that most of these a lot of these studies are are based on but I want to go into it now because if I go half-cocked on if someone will call me out and tell me that I'm a terrible uneducated fool right I just happen before it happened before so that's at those are the questions that are in so now we can talk about the stuff I want to do first of all

nastase I'm going to redo my outdoor cooking situation again right because no matter what I do I cannot get in a situation where people will be in the same freaking area wet while I'm cooking it took it it it it still is completely anti-social like my Tandoor is like Randolph's I don't want to hang out with it and or is you know what I mean like you know how cheap if she's not in your head up and down yet cheap so everyone you know it's a big thing over the past couple years people want they want to fire pit right because he want to hang out of carpet

the cheap one right from the Home Depot the tree fell down and cut all those benches with the chainsaw cuz I hate you I think chainsaw art is like you know I like to I'm not good at it but like I'd like everybody really likes playing with chainsaws what you think when you know you have no desire to play chainsaw I used to have a wake up when I was a kid you know I'd I'd like to sleep in the stuff in my Grandpa wants walked into my room with a chainsaw loud revved it up that did the trick wow where is Grandpa from Sicily nice so like crazy Sicilian Grandpa that'll do it anyway I like chainsaws I have never have not yet been severely damaged by one thing

and I have to say you know what I'm a big fan of their vertical Drilling in the Tandoor but I was like I'm going to try to cook something so people can actually hang out with me while I'm cooking so I have all the bank yourself those things actually cook like a monster because they are like imagine a Weber grill that is like 2 and 1/2 ft across or more how big is it across so what you do is the way you use it until I'm actually recommending this as a cooking implements strangely is you take a chimney you take a chimney starter for charcoal you fill it full of hardwood charcoal I use the cowboy brand because it fits with the cowboy grill actually just want to use the red one and you and like 20 minutes we've all used to me Starz right now

a Chimney Starter is in no way shape form kind color enough charcoal to cook on this thing because it's like it would be the equivalent of putting like two pieces of charcoal and Webber write down and then you build your TP of like you know how big is a size of crust

it's like your 2-inch sticks and you layer them like a teepee over the burning coals and then you take your big pieces of like firewood for fire the wood lights in like in less than like 20 minutes the wood is already so on fire that you can spread it out over the entire thing and now you have like a 3 foot circle instant death that you can put the grill on top of the freaking monster like it's such a freaking monster I did Blue Fish on it so I like I put them in I I have those I have like kind of like skewers and baskets for my Tandoor so like I really freaking cranks so I would say if you're a fan of Weber style cooking go get you a cowboy grill if you really need to cook for a lot of people because does anyone like waiting around to like swap stuff off and on the Weber grill

everybody hates it right and so the thing about the cool thing about this is it's got a little swing over great that's like a warm and great looks like a second level above the other one and you can kind of adjust the height of that and it's got to swing over for a boil Kettle right to its wings over so what you do is but you know a lot of people what they want to do in their grilling if they want to switch the height of their Grill up and down to to adjust the heat I find it cooking with the Tandoor what you want to do is get a uniform kind of like high heat although they are or talking later with Jim I've lowered my pictures pretty much across-the-board so now with my Pandora I kind of do a first burnout low then I put all my Breads in mine on because I find that my Jack I think so I'll talk about lower the temperature of the to bake the nines I think so

you know anybody most pizza doughs and most pizzas I've been doing super super hot for a long time and I'm thinking I like now to reduce a temperature is a little bit I find I like the interior texture better if the bait x a little bit longer until lower temperature so what I'll do is for the Tandoor is I'll do a relatively long fire to fire it up to like a nice even temp do my bread and then I'll throw another chimney of charcoal in to do my meat smell like shrimp stuff that you want like really fat anyway I think I'm thinking a lot about recently is a moisture Moisture Control in and surface affects I think you can gain a lot when you're grilling by just going off on off on off on off on putting on the warm and just like

constantly moving the thing around so you don't really need to worry I think about having a billion different levels as long as you're on top of it if you want to be a jamoke and just throw something on the hot side for a couple seconds to you're a couple minutes to make the crust and then throw it on the cold side I guess you could do that too but you know I find that if you just keep the thing cranking it a pretty hardcore rate you can just slam the stuff out as long as you're on top of a cowboy grill definitely Pro the other thing that I'm going to do this summer when we had a bunch of people coming over right after I grill the Blue Fish by fertilization to season delicious you like Bluefish Jackie like

I love Blue Fish Blue Fish is now becoming popular because everyone now is liking fish that didn't used to like around a while now and it's delicious and so like if you took an old-timer like when I bought it there like when did the fish come in and the guys like today of course we're going to say when we get caught and he's like freaking today today freaking today and she wouldn't buy it until I bought a piece and she smelled my piece she's like okay I'll take a piece at whatever and I did the old school old school of Bluefish the old-timers recipe is to put mayonnaise on the Bluefish you with the old Theory which is garbage is the oil gets out oil doesn't make any freaking sense

Batman is is good at once like a nice crust vegan mayonnaise salt pepper and then only on the front of meat side not on the skin side anyway so that in the next day with a bunch of people came over to like you know what you don't want to sit with you next to the grill while you're cooking all the food when I sit on the deck and life course went well so now I'm going to build I want to build a deck friendly cooking thing and here's the thing when you're cooking outside what are you missing usually

don't know

a way to cook things that want to be cooked on ranges writes a lot of people will take a walk and we'll try to put it on there grill with an egg is weed or they'll do a bunch of other things are put pants on grills which I think is problematic but I'm going to build an outdoor Wok burner so I need some I need some advice from people I'm either going to get with call The Big Kahuna which is a gas-fired 65000 BTU propane burner or buy one of those Thai charcoal stoves that you that you'd like hold a walk or maybe both I don't know but I'm going to get a problem is is that you know what I don't use my outdoor fryer enough stuff because my outdoor fryer is not sealed I realize this is that if you have to completely drain clean dry and store a fryer every time you use it especially when you're using 6 gallons of oil you don't do it that often you know what I mean where is if I could just have my fryer act like my indoor fryer like completely seal it from all

then I can just I can just strain it keep your oil in in in fine feather cover it and then just go back and fry with it honestly if you're just making like if you're just making like for 5 pounds of tortilla chips for like a couple of chickens are you really going to sit there and fill entire fryer with 6 gallons of oil then at the end of the night string it out clean and drop it in whereas back when it was sitting at home inside I would just fire up the freaking fryer do the tortilla chips let it cool down and cover it right so I'm going to work on that I'll let you know I'll let you people could people know thing is that I know I said earlier the beginning of the year of this is going to be the year Starship on started working on it right now my newest thing I tweeted out or something with a potato starch potato starch I've been working on the Korean Fried Chicken my pre fried chicken recipe I'm getting very close to a Korean Fried Chicken that I like Jackie like Korean Fried Chicken

what's your ultimate Fried Chicken style hot chicken soup serving cart in the show more like more like a KFC original and soft crust crunchy crunchy crust Kentucky Fried Chicken Korean Fried Chicken obviously is that it's like super thin so some people when they do the recipes for it they do a thin batter which I think I mistake and this goes back to what I was saying before about it's all about moisture control so obviously everybody who really knows how to tie to do this right they do multiple frames and what you're doing doing the multiple frying his controlling the controlling the crust controlling the formation of the skin and in the crust which is why you can get hyper thin shattering

cross on it on a on a queen Fried Chicken using fundamentally just the skin so what I'm working towards any other Koreans use a small chickens and they fry the whole thing whole right I want to do a larger American style in the curry chicken in using low temp cooking temp and testing with low temp cooking first and then doing a triple Fry on it with potato starch as they as a as the base of the crust and I want to do a Blues Brothers four whole fried chickens and dry white toast dinner now the thing is I haven't figured out I figure it out I'm pretty close I'd say I'm 95% of the way there with a gay be able to make four whole fried chickens that are delicious all the way through perfect but what I've not been able to do it yet is make dry white toast that I want to eat by itself you know I'm saying you guys from the movie you've never seen The Blues Brothers Guitar Murphy to leave Aretha Franklin where they're working at this greasy spoon in Chicago

and go out on the road with them to form the band because they're on a mission from God right okay so what they do is they go in there and Belushi orders four whole fried chickens and Dan Aykroyd orders dry white toast and that's how I can't remember if you noticed this is what they eat but who the hell eats dry white toast good dry white toast to eat on its own is like what it mean to make dry white toast that you would eat on its own is Dan Aykroyd just trying to say like I'm a horrible person and and Belushi's trying to say I merely am a hedonist I want four whole fried chickens and therefore I leave and then Dan Aykroyd it's just like I am I am I am I just a 1900 a nonentity even though like that's clearly not the case what you think about the dry white toast

maybe he had it he had to duck out of gas but like that dry white toast is not something that I can imagine I've thought a lot about toast right the texture toast like what when you eat toast when you had what kind of clothes do you like what is the texture like crunchy some more of a British Patterson 219 a little bit of the guy wasn't even thinking straight about it when a toaster is done what do you do with the first thing you do when the toaster goes with you have a toaster oven if it's not a pop-up what do you do

take the test out open the freaking door to let them oyster come out or it's going to be ruined what's the worst thing you can do to toast taking put on a plate right away you're ruining the freaking toast because when you put the toast on the plate if you never done this you take toes right on the toiletry put on the plate you would sit there what happens when you listen to post

I don't know there's a water in Steam and condensed garbage in the bottom of the accident over the weekend because I made some seafood salad we had a chicken salad sandwiches and Nae made the toast and he did that to toast and it was all I could do not to like to lose it

you don't want steamed but Jackie with me on this so I have a whole bunch of a whole bunch of innocent thing of the actual talking about it is a kitchen organization in general even though I'm the most organized person on Earth I think that actually gives me some reason to be interested in the idea kitchen organization I have stacks of quarter racks and so quarter 1/4 sheet pan rack is very useful for moving stuff around and they're very kind of portable and they stack up so my toaster literally on top of my toaster are stacks of quarterbacks that I can just put whatever pancakes toast anything that has a moisture control problem so that whole kind of thing boils down to everything is moisture control Fried Chicken is a moisture control problems toys coaches and moisture control problem all of these things grilling properly to get the crust right before the inside done is a moisture control problem and that is in essence all I think about all

is getting the outside and the inside at their proper kind of moisture and done this at the right time and in all the tech that we used all the low-temperature cooking really all we're doing is trying to more effectively make the inside be the way we want and the outside be the way we want so it all comes down to moisture control cooking issues

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