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Episode 25: Pro Salt War Path

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hello and welcome to a late start and cooking issues I apologize to all the cooking issues listeners for being so late I was stopped by the New York City subway system today I was decided it would take more than an hour to take me from my house in Manhattan to Bushwick Brooklyn which I should only be a half hour I could have run about twice as fast and Sasha what you think it's rated pigeon then I had to literally jumped out of the way of its lunging teeth as it was flying towards my jugular awesome

because we do have a show coming in at 1 calling all your questions to what's the number to 718-497-2128 am I right jack that's M18 what is it to calling on your questions but make it snappy because unfortunately to have an abbreviated cooking issues at this week okay so my first question comes in anonymously via tweetdeck whatever tweetdeck is and here she says cooking issues as abrasive equipment of the stoner in various ways from the spice grinder to The Smoking Gun excetera so maybe it's time for a fair trade back I know it might be a touchy subject but I thought I'd try for some insight after having surgery a year ago I can no longer partake in the smoking with anything I guess presumably marijuana is what going to be asked about but I occasionally bake cook with with it meaning marijuana people who write about marijuana with what they're talking about and since I don't actually smoke it or bake with her do anything with it I have no problem

about it what you were talking about marijuana here so I can cook with it as a substitute to smoking Google hasn't provided any answers as to what temperature THC that sell Tetra tetrahydrocannabinol rights and this means putting your marijuana finely ground into butter in a double boiler and cooking it I had an emergency regulator was curious as to which temperature I can utilize the low temp of the emergent circulator to more effectively with less attention I replace a double boiler with low temp method what temperature I did some research yesterday if not set specific temperature which THC is extracted just increase the temperature increase extraction rate of THC there some people who say that storing high temperature for too long to degrade some of the THC but then I have a small other sources that say cooking your oil at a at a higher much higher temperature actually can take some some types of a pot

actually increase their potency presumably by taking THC that's has a carboxyl group on an acid I would say that you're going to be really good if you use a vacuum bag should treat us like a cooking problem right to use your vacuum bag you're going to get the fat more injected into the into the police and so it would seem to get a faster better more complete extraction

I really got any experiments Inspire and encourage anyone else to do right and I spent about an hour hour-and-a-half looking for but I also didn't get anything specific I would just set your circulator to like 85 C with a bag make sure you squeeze the bag of bunch to get education education seems important and I let us know how it works mr. or mrs. tweetdeck we have a color Audi quick question over Christmas break my mom made scalloped potatoes potatoes potatoes are leaving out kind of a bluish gray blackish bluish with

the case is fine but it just looked a little scary is pretty much right on here I think what's happening is is the heat isn't getting to him fast enough to cook them before the enzymes in them have a chance to start working on them and turning them Brown I've never tried. I don't know why I feel silly saying this I've never tried doing something like ascorbic acid as an attempt to prevent that sort of enzymatic Browning because usually my technique is to just keep them submerged in water and tell him until I'm ready to cook but that's not really an option

it's not a convection oven instead of conventional yeah that might have something to do with it to the potatoes slower then. You know if it goes in cold transmitted like a champ if you pre-heat it but then it becomes a pain the layer that Rattan into the dish you know if you minimize exposure to oxygen make sure that all the all the potato pieces of code in and kind of you know the sauce or whatever before you go for that might not be an option with the rest of you think I mean you could try a little gas and I'll be curious whether or not it works obviously a pre blanchwood work but then that's kind of a hassle to have to pre blanch a potato slices before you do it before it ships are stored under

water for as long as you don't use as quickly as possible because that's also going to save you some some Browning giving any of these are the actual culprit or what

your guess is as good as mine yeah I think I think in the future I want to taste like lemons I would get ascorbic acid which is Vitamin C or you can get it if you know you know go to Natural Foods have natural food store by placing a dehydrator they make a sodium metabisulfite which is some people use as as ignorant as a antioxidant as well as lemon juice

has some flavor but it's not very much and you need a relatively small amount of it until it gets hot enough to kill the enzymes anyway and then you're good to go try preheating the Pyrex try using ascorbic acid but let us let us know what happened see whether or not any of our guesses were right on the money alright we have a question that comes in from Tucker saying on yesterday's radio show yesterday last week for your show Dave mentioned a modification to a SodaStream to deal with foamy when carbon anything other than water I got one because my girlfriend goes for liter soda water that only a leader with modification to the Sodastream be to solve this problem

you going to in order to make a white wine tastes carbonated as water you're going to need to actually put more bubbles into it because wine anything with alcohol in it tends to absorb more CO2 for the same level of sensation on your tongue which means that you're going to have to have the wine to be very cold the first trick you're going to have to do is not try to carbonate white wine when it's right out of the new just out of the fridge because it's probably not going to be cold enough I would get it ice cold ice cold okay ice cold soda stream machine it is going to solve anything that has kind of surface active properties like that is going to foam a lot more than your typical than water water is the only thing that we really carbonate a lot that doesn't phone at all so here's what I would do for those you don't know what the heck I'm talking about SodaStream you can go you can buy them at the like a whole foods you can buy them at a bunch of different places and they they use kind of an intermediate size

CO2 canister and allow you to carbonate are no several gallons with one with one canister and then you recycle the canister and get a new one and you only have to carry the CO2 bottle around cuz you produce the water at your house but not a lot of plastic waste excetera excetera in the Sodastream that you're supposed to fill the bottle I think like 2/3 a little more up and a little tube goes into the bottle and that's what actually carbonates it's like a little like almost looks like a cappuccino froth and clean it comes down now the problem is is that if you actually fill up your bottle with wine to the level that that tube touches it's going to foam and there's really nothing you can do about that it's going to phone a lot so what I would do is put a tube over that right so get get a piece of rubber tubing and then just slip it over that to extend the length of the CO2 want down closer to the bottom of your container Jimmy and around to get the container on to it with that long or too but that's going to allow you to carbonate with a much smaller volume liquid now so now you have your super ice cold white wine

do I have your tube Extender on your SodaStream plug it in hit a couple of this is all theoretical purposely purposefully phone off at 1 right now you're going to be bubbling all the stuff out you're going to be getting rid of any trapped air that's in the Wind from the pouring and that kind of Trapped air is going to cause a lot of foaming in bubbling and so if you do that once or twice with a small amount of CO2 you going to get rid of some of the crowd that's in there that's causing the phone and you going to get a better carbonated Pride all the way around then hit it with your maximum amount of CO2 I would pick up that they use in a little bit and shake it a little bit to get the CO2 in let it settle out completely completely before you vent and again is all theoretical I think the Sodastream lets you pressurize and invent separately but I'm not sure but this technique should work even if it does not just technique should work

is foaming is not your enemy you just have to account for it which means you have to use a smaller volume and have to get to CO2 down into that smaller volume and that you should definitely carbonate more than one time the only time you carbonate once is with water everything else we've carbonated water sometimes a couple times but carbonate two three four times to make sure that we've gotten rid of all of the nucleation sites and that we get a good product and now just empirically from the years and years that we have been carbonating this proves to be a technique that works and I'm assuming you can get it to work with the Sodastream we can Jimmy almost anything to work what do you think so let's work through this because we were on short time so I think we're going to be commercial oh by the way Tucker who sent us that enjoyed our country campus thank you very much okay Marty from Eagle Rock California says San Gabriel Valley represent that where you're from

like a like a like an eagle with its wings out or what I read on the site that you can use the ice on if you can take me, to make flavored oils have you ever tried to cow or coffee infused oils I have not have not that's an interesting question I know I know people obviously we've we've been a lot with the cacao and alcohol so do most of my stuff with alcohol in the isi and I know people that have done coffee coffee bitters Donley is working on a coffee bitters

so the short answer no I haven't I would I would just try it and and and tell us tell us what happened to me there's no reason why I should do what the main thing we've done with it is lemon peels in Romania mineral and lemon oils and other things like that Citrus for those you don't know what the heck I'm talking about is I and fusion is where you put you take an isi cream whipper you put in Wii U's liquor but you can put in water based foods or Oils you putting some in porus you pressurize it with nitrous and you pressurize it with nitrous forces the fat or liquid into your pores product you shake the heck out of it to get it to infuse in then you rapidly vented and all the flavor get spoiled out and you have a delicious Infuse product remember them when you do oils you going to want to use a lot more product that doesn't suck up the flavor is readily as alcohol you know this might be an interesting way to start some of the flavor out of the marijuana going back to our marijuana post maybe I'm not I'm not advocate

I'm not advocating this but someone might want to try guy in conjunction with with a water bath putting up with the guy into a water bath and see whether or not you can extract a herbal oil Essences I'd say yeah taleggio cheese whiz what sounds like a good idea I didn't unfortunately I was going to talk to my cheese whiz expert which is Wylie Dufresne whose favorite favorite food is really cheese whiz it's eggs and American cheese to the trick with the cheese whiz is getting that detector just right now I've made many cheese sauce that's including some that could be gone but I've noticed you know that unless you unless you get it just right sometimes I can go granny I don't think it's going to be a problem with taleggio the collection you just going to want to stop from breaking but I hesitate to give you a recipe now and then have mustache remind me when I talk to Waialae Avenue

see what he thinks the best kind of taleggio spray cheese would be if my son's actually fascinated with not with cheese whiz but the actual pressurize cuz he wants it more he wants to do this in his eye stye has a recipe for that out there I think they listen to what we'll find one for you and my son is obsessed with it the easy cheese uses a can of spray cheese that comes up but it sprays out really slowly and that used to be my car food of choice I used to drive 24 hours straight from New York or Connecticut down to Florida with my grandparents with friends and we would just pack the car with a Diet Mountain Dew easy cheese pretzels and prunes and that combination of like like like it's somehow level this out and got us to Florida without crashing crashing and dying so yeah good good memories easy cheese last week

asked us whether or not we thought that potassium chloride which is used in a 50/50 ratio is sodium chloride of the salt replacer would be a good replacement for salt in Brian's and so and for some reason last week my brain was completely free I don't know why my brains working either this week with the transportation problems I've had but he I think he's pretty much right I think that in most situations potassium chloride mixed with sodium chloride would I provide a lot of the same functionality as just straight sodium chloride in a brine scenario possibly in a in a bread sorry I don't know how specific to reactions are two sodium vs. sodium its particular ion vs potassium this particular line or whether it's just ionic strength it's doing that doing that the business I know that most of the time when we're brining even we use things other than table salt we do use sodium Bay seems like the sodium polyphosphate that are used to plump up hand and things like that

potassium chloride taste nasty to me it's got like a metallic bitter taste I find it nasty I just don't like it I really don't like it ride I like a lot better because it's sweeter and as a Howard points out there magnesium might not have the same effect because it's a divalent caitian so you have to add more of it because it's got a leak after fluoride in their mustache is not a huge fan of magnesium chloride a bunch of different fake bottled waters by using a filtered water and then adding our own sauce to it and I actually like the magnesium chloride water although I'm really tasted nasty after we carbonated it my right to my next point which is salt in general I don't remember whether Howard's I believe it was who is it to cut his mom I guess couldn't have a straight salt

but can't kirschenbaum from experimental Cuisine collected Professor polymer chemistry at at NYU friend of mine we were having a discussion because a friend of his actually shot a fever or trap a beaver and then you know shot at it to kill it legally by the way completely legally the guys like a game blah blah straight state trooper Upstate cooking for him again if I can over we're going to have some beavertail flapper and tell by the way. Just tell not to slap her fiber plus tell anyway so we're having this discussion and canned as a scientist and I get into a discussion a lot about how crappy most Sciences specifically food science but a but even more specifically nutrition based science and tries to make claims about things and one of the problems he has now and we're trying to figure out is if there's a huge kind of War on salt right now right I mean Moustache and Highway

California's guys like hate this is that is amazing are you the date that outlawed using salt in all of New York City right now that's not true. I work in a cooking school I'm pretty sure I would kind of knowing I'm up on this anyway but it is true that the people are trying to limit that they use the salt major corporations including some that we work with you know I have come out with a lot of salt because saw the scene as it's kind of evil attitude the people riding to process foods know what The Grapist here's the thing right is it the data is awful the data sucks right there is no data showing that the majority of us need to curtail our salt intake real forget that before Refrigeration we consumed a buttload of salt that everything we had was preserved in some form

I'm of drying or drying and salting or drying and salting and smoking but it was a lot of salt are great grand Pappy and Grammy's I would guess then I was just because we happen to eat a lot of easy cheese and I'm not advocating going out and buying easy cheese I'm not advocating on going on salt overload but what are the ramifications right just saying that we have to reduce all of assault and everything I'll tell you what they are right because it's not it's not that you're going to suddenly go out and eat less processed food Me Maybe listeners for our blog are because I'm pretty hardcore people write but the real name of vacations are instead of inducing salt and make it less processed what they're going to do is it going to try and keep palatability the same and they're going to do it by ramping up with Mommy so if you taste a lot of these you taste a lot of these of the new product to help reduce sodium right they have natural versions of free glutamic acid and whether or not they're the sodium variables they won't be because they're trying to reduce sodium sodium not the salt right the people worried about but they're going to be

things like potassium amount of potassium glutamate natural forms are so they can say what they have a lower sodium content in the upshot is all of these products taste like. She they all have a brothy Dashi sameness like a week because we're not used to those flavors being in those products so you know you don't Department MSG isn't that it's bad I don't believe it gives you a headache the all the best studies are there in the Statue things that gives her a headache by the way I'm study but my point is is that is that you know everything in the world shouldn't tastes like it has a lot of him whether or not it's natural whether or not it's got the sodium whether or not a cause of everything in the world is meant to taste like it's doped up on on MSG it's not supposed to taste like. She's not supposed to taste brothy or or mushroom me or parmagianni

tomato you know what I mean and so I think the upshot is that in order to increase passive palatability we're going to get to an even greater level of homogeneity and taste and I think this is a huge problem now that's just might a standpoint from a science standpoint you know I was reading an article and another article that was really really crappy that salt is like the biggest killer today in the article basically said well heart disease kills everyone a lot of people and the salt is a big cause of heart disease and therefore salt causes most it is all horse hockey like the truth is is that the majority of us can eat as much salt in a reason as we want and not not have hypertension as a result of the dishes my feeling like I'm basically here I want people to call in on me and say that I'm full of it right I will but I want to see if we can form our own kind of

Warpath Pro salt Warpath song love it right not because I need to make it Force food that's bad down people's throat but because salt is the universal delicious maker right salt will make everything taste better we all need some like our civilization is built on salt like we are assault loving group of folk and I think there's no reason for us to to stop just because some nincompoops say that we are all the sudden we're all going to get hypertension as a result of our salt intake and I definitely don't think they should make process food even worse than they are now by making them all tastes like dashi broth in fact I have a post and later today on kombu Dashi I swear I swear I swear to God is going up to that yet it's in draft mode so it's going to be we are extremely Pro kombu Dashi but but I just don't think that my pasta

barely taste like coffee machine read an article last week I didn't get time to read it until last night and it's called the truth wears off by Jonah Lehrer and The New Yorker and it's a very interesting article on the fact that scientific research tends to be people like have these great results at 10 to turn to crap overtime at the more of the studies of replicated the more you find that the results are are a crap now this is a hotels in to what we were talking about before is there a lot of people report things by data mining the date of mine things then they figure out that well you know X Y or Z nutritional thing is great or x y z food is bad but I'm going to tend everyone should read the article is very near a great article for nautical as was pointed out to us but I want to smoke some more on cooking in the same thing happens that's what's cooking I find that

we all rush to and it'll probably guilty this more than anyone else because we write a blog of supposed to have some new new results to it but I think we all need to be careful when when we're cooking to make sure that we are actually doing what we think we're doing that we actually we pay attention to what tries to make a food better what tries to make a food worse that we don't give explanations right away that we try to disprove what we're working on rather than proved but we're working on because I think that's going to make us think more like scientist in the kitchen and I think second thinking like a scientist in the kitchen is going to make you a better cook sorry for the late start and this has been cooking issues coming back to you on time next week