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Episode 248: Creaming Issues

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nastassia Lopez is on the way Peter the can-can Master Kim the captain Kim from The Museum of food and drink here for all of your food and drink what's a laboratory version of Kimball and Clark kleenexes that are used in laboratory environment skin white in front of the fellow who may be more depressing than a dude chugging of a glass of red wine by himself with a pizza texting it's like if you're just having a glass of red wine and pizza

pocket build more forgiving since noon on a Tuesday

it sounds like a like a Billy Joel song. Using is up when I guess she loves to share other people's personal information on the radio program doesn't share it was her birthday yesterday and then tax wanted on the action so she and I are favorite shopping area is the As Seen On TV section of the local CVS there she goes to CVS because it has close proximity to her I go to a Rite Aid because you know that the new Rite Aid Rite Aid they've gone their buyers aren't local

I didn't buy the story the entire section of garden tools in the in the lower Manhattan like Lower East Side Rite Aid is a whole section of garden tools my hose accessories for your pocket hose we started to Manhattan like nastase is part of a community garden ain't nobody needing hose has me but I can't buy it for my own use so I got it for Nastasia and we'll talk about it I purchase nastassia the dump meal cookbook and broccoli luckily folks in that same section because it does not have a crock pot

oh wow a New York Proctor Silex improving Rite Aid bought Crock-Pot perfect for two for you and marks. So it like I want you to like yeah yeah yeah so I don't know what the ladies name Cathy Mitchell author of the other cookbook don't cakes that like it's kind of a horrifying concept 5 by like three cans of this and like a hunk of that throw it in the Crock-Pot walk away and then when you get home from work and have a meal right I'm going to try it in Estancia highlighting a recipe may be like once a week or something making it by actually trying to eat anastacio Lopez

making more money than we're ever going to make anything that we do with the dump meals and you know like so why we were around a colleague has a flavor and production and seven have you had as good as dump meals

human she has a do not know how many beans in the salad it's never a dwarf when it rains as well earn 13 grain 9 grain never like 6th grade it's true no multigrain Frozen popcorn chicken teriyaki marinade 3/4 3/4 cup orange juice concentrate some orange marmalade sriracha and orange peel

orange feel like going out Fancy on the all the sudden now you all right we'll take some Don leave Alvarado getting ice cream

how's it going going on right now just cooking up something in the dump in between the dump pot worse than your Delhi belly plan on air

is anyone remember what I was talking about your Locale and serve it to you in the comfort of your own home so that you can Wrangle out your issues with your own toilet in your own doctor and then go travel with it

we take this to the next watercolor conclusion why I get sick why not just had a fecal transplant book. Gulp

yep yes telling their she discusses by Mary Roach excellent author by the way you act like I had her books or turn on when she's very funny writer on science topics discusses poop transplant and I take some Peter quite well with your farm to take toilet kind of thinking for the museum but you really want to make a business of this but you still need to get people sick

I think you need to take one for the team go everywhere drink all the tap water everywhere and create the ideal flora fauna in your system and then Market your poop as the super poop wow that is so hardcore like grossest thing we've ever experienced I can grow spell I'm like trying to imagine what a sad Cowboy look see see if I can do it

that's not really it somehow


I just want to do a quick ran to say that I'm really mad at oldest native advertising and seeing I just found out that Hellman's Mayo has trademarked the term strange which end is getting celebrities to talk about weird sandwiches and odd

Bentley do you put mayonnaise mayonnaise on a Cuban sandwich I didn't know that was a thing and then I heard something I like better I like mayonnaise quite a bit and I will purchase the Hellman's which is known as Best Foods mayonnaise for those of you who are West of the Rockies the Rockies

my feeling I don't know I like Neil Patrick Harris as well so I'm going to assume he just likes the product I will I will do some research done on Neil Patrick Harris's sandwich sandwich and stuff but in my mind. Doogie Howser can do no wrong me from few Doogie Howser to Starship Troopers you guys aren't you look me up I don't want to hear this strange Richie Hellman's Peppers garlic thyme allspice and coconut that's what what kind of sad part is what part of a kind of what kind of coconut I can't think of any combination of sweet and savory rights when we got here what kind of peppers

yeah that's not a good idea not a sandwich sandwich size it's a cracker size Peter do you consider something between two pieces of cracker a sandwich I don't I don't either I don't either so are we adding Levin that's very strong what are your feelings on do you require leavening for a sandwich I think there's a Continuum and I would say leavening the put the end of or sewer camping in sandwich right so in other words there's a gray area so you say sandwich they're running through the desert trying to escape didn't have time to make a sandwich

Ben 10 minutes of the water Hayden the flower that kind of time to sit there and slice the pickles and put on the mayonnaise and all that other stuff I think it was delicious right so like if it's supposed to be Affliction what the hell are you doing you can't eat nothing but the shape of the restructuring this thing is actually a sandwich like a slice of unleavened bread and then stuffed you don't put a sandwich and then slice of unleavened bread on top that could qualify as a sandwich and I think you're starting to move into more like breathe

but they suck and here's why a sandwich you should be able to pick it up cuz remember open-faced sandwiches are what point is a big piece of shatter it just crush it and it shattered I would have to agree peanut butter delicious peanut butter jelly sandwich

Mozza Pizza not Pizza Delicious not sandwich even if you snap in half anyway

all right all right all right all right we have some ice cream sandwiches here from milk called milk coat DC which are we never actually met them and I think I was actually going to be in DC on on Friday I was going to maybe stop at this is a ziplock bag these are was sent to the show because we did a section where where my wife is going to allow me to do that in the trip and I can see they were slightly melted and there's like a 35% melted Shabbona you know

Peter's always got to hate. Peter is like a big ball of the Season we were in a thought of the food and Peter said undercooked in over-seasoned

nothing stating I don't want any ice cream sandwiches thanks man

that was a thing of ice cream while you're eating an ice cream sandwich and now I'm trying to separate other sandwiches they use coconut cake

really vanilla vanilla beans but it could be vanilla bean matter of course right

well explained that he loves me a lot of vanilla ice cream with the little black specks you see in vanilla ice cream are not really They don't serve any flavor purpose they're just this stuff called vanilla bean matter which is just this by products from processing vanilla that has zero flavor but it just has the the little brown specks of vanilla bean in it and you can put in ice cream to make it look like it has more vanilla in it and family day went to a flavor house was it

out of the barrel and it's not even a jackass no not the one you have in your hands know that when I would rather eat that goes

this woman has slow cooker recipes for pork tenderloin in Des Moines I think the sauce off and then use the pork loin as a Brillo pad to scour out your slow cooker we should I use as a pumice stone there is the one

yes I know that's a lie I ever whatever anyway that issue could somebody I heard somebody the other day was like yeah Beyonce is like the new Prince I'm like yeah I know after she maybe she learned how to play 10 instruments I mean come on yeah this is the first episode we had after Prince with I couldn't leave

what's your favorite Prince song today was tough question I've been listening to a lot of the time for the past week actually 9311 in the 80s when I was in high school we went went on St Marks Place I used to be a place is so bootleg cassettes on St Marks and bootleg actually LPS all right and he's only like second floor you shop and is always bootlegs and one of my kids are like oh my God

and a printer print out a whole album The Black Album which he was never released he did it he finished it took him a few years later they listen to a lot but then finish camping in wow that's where you're sitting at the house or are you totally made a lewd gesture

hey could you she's getting good luck on the centrifuse by the way we have the what they hopefully last prototype rotor before we can like figure out and prove it's going on so should be some updates soon that's coming out next week next week I start testing with him I do not envy any of you that have to make items across InterContinental item manufacturing is oh such a joy ride status to slap pre order form so my grocery store my grocery store only sells cream in pints at the rate I go through it I tend to only use half before it spoils any tips on how to keep cream fresher for longer or fresh for longer I primarily use it for seasonique off against lightning call it a quarter of a pint a week maximum so I need a pint of cream to last a month with quarter pint drawdowns I have tried the room temperature stable

any haven't asked but the flavors overly cook caramel e and not what I'm going for us is gross stuff straight gross

Fresh sweet cream flavor is the best if there's nothing to be done any recipe suggestions to use at the cream before it spoils every week or two thanks for the great content Chris Chris Chris listen cream place in my Supermarket cream is actually a vastly more expensive in the Pint and half pint things in vastly cheaper in the full-court so it's like you're paying only like if you're buying like a half pint to a quart you're only paying double for the whole Court versus 1/2 quart of cream on hand right then you can use some for your coffee and then you could do all kinds of fantastic stuff with the rest butter right making your own butter is Fantasia's delicious it's rewarding when you get to buttermilk for cooking with pancakes or whatever muffins or whatever I don't know what you cook do you cook pancakes you cook muffins any kind of good the butter is delicious as

butter on bread and stuff like that put plastic wrap around the bowl so that you put plastic wrap and use the use the the cake mixing thing at the balloon the balloon is going to become a kind of a I think they should both work do it chill that way another thing to do is whip cream hello whipped cream is so freaking delicious

who doesn't like it

I'm not

I know some people don't like whipped cream on things are some things like whipped cream on ice cream good people say it's like it's like cream on cream yeah good I mean on cake with whipped cream on top of whipped cream on my breakfast items at night time I like whipped cream on Donuts at night time in the morning I like whipped cream on a spoon I like whipped cream basically new children's book listen listen people if you're going to make the easiest way to do it and put it in time in the easy thing if you have a whipped cream siphon and that's the easiest way to keep whipped whipped cream around so it doesn't spoil you don't have to re whip it all the time because of you whip it and put it in a bowl it doesn't last very long

there are many different kinds of cream you should look at the cream you're purchasing okay so the the best tasting cream by far is just regular Pastor ice cream but is actually increasingly difficult mean like I'm sure unpasteurized cream the best right but the stuff you can normally buy standard pasteurized cream is the is the best tasting but at least in the court variety which is the way that I buy stuff all the time you can't really get it because it doesn't last as long as back you know if you work in food service you can get that kind and you go through it so doesn't spoil but when you're buying and I forgot I didn't look at the small containers but if you buy the quart-size is there high temperature pasteurized I got you and they're all black ultra high temperature patch right they should last a month I looked it up but I think

keep it in the back of your of your fridge and entry and should go on night thing

you should start using cream in a soups that a delicious cream soups and then people to be like cookie with so much cream do I shut up you're eating a whole thing of broccoli cream and it's writer are truly ready to leave so there's a lot of argumentation runs the Food Network Magazine and it is like you know the editor in in the family doesn't my wife waited to my books obviously my family hates the word utilize cuz it's just it's it it has no use the word utilize has no use over the word use

unless is there some is there some sort of like literally mean I am taking something that was not a tool and turning it into a tool it is been

I'm utilizing my knowledge know you're using it anyway I use a stick to beat you over the head

Beyonce uses a baseball bat to smash up that car say utilize a baseball bat that's week Week Magazine editors a grammatical pet peeves because it kind of interesting using using to frame and things that aren't arranged hates that they said they have a list of French fries and you're like excuse me not a range like what Continuum has chicken on one side and french fries on the other it makes no freaking sense anyway so just stay away from those that you buy in the store aside from weather at how it's pasteurized typically heavy cream they know you're not going to use it very long and they know you're going to use it for a lot of different things they stabilized typically the hell out of it so look

the box of of cream on the side and the stabilizers they use in the cream will radically change whether or not and here's the important thing for you in particular for what you're doing whether or not the cream is a hundred percent free Star Stable so cream as it comes out of a separate the cream as is given by the cow right if you freeze it and then Harold McGee has a very good section on this in on food and cooking where the as as it freezes they the butterfat will form kind of sharp butterfat crystals the ice with water will form ice crystals these won't mess with the fat globules Hobby Lobby wheels and spores send her pictures of like Leaf fungi

yeah I'm not saying that they don't want you to have nightmares and I can't do that to you cuz I like that I don't really rid of holes is it ever since I switched so you like it cuz you can see the bottom of the hole that's the thing people who have this hole phobia to get all 80 when they see all these holes the pronunciation are chives

Trypophobia is delicious but that smell is so indicative of like slaughterhouse smell back to cream so we have to take it inappropriate place is a family Freeman children how many times I have to say this what happens when you freeze cream that hasn't been treated

oh yeah sorry you can talk normal on today's show, as I said the butterfat will form little thing of a Jewelers that ruin the fat globules and the ice crystals will do the same cuz they're sharp and you can read about this McGee's on food and cooking and that it when you saw the cream back out probably won't break but it it won't have a lot of the same properties I don't know about the whipping I never tested but I know that that that that kind of cream is not going to be as heat stable

it was before so you going to get a lot of fat separation right but unlucky for some people luckily probably for you most creams at you by again I haven't looked at the small container for the large container the course I don't have it in front of me by soja from memory organic Horizon brand there's a stabilized with Joe and gum right and so what gellan gum does is is there probably forming a very light a very light fluid gel with it to keep it stabilized but I'm sure I haven't tested that one for free saw stability but that might increase the free stuff to build it depends a lot depends on which gel and they're using and like what ratio there their they're using they don't say what kind of Jay Leno using with a using highest solo it high or low acid gel in but then I looked at Land O Lakes

cream in Land O'Lakes cream has a shotgun spray the stuff in it to stabilize it so it's got polysorbate 80 which is an emulsifier it's gotten mono and diglycerides which is another most Nicholas rides haven't used it in a long time it's obviously it's lipophilic at it like soil because it at is a fat it's an oil if you break off one of those fatty acids right now you have a little bit of a water loving portion on where they fatty acid was attached to the backbone and that would be a diglyceride break off to fatty acids and you have two of those water liking areas until you get this will probably happen if it is very heavily balance in the favor of fat does she have to dissolve mono and diglycerides and fat and you could do all sorts of fun stuff with it like thick and fat or makes that phones are all kinds of other things

increase Which polygon increases whipping ability to cream probably going to help it on the freeze-thaw I don't know if the polysorbate he's helping on the freezer or not I'm assuming it is it's another multifire I don't really know as much about the functionality of polysorbate 80 cuz I've never used it as a standalone ingredient but lastly and not least lie it has carrageenan in it and carrageenan in these levels like it performs a stabilization similar to what gel and performing any other thing long story short is with that poop spray of stabilizers in it I bet you can freeze and thaw that Land O'Lakes cream and use it without without issue the issue so it depends on how your freezer works but like a lot of times even with liquids I'll put liquids in the freezer Zippy's and then I'll get the air out with a zippy and all through the

freeze very quickly and I have you recently that some Ziplocs of crappy I just noticed recently liked Ziplocs I've had a couple side seals go bad on me number one brand Ziplocs at time we did the the blender drinks with the show they weren't there rock band did the where they've been having problems is at the Double seal on the top you turn it on the side and it forms a little spout & Poor's a little bit out of that top zip locks after you I see how to make sure that you don't have a good feeling exclude the are Ziploc label they freeze quickly that way and they thought a very quickly that way so you can just put it in cold water running in the sink and thought out in a couple of minutes because if you just take a quart of cream and put it in your fridge to try and thought good freaking luck you know what I mean it's going to take forever is that when you're thawing

using milk I have a situation where I put milk that was already expired in a fridge close the fridge with back a week later so if you can keep your milk and dairy in the absolute coldest part of your fridge that is not going through a lot of temperature fluctuations that will last a lot longer that's another another point I have another plan on cream but I don't know if we go to the break anything regarding sustainability at mofad and with that we'll be right back....

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I before E come back at another thank you to Christopher Tompkins Tenchu donated on behalf of cooking issues there a bunch more donations that came in I got to go through the back Lodge but I really appreciate that everybody and we're back

all right so Dave is right now we'll see how fast you can eat a ice cream sandwich in short sustainability is is right at the heart of what we're trying to do it and I think the big challenge for us is that so far we've only been able to take on one Exhibition at a time and the first thing we did was puffing gun exhibit which traveled around and look at the story of breakfast cereal and the exhibition we have up the flavor industry and so we really only been able to do take on really narrow stories into a deep dive and so we haven't had a chance to do it in a big way but we've been taking it on in our programs and so we've done programs we did something with slow food for example where we looked at some endangered food species and highlighted them and I mean that stuff that's all incredibly important for us and that's going to come up in the exhibition very soon

that's a political they're like it, don't interesting Innovations in sustainability for avoiding food waste upcycling and repurposing like making shrubs out of spend broodwar produce like shrubs for stabilized cream syrup to use in cocktails like grasshoppers but you do sugar it I think it's like 30% by weight is my got to go look it up and then you add a little acid to pre break their the milk proteins a little bit is Sikkens quite a bit but it is stable as

the day is long and a drink as sharks shark pensive jerk how quickly do ice cream sandwiches question is how how fast how quick milk ice cream sandwich while still enjoying it and making fun of Peter while he's talking on the microphone in the answer is 45 seconds so I can get in my face the fastest rate possible and make fun of Peter Wiley stalking and 45 seconds

very impressive a shadow the shadow of my former self Shadow at the at the French culinary hot dog eating contest say a hot dog eating contest and did it in a smaller even though I had to cut the mouse hole cuz it wasn't big enough to shove them I went for Kobayashi the squeeze squeeze don't break smash into face at the supermarket the bill just hand the bottle back and get your deposit

I was at summer program and like the $50 I had was a $50 I had I think I mentioned that I had the time I was drinking diet soda so I didn't want to pay them their deposit so I handed them the money they took the deposit I drink the entire to leader in front of them put it back down onto the counter and got my money back so I enjoy it while you are here.

certain things I never like I can't have no. I won't either because it's like I'm older now and it's gross and I've had two already but it's because I wouldn't enjoy it I mean thank you by the way to DC for the because it tastes like

lemongrass Lemon Grass of the Asian persuasion also I'm having a slight breakdown right now cuz I looked up trip of phobia and the first thing that comes up is just freaking photos and like inside right now, she is not total immersion we had this in from John vermylen

I'd like to go visit as a Pasta Factory I looked it up pizza pizza White shapes shapes are like what are your feelings on priest stranglers I guess they're just pictures and they usually Break Stuff for retort applications

then we said you'd like or as I'm getting better recovery like like some sort of chipmunk like wiping her face off and I can't move so that I actually that's bad if I feel better when I'm worried about my use for food manufacturing facilities

Fair Lawn New Jersey now use a bunch of hands in their house and I was worried about mics for them for if you buy a certain kinds of like small run organic flowers or for like specialty flowers like chapati flour a lot of time the facilities aren't as like like locked down as like the big Milling concerns are and so you can get like eggs from things like that and then they will glitter get infest which is why I freeze the hell out of all those flowers freesias flowers Peter or like if you bring spices from another country you should freeze those suckers if you're going to storm for a long.

can a pop out like even a man who knows maybe you could bring the next Asian longhorned beetle with you don't do that here they come in on things like crates and whatnot that aren't on the list of no brains right I guess not. It's all your other Pest Management work which is the right thing to be doing anyway of course hope this is helpful tools are the time merican food history of potential Museum topic remember side conversations

Carolinas jobs in Jersey I told you last week I think I told you that I brought this chicken going into the city but then wasn't allowed to fire in the city this chicken can and then I built I brought it out to back to Connecticut to get back together fired another chicken cuz that's want to see if shoot 250 miles an hour

I lost it into the forest and hit a tree hit the top of a tree and was still going up when at that the 300-foot mark when it hits country you crazy man with a chicken gun old fruit now you sound like an English doodle fruit spent fruit and produce you know who is paying a lot like in a commercial application even a home you should but of course I vacation specially you see a lot of waste and it in it and it bothers you write so you have a certain things you just you have to travel there never going to be enough use for it like you know we have so many lemon and lime and grapefruit peels that like unless we literally open another business make

marmalade's in weird things like that's not even the right stuff marmalade you have a tough time but I always enjoy finding uses for four things to me it's kind of a it's a responsible is responsible to your restaurant or yourself because you throw away a lot of money and it's responsible it respects the ingredient cuz you getting the maximum amount of use out of it all the way around and I think it's a really good mental exercises well to try to reduce the amount of waste that you have now there's various ways you can do this one is to take all the scraps and just cook something disgusting and force your employees to eat it and that's the way it like you used to be like the old family meal style member how it's going to show you once told me that when she was working you know some like to star or whatever to like three star Michelin don't know in France what they would do is they would just collect up the raft from clarification like all of those like that

spent lean ground meat and spent egg whites and like foam and Gunk and a serve that up here's your family meal enjoy enjoy the raft Stars be like crap on this way to reuse things is the shaft shaft your friends and family but there's a lot of obviously like certain things can be composted make stocks which can then be frozen on fruits

I mean when we have leftover juice we try to reuse it for cordials when we have peels it's a little harder like I made a batch of grapefruit bitters once out of a bunch of spent grapefruit pills and it was great but I made a lifetime supply out of like one day is grapefruits so it's hard to figure out 100% used for all that because a lot of times you'll need a lot more respectful especially in a bar right so when you're ordering meat

it's much more responsible to design your menu such that you use up the right amount of each thing but when you have a bar it's hard to say well I'm going to have a bar now and so you're going to have 35% peel base things right so you're going to have it's like you know half Oleo saccharum know when is great but we don't go through enough of it and people demand more fresh lemon juice drinks and so I can't really I know what I probably could if I had more more cojones I could probably figure it out right side it's just a matter of not having that the will or the cojones to do it right texting idea I think it's difficult in a bar with things like spent fruit luckily that's Tuff typically not as expensive and when I am using really expensive materials like strawberries are like his new drink on the menu that Felipe made with nopales did you have that things like that run in the palace and things like that we typically get very very high heels because we're using a centrifuge they're very little waist which is one of the reasons I like

energy use and which is why did stassi I going to start selling more Center fuse for next week okay nastase is going to come back with her don't male version of slow cook pork and sauerkraut shout out to milk thanks Peter Kim for coming onto the radio program will see you next week next week as well bring them bring them from Catching Fire I have a learning to cook made us human I think that's exact tile the book Let's look it up calling your questions about next week on the cooking issues

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