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Episode 247: Dave's Playboy Debut

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where where has Tree in Bushwick 72128 join as usual with Nastasia are the hammer Lopez

eating bad and terrible no same-old same-old same-old same-old joined as usual in the booth with Jack Jackie molecules Ensley or is he still outside coming in a minute Lube Jackie molecules in a bit confusing because Dave David confusing stuff anyway

my point being

did what I had to oh yes remember last week I said that I was going to build a chicken cannon I can't talk about the specifics yet but let me just say

that is not that complicated want your chicken go over 200 mile an hour however I will say this quarter inch thick like polycarbonate lexan polycarbonate is not up to the task of stopping said chicken

oh my gosh. We built this friend all to you

I got your email so it's like oh my God that the frame basically just exaggerated I tried to pick up all the chicken off the ground but I'd forgotten to put a big enough tarp underneath the area and like tried to wash the gravel and like you know oak leaves and stuff off of it it was just like everyone was like I'm not going to eat what are you doing I'm not going to eat that won't eat that that's a whole point of shooting the chickens to eat the meat afterwards like that janitor did why are you shooting at the Y told you like ever since I was a kid my Grandpa would tell me about when he used to go to the testing facilities cuz he was doing radar work right for airplanes that he would see them shoot the chickens into windshields by guess and he said

and then like I've always been the kind of fascinated with this guy picking up these chickens and eating them afterwards and so I wanted to kind of see what the meat would taste like

but I have yet to I get to taste meat fired from the chicken cannon but I'll tell you this hurt yourself you're going to say that I told you to do it right so I'm not going to has some fantastic deals on large on large cast iron butterfly valve I'm talking like $600 valves on sale for like $120 like Prime delivery for that and they put him like $150 so you know means like they charging for an 8-inch what you should charge for like a 4 inch valve crazy so anyone wants to build a crazy chicken cannon go look up Cast Iron Butterfly valves in the 8-inch variety on Amazon there's only a couple left when I bought them so you know your chance my doing it

anyways that cook anything good that I could do I cook anything good anything good I think I just wanted to cook that chicken and then failed miserably I cook some really good stuff yesterday but again I cannot talk about it until May we shot a little thingamajig for the Playboy Network you want anything else interesting maybe somebody bought Playboy and that is not affiliated with the Playboy Network and they haven't gotten the news yet that Playboy is now safe for work and so if you were to go to playboi apparently not at all safe for your work doing this anyway what's going on man

along with amount to give it to you as yesterday for Playboy and they going to release it sometime it on there on the internet are fun shot back at my where I used to teach their the French colonists at the international Corner summer is how you doing I want to say yes but I did not really that was a good wedding this weekend nice I heard that it was a member pies and thighs I went to a reincarnation and at one of the old cook back in the first Carnation came here for a while and brought the fried chicken recipes and their fried chicken recipe I mentioned before the show but you know it's been a long time

play it goes completely against everything that I've ever known about fried chicken I have yet to do the side-by-side but they take directly from Brian into flour and Fry probably self-rising flour to make it delicious I have to say please tell me you like fried chicken right show me Preposterous sings if you don't come out of your mouth in your voice was real would it be like fried chicken that'll be like that would be I don't know like it's it's worse'n Biscuits when you agree that not liking Fried Chicken is worse and not liking biscuits Fried Chicken would be worse I feel like maybe you haven't had

God could come hand her a biscuit and she be like this sucks but I don't believe no matter like what like literally I could genetically I could put electrodes anastassios brain that literally made her think that when she was eating a biscuit it tasted exactly like the finest caviar on Earth which is one of her favorite foods and should be like nah biscuit

true or false.

Got this from Jeffrey given in Costa Mesa where's custom it's against us down oh hello stars and the Fun Bunch of justice. So yeah whatever you want this is the word a shout-out to culture City by way of Heritage Radio support I wholeheartedly agree with Dave that it's equally important not more soda cure for autism is a broadening of acceptance and understanding of without limiting expectations of potential ability for individuals on the Spectrum I don't have any children of my own

Elementary School teacher who specializes in gifted and talented education students to think and learn differently and benefit from multiple and specific teaching methods while they tend to be highly creative and brakes they also often lack some of the social, since their peers might already possess ain't that the truth and I'm saying Clara Piers chimek my phone went really tiny guys in my in my old eyeballs can't adjust do it

sorry sorry I get the opportunity to witness is the way my wife has helped provide them with the space resources and confidence to thrive as individuals while learning to accept each other's quirks and behavioral idiots and idiosyncrasies bike ride I'm more of that later I'm still angry about my bike ride in support of waste before I get to the question that they asked that's not shut out right we're still working with the culture so you can totally wear these for what do we do with them they just like support us or do we do stuff for them what I mean in touch with us to a charity auction where he got to come here and meet Tom colicchio an interview Tom colicchio in the studio

stop it was like a way for him to kind of get culture City out there and start getting in people's ears so I am at their annual Gala and then I actually which was a lot of fun in the Halloween party that's a great question I I couldn't tell you I have to say like I hope I'm not offending anyone out there but I really don't like spelling c words with K's cars for kids but it makes me feel that your 1K short of being KKK and I just don't like it you know what I mean I just scared like first of all

I'm not going to want to like to dive into Starrett when you go Country Kitchen to Kay's one step away people don't do it second the second Seas didn't go two-thirds of the way to KKK and so you know it's still kind of acceptable right I also don't like I don't like extra peas and he's on my shoppies in my I don't like any of that stuff at the end of shoppie yes what would you do if you walk past the shop be here when you spit on it

she mentioned so I can get Outta My System real quick to bike ride another freaking jerk on the freaky Williamsburg Bridge going downhill no hands on his freaking handlebars earphones in weaving back and forth I didn't want to pass the guy missing you're not cool put your hands on the handlebars what if someone like me isn't as cautious and if you think I'm cautious me come on like I'm so it is like like less cautious and me goes to pass you you swerving clip that freaking guy because you're texting your idiot buddy and you all go flying down that bridge at like 25 miles an hour on the pavement skin yourself like a freaking great cuz you know that stupid bastard was wearing a helmet playing dumb dumb and then you've used to ride here right back before you hated riding broken so much

teens. See now you know when you're driving up Grande on the way here and there's act like long line of parked cars and then there's all that traffic next Tuesday you're in like this to this Corridor guy jumps that walks out into it like right out freaking into it not looking I'm doing like 18 you know 19 mile an hour below the speed limit but like you know and like I'm like

like that to him you know what I mean and like TLC means like use your brakes I'm like you're in a bike lane you want to know what the hell people I would have felt bad if I'm that guy out a little bit but I'm more angry at him it's one of those things and then you know what the concrete plant today that you have to drive past people New York is not pleasant I love it here I love it I love it but is everything Pleasant Park New York City no Jack will you think of it I love it I love yous how can I make statement I miss you had to pick up the phone like like literally the word Pleasant is everything Pleasant about New York City in general but you live here you have to like now constant beat down but I wouldn't say all the people in front of you and then maybe have some sort of pleasant experience

that's true


had a babies at 3 months old now and he'll be starting solid food in a couple months

so I promised only one question but I want to make sure the food tastes bad and it's safe but I don't want it to taste like canned baby food but I want to do something a little bit more creative

well good news is I mean again remember not a not a professional look into it the good news obviously and it sent to your email that I have a newborn melted leeks you know you probably looked all the current research which means that unlike when I was having children they basically say that you can impact encourage you to give kids a wide variety of things early on thank goodness you know what I mean so you're extremely lucky in that regard you're a couple of main concerns that you're going to have and I don't know if they still say this if you're going to have to watch out for certain foods that are potentially toxic to infants ride so you're not going to sweetened with honey right if you were going to Sweet and something and also and this is again I haven't done the research and a number of years but you were going to be wary of serving large amounts of certain leafy greens like

spinach because of potentially I believe it's potentially high on nitrous nitrate levels but I don't know if they still have that I don't know if that's still a recommendation but they used to it basically things like that like Gerber's pitch and maybe garbage paying people do this was saying that they very tightly monitor the like the levels of these things in their products and so they can they can adjust whereas like the the ratios of those things can be very very very end in a naturally produced item because the plants take up a lot of that stuff from the soil so a lot depends on fertilizer lay down and you know how much rainfall they had prior hardest and excetera excetera still like those are the only two caveats now on that obviously you're not going to want to feed anything that's going to cause any sort of food poisoning but you're not going to have to cook things to the same kind of level that you would have in a can environment we're friends dance like a lot of a lot a lot of vegetables can take on that can kind of it said

taste right now I can't presumably if you're going to do this you're going to make the investment you already on it by the prep

you could have I depressed

what is the commercial version of the same thing

yeah we have like a professional Vitamix at home but we don't have the commercial the only difference is they expect people in commercial kitchen to beat it to death and so they put a different label on it and they give you a different warranty but it's just it's it's literally the same people it's not that it's one of the rare instances where the commercial version isn't any beefier than the home version you just cost more because I know they're going to have to like you don't have a lot of warranty issues on it where where is I can only 99% of people at home are going to abuse their blenders the same way that a commercial kitchen will so you're in good shape so if you have that with those two caveats I'd say go for it if you know I don't know like are you guys vegetarian eat meat or or what

how long do we lose we have a little bit of you can blend meet like like like nobody's business I would use meat we aren't I don't know if you eat me but like you can do it anything like that and other people are like I can't get mad at me for recommended feeding meat to a kid but I did everything you know if you want to beware of choking and and I would say look into those things that I mentioned like certainly think living spinach with the one that they really talked about that is celery the same but who's going to see their kid. Celery that sounds kind of gross right and you going to feed your 6 minutes to learn at a young age what good food tastes like so is there anything like when I did I had was like in from modernist cuisine where you caramelize the carrot and do something like that to you make the food taste a little bit better is there a juvenis other recommendations

is use a little stock or something to be able to blend it into the right texture and it's going to be a lot more delicious do you know what I'm saying obviously I would adjust to texture I would buy a couple of cans of the of the of that George rather of the Gerber stuff just to check the consistency on it to see whether you're in the in the kind of Realm of consistency because if you go I'll be asleep to go to gluey you just want to be careful that they're not going to show current or a squid or anything like that of course I would say almost almost anything that you like and then turn it into the texture of a baby food most people who are making it are mainly worried about kind of trying to go like hyper healthy on on a baby which to me it's like you know

I don't know like that get me started on that but it's like you know like I wish to God that I could go back and have ignored my doctor's recommendations about what not to feed my children early on I bet you like I said as a parent you just can't do that you can't ignore what the doctor says because then if you're wrong you know you're you're you're a big jerk you know your give ruined your kids you know but we are you living in a permissive time so it's you know you're very lucky one thing I will say is that I have noticed that there's no way to judge from a baby what your child will turn into when they get older and turns their eating habits so I know for instance like

my older son who is on the he's on the autistic Spectrum so a lot of those kids have a lot of those kids had issues with being very very picky not liking things mixed right not liking things that are mixed together being very Saturday to certain flavor is it like very slow paddles would never think that you would like to hear used to eat fish. A person has fistfuls and fish wallpapers he still has some strange taste like he loves it would be right up the same alley pounding you Nokia cured fish eggs you never you never never can judge mean you know my hope for you is that you're lucky and you get a child who likes everything in early Asia maintains that love their whole life mean that's it freaking joy as a parent but you know

if I expose my kids to all the stuff that of course they're going to like it the same way I do by their own people they'll choose what they want so much who had more recent children have some probably good advice on Whitney Sajak

absolutely thank you Geoffrey given what's up

I treated you last week about Pandora's what you looking for in one and there's no clue what's useful in life in Pandora

I really only had experienced in the one that I have right and it but I have a good day and I did look into a lot of them so difficult and that you know that you read about is kind of this in mind was made in Delhi right and so like a lot of those is pretty sure that it's been awhile that they're done kind of rope style they're built up smooth out there's some form of hair fiber mixed in with the clay as a binder right then those basic shells are kind of the standard hand or that they make in Delhi and then we saw the one that I have and then they're lined in various different kinds of casings and they're made in various sizes and shapes right there are other people there's a relatively I think well well regarded Tandoor maker in the United States I forget his name he's not he's not Indian but he makes a lot of tandoors for ovens and

you know some kind of fancy or establishments that uses a very different kind of play makeup and I think I'll though it's been a long time I think he might throw them in other words like it's like a traditional traditional pot. Like when it comes to composition like that I don't really have a lot of experience so it's not like you know like using a million different kinds of bugs that I can come down and say well this person's full of crap this one's not when I did it just for price and also for for price and I figure it's very traditional I just went with the one that was made in Delhi right because I figured those guys they know from Pandora's right into then you know there are some companies that sell Pandora shells or you that the ovens some people do two parts that make shipping then you can in case him in your own sort of refractory and I was like look I just want to use your supper right away and so I got one where the guy that gets it they put inside of a stainless steel bucket you open it from the bottom and that's that's it when the beyond that you have to choose what size

she want right so that you know the size I got was the larger of the ones that are recommended for for home people because the guy was like unless you're going to do really really big parties the bigger ones just take a lot more fuel to fire she was going to go through a lot more coal you know and she's going to be kind of a bigger headache that way and you know what I think he was right there are sometimes I wish I had a lot more space and the Really I Vino in less you're going to cook for more than 15 people a lot and cook exclusively in the Tandoor I think the size that I have is good and in fact if I was going to up it if I was going to be one of the really big one I would probably rather have to tan to smaller tandoors than one big ones am I small ones if you go to which is in Summit New Jersey I have the larger of the two ones that they kind of recommend for home that's on Wheels fairly easy to move around if you're a giant talk in person but I can put 1 2 3 4 I can put four nines on the inside at once which is about as much as I can put in before I have to start removing the other one cuz I'm not

fast and so you know I think it's it's pretty good but the construction and how it's made then the sizes and next thing I wanted a free-standing one because I want to be more flexible if you're going to build it in and maybe you can get your own liner and just fill it with refractory around you know what I mean I'm assuming you want cold and not gas right

it's open and that was the other question I had for you because in my head it was cold seems like you would get hot and all I do here is it depends on what you're doing frankly so the problem with tandoors is a problem but like the Kohl's at the bottom and you still have the Kohl's at the at the bottom and typically the stuff at that coal into the skewer gets really like almost like burnt so it's like sometime what I'm going to do so there's a sweet spot in the skewer above that level where everything is kind of cookie evenly and it's nice and but that's only at meeting if you have roaring hot coals in the bottom like you're still heating it then then there isn't necessarily that much of a sweet spot because you just have such intense radiation from the Kohl's in the bottom I'm going to build a little like blast shield for my skewers that can kind of clip on so that like I can like have a roaring hot flame but reflect a lot of that heat back so that that first couple of pieces don't have that

like I just rented the Earth's atmosphere looked to him exactly what I typically do is just throw something I don't care about on the end like like half a potato the other trick is is like getting the getting the stuff not to slide down a little bit of an art but also not everything wants to cook at the high temperature so typically what I'll do and gas I mean I was probably going to be more Nimble and I think people make one that you can just shove the gas burner in when you're using a pull it out and fire with coal which would probably be a good kind of middle ground but like Nan doesn't want to be that hot if so if your oven is too hot for the non it just going to Scorch the bottom before the top gets nice and round because the quail heat up so much so you really know there are there is a sweet spots not just all like in 10 tripping ripping Heats for something that is yummy shrimp like you can't really get it

hot to do shrimp you know what I mean but a lot depends so there's like the more you use it the more you'll get the hang of that stuff a typically what I'll do is I'll fire the Tandoor with a fairly big load of coal that's like big load grossed the whole thing and then let it let it come down a little bit meanwhile I'll start a a big Chimney Starter or Kohl's I'll do mine ons when the temperature is kind of mellowed out in the whole things relatively even I'll do mine ons pull them throw them into the warming oven like inside then I'll dump in the chimney and then I'll do the proteins that I want to go ripping hot that's typically what I do

all right well thank you that seems I give you some more information look in on fun to work with but don't necessarily feel like when a most rewarding kind of like cooking like fun things that I get to do because it's not technically at all and it is you have to think about it technically but it's not like accurate technical the way there a lot of stuff that I do isn't so I could go to like one of these home in a home improvement stores they sell all these gadgets for people's normal gorillas like baskets and stuff which I don't really use when I'm using a normal growth but they're really kind of cool to hang in the Tandoor so like I'll get baskets and you can feel like a you could like put the baskets like that you could do like hamburgers in it and things they are hard to skewer that you don't necessarily want to see where you want to get a higher density and you can expose him very evenly to the radiant heat of the wall by suspending these baskets on a skewer over the thing I mentioned you have to get kind of good with is

lids and the the lid and the Emmy open van at the bottom behind of adjust the flow of heat through an in and out in and out another mention that before but like you know it's like all of my all of my protein bread going once dust but like most of the other things go in at least twice sometimes three times to get that kind of service the way you want so you going to want to wherever your candor is you're going to need to have a inspector to are hang Tang the rats when you can lay him down but I find it's better to hang the skewers or whatever you're using in between when they're running so I have a like a like a rim near might and or I can hang all my skewers in between when they're going in and out and I spray them with Pam so you want a light oil code on blood and dry off before you put in I hit him with Pam on the second or third go around to get the sizzle tan quickly little Pro tip for you

all right and are using a Kingsford here or like something special or you can I use with a red bag in a big red bag and it's not Kingsford I don't use brakes or brake I use a hardwood charcoal so it looks like pieces of wood and sell it and it's break it's slightly more expensive than the compressed briquettes but you know you kind of you know what you're getting and I don't know it just feels right and I use it you know get in there give us what the welding glove are you putting in putting it in is not a big deal you they give you like a coconut fiber stuffed pillow which when you're learning you accidentally catch on fire if you're anything like me so mine has like all the stuff in coming out of everything but I still use it and you have this this like

it looks like a little pillow like you know it like a like a catcher's mitts lap pillow and you stretch out the you stretch out the bread you wet the sides going to go against the Tandoor slightly I use my hands but I guess you could use a mr. do not wet the side that's on the pillow and then you put your hand in whack you get that they get the thing on the side right and that's part of the art when you're learning you're going to drop a bunch into the buyer want to touch of the cold the bottom ignore it's done it's done it's over right then when you get it off you don't need a glove either because you're using this dual skewer you're shoving this like pointed stick into the bottom of the of the non and then scraping it off with this like spatula like that like stick with the other bees to skewers typically come with your candor and then it swings down like a pendulum you lift it out and you're good to go that what you do want to invest in you going to have to

inside towels there and I would also invest in one of those grill gloves because the skewers are intensely freaking hot right and if you ever need to work with them in the lid can also get another litter I usually pick up with the side towel but the the skewers and stuff you don't want to use a side town I'll tell you why the skewers have a little hook shape on the end of them right that's how you're hanging them when they're in between and when you're trying to manipulate that hook around with a side towel besides how gets jumbled around in the hook and just becomes impossible to do like a lot of fine rotation with a with a side towel so for the for lifting out the hooks and manipulating them I use a I use one of those Grill mitts the the wedding Weber makes them and then I use a side towel and to slide the things off of the skewer typically I'll slide the stuff off the skewer into a butter dish and then throw in the warming oven if I'm doing a lot before we're eating and when you're sliding food off of the skewers the bottom part of the skewer typically is

hot from being in the cold so I slide it down and get a little bit of that Sizzle drop it into the drop it into the bucket which goes back into the warming oven inside and you don't want to try. You don't want to try to strip a whole skewer at once likes play Fragile foods like shrimp if you're stripping a whole skewer literally just blow themselves apart because the proteins on that on the shrimp have kind of welding themselves around part of the store potatoes also do this the keto travel up the skewer and the very bottom potato will have this like incredibly hard to scrape off like wing of potato like kind of melted to skewer at the bottom so if you try to pull the whole school rock scooter off at once you just shred everything that's on the skewer so what you want to do is kind of like take take the first thing off the bottom and then either one or two things at a time off the good thing about that is is that if you have a situation where there's a huge temperature Delta in your oven from the bottom to the top you can take off that that bottom one is going to

done and then throw that throw the rest of this or the bottom two and throw the rest back into to finish up you do not have to remove all of them at once which little another pro-tip

thank you very much I think this was um yeah you got me very good never had that happen and usually held a fry fest with our outdoor 6 gallon 6 gallon Cajun fryer about which I spoke with you on are just after Thanksgiving it holds 47 lb of oil you must must acquire one of these for your outdoor Connecticut kitchen while I have a regular 35lb I think you know commercial fryer but if I had to go back I might not get the commercial outside mine is not meant to go outside which means I have to keep it under an eve which is little bit of a pain in the butt but if I told my wife that I was going to go spend money on another fryer like I would be talkin out the other side of my face cuz she would have slapped it

write me like this by Imagine telling him that I was going to buy another deep fryer stats

yeah we literally could not keep up with battering and chucking all manner of food into a due to the high heat capacity and Recovery by the way I did your take a whole chicken break it down and circulated two different temperatures with deboned meat glutes eyes rolled up in their own skin and drumsticks be gone by sleeping the tenants and Topping the thing out with the skin still intact incredible people still using a technique I love that technically Fried Chicken as we mentioned before the only thing that didn't work my functional standpoint there were a few flavor disasters were battered cheese sticks when you say better taste you like cheese sticks and taking a beating or he's a battered is it in stassi unless I love nastassia because she thinks about like those cheesesteaks taking a freak and beating where is like most people would think like that bread at least we tried a smoked gouda and egg

getting it now has like 1970s like cheese baskets I like site I grew up liking any kind of smoked cheese Jack thoughts and Yoyo absolutely what about other smoked Cheez-Its do you like other smoked cheeses like a really hard like like the smoked cheeses now what do I do in small quantities like that all I see you

oh I don't want to not like them but I don't like them

pause my family likes anyway it's almost a rhyme truffles with the cheese okay if we try to smoke dude in a pepper jack cut into steaks and battered ensuring full coating the cheese invariably disappeared leaving only a thin melted layer stuck to the inside of the bat and she'll the rest was Halo even cream cheese stuffed peppers with an open-top had no problem so it didn't seem as though simple moisture content was the issue what gives and other other products he found surprisingly problematic in the fryer good question I too have had this problem I think I mentioned last week that like the worst thing I've ever done with the Falafel balls that just would Bloom so the part so you have a couple of the most people when they're breading and frying stuffer are overheating there oil because they're doing it at home you're not overheating it because you're doing it in a real fryer rights they overheat there oil so the oil will get ruined very quickly what you are small but on

Flipside their cheesesteaks are only in the oil for like 30 seconds tops before they're all brown and starting to burn so they can pull it out before the entire thing turn to a massive glue and sprays out in your case he probably have a more reasonable temperature like 363-353-6080 and if you're doing like chicken hasn't been precooked sometimes even lower like three 343 Industries 30 in this area I do know I do the point being that the longer the stuff in the fryer the more chance you have for a pin leak to happen in your coding and then those kinds of cheeses will literally as opposed to cream cheese which won't pump themselves out under the pressure of the of the boiling water and steam will pump themselves out of the case and leave you with a kind of a hollow shell literally done things like candy bars and I think I like ice cream things like this and you'll see them and you'll be like it's perfect as perfect as perfect and then you'll like at the last minute

he won't pull it out in time it'll blast a hole in the coding and then it will pump all of it out into your oil like almost instantaneously good complete liquid on the inside so I would just say take your Cheesesteak double dip them to make sure you got a really good coating on a double dip double dip in fact I saw a lady on the internet to wrap a wonton skin around her around her Cheesesteak really wasn't says weird when I come stay very hard double-dipped and freeze those suckers for a while so that the outside not for a long time don't freeze them all the way through the freezer and so the outsides really really cold there's not a lot of water not that much water in the breading it'll come up the temperature in brown fast enough and you might be able to get the thing out and leave them in for the minimum amount of time possible and yeah that's kind of what I was saying remix

here we go we got it thanks for keeping me every day you guys are awesome I've got another technical question but this one doesn't involve a Sabbath or Jewish holidays and this is from this is from Bouche on with with that better handle us because I'm researching how I can use a CO2 tank to charge my whipping siphon for carbonation of liquids alcohol through Etc instead of using CO2 cartridges what pressure should I set the regulator for four equal charging with one or two CO2 charges and consequently what I need a regulator for carbonating beer or the higher pressure soda fountain regular always get the tire pressure went by the way it's right up there

unless all you're doing is beer in a restaurant get the freaking higher pressure one please don't ever bought the why would you want to limit yourself it's not more money right size so I was like I don't care I'm going to shake my head today stop looking at me here's more information I've collected on the setup and pressures including information from a PC customer service which ignore you on the ear of this is no not a visual medium what this guy did was he took a hose barb easy makes and you screw a little cartridges of CO2 in right and it punctures there's a little needle and a rubber gasket that you push the that you screw the cartridge into it punctures the cartridge the gasket seals at such that all the pressure from the CO2 cartridge gets directed into the Whipper that's how it works so with this clever actually person did was they took like a hose bib

wedding looks like it's about a quarter inch hose barb fitting attachment to their CO2 line with a with a little ball valve and you just push it onto the gasket so it seals and then you let the pressure into the into the thing that's what it looks like they're doing so it's kind of clever like when I did it when I built it obviously when I built my attachment to my you say he was considerably more complicated machine a maiden piece to go on to the the to go on to that thing which is really complicated but my sister would this system does is it acts just like a the CO2 cartridge that you get when you put it in other words you inject a certain amount of pressure and then you pull it away you can't inject and that's the amount of gas is in your product this is the key by the way about me finish questions to the guy in the above-referenced link which you don't have because you can't see me carbonates 140 pounds per square inch I inquire from Easy directly about the regular operating pressure

are siphons and I've repented their response excetera excetera and referring to n2o whipping siphon Chris Young set in the comments on the chefsteps fusion process that one is unlikely to achieve pressure 2 over 80 psi in the whipping siphon that's not true for anyone told you what's happening to you is you're clouding your mind think about this your ear get to completely erase anything that you thought and think about how carbonation works is going to help anyone who's kind of carbon dating that you're dealing with three very different ways of carbon dating and the confusion that you're having is trying to operate between those different ways and carbonating one the way I carbonate I have my gas tank my CO2 tank in always connected to my product as I'm carbonating so I choose a pressure right and typically for cocktails it's 45 pounds per square inch I choose a

pressure right and then I attach I put CO2 at that pressure on to my product and I advocated violently as I'm agitating gas supply from my tank into the body until the pressure on the inside of the liquid and there's enough CO2 on the inside of liquid to counterbalance at that 45 PSI and no more gas is supplied because it's relatively in equilibrium right so I can pressure I can carbonate at a low pressure and I get a very consistent very consistent result why because the only variable that is really changing is the temperature and the composition of the liquid so as long as my liquid is cold enough then I know I'm going to get the same result all the time even if I had if I have a little bit of the bottle I'm going to get the same result as if I have a lot in the bottle because I keep supplying gas at that same pressure until I reach relatively until I reach equilibrium right and I can vent in between and I can keep doing it all

Burberry repeatable results okay no way that easy does it right is they sell you seven and a half gram carbon dioxide cartridges it pumps the entire seven and a half gram cartridge into your whipping siphon right and then the pressure has become whatever the pressures become right and it depends on a lot of thanks it depends on how much liquid is in what the composition of the liquid is it it it's in it and the temperature involved so right and now there's a third way of doing it right it's because what river what he's he's doing is putting a fixed weight of CO2 into your into your thing when you move to a tank with a spitting that you're going to make this one who is Barb fitting they're going to make your doing neither of those two things you are injecting a specific weight of CO2 but based solely on the pressure of the sea

go to that you're putting in and the amount of headspace that you have so with EC it's a fixed weight with you the weight is dependent on the headspace and the pressure so far says this is why everyone gets all this stuff wrong because you have to think about exactly what you're doing I would have give you some numbers to make this clear that it's going to be a headache for anyone it doesn't care care about it but look at it a 500ml easy whipped cream maker right holds 500 ml is charts in my book so you can look at it later if you want 500 mL of liquid right and has 272 mL of headspace meeting its blank space when you inject the seven and a half grams of CO2 into that right into water there the pressure is 197 PSI these numbers were they did them in front of me when I was in Austria how do you see at their Factory where they had a head

the gauge on it right a hundred and ninety-seven PSI that's 13.6 bar for all you Euro folks right now when you shake it right back at with if this was 20° Celsius water right so doesn't absorb it goes down to 119 PSI which is a point to bar that's one charger now look at look at online called an ideal gas calculator right determine exactly what's going on with that pressure means in that headspace is that 6.67 grams of that seven of that 7.5 grams of CO2 is in the headspace less than 1 gram of that CO2 is actually in the liquid in that point and what that means is pretty much a hundred percent of the CO2 that you inject if you're not shaking is right in that headspace in remember the way that you are going to put CO2 in you are not going to shake it while it's under pressure and what that means is is that you're limited with the pressure on how much is CO2 you can inject

into your headspace doesn't make any sense. I don't care the good news is is that you don't need to have a super high pressure but you might need to keep we injecting CO2 into the headspace over and over and over and over again

I'll give you an example so if you were to do a hundred Mel Kiper and you put a full liter into it there still only 262 is headspace in that in that whipper you're going to get the same roughly 200 PSI in the head space because not that much as is going into the water right when you shake it the PSI drops to a lot lower than 77 PSI cuz you have a lot more liquid in there now if you were to use ethanol pure almost ethanol right you get the same about the pressures over three times lower because it's absorbing so much more CO2 so what you're going to want to do is just to the pressure you want to choose 140 to 240 right the more headspace you put in the more CO2 you're going to inject right so if you were to 140 PSI you're going to put 4.7 grams of CO2 into a headset into the headspace of Annie see if its full capacity right if you were to

dusit let's say you were to increase ahead capacity to 500 instead of 270 let's say you were too so confusing I'm sorry but like what you should probably do is just keep testing and when you see what you liked way the damn thing and figure out how many grams of CO2 you have in it that's what I would do way it figure out how many grams a volume of CO2 is to grams per liter is not including the headspace you have to calculate how much until he did a hundred 40 PSI and you fill it all the way to the top you know that the head face contains 4.7 grams then if you have for instance a liter bottle and you have a leader in there you going to want about four volumes of CO2 to have a really strong carbonation four volumes of CO2 is 8 grams per liter and so are you going to want 8 + 4.7 + 12.7 grams heavier than it is when you started and that should give you the good answer

how to make the bacon bits of here to the popcorn to the bits don't end up on the bottom I was considering using enzor VIP mix with bacon ranch to make a baking powder fried bacon flavor do you think that would work well yeah we want to do make sure you get like a Benton's bacon to the very heavy smoke because going to have a lot more smoke when you're using the absorbent remember the enemy of Em's orbit is it is liquid so what you should do is render your bacon out in the oven right save the fat right take the things that are rendered winter in long and low so that you're not burning it you can then dehydrate the bacon further you can Blitz the ends orbit with the fat and the bacon solid as long as there's no if ands or buts in there to not let the oil go out and ruin the powder in this of it right that's been put it up so you can actually Blitz the bacon and the absorbent together

do you have a lot stronger bacon flavor that should coat the thing remember also you need some liquid oil to get the adhesion but I'm assuming that you're Poppin this in the rendered Bacon fat anyway because otherwise why would you are pop bacon popcorn and then make it back and play with it makes no sense that this cooking issues

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