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Episode 246: All You Can Eat Ice Cream Sandwiches

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well not really anywhere near

Bushwick and Flushing New every week Jack and yet I hate the microphone of my seat cuz it will not point up it's got to go Lemme you got to go full any on this damn microphone is going pretty good and of course nastassia the hammer Lopez garbage it's one of my friends culinary back by what you call it the international culinary Center I didn't know she is from the Great Hills from the great state of Nebraska

hey by the way I don't know if we have any listeners in Nebraska but Jack do you know what Nebraska is Nebraska's motto is I don't want you to have a new week motto what is a new week model Angeles that's the worst motto in the world hate how it how your day going to stassia baby but you did want to stab yours cuz you were so bored Nebraska nice where's know what used to be Jack I see some of the same thing possibilities are endless Justin cuz the internet tells me the Nebraska motto is equality before the law

if you feel that everyone is equal before the law in Nebraska

what you got going on Nebraska really yeah they're going that that way that they just passed the you're allowed to speaking of baking cakes that we can talk about this in a minute but they're not one of the anti cake baking for gay marriage states are they I hope you're allowed to refuse cake baking services for likes anyone who you see theoretically right if you can refuse to bake a cake for like before a Gateway could you to feel like you know what I don't like the cut of that do dip no kid for you that would kind of be like that mean like if someone's just a jerk in general and just refuse randomly cake service to people then it would become an internet phenomena and it wouldn't be that person would make billions of. Not doing that would make a lot of money that could be really bad bad idea but but if they literally just randomly flip the coin when you showed up for you sorry

no cake so let's talk about cake so Aunt Angela you have opened a a a a a baker really kind of happy place to try to be very inclusive with what we serve two people and try to make it a really happy fun place how do you do all of those things to you all at the same time or do you have different everything you do is all of those things you can never get used to Vacation International Waters in fact but

Angela's dad like runs the Nebraska beef like bored like bored we have a good beef so that's the Paleo section 2B make muffins entirely out of beef it should be from like take make a meatloaf cupcake I would like the street from Seventh Day Adventist College in to your neighborhood Seventh-day Adventist College are they good customers leave it's all about to be over why you'd healthy like a couple of weeks left are you going to be cutting down on your saturated fats

I know you're going to be taking like you know I'm going to dive into like a swimming pool of fried chicken or something like that I used to think it'll be good to jump into a swimming pool full of Seltzer but then I think it might hurt your voice parts

all of your voice back to Inglewood that sounds great I can do that at home like 10 bites like we got Earth to worm your way through fried chicken I sent the nastiest through the Fried Chicken she's not a pleasant what is the food stuff that you could consume the most of in a row of the least

is a great question you got for me

tell me about weight I hear the leader of the beasts and where you can eat tuna with pasta I can like if I can probably just like finish a pound Plus in one sitting you know if there was no one stops a pound of dry freaking pasta you cook it you eat it I could have another bite nose is my boredom level so high there's actually better for me to take this next bite of pasta then it is sit here and stare at the wall I'll be like damn that's hardcore back in the day. I don't like these I like my big fat in it must've tried but they used to say when they used to do the Buffalo hunts when they were trying to exterminate the Buffalo out in your neighborhood actually

you know that you can eat a huge quantity of buffalo meat huge huge huge huge possibility of endless buffalo meat terrible apparently there's not like a lot of fat so you don't get to say to it and so high in protein I guess you know you're always kind of fish can just eat a little more and you're sounding it so do you actually make beef muffins can you make a beef muffin how to paleo muffin what's a Paleo muffin really what's a Paleo muffin what do you do with the Paleo muffin coconut milk

why is a Paleo what makes it paleo how many Paleolithic people were baking muffins out of coconut Miracle product I love coconut Isle of a coconut why would I ask you a question I know it's not your diet but like I need to I need to get more in-depth with the with the Paleo people are like wildly some people too wildly pro pro paleo right but the thing is is there was no-one Paleolithic diet and then we can point it's all very very contentious we'll talk about this more I guess when I Richard wrangham if he ever comes back, I think it needs a new name..

they should call it that they just mean like don't use agricultural what what what are all our culture products now

yeah anyway so when random comes on I hope any of the pro paleo people that if we have any listening will call and and pepper him with questions about the paleo diet yeah that's fine but the name is not right

I mean right now all I can think about is fried chicken and in like the thing is I'm trying to think like some of my favorite things in the world like for instance like baked bacon poached egg cheese English muffin sandwiches those are good really good right I want a 10 of them and I didn't want to eat another one when I made it through the like the 11th 12th Ice Cream Sandwich I was like you know what if I had another one of my plate but I would eat it where did you do this sitting around is not free some cuss I remember I still remember this day like I had this like pyramid of ice cream sandwiches on my on my plate I nuked the first one I figure the rest would temper out as I got me know down thinks I like my screen tempered even when I was in college you know not a freaking Meander so I like a pepper type in Spanish and I was good with her heart is not as good with this crappy Quality Ice Cream if they have a texture that's that's no good when the heart

peanut butter cookies that the thing that you can really work your way through really hey there's more back in the freaking kitchen go get your own these are mine you know what I mean but that's hence the 10th ain't no English muffin poached egg bacon I'm done I'm done also wants to know what you familiar with the Ben & Jerry's ice cream confection called the Vermonster you have to go to the store to get the Vermonster is 20 scoops of ice cream toppings of your choice

sounds like a nightmare I had a very fast metabolism back then how do you feel great I don't do that stuff anymore I've got kids and my wife really doesn't want me to you know Jen does not want me to imbue Dax Booker's not going to do any of this stuff but doesn't want me to like imbue the love of this kind of eating feet on Dax thinks it would be a mistake what do you think does getting weird crap beat out all the time

really did have a hangover from assault on your face. You think that cuz it just cost so damn yeah you know what I mean like I've had my fill of all you can eat sushi because that stuff is grow up and it's been that's not what I mean

yeah I mean like a I could usually usually so I guess I'll run it back I could do that all again you know unlimited and you had to stop because you were just sick of being in there like it stopped eating for like other reasons like I'm sick of being I got to go now for in the air but it's Angela hasn't been here for that but what are your feelings as soon as I put the last morsel of food in my mouth I am done I want to be out of there I want to be gone restaurant ozersky wrote something great about that one so he's like in the future they will just be a chip in my head and I can immediately leave Nautica sit there and shame you know after the last fight I see no zarsky eat any actually it was shameful he took me to a swear to God he took me to I don't normally frequent The Establishment but he took me to a strip club that serves Adam Perry Lang

the chef there at the time so it's real bad here and we're trying to have a serious discussion we have to have a certain amount of course died last year fortunately but trying to have a serious discussion about the tenderness of freaking steak while he's getting a lap dance I'm like what the hell the conversation was he able to have a conversation with him didn't like me like I don't know like where I was like you're not supposed supposed to do like we can't have a normal conversation with someone that's going on in one unit she was giving him a lap dance I was kind of like trying to like talk and look at the stake while I'm talking about the steaks

where is the table with the food if there are able to get a lap dance

it's like a normal freaking table with like steak and then all of a sudden a lap dancer comes out

and money exchanges exchanges thongs or whatever happens in those situations I think I want my I would want that you know like kind of device not like together

yeah yeah anyway what is Adam Perry Lang of course the steaks were delicious mean he's good cook and if you have any life questions I called them to someone with a d question I'm christening my new deep fryer with a big deep fry for everyone at work getting requests for candy bars and modsticks of a prior to the batter and Fry I have a question of what kind of a nightmare situation you can you can deal with but when you deep fry candy bar

if the coating on that candy bar is not a does not stay intact during the frying procedure

it is going to you'll have liked mostly a case and then as this liquid on the inside not that much liquid most stuff like with mozzarella it will start pumping said product out of the hole into your where it will ruin everything is fine I usually fry them from Frozen though right thing I don't do I don't do a lot of what's really good to fry is queso de freir doesn't melt but nice gooey is a mozzarella stick you have to eat them right away cuz I get squeaky I never did a lot of fried mozzarella I've done it the worst fried thing if you're going to freaking fried chicken and donuts do fried chicken and donuts and let me say this cake Donuts even though like even though if God were to make it a donut do would be a cake donut you should start with a yeast donut because they're incredibly forgiving compared to a cake donut with like you make a good used to Donut and like a bunch of fried chicken and french fries do a good job with the french fries and everyone thinks you're afraid genius even if it's the first time they were frightened your life by the way

the easiest thing in the world to fry with your Fried Chicken maybe not as impressive for most people onion rings onion rings I'll tell you why you can use the same batter for the onion rings that use for the chicken in and for some reason people don't get pissed off people aren't like it's a shame you use the same bat on both they don't get pissed off so what's your paleo fry batter Angela coconuts with all it with fat in them you fry with the render fat render lard

yeah I mean call her whenever you're ready I wouldn't get back in the frying and in a second but yeah I would freeze that candy bars and make a make sure you double dip and get a good coating on it so they don't bleed out dude if you do something like falafel made freaking sure that it's not going to lick a part to a small test and oil I want an exploding Falafel ball situation where I put entire thing of Falafel into my fryer and it disintegrated into the fryer and settled into a cake on the bottom bad news on the air

hi best all-time interned in actually had to stop his job for a while

and what a great job there was right not so great you don't have anymore not because I want to get this message on air I'm the New Haven has everybody who's in New Haven wants to get out but as soon as you leave New Haven you like you Haven not so bad it wasn't a question for us Mandy if you know like I love coconut and you know it's not as good when it's hard to be a good year for these kinds of things

I don't know moderation but I know that's like crazy crazy crazy I believe in moderation for other people I believe it's really good advice it's just that it exists it and actually that's the only Sound Advice really but it doesn't change doesn't seem to work for me when I binge on stuff it's like pure luck remember when I used to come back and and drink 2 quarts of blueberries not Blended not smoothie no but got over a gallon of raspberries not use the fruit

I didn't know that's true The Raspberries go I did it for a reason that I know Mindy will respect is that I'm cheap and cheap and I was a pick-your-own and I didn't realize how much it was going to cost I didn't realize how much I'm going to call them hang in front of me so I went back into the I went back into the pick-your-own area and Feed Bag gallon of the stuff they had a sin bin I dropped like you know look like a couple of dollars into this thing really couple of pennies into this sin bin and then paid for like a couple of Courts at we left

what was it like what do you remember I ate those mangoes and I developed a minor allergy when I like something like 12 of them and then someone gave me that crazy Alphonso mango and I broke out into like giant hives my memory was your face inflated like a balloon how how do you do how do you do your gluten-free brioche how do you do that Angela

so where's the line like where's the wind stuff for me so you won't do any of these gluten-free yeast do you like cookies

let's say I'm going to hit the Quan hit some questions here is some opinion-based questions to this program is probably brought to you by Whole Foods Market America's healthiest grocery store with more than 400 locations throughout the United States download the Whole Foods Market app on your smartphone for recipes sales information and digital coupons visit to find a store closest to use human rights in sorry if you cover this topic I'm still about a hundred episodes behind the catching up fast Savory cocktails came up in a recent conversation I had a two-part question two parts ready I was wondering if you had any recommendations for Savory cocktails that wouldn't be unreasonable to order at a bar and by the way I assume this means like a normal Savory cocktail that you can order at a bar as opposed to as opposed to like you know like that then it's like Nick vannett mushroom like champion this teen are which is like you know you can't walk into a regular Barn

and any regulations aren't explicitly meat-based like a bullshot that would be an unreasonable thing to order at most bars by the way would be great I'm not vegetarian but people seem understandably hesitant about meet based drinks aside from the occasional shot of Worcestershire Sauce by the way most people use fake Worcestershire sauce now that doesn't contain anchovies real stuff like a lot of people if they buy their with shirt play psycho foods and anchovy free which to me at a bar is Bourbon Neat or something like that or scotch

I mean to me Savory implies Savory Foods can have sugar right obviously duh on a cocktail if you're going to say it's Savory to me the overwhelming pallet on it has to be things that

are not on the sweet side driving so you can't those are all right I mean

but that's really a morning drink

so you know I mean you can't you can't reasonably walk into a bar and order a Bloody Mary in the night time right now

not reasonable that's why that's why we did the clarified one that you can drink at night you know once I don't want soup at the bar unless it's soup I like soup funny yes but I mean it's not like that's right by me and I was like I like eating a soup scotch and salted peanuts

I mean he knows some people be like if you go to like a crappy a bloody mary or maybe that I'll give you that


free drinks haven't become more, nor have I just not looked hard enough I'm not much of a barfly but renewed interest in mixed drinks and Gastropub seems like a perfect environment for something less sweet on the drinks list I lost you this question to Kenji lopez-alt Santa's vegan month and seems like it's interesting things I don't know what you came up with but I just don't think it's the thing that people I made Savory cocktails before and usually my responses that was really good sip of drink and then and then you don't want to think about it this way your average cocktail is somewhere between once it's all made somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 oz in our bar 5 6 oz so think about that that's 5 or 6 oz is like

in a third of a pound of stuff you and I mean until you're pounding that much of the Savory I don't know

a lot of savory to have it you know I don't have a good answer for this I feel bad but I can't think of a I would never order that stuff myself I like dry but I like I said I don't consider a bourbon or scotch

yeah that's true you would I told you the grossest thing I ever had the grossest things I've ever made her Savory drink was the grossest most disgusting drinks I've ever made Savory arrabiata drink wise Our Savior what was the worst centrifuged burrito in in beer

sounds like a lot of work to put a burrito and it was the worst mini we therefore that shoot worst we have made some good very good but there beef broth-based where you kill the gelatin and beef broth you knew but they're short shot situations also I think you don't want a lot of your sickness Avery drinks are better a little bit on the warmer side which also takes it against with people and I know so much better than a bullshot we use that we had this old enzyme called Coral lace and correlates literally ate the gelatin out of stock so you wouldn't have to do two ways to do it you can do gel clarification by taking a stock that has a certain amount of gel in it you don't have to do a fairly lights. Just set Right freeze it thought stuff drips out is clear now you can reduce that

down without the gelatin resetting cuz there's no more yelling at you Lisa tell it now so you can make me very very very concentrated very savoury I think we did like beef and clarified tomato mean it was good I shot you don't want a glass of it they change that Afghan jalebi changed it we went through at the beginning it's the worst it's the worst the worst nobody wants nice how is the beach in Nebraska Nice Nice and the other way to do that of course the other way to do it is to use the enzyme the enzyme is awesome I wish I could get correlates I've never had a good result with

never had a good result using meat tenderizers to wipe out the gelatin regular meat tenderizer to wipe out the gelatin a they seemed a little bitterness when you wipe out the stuff and be for some reason when you try to do agar clarification off of something that you've hit with that has the broken of gelatin from the stuff you can get this grainy nasty texture we were never able to do anyting remember everything good with that but yeah that correlates with so awesome I can still picture of the Mounds of already reduced like glass just melting under that correlates enzyme for some reason it never got popular no one ever picked it up no one ever and that corlee since I was specifically built to break the gelatin down into non bitter units a lot of times when you break down proteins into like very small polypeptide chains you'll get a lot of like bitter notes that's why I like a lot of hydrolyzed protein if it's not like good quality stuff can have a little bit of bitterness to it but is coral a stuffed dead neutral the polypeptides

not if it were like freaking not like not ruining Christmas because no smoking in flavors there's you know they're just have that in general a lack of Bueno a jack adapter will fix it that the bartenders are not going to like and because it's too simple but I'm testing this are Synergy photo type size which apparently I'm told by our lawyers that until the Prototype on the rotor is finalized we can't publish any photos of it or not but check this out

clarified orange juice right so which as we know clarified orange juice by itself taste like Sunny D is not the best right clarified strawberry juice right and then I did I did some rough calculations on it and I'll give you those calculations now so OJ's roughly 11 to 12 bricks right so 11 to 12% Sugar by weight strawberries about 8 commercial dress clothes about 8% by weight titratable acidity is like .75 in strawberry and point eight and OJ's that are fairly similar right so I did 400 G of Clary strawberry 500 grams of Clary OJ is 16 grams of citric and 20 of Malik to Jack the the lime up to sour mix base because sour mix to be 50/50 rights simple syrup and and what's it called and what's it called and 300 g of sugar

you might have been 600 minutes ago. I got to look at it and then put that all together

and then that's delicious that's what you have right there that is strawberry orange cordial unheated that's turned into tequila is freaking delicious when you start down sassy would like it looks like an orange Wyoming stare-down but I need a name for it. What do you think

bartenders are going to like it anyway because it's get your taste really simple it's like super simple

I like it like that no one else I develop with it in the centrifuge. So you might enjoy you guys sure you would enjoy you don't like Jen and so you like Shane Wright definitely blueberries clarify which ordinarily is not very stable because the blueberries at a lot of liquid did the calculations on it and then just carbonated it so it's like blueberries tiny bit of sugar tiny bit of acid actually just in the water because the blueberries are about the right acidity in sugar range for the gym by Celine to update a little bit and it's just like dark purple gem blueberry carbon anything good good that would be pleasant for me and we got this in from Canton number 10 can they came in with us, because I didn't get to it last time

this is backward talk about sandwiches with Peter Kim as you know I also have deep platonic inspired ideas about the sandwich but there is a much overlooked aspect of the sandwich namely if delivery this is from Ken when I become a maximum ruler of the universe this will change this will change among many able men to the sandwiches at random times sandwich inspectors will require lunch time counter prep workers who make and wrap sandwiches to reverse roles and while wearing their favorite pants and the shirt that their mother gave them eat the aforementioned Maiden wrap sandwiches at their desk experiencing the implausibly inexpensive aluminum foil permanently affixed melted cheese and the mustard coated Sprouts at Cascade onto your lap and the excess tomato sauce whose sole purpose is Extrusion you should not be having Sprouts in your sandwich that should attend but you should not have any Sprouts on your freaking sandwiches to your freaking customer's order Sprouts Angela in your place

secondly I thought the group was unnecessarily negative on bad houseguest maybe nastase is not I'm doing negative on her bad houseguest she needs to like Nastasia I like her friends right I like them only because they were her friends and not my friends but you know and stassi is the kind of person we're like on a regular basis people will rent out their Apartments to like use as airbnb's and then they will sleep on her couch and not kick her any of the Airbnb money that's like stars of Life plus plus plus plus the bring her a bottle of yellowtail and they'll drink a good stuff but that's the kind of stuff that kind of stuff in this car seat deals with on a regular basis

she's dealing with the home front so I finished a large container to my family came to Boston to see my children perform in the national tour of a well-known musical my wife and I prepared and served very nice meal at our home to all of them and she and I were standing next to each other at the sink washing the dishes that we had cleared I said to her all this proves Beyond a doubt that I come from royalty she asked how so I replied 15 people sitting around that table and not one person lifted a finger to help wow that's rough I don't want to clean do you want to cook and clean which is the worst I can't do it I have to throw everything in the sink and then wait for the next day I can't do it. Clean Magic Eraser and then you just have like everything from dinner leftover in front of the house back of the house so it's like classic like rolls like one person if your

one person has to do all the front of the house stuff and one person does all the back of the house stuff like get the place ready I hate hate when the plates aren't ready when the food is I hate it you hate that

did your husband cook you can collaborate in the kitchen split it what I have to do before the next cooking shows I have a shoot I can't talk about the shoot obviously because it hasn't happened yet I get in trouble but over the weekend I have to build a chicken gun

chicken gun A gun that can fire chickens chickens chickens come out of the gun

gotta catch can talk about too much but my The MythBusters did one big one wants but they didn't okay so back in the day okay when they were used to test a windshields for airplanes of the things they would literally fire it's a huge problem they would Firebirds at windshield and through engines and a fuselage parts and stuff like that and so the Air Force in Bossier Force actually built a video of a compressed air cannon they can fire Birds into these into these things right and a good chicken can is chicken done and so MythBusters did a bunch of stuff on it but they didn't do the key thing my grandpa who was a radar detector radar designer and he designed like airplane radar for Westinghouse

he said that when he saw them run it the janitor used to come and pick up the birds and take them home and cook them so that that is what I'm interested in interesting like what's like after you take a bird full bone-in Bird regular bird and like her let a couple of hundred miles an hour at like a windshield like what can you do with a culinary standpoint what do you think of anything is basically Pate is it going to have some sort of like I mean it's going to have any structure left at all it's going to be useful and I know my grandpa has shoot chicken with the feathers on that would be more realistic however they're also more expensive and harder to sort

I don't know that I'm going to use that brand but yes that style on a roaster I don't think I can build a gun big enough to do a roaster 3.75 lb chicken has to fit into a 6 inch gun yeah yeah yeah I need to get it up to a couple hundred miles an hour what does ranges are called you know I can't rap like the ones we used to break apart the French culinary you want one of the really funny part not going to tell them I'm going to shoot it inside of the French Corner if that's where the shoot is I'm not going to fire a Heritage bird at the

8 inch thick piece of lexan and then I'm going to eat it and kudos to that janitor who did not waste all of those words did not smash into the windshield in vain for nothing at Pearl Harbor the one that was ignoring you know he he became I think the head of that department after the war and all the way up through through through and Beyond Vietnam like he did the radar in the F-4 Phantom and my dad before he has like summer job to both of them have radar freaking skills and me and my grandpa still alive he's like 96 or 7 or so I thought. E7 this year and they will not help me Bill

my room size microwave oven with an old magnetron from the radar you guys know that story right right right that they are just so unreal lifetime disappointment cooking issues thanks for listening to this program on Heritage Radio Network. Org you can find all of our archive programs on our website or as podcasts in the iTunes Store by searching Heritage Radio Network you can like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter at Heritage underscore radio you can email us questions at any time at info at Heritage Radio Network. Org Heritage Radio Network as a nonprofit organization to donate and become a member visit our website today thanks for listening