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Episode 244: Torta is a Freakin' Sandwich!

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Lopez crazy day because I was not feeling a hundred percent you got to do it a hundred and twenty and then you come out at like 1:05 or 1:10 tomorrow morning for 97212 8th and if that was too fast for you the number is 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 join also in the studio with our favorite subject of abuse other than ourselves Peter Kim director president Casino

like head cheese like that he's he's number used to 600 first Wisconsin cheese that's been produced if you listen to the introductory leave it to Dave the dishes sponsors there's a beating Peter loss doctors in one of those doctors

much to his family should do it on the side that you've proven that it's good Bible story of the week dreams get your parents pity from visiting her roots and

if I get this straight flew out Friday morning I like 5 a.m. then you left Sunday morning at all so if you were there for exactly one full day in abortion and you don't have to go to Mexico for that

Dax is now watch nine-to-five twice in one week movie 9 to 5 by the way freaking amazing somehow Peterson Twitter on to be involved in a museum some half-wit, is so freaking awesome freaking awesome can you find out you know you know fine good okay so I want to talk about the food you had their it was okay there was a lot of like sushi American interpretations of Japanese sushi is removed and some of their place and then I saw a tortoise stand that said with pumpkin flowers

GIF of sweet sweet. Well it was not paid and they threw me a sandwich I didn't want that did you think that they said tostada and has like the little folded up fried thing as a freaking sandwich it's also really one of the finest sandwiches out there I'm going to go back to me are Cuban

me to patty melt if it's not considered a burger at the same age and it's one of the finest if one of the finest Burger Lloyd's whatever you want to call date for the burger genre

Barney yes although it's not a single sandwich cuz you can have a variety of different find me but yes the format BLT if done right and cheese sandwiches the day after Thanksgiving cold turkey sandwich that's also good one Italian cold cut sandwiches in about like the kind you get around where Moffat is like you did you know there's like three or four different kinds of our mother makes a top though it's good you're so many please

Gravely Stander crappy grilled cheese what is PB&J turkey wrap with alfalfa sprouts kill you if you ever mention that he is there a way to make a flour tortilla without cooking it at all cuz that's that would be even worse but I think there are raw tortillas like anyone would make a real tortilla wouldn't put turkey in but they would have some sort of sprout Abomination to sort of hideous

Sprout Italian beef stew in the chat room says Italian beef they want that they want to mention wack baby buffalo people here beef on weck do you know why they have the Comal buns at the assault and Caraway buns and ended up being sliced beef with juice with juice I think we're coming to realize is sandwiches are delicious Peter Peter it likes it's the bomb was going to drop

and you only have 15 minutes would you like I can I can make a sandwich in 15 minutes. What are your thoughts on the Dead 2 Meats ratio correct them in a muffaletta I've had both Styles be good now the kid I didn't use it for Taurus right essential groceries like the class of tourist one

I like that now clean when I was a kid I thought I was too much bread but I'm I'm good I'm good with it now I like em hot think whatever is Napoleon House I think so how do you like them Jack feel like a chopped-up shrimp in Oyster Po-Boys all day in New Orleans really oh yeah really I don't really like sandwiches yeah but if you can you ask for that particular sandwich then you getting that and then it's like that saying that matter what your thoughts on me all the various Philadelphia cheesesteak thanks. I mean

why would you love cheesesteaks why when you what's wrong with loving a Cheesesteak you giving me like it's a guilty pleasure what's wrong with liking a Cheesesteak a couple drawing where we were trying to come up with a tight list of like top sandwiches now we're just hanging out with a 20% of pure P or whatever you want to call it a hoagie roll a sub roll whatever those things are two things we didn't mention yes light spreads to your J not like no grilled cheeses that doesn't count anymore you're saying like something served on regular or toasted sliced bread BLT Spade

God came down and said oh by the way check this out BLT in seasoned tomatoes in season I'm sure throw this one out there except this what I have most often at the deli around the corner I do a grilled cheese with bacon and tomato

Nastasia doesn't like sandwiches because Peter Kim likes them do what do you hate more biscuit base and just see that platter if there's a rainstorm every time there's a sandwich out there and it's God crying I always go for the chickens out of the tuna salad when I hit the catering sandwich out there okay also like I like it when there's some texture in my in my tuna salad I like a little of celery in mind

first of all if your catering there always MD bags out there who don't want salt on there so you should just put the stuff out there out there so that humans can salt it it's some Jerk It's some jerk feeling the sandwiches with an ice cream scoop scoop out like that amount tuna salad cuz if person doesn't care it's like they've never eaten a sandwich it's either they don't care about you as a human being or they've never ate the sandwich before in my life or sometime nation was too and they put that tuna salad scoop right in the middle of that bread smack the next piece of bread do the diagonal cut next it's really hard it really is a freaking Horror Show

those things aren't designed to sit around for a long time so then the moisture migrates into the bread and turn to a gum gum tea sandwiches those are the best catered sandwiches man when I need to do a picnic I do tea sandwiches oh yeah I love tea sandwiches catering or people when they order catering is classic mistake people make what they do is they say what sandwich would I like to eat if I made it fresh right now and then they make that that's why you get all those Buffalo baked buffalo milk and tomato sandwiches at airports on that bread has that wavy line of like water migration in the top to dry and it's under salt in you want to die in your coming that thing down and waiting for get on airplane me about

rather than that any like person should take okay here's the problem I'm going to make a sandwich it's going to Cedar sit on a platter for like hours hours so what are you do the Brits the Brits have that nails to make the British

right on this by the way next week we have on the program super exciting questions for the guests we have on next week we're having right this is confirmed as we have Richard wrangham coming on esteemed professor at Harvard University who wrote the book Catching Fire how cooking made us human and it's very topical that he's on the next week because very recently a letter was published in nature by two other people Catherine books about the head the human head including his theory that humans have a wide variety of taste sensations because we're one of the few animals that have retronasal olfaction the 20 fish sticks anyway they came out with an article in nature

saying that randoms hypothesis might not hold water so briefly put so that you don't you should go out and buy his book anyway you can go to the work but that's what I did but he's basic theory is this that the human brain takes up a very large amount of energy right relative to other primates how can we afford to have such a kind of a large and sophisticated brain how can we afford to be the way we are

and he says that if cooking came very early in our split off from being regular primate to being a human then then the availability of a denser easier to digest and more efficient caloric intake right actually allowed for all of the other all the other developments evolutionary development take place are they actually cooking is intertwined with human evolution and What Makes Us human would allow us to evolve into human is our ability to cook foods that's the in a nutshell it's been months since I've read it but that's his theory in a nutshell and I think it's super interesting and I want to have him on and also to address this new article by zinc and Lieberman basically saying look at you don't need to cook to actually I happen to think it's a letter is not accurate will get into it but you don't necessarily need to cook things in order to get those benefits that just pound

we ever loving crap out of them can can can do that as well as a super interesting and he's done such things as hang out with chimps for months on end trying to chew chicken food eccentric cetera. A lot of interesting stuff super interesting character other things in it is about kind of male male female relations I haven't read that one yet hopefully I'll get to it by next week so interesting sociological things about like who did the cooking how early that split off happened between like gender relations as it relates to food super interesting also he has some Choice words about raw food diet so I'm sure we'll get into that as well so please save up some awesome questions for Richard wrangham on next week's show just in time to explore for museums

I mean as it's a relatively new Theory you have to present it I don't know I don't know how he'll be super interesting guitar cooking what I like about his argument is this the style of presentation is looking if you just use Occam's razor like what's the simplest way to figure out what we all know we have cooking now right he's very difficult to figure out exactly when cooking happen from the from the record from the archaeological record but he's Occam's razor shows that the simplest explanation for how we got to where we are is cooking and so like any other explanation is actually more convoluted and so until someone comes out with a simpler explanation that fits the data or find data that contravenes this Theory this is the theory you should work with and I like that kind of that's what that's my mode of my motives Inc

Before Peter has to leave let's talk to him about his stuff

friends and his response was

and and it reminded me of the reviews that you read on Amazon years ago he's just metal headed. God forbid never have access to a rotary evaporator I still benefit from understanding what what documents distillation can achieve what kind of flavor is something you can get her have access to her yes

yeah I know as soon as we can

I have to make it good enough for 4 release that the things stassi of that vouch for the fact about working hard on it working hard no matter what so probably still can't even make a proper fist in Manhattan cuz they say things that you can chill a car door with large ice cubes without them and it's bleeding eluding cuz I don't know the fundamental law of cocktail your associate very very wrong and still make good drinks as long as you're actually a lot of times people practice doesn't jibe with their with their mental representation of what what the

doing that is this person's drinks are they good

they're okay but they're not consistent

yeah I mean what you doing

make a good drink by giving the book and then deciding whatever those reviews were like too much information that doesn't even make make sense very particular attitude and sounds like you also have a very particular attitude some people just don't respond well to like analytical thinking you know what I mean they just don't they just don't respond so it's not through with a thank you thank you so much and tell your friend very gently just be like your drinks are good I'm not saying that you have to do all sciencey stuff but maybe you can work on the consistency maybe this is kiwan planner acting to 15 minutes

weight in a week should cost $30 at plants good for my future sister-in-law's bridal shower plan to force carbonate a French 75 and bottle at clarifying lemon chilling down thin and water running champagne with with gin

187ml bottles is kind of a pain and I'm wondering if there's a wine that could reasonably reasonably approach a champagne and type know if it's permitted a lower PSI and carbonate I don't even know what pressure champagne usually likes to sit outside classic French 75 is not very carbonated at all because it's just a champagne added to the to the drink

further than I normally would if I was just shaking like 60% water but I have to do some do some calculation I once did some work in fact I was going to have a sidebar in the book on French 75 but I never did it I can't remember that numbers off the top of my head mean champagne is obviously a very good carbonated wine and it's going to add its own kind of did you can shut the test it you know what I mean like I wouldn't use anything that didn't the tasted we know

wildly different you want to do it for you don't want to do it you don't want to read you don't want to use champagne because of the of the price to make a bunch of mixture just dumped the entire mixture together throw it in the freezer for losing too much carbonated right so the actual hit the whole thing recarbonate and then with the original Champion everything including the stuff that's like originally carbonated that original carbonation that foaming that happened actually helps to kind of get some of the other gases and crap out of your mixture then you take that whole thing now you can taste it to make

completely homogeneous chill it down until it's almost Frozen and then we carb the whole thing poured into bottles much easier and much more consistent but then when you're paying for champagne you're paying for a paying for the fact that it's champagne you're paying for the amount of time it takes the process it goes through right so they're very they're typically relatively acidic great they have to go through the process they get Discord and then you'll just going through a big rig but I'm sure you can make a delicious in French you know 74/76 with a hit with a

look it's not a heart as long as you're getting you know something that you like drinking it's not a hardship to open a bottle make 175 with it feel how you feel about it and then drink or lock it down then once you lock it down then now you have something in your pocket that you can do in expensively like I use I don't use it anymore but like when I got married cuz he was 28 you know 22 years ago we went on a side by we tasted like a billion, side-by-side and I stuck with that cheap, for like 15 years. I'm saying I think it's kind of gone downhill so I'm not going to recommend it but you know I'm saying like once you get a good thing in your pocket and it's there for a long time

45 45 vs 45k content as if you're getting your alcohol content down to like like between 13 and 15% on your final battle and 4 then 45 PSI at Atco temperature is going to be going to be good are you are you staying for the rest of the time. My wife and I gen we used to do is call the house gets Olympics nobody knew they were participating in the houseguest Olympics but we would rate people after they came based on like how good of a house guest or how bad is a house for sale

well I just changes every time I come over your place now

house guests have to sleep over by the way I can't wait you on the house yet so you're basically like you know almost like a family member at this point it doesn't count but now we know each other for how many people that have known for like

snacks is good enough but also its like house gets Olympics is most normally when they're staying there when you're there so it's how they interact with you till someone shows up at your house and then it's like to be a bother I don't want to be a bother so they bring with their own like milk and stuff that that's weird like that like knocks you down and have to have living with people like leave crap in your bathroom, with someone like like nastassia like leaves wine and snacks in the thing that's very good on the house catch Olympics when I thought that she blew up our fireworks that knocked her down a couple of pegs but but but the fireworks Gasol I guess at the fireside not your backup on the house gets Olympics and plus when you came with Peter has some houseguest Olympic stuff going on and we'll talk about it after we get some Bhajan

the District of Columbia so the theory being that if you're if you're doing it at low temperature that you're not going to have the same flavor there's already some work in this area but with more of a focus on human health and on deliciousness of course coarse c serums work at the University of Rhode Island Credit call Lake Quebec nationality and you not only pronounce French in a weird way no offence hoax

everyone else's language like Alex Trebek has Alex Trebek no man it's the truth and then you see me the Paxton you realize he's just another bike show grandma just sit and we watch Wheel of Fortune with Pat Sajak and Vanna White and then jeopardy with that freaking list even if this person was freaking Mexican or from South America I'm like you know what I mean

the help if you're in any if it's a Spanish person fine if you're going to pronounce someone from like how to make an American or Canadian then you know I'm saying if you're going to mutilate if you're not going to do it like the person who would if they were alive right

what are really I didn't realize he was a Spanish professor in Spanish I was wrong he's like oh no the answer was like or the question was course he knows he have the answer in front of him on a card anyway a polyphenol name kabakoff given that there are amino acids and a lot of sugar in the sap I expect some Meyer products as well I wonder if any volatile compounds can be pulled off and collect it from maple syrup I think it's right it's hard I mean like there is a volatile note to it obviously but I can't I think I tried to stealing syrup but I don't I can't remember whether I got good results and I don't think I did and remember I also wonder about separating some of the flavor in from the sugars I'm thinking of trying a recrystallization from ethanol

Linksys some of the papers I can't access to the full articles but you know it's inside and tell us more I make sure that when we ever going to get some maple sap and do a demo at the Museum Peter don't think so low latency in the NPR did an April Fool's joke a long time back saying that if you did trees were exploding because people weren't tapping them and if you don't have the maple trees that don't explode they did it and people actually believed it pretty hilarious the best headlines and not the actual article and then there was like thousands of, it's people like you jerks I read the article I read the article of course I do and then the body the article is

especially at 7. That's why I ever did the show you can have me tell if it is our able to talk to deliver

tomorrow is my birthday from Seattle hope all is well I hope all is well so finally I brine in water bath a 3lb is late by the way because obviously this is no longer relevant to Jeremy but I brought a 3 pound pork loin at 145 Fahrenheit for 3.5 hours last night so give me that number in Celsius please p.m. placement sealed it and toss it into a nice pass he didn't really do a vacuum on it so they're probably you know and not a hundred percent oxygen free then I probably passed out on the couch I am familiar with this problem and haven't completely forgotten about the upstairs and get ready for bed and remembered degrees Fahrenheit

we should chill hoping it's okay to eat tonight or tomorrow any suggestions or Warnings from last week so if you're alive Jeremy I would eat it like I would just reheat it you're probably look you killed all of the aerobic stuff I don't think I'm not an expert in this I didn't have time to look up too much I don't think there's a lot of

spore-forming anaerobic bacteria I don't think you made an anaerobic and nothing by are meant to cause the spores to germinate during that period of time and anything you did or you could just do a quick kill on the outside of member you cook and totally killed everything then you see her that then you put it back in the bag some to me it's like similar to like a deli meat that's been sitting out even though it wasn't sure it was Brian to sit with salt on the outside so my feeling is that if you know if you ate it you're probably safe and if you didn't need it you probably would have been safe especially with a lightsaber to make the family lesker whoeasy a nervous about it because seven-point this thing is like I always use the same thing what I feed it to my family or not yes

that way you can't say do so just say I'm just saying what would I do some similar way to what would Brian Boitano do / smoked salmon I love the stuff and I'm happy to patronize it's local purveyors has a weird term because it gets either very good or very bad how did that happen

medical providers that patronizing shelsky's yet I haven't either or either I have to go like I hear it's good I have to go like I go to Russ and Daughters really want a week because Booker and Dax the force me to go anyway trout caviar is on the Dave bingo game set an assassin I play what's that what's that you see how you yourself perpetuate thanks though I do whenever in the Stasi is the queen of this

I knew you were going to say that the one you say beforehand so you can prove it why do you write it on a piece of paper folded in half and hand it to me after I said it that would be that would be like the amazing Randi put their money where their mouth is cuz they're Jokers joke I've never heard you say the word Joker that's just because it needs to happen that's not Bingo that's like saying do you need to breathe or you die you don't even call it on the line also on the Bingo board

I hope your retina has not attached but I'll quickly get to my question cutting contact low and slow like a 350 degree temperature and barbecuing hot and fast is really just like some variant of grilling I mean you're not going to get like a barbecue pit standpoint is like tissue breakdown and that just doesn't happen quickly

garbage web blogger people like major people that do that and I don't think it matters how fast

but like open or like like rapping closed

yeah I know I mean like she from temperature to temper a time of you and closed mean on a on a smoker

when you're liquid the Braves in first if your brazing and remember like you know if you like at Mitchells product and obviously they're doing something right whether or not it whether or not it fits with what kind of what we theoretically think right if you like their product then they make a good product and so you have to investigate what they do to figure out like why it works the way it does it's going to say that. Now when you go to brazing and you're looking at a braising phenomenon the biggest difference in a braised is whether or not the lids offer Lids on right so if you're if you're if you're Liz on then the Braves is getting up to 2:12 because even a very slight overpressure on the order of amino decimal PSI is enough physical Forest to make the lid fly off of anything that you would have on their right

so is that whole thing about like pressurizing at the people used to say like crap to 12 depending on how much higher but higher depending on how sick is the group is that you have the thing Brazing in with the little and so the temperature is significantly lower your somewhere probably and you know how I 80s or 90s right it is Celsius with the little off as long as you keep the liquid level right I don't know that you're going to have that much of a difference whether your oven is above to 12 or not it's just going to be probably increase evaporation rate if you have a higher oven but you're not probably going to materially affect what you're doing now when it comes now let's let's let's transfer this over to Barbara

and now so let's say you're doing let's say you're doing something at like 3:50 right so what's the difference to the meet at the very inside of a whole hog when you're doing 350 answer not a whole hell of a lot right because still locally where you are in the meat assuming that you're a tiny trichinosis worm on the inside of a piece of pork right in there are never going to get it to 12 and the temperature then can rise above the boiling point of water so a high temperature on what would typically be a braising cut her son is going to cook for a long. Of time it's just going to affect the amount of meat that can be

desiccated on the outside right and so what I was saying that he would get would be a much higher portion of desiccated dried overcooked crunchy bits and maybe that's why I asked on smaller cuts of meat would seem to be a lot more detrimental because you can dry out a significant portion of it before the inside is that tender enough for your for your feet for your Wii No hugs and desires that makes sense everything everything under 300 degrees cuz they thought it was more gentler but see if you can like it like we would like he loves to talk about the stuff so we can we'll we'll have that damn sure he will go on a tear as much as Mickey goes on a tear which is not you know he's not

he's not even smaller even small changes in temperature affect buy a bit how long it takes collagen to break down

that's what I'm really wondering about is it more of a collagen thing there a difference in the in the texture of a protein at you know 85 Celsius and at a hundred is like an OSHA freaking saying you know what I mean it's like you're over cooked that's why I have that other flavors of things a lot of collagen to break down and one of the reasons why I am not the biggest fan of her because man. You're doing that rancid overcooking to stuff like the lawn now what you know what I mean it's like I'm saying because they hacked the whole freaking thing up and you have some stuff that tastes really good and some stuff it's overcooked and so you average it out to being something that that good but in my book why not like cooked a loin exactly the way you wanted then cook all the like a low and slow stuff the way you want it pack it up and have it all be better right Peter

yeah yeah yeah you're right you're right okay okay yeah we have to say Christina

I'm happy to patronize local purveyor shut off the shelves using Russ and Daughters but I was wondering if it was worth making this stuff at home I'd also be curious to hear the cooking issues team thoughts on we all like smoked salmon and lox and by the way my world blocks is lox I do not smoke salt salt and sugar cure either wet or dry and then allowed to dry off a little bit and sliced to me that's locks right and in the smoked salmon like Nova style Castro SF smoked salmon okay we're on the same page

I think basically I need a primer but hear my questions any thoughts on reliable book / recipes especially for traditional Jewish appetite and styles I know the Loft belly lox excetera and Equipment out of the backyard and a Weber charcoal grill but I assume I'll need to invest some sort of cold smoking rig yes you have any recommendations on make Styles Etc are there any to do double duty as a hot smoker that are worthwhile how about thoughts on the species pellets vs. chips others excetera and fish how high grade do I need to go should I be looking for the stuff I'd make sashimi with or is my usual pricing NYC Supermarket salmon okay thanks in advance been a state wants and show is Searcy help me out by cooking eating mixing and drinking game been okay first of all let's start on salmon cuz we're going to run out of time here and we got to get a piercing so we start on salmon

definitely Sam is going to make a huge freaking difference in this and you're going to want to choose what you want based on the fat variety so I would go to Russ and Daughters and ask him what kind of salmon things are made out of soap for your first choice is Atlantic salmon vs Pacific salmon and then if you're going to go either of those you really should either buy stuff at sushi grade which has been frozen or usually free that hard in your in your freezer for a over for over a week to kill any worms and a sack has worms or tapeworms that are in it because the current step may not kill it special coal smoke step but investigate this obviously has the highest fat content King Salmon so if you want a very high fat content in this is like the same that you would get from New Zealand New Zealand King Salmon or a gold like that the stuff that they make New Zealand King Salmon that you get at Russ and Daughters I think that's just fantastic get super high in fat got a very nice texture because it's been anesthetized before they kill it so it stays very firm so over

difference to get his regular lox recipe and I can't believe I'm trying to find it in next week's I talked about versus cold smoking like I'm sure other people have a lot more experience and different Cold Smoker to get things done with like pipes and ice over the things that meant to make it done but the people on the internet will will will help us out and we'll talk about it more next week we're going to get back to your question more next week Peter you go when you say what the story is Airbnb person Peter had an Airbnb person come over and they stayed there they are a med school student and a drink all of his liquor

without saying they drank all of his freaking either including and I don't know why you had a bottle of this a whole bottle of Malibu

there are things that people bring over who are low on the house guest Olympics

B&B thing and she never had house guests over this is some Madison it's Harold McGee that we did so this was in 1990 this is before we had anyone we had one guy on the floor the same College my freshman year I had a laser printer use a senior no one had a laser printer you don't even know in laser printer right so what we did for April Fool's Day is all the freshmen live in specific entryways in in our College in our college dorm and we wrote a letter and I can still remember it to this day we stayed Yale stationary which where was College reficule stationary faked everything and printed this letter out and give it to every single freshman

due to the unusually high number of matriculating transfer students we will not be able to offer a place in the sophomore class all of our current freshmen please find below at application for sophomore standing be filled out and hand it into your IRA by the end of the week looks better than the real stationery at the time we got the linen paper we got everything people flipped out and all of the salt of all of the Freshman counselors right played along and we didn't even talk to them about it because all played along we like had people flipping the hell and that is April Fool's joke I've ever been playing wow cooking issues happy birthday

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