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Heritage Radio Network from Roberto's Pizzeria in Bushwick Brooklyn every Tuesday at 12:45 to call your questions to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 joint in the studio as usual with nastassia that we got Jackie molecules joined by will use like political terminology engineer Joe the engineer Joe in the in the booth today I don't know if you should end by the way when I like

rocket engineer or automobile engineer like kitchen equipment engineer so if you guys have any questions about prisons and maybe he can tell you why it's why is he does X Y and Z I hope so this is an excellent question so it turns out that so I'm the I don't I do not have it just the start with that whoever mid-forties you know white dude who was born like very nearsighted like I was you have a late I had to laser surgery so I can see well couldn't see normally we are prime candidates like white male like mid age

Prime Suspect for retinal detachment Sunday I start getting a floater eye floaters they look kind of like gray you know what I mean so I didn't I didn't think much of it was bigger than normal as like this sucks I mean and then I did you know my my daily I hate even say these words workout routine right yeah I know it's terrible to Awful anyone think about it right I do test and test it anyways so I did that and then like all of a sudden my it looked like the beginning of a James Bond like movie situation like you know to GoldenEye crap like just like swirls of laughs like galaxies and stars of Dustin like blackness in my big pinky swear

my I sound like and I know you're getting a detached retina or if like a portion of your vision is literally goes blank like blank not like looking through a James Bond film like blank by the way we can talk about dinner I like I have my new favorite go to quick meal so I can't really read and talk to me to concentrate when I'm slicing and I'm sorry if I seemed a little distracted but like you know I have a James Bond movie going in my right eye and they're like

call my mom wants what's wrong with you you can turn it tells me no manches like idiot idiot idiot idiot so I had to go to see a doctor luckily all I did was my eye Jack ripped away from the edge tore up in a blood vessel and sprayed blood all over the inside of my eye would you can see but anyways so apparently I am an increase risk for rent potassium of the next two weeks so please nobody sees me on the street please don't punch me in the right side of the head and I mean like at if you see me on the street try to avoid your your your Primary Urgent will be to punch me in the right side of the head like go for a kidney blow somebody's not going to send too much shock to the head you know what I mean like you know maybe if you hit me in the kidney maybe I can get some match bleeding Bleeding download bleeding up high could be good you know what I mean it's taking me out of strenuous activity for the next couple of weeks but in fact my doctor says that I

where the eyepatch as little as possible because he wants me to be looking through the eye in case something terrible happened so I can Rush the hospital thinking like glue all the stuff back together should start coming apart like a poorly glued model airplane kits and there's no way I can do I have never gotten such looks of respect on the street as I did when I was walking around with like a vest like in like a puffy vest like my BMI brown cowboy hat and an iPad people like I don't know but I don't want to buy not going to I don't know but I'm just not going to not going to mess with this one this one no no it's a great look quick meal though I go to pick me up so I told him to

hey guys it's coming from you know what you know what that's for that's for the chat room I haven't been to Vancouver and I think like four years and I went with another food writer out there if I can't remember I went to like whatever the top rated sushi restaurant wasn't Vancouver and it was quite good but I don't remember the name of it and so much has happened in Vancouver over the past over the past couple of years I would hesitate even to have you been there recently I was buying up Vancouver when the interesting time yes chat room

I'm working on it and you can you know get the cooking issues crew weighing in on that damn the other of questions and maybe I know how to prove that but it's just a friend and I want to see if you had any good vegetarian cookbooks did you actually like them talk to be with getting a depressant Michael McIntyre voracious and everywhere thinks it's a good look at her to stop. Say it again as actually praising something on there if you can believe that mr. Lopez has actually cooked recipes out of this book right now

that is going to be here I would go purchase any one of the number of excellent Indian vegetarian cookbooks out there the one that I have extremely old and so it doesn't even know whether it's not really caring anymore but I have the old yamuna Devi one but you know anyone has become vegetarian better get themselves very very acquainted with Indian food look like a lot of times I think when someone I mean the great thing about Indian cooking vegetarian cooking is it they have so many centuries of practice at doing this properly in a very kind of integrated and a holistic way so it's not just trying to glue the vegetarian precepts on day like some other form of eating so it's really a good start but I find that a lot of people when they start out

get rather daunted because of the spice mixtures and all of the all of these other things and I think that I know I don't know how kind of creative your friend is but a lot of the techniques that are used in Indian cooking or the basic flavor combinations even without the huge mix and spices in the masalas and what not useful if you're making like a ass like in a mint coconut chutney can be really really complicated or I can literally be I'm going to throw a coconut with some mint and coriander and ginger and some spiced nuts in a blender and go with some water and oil and bang her to the letter of what's going on in those cookbooks is very helpful because you're not shooting for authentic you're shooting for delicious and right and things can be authentic and delicious or they can be your own creation and delicious

just made a enemies quality t-shirt design allows you to listen to the hurricane about the Hurricane by Bob Dylan. The song that are famously said that I was the enemy of Truth by saying that putting tomatoes in the fridge famously not famously for me rather than putting tomatoes in the fridge makes you the enemy equality because as we all know tomatoes turn melee when they're stored in the in the fridge for

long time it's it's more severe of a problem in tomatoes that have large amounts of Flesh right mess a flesh I mean the actual like granular part of the flesh as opposed to just seeds and water like a cherry tomato has ever tell you guys how bitter cherry tomato skins are

what Logan said it was like super enemy of quality situation because it's true and so I tend to leave my tomatoes on the counter and this is especially true when I shop for very high-end tomatoes in August at the farmers market and Daniel said to me look at it when you take especially not to degrade tomato or tomato that's ripe and you leave it on the counter it loses it loses a lot of its qualities and becomes not good compared to one that stored in the fridge for a day or two and then removed and allowed to come up to temperature and he had a lot of things I think that's maybe correct except for when I buy garbage Tomatoes I don't really care cuz they're garbage you want to mean when I buy at a really good tomato I always buy them I buy once I'm going to eat today and they're ready I buy ones I'm going to eat tomorrow and they have like a day left and turn them upside down and it was a stem side down because the stem side

is the firm decided to make tomatoes ripen from the park at the farthest away from the plant towards the stem to the stem is that the stem and is the strongest part of the tomatoes or if not going to break when you store it that way you guys natural resting point and you won't break the skin and I let them sit out you know on a cool counter or it if I'm in the Snoopy mood my wine storage container that stars have made fun of me because just because that's how many given as a gift Ellicott like other one was a little wine holding button refrigerators now decides he thinks that I walk around with a monocle I don't I walk around with an eyepatch and hope to see me at the Planter's peanut man Jack tomatoes

someone knows that I rock it now the fox went basically saying that if I say that you're putting a tomato in the fridge I'm being too simplistic and not taking into account the way that the majority of people consume Tomatoes here in the good old USA and you know what he probably right

what's your go-to quick meal don't you pick me up I forget I forget how the situation started I think it was because Peter came from the Museum of food and drink said something about Trinidad food and I somehow went into some rabbit hole on Trinidad or something and I saw this dish for now you know yams aren't yams you know when we say yam we really mean sweet potato

do you know that check I suspected as much sweet potato is not a yam it is entirely different species like what we call you am I forget the name of the actual thing but it's like it's like a something if an Eaton Saiga but Tata if an email my some of what they mean is a different color of sweet potato right so they're still talking about two different varieties of the same exact plant neither of which is a yam right yam is an entirely different tuber that is neither a potato or a sweet potato it and it's there's a variety of them anyway so it was a mixture of are you familiar with the French the dish Brown.

are brown. Anyone Brown. Anyone Brown. So it's like mashed potatoes and like shredded salt Cod yes and like we are like butter typically with walnut oil navigate to ask her something for scrap in the front of the bull runs things around the border so anyway so I saw this likes mashed yam and saltfish recipe with like peppers and onions I like that so I don't I don't do a traditional I do like like a huge bunch of sauteed Tomatoes a huge bunch of sauteed red and green sorry I can't help myself I can't just have green pepper this is me and whatever and it's super simple you just do that you know how you guys do Catholics and you guys do Catholic Christmas Eve me to have you have good so what do you say what do you eat on a cut on a classic Italian classic a Catholic church right so one of the greats

Wright tool box of lies that is a salt Cod it's reconstituted now when you're eating Italian Christmas Eve dinner the problem with black a lot in this situation is you have to buy the nice big pieces and you have to reconstitute them over over a couple of days to get the right texture in the right taste and it's good dry Cod is quite expensive however for this recipe or if you're making Todd Fritter diecast delicious you like us to go Jackie ever had the advantage of these things you can use the crappy thin pieces of cod that aren't fit for serving on Christmas Eve but still have a lot of that is all you do is you throw out your throat all the time God into into a big pot of water like you would for pasta with no salt you take it from cold you bring it up just below to a simmer you let it ride for couple minutes dump it do it once more and the cards ready to use within like 10 minutes you pull it out you hack it up with a knife you throw it into the sautee after you're done you just you know peel your ham which gets really really slippery and Grill

Tropic toilet smash it up I had a boat load of butter and oil to it and serve it with the limes and avocados tomatoes and that's it Lettuce boom boom fast delicious you can put any any sort of topping you can put on it's not traditional maybe Trinidad but like you must have avocados and you must have line if you don't have those two things you don't deserve to have you know the meal that's my go-to now but I can I'm getting on the table in under an hour and you know it's unusual for people that haven't had it yet so that's cheap super cheap nipples do

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welcome back to cooking issues like a good dish to reject I'm a treatment did you know that super cheap I'm like I like being generous with food quantities but if I can I have no fat feel no compunction except when buying steak and cheese to buy like super expensive stuff do you buy expensive cheese explicitly but most of the cheeses that I like and up costing a good deal of money you know what I mean so into what I tend to do that try to find the highest quality supplier of the cheese

original price which means I end up eating a lot of Italian cheese here in New York because the Pollos Pollos is like the greatest Italian cheese shop by the way this is why we didn't do the show and I like what I found depressing was I went to like some of the high-end markets in in you know in Milan and there was nothing that I saw that I was like I need to bring this home because I can't get this here in New York and I was really depressed by that like that you know there was stuff I couldn't bring home because it's illegal like meats and stuff like this but you know most of the cheese and I tried them like the quality difference wasn't that great wasn't like I was getting a lot of loss bring it over and maybe it's because Milan Milan isn't the heart of the supermicro artigianali blah blah blah blah blah I like do you know farmer with his cap and all this other stuff happened delicious Liquors over there but yeah it was

depressing that I couldn't find anything that I like all yet

it's not like I went to like I did also go to supermarket while I was there because I always when I travel go to supermarket to see what people supermarkets are like not recommend anyone do this like take a group 20 minutes out everyone passes the supermarket when you're in a foreign country go into Supermarket see how they see how people shot do you like you're not like it and we are almost always I can find some crap that you know I'm like a man that's awesome

messenger but I did have a lot of Milan and I did have the big Milanese breaded cutlet you don't talk about you know they call it the elephant because they leave the phone on it so do you like cutlets do you like you like me like the same stuff called Daniel no relation to our Daniel here he's an Italian Daniel Licorice and lemon what do you think so delicious delicious an assassin you would have liked it perfectly cooked the best cooked so I had a couple of you know well reviewed restaurants in Milan I went to that had the risotto that was like a little bit Stars. Include be on the outside you hate that right and what's up with the cord that's cooked all the way through all the way through the rains come up

of stuff you hate write this thing like all the grains were still themselves but they had a nice like perfectly cooked best also I went to this crazy restaurant his name is Kay's me where check this out. I think it's called like book end of each book on Devine or swing I guess you go into this when you go in and they just show Jackie like this date you are nothing but already I like I hate making choices I hate the worst when every day your life you have to make choices all the time where am I going to go what am I going to do who am I going to hang out with what day or am I going to use in the center to use blah blah blah and then all the sudden you go to a place and they're like you know what crap on you and your but they do they just bring like plate after plate after plate of Soul uni and they're just chopping it off like all different like

you'll like these weird ones from like Norwich are there slice fix your hands all good stuff but they just open a bottle of wine bring it to you open a bottle and we feel very strongly they bring the bottle of wine they pour you the two glasses cuz my to this evening and then they just put the bottle of wine on the table with the first course no choice you choose a bottle of wine cuz I'm not your job that's the that's it for us right and she's restaurant there's a picture of him with his kid in the backpack in the mountains know because he's very close to the outs play the solo attack attack attack attack attack and the next open bottle of wine and a poor into new glasses and they put that freaking bottle on the table and they don't take away the other bottle

then comes then comes to freaking pasta and the pasta is in you know they serve it like like old school like what I see was an old school 70s like kind of like this is what kind of cheese but not cheese literally but you know cheesy thing that I catch anything that I love they had to have parmesan bowl that they tossed like the alewine then comes the cheese course with another freaking bottle of wine then comes the dessert they brought a dessert with like some sort of local like Vin Santo stopping it wasn't Vin Santo restaurant near Milan then the Grappa interloping freaking bottle so our table with no choice at table is just like littered with glasses and obviously I did I ate all the solute and you want some idiot walks in I'm talking I don't speak Italian walks in and says says everything on TripAdvisor it's right on TripAdvisor every single thing is like you do now

choose you did not choose there is no choice and by the way there's no choice and I come to the club

there's no choices here I kind of thought you know we can choose what we want to leave

there's a no reason why anyone should make the right choice and if you have like if you are picky you should not go to a restaurant whose whole stick is you have no choice

I mean is there more of those here I love the no choice to Marginal choice you can walk into like a place that you know has like a like a prefix only like you know three-course and you can say oh yes but there's and but that but this guy doesn't even tell you there's no no there's no here's what you might have had a situation that shows up there's no opportunities be like I don't like that name it and we went to the place in Greece was like that's no choice as Jeffree Star Stein Gardens why Karen says no choice no problem by the way I'm not talk about this on the air while we're here nastassia Lopez is the queen of a of not putting up with crap that she hates okay

it's a well-known fact he Roberto's Pizzeria and I love her bird as you know that check right it's a well-known fact that they have Greens in this restaurant how do I know this because they always have specials

with which right

for the past year did stassi and I every single time we sit down every Tuesday we're like can we get Greens on our pizza and starts with C answer no Greens on the pizza so like how about you take me to throw my pizza like in and where they say she literally goes to the store on the way to the radio program has to leave 5 minutes earlier picks up the what's your favorite Queen on Petes does what's an oil brings it and then we put it on her own pizza but how crazy is that so good I didn't ever say anything about it they're never giving us crap about it one of those days

can you freeze greens

repeat what I should have said okay

anyway whatever so it's a byog restaurant the only outside food we can bring it over to his greens for our pizza whatever

to take two quick questions for the year of starch research I've been making the flour tortilla recipe in the new stupak Taco cookbook written with Alex stupak and Jordana Rothman do you have a copy that mean either as we are of course I'm sure we would have gotten a copy had we gone to the book launch party but we were doing we're doing really for the book but I hope they win

and he is awesome. He is also really really good at demos give us a new deal, really good when it comes to demos like literally the polar opposite like in this he does a lot of stuff so that way it's like similar but like every single thing he does is perfectly tightened down and like neat and clean and comes off like a machine right where I was you fix like imagine a machine that like we're parts are flying off of it at all points and like just like oil and grease and gas are spraying everywhere that's more like how I operate when it says like I know that too well anyway

lately I've been making flour tortillas from the stupak taco cookbook and I've noticed some variation across other recipes I've seen some say to use cold water to use very hot water some say to knead the dough well and rest a while to develop gluten on those probably mean they mean relax babe I will let the gluten hydrating develop whatever keep the dog from getting tough what's actually going on here I know nothing will be as good as fresh Masa Taco now listen I too and apparently so Alex cuz I read it you know we originally

saying that the only good tortilla is a corn tortilla I have recanted this because the issue isn't that flour tortillas can't be delicious they they they can be obviously they are the issue is that corn tortilla which is like to me the base of the cuisine was so completely disrespected and debased here in the United States that and even apparently in Mexico in a lot of places that you almost needed to make a statement and so you needed to go all-in for corn tortillas and let's be honest corn tortillas are a lot harder to freaking make than a flour tortilla if you're going to start with raw corn varying the fact that there's you know a lot more of an art and a lot more going into making a corn tortilla and also such a huge quality over to clean the crap you buy

and what you can make I think that is what people like me people like how many people to say that the flour tortilla is garbage and act like you should only focus on the corn tortilla or not true flour tortilla delicious right so you know I wouldn't go back a lot that I said and I've never I've never frankly made a lot of flour tortillas I don't know not an expert in that because I have spent all my time on corn but I'm here to tell you that I am now a believer that the flour tortilla is just as honorable to make as a corn tortilla just not as difficult so what's going on in a flour tortilla flour tortilla is a mixture of basically lard flour water salt and most of the recipes I took a glance not in his book because of course we don't have a copy because of course we didn't go to the party like I already told you and like you know and I aren't in the business of like shelling out

we buy books we should just buy their freaking book and support Alex and Jordana whatever you put the lard which is and has a boy layer has a less solid and butter right into the flour and thence to pack adds hot hot or very warm water to it not hot enough to affect the actual flower my guess is is that unlike a biscuit where you're looking to keep your large particles or your butter particles or your shortening particles separate so that you create flake players in between the pieces of flour so if you're making like a biscuit dough depending on the style that you make but if you're doing a flaky style biscuit dough as opposed to the ones that are done with Scoops like that you're doing good old school flaky think you really want the butter things to say separate so you put it into the flower you've working into your hands until it resembles like a corn meal with some larger pieces of butter

you do the minimum amount of work on the tongue to go because you don't want it to get tough and anyway right and then you bake them the butter then melts the water that's in the butter expands you get Pockets you get flaky things in between the thing everybody's happy Everyone likes your biscuits go by the way Stars I can't talk to her about it because she doesn't like biscuits the I need that like because I can't believe I can beat of my biscuits of course are you a fluffy or a flaky like a flaky jacks

sorry about that I'm flaky and that's how I make them I have in the past couple of years to come to respect the fluffy biscuit different there different in the way that like on Northern cornbread and Southern cornbread or difference anyhow I think what the hot water is for there is too literally like help melt the lard out because hear what the Lord is doing isn't forming little pockets to 11 to make something flaky cuz that's not what it's all about and is going to be enough water on the inside and it's going to be thin enough that you're going to get puffing just from the hot come out, where you're cooking their tortilla hear what the hot water is doing is causing the large to run out and mix with the flour particles and prevent who's my guess I don't know prevent the gluten from forming and so the hot water is actually in this case going to prevent

access gluten development by causing too large to be more evenly distributed in the dough this is a 100% guest and not based in any sort of actual knowledge and you just me thinking off the top of my head and with that car you're on the air buying a propane Wok burner and it's so perfect so thank you for your help and I was wondering about doing a whole 75 lb Pig low temp is that a good strategy or something else and I can picture a 20 lb Pig 75 lb pig is what like 3 feet long

yeah give or take it's in one of those big like hunting coolers pretty nicely with a lot of ice

here's an issue with low temp in a whole pig the the lawn is always going to be stringy I mean it's always going to have that like cooked too long taste the only mean so you know you can do it it's it won't be bad but it's going to be best on on the legs obviously are going to come out better the majority of the belly will be good except for like there's one or two muscles that don't have a lot of kind of fat or connective tissue in there and if they're going to end up being dry you know what might be an interesting technique that I've never tried

what if you adn't stock I've stopped my head here what if you were to in place in the pig rub curing salt into the line section so you in the line section and then wanted to do is like almost like take them take the major muscles like almost disassemble to pay cook it all perfectly reassemble it and then do the roast off to get the skin kind of crackling awesome but I've never done it

you don't have my real dream is is to do the Colombian style where you take the whole skin off like a let y'all know where you take the whole skin off turn into a cape then cook all the different pieces kind of separately reassemble with meat glue and then roast and Kristoff the whole thing and then mean while referring the stuff on the inside like that'll be the ultimate that's kind of hard that's kind of Hardcore it's a dream very hardcore it's a dream and someday I will do it

Hey look it's going to work it's just like they're always muscles and a pig that I don't think want to be cooked that long that's all you don't I mean the same reason why I have my issues with a whole pig BBQ that I think that there are some cuts that are better done hard to get ahold of animal cooked right out at the same time but you know what you what I would do is tested a little bit I would get like the relevant pieces and small bags before you do the cook and then and that's what I did when I was working on the turkey recipe when I was working on the on the bionic turkey and I know if you know what I ripped all the bones out of the turkey and then reassemble a skeleton and did all that stuff the way that we did a test on that list we first thing they did is I went and bought turkey breast and turkey legs and I just ran a bunch of side-by-sides and said okay this level of salt cook for this many hours how did it taste and then at this temperature and then choosing things that were within a

we are to each other so I could get them to come together at the same time and that's the way I develop the recipe so if I was going to do a whole pig I would do the same thing I would choose some of the larger muscles I would get like a little piece of the belly a little piece of the little piece of going a little piece of the bike parts of the leg and I would just run sometime tends to see kind of where it was harmonious and then see whether I could do something like add more or less salt to the to the parts that like my cat string or maybe cure them so that they stay kind of better over a long cook. Cuz if they're sure they'll hold up to that long ride better than not so that's what I would do and then figure out how much of a crazy person you want to be in terms of disassembling and reassembling this page before you do the final roast

chocolate makes a lot of sense

oh and an easy way to do a how you going to roast you going to get like a tacina afterwards to do the Finish but those are too slowly going to be like a big spit waiting to do to do the finish the finish on it for years and I've just been really disappointed in the results and I'm ready to up my game so that's why I was thinking low temp should just go spit her though the whole thing remember if you do low temperature gives me the ability to go higher temp on the spit so that you can or you could do deers nothing you could do low temp for insurance and if you get if you circulate if you have something Cruz flavor is amazing right then you can circulate it in that almost as though you're kind of poaching it by run some tests first and then pull it out dry it out and then just spit it at a higher temperature because it's already been cooked and then you can focus just on the skin that might be a good way around it the other way is a low temp it pull it out when it's hot but the skin get really really really really dry off of the

really dry and then just do the ladle fry over the whole thing and so for that you know you need a big super dangerous but you know that you hold it above the oil and then you just have ladles and hot fat is go-go-go-go this is a huge terrible ignition you're putting yourself in danger of igniting it however it is delicious

to do things this what about bags for low temp in a big pig

so they make a vacuum bags that are meant for putting comforters in and they're not technically food-grade but

I'm not going to say to use them I've used them you know what I mean if you have to you know be a little bit a little bit careful that's why if you had a liquid you could just use oil and it's a lot a lot of freaking oil and oil takes longer to cook so you have to be give you can't do a test for time where that you wear your your time test is in water and then assume that your time to cook is going to be the same when using oil it's not and you are going to need multiple circulators and blah de blah de blah de blah de but you know it's a lot of freaking oil like I said you could use one of these bags but he is at the internal cavity of the pig is going to be it's going to be Hollow and fill with air it's really going to ruin your your cook times it's like the best way to do it is to literally like you can almost glad to be hard to reassemble it that's why I like when I do the turkey I literally pipe hot fat inside the animal so that we're cooking in both directions at once

25 lb pig isn't that sick on the inside and so you can cook it a lot faster if your piping the hot liquid into the cavity the animal using to circulators which is why I typically do when I'm working on larger larger creatures

and wanting to know her work or do I am I going to need to get one of those polyscience one I have has a problem pumping fat because of viscosity at Auto shuts down by I don't remember which one it is the new polyscience once I don't think Philip wants you to put oil through them this is again like everything is about the testing so like you don't want to show up with a pig and a circulator and then all the sudden realize your techniques got not going to work but it's like super easy to just throw a circulator into like you know a small container of oil fire it up not going to ruin the circulator right at least I have not yet really the circulator let's let's rephrase that and you know just see whether it runs and one of them and I forget which one it is cuts out when you try to circulate oil with it

don't kill it put it back in water and it comes back to life but

got you all this is very helpful. I've read Harold McGee and kenji's takes on how hot and how much water is sufficient to cook pasta but is there a theoretical percent temperature and potentially time for fresh or dry pasta if it exists couldn't we achieve and a circulator by many thanks bro

I don't think that there's like going to be an advantage to a circulating pasta right here's why in order for the pasta to cooked properly the water's going to have to be fairly close to the starting to get it all work so you're talking about a couple of degrees difference because it's not like making Dashi with combo or something like this where you know you were talking about going to cook it at like 60 70 degrees Celsius you're talking like you're going to be above 80 and change anyway so I don't think the difference between 80 and change and a hundred is really going to be like that much of a life changer in terms of the texture of the pasta so I don't think you're going to really win I think the only time that's really critical to get the water levels 100% right is if you're going to can pasta and make soup and we had a question on that someone else but I've never really never really got into it and read Harold's article from a million years ago in the New York Times on pasta and

and different water levels I just don't freaking worry about it do you worry about too much size I just don't worry about it when you use larger quantities of water

I have looked it's just terrible but like I use a lot of water I have incredibly powerful gas burners and I don't pay for gas right my Co-op pays for gas and so this is a terrible statement to make but I use excess gas I'm not I'm not I don't conserve probably as much as I should the natural gas that I have I tend to use a lot of water and the reason I tend to use a lot of water is I don't measure the salt levels that go into the water and larger amount of water in the pot is much more stable with a finish salt level in the given amount of pasta then then a small amount of water because it's just his you know because you have more water to work if it's not pretty temperature reason and it's not for Rolling boil is not for not for the pasta sticking together it's because I want the salt levels to come out relatively similar

I know plenty of people like Alex Nagy and ideas in food they pie at a date did the thing where they cold soaked pasta for a long time before they cooked it right there. Being a takes less time to cook take less energy to cook if you soak it beforehand I don't know if that's true or not but they they say that and they say that it comes out more even because it takes less time because water has intruded into the pasta it takes less time for the pasta to cooked through enhanced it less degradation to be outside of the pasta before the inside is done is it true is it not don't know I have other an Italian guy told me that I should throw it in at the boil bring it up to the boil close it the after you stir it and have it not stick and turn the water off why he didn't want the pasta to roll around and get beaten up on certain parts is Kodi saying that that's what causes a starch on the outside to get beaten up in the outside of the pasta to get mangled is it true I don't know what I'm saying is is that I think there are about eight thousand different ways to get

pasta cooked nicely and I think it's more about pulling it at the right time then anything else what do you think's does adhere to cooking issues listening to this program. Org you can find all of our archive programs on our website for S podcast in the iTunes Store by searching Heritage Radio Network you can like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter at Heritage underscore radio you can email us questions at any time at the info at Heritage Radio Network. Org Heritage Radio network is a nonprofit organization to donate and become a member visit our website today thanks for listening