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Episode 242: J. Kenji López-Alt

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Pizzeria in Bushwick Brooklyn yeah I get that guy got there early and drove through the Lowcountry tell those weird little Islands in copies of each other. We're working on it working on a fact that we share a publisher and editor

anyway so like the success of your book actually got her off my back for a while because she's becoming an adult coloring books anastacio do them and then steal her ideas because Miss Asia is stassi is the line drawing Queen easier like we could just come out with a book together in a second to say do this in the Stasi would do the line drives one of the one of the lesser-known anastacio Lopez what is a inveterate doodler and you like working

like Fancy Pants don't give a rat's ass about the island he went to which island did you go to Edisto Island in Saint Helena Island just shrimp your self boiled potatoes and corn you know I can't say that I've ever really spent much time at Cape Cod know it's weird what's your what's your what's your Northeast Beach mentality you know all right so it's the same crap it's all the same crap Long Island

you're not really a beach

but you drive out to Montauk and hang out with Billy Joel oh yeah sorry Stars. Well I mean you know I came I came from Jersey you know back in the day I went to elementary school I still like Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen like Bon Jovi at the time but with age comes perspective on how Kind of Perfect Slippery When Wet is it like almost like you know I was just came down it was like Slippery When Wet you know what I mean it's like when you think about the Perfection I like the it's like you know that

childhood fans it says it's awesome I mean like I didn't like it at the time and ask where New York originally think I think before I think it's a it's a lot different now because you can be cool and like live in the suburbs now because of the internet right right now we felt like loser so I got Suburban kids we felt like loser loser

peanut didn't happen until basically I was done with college I got I got the email when I was in high school but it was like internal email in the school I literally remember when like I saw that the first email I've ever seen anybody what you were the guy that invented email just died like 2 days ago really yeah I forgot his name before he died like to two days ago and popularize the at symbol the whole thing I remember in like it way before anyone had her cared about email and it was like you know like a hundred people of email addresses I was a junior in high school it says in like 87-88 some of that and this guy was like a medicine called email watch any other - email and I was like this is worthless I like her they were going to use this crap did he send it to you from his Apple Newton because of the green screen right right

The Shack TRS-80 computer and I just remember thinking this is now I just not going to go anywhere I hope he's a billionaire

you deserve something like the email you should win something for that you can probably get a cooler email address instead of John 387 you know what I mean

do you have anything you want to plug about the book anything specific you want to talk about no I mean I don't know if you want to don't if you don't call for 97210 to 8 bay leaves lately that I've been reading and kind of like challenging the notion that they actually do anything right in a big universe. Have you seen this from a reader and the question was what's the point of bay leaves vs. like

fornia Bailey what you find fresh like they have different flavors but they did yeah they definitely add flavored if I should seek and you can tell the difference by side if you taste the most popular of the airmatic which almost all of the all of this style aromatic tree leaves come from the the Laurel family right so you have airmatic avocado leaves where some aren't we can't believe in the same family as Bay I think I don't know what they're all in the same family as he has I'm pretty sure I talked about it but I don't know whether like sassafras in spicebush are in the same general family but like a lot of those in that family has these kind of aromatic least and of course it make a difference now the crap you're the leaf is you know spice spice class that's a brand of Spiced Right Here spice class so I have like crappy spice class Bailey's and so I have to use like four or five times as many of those

to get the same flu and their pain so I tend to tie them up by the by the unlikely but perhaps you've heard of the spice Jack Old Bay which is the ground up or sharing it was on the owl what's the owl was it was it sound like Angry internet person just trying to make you angry internet down one thing about Bailey's out and it is at this is different from most other herbs is that there is a big difference between dried and fresh but but the difference is that the dried versions are almost always a Turkish bay leaves in the fresh versions are almost I was California bay leaves and they have a very different flavor like the California bay leaves have a much stronger set of eucalyptus

Russell is Bailey so a lot of people say oh the fresh bay leaves are always better than the dry but that's not always the case cuz it has a flavor that's quite different from a standard Vape flavor so I almost always use drive drive bay leaves that I store in the freezer will fret you know this is a huge misconception people have about everything in the world that fresh is better than and so anything that is sometimes something is different and worse sometimes it's just different Ginger totally different

Thai Basil bad dried basil to dried parsley dried chives not good freeze-dry how should I store items in big trouble with with my wife because I talked about this cuz you know what I've been saying been doing the the 70s Top Potato bars recently you know where you just make a big ass big baked potato in the oven

my wife was cutting up the chives and she did like the ultimate chive like horror show of chopping them long of like that sometimes I get a soup or something and the flavor when you chop them long the tri flavor in your teeth that your wife is trying to be like look on a baked potato on my first and on my first day of service I was chopping chives with a line and I had no idea what I was doing then and then the chef Barbara Lynch is at the number 9 Park today the chef like she walked by my station while I was talking to the chives without even looking at me like just hearing the sound the tribes are making those driving which is like you're doing is wrong throw them out because you can't hear the kind of problem

I like I like teen small discs like that like two little dose out like that cuz I tend to stick and Clump if you do it ahead but that's life big city especially if you crush and he sliced his wrists are chives would you ever use a snapchat you so obviously like the application for Blended chai xit ranch dressing rights of ranch dressing deal Charters other stuff but in general is chive Everest are expensive so is it worth while they were blue give her blood ever use a different alley in for that why wouldn't I mean I mean I did different like I didn't like yeah like the early 2000 and restaurants chive oil color on the soup cheat on The Chive oil and really use a different Valium and scallion tops probably what's going on

grand opening in the oil I don't know I don't know maybe they don't just one of those things that people used to do maybe maybe tribes are myth maybe maybe just us like such a thing about Bay who's real who's is blogger like saying negative experience with bay leaves do they think it's a scam are these like the kind of people that don't like modern art because I think it will as being pulled over their eyes and don't notice it because it's a shity bay leaf the good thing is that most recipes

tell you to use a bay leaf or two and that won't really do much with most of the bay leaves low quality bay leaves if the people have so I invariably triple the amount that the recipe calls for and bay leaf is not the kind of thing that rides unless you go way over it doesn't really ride over the top but like you can't like I never make a stock without they very rarely make like a soup or a stew or anything like that without paying it fairly good and it's not supposed to it's not like nastase at least favorite cumin which is like supposed to hit you on the head you know what I mean I don't want to I know I know there was a comment in the chat room they said how about getting Kenzie to talk about his vegan month just for nastasi is benefit

Twitter from my girl with a number which I forget the number she wants to know how to tell how to get on the freaking channels are you doing this person could figure it out so you go to the website if you want to come play a pop up with a player and then lay the chance it like I would like you to pull up the live stream first and then you just click on the Heritage Radio logo right there and it pulls up the chat room, Heritage Radio Dash Network want to go manual mixlr mixlr that's the sounds like that sounds like a like a Flintstones character

kind of does have a call or if you want to take the call on the air

and I was wondering Shuffle date for me about the Liquid Smoke and the I want you guys to explain that to me

enough to be the same answer my friend is I mean it's not exactly the same and it's not exactly the same in the same way that like anything you cook sous vide is not going to be exactly the same as something you could be another method right leg sous vide brisket is sous vide brisket it doesn't it's not exactly the same as BBQ brisket yeah but that doesn't mean that I don't think I mean better or worse but it's smoke flavor goes you can get smoke flavor from a liquid smoke brine that that will I mean that will make people think that it was smoked - some stuff

get rid of a lot of stuff right is not like a big issue is usually you're in an oil face or water face cuz most they're not so I can presumably some is going to like some smoke compounds you're probably only getting the water faced up right when you're smoking in a smoker you're almost getting only water face stuff anyway because the the smoke is being transported by the moist air right particulate matter is right right right there's something I noticed when the chef used to use a Smoking Gun to these anymore I would settle out after a couple minutes but smokaroma would stay in the in the same because there is like a heavy kind of a particular thing I mean

imparting flavor so you're being exposed to a particular saying like you get that the box of different things happen from a textual standpoint there A lot of times difficult to separate from the things like rust evelop medicine virtually impossible to separate them like the textural difference and that the cooking difference at from the Flavor it's not not possible the other thing to be aware of is that Liquid Smoke is produced at a very specific temperature for a very specific so you smoking something for real might be different if your temperatures are higher or lower using different different kinds of the pyrolysis very very complicated stuff is happening the other thing is

but I find that like smoke applications more maybe with powder than with the liquid super easy to overdose on it because like bitter yeah yeah yeah I think people do often often also overdose on smoke when they're when they're actually smoking things to be the only thing it tastes in there but I will tell you that you have done for you know getting smoke flavoring to me through methods that aren't smoking dab brining and has put in a brine with liquid smoke I think it is the most effective way to keep it subtle had to get good penetration without you know it it's very different to do that than to say like add Liquid Smoke straight to like a barbecue sauce what you just paint on the surface grinding it overnight in a in a in a in a brine with Liquid Smoke Gets you that much more certain natural tasting smoke penetration

well what am I looking to do you like some consider that like red pepper and vinegar I like it on French fries it's okay as like you know kind of a secondary catch up yeah. I'm with you on that too I'm happy that you like it who ever you are not my cup of tea on on on me I have another caller

Dan Seattle couple of pressure canner questions pressure canner for Christmas me by American cannakorp

really matter magic app for stock depends on what you believe then it matters if you don't as I don't then you know you won't bother you on a lemon juice or vinegar whatever hard part about even like small amounts of like you know and some Classics. So we had a couple Tomatoes but it's not going to do anything but the

I wouldn't use I guess you can't fit it in the dishwasher anyway cuz it's so big I was going to say like like where you don't want to do on that is like hard to turn in Sonic cuz it says I believe it's cashed in Selbyville de Porres and pitted after a while at the bottom in the hard part about that pressure canners if you're using them to do anything other than straight canning it is a day or a huge ship to steer so you know my level of difficulty of getting the right heat input I'd say it's like twice as difficult as like with a regular pressure cooker to get there but he didn't put correct just because of its volume it's so hard to read the normal pressure cooker respond within a minute or two like this guy could have like me know before 5 minutes a ride up and down

so it takes a while to kind of dial it in so like to know what I would do is the first couple times you use it I would kind of keep track of where your settings are based on how much you have in it cuz that's pretty much assume that you use relatively constant loads

yeah also think they're paying to close all of those screws volume manners but do you have the regular canner later do you have the sterilization lid for it

do you have the regular canning lid for the sterilization lid with the tube

the regular sterilization it's creepy so I don't know where who don't have a sterilizer they're worried that they'll be pockets of gas in it that that will cause it to not go through the sterilization procedure at the same way so they have a they have a tube that extends down that you have to look like vent out the tube to get rid of entrained non-steam gases por you prank the stuff but it would crush the tube and we were yelling at each other and scream nightmare nightmare pretty much exclusively electric pressure cookers to talk to you is that which most electric cookers do but you can get anywhere from anywhere from 1.5 to 12 that have PSI in increments

dumb but it but it also like automatic altitude adjustment and like an automatic pressure release and stuff which is pretty nice so it'll go that that's that's not worth going to say you can put it into another container jacket feel like to 3 PSI and then hit go that's not right, it's not worth it he has episode as it has a pressure gauge and it also has two temperature gauge look at the temperature probe in the bottom and at the end of the top pressure gauge is a release or the pressure gauge is a measurement I'm I'm not sure actually I'm not sure

canning jar can I just put the Banana Leaf and the poor coming whatever like the toughest basic work I can get and the ngot in there and is there some overwhelmingly obvious reason that wouldn't work I don't know what what do you think I mean

if I break down I know I never tried that specifically but I've but I'm stuck I mean I'm stuck meats and and like onions and things like you can make like you know you caramelize onions inside of jars in a pressure canner see the onions obviously lose a lot of their onion potency they get a lot more neutral you going to do like I said Kenny worship the boil out vs. pressure but I don't know what I don't know whether banana leaves are going to have a different flavor extraction or anything around the others that layer around the band I leave the house at particular flavor there's there's nothing on the surface of it and seems to think they won't work

I was just give that a shot next time I get around to it around up way too many banana leaves the last time I made it I made this regularly

thanks I got a question from the chat room if you want to take it yes but why you're doing it.

I mean obviously this is Italian style pasta and cook it in in baking soda water and will it taste like pasta game can you do yellow alkaline noodles through a regular pasta machine

I mean I would assume you can shake me like it is like a fairly normal pasta dough with kansui in some of the bounce and the the country flavor

but it will taste like that so you basically just making ramen in a different shape flavored vodka and stuff like that the real baller move is to do forget forget making a freaking noodles make lasagna so that it may change its texture when it's being cooked

and that's the baller thing to do slice it afterwards or just you know who makes not like a dried Ramen eyes but not like fried and pre cook ramen eyes unless you going to do the thing but like what's an application for pasta where you really want that the text for the bounced right we're on opposite ends of the Senate Ramen that's the reason to ramenai something fresh Italian noodles and ramen eyes so, I don't think you're going to get the texture what would you do get the texture is different but yeah yeah yeah but I've never tried with fresh pasta but I don't see why it wouldn't work but first

I would bet it would be more likely to work if you did the pre-soak and then bring up from cold then if you did it because once the proteins cooked

it's called yeah I mean it maybe yeah maybe with fresh pasta the problem will be that it doesn't spend enough time in there cuz it's cook so quickly and is not absorbing much of the liquid right now close to Ramen do you get if you boiling it in water with us or something and then cook it in water with baking soda to look at it gets sick it's pretty close yeah yeah yeah he's a good trick for if you're making like if you want to make like a pasta salad that where the pasta doesn't get much do you know cuz pasta when we went when you make I mean I don't know why people make pasta salad anyway but later but if you cook it in like water is that the right word out what happened to that recording dress it say something about angel hair and all those small process they're supposed to be creamy

they supposed to be creamy but if you want to know if you wanted to be Ramen and you can't get Ramen where you are I guess they're anchovy sauces for Christmas Eve where I like those pasta she crying how do you like how you like you're very fine pasta Sky don't like fine pasta al dente stuff it's just a different product me gosh darn I also know a good way to find out if you can do this by the way test it and see what happens so I called and asked about getting noodles that are like those you know they can chicken noodle yeah yeah

all together to get a better but I would cook the noodles separately in alkalized water and then add them to the soup before you can I wouldn't I wouldn't I wouldn't have baking soda to chicken noodle soup but I would like to move it separately

making making making homemade noodles yet you can do it Ad Council your baking soda or something dude

Chase Bank of the West sign choose-your-own-adventure hear a conversation on vegan month comparing notes or revisiting the conversation about weighing cocktail ingredients hit it on the volume of the solid talk about vegan month weight comparing notes as in begging for a week or month after colon environmental standpoint it's made sense to me the first time I did it I was skeptical and I did it mainly because I wanted to challenge myself and see what would happen then

turned out that actually a really great month because it made me and you know maybe think about recipes in a different way think about you ingredients and new techniques things like for a month of the year I think about the completely different set of things that I normally do but you know what these days when I'm not when I'm not testing recipes or eating for work I had maintained mostly vegetarian some fish but like I don't I don't really go out for me anymore I'm so that you know and that's anticipates or changed the way I eat what's your favorite thing you discovered this week in month I've been working a lot of hummus and I you know I was actually going to be publishing a recipe for the recipe next week but then last night I went to John freezers and placed Knicks have you been there it's awesome Monday it's a vegetarian restaurant but John Fraser he has a tail and neither one of them but it turned restaurant seems like a great chef Michelin star

good man to yeah but any open a vegetarian restaurant that is amazing and they have this awesome hummus and I was talking to him about it and he uses a completely different technique than I used to know maybe I'm going to hold off on the recipe and do some more. It's okay so I was doing was mainly about about getting the the texture right and I'm so you know so doing things like trying to peel weather peeling pick chickpeas really matters might you know my technique now is basically just like cut the crap out of the chickpeas and then and then. All but what he does is he cooks the crap out of the chickpeas but then completely reduces the liquid and purees Alta Mere pot have you like basically everything that was in the pot all the liquid all the me reply everything goes in there with the chickpeas. That all together and it and it and enjoy it while it's hot in a blender as opposed to letting it cool to do in a food processor because when it's when it's hot it's like the texture of like a milkshake you know it's easily done in a blender and then by the time it cools down to serving temperature this picture, so you can get a lot smoother in a blender than you can infer

processor to set back of the heel after soak rub those things off and then again just might change if I do some more testing to where I went was coming down and up until I had his last night was that when I when I served it side-by-side two people mostly pick the one where they were they were peeled but the other one was also way better than you in the one where you just cook them to crap was way better than and then anything else as well so it's it's like you can get you can get like 90% good hummus without feeling the chickpeas if you want that extra 10% jokes and then yeah and then I guess you put them in water to rub them around with your hands and then and kind of skim off the skins that was the top

is canned chickpeas I mean the smaller like Bengal gram stuff for using Italian style or I've been using italian-style I didn't know any of the others I had to this years ago I had to do raw vegan for a week and was a hard right now this is complete Horror Show the monster and when I went back on cooked food my toilet tank me the and by the way how cooking made us human

why the actual title that has had the tagline on my I think it's late so he's in a lot of amazing work on primates and how long we would have to sit and eat to get nutrition from Robert but he's going to come on we're going to talk to him about his his book and how it relates to a kind of cooking but yeah Rob uses a lot of people do have time to sit around and eat a lot of people on raw food diets and kind of how much they had to eat and lose weight just because your body can't absorb a lot of the stuff that you wrote yet you're eating so it's too fantastic way to you know to lose weight and then

okay when cocktail sogetsu I think I tweeted once while back that why don't more people way there Conway their cocktail ingredients instead of measuring them and chiggers and and then some people said yes and then some people rightfully said no that's stupid but I know I know what drinks I drink at home and if not if you'd like I may be made for five different drinks at home or like most the time it's just a Negroni right and if I'm making like three or four of them I find it's easier just to throw the thing on the scale for the stuff in and I'm done and I know the ratio like I don't have to carry I don't have to care about the density of living because I know how much I want to beach one and it's done and I don't have to mess up a jigger I just poured into the glass and now that you always have to pour into another glass cuz what if you have a well you never poor never poor

liquid directly into the batch not like cooking is like I forwarded directly into into my mixing glass room for mistakes by slightly over poor I just don't care that's X that's the case anyway a lot of this stuff is just making yourself feel good with position with graham measurements and very very precise amounts and it's this like use 33 grams of onions and that's like I think total illusion of residual because it's not like the onion I'm using today is the same as the onion I'm using next week or the one that you're getting in California whatever right it's like you can use the same exact amount of ingredients and then come up with a completely different flavors just because ingredients very a lot but but for some reason there aren't that there are some people like really want this kind of precision in the recipe even if it's a sort of false position

when you're not testing for writing is so this is not much because I don't eat very much at home but when I especially as if a roast chicken if it gets slightly overcooked is not good anymore cuz you're not a planner I'm a driver for Network big fan and admirer of that said this about the gas. Stopping to evaluate the gaps diet for his lizard I didn't evaluated by the way I just said that I don't have any data on it I don't know about it but that things that I saw initially on it set off red flags but not

that I had today to that was maybe long and didn't actually make the point that that was what I was trying to say is that flags are being raised about the presentation of the of the diet but that I have no actual data on a diet that was my take home by the way so she no candy

I mean I say Christina instead of instead of Jesus Christ should make it a little more family-friendly physiology and healing diet the question should have been discarded as off topic and never brought to the fore but it has been in Dave didn't even know where to begin talking about it it's kind of what I said I don't know about this specific. I do know about some fad diets like Master Cleanse load of horse crap unless unless you love it people in which case this is a healing diet with a long history of success and a lot of endorsements from qualified medical professionals you know whatever by the airport to the elements that are triggered by gut dysbiosis autism a bunch of more like associated with

the most data

trigger my gut dysbiosis gaps fixes those problems and fixes them by just changing diet for a while to see no it doesn't really have to be it doesn't have any products to sell on like real fad diet usually do not always anyway if you would like to have an author of a popular level of expertise I do feel the day owes it to his listeners and got people to set the record straight as much as possible the easy way would be to have an established, there on a diet come on happy to arrange that I'll still missing every week of course even if they was just packing sugar honey iced tea with the address address that topic let me know thanks Alan Valley at from Shepherdstown West Virginia on but I mean I mean I may look we'll see how much I know when the expert helmet on and see whether or not we'll see what happens I'm happy to have someone on and I would love someone to come on and tell me that you know the red flags that are raised when I look at it are not red flags and that

let me know about arousal birth certificate donut talk of you typically don't talk about diet and health not because I don't think about it but because in general I think most prescriptive diet plans are horse hockey otherwise my general idea it's because the human body is so freaking complex there most of the data the people rely on and this is this is not I'm not talking off the top of my head here this is based on not going to be gaps diet 7 read about it but like much much waiting through Horse Pike scientific horse hockey on many different dieting salt MSG the whole load of horse crap that we've been not handed by people over the past hundred and fifty years and I am just explaining extremely cautious about people telling people that they how they can change their lives by minute

rating the extraordinary complex and poorly understood system that is the human body thank you so much science Belleville everywhere

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