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Episode 241: Jackweeds and Nannypoos

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at noon actually crazy broadcasting from Bushwick Brooklyn joined as usual in the studio with Ms. We are going to be joining shortly by the later I guess it's like you know planning on my usual arrival time Peter can you know before before the show started family show Jack on the way over here today I was on that just so much

chip on his face like just cat catch up all over his face and I'm like dude like a little bit of cash on your cheek like are a fine whatever like you done eating wasn't one of these freaks in the subway like jamming his face full of like pot pie or something we had like it was like he had taken a fistful of french fries gone in the catch up in like shoved in his face got all over his face cuz here's the thing

you if you have that much ketchup on your face you can smell it you can smell you like why do why do I still smell ketchup you know what I mean like what a horrible thing to have on your face to crazy not right I have a collar on if you want to get right to it

David said uniform Silver Spring Maryland

so question for you if you have kind of that shopping list

so did we lose you

I got to the shopping list sorry so it's kind of grouped into like this easier Necessities this is if you have a little bit more money this is going to go crazy right same thing for commercial kitchen sink for like a deli

so how are we going to be doing everything in the house except for baking bread but you know cooking roast from scratch in a making some prepared meals like soups and stews some basic catering also but nothing too fancy at least at the outset I'm trying to look to how I can bootstrap as much as possible you know if I switch to induction does it require the use of a hood that you know that that sort of thing so really trying to be creative with its with our expenses their situation rather but you can definitely reduce your your the cfms are the venting you need by going induction I know a lot of people also who just basically cheat and they do their hot side on induction and then take it away when they're not using it and that's totally viable you know what I mean it all depends on what you can get away with him in your locale

are you if you're going to do traditional any traditional Deli stuff I would invest in the sweetest slicers that you could possibly get right and so like what kind of sites are you getting so I'm buying something that's already existing but I'm trying to think of it like this place is so mismanaged I have to think how would I would I would start from scratch your old cobarde slicer which is he noticed on an angle of like a daily operation is like your slicer

slicers obviously you know I know how long have to deal with the one that you currently have but the issue with the angle gravador gravity feed slicer which is standard for slicers is that regardless of I know how sharp you keep the blade there you're going to get some toe out on some healing out on the bottom of the meet at the nature of the Beast slicer now you know what it was that really mean it means that you have to like take it off or wrote rotated as you slice or take it off and take that little heel piece off and it's unpleasant is that like a life Ender now but if you were curing your own needs and like you know you really cared about it and you're dealing with high-value stuff you don't want that to happen now the modern gravity slicers are a lot

in that respect because they require a lot more down pressure than some of the older ones do and you know you know you know my favorite are the old Model 3000 which was before that other one the one that and by the way I'm a couple years behind like 3-4 years it's been since I really worried about slicers do a high-end presentation Deli kind of a situation eventually you might want to get a vertical liked it as a vertical slicer a looks freaking awesome and be like doesn't have any of that distortion on the slices it goes through that said the only people I know who use them are like you know the people trying to do like the high-end Italian style kind of service you know who.

I want to do shorthand slicing so have a lot of personal experience with them but the good thing is is I would look at the reason I like that the 3,000 is just the ease of cleaning on it to like it's got like it's got out like hydraulic lift that you can lift up the slicer and clean underneath that you can pop the blade off and throw it in the dishwasher which is sweet pea I hate cleaning slice but I got to tell you I do not like leaving them here I'm going to get it cuz I don't know the layout but like refrigerations going to be huge on you like getting like good cases cuz you going to throw a lot of money into electricity on on those cases over time and so even though like an old set of refrigerator cases might seem like a good bargain right now A like they might break on you more than I did before I hate Commercial Refrigeration I really do but like a good good Refrigeration set up

you know there's not going to go down and I don't know who's got the best one right now but you know those are like the heart right so you got your Refrigeration set up you got your slicer then on your cooking side stuff I would definitely invest in in a couple especially if you're not going to do it now you said you're not going to a lot of hot side right away right induction ones like you know there's actually interesting day Breville is that semi commercial Semi-Pro Philip Preston from polyscience did some work with a new temperature controlled induction unit it's supposed to be pretty good at least he tells me so that I think is going to say it's right in between the consumer and the pro range but it could be good for swapping in and out otherwise most people I know use you know the big old cook text you know what I mean but they're not they're they're pretty expensive

most of the other eunos the smaller induction wants a cheap ones that you can get away with him fine for a while but they're not necessarily the best long-term because they have a fairly small cheap rings and get some scorching if you're doing in a work that requires like solteras Mike that they they can fuzz out on you overtime if you're using them hard and it intensively but on the other hand they're cheap like potato chips you know what I mean they're like a couple hundred bucks so you can like ripped through them in as you as you as you need to know if you're going to do tutoring I'll get a vacuum back I'll get a vacuum machine and if you're going to get a vacuum machine

in in your setup I would not go for the smallest one I don't think you need to get a really big one unless you're going to be backing down maybe you are maybe going to be backing down like whole roast doing up recirc on a man in a roast out later and in an oven I don't know you know that's something you should be kind of look forward to because that's another large investment a vacuum machine you got to probably need a hassle plan as well for a but did that Stephanie going to be useful both in a catering application for takeaway later and also if you ever end go to the underground Collective section on their has it because they do they do you vacuum for take away so then if you're going to make your own products do a slice down and a backpack out so that you can push you don't want to have to do all of your heavy slicing necessarily to order on something when you want to Grab & Go and you might want to be able to pre-packaged something which case you need to do some vacuum machine

MBS 45 trying to figure out like it's going to be too big or if I can get away with something smaller but you're saying don't don't go for the smallest 45 is a smallest one for your application that I think I would go that's the same size as the as on the multi-pack that's the same size I think is what the 200 it's been a long time since I've shot but yeah that's it that's the small side that's the smallest one that I will go for because you know what like do you really want to be in a situation where you know you saved cuz of the price difference is not that big right and a size is different and you really want in six months time to say I wish I could pack that down now you don't you know what I used to recommend also depends on what you're going to do so you know I had the pleasure of having a duel duel bar setup both machines that I was using right and the advantage of the toolbar

going to bars and it is it you can Seal two packages at once and that becomes a really big deal if you are going to do packaging down and stuff for for for sale not just for like storage unit the night but because like let's say your vacuum cycle time is like 40 seconds 30 5:30 somewhere between 30 and 40 seconds you know in between each cycle right witcha could easily be be longer even depending on what you're doing so by having two bars where you can steal two packages at once you know across from each other you're you're cutting your packaging time in half and if you've ever gone on a Bay Packaging marathon where your packaging package at the package at the package then didn't you know it can be a significant savings can be significant for not a not a huge initial extra investment

got it and using it and then you have the full space where the other bar used to be you know she's going to be so important you know I don't know like I don't know that many people who use it all the time but

they had it all right we got it we don't have a caller has been waiting

and I used a recipe from Keller's prairies strawberry sugar water he uses a pint of raspberries and strawberries

one of the first time I made it I just had it put phone wasn't stable so what I'm thinking is that what kind of are the ideal conditions for developing pectin and fruit

Billy Joel obviously but like semi right so let's problem with that and infecting and is like you know the getting the ratio is exactly right it's time to make it make it right now in general right stacked in the will form gels in situations where there is a high soluble solids right so lower water and usually a typically a lot of sugar that's why a lot of times and people try to make jellies and then I got my jelly didn't set it's because they don't have enough sugar in it right and the other thing is acid like maybe the batch that had the good pectin development was a little more acidic than normal right and then you doped with extra sugar so then you have a high sugar high high acid situation pectin love that you know what I mean and so typically

you know that you can have like ionic reactions swell but I think typically you you're going to just look for high soluble solids and and not my brain I saw it was solid and then acid conditions and that's going to increase the set characteristics of your of your pectin but that said like wacky things happen with fresh fruit and you never know like if you got like a really good result it's like super hard not to to duplicate it a second much like

well I didn't wanted John wanted to cook doubt it's like you know is it's probably it's cooked out you didn't write down the exact ratios you did that time I told you I was set it on the on the air like you know there's the recipes that I've never been able to achieve again ever but a lot of these recipes with especially recipes that rely on hydrocolloid like a lot of them are on a razor-thin edge what I'm saying so it's like in the problem with those is you could be chasing unicorns right so you know let's say let's say that the syrup that you did even if you measured it exactly let's say you're talking about one and a hundred shot while you can't you can't do you can't do a recipe based on a one and a hundred shot you know what I mean

yes he might want to think about just no doping doping it with some foaming a to be strawberry is pretty foamy anyway like even you know clarify clarify clarify strawberries pretty for me so strawberry soda phones like a mother when I hit it with that connects so it's

yeah but getting it exactly the way you want it I would consider just doping it with some with some you know some whipping agent and Son Of Mine

I haven't been looking to infect someone else asked last week about Vegan egg replacers and then I had a I had a comment back in on the on the you-know-what HMC additives just got to be a good thing just to add to make it happen cuz you don't want to rely you don't want to rely on having to get something exactly right every time that is like on such a like a fine teeter totter you know what I'm saying that findeth a razor edge because you don't want you want something in between in between things are always the hardest by the way the recipe the killer has has you cooking the peppercorns for 40 minutes or do you think she'll like Jeffrey steingarten you know friend of the show friend friend of mine he wants lamb basted me lambasting me for putting pepper into things early because he's like when you cook time for that leave that long it's like all that's left is there is the bitterness none of the pepper am I so what

I still like to add pepper early because I kind of like that like harsh bitterness from the pepper but have you considered like almost like dry hopping like after the cook like putting some ground pepper in right as you take it off and then to get some sit let's sit with the aroma in and then straining it off to get more of that fresh pepperoni because he noticed that

the aroma of the pepper changes and draw and drops off and loses a lot of its kind of like you're interesting characteristics especially if he's going to go all the way to like specified tellicherry over a different variety of pepper I know why I don't know why they hating on the Malabar everything everything that you require sitting in like doing you hate you hate anyways point being that other peppers are also go to know tellicherry he's got the I got the name your name saying but yeah like we do a pepper tincture you're my favorite thing to add any pepper tincture is cubebs just going to say it right there two beds if you have you play with you

go to the LA Zoo a pepper tincture and I'll throw in cuz he always have all those pepper like thing sitting around right so you got like a couple different black peppers like I typically the two that I'm using are the Malabar and tellicherry and I forgot the third one we sometimes use some other ones but those are the main two that amusing and always have a little bit of the grains of paradise oh that's a very strong flavor I sometimes have a little bit of the along pepper which strangely even though it's not really it's nowhere near the same flavor the Romans like used interchangeably with black pepper according to the research that I have and Q bags and some combination of all those can make really interesting kind of pepper aromaz

hey Jack yes that's true what do you think about that we think with the maple syrup to her sounds great there their whole thing is there like maple syrup than just the condiment for pancakes and they show you all these other products that they make with Maple the candies and things like that Sugar Shack sounds vaguely like you know like like some other stuff going to happen in there. I think it's a family show on Saturday

I have not noticed any huge terroir phenomenon and maple syrup it's like I've had maple syrup from Connecticut maple syrup will have you ever done it taste like there's a huge difference between the different grades of maple syrup and like early-season vs. late-season right because the earlier in the season to clear it runs that's where you're getting your lighter cigarettes and it as the season goes on it gets darker and darker until you get to the point where you get all those metallic taste that even like below-grade be right with your even too strong for me like I'm a salad be guy I like be for eating I like be for cooking like I like be you know what I mean but

but I choose me those effects like swamp like any sort of like low-cal effect and I mean what do you think my wrong about this I will have to at least you're listening to taste you what else I really always want to do always wanted to do I've always wanted to get a bunch of maple sap and then concentrated in a row that

will try to make it happen right to see what like I want to know how much of the characteristic Maple Nest is because of the cooking itself versus just the extraction of water sure someone out there is done evaporative boiling on this without heating it but sorry to call her

hey it's Chris some green done but I haven't seen the link I just wanted to know what your go-to method for gum arabic is because I could let you find one liquid intelligent Wan swear I know we did that heavy gum syrups and then tried to see how much of a difference it made and or impression was that you know we love it enough to like it was one of those things where my life is changed tweaked out like you know from like a tickle away those guys I use it mainly as a as a spent as an Emulsion ride so

tell me about but it's hard to cure gum syrup I was just going to. Either either it's by boro's one of the Esquire things he wrote about it cuz I know he's a proponent of gum syrup you can put up a solution that's the kind of thing about it is that I can very very high percentage is a gum arabic you know don't form an extremely viscous solution it's because there is no it's not a long-chain polymers not the way it works

why are like I like I like I said like I don't do it so I don't even think they like over that you can easily do like 10% I think I have never done it that you didn't really like it either right now I never really liked it that's the thing I think a lot of people also buy kind of like crap grades of gum arabic and like they can have you know different kind of a case in the kind of dark the stuff that I use is powdered and pure white like I know use warm use hot water right blind Blended in hydrate that sucker I don't know whether a mine is special that you don't have to heat like whether the stuff that I use a special cuz I can't remember but hot water is always going to make it easier to ride

I can kind of see what happens when you go overboard I always like to start with something ridiculous you don't need to come to two parts water and it's a true this ridiculous sludge you can blend it and you'll have to wait but Morgan Fowler says to do one part one part water let it sit overnight in a hydrate itself and basically just threw That Into You

simple syrup but he's using a321 sugar to water ratio

three parts sugar one part water three parts sugar one part water because they took it from the book and it's in the book and then I don't know if it's his stuff is like super thick I have to calculate the bricks on that three parts we can do it right so it's it's 70 something breaks V brakes so I think about this way honey is 82 and honey is completely inverted if honey was had any sucrose remaining in it right it would be crystallized instantly can't you can't have sucrose mixtures at that high a brick mean really anything over above

6668 is going to start throwing crystals also it's going to be difficult you could boil it to get it and does he boil it to get it in solution wow yeah I would imagine that that would be hard

yeah I mean I guess the point of the gum is that it keeps it from crystallizing

I guess they're still going to beat me think about it it's going to be sick yo-yo maple syrup is round 66 Brix you know how that pours right and 82 right is not that much when I think about how much water is and that's the difference between maple syrup and freaking honey I got to jump in the shower room is going nuts it's 2 to 1

221 damn it. Makes a lot more sense to the one that's when I guess a chat room that I would work if you're having trouble getting your gum arabic and dissolution remember any hydrocolloid wants to go into water if it all possible so you want to before you add to sugar-free I blend your hydrocolloid with some of the sugar right so you can like blend

you can blend it you know equal parts Gum arabic and sugar and what you're doing there is just helping the gum arabic particles stay separate from each other to help them hydrates that's a timer for you can do that if you have I depressed you can make sure I don't really like what is the purported benefits so I'm using to the bar tonight they're going to find out

what are you using again like like a lot of times people would use his gums he rubs for like freaking like starting built rink why they just don't especially like a high breaks. Like that doesn't dissolve in well are you shaking with it what are you doing with it going to take if you're shaking with it there's no freaking point I don't see that much of a point in going that high of a bricks because you're shaking you're going to get all this extra dilution anyway you know that that's the reason presents to go back to a completely different like me has nothing to do with this the old-fashioned argument is all these people who like to make old fashioned with sugar right and then I got the idea there is that you are

not adding the extra water from the syrup and all that means is that you want that first sip to be preposterously boozy most people I know like a couple of even with syrup like a cup and it's only a tiny bit anyways be honest a couple of Sisters of the spoon anyway before they start drinking at most except for hardcore you know boozehounds and I know plenty chat line say that they love love love it

I keep things like citrus oil suspended if you're going to have any yeah I get it you know what I mean but like I just don't get it I don't get it as a texturizer exciting other things do that better it's in its main characteristic is that it can go in high proportion without becoming too too viscous and great emulsifier but not really a foaming agent do you know I'm going to be shaking it up with milk and so stylish that'll certainly help I think the people do because they used to do it back in the old days I'd like maybe there was some reason to do it back in the old days

Anna Let It Go well I'll try it out tonight later how it goes from Boca to Japan on Thursday at 3 weeks are the recommendations of places going to see if you can get a tour of Scrooge market like stars and I went on us awesome tour there but we had like we got we got you have to meet up with someone right like we can't just Tori Moore I don't know who are you going as part of a for business or you just going

just going as your I'm leaving to go to the store the market II down there right if you speak or has someone translating but let them know in advance what you kind of want to see because everyone is like well you know someone's coming to the awesome but like you want to see people doing like a different techniques like like like fish butchering we can all see there so it's you just let like you're the tour guide of the host know what it is you want to see you know they'll probably show you so you know then what time of year is it is it spring yet over there is it, yet I when we were there what time you were there starts with a little later right yeah it was all that freaking, all that like all that phone with a crunchy that's a damn everything season so depends on what's in season right now is what you're going

get a whole boatload of particular places to eat Thursday this Thursday in Japan right now they should give you some recommendations on our chat room will go to see but all I'm saying is that I would be very clear what it is that you're interested in seeing when you go like on a food or anything like this because I think in general like people who listen to this show have a different set of interest in the average tourist jackweed who shows up somewhere and I think that in general people like cater tours even if things like the fish market to what the average Jack weed wants

jackets like the name of the street starts with a B on it and I want to say it's Kobayashi but I made that up because it looks like a Star Trek reference or some like that look like goats didn't go to that street and I check out I love absolutely love seeing kitchen like commercial kitchen equipment districts in different countries every country I go I try to go to the market and to like a commercial kitchen equipment Outlet area and I'm sure you'll find some fun stuff

awesome I know we're going to go to The yamazaki Distillery and then hopefully try to see some sake brewery as well as like a like a traditional miso production would be nice I hear you I've never been to yamazaki but I know people that have gone that I thought it was a great tour so you know let us know what happens

turn off. Goodman

shows up just in time to get the free lunch so Peter Peter Peter Peter can visor you want to start with drinks the president of the director of the attack on us set up in an hour and Industry are you guys are having some technical problems with the one of the machines to get it fixed or grape everything smells like popcorn is one thing so we have this thing called this medicine and

19 different arcade buttons release a different smells and you can press them to create all these different flavor combinations one of them release his peers in which has a popcorn smell to it and for whatever reason whenever you press any button the pier is a jar shakes and there's a little air that goes through as it has a slight popcorn note to everything right now to smelson seems like it's probably cuz I went in and and try to fuss around with it credible Incredible Hulk Mac just keep poking so I can take the sleeping lion and just keep like poke him with your the broomstick yeah that's the one that actually runs out the fastest tell really all the time everybody's like

she go back for it yet just like I've always said like when your want to get into it family show at the smell of the actually there are a small subset of the people who will not smell their fingers has smelly finger where is that a classic saying


hello hey

hi this is Bill from Fullerton California how you doing we finally be talking to you live where is Fullerton

14 is Orange County

yeah nearby I realized that Covina is in a disproportionate number of movies that involve teenagers or anything else having like it's all I could Burgers cooking every time I watch a movie like that Covina Covina Covina you ever notice that

I honestly haven't washed a lot of those movies that I don't I'm not sure why I listen to the back catalog and I don't know if you've ever addresses

I really want to refill my SodaStream bottle with dry ice but I wanted your take on it whether or not that was a really dangerous to do that one under listen I've seen the YouTube what's it called for people do that right

I'm going to go ahead and file that one under not advisable cuz it's just you know you could get it wrong but I'm saying it's like it's all fine and good you open it to build up before you close it again right cuz you don't want any Oxygen in there at all so you have to open it on a scale right now you have to get a scale it's going to sit there long enough cuz you don't want the sucker like no turning off this is why

I always Advocate if you can afford having a plug-in scale like get a plug-in scale so that it doesn't turn off on you I hate when scales turn off in the middle of a measurement. So you get this scale there it has to be enough to weigh the bottle and a Content sitter in it you tear it out and then you have to throw in your preway nuggets right you have to make sure it's the right weight let it off gas for a little bit to clear out that the excess oxygen and then and then cap it and pray that you've measured right if you measure right it should all be good because you know how they fill CO2 tanks that feeling by wait they don't feel him by volume or anything like that but I would say and again I'm not recommending you do this but if you are going to do it I would always go a little bit under instead of a little bit over

a little bit over a very bad

okay well I guess I won't do it then I mean I wasn't even sure if it would end up saving me money based on how much dry ice I would end up needing to buy so I end and then I was asked I was also actually curious if there was a built-in safety valve to it to make it more safe than if there wasn't a safety valve there is there is there is there is no pressure but I don't I don't think you wanted to go off on you I mean I think that little thing on the right is no water pressure safety that little little hex looking thing on the right is an overpressure sabering but I wouldn't want to rely I think here's here's the other thing so like I fill my own CO2 tanks my large CO2 tanks right song I'll have like one of the large cylinder and I'll feel smaller cylinders or I'll do gas mixtures in them but I'm doing it like pretty carefully by weight and if you ever go that route you know that's all

can be unsafe and so I wouldn't recommend unless you look into it because you don't want to overfill it but what I would do is just your soda stream live in one space in your in your place or move around the house

it just moves like from above my fridge to my counter to back up above my fridge so I'm sure someone out there is done this already but it is rather trivial to just make an adapter to have it go to a real tank

oh really yeah dun dun then you just have the line running up to the Sodastream screwed on with the adapter you're done

okay where would I find info on that I don't know but I don't like people it's very simple machine work job to do it right very simple and then people because you know they're not going to sell that many of them they need to charge an exorbitant amount of money so the question is has anyone done it in like quantities large enough such that the price is reasonable like that's the thing about price although price is a factor it's all about like how much do you hate the little bottles running out all the freaking time

totally I know it's brutal and then you're like what I asked that's absurd Preposterous by Design tanks CO2 the price of CO2 has gone up recently over the past couple of years but not by that much I mean I think I pay I think I pay $15 now for like 5 or 10 lb of the stuff you know what I mean per your instructions in and I think he does pay likes just like about the same amount or a little more than what I pay for however much he has I don't I'm not sure how much but weigh more than me might be the reason I use right which is the one with the carbonator caps in the bag and bottle thinks he was a problem with it

my entire family is so freaking Nanny poo on carbonating that way they did so hard to put the video shut up it's freaking suck it up and put the cap on the thing right yeah I can't just sit there and Gavin is very hard being that some people in your family Michael a little Nanny poo on it and like they have to go through the rigmarole every time for me it's easier carbonating that way is just as easy as carbonated easier because I can do it and leave it in the fridge on all kinds of stuff but just be aware if you do switch to a carbonator cap set up be ready for some Nanny poo from your family

okay noted

thank you Long Live Indie Jesus next door at the takeout spot came up to me Santa's little hipster well somebody that I know is fan of the show and asked me to find out who sang as a pet store is haven't seen her in a long time and not working there anymore without a new character in Our Stars has no fertilizer

Vivian from Los Angeles a few weeks ago Johnny Hunter revealed on your show that he had developed a way to make black garlic in 3 days and then he will be reviewing it at a Moffat event and possibly on the radio show later can you freeze recipe again me and several friends are anxiously waiting with all your stuff to the radio waiting to see if the quick black garlic recipe would become public my mom makes it all the time in a rice cooker and taught me that the typical a three-week method I'd like to be able to blow her mind wants by making it over the weekend while visiting her okay listen we have to get Johnny said he made it public is that stuff on the air is that can you go watch that demo no

all right so nice so as a Crock-Pot he breaks the leaves the garlic in the Skins breaks it up like miss it a little bit right with water Rhapsody and moist paper towels and then put aluminum foil in the crock pot close are the Crock-Pot hits go and then there's a towel I think also in the Crock-Pot a moist out and then just keeps re-upping that and I overturning it like once a day or so and go that's roughly what he does Johnny to cost because he did say is going to make it public and so it maybe we'll get a call in like you know next week after and then you know just go through it really quickly but that's the GST after I think the shots are going to do with all my family and I call people

that's why I call people on a food web site I asked the founder if he agreed with blast chilling suvi proteins he quoted Dave Arnold he said they've are no such as lower chill is best for texture and flavor if it all possible please ask why it's low thanks John okay here's the deal I didn't used to believe this was the case is it actually Bruno gusos grandpappy of low temperature cooking and so he always said that you want to wrap the cooling down in the reason is is that as meat is passing through a particular temperature he always said it was somewhere around 50° Celsius as a meat in passing through that temperature it's absorbing the liquids in its expelled during the cook right

so if you rapidly forcemeat from cook temperature down it won't have the time to reabsorb that because it low temperature is it won't be absorbed the liquids and obviously the high temperature and so you know he used to Advocate a three-step chilling where he would take the bags out leave them on the counter as air is not very good at he doesn't pull it off very quickly then he went after 15 or 20 minutes. I'll take it was he would put it into tap water room temperature tap water to bring it down to that and then after that he would I sit down and see what I would say is that blast chilling is great once it's in once it's done its initial chilling so once its initial chill down right and it's reabsorb vera juice and it's going to reabsorb once it gets down to it you know in those kind of room temperature or not even a little warm in the room temperature then you can hit it in the blast chill and take it down

The Rock waiting Jack die answer the question I think so. Question would you have to get to and we have a mocktail we have a mocktail question interesting you want to talk about you have a 5 Seconds to discuss discuss mocked-up not mocked up the excellent by the way I in general don't like fake vegetarians have some traditional Thai wedding mock duck is delicious like actual Mighty Duck delicious me to yes good questions ask how to hack how well to hack your your soda siphons and your your EZ bottles are some tricks I will get to it next time on cooking issues you can find all of our archive

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