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Episode 240: Rutabagas vs. Turnips – The Eternal Struggle

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questions in Chelsea Manhattan in the studio with Nastassja of the hammer Lopez Marshalls back from his stomach virus Valentine's Day weekend she was just like a sick of me and that's not that's not food poisoning unless she got it cook you something didn't wash your hands

I hope she kept her mouth shut it was her that did it no wasn't her it was some kid in the cafeteria puke when she was working so food poisoning mirror or viral I feel like everybody in that Sushi Adams something usually like I only know it's food poisoning when first I very rarely have any that kind of stuff happened to me but like I usually someone else will get hit because I can survive foods that like I've had my my wife get knocked out by foods like like puking like on the ground unconscious I've had like friends and family like get totally wiped out and I I just feel like a little bit not as not good but when I get knocked out and then like everyone around me was eating with me gets knocked out pretty sure it was food poisoning at the same time also like if you eat something that's just intensely stupid and you get hit pretty much hey you know it was the food like my wife wants

Fine Fare alright nevermind stupid food week and a half old pre-made parfait at your local supermarket it was made by someone in the back. It don't buy the sushi that's been sitting there all day god-knows-how-long you know what I mean like don't don't buy sushi at a supermarket you know what I mean that has like raw products in it because all it takes is one knucklehead to not wash their hands before they before they get some rest you know what I mean it's not like if it's at least a restaurant right you know you assume that the people who are cooking have had some sort of trading are there some sort of cook there who knows what's right and what's wrong is at least partially prevent you know that the people making the food from completely destroying the clientele but you know it

yummy Supermarket Sushi good friend of the show Peter Kim once purchased a moldy

sandwich made at a gas station and made it didn't I know he took them off and then when he was finished the sandwich he saw an extra piece of something in the container and he was like oh I'm not done and then he ate them old forgetting nothing about Peter Kim like literally lived in a hot in the jungle for years has amazing pictures from Cameroon like when he was a little kid pictures of people with like horrible intestinal diseases in his Constitution so you know he said what's up with mold do to me

the problem is you never know what kind of bad mold for number of reasons I'm a bartender and I just asked what you really can't have to do with PG classes yesterday

going to help lift the all the other day I think it's good you know what I mean we were playing with Aris last week to ask you don't want like

I don't know that anyone's ever made a plane Orris root affect you a lot of interest to me and so she just had a very strong on wising Siri

I have been I have no idea about it and and what you could do with it or it is possible for a certain flavors and also certain Aromas and certain tastings can push and pull other flavors up and down in the way that you perceive them even if they themselves are not immediately perceivable so the obvious ones are course vanilla and assault right so I an idiot entirely possible feasible that or S also has some of those characteristics I don't understand what would be in Ora's route that we lit

fix in other words make make volatile less fugitive you know what I mean it doesn't have any like it doesn't really change the viscosity doesn't like doesn't appreciably I think change the surface tension too much so I don't know what but it might make volatile more apparent to you now what typically like 2 weeks ago you know what you should do is and I'm sure you have a local store in in Pittsburgh and we have a couple here and I know what you a couple where they are in Philadelphia but you know everyone's got one or there's the internet and you just get a bunch of different things and I would make a t a water-based e and then I would an alcohol tincture and I would do one like hot and cold and then

and then you can kind of get a rain because what happens if the different extraction techniques eye in water or an oil that water or in alcohol what will pull out different different properties and also whether it's hot or cold or whether it's is eyes going to change the extraction speed and usually the faster extraction speeds 10 to reduce bitter components and increased pain of a aromatic highlights which is which is nice and so what you do is he just make a whole boatload of these tinctures make them one item right and then you can go about and mix them so if you if you're very accurate with you measure exactly how much product you put into your tinctures like you know like I am doing 20 grams of aurous into 500 mL of water boiling water steeping it for 5 minutes and straining it bang now you know and you keep track make sure that you are so it's always the same size all the time so you're scratching rate the same type of tetra then

5 milliliters of that solution in and then you know to know 20 ml of the solution in bubble bath and then you can go back and reconstruct your recipe now it's never going to taste the same when you try to do all your extractions at the same time or the average amount that you can get pretty close and you can really kind of fine-tune your your mixtures or friends since you could buy someone's gin and you can jack the Oris you know what I mean you can do about a bunch of things like that so it's a lot of fun but in order to do experimenting you really have to start timer to a pain in the ass is it in but but sorry family show but yeah so you're sitting there with like you know 30 quart containers all labeled and you know you don't even bother tasting at the get-go just crank quart containers out with the with different known Solutions in them I'm just go out tasting teas are the fastest right I mean like and cheapest because you're not blasting through alcohol so I think as a first approximation alcohols and it takes entirely different but you know just for fun playing

it's it's really fun doing teas and then the great thing about T's is is at 8 you can use them for sodas you know what I mean so you can make sodas and non-alcoholic stuff and then you can later kind of rear amp those recipes for alcohol or or or bar but remembering that if you do extractions and alcohol you almost invariably pull more bitter compliments that you think that you can go really overdrive they do to get the I run to the only stuff I've ever used his dad is like dried it's like they almost look like very white wood chips but they're small yeah that's the only kind I've ever I've ever used and you seen its pressure

don't know I have it I was just curious about it if there was a way you could talk about was super super dried when I'm used to is that and remember is that most of the time when people were making the Coors and things like that they were dealing with the dried article anyway because you know they weren't growing it necessarily and if they were they were stockpiling it drying and try stuff it a lot more stable so you'll like if you're you would never make that there's a question later we can talk about hopefully that you never would make a something that is intended to be stable with something unstable right and so Liquors & Liquors and and spirits and what not typically are meant to be relatively stable over a relatively long. Of time so in general you'd be using things that are dried out now I do the exact opposite a lot and try to make things that you wouldn't ordinarily have

I couldn't be made that couldn't be made at a commercial product because they they won't last and that is really fun to do right so like fresh turmeric for instance or fresh galangal or you know things like this that the where the the freshness couldn't be really made into a commercial product but you can because you're going to sell it right away but the problem is if you don't sell it right away or you're stuck with a lot of product cost money but you know that's life so yeah just don't you stay away from stay away from stay away from Supermarket sushi rice says what is there anything that is like really stupid like that that you like to eat

the tiramisu from Food Emporium out of business remember every night Mark Ladner Chef Del posto Restaurant New from the Fine Fare

play play people's to those of you that know they shop at a shop at Big Apple Supermarket which is Big Apple supermarket at least the roaches are refrigerated I used to like shopping there because I have the giant buckets of like the giant giant buckets of food like the giant thing of cheese the government cheese blocks and the giant cans what can I use to buy used there's some kind of giant can of food 15 number 15 that I used to by there all the time for home I love it or hate it it's just a little further another question maybe the interest did did I see that are patent provisional patent got put in or not so we can talk about it now you sure talk about fly to talk about our new patent we can we have a new product it's not like a big new product I don't get excited but we're going through beta testing now with some with some you

we haven't heard anything back to people like it to the hate it yeah Nick likes it really trying to find how to use it with Pebble ice so how long until we start selling you think I don't know like 2 weeks okay so we're listening and I talked about it before in the show right there okay listen to when you're shaking a cocktail you want to shake with big ice right because the textures better that's it the text which is better but a lot of times you don't have big eyes right when I say big eyes and talking like two in on a side big eyes and something about that big Cube rattling around inside of your inside of your Shaker makes texture better but the problem is it you don't have that I so I mean if you do have that I say shake once and you throw it away so you're throwing away all this I sew your freezer is going to be full of these big ice cube you shake and want to throw them away twice already waste waste and also if you're doing an event right and this is why we came up with it if you're going to do an event and you're going out to let's say let's say you're going to some

like crap tank you know cater location not saying it all catered location to crab tank mostly men are beautiful but you know I'm saying stuff so you go there and the ice they bring you is like the world's worst ice it's like it like literally is like a soupy soupy mass of like tiny shells and broken things from a standpoint as we all know from the fundamental law of cocktails if anyone read that liquid intelligence like the dilutions going to be fine as long as you shake off the excess water that's on it cuz it's got a lot of surface area water on it but the texture is not going to be good so what you do is is we made this fake fake cop cute when we call the cocktail Cube doesn't chill drinks listen to me please very freaking carefully it does not children's give me all my God you're going to confuse the people Stars seriously and actually register in their brains until you say it three times listen listen

in the freezer and you use it instead of a ice cube no no no first of all you need ice to melt to dilute the drink or the solution will be wrong you need ice to melt and we make this cube out of a polymer to plug polyurethane that it is that is an insulator it does not chill North as a teacher drink

does it show it's not us no does it heat it no should you put in your freezer no right right it's just there to provide texture so you throw this in two years into your Shaker along with whatever crap tanking I see has at your event or at your wonderful house and you shake it and then you'd wash off the cube and you start again now the one thing I have been told is that you should run that's not an instructions people but you should run this polyurethane Cube through the dishwasher once before you use it till you know because it fits and we should have put in the instructions but it's a manufactured item so you want to wash it before you use it yeah right a dishwasher right it's a very it's like a rubbery polyurethane because we discovered that if we use really hard one that you would they would like kind of like make little flavors rubber was great but it's not so rubbery felt gross

we won't talk about it but speaking of like rubbery things that may or may not feel like they belong it in that old shop oh God sent me a gif of is unreal I wish I could talk about an art piece that I did and I was not hers and tell her you're on the air hi hi Dave this out to you in the whole gang I am at you I miss you try to show I've been trying to make some veggie chips. So far I've been experimenting with sweet potato rutabaga and cassava I've been having a hard time getting a sweet potato and a rutabaga did Chris up nicely I was wondering if you had any suggestions are soft and they go Brown too fast right

oh yeah are you soaking them a lot before hand so I like one other time I talked to them for a half hour before and both times really work yeah sorry you're having problems what was the other one case to draw I love you too I love it I don't know why do you know why that the Brits call it's we'd know me neither it's a delicious vegetable don't you find it under use vegetable yeah it's kind of like turn up to me but better than words like if someone said to me hey you can have a rutabaga or hey you can have a turnip would you ever say give me the turnip

never rutabaga sound so much better isn't it obvious two things bad to you one it's brown and very quickly when when it's frying right and secondly as it cools down the residual sugar because it's no hagas topic is going to be absorbing moisture and is going to make them soft and pliable which are both your enemy which is why by the way sweet potato fries in general fries not yet surprised hard to make taste good and so I never ordered them ever never so how do you get around this one if you soak to try and get as much soluble sugar out as possible you're going to win some what the other thing is going to want to do is if you're going to want to get as much of the liquid out of the thing before before it goes Brown so start

starting with Coldwell I haven't been you should which ship here's the thing right so that the common wisdom when you're frying something right is he put the oil in and you put it in hot and you don't let the temperature drop too much because God forbid I have to temperature drops the oils going to get absorbed into whatever you're frying right this is what we've all been talked growing up right okay chips are supposed to be filled with oil anyone who tells you that should have the chip is supposed to be freaking saturated with a whale like half the weight of a chip is the oil that's been absorbed it's it's slowly crust and there is no reason to not fully inundated ship with what now you don't want grease on the outside right you want to like me to put them on a towel and get the excess green greasy chips disgusting but like they are like having oil in the chip itself not bad in fact necessary that's what a chip is that's why those the quote-unquote baked

chips are an Abomination enemy of quality ridiculous freaking things that should be banned they should not call them that they should call them something else do you like those things are ridiculous what was the thing is is there a joke why don't why do people even why don't they just call them something else you know what I'm saying they're not a potato chip okay enough but listen if you start from a cold oil what happens is is it you can regulate the heat you need to get rid of all of the water that is what your problem you need it you need to get the water out of those chips before they turn brown so if you go cold then you can do that to a prison some people do this by putting a vacuum on so there was a people used to try this try to sell this thing called a gastroback which was it didn't really work that they would they say was a vacuum fryer but the problem is is that they put a vacuum pump on it and didn't have the cojones to really suck a vacuum while you were frying right this didn't work but people commercially use a vacuum fryer

make things like apple chips to the apple chips they want to fry in but they don't want to do a lot of oil because they're not know why cuz they've been a low-quality people and they suck a vacuum on it so that they can get rid of the water at a low temperature without the Apple Browning because the apples got a lot of sugar in it right and so if you had a commercial system which is I think how they do a lot of these kind of things commercially you can suck a vacuum while you fry if that's not really an option for you for you I would say do initial soap to get rid of as much of the sugar as you can then start from cold or oil and bring it up slow get the water out and then at the last minute let the temperature ramp up to do any additional Browning that you want after they after they kind of bubble the stuff out of a fried tortillas and tortilla chips they charge too much of a tortilla chips can I find them too thin I don't enjoy the said do you like Android Central teachers they suck like a I know I'm not a fan of like

taken in general if you can get the real Masa but like for frying their fine just go by like the the regular like big stacks of tortilla tortilla is not braking but like fold them so that they separate and then like peel them all individually apart put them down into a stack chop them into six and fry them but they're good practice for chips for potato chips because they're a lot more forgiving than a potato chip Lay's want to look at a tortilla chip right and it's going to Bubble like a lunatic for awhile Sturm up and then you going to notice a bubbling start to subside right and that's when you know that you've gotten almost all the water out of the tortilla chip not a mistake people make when they fried tortilla chips if they pull them out too soon because they don't want to get too dark or they have it but when you pull them out of that little circle on the inside of the triangle that's two white anyone know I'm talking about that I mean you tap it and it's not crunchy no one wants a unless you're making chilaquiles or something nobody wants a song

what's true for potato chips but I would practice maybe with tortillas on on the front so you can start tortilla chips also from cold you don't need to and and bring them up and you'll notice at the water if you get the oil temperature ride the water will go away and then you have like a couple like you have several seconds of window between that and when they start over Browning I'll send all I can over Brown tortilla chips flavors go good tortilla chips good practice for you and very cheap and everybody likes tortilla chips that have been fried at home they just they're just like so much better they really are

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Camp Dudley good people Jack

poops are there very good people here in Birmingham very very good people on a cure when you get hit with a diagnosis for your kids like that psycho cure cure cure but now it's like you what you want to do is have your kid be the best damn they can be the most have the most joy in life for what they what they want you know what I mean absolutely noise cancelling headphones and restaurants and stuff so you know like having things available for kids with autism and families that want to dine out or go out they do tons of work culture city with a K and you know people who don't like have these kinds of issues just be

what's the word I'm looking for charitable to people around you you like why is it kid doing it to shut up and leave me alone because a lot of things that you don't understand why kids can't why this kid can't eat food that are mixtures and Lucaya problems with it to like why can't kids who knows but do you know deal with it that's that's life is a weird thing not liking food mixed together right stuff or you like that when you were a kid yeah but we can't have anything like mixed like he wants his chicken broth by itself

I think you prompted him because he's your dinner will it be at the time he just wanted like all he wanted was chicken and eggs I think I'll combine two things he likes separately on on the plate so start do me a favor I had a question I didn't get a chance to look up the recipe because I don't have it committed to memory I've had to come to the memory before but I erase it from my mind can you look up a Long Island iced tea because I had a question about it and you can ask Mimi while ahead another I had another question here they're saying from Benjamin Terry may not be there may or may not be a rubber there may or may not be a rubber male member attached to a Servo motor that that goes back and forth

the windshield wiper and as it as if moving out of the way a steak knife comes down and just misses it right and so that's their piece that nastassia sister said she didn't make it reminds me very much of a piece that I actually made back you know before I went to grad school that's how you let the space it's stupid but it's a seed in my life ever seen some pretty bad cuts so I was very interested in my artwork with in kind of them machines and it in kind of false like spectacle where it look like you were going to get hurt but you weren't or like there was danger but you know you didn't end up hurting yourself so I built this live so I had and I built this little kind of machine it was supposed to be a tiny like amusement park ride and you grab his handle with your hand as you spend the handle on a razor razor blades all on like razor blades

play would accelerate over the top of your knuckle so you couldn't like it was geared so you couldn't cut your hand but it accelerated so fast around over your hand there was like tell me who I'm going to apply to actually went to what got in went to Columbia University for Fine Arts as my MFA grad school so I'm like you know I'll bring them with me so so I can show him what I do and do you know in the interview and so I'm having this interview Allen Hackle and who is that he's an artist and neesie usually the head of the program at the time and so I'm talking to him and you know how it's hard for me sometimes I like to talk and do something by so I'm talking to him and I had had to disassemble it to take it with me right thing and

because I'm not paying attention I assemble it get ready for Jack 180 degrees wrong and so what that means is my knuckle is in the high position when the blade is over your hand and so you can never cut you off at your boobs and it make the razor blade in bed itself like all the way into the store and start pouring out of my hand all over his desk in the middle because like my reaction was as much pressure on spottswood blood like seeping out of it all over my lap yeah they let me in I can text him if the interview kind of scrape the thing under my one arm in like kind of walked out anyway how ok Long Island Iced Tea

2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice 1/2 cup of cola to Lemon wedges at Jack this is so wonder if she has a half ounce Absolut Vodka half ounce Beefeater Gin half ounce donkey white rum half ounce Milagro Blanco tequila half ounce fresh lemon juice simple syrup and you know this is wonderful card pay for that recipe

is it wrong for Nordic those are out for no products and the Quan I love that stuff you like white rum and coke with my wife just a couple days ago because I was like I'm going to say coupon like you know the word like I say I said she liked it doesn't have three freaking syllables its opaque I'm like no I say it'll pick and like I don't care I don't care I'll call it in if I want that character and I'll let you know if these are the only problems you God bless you write okay

tell the question about Long Island Iced Tea John from Dallas and by the way I treat it out then I saw Jr Ewing's hat at the Museum of the moving image which is a fantastic Museum and I thought John Instagram but he had she had a really not that expensive hat for Jr it was like I like to shove my face against the side of the of the display case so I can look and see inside the at the end and it was just a XXX Beaver which is like you know like an idiot all our have like a $70 that I have the same Hut but I've remolded of course into a planter shaped that's the only shape that I wear whatever so John dallesasse what affects our perception of alcohol in Long Island iced tea to drink is almost completely liquor yet is famous for casing nearly non-alcoholic it doesn't seem like it should work well I haven't had one in a long time ago Tristan back in the day you stood then Robbie used to make these carbonated Long Island Iced Teas they were just doing it for the acronym but the

why it works I think it has to do it anytime that you mix just getting on board that you mix a boat ton of stuff together everything to even out you know what I mean and you kind of just lose the ability to distinguish anything so I think it's just that Cole has probably watering it down in the lemon and then it's just us a poop spray ingredients mean I think of something that I can get the magical lips I think you could read Jigger it with almost anything else in it and it be fine I'll tell you what we did once at the bar I get very kind of pretzels when you know the bartender's come up with drinks that have like 35 diff ingredients in them and so and I'm saying on the airplane time to call like shotgun mixing so I went to the bar once I literally just went on the back bar and I took the first 15 like yours and I just mix them all in equal proportions just pick him up 15 with your thing and they're like the taste fine taste like cocktail taste fine like a bunch of crap

it just it's kind of like uniform cocktail problem with brown in it Benjamin Terry Road and I'm trying to figure out a vegan I'm trying to figure out a vegan replacement for egg whites in a cocktail setting lately I've been playing with aquafaba the chickpea brine which we have a lot of people are in spinach and I have noticed too much of a flavor or older variation it certainly isn't is frothy an egg white I mostly using the chickpea water from the falafel place across the street cold so would he change the chemistry maker frother I bet it would yes I would definitely be a hundred percent sure also tastes more any tips for this process or for any other egg white or play since your experience I should try thanks mostly egg white replacement ID

actually are not vegan so I can milk washing there are certain ingredients that are inherently frothy so using those pictures appear that thing right before whites are doing two things in a cocktail they're providing a texture and in a phone fraud but also the proteins in the egg whites are binding with flavors in the cocktail and kind of meeting them so like one of the reasons that an egg white is really good in a whiskey sour is because it deadens the kind of tannic nature of the wood in the in the oak so what is a flavor thing happening there as well so if you're going to substitute out then you can just go by by the way I know if you're against this you can go by frothy probably frothy which is a cocktail father and I think it's weathered propylene glycol alginate or just propylene glycol but with this emulsifiers is that they also add the stupidly add flavor to it like citric acid and like fake lemons I don't know why the hell you would do that like

tell me the freaking frost you know what I mean by don't tell me the Frog plus some other BS just some of the frost I'm sure someone makes one that just has a frothing it but that adds that the phone but I don't think it's going to be it's going to do that flavor change a thing for you now anytime you are going to put a foam on something a lot of what time so people want to do if they want to add a stabilizer so like your chickpea thing probably has some stable stabilizing stuff in it I have tried various cocktails with xanthan as a stabilizer it's not a whipping agent you still need a whipping agent something like pineapple juice or a cucumber juice or versaware for anything that has kind of a whipping ability to it but the little bit of xanthan can stabilize the phone so it lasts longer problem is is that whenever we did that test and then you can kind of taste it was kind of like a leopard

good morning one on the webonauts there on our chat room there I can crank it on a to flower working on the centrifuge hard as hard as hard as hard it's a it's a long road and I can talk about it then I say China like Trump that I just do it that I just use Trump's accent when I say China in China China then do you have any questions or should I hit this other one

you had one about did you talk with a pineapple and a searzall pineapple drinks tears all the guy wanted you to knowledge unless I go look at their YouTube video of pineapple this works as an assistant winemaker is planning a blind tasting of wines doped doped with different floral compound has to taste through with a group of wine makers where she works we have done by the way we're doing it a centipede teaching seminar today right when we talked about the patent I'll do a little bit about how centrifuges work and you know except Excedrin okay with fruits and herbs and it is fairly herbs and is fairly straightforward to extract the characteristics how are flowers and more of the challenge their issues getting all the flowers fresh extracting floral aromatics versus the Green character among other concerns

also the people I pick the calluses off a flower dealing with flowers is a pain in the behind I don't have a list of flowers at present but I'm sure it includes Jasmine honeysuckle files roses excetra are there a specific Are there specific methods for making extracts essential oils that are food safe and can be added into wine directly and her stable 4 weeks to months this would make finding all the flowers fresh the same time less of an issue is so so deep they prefer liquid to perform around extractions and then we can later after wine okay from Bobby so I would definitely get in touch with Mandy aftel the perfumer because she deals with this kind of stuff all the time but in general flower essence it to me they don't really do not necessarily the same as the actual flowers of sometimes they're pretty close right leg roast leg rose rose can be pretty close but if you don't want to do a straight extraction into most of time if you try to do a straight extraction of a flower directly into alcohol it gets that disgusting

soap flower flavors Rose soap flower flavor so typically the the kind of accent isn't are made in one or several ways but steam distillation is the easiest kind of the cheapest way to do it but a lot of flower Aroma is our been in there then they're fixed and alcohol or other things and you can get them and their stable and you can get them food grade me some flowers are some snot sunflowers some flowers are poisonous and so you should stay away from them remember we were going to put some poisonous flower into a drink out of it, he's a little bit okay and I like no really poisonous no kill you some Iris variant let me hear that we were looking this up but some flowers can't be done that way so that are like the hardest one is like to burrow this is really difficult to do distillations because the flavor brakes and I we used to do two Bros in the rotovap remember size that was a pain in the behind we would rotovap the two brothers because it was all a low temperature so it wouldn't break down you like to Rose

no it's the one that they make Hawaiian leis out of things got that like a wrong it's hard to do anyway the classic way to do flowers that are difficult to do buy a distillation is a technique to send me some used to play around a little bit with you know but it kind of got superseded by fat washing in general but is an armful Raj until about the perfume guy with the Entourage where he was like horses perfume you spell perfume was he doing killing people getting their Roma's was he doing in the flowers are soluble in a fat so what to do with it take typically for these they take a solid fat spread it on glass plates and then put the flowers onto the glass plates and then stacked the glass plates up so that the Romans are just constantly wafting in these in these crates of glass plates through the fat and then like after a specific amount of time with a while they'll rip the old flowers off slab another layer flowers on to him

and basically get these like hyper aromatic flower fattening than the reason you leaving there for a long time is it the flowers and pick the Cowlitz off I weigh the green part so it doesn't have those green thing aromaz the flower keeps on making a Roma's until it starts to break down and saw the flat like they did it rather than just getting like a like a couple of minutes or a couple of you get like a long. Of the flower producing these aromos that you absorb into the fat then you wash the fat with very high proof ethanol to take the flavors out of the fact that you're not pulling any of the weird bitter of crappy stuff out of the flowers because you've already removed the flowers from the equation by the time you put the alcohol in and then that is how I'm fluorite works and if that's the way I would go we got to go

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