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Episode 24: Fishes, Fishes, Vodka

nine times out of 10 when someone is taking the time to break away and do their own thing it's cuz they either have a specific point of view or a specific passion that really sort of speaks to maybe not a mass audience but the customers that I have in the customers at Firehouse tries to culture and and cultivate I think are are are those type of people who want that story and feel like if they pick it up and allocation of an 80 case made wine that they've got something special and it's something that only they have or maybe one other person has so that's kind of what we specialize in and I may not be business-savvy to the nth degree like we're not making a hundred thousand cases of Pinot Grigio and he knows flogging them all over New York but the customers at get one from us I kind of believe in the same stuff we did which is supporting small farm supporting is about Uruguay makers who have a passion for doing it and Supply them with the market and we allow them to get their product out there too

otherwise an untapped a group of people

rouge's dress

happy New Year welcome to cooking issues on the Heritage Radio Network coming to you Tuesdays from around 12 I guess it's 12:45 today Varner the host of cooking issues here with Miss Tosha the hammer Lopez nice nice am your features in the radio today it's awesome I love that as for the new year for all you people listening to the New Year sound effects of coming all your questions to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 for all your cooking related questions technical or not and a jacket who have a color

hello Collier on the air

are you guys doing I'm a big fan of the show Cheers

yeah I don't see why not. Never tried it but I don't see why not we've done oils before where we take nitrous oxide cartridges usually in these sides whipped cream maker so you can look them up under cream siphons or whatever on the Oracle whippers on the on the internet some people use them to get high we don't I don't particularly enjoy the nitrous high and they Under Pressure basically forced liquid into porous items then you rapidly release the pressure the liquid boils out and and you and you flavor your liquid and so the question is what I normally do with liquor but the question is can you do it with vinegar and I don't see why not if you try to get the cheap way through him some guidelines whenever I do a water basin essentially I don't think that the vinegar is going to enhance the song

Melody too much of most of what you're working with it's going to help it so my in general when I do water-based work you going to have to use a probably a little bit more of the product and Republican have to let it sit a little a little bit longer every ingredient that you use has different kind of optimum infusion time and so you know for chocolate I find it somewhere like a minute and a half or so depends on on the on the products some people I know do coffee for you know many minutes up two hours some people I know even overnight on swing like coffee in a cold and so you going to have to play with your ear amounts and how long you leave it leave it in but I would definitely do it longer than any of the stuff called it on the blog for liquor and I would also you know take heed of the comments that people said that are you going to want to wait you know how many several minutes after you vent it for the flavor to fully develop because I think that really is that we don't know why but I really think it's a real

real phenomenon that would work it does it doesn't work as well as a vacuum does at least I don't think I mean I haven't done I mean I tested it once it works but you know I think do you have a vacuum machine or no I do not know right well then it's probably going to be one of the better things you can you can do another way to do those kind of you know the Flash and fusion and we call him quick pickles to be have to be careful because when you're when you're pickling you're actually kind of doing an exchange of fluids and with it with the all of these rapid infusion techniques you're basically you're not exchanging any any fluids right you're just injecting fluids into what used to be air holes so you got a fairly strong flavor base to do it and you're also going to need you know not think of them as being preserved in anyway and they're also things like cucumbers 10 to get floppy because you in

make it right away and it hasn't been time for us most us to kind of start up and for that the actual cucumber sales to Leach out there there liquid because you're going to put something in a tie and insult let's say and it will sugar bowl and the liquid is going to start migrating out of the out of the cells a cucumber is going to start getting sloppy so for like really crunchy crisp results you're not going to want to let the stuff sit around a while and it will work if you're going to do it that way though I would say rather than use it the way that we say I would make it cold so that it doesn't bubble out as much when you're when you're when you're releasing it because the goal is to keep liquid in and not to have it kind of bubble out if that makes sense thanks for calling it thank you so now I'm cooking related note we just spent the last ten minutes brushing muck off of my oven tide we will

anyway it turns out that that you know to be here in New York City we had some snow not a lot really by normal standards but for some reason like you decided not to plow it and Manhattan they totally cleaned out so they can take my bike ride shatter the rear fender on just before Christmas and have enough time to fix cuz I'm lazy and stupid and so then I wrote across of course as soon as I get over the bridge in Brooklyn it's like it's like monkey snomo snowmobiling on my bike and so like my tire back side is sprayed with has nothing to do with how our holiday we were both Christmas folk so how is our Christmas and New Year's excellent yours is Tasha this is good with that I will get right to the question so while back Thanksgiving time we had a question from a listener who asked why he wasn't dead because his mom used to basically take cookie cookies

and salt them and put them out to in the in the kind of the back porch to kind of cure for a couple days we are not in refrigeration and question is why why not why not death why did death in Sioux and yeah I think it has a lot to do with kind of the air drying effect that happened on it and that the salt levels and the herbs and XYZ all these things kind of noticed stop kind of bacteria from growing on the outside with the remote was going to croak the inside sterile yeah you gotta go back and listen to the podcast for the Gory details we had someone right in Brooklyn says that his mom used to do that in Long Island but not with turkeys did it with the Ducks and would do the same thing with duck and so I will I will relate I will relate what he says he said

we brought in Riverhead in Eastern Long Island the 50s and a duck farms were plentiful so is his mom would cook the Ducks instead of turkey and fully prepared two or three Ducks 2 days beforehand and listen to cure outside and I wonder why they never got sick her technique was a she would put whole cloves of garlic inside with your anti anti-microbial I'll rub it but I would never trust it be antimicrobial but it is. A perfect mixture of olive oil and crushed garlic course that's actually like poison waiting to have could be poison are you having for my bottles of champagne problem you're probably not I think or to the entire bird and a blanket of course coarse kosher salt and thereby stopping any botulism from happening and wrapping the duck in wet newspaper and I used to deliver newspapers and so can you take away dry out and his brother went 8-2 newspaper and got really sick and so is question is is with a newspaper the wet newspaper with this guy out with that somehow kind of be a host

bacteria and stop it from growing on the duck I don't think so because you never want any sort of any kind of hose for bacteria if you can help it growing next to something that you're going to eat like there's no there's no beneficial protection from the newspaper I wonder whether or not the sickness was because of some sort of poison in the yank like ladder some sort of crazy nonsense in in the yank I don't know but I definitely wouldn't eat the newspaper in the future but the newspaper even if it's wet if it's placed against a lot of kosher salt you shouldn't get too much bacterial growth on I think the salt is really what's up by the way these dr. Rentz very thoroughly after they were after they were cured before they're cooked I shouldn't think of the newspaper would help but it is interesting that your brother got sick I don't know who knows thank you for reading about venison hello hope you had a good holiday this is from Andy he says he was lucky enough to take down a deer bow hunter

can you take down a deer this year and his elbows deep recession Venison and he's psyched about it he patched together a circulator DIY circulator the circulator he knows what we use to cook things are very accurately precise temperature is usually in a water bath is sometimes in Federal Hill and I he wants to do a boneless venison loin as his first big meal out of it and then are there any differences in the temperature timing for this is supposed to be about 55 degrees Celsius for about an hour or a little longer any thoughts and I think that sounds about right that's just about the right temperature even even a shade lower like 50 for 5 or something like that for a tenderloin usually in beef I should think it would be about the same date the trick with venison in general is I don't know how old the animal you got was but if there's any sort of tendency to a livery taste in the meat at all which I shouldn't be in the line but you know another cuts of venison you're definitely going to not want to cook it for two too long or goes Livery notes can be accentuated sometimes like when we cook Yak for a long time

does livery kind of game you know it's actually kind of I think worked with the with the with a meet-up I don't know that you necessarily want that in the venison the only other question is is it some meats can feel tender but then when you cook them they're tough even if he's low temperatures but I should think that venison loin isn't going to be that tough I would cook a small piece of it at 55 for an hour and see what do you like I wouldn't go much longer because if it does cook like beef which I'm assuming it it probably will then it's going to start getting kind of fiber after that and it won't be as good of a please write in and tell us how it is and I'm curious to hear how your homemade a circulator works out

okay we had a another question this is an anonymous question I said why does an egg be stored in a mason jar with white truffles not total properly the yolk is cooked perfectly but the white thing set up at all the egg was not very old if anything was only around a week old has done a web search any sort of active principle in in you know truffles that would stop an egg white from setting my only fear is that is it was it was it stored at room temperature which would accelerate the breakdown of the of the white to attend white and make it so it doesn't said it's nice and akato preparation but other than that I can't see why a white wooden said where is the yolk what because typically the you know typically the the Whitewood set much earlier Whitewood set start setting in around 60 degrees Celsius at 1:40 and basically custody and I said around 62 degrees Celsius

wouldn't start setting the yolk wouldn't start setting up until you know it would be running at 62 and it would start setting up at 63 get creamy and then get you no get really firm around 6:05 or so there's so many recipes for truffle omelettes that it's got to be some sort of weird something going on like was the Mason jar at room temperature I can't think of anything I can't think of anything but I will definitely ask around if any of our readers everything please please tell us the other interesting point that this Anonymous caller brings up is that that they cook udon noodles salad for brunch and they toss it in Meyer lemon vinaigrette they had some leftover and so they decided to dehydrated and then puppet and the notice of the ones I've been soaking in vinegar single puff more than the normal ones they're just been cooked and end in Blanchard left out and try and so is there any question why would they puff bigger with the acid and I have no idea actually it's interesting I did a preliminary research on that

find anything specifically with acid and puffing but it might be possible that there's some sort of effect mean acid obviously week is gluten but I don't know if it's going to weaken gluten in products have already been cooked or not so if you if you somehow or weakening the gluten structure and the end that you don't hadn't been completely overcooked cuz remember when I puff anyting I overcooked the bejesus out of it so perhaps there's some sort of weakening their perhaps it only works on wheat vs. Wheat-based a noodles vs. friends and puffing out like a tapioca starch or something like that. That would be the kicker if you did a test and you said okay look when you do a buckwheat noodle of course that is the difference between a tooth I'm going to do like tapioca or some other kind of noodle and puppet with an acid and see whether that also works and if it also cost more than a sad situation obviously it's not the gluten but I hope this Anonymous meter will give us some more information cuz I'd like to I'd like to experiment on this more but I love observations like this maybe we'll learn maybe we'll all learn something right

I did this is Condor down in DC in a couple weeks ago asking about yes and we talked about that cuz we ran some tests I couldn't get it to work even with a center few did you get it to work

like I seen a lot of interesting things that no but maybe get some chips on where to go from here is what you do tell me what you did

show me first thing I did was just a few potatoes through puberty before but it was 450 that there's a lot of start settling out right now. More like an orange light potato

kind of I don't know what you're talkin about the same thing happened then what you do additional MOS from additional I think that makes any direction mix of Alpha and beta Emily, I'm not sure I'd have to look it up in a mason jar put it in a circulator bath to a lower lower mashing temperature to try to convert a lot of sugary syrup to simmer down into a car and how much is it

no I left at 6 I wanted to start some settle out to the bottom so I could come to campus stuff off remedy Emily's if you would actually help break down some of the Starks know I thought maybe not but if you could, I mean like what I would like before we go further to the next test I would cook the starch out a little bit and then cool it then add the amylase because then you could burst it in your cousin might have Gavin tax sales in there I am least going to have trouble getting to the game to the starch maybe unless it's been cooked out of it at first that I don't know I have to go look at my email good book is the like for starches in general and pasting and all that is in all this is Eagan Eagan press has a book on starches yeah yeah they're great they're great series of books at all of those are pretty good

mine actually I think still run that deals hard to find but you can get them all

a good long time just to you know kind of

actually cuz I didn't come back for a day and unfortunately what happened what had happened is the water bath had evaporated below the temperature probe boiling the hell out of that sit first little first rule personal Livonia circulator folks out there in Internet land is always always cover your circulator so that you don't especially on a long cook out to not evaporate all your liquid off the classic classic problem yet the good news is that you'll never do that again I'm glad I caught it in time for a burn everything but

it looks like this boiling this like boiling Step at the end as

cuz the sugary syrup you water to separate out in a way that I have not been able to replicate since hitting the starches and sort of at the bottom there and caramel this is very interesting to me that you got to try to replicate I had the same thing happen once the worst thing in the world is when you're cooking and you do something wrong and you thought you had unable to replicate it and you love the result this happen to me I made a durian caramel by accident in a pressure cooker that was incredible like had no sulfur taste like durian but wasn't offensive to like the most miles Western nose is awesome rich not burnt and we went through probably 15 15 during and trying to get that back and we've never been able

I wish you better luck with the you definitely should try so we'll try some of the beta amylase now Family sooner we can replicate but I definitely wish you more luck in replicating it and you should call back again and tell us tell us what happened right now though we have to go until they have to go to a bright we go on your break but call back and tell us what happened to cooking issues

and welcome back to cooking issues calling all your cooking questions to +718-497-212-8718 for 97212 8 Jack in the control room tells me that we might be a little bit long today cuz we had some questions coming over the New Year's Break by break I know I know we have not been writing a lot when I say we have Mimi have not been writing a lot in the blog recently I just wanted to spend some time with my family over the holidays right now we're going to get back on the stick and I'll be I'll be writing some stuff real soon we hope so pleased about how I have been writing anything speaking of sweet potatoes, we have an actually a question about sweet potatoes which is good and it comes from Eliza quanbeck and she writes my boyfriend and I have been having an ongoing discussion about the difference between taro tapioca manioc yam and sweet potato they spend a summer backpacking

southeast Asia taking cooking courses in every country we passed through that sounds nice I'd like to do that and in Malaysian Borneo Nathan Colberg Cha-Cha which is a coconut yam Taro flavored with pandan leaves I love pun pun is a leaf that has a little bit of a kind of vanilla taste for those of you who don't know you can get it in in Southeast Asian groceries at 2 to buy groceries at you know anything like that and it comes usually Frozen and sometimes a frozen one can have a little bit of a fishy taste when she thought out but it's using route to Desert pressed and we used to make a really good sugar cookie out of it instead of vanilla we would we basically blitzed the leaves with butter heated it and decanted the butter off and use that to make cookies and and they were like this amazing green color like pistachio green color and the weather like that pond on the pond on Flavor that you can't you know really replicate without the leaves cuz I think the extra extra crap you know the flavor is any way off topic but delicious

and so you know she basically got into the bunch of arguments about we know what these different things are what the different starches are or where they come from excetera excetera excetera alright first of all this is give me a great opportunity to pump a series of books I think everyone should own as many as they can and it's the Brooklyn botanic garden that is Brooklyn botanic garden series and they have a series of small guides that are all really really cheap you can get them online if you go to the Brooklyn botanic garden if you become a member they send you like 10 for nothing and they're like you can get them for like five to twelve Bucks win amazing but the one I'm going to talk about today and it has Snappy titles which I really enjoy by I like a Snappy title it's called buried Treasures tasty tubers of the world and it's what I like about these guys is it you can read them kind of in one quick session you know I don't know when you're sitting on the hopper or something it's only like a hundred Pages lot of good pictures a lot of good

formation and so I read it this morning not on the hopper please and it but I recommend that serious they also have a really good book called the best apples to buy and grow such a big here is my and have a lot of really more rare interesting tubers coram's rhizomes everything in that book that you can go take take a look at it but here's a quick break down I know I'm going to get some of this wrong so please no hate mail you just correct me if I'm wrong the sweet potato which I can't possibly pronounce the Latin as it's like if ammonia but I can't pronounce what is is from a South America has been called away for many many years like 10000 years you know it went early pre-columbian times probably to Polynesia and then you know after having a great, and Seed exchange whatever went the other way over to Africa is growing all over the world they grow a lot of it in China it's fed to pigs they make starch for noodles it's also it's it's the Own Credit

delicious white varieties of it are still just a sweet potato the a bunny Autos are still there to sweet potatoes in the same style different cultivars there are less sweet that is a sweet potato everything usually in the New York it in a Sr and in a United States Supermarket things labeled yams are actually sweet potatoes luckily the US government requires it somewhere on the box and also say sweet potato even if it says yam okay the actual yam dioscorea alata is from East Asia but it made it to Africa well over a thousand years ago and then from there to the West Indies you know. I guess that the 1500 or so there's many many varieties of it the yam is is distinct right the yam sweet potatoes can be eaten raw do you have to be cooked after you have to cook again can't can't eat a raw I don't really know much about yam starch I think most of the stuff that I see a starch is a sweet potato starch which is entirely different from potato starch entirely different from tapioca many octaves

okay so that's kind of sweet potato vs. yam now tarot right colocasia esculenta right you have to actually I think it's a quorum it comes from India but went to Southeast Asia a long long long long long time ago right. That's what Terra chips are made out of in Hawaii that's what POI is made out of Taro cakes to get in in China like that's all tarot right there's a different thing called giant taro write this from Sri Lanka that went to the Pacific Islands also need to be cooked because of calcium oxalate and if you eat it it'll look like it'll taste like like thousands of those sharp little needles and it's very unpleasant so I don't want to do it want to cook it take to get rid of it sometimes I think that's with a pinch of baking soda helps neutralize I think but I'm not sure I don't I don't do it do a lot of work on it okay then kind of the answer to Taro from the South America is

write the same family as tarot and so basically like at Yaya and Taro you can kind of interchanged those those two things right so that's that now entirely separate ball of wax is the in these are all the same damn thing just some different different names different places manioc cassava Tapioca And Yuca right those are all manihot esculenta please don't come back on me these are like you know relatively recent IE like a thousand BC this from South America but it's spread all over the world like now there's two kinds right there's if there's the the sweet kind and then and not sweet kind of didn't they all contain certain amount of compounds that turn into cyanide so you definitely want to cook them but that all the rides you can you buy in the supermarket now you know you can just cut them and Annie tan you don't need to like grind them soak them overnight to get rid of the Sinai compounds and wash them and then you know it's been processed them

but the most varieties are cultivated now you don't have to do that and so that's where tapioca starch comes from which is what they make a little pearls out of in bubble tea to the best of my knowledge and it's also what you know tapioca starch is very interesting it's a different shape starch from my many other sergeants it's got a characteristic was called kettledrum shape you going to want to look up a good source for different starches is National start Corporation and or the international starch Council I think it has a website and the Eagan press mentioned earlier book on starches and what you can get from the American Association of cereal chemist has a good stuff on tapioca starch for tapioca starch aside from an interesting kettledrum shape is world renowned for being very Bland so it doesn't cause water flavoring to you know two things that it also is used in puff snacks because it has very good at expansion properties because it has a nice amylose amylopectin break down so you know

and also those things you can maniaco cassava tapioca you'll often find a thick coating of wax over it cuz if not they kind of turned to crap pretty quick in the in the supermarket so I was I was that mustache is there a quick rundown making it make any sense at all to 818-497-2128 cooking issues

how much bones


we're going to try this cookie issues welcome back 718-497-2128 at 718-497-2128 match had a question about our songs and we're going to talk about them later cuz you know that song already which I know I won't spoil it so we had a question about carbonation one of my favorite things I guess just because most of the research I've done on carbonation I did, so so long before I had the blog that I just never bothered writing about it but me and maybe someday if I ever get the time will write a primer on it again I will write it so the question is do you have any thoughts about the EC / is I like in both are correct but I think I'm moving towards us. Which one of these do you have any thoughts on the EZ twist and Sparkle carbonation system it seems like a lot of the problems you have a soda siphons and it's cheaper and smaller than the Sodastream but still does you small cartridges long-term I'd like to get a system with a 20lb CO2 tank

and this is from Sam and yes ma'am you should get a 20lb CO2 tank at the very minimum a 5lb CO2 tanks and minimum, I'm also considering as a gift my parents by fizzy water by the case but are not going to be interested in driving around with big CO2 tank say they're not that big Sam you're not that big a tiny tiny apartment right I live in an 800 square-foot apartment with a two rambunctious kids and and I have not one but two 20lb CO2 tanks in there so you have to do it I'm not trying to make you feel bad I'm just saying you can do it I know you can do it Sam anyway couple more questions I can't seem to find the answer to how much water can I carbonate with the eight gram cartridges or something comes with the cartridge proprietary can you purchase more cheaply from someone decides he see or in public and how well does it work okay

I can't tell you that you can buy it from someone else but all of those cartridges are pretty much pretty much the same Ecco guarantee I shouldn't say it's going to get my my butt handed to me by the easy Corporation some friends with those guys but I do know they claim that their cartridges are all very accurately wait out excetera excetera they're very pure you can only get really one bottle of water out of the a gram cartridge and therein lies the rub so for me it's more of four bars who don't want to invest in a carbonation system to maybe do drinks and for me to really carbonated drink it's going to take two cartridges because I have to blast off some of the stuff I am so I hate to say this but I think if you're going to make a lot of Seltzer at home and you want the smaller system that you know it's going to cost a lot very quickly to run through cartridges if you're actually drinking a lot of soda water and he's he's going to come tear my head off but I would definitely in that situation if you don't want to go for a 5 or 20 lb CO2 tank I would go for the Sodastream I'm going to get my butt handed to me

you're telling the truth. To go for the Sodastream I know many people that have it who don't want to have the five 20lb CO2 tanks you get a lot more charges out of the out of the refill cuz you just going to cut your going to run through CO2 cartridges like the end of the world is coming with with the Twisted Sparkle Sparkle is that you can do liquor and other things in it that they tell you with the with the Sodastream that you can't do because of foaming problem I've never I don't own a SodaStream but I am thinking that I can modify one to do drinks like pretty cheaply just by adding a little extended tube to it but I would definitely consider getting the you can get the starting level SodaStream I think for under $100 like $79 I think it'll pay for itself pretty quick in terms of in terms of chargers but I probably just cut off my nose to spite my face we probably will never work for EC again but sand those are my doesn't my feelings

really really show your liquids keep your levels are accurate but I usually put two Chargers in to really get a really strong charging it because I like it really really really busy and so I really feel like you're going to blast through cartridge I can't believe the same song you're going to get when I get in trouble if you are on the air

thank you to questions from which are unrelated on both I'm so awesome both right now I'm in the first question is regarding a distillation I noticed that there is a lot of kind of distillation equipment I'm guess I'm sort of interested in making my own kinds of oils I bought a number of essential oils from Hell in the past and I'm in no yes yes and have have them and they're really delicious and so now I'm interested in charge of making my own and I'm wondering what kind of setup you might recommend to begin to start doing essential oils and

I'm have to do with pectin which is I've tried making my own it free and I haven't had a lot of success and I've used a couple of different Supermarket Texans over-the-counter I've done some reading in one listen to said that soda which is the liquid kind I tried in that was supposed to be okay and the other was Mona is a Ramona dessert something something like that without and give a little one-on-one on on pectins did you treat your making sure that your acid levels are high enough and your sugar levels are high up in the main thing with pectin

and what about the sugar levels for a while

right you going to I don't I don't have off the top my off my head with it in the numbers are but regular pectin in order to set needs very high solids level and you know which means like a lot of lot of sugars and also acids kumquat should be acidic enough to set it in the question is is how high is a solid level which is going to be then determined by the temperature that presumably you're taking the temperature high enough that you're solid level is going to be high enough that could be a source of the problem not taking the temperature high enough or if you took the temperature high enough then adding another liquid it's going to dilute it back down below the solids level where it's going to sit properly

State the different factions you can get a lot of times it going to be a couple days for citrus-based I don't I don't know any of the store brands I've never used any of any of them I tend to use more of like the weird ones for kind of hydrocolloid application cuz that's what people ask me for in those ones you can use in lower solids and with lower sugars but they require things like calcium that's the one that has a used kind of low sugar jam to things like that those are like you know I'm a different kind of like to hear call you recommend adding the costumes for those promises very sensitive to calcium level so didn't know if you put too much at the problem with the little there's no methoxy annotated which is like less want to know more bulletproof but regular pectin should work unless you don't have a solid Khan

high enough which means you're not cooking to a high enough temperature is only thing I can think of Santosh break it and forget all the flavors right there that I said whatever Bubba blah but a certain percent sugar in a certain percent water and so you need to have the solids content ID sugar content high enough for the pectin to jail properly mean that's kind of like that's what pectin needs its 52 classic things to go wrong with with pectin base things are you don't have enough solids levels aren't high enough sugar and those are the two kinds of things that you always want to look to first now what was the first question to answer to a lot of people want to use like the stuff that I have like a rotary evaporator all the kinds of things for distillation for essential oil

you for that is steam distillation right and so in a steam distillation setup I mean index what I would buy I've never done essential oil distillation but I've considered buying a rig for it and the good news is they're cheap and they're fairly effective in what year what you're doing then is your packing a column with your product and you're you're basically boiling steam is going through it rupturing the cells and esteems carrying with the essential oils we condensing on the other side the oils will float to the top or some to the bottom depends somewhere actually heavier than water right and the stuff in the stuff that is left over this water is the hydrosol and so it's actually the main problem is your yields usually are quite low but it's definitely something that they can be done it's legal it's not illegal to do because you're not using alcohol for it using water and so I would go definitely check out steam distillation you should be able to get a whole smallrig to test on eBay the parts for it for under a hundred bucks just want to make sure you know

distillation there's a couple of rakes that were under two hundred bucks I just typed in Steam distillation vacuum steam distillation and if there was a couple things that popped up on on Amazon actually rotary evaporator spy twin wooden in that case that you see if you know it being done under vacuum being being helpful detrimental of me I can't I get whales across when I'm doing rotovap distillation sometimes but very small quantities and their dissolve obviously they're soft and alcohol contain alcohol in a lot of these things are soluble in alcohol to a certain degree and I do get through so kind of effects when I water stuff down and some stuff so you know there is oil in their right but I think that the high temperature of the steam Wichita

the rupture the cells is a is a benefit for the steam distillation and I think that you might not get that kind of action if you put it under a vacuum of the main thing of vacuums going to do for you is lower the temperature at which everything boils now you can get a more gentle result that way but I don't think you're going to get I don't think you're going to get high enough yield of essential oil to really have it be worth what I don't know that you can try that you know the one thing for essential oil extraction that I've tried only once or twice but haven't really had success with is butane extraction which is used by a pot heads for doing working on making honey oil out of out of a swag weed and honey bee extractor that use for that I've tried it once and it wasn't able to get a good result but I would definitely go for a regular standard steam distillation rig which is pretty cheap and I think you're going to get good results I haven't I haven't done enough experimentation to figure out how to do it

low temperature low temperature in a supercritical fluid CO2 extract and stuff anyway and that's beyond most of our reaches mine included you know what I mean okay great sounds within my price range and end worth experimenting with life questions what he thinks we could another break or should I finish up my questions so can who wrote this about the araby there be Aeropress Aeropress coffee he wrote back just basically talking to us about the Opera Sierra press for those you know was invented by the guy that invented the araby and it's basically a piston that you put coffee in and then you apply pressure to the piston and you force the water through the like a punk Brewing Pub

makes basically was supposed to be very high quality of like a mocha style coffee not true espresso and then but kind of rights that there's this interesting things has some Aeropress power user dramatically increase the danger or the drama of using an Aeropress 5 in early 40 bucks we got to order one I meant to make a mental note to order one before I showed up on Amazon so I can say I've ordered it just borrow theirs I don't know I don't know I press power using dramatically increase the danger of using Aeropress by brewing with the machine upside down and using a polyester or metal metal filter instead of the paper filter take full advantage of the bloom Ike the oil you know the coming out coffee that has some yummies in it and you can preserve them by being upside down and flipping the device over on end I suspected least some people understand we can play Blue with chrome or maybe the benefits of Grandma and a very interesting I hadn't thought about this and basically the point is is it let's say let's say you are a French press person right so you take coffee and you push that he

take me to a website which are then I'll just wait a little bit from the from the the the website and this is from write down the person's name you know why because I'm an idiot I guess it's user I'm presently control over Brewing variables healing a grey cup of coffee but there's trouble in Paradise and has a shortcoming band of the Venable French press to understand immediately because they are accustomed to a cut that off as a complex flavor of coffees natural oils are lost in a paper filtration systems like the Aeropress on the other hand many people do not enjoy the fines that French Press delivers in the Brew the inventor of the bottom of the cup as they cost over extraction there and they have a bad mouth feel so we're caught between a rock and a hard place and so what he does is he flips the Aeropress overruns it in reverse and I've always had a lot of problems with French press in general one of which is that you can pack their the the grounds down to Bob Miller's if they don't offer temperature control which is dump the only attempted temperature controlled things similar to a French press was a clover and that cost like $17,000 or something absurd like that till Starbucks bought and I don't even know who the heck has many more

that's an interesting question to now I am mentally this morning spent an hour or so just sitting around thinking about how to make a French press / araby the head all of the good results that without having a stop spraying all over my shirt so so can they're definitely will be more thinking and talking on the Aeropress and its can in in the future but I'm definitely going to be researching that in the in the new year

now sorry folks flipping through the flipping through the thing we have by the way if you call in next 10 seconds I will give you a free pork chop and you will have the last night will we had an interesting question and it's a it's a non cooking related question and I think I'll round out on that I'm making sure that I'm not missing anyone else's sorry folks we have a Howard from Montreal rights in and saved start listen to show over the holidays and he's loving every minute of it thank you and he basically at listen to Berlin show and he was we talk then about a mixture of a sodium chloride and calcium chloride to reduce sodium intake and he says that his aunt uses this and then basically he's wondering whether or not

we were talking about adding I honestly things to basically increase of all those eccentric cetera and and he was saying I was way to work for would rather try to paraphrase because I'm butchering what it what he's trying to say so the fact I'm talking about altering the solubility of a little is brining meat bread Austin Bradley at ionic strength liquid the higher the ionic strength and more polar the aqueous phase would you turn a ganxta Marley and ionic strength will alter the tertiary structure proteins such as gluten in bread the writing process is very different for the Salted rim of the meat eccentric cetera assuming a serious true any soluble compound should be used instead of salt which of these effects however I think the shielding effect assault Lions play in important role in the destruction of tertiary protein structure as such KCl should be a close substitute for NaCl although mgcl2 might be preferred in certain situations but then you run two calculations do the dive dive in Callahan magnesium Tybee Island

Howard I just wanted to read this because I'm not ignoring your question I haven't I haven't thought about it and I don't have enough time to think about it on air right now right it's Tasha but I will think more about it obviously is there certain things that different cat eye in Spring some calcium has specific results with specific in specific systems like hydrocolloid sodium has a certain result the obviously just be shifting me ionic balance of whatever you're going to do with is going to mess with the protein structure but I haven't thought enough about it to two to really know but yes me a present when you're brining something actually kind of like I like slick polyphosphates like 10 to 8 like even alter the water binding protein of water binding of protein more than regular sodium in sodium polyphosphate send it all to the divining quite a bit more so they're not probably all the same but yes they all work somewhat sorry that's like a long rambling like bunch of stuff from from Dave Arnold of the New Year's having

Rainbow on Fritz in the middle radio but here's a question I can answer answer and it comes from Paul and it's not a cookie related question it's what are the two pieces of music on the cooking issues Radio Show podcast they're at and he think it's fish is fish is vodka is the intro is what he said which I love fishes fish it's a great book I used to read that to my kids all the time Fisher's Fish and we're going to have a fun good time at which is the one that is in the middle of the of the show me haven't had much luck Googling song okay I'm going to do it and reverse the one in the middle is doing it to death by James Brown I sometimes called have a funky good time that's not what it is called doing it to death and that song was released in 1973 and it's with the JB's and it's got It's amazing it's got Maceo Parker it's got Fred Thomas and James Brown. Me too many many many years are like late nights in the studio welding at 4 in the morning I would crank songs like that to get me kind of like over the hump when you're passing out in

welding mask as your building like large sculptures alone with you should never do you should always have some with you in the shop when you're working but doing it to death is one of those songs that you know it's just it's just so tight and he beats on a rhythm so long and she's a ticket to go and just like minutes of this phone until I like that kind of song just keeps me going and it's what's famous for even though we never play it on the section of the radio it's famous for a section of songs in F and in the middle of the song James Brown like says BK would take it to D down T funky D and then bumpty bad that they get the game to take it down to D and it's just an amazing it's an amazing transition and it's like all of other than urgent great James Brown songs is that he can take it to a really high level and then change it and somehow that goes into an even higher level of mean like he's a he's a miracle was dead now Miracle Worker with Bridges like that and so I use incredibly influential to me by from musical standpoint

I had to pick a James Brown song and we chose doing it doing it to death and so you can you can find it find it there and maybe sometime next time we'll play the down D funky D can't candy County Park which isn't that fantastic by the way I guess it doesn't mean you're a bad person if you don't like James Brown right but it definitely means there is something wrong with your funk motor the intro song is a little-known song by Amos Milburn called vicious vicious vodka I like fishes fishes like quite a bit and Milburn who died in 1985 became somewhat popular in Los Angeles after World War II and he wrote a lot of songs about liquor and vicious vicious but a lot of songs about drinking

and he was kind of a contemporary of other people like Louis Jordan or Charles Brown could get some amazing working at Louis Jordan you might know from Beans and Cornbread or I should not just picking food songs by Amos Milburn his best-known song is actually not best known by him and it's one scotch one bourbon and one beer which you probably know the John Lee Hooker version of and not the Amos Milburn version so apparently he did not actually have an alcohol problem although all of his songs were like he did another one I think he did milk and water which is basically means I'm not drinking right now because I'm back on milk and water because the doctor says that my liver will fall out if I continue to drink so that is vicious vicious vodka or in my head now forever fish is fish is vodka come back next week and listen to cooking issues

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