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stop playing the music it's all right as usual Hammer Lopez we got a Jack Jackie molecules is sick today like legitimately sick stomach bug not like hungover Ryan and so today we have for the first time in the booth Dave we're going to call him Dave you keep them separately from me being Dave Hayden how's it going going all right if you go the other thing is I think about the ego and the ID is that if so if you say someone has an ego typically means it's bad but in the context of ID the ego is actually a good thing you're absolutely

I love God have both an opinion without being a projectile

a project on someone that grew up with a shrimp shrink so cheap Jordana Rothman friend of the show friend in general is just upset because I'm the only person that has been like

what does what's wrong with you she was shaken cocktails very very happy special guests not Peter Kim better than Peter can we have a tax Arnold Bax know him from his name is the name of a bar but he is in fact my son so if you have any questions to ask my son a bite there no school today I don't know president so you have any questions for nastassia for myself or for dads call them into 718-497-2128 answers I saw hockey games end plays for the Yale club team

the Bulldogs well but not the real Club they don't charge somewhere in Long Island

how does a yield of a town called New Haven right now right next to New Haven is a body of water called The Long Island Sound now Long Island comes by its name honestly it's like 2 hours long 3 hours long to drive it right if a long freaking Island it's like one of the longer Islands attached to the United States of America at Yale University they have a very large very famous ice hockey rink known as reserved anyway so you have to drive from New Haven all the way down to New York City which like an hour and a half hour 45 minutes

I need to drive all the way back up to New Haven on the other side of the sound and you can literally see if your sister plays your such as buddy place you went all the way out to Long Island for your sister's bloody

did they win yeah they did they did all the fighting a lot of pounding slamming guys against the wall so who started the fights ships were in the championship game

I know I didn't know it was ridiculously cold here wasn't that cold it was cold on Saturday night but it wasn't like Mayor de Blasio are the mayor of our fine city of New York is it don't do it up like you know we were going to have to say is pretty good at it merely a wood-burning stove but you can take the top off the wood burning stove and cooking it so we just did Burntwood Burgers inside the wood burning stoves

and I also also we got a new Cuisinart pressure cooker and I have to get back up to the pressure I tested it did some sweet sweet, next I'll make a post out the picture that for those that don't know the Cuisinart pressure cooker is awesome for a bunch of reasons because you don't have to use a burn it like once it's done timing it's like automatically turn off oven to keep warm you can you know you don't have to adjust temperature it's not setup to to go to 15 psi and I want everything oh Booker my other son is just telling me he's going to use the bathroom it literally he walked in looking some lady's face at the restaurant in Scream through the window

bathroom started pointing the way he's like I don't even know what you're going to the bathroom or not she's like totally 80s Ladies totally confused she's also this lady it's alright 55° here in the studio in Brooklyn this lady is wearing her like her knockoff freaking Canada Goose coat size are moving that means she's listening and then you can get for under a hundred bucks okcaller you're on the air

wow what did you fart

Library Aldine the posts on blog about it and I want to make it I haven't made it yet but I was kind of wondering because it seems like you originally tried to make it like an aerial Johnson and ultimately right okay so there's a bunch of different there's a bunch of different ways to get to get that that texture so the reason and I forget I think it's a glucomannan right so then select the Orchid root powder is a glucomannan konjac glucomannan so I think they did that and one other one other thing that they added to it and they were able to get something that is the texture of Select dondurma now

back when I get all those posts I have not yet been to Turkey I have now since been to Turkey so I've had I've had the real thing so I have a better kind of perspective on it they say their contract thing works I don't know where was my konjac or what but I'm sure that their specifications work the potato makes a similar texture however it's pretty finicky you have to use like you know regular standard US potatoes they have to be cooked and cooled the way that it is said and then it doesn't last for a long time are the words to streching is you can't save it for a while in fact I know I brought some of the stuff back from Turkey scratching his back but the recipe that I actually use when I really want that texture is the gellan gum plus guar gum recipe that is also a

block and you don't have to do like make it tea flavored or any of the other stuff like I did on the Block but that that gel and Gwar is pretty sweet and you can like that stuff on fire which is always nice the potatoes potatoes a little more finicky I tried to make it once in South America using like a local potato variety that was more of like it wasn't as fluffy as a as a as like you know like a russet Burbank and it did not work and then yeah and plus even here with the potatoes that I know work I'm pretty sure I use russet to not Yukons the lad to go back and look at the post but then it it's it's in terms of time it to make with liquid nitrogen and E not spinning ice cream it but none of these things are really ice cream machine friendly because they are so if you know what I mean like they're really the ones that we did were better with their better with my brains fried starts better without liquid nitrogen or if you have a real ice cream

draughts off because it's as it starts forming up that it gets really really stiff and chewy so you can probably take it to kind of a saucer of thing and then kind of hard and beat the crap out of it but it's over my suggestions that's what I that's why I ended up staying up but can't and Ariel swear on a stack of Bibles at the konjac is going to give you the right texture I only tried it once or twice to be fair so that's not really fair to the recipe I didn't follow theirs I just made a contract based ice cream so I didn't follow like I'm not going to say anything one way or the other but they're good smart people so if there if they say the recipe work I'm sure did get results and it won't have the issues with starch retrogradation

retrogradation I think they get it right but it's just it's real finicky the gel and Gwar is like boneheads simple it always works and those to make sure you get the flavor free Gwar there's a couple places that have creme flavor free Gwar I think modernist Pantry cells of flavor free Gwar and by the way they texted me miras Pantry they have no vote shape back so all of you guys that want to use pectin methyl esterase to make vegetables firmer without having to do you know I use calcium hydroxide or any of those nasty stuff is back online there a little bit more I think I use the stuff that you just get me the stuff like so there's the stuff that comes in the kind of like that's like a solid that you have to re pulverise and I think that's what I use with no luck I'm sure can't and Ariel use like some form of like purified powdered stuff but I use the stuff that you get at the market

which maybe that's why I didn't have luck I don't know so you know I'm not sure if they're recipe specifies a certain kind then I would I would definitely use that you know what I mean cancel one more question about about you know beating it right before I serve it sew-in in Turkey stew metal sticks I kind of seen it yeah you say you're saying I could either try to do it in the in the in the mixer or what was the other way the mixer is going to start getting like that depends on how you do it right like Benton what you're chilling technology is but I mean the the best ways to beat that like if you get it hard right like yeah and remember the one time I serve it to you wasn't snapping I pulled it out of the freezer and I started hitting with a rolling pin a bunch

telling a guy a guy that got that cool texture right yeah any sort of thing if you take in a bowl and just literally like a hammer the hell out of it with with a solid pain or not because the problem is is that if you use a hunk of metal unless the metal is cold it's going to start melting the stuff out on you right but you can get it pretty much most of the way there where the KitchenAid just got to be careful that you don't if you especially cuz I when I when you make ice cream with a KitchenAid I use the computer that has the silicone little riblets on the side and they can break when they're that much force but you know just don't use that much force

you got it I can spy did you ever liked any of those ice cream style corn like a tea flavor I like the potato and he made potato which is faster more polarizing flavor potato ice cream

I want to talk to class we're literally is hydro college class which by the way I hate teaching I don't hate teaching it's just difficult to teach because unlike low temperature cooking it's like there's so many different levels you have to teach to with it right and different people have different expectations what they want but is going

which is like you know she's basically calling me out is

but we had one where we taught it we're literally all anyone want to do is light things on fire like can you like that on fire so we had to keep a torch next to the thing and we would make any sort a recipe into like okay later on fire see what happened one of my favorite things on Friday it was here he was in this studio Irving dad on the radio.

Dad let's go through through some of the questions from a before by the way I'm parmesan are we going to get him we might be easier but yeah but I don't know how to tell them his number over there okay

I did so last week and asked this question which I still don't know the answer to but we'll talk about it anyway is it what do you think of the gaps diet gaps diet and would you ever would you ever try it now

the gaps diet is a diet that I wouldn't try it not me personally but that's not really think it's applications are not so here's here's my issue with it so if you go to the the gaps website is run by a doctor who I don't know that much about but literally the the splash page of the website is like a road skills road signs in so I can know Brussels one way and all that it's like he's on it and so does yasso the maladies include dyspraxia which is you know I think like a movement disorders Right add right ADHD which is really the same kind of the same thing every time I work on the light whenever you guys are ready

hello. We got Mark Ladner chef of Del posto also gluten free pasta made out of pasta flyer what else what else you got going and we can talk about it you and I and the stassia but I'll redo the question first this is right up your alley this is the kind of problem that you have to think about a lot of questions. But I still have an unanswered question even though I've listened to most of the show sometimes I'll try to make myself some buttered noodles as a quick meal but when I add the parmigiano cheese up on me I cook with

dealership that makes a difference I was kind of hoping to get a Mornay sauce but as a quick pan sauce instead any tips I thought maybe I could use a stabilizer to keep the cheese from clumping and just take advice on what's going on here would be greatly appreciated. My feeling is there's not enough liquid in the sauce he's trying to make two ever stop it from clumping because he's not pre mixing the parmesan with a liquid or adding at the end when it's not getting mixed the one of you why do you talk about the the general easier to recognize is that most people tend to either overcook their dry pasta or undercooked their credit fresh pasta recipe under cook fresh pasta has a tendency to Clump up cuz it wants to continue to take moisture from somewhere

is that its moisture like moisture content is the main issue that this person's got wrong right so go ahead to explain explain the two different that two different Excel under cooking fresh pasta means it's going to absorb more water meaning it not going to have enough water to form a sort of stable sauce or emotion in what state was on the flip side with the with the dry pasta

let me listen to see the movie The Pasta is self to start to break down and picking the stuff up more water because the pasta starch is breaking down even surface area

I mean what do you mean numbers if you want to do with this person wants to do what would you do would you pre blend egg yolks and Parmesan with a little bit of liquid before you toss it in the sauce if you wanted to add it early and get something that kind of creamy

yeah what would I would tend to do like for example what we what we do at Del posto is we tend to like to use incredibly salty water I wouldn't go so far as to say sea water salty food on a salinity reading refractometer be generally recorded

parts per thousand 1.2%

yes I would have a tendency to be too salty if you were then to try to add some of that water heater pasta especially if it was you know combined with you no further reduction or broth or just just tap water and then what would you do to make the premix of the cheese what would you do to toss with it would you go about it would add once you had the pan when she had the pasta to the pan with resuming already has maybe perhaps a tablespoon of the portion size I'm speaking specifically for a three and a half

can you wear the belt you know what tbsp of butter we also like to use an equal part and equal measure extra virgin olive oil which helps keep cut fluid

all right and then and then maybe you know a tablespoon or two of tap water to Pasta while it's in the past now you have the butter the melted butter to olive oil in the water and you're trying to bring that to a simmer with the pasta and then you add the cheese is it sounds like you're choosing the right stuff to your apartment it's fantastic. Anyway I must find capability

you should never be adding the keys over the heat cuz I have a tendency to string out sand and and took to the bottom of the of the pants to the slowest the office fire what are your thoughts on okay let's say they're doing it like full Homestyle they're going to serve the entire pound of pasta in a bowl right would you ever consider throwing the hot the hot butter in the in the bottom of the bowl with the boil tossing that and then pre blending the cheese with the liquid to make sure that the cheese was able to form kind of a stable kind of a situation when the cheese in the liquid in a blender and then poured over and toss or no Mesa

wash it with the oil first then free blend the liquid but you need the bottom line is you need water because if there's only fat you can't have any sort it's going to just come up into itself is solid will Klonopin there's no there's no liquid the right bottom line and pepper and cheese where to get to the pub to make that all the time that's the only way I would ever make that stuff you're saying just make sure you add enough water so that the cheese doesn't Clump up when they're doing it but if you use hyper salty water which is going to make the pasta taste good don't add that because I'm going to be too salty with the pasta I don't know I can't think of it do you think it's ever going to be as good Big Bowl family style probably right. Do you ever use that you ever use the cooking pot as a heater for the bowl when you put the pot

can't do it I would not use a stabilizer I would not use a stabilizer you know what I'm saying I would not try to hear that you don't have enough liquid in if you don't have enough liquid is Budweiser's going to be used to I'm also a big fan of adding out like a decent amount afterwards on the top along with the pepper you do you like that or hate that pepper on that sucker to write pasta without crushed red pepper at home and one of the restaurant I don't ask for it if it wasn't intended with the pasta like I would never a dull post

Mickey freaking pasta

they're right Mark thanks so much for calling in some sort of quick Service as crushed red pepper I know you were going to get the correct Shaker for the crushed red pepper and not this Abomination that staring me the base with rainbow hair revert is a did you know Roberta still has that the frozen food Emporium was the same thing as a A&P

I'm sad real sad my stepfather Gerard his dad used to be like butcher to the mafia and in Boston and so I forget they had to go to like one of the main Don's and Boston to the daughter who is a nurse died of in quotes asthma right and my goons news I call Mance it's such a shame that the guy goes yeah real said that's it

Dead face painting total Dead face

music Deli this one is Journey from Lime Rock by the slow roasters...

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we were talking about before to call her in before Mark came over to talk about the gaps diet gaps diet now it stands for gut and psychology syndrome right and Scott the road sign and Scott it's a natural treatment for dyspraxia what you was talking about is like you no problems with the issues with muscular control ADD and ADHD which are actually different deserve to signs someone call me and if I'm wrong but like I've been called both those things my whole life and so I don't really see that there isn't much of a distinction schizophrenia is on that same sign depression on the other side of that same sign dyslexia and autism so we're talkin here is what we say a Broadband shotgun of stuff that they're trying to fix with his dice

right off the bat I don't want us to tread on anyone's I want to poop on anyone's parade too hard here but right anytime I see someone hitting this brought a spectrum of things with with one thing and I'm just going to say this because it's you know I have the same issue in my family like all over the place so let you know I'm not talking out of school here anytime you have a situation where you have a parent with a child and they're focused on some sort of issue that they want to kind of Remedy and are looking for any kind of Remedy possible you get in these situations that have a lot of it again I don't know anything about it but a lot of Bells start ringing in my head when I start seeing signs like this they say they can fix it now this is the specific carbohydrate diet SCD created by dr. Sydney Valentine related to the egg coloring people

I don't like anything with two ways that you like that the two ways to create to naturally treat chronic inflammatory inflammatory conditions in the digestive tract as a result of damage. Ly now that's this can't happen right you know SCD grain great popularity after a mother Elaine gottschall he did her own child of ulcerative colitis and became an advocate for a CD through the popular book Breaking the Vicious Cycle intestinal Health through diet now listen there's been hundreds of years of people worried about how their intestines work and like having various crackpot like theories about Lighthouse what we eat is eating ass from the inside or the stuff gets trapped in here and take a look even today Dax let me ask you a question to ask at your house so how long does gum stay in your stomach when you swallow it

when you chew gum and you swallow it what what happens to it

until you digested Sheena Dax is not been poisoned tea is it maybe it's because my son is at so I can stop by Jesse you poop it out you don't hear you can't digest a synthetic now and it's cheap play anyway you want to Chico's come from the same tree anyway but my point being that this is all part of this kind of nonsense and then my people there used to be people who would say that like everything is caused by worms and every time you poop something out that you would hit whatever is Nightmare so

anytime someone says that they're going to link your brain health through your intestinal system it's goes back also Sylvester Graham was huge on this so there's a like it is a lot of weirdness involved with like linking up like your intestinal Health with your brain out now there's probably like some truth we were all interconnected system work with him but I used to make you nervous years of research and clinical experience this is a different person now dr. Natasha Campbell McBride okay adjusted her protocol 250 individual health care for patients suffering from a variety of intestinal and neurological conditions as a result of an imbalance bacterial says ecosystem within the GI tract the gaps diet Pocus on removing foods that are difficult to digest and damaging to gut flora and replacing it with nutrient dense foods to give the intestinal lining a chance to heal and seal now I read more of like the outline and everything and

like I said I haven't read any studies based on it I don't know if if she has any studies based on it or if there are any studies based on it but it has the Ring of 19th century reform craziness like all like smacking of like a autointoxication which is nothing people used to say degeneration of your inside the fact that that there's a there's a group of people on the autistic Spectrum who have huge GI problems right like you to take it's actually like a really big issue so maybe there's some link but I doubt it like fixing the GI thing is what is causing the brain condition to happen the whole thing seems kind of not even me that's all until somebody proves that they work and anything that is supposed to cure that many disparate things just makes me a little bit you know

Lil Bit what that's what my friend Phil does he tries all these diets to help with his brain stuff what's wrong with America right there and every and every day is he still feel in 8 film exchange thing works there is a like it helps you to work and if you think it's going to work it probably will help you to work a little bit Ryan the mind is a crazy is a crazy awesome think so if you're convinced it's going to work in Uno summer bad some

because people think they need it but sometimes they don't know they never do people need to lose the weight though but decks are we allowed to say junk food in our house now you can use there a lot of junk food in your cabin nastassia left a lot of junk food we're going to have this out now that this has nothing to do with cooking sorry people but we're all in the same room so some of the nastassia stayed at my house last week 2 weeks ago two weeks ago she said to me that somebody who shall remain nameless but it's Jordana Rothman wanted to light the fireworks that we had at the house at work specifically dax's they won't even mind to give they were dax's fireworks right and what street you look like you're going to hit when you're on the zipline you don't even if she wanted to date those guys don't know how to chop down trees their New York City people whatever my point is did you in fact Like the Wolf Pack

firecrackers where are the wolf pack firecrackers Nastasia me to build a bollocks I screwed up on her Dirtbag buddies saw them light in the fireworks

crazy and they stopped after they'd already met in the mood fast cuz that's what I would have done I swear to you I would have liked to have seen I've never seen this thing

someone who she took it home we have to go to we now have to go to the great state of Pennsylvania to get more firecrackers because they sell them they don't where did you get the last time Pennsylvania have all these crazy rules that don't let you blow things up and by the way I was talking like a radio that it might like here's the thing so it's like so when I was a kid right we would go to Canal Street New York City and stuff like equipment and and Bs martial arts stuff right

so you know my family who would never let me have anything like firecrackers are bottle rockets by the way you spell to buy firecrackers crackers illegally in New York City before Giuliani was the mayor Dax so you kind of missed out on that and used to be able to kind of blow stuff up in the city like I buy on The High Line before was a big Park Tax I would blow up giant balls of popcorn with like you know black black powder explosion in New York with a different place back and he's better now mean I know I need all of the weird like a heroin addict hanging out on The High Line all the time but whatever I'm just saying it's a different place but a Canal Street used to be able to go and you buy your throwing stars your butterfly knives remember the butterfly knife Styles and those are the what balisong knives are the ones you have to flip around you cut yourself and every try to use them you like you never seen this David Wright

yeah I think so. The two handles and nunchucks you bought you walking like that and then you would hide them on your on your person and you showed when your parents went to work you start throwing my feeling is is just say you can use these things just under my supervision does not safer yeah because I had to city has are you going to do anything stupid with those hatches because you know I'm watching right to do whatever and when they cut themselves they'll know not to ever do it again

forever the world and how they raise kids and how our society so helicopter about every little thing I'm all for letting the 11 12 oz deep frying by myself now but that you're alive but only by Straight freaking luck guy from stupid kids get hurt to lose Hearing in his ear because because you weren't watching

being a dumbass Knuckleheads he was jumping off of rocks on other rocks took a header onto a rock and crack his phone he's a smart kid Stanford

whatever all I'm saying is look we need to strike a balance about margaritas and not in excruciating this detail for you folks to listening with mixed success that means nobody wanted to listen to the switch your phone number but whenever I've never called in what what the heck should just call in I can recite it to myself as long as I imitate Dave shouting into the microphone I have reached by the way I can say it like I can't like if you said what's the number of the radio should I be like to open up my phone and then scream it and then type in as I go otherwise I won't be able to do it when I can remember the number was as I tell you to fish

the hell you talkin about I need you to catch you don't have a boat you can go right to the bridge you can fish wife in the bridge and you can get like non-finite numbers of sad because they're going up there die anyway

it tastes so good and I smoked the hell out of them they're going to be delicious that's you all for this big huge I'm holding my hands may be like I think they like a foot and a half for somebody that they were like a footlong the filets see take tax by the way. On a scale of 0 to 100 how picky are you

0 being the most so we had a contest where everyone is trying to eat these like super like the ship brand mango pickle that I have and that did you chicken out if you eat it they're delicious your friend Ethan he was Stone Cold he was Stone Cold Steve pickle leader right there he like ice cream flavor

I recently purchased a liquid intelligence that they are my cocktail book and I am trying to convert you or 7-Eleven style Daiquiri recipe to a margarita last time I tried the following which is for 2 servings is 8 oz of tequila 40% ABV 1.5 oz of glue at 40% ABV 1.5 oz of simple syrup 8 and 1/2 oz of Water by weight Jacks what do you like better Hot Rod or Talladega Nights

hot rod hot rod hot rod goes go watch her ride do you not like you're not a Sandberg fan there's a hell of the oily fish I'm Italian basically cook any which way you could smoke it you can Grill it you can do anything to a shed their delicious you've got to learn how to blow them but listen you got to go watch that show Eastbound & Down with that guy's name is out of my head the guy what's-his-name Kenny Powers are the funniest lines in hot rod

and so you have to see it that again anyway whatever I'll add it to my list

give me the guy

trailer scene totally my hat

that you'll you'll get it after you watching people Ziploc bag put in freezer overnight it's still not frozen so then you added a one and a half ounce of lime juice that brought the ABV down and it froze after 3 hours the texture is good but the flavor was not lining up this reminds me of my professor of philosophy Raymond voice in college who I when I was asking him he's like your ideas are good is bad that's what he says and if I had to wait until I had my my you know my wonderful wife who you know can edit me properly was good but the flavor was not long enough for my Central American Wife brokenhearted for my failure I drank both servings myself so what do you make your wife and it's steady work out start bringing the harsh I like that

what can I do to improve this recipe and apparently your marriage I tested my freezer and there's an average of -14 C it's not quite cold enough to hear you say I know this is probably not cold enough to freeze my cocktail before adding the line can I simply substitute lime juice for water won't my lime juice go all crappy on the overnight what a city level should I be looking for in this type of drink I would love your Insight on these problems I'm totally open box. Worst case scenario I'll just have to drink more double bonds raised myself until I perfect the recipe Aaron Morgan Oklahoma City Oklahoma first of all get your freezer down a little bit you can probably change it a little bit and there is zero advantage to having your freezer on anything but the coldest possible setting hear me zero Advantage anyone that manufacturers out there do not allow people to set their freezer to anything but maximum cold the only time the only time

how to change that temperature is if you have an ice cream shop and you and you want it to be a Dipper temperature and you are not doing that out of your home freezer so anyway to my soul my standard kind of Daiquiri style specs for Frozen stuff is by 60% alcohol 8.6% sugar and 0.8 to 0.82% acid okay I plugged your numbers into my database and you're at 18% alcohol with which is high even with the lime 6.3% sugar which is low but 0.43% lime juice which is way freaking love so I just reject her that things a little bit and here's what I did I did 90 I didn't use your same numbers but instead of the amount of lime you added I had a 95 mL of lime which is roughly 3 and 1/4 ounces and a full 2 oz of simple syrup 60 oz of 60 milliliters is simple syrup instead of one

5 out of simple syrup and my numbers came in at 16.4% alcohol 7.1% sugar and 0.82% acidity which is going to be a lot closer to the numbers that you want okay we're going to make an Excel table where you plug in all the numbers so you can kind of figure out what what you want and then since we're wrapping it up I will unbelievably have to put out the Thai Basil one more freaking week un-freakin'-believable but anyway thanks for coming on cooking issues hope you enjoyed it alright see you next week

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