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Episode 238: First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage, Then Comes...?

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you know like 12 or so to 128 join as usual with nastassia Lopez and I'm here again not to belabor the point too much but that was like the whole point of the flavor exhibit at the Museum we're all just big sacks of molecules

Peter Gunn come today now headed off to Ethiopia where his wife list hopefully he'll bring us back some more delicious Ethiopian coffee and spices and when they bring back this time you should bring back are you allowed to bring gransback uncooked grains test I'll look some good test because now you know I can I can test it up strong now I got the wet grinder I can go crazy and speaking of Grindr right now so we use that at our at the demo at the Mossad and big shout-out to Mark bystrom who's the beverage director of the underground food Collective who made that mustard and here's red tide Back in Anger three days and wet grinder to get the text her right in the wet grinder is my new old favorite piece of equipment

they just got a new one of and a question if we get to it you never know the question will come up later in the day in a podcast about the wet Grinders and whatnot how is your how is your Monday night Bachelor celebrations yeah seems like I've been a banner week 4 you had your Super Bowl image Jack check this out Mark Ladner right made the chili at nastassia is Super Bowl party here are two facts


he has never made chili before really he's never made chili before never and fact to he put cumin in it which as we all know as anyone who you know anyone who loves life knows that you need cumin in in your chili or what is it says Mark put cumin in it and here is here's the fun fact of the day the stassia into it I feel like my boyfriend my boyfriend made it so it's bad it has to be like three times so that I would have gone the other way I serious hell yeah

not seen yet one taxi driver I had long ago people are you getting a little taste what I have to deal with on a daily basis as there's a smell memory that you just met is it a buyback honestly like nastase would have loved nothing better than to have hated the chili cuz it should have been like big famous chef can't even cook chili can't even cook chili right you would have loved that around 2 to weigh in on this guy Jarvis Milwaukee riots in hey Dave and stars and Jackie molecules my new wife to be

I knew I could be if I just got engaged new wife-to-be new wife new wife to Bates you know it's it's I said it like many many times over many many years the worst thing in the world is fiance right here's the thing right

one of them Zeno pop the question bought the ring or whatever the other one said yes right now you're in this moment you're about to make this big huge you know hopefully permanent commitment but you haven't done it yet right you haven't walk down the aisle yet to anyone if they had the second thoughts that's when they have second thoughts that's when they're they're creeping in that's why you know I mean I won't go into the actual personal people that I know this is happened to but that's why you know if you're going to make the move that's when you make the move not that I don't think you should make a move on someone who is engaged never I would never say that that's terrible thing to say what I'm saying is is you're at that moment where you're about to dive in the pool so you either get off the diving board in the pool with the other but it's meant this kind of a decision

the second guessing I'm not saying you're second-guessing Jarvis or your wife to be second-guessing not saying about you. Yeah it's like cuz it look not everyone is meant to be together at but they still say yes

my feeling about this since this is not a marriage show but it could be okay well most people I know who have gotten married and then gotten a divorce everybody said they knew at the time it was the wrong thing to do they knew when they were walking down the aisle that it was a freaking mistake well let me tell you here's the thing right there just is that there's thousands and thousands of dollars all your friends are happy your family's happy everyone's happy you're probably even happy but you have this nagging thing in your head and the people who break up I have no idea I don't have an egg

for 20 years I've no idea how do I know if I said you talk afterwards you get the post game highlights of the marriage and they knew when they were walking down the aisle they knew it's like it's like going to see a movie you didn't really want to see you know and then it it starts you're there and then the back of your mind you like I knew I didn't want to see this movie to get something like that yeah yeah once you did anyway so it has nothing to do with you ask your question wife-to-be will be traveling to Seattle for our honeymoon. Yeah what was actually about to get married good so in a month-and-a-half it's going to be over none of this fiance crap ever you can be going out with someone forever I know you let's look at used to us how many years like forever you can go out you know what I mean

like like married you can do that until you die you know what I mean fiance is like The Bluest permanent freaking thing on Earth you know what I mean it's like it's specifically designed and not be a permanent situation you know what I mean it is inherently unstable saying go through with the wedding that's what I'm saying with no other knowledge in my head anyway Seattle for a honeymoon

it's interesting choice Seattle for the honeymoon what do you think says I think maybe it's based on Chief Ness my friends chose South Carolina or something really cuz the flight was like $64 and I was like my sister just got married St Lucia said it was amazing to my grandma says we never been and we are going to eat and drink as much as we can and wanted to know if you had any can't miss spots that you can recommend we scheduled a tour of modernist cuisine and also chefsteps reached out to us and said we can tour also we will be doing some hiking going to wineries Exedra I thought in the past episode you mention there was a place in the state of Washington were either apples or some food or something with being preserved and they have a museum there remember remember that

Oregon Corvallis they have all of the all of the pairs and I think they also do they do pears and they do berries but that's in Corvallis which is a hike and don't don't tell the Seattle people that you think that the that the organs the same thing you'll be in deep doo-doo with them being preserved and they try to go back to Old podcast but can't find it because they're not in the database check was not in the database that way I prepare enough whatever okay so listen I don't know is anyone any of our people for from Seattle or or thereabouts why don't you answer it on the chat room is push if Tom Douglas that's who you want to look for he's got like a dozen restaurants really cool guy and then some stuff for them before so look up Tom Douglas

in the rain on the chat room should come on over to Jarvis in Milwaukee

I hope I didn't say anything bad about me I didn't say nothing bad about Bent Road in a couple weeks ago we were just getting into it now on milk I've been making the chefsteps Express in espresso Martini a lot recently I hate like turning the S to an extra sometimes the worst worse worse people my family do it I don't know why I don't you'll correct your family do you

yeah you crack your family when they say expresso this is what you do you just make that just make that noise nuke you learn why because it's like when you're talking about the nucleus or like you're actually referring to Scientific nuclear is fine when you have a bomb its nuclear go nuclear do you go nuclear on someone or do you go freaking nuclear on them

you know there's another one coupon from coupon guy coupon I clip my coupons

what are you are you a Cooper acute I like to put coupons coupons coupons coupons not tryna show your wealth coupon all right so here we go I don't know there's nothing wrong with saving money how do you think rich people get rich making the chefsteps espresso Martini I make it with tequila along with the jalapeno stuff from liquid intelligence because whenever someone comes over here smell this results in whole bottle magically disappearing I do like a tequila with the with the with the jalapeno

has you this is just as frustrated as you milk wash the coffee booze I've tried it with a few different milks and it had very different results cheap ultra high temperature milk makes small but distinct Kurds like that phrase regular whatever else someone gets from the supermarket makes bigger still distinct curves A2 milk thistle tea makes one giant monster occurred that looks like it might become sentient I like a sentence with company the yield is pretty flat for the first two types of milk with the A2 donated a bunch of extra liquid hue-hue is left in the Kurds and how much whey ends up in the final product thanks then another to call out the transcripts PS what are the main benefits of transcripts would be a way to make a full list of all the things that you and Dave hate

attracted to repair anything that you hate I haven't really got I feel like I'm here in there and what do you hate what do I General well me and you start with I just said expresso I hate that on here is the level of pasteurization is affecting the protein somewhat in there for the that the clotting strength to the I don't know a 100% like what the actual reactions are we should talk to cheese person I one time did a bunch of research on the effect of pasteurization on cheese making and all of the cheese making blogs

talk about the differences between a different password station levels of milk and that occurred but I can't forgot to look it up again before I came in today and I can't remember the exact right Asheville on it but what's technically happening in milk washing in general is this you are using the casein to mop up the the polyphenols another weird things that are kind of either bittering or astringent in whatever you're doing coffee tea whatever and you precipitate out euchred you make it curd so the case of coffee a lot of times it occurred on its own because coffee is a acidic be it's an alcoholic's destabilize at the protein and see it's got a lot of things that can bind with destabilize the protein the casing myself so coffee often will clot on its own

and usually things that clot faster for me on their own like that make a little small things that you didn't have to sweep into a kind of larger curds but whatever that's just my personal experience so that's what's happening with milk washing now presuming that you get your you know the same amount of yield out you should get almost all of the way out it is true that I've had recently with milk washing wear Ivory heated in the presence of acid I get a lot of way precipitation almost like making a ricotta but that's only if the acidity level gets pretty high and it's still warm when you do it which I assume you're not doing here so that shouldn't be that much of an effect on the way because you're you're not precipitating the way out with the technique and milk washing however if you did I'm sure it would affect I'm sure it would affect it greatly cuz he really affect whey proteins quite a bit

Bruce Road in about China and chocolate what's hold a car could come down and shoot anyway if you stay on because I have to work because I have a question that came in and I'll read it and since you have some aging eggnog experience we can talk about it together for the bitter right you have like a contact down there

it was within walking distance of the Alameda and it was like between there and the the market that's right near Almeda so it wasn't all the way down by Merced and there was like a little cooking District they're cooking equipment district and it's like that's what we know all the shots so if if you see any cooking District like on the map in Mexico City that's within like you know like a mile or a mile and a half of like the Alameda area that's where I went and just walk around the shops and a bunch of different people have them until it's just a matter of haggling on the price I bought it in my head really want a piece of equipment I fudged the conversions in my head to make it seem like it's cheaper for me

know what I mean it's just like a mental yeah so like what else would I get when I was down there I got that but it's a lot to carry obviously like I wish if I had Infinite Strength and money to bring stuff back I bring back a Metate a real one just for the heck of it because I would like to have one but I would never really use a Matata to be honest because if you have the next Ematic and then you can just get a wet grinder to do the rest of this stuff it's not like nixtamatic friendly like between the two of them you can grind pretty much anything wet you know what I mean you're getting good pop off a year off your muffler for tortillas out of the somatic

no like they getting better and better on that right but that's really a function of crying like the commercial liners are like so big and it grinds so fine the course of your Massa like the less you're going to guarantee you're going to get a pus out of it now you know I know that you know some people prefer the some people for that like really light really fine grind like tortilla a tween of masa for tortillas and some people actually don't mind if there if they're masa for their tortillas is a little bit in a little bit of course if she could still see you like like a little bit of spackling in it

my marketing speckled but I get your point but my thing is is that every time I use an extra Matic it's get better so you know that's that's where I'll go there so like the first you know the first like three or four batches you make you they will not tough the straight up and telling you they will not let you know once you get past that you know it's like the more you use it the more the kind of puff rate goes up but if you're not going to get like the out-of-the-box performance with that thing that you would get with like a real stone grinder or like you're the ones that are like a thousand bucks like that I forget what model like Alex stupak got up here for a couple other people have bought up here but there's a midsize Stone wheel Grinders but you know that's like the next level of horsepower motor up and like three

thumbs up in price like you can't make an excuse to buy that and have it unless you unless you're using it pro you know what I mean so I'm I'm driving by hand with a Corona as it's fine as it'll Grimes and I've got probably two or three thousand matches to my Corona right now and then I'm taking back grind and putting it in the Vitamix dry grains container the only thing is grinding the heck out of it in the Vitamix but unfortunately I have to so if you're using the corona

I can't believe that you're still alive I hate using that thing so much like somebody else's leg like John Cena's arm because I hate the can remember when we had long Styles and I insulted his manhood and we made him grind all of that monster that night nightmare Corona Corona nixtamatic brother if you if you're using a Corona you're going to love nixtamatic just give it some grinding time now eggnog

we got I'll say I'll say the question I got and then you can tell me about all right you know what may may kitchen friends and show Boston they wrote in here's what they said I hope you guys are well we made eggnog recently using 4 quarts of cream 1 quart of El Dorado Spiced Rum 1 quart of one-to-one simple and 24 x holy crap that's rich and Rich legs are separated whites were equipped with cream simple and booze and then combined with the Oaks after 2 weeks then. Mello no change after 4 weeks after 8 weeks and it turned into marshmallows not see video I didn't get to see the video but I believe you still tasted fine how what should we try to turn it into something weird and or delicious is actually already weird but not necessarily delicious thanks. I think it's all that fat or what are things going on on

when you're ready to drink it and not aging with that the whites on it seating to whites are setting you think it's like a load like aloe water thing in there that the whites are somehow setting over time like like alcohol denaturation I think they're so what I'm going to call him with my updated I made a batch of ruhlman eggnog and also George Washington's eggnog at the very beginning of 2015 and I drank it over this holiday season and a year ago and I think the percent Washington was about 12 and a half 11 1/2 12 12 and a half and Washington was real interesting it got sour but not unpleasant at all if it had like these notes of blue cheese on them but then like almost like a Tangy goat cheese on the palate

you're not really selling me on the blue cheese eggnog stop out of its former bar captain and now they got a Porsche and stuff we tasted what three-year-old what we think do we taste it or do we decide it smells like poison I don't know another batch of real name

this year I'm done working my patch is so I'm going to try to get the five your vertical advice to Mei mei's a hold of white back I don't know what species do things without the wife is is is just fine after a year at night what are they going to do with this one that's already funky makes it into some sort of baked good what we can do

play kennel is already very good so you going to keep track of your testing you going to give us a call back and let us know how your vertical goes with every year will be as long as we keep doing the shower every year to come back and tell us how you doing with the with the NOG scholar call are you on the air stunk to high heaven the bong stinks stinks that's like your that's your next album The instincts are scrubbing for 24 hours before hand and it didn't really can really help my chafing you know it's still there still a saint

every time I fire up the stove I think next year I'll do it off site that's the follow-up album Saint Aroma of bung if we're careful I wish she know we were here for Johnny which I was shining wish this was last week when Johnny was here because I'm sure he's dealt with that kind of an issue before there's got to be some sort of like pre poach in milk that will help out the thing is he just don't want to have it shrink up too much everything before you stuff it that's the real issue right yeah right that's the whole point yeah how could you just a bunch of changes at work first blank hours of the of the boiling of it it was like really gross smell

halitosis and I did a little bit more broth to the mixture than I normally do with you know what the lamb meat at cetera but I cannot grasp a great you know we just we just we must be like 5 lb each at least and they got like crazy to the good side of success in people post pictures to our things I want to put the picture on is it can I tag you on Instagram with it yeah it looks like

do you like freaked me out in June that dude who like would always like like at people's hearts plug and then we'll need to drink their blood isn't so gross member that dude that do the dude was on that chair that would float around and how does people you would unplugged their hearts is now what would happen on Dune in a billion years since I've seen do and I saw it when I was too young and I was I was through his alternate Lee boring and horrifying I was a kid when I saw it so I don't know I never read it yeah I will tackle call Ari on the air

hey this is a scooter in Montana have depression can anything that's been pretty thicken with flour and you can't do noodles so I'm wondering why that's the case and if so how do how do they get the Galaxy overcooked noodles in in your nose can of Campbell's chicken noodle is your taking the starch well cuz you never liked you cook starch it absorbs stuff there's a maximum thickness right and then after you reach that maximum thickness then you get viscosity breakdown as you totally disintegrate the kind of starch right and so that's why you if you look at it starts thing

that's what'll happen so presumably they're saying that it'll reduce the thickly nothing terrible is going to happen if he tried it

no I have not tried it yet I mean I would obviously you know I'm sure they like they must just get the water balance exactly right throw the pasta in and then have it like all absorb and come out you know his cousin come out like right where they want it you know what I'm saying like a Safeway that like beans are so highly tweaked out that you know that they know exactly how long they want their pre-soaked they know they know exactly everything you know what I mean and so that they put them in there and they know that they know the pH of their water they know the salt content they know everything you know what I mean and so they load them into those cans and they come out perfect almost every single time so there's got to be some trick with with the with the positive but the pauses are pretty they're pretty soft mean like I haven't had a spaghetti on a long time but they're pretty

soft soft oh yeah oh yeah by the rice grains real thick Square they're like six squares never meant for Soups but they're like they're like pasta little brick let's those things that hold up I think things are going to obviously stand up because it's going to take longer for the inside to turn to complete much the outside of turn the complete much for thickening like thick and mixes with flour I'm sure it's just a matter of they won't be as thick when it comes out to get poisoned you know what I mean

yeah it does increase the botulism that's interesting but that's okay I don't know is there any data people who say that I have it did they say this in 1965 a family of four cooked soup with starch in it and they died that's what you need to say because there's nothing in Canning that says please measure the viscosity of your ingredients right I could take I could take an entire brick of pork slam it into a can and like and like follow the freaking canning procedures and I'm okay you know what I'm saying so like off the top of my head I just don't believe I don't believe it but I mean I see what they're saying

that you're in inhibiting the convective forces that's going on but like in the absence of some data where someone followed good canning procedure right we have to increase the time it's been a long time since I looked at canning procedures but like maybe for something that's not a lot of liquid you have different thing but I to say I doubt it, safety standpoint should I was thinking and stretch here but I will say that Chris from Kane is is really awesome dude at the winery lot of lot of interesting stuff I do have another caller if we want to take that

so you had the wine it's good I had to have his Cuvee who's never had the one you

Eric is in here and she visited the winery drinking wine drinking wine are you like my stepfather he doesn't care about anyone talk about fishing you just want to fish doesn't care it doesn't talk about wine cigars me I mean wineries can be pretty but like what are your favorite ones I don't really like being in Napa cuz it's hot as hell outside size of God be like none of you all right

champagne love that a lot depends on what I'm eating what's the temperature outside and what and what am I eating and it how much money does a person is buying dinner for me half person if the person buying dinner has an En finite amount of money I I start out the meal with a glass of vintage champagne cuz duh I like to have if you can call ahead and the person has infinite money they open a bottle of amarone like a really nice old amarone let it air out for you not be pleasant I'm a fan of and I'm a very simple I like like I don't I'm not saying you know I'm not like out there on a limb I I like stuff that Everyone likes I like the Rolo's I like amarone

you know I hate people like I don't want to have a big American wine all the time but I enjoy that like you know 90s style big big but like you a Zinfandel like I love that stuff I like everything is good I like it

Jared Rhoden about orange water orange flower water I've never thought about that I've been running through it at about a cup per day of cup of orange flower water it's a lot of freaking orange flowers a lot it's become rather costly have it I'm wondering if there's a more cost-effective way to simulate the pleasant Aroma in my beverages may be through the use of essential oils would that work as far as I know no oil and water don't play well together a tattoo that won't drastically change the viscosity of the water

dietary reasons I'd rather not use alcohol or sugar like substance is fats and acids are okay Jared in Vancouver is what you want to use you typically I don't know why but in soda formulations when people are using Gum arabic the first you put the gum arabic into water and they literally they always like literally saved at a drop of alcohol for like a couple of drops and I don't know why I don't really know why to be honest and the reason is gum arabic is because this is it dilutes well the suspension dilute well so then that's how you typically emulsify foils like oil like if you were doing a cola like cinnamon oil or or ain't no Citrus oils and you can look up on Art of the drink darcio neon art of the drink it's hard to search for that you can find it has something on putting essential oils for sodas with gum arabic and if you look up that article that blog article and the Art of the drink you can see the bass

procedure for suspending oils into a motion but I don't know that orange flower

essential oil cuz I haven't seen I seen orange essential oil flour to I don't know but that's the way to do it so you should I eat Ellis if it works

man we got a lot to get to okay thanks again for the show as well as developing cooking products in China why you what it's like without cooking products in China stabs what two light hard hard I mean look before I'll let you know when the next product is ready to come out exactly how hard it is but it is challenging and ways that I didn't expect it to be challenging it's simpler in ways that I thought was going to be more challenging but it's very challenging away is that I didn't expect in terms of yeah it's just really hard I don't know if I probably shouldn't go too much into death on that ristar the shaking her head she's giving me the shut up shake of her head on food I mean I was

I was mainly in Shenzhen chance interesting because people from all over you know China come to send it to send to work but the local food you know that kind of Canton area so it's very not spicy English spicy I had a lot of steamed seafood and yes they really freaking like crunchy just killed fish there which is totally antithetical to like the way we normally eat fish I had like a whole bunch of steamed you know different species of carp that were all extremely crunchy but the love the fresh they love the the fresh-kill that mean it's not necessarily my cup of tea but you know they have it

I talked about the mantis shrimp here I did right yeah so I can come back I've recently from you I've recently started doing dark chocolate in a wet grinder say I told you what brand is going to come back with nibs and sugar I'd love to hear about your tips tricks and wrist on chocolate making well don't make ketchup flavored chocolate which is what I started with because nobody eyes only guy that like to catch up later chocolate right you hated it was better than chocolate

next to the whole point that the reason I started in the bike riding thing was because I wanted to create the texture of chocolate which is mainly a phenomenon of cocoa butter completely surrounding very very fine solid particles in the absence of liquid right that's what it is and so like I was trying to get different powders very very fine powder and I was pre blitzing those things and putting in the cocoa butter adjusting the sugar addicts and lecithin and hoping that it could turn into something that had that texture but it's very hard because nothing can have kind of water in it near nightmare that way when we were making actual chocolate

you know I frankly learned from reading the chocolate Alchemy website which is I think the first website on making your own chocolate Lisa's first one that I had ever seen so yeah they have it and we would put the nips through a champion grinder first to get them free ground which work very well and then we would just let me know we would use do we use confectioners sugar what kind of sugar do we use do not care I don't remember I'll probably and then just let it run we had to let it run a long time the question is like opening and shutting the lady of keep it open so liquid Duncan dance cuz it warms up but then you lose a Roma so it's all back and forth we would Brian four days to get the texture right because you know the bigger Grinders can do it quickly and then you Contour however long you want but we do know we couldn't do that so it's like a very long may launch think it was day several days you have to keep tasting it

turn Road in a problem we'll get to it next week just increase the lime you need to double your lime and multiply your simple syrup by another or add another half ounce of sympathy of the double your line and your alcohol number should come down and you can add the lime earlier and get it going and you should be better if I can go into it in more detail next time Liza Road in about the gaps diet and we still haven't gone to the freaking Thai Basil question for them to type is over we will next time I promise I'm cooking thanks for listening to this program on Heritage Radio Network. Org you can find all of our archive programs on our website for as podcasts in iTunes store by searching Heritage Radio Network you can like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter at Heritage underscore radio you can email us questions at any time at the info at Heritage Radio

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