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Episode 236: Buskers & Turtles and Hams, Oh My!

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from an empty this morning and I saw these guys been cleaning everything up nothing but Papa John's and Domino's boxes that's right she said she didn't think they're just making pbr's coming here I don't do their holiday parties like that it's just the danger zone in my head and it smells like nasty bar though everywhere out there

Kaiser I hated College face on a person who didn't enjoy college no offense to Leland Stanford Junior University the hammer Lopez and Jack Jackie molecules over there fresh back from New Orleans House New Orleans I was so did you have anything to eat or does it well doesn't just tastes like fry everywhere is a did the turtle soup at a place called Upperline Nina said they do it like like it would have been done a hundred years ago or do you feel that way

there will be a turtle soup expert I think most people now just like you know

meet with a killer they kill turtles in the back or they buy the can turtle meat or what is the place and Minnesota and the guy is calling the bull cookbook he has a bunch of them and he's just as crazy crazy like like a lot of weird sex a lot of weird stuff a lot of like historical fallacies but one of my favorite Parts is where he tells you how to chop the head off of a turtle Jack there two different ways would you like to know the two different ways to chop the head off of a turtle yes please well the first way cuz remember stick out and they bite on the stick and as soon as they bite on the stick for bang right chop the head off that makes sense right so what do you think the second Way Is Us

I'm about to stick his finger in the tail hole up near the butt area and then head pops out cuz it's about to head off wow tough way to go no it's not right it's not right thing is is like the stick thing right it's kind of like why fishing is so if so well old school fishing on a line is so interesting because you only get to kill the thing if it tries to kill something else I mean like only through the fishes own aggression does it become caught and eaten which is why it seems kind of and staying with the turtle going out to the stick Turtles like a crap on Ustick and then you have a Cleaver you're like no crap on you mr. turtle

poking your finger up his but I guess it'll end up dead either way but so sad news that happened was it last week the one week ago one week. A week ago we were no one hurt as far as I know she's good but Sam Sam Edwards Edwards and Son we were trying to get them on the phone actually to answer someone hand carrying a question and didn't know at the time that they were like at that moment having a large fire you if you have you heard anything about that Jack yeah it's very sad and bring for a quite some time really like I did they lose all their stocks, yeah it's terrible out to Sam Edwards as well as Edwards fantastic you know ham curing

you know family they've been doing it for generations and generations in Surry Virginia they actually were one of the first people in the US and started buying a lot of kind of what I had to call better pork like special even like the Heritage pork and perks and stuff that Heritage Meats sales and when you lose your stock like that it puts you out like a year you know what I mean like they have stuff it's over a year old so it's not like you know you can just crank up and produce all the stuff that you had you know what I mean not only that but was it like I'm not sure which parts got burnt but

aging rooms take years he had these big aging rooms take years to kind of get exactly where you want them I remember once Saint Edwards told me that you know you could take him blindfolded into anyone at the time I think he has three different big during rooms and he said that they all had their own kind of feeling to him in terms of the micro flora and fauna that live there that gives am's the hams their particular characteristics and he said that blindfolded he can tell you which one he was in every time just because they had all developed their own character and so you have I'm not mistaken those those rooms are no longer now it's like if you talk to you remember how you know the salary of the AC guys here in New York but now and also New Jersey like I talk to them years ago to and let you know I want one of the

you know things that you build up over a long. Of time is a stable curing and an aging room because he needs to be kind of built up over time and so it's just really sad to even after like a year is not going to be letting you know the same I'm sure they'll get back on their feet and you know they've been doing it like I say for a long long long time and you know they're really good at it but are our best wishes go out to them and or or is there any sort of continue to kind of talk about it at the time but you know we were close accounts I mean like they were buying their Hogs from Heritage so definitely affected all of us and we'll definitely be reporting on it more I'm sure we'll follow up with Sam Soon

anyway so I guess I'll take a crack at that at the ham question do you want to take a call or first

play it's a Harry from Scarface hey how you doing

is better

stop trying to make a non-alcoholic between Juniper and coriander and pine happy with component on recreating kind of like a Bok sweet vermouth or Campari if we can search it but we we actually gave a recipe for a Campari soda out it was a couple of years ago but yeah we did like a

Campari variant so you can do like a water-based I just got to go to you know whatever I don't know in Chicago where you get this stuff but like you know here we have a couple of stores that sell all of the various kind of barks and roots and stuff so you know kalustyan's here's one and dual specialty shop is mother and a couple others but didn't you have some for a local joint you can go I forget everything that is is in the Campari has been a while I think it's like a gentian right coming up that you talk about Campari there to The Listener go back and let the vermouth I've never tried to I've never tried to tackle of vermouth right so if you're going to do it for moose there's a couple of things especially if you can do a vermouth for Negroni there's going to be a couple of things that you're going to need to hit one remember vermouth is wine-based

okay so in order to get it right you're going to need some acid in it preferably similar acid balanced that you'd get in a wine so you know some some katarak depending perhaps some lactic and perhaps some Malik depending on that on the racial you going to get out there you could conceivably use grapefruit because you going to have to add sugar anyway cuz the vermouth is also sweet in addition to that you're going to have to figure out whatever herb base are you going to want to a kind of mimic the vermouth so he's going to need those three compound and she going to erbie component you're going to need the antacid component and you're going to need some sugar because it's not you know a brownie it's not know typically a dry dry vermouth also typically a you know a darker darker vermouth and so you might want to get some kind of brown or madurai

characteristics in there as well

so you might want to consider when you're doing it cuz you're doing an actual Negroni

like it's a stirred cocktail right in a non-alcoholic form unless you add some super bodying agents to it I just don't think you're going to get the kind of viscosity out of it that's going to make it drink even forget the fact that there's no alcohol in it but that it's going to make it and drink like it's a Negroni it's going to have more of the body as I got to have more of like a like a juicy kind of body to attend in a Negroni with what I would suggest is is going a little bit lighter on all the flavors and doing it in the style of the carbonated Negroni because the flavors of a Negroni carbonate very well and once you carbonate something like that especially something with the bitters in a people first of all are used to like you know this this and bitter soda is very similar to Campari Campari and soda in addition to the gym components and remove compliments baked carbonate quite well and I think you might have better

lock with making something that hasn't the feel of a carbonated a grounding than the feel of his third nagrani but that's just my my feeling what do you think about any feelings on it

I have a good luck with it let us know what happens I should have said tweet at that at cooking us and let us know what happened to go on the on the board that they have here at Heritage Radio commercials like can you hear me now can you hear me now I mean like we can't give me ticket like you know the simplest things can't get right I'll give you an example today I'm trying to let you know get here and there in the streets of New York we did an admirable job kind of cleaned up from the snowmageddon that we had here was like what 26in or some nonsense like this by the three of us were paying this idiot right and I don't know what this has any meaning to you but he's plowing the street right and he's got the plow adjusted Wong first of all he's plowing in a rear wheel drive

pickup truck that doesn't have limited slip differential okay without weighing his bed down at all so he's got this like Hyperlite bed these trying to drive a snowplow with and and its back wheels he doesn't have a limited slip differential on it then you're just as freaking plow so that it's too high up and he lets too much snow and Ernie that so these running over like you know like three quarters of an inch of slush doubt snow and his rear tires are just spinning and burning rubber and he's going down the highway down the street with his tires one like it in the truck is only going like a half a mile an hour or two miles an hour because it's equivalent of just like you know crawling along because he's burning his back wheels up because he's a freaking moron I was late to come to the show or like I do knock on his window take a jerk look how cars work you know what I mean like is that supposed to do first of all if you own app

pickup truck is this is just being like stereo to stay stereotyping people but if you own a pickup truck you're supposed to know roughly how Vehicles work no

I don't know I just don't know and then and then just a show like how crazy New York and get sometimes a guy was was it you know that you know the turn buskers does Busker home and I'm sure I'm sure Jack at the musician you hate yourself and Buster's Dallas hate biscuits anyways so so the first of all first of all first of all extremely one of these dudes with the Extremely Loud Like tremulous you know trying to do the crooning loud voice mail and you ready for it Rick Astley Never Never Going To Give You Up I swear I swear to God I got rick rolled in the freaking Subway and the dude he was he was only off key every once in awhile so actually I was like you know what if you're going to be a jerk whatever but like it's the guy was louder than a set of freaking bagpipes

I could hear him two platforms away on a different freaking level and like it like it was standing on the platform looking at each other being like freaking Rick Ashley what you want to meet it's like like I didn't have to just step through like a bunch of Meyer and slush to get here now I got to get Rick Rolled

anyways no offense to Rick Astley you know the guy I didn't want to look over to see if he was wearing that long Tweed coat that Ashley is Matt Wieters he wear camo hat and he's running like a long coat in that video is Rick Roll yourself and you can find out you're so I feel like I should be the only guy that has to freak in a quick quick quick shout-out to Pedro who is introduced to sous-vide in the new show and he did veal cheeks 8 hours 82 degrees and it was so good you got a small tear in his eye I like that like a small tear in the eye you know the things when you get them mostly for me of things that bring up like childhood memories they can bring like a tear to my eye leak in a restaurant or someplace where stars is the exact opposite anything that reminds me of a child that you said I hate this

about lemongrass you just smelled it in the garden and then you had at Universal hatred for it did you get bit by something in the garden what do you want it like I don't know I just don't like it anyways so I can remember a baby lamb I had like that at a very fine restaurant I was like or when I went to Danielle and they did that They Carried tableside service they didn't so old school in oven

Grindr right we made the I used to make a chocolate and the and the and the other nut Butters and stuff like this anyway the one that I had broke so and I never ever used it to make real real you know food with it that is it intended to do namely things like Doses and Italy's another and so you know for those of you that don't know like the doses like the day so you take Toradol just like this like split you know you know black gram that was but a TOD holds it's white and you soak it and you grind it not becomes like a mucilaginous paste and you mix that in with idli rice which is parboiled so they start is already somewhat is right so it's almost like using a precooked starch and grind that you mix those two together I did about three parts rice to one part of the of the doll and you let it ferment for a long time and it actually makes you can make these you can make these crepes

YouTube you can make you scrape switch like those is near crispy or you can make these things that look like little frisbee pies and what do they look like they're puffy and puffy but they're like discs know, like it like an uncrustable remember those wretched things made by Smuckers oh my goodness delicious does Ridley's right so I've been practicing at this but I've started I just decided I freaking love this wet grinder because it just such a pleasure you did so quiet compared to like the vital prep the grinding stuff anyway so dachshund Booker did not like playing at least they didn't like them right so I took we did a Payday bar again over the weekend as I suggested someone else they do so I took some of the vegetables because for some reason to act wants that she loves potatoes and so I put the vegetable e inside the Italy and steamed it so that the inside of the evening was filled with chili

the right there you have chili Italy's chili at least we were they said we should rent at San Gennaro's we should rent one of the booze and make Little Italy chili Italy's Little Italy chili Italy's a street pop-up have you have actually surf things at Street things but not for a long. Of time but I had to look at it Little Italy chili Italy

Little Italy chili Italy you're a you're a better man than stars as a woman

okay he just wakes you sitting there like around on her on her phone not even trying to say it for the car what car on Thursday I don't care do we get it but we have the entire rest of the day to discuss your Thursday travel plans with me the entire rest of the day in fact look we're not even going to have lunch here because there is no lunch here today dressing at any point in time I'm going to be hanging out at the bar meeting people I don't know if you're interested in that after this we're going to go to a fantastic bar meeting where we have plenty of time to hear that you can't find a car on Thursday cuz they're not like hanging out with you on Thursday that shape our food culture

bring me the tastiest fresh produce Dairy and Pantry items they're teaching kitchen making something new is always happening at the Brooklyn Kitchen in Williamsburg Brooklyn or visit the Brooklyn kitchen. Com still in the folder through email you mind if I jump in with it I can't say it can only thank you for sharing some of my questions related to making pizza at home I want to create a Naples style pizza thin and light of use many recipes from Reinhart has to work for me so far.

for the pizza what are important things to consider when preview shows you mention adding anchovies but what are other good ingredients would appreciate any tips techniques using a technique from Heston Blumenthal show in search of perfection where you crank the oven as high as it goes heat a cast-iron pan on a stove moved to the oven to use as a base to create a good and fast crust all right yes so you know okay cup a couple of points here I think you know what Jeffrey steingarten always used to say is that the only important thing in a pizza really is the dough like and everything else is just window dressing for the dough and if you don't focus on the then your host right and most of the people I know that make really good though and this is the way I do it too

the trick to it is extremely long fermentation times right so you know a very small amount of yeast fairly High you are not super high of a fairly High hydration and just very very long rise times so you can do that a number of ways right so you can start with you can start without like a more normal like the easiest way to do it and then Matthew from motorino heat like he actually called me out because what would I have done for many years was you make a dough that was relatively high in hydration I forget what I owe it was not super high like I was doing like I think somewhere in the mid-sixties up to us I think mid-60s 270 somewhere in there and then

you know I would under yeast it I would let it start rising and then I would throw it in the fridge too retarded for like 24 hours or like in a 18 hours I pull it out like four hours before I want to make pizza I would make all the toes individually so like the night before I would I would break all the toes individually in 2 quart containers I would spray Pam into the core containers throw in a Kappa man intro Mall in the fridge stacked so that I could pull them all out and then go for go bang bang bang bang bang just go right that's how I would do it but then you know Matthew was like yeah that's great I guess if you're going to be a jackass he's like why don't you like why I've liked just use less yeast and then you won't have to do the fridge retarding staff you can just let it go so I know I've tried scaling further and further back on the East and just letting the rise time be longer and longer

I also I wouldn't hold back on the salt salt is going to deep will decrease the East activity but it will 11 overtime and I think most of the people who are doing I don't know how they do it here actually but I think most of the people that you know I've spoken to a few know who really like that the job they're doing it's just a matter of either using a retarding step in the fridge or die just having a really long gradual rise time and I think most people use a fairly like on the weather side of a doe I know that Stein garden when he was doing his stuff in the oven in his home oven testing was using a very high hydration dough at 1 that he could barely handle I don't do that but it may be that you know something you need to do if you're dealing with a more normal oven I don't have a normal oven like I've jacked my oven so that I can get up to 850 degrees so you know I can treat it like it's a real you know the pizza oven

the pan might work he said Jackie said he had the pan upside down right have to do what's your choice you can get one of Chris Young's approved baking steals a matter of chest after they have that I tend to still use Stone because my oven can heat up a lot of stone really freaking hot play like yeah use that I asked for the sausages I think usually minimal is better I like a thick sauce is rather than thin sauce with a lot of people hate what kind of sauce do you like says like a sick play not sickly or twice a thick I mean the sauce itself as more of a pasty consistency but it only applied to stop refer to dinner so I'll defend you really need to go because you're adding a lot and the pizza won't last as long as you have to apply less the trick to that kind of a thing is just application of less crap at the last garbage you put on pizza usually the better

turn to the texture of the experience and the other answer by the way to things that are that that that belong on most pizzas fried egg fried egg on any pizza I like thinly shaved very thinly shaved potato tots like Stanley shade the potato toss it in oil salt and pepper and then just like throw it on I like that you're a really good but that what star is not like the most is Greens on her pizza everyday were like everything every Tuesday were like can we get some greens on her freaking pizza and then like we don't have me like how about this kale salad that you have can we just invite and they're like no they don't want to do it for us they specifically hate us so here's what we're going to do next week

going to bring our own greed byog we're going to bring the greens will toss them with a little like event a vinaigrette or something or something simple and it would have put them on top I like I like uncooked green on the top of my pizza right I like that I like to smash it in fold it in half and have the pizza be like a freaking like salad pizza you know I like it always I like strong flavor greens I like arugula that way about selfish I got two boots boots boots family

is between Alpha strong tide in New Orleans yeah and by the way in the chat room Stars

we do care check out Costco Travel for cheap rentals

change the format in be more interesting and include more people so that I want you to find that I want to get set like so Jack I don't want to change the format what I want is to get maybe some like other style of guests and occasionally I don't know like I got to get someone to agree first I don't know like who do you think would be interesting if we get gas there right there usually a very specific kind of gas right so right like you know that Chris Young and friendly and friendly aliens she did which is awesome yes yes you did a good friend of ours

used to be the used to be the she wrote the most recent thing that she did that you should go by Alex two packs tacobook right and

anyway so she's been texting me pictures of nastassia Lopez with like laser beams coming out of her eyes like exploding Mark Landers head or like something awesome anastacio Lopez carrying already by the way a very scary butcher's knife but also with like blood dripping fangs mother request for guests here in the chat room. Christina Tosi Davis wife so about bringing the block back semi live semi live my life like Heritage we haven't talked about it fully but that the Heritage Radio would keep it from being like a overrun by Cialis Merchants right which is it for a long time

Dallas Merchants I think and then and then we might occasionally start putting new live content on it just because I'm sick of not having that outlet but they won't be 4000 word like you know post on Nick's Malaysian anymore unless I find myself like that unless I unless I feel compelled to do it but

and then we go live may go to the Stars program on that the Stars you know the year of starch I've already started the Stars like you want starch

boring boring everything you would like is starch hey can we play that it's a stark it's a star she likes to make it make it make it my favorite going to watch that movie that I love that movie big night now so awesome you're on the air. Sorry to pester I was just planning on hanging them this weekend so want to make sure I wasn't having any Mission critical errors question about hanging hands for Equalization to Equalization folks is after you do your initial salting phase the salt is not equally permeated the ham so you hang it for a little while I'll let the salt as they say equalize before you have the real you have the real what's it called aging process go on and temperature control 35-degree chest freezer

anaplan to remove them for Equalization and hang them in unfinished basement that is constantly roughly 50 to 55 degrees are there any pest countermeasures you recommend now I plan to put hands and stocking hats and hang them from the rafters of the ceilings are low they'll probably end up only 3 defeat off three feet off the ground at most three or four feet I'm not sure how impervious the basement is to rodents guessing it's not although the house hasn't had any food products in it for several years imagined bugs are less of a concern to warmer weather but I don't really but don't I don't really know it was spring I was going to move into warmer zone for aging and coat in a fat rice flour mixture of her her Paula bertolli's recommendation in the Fantastic looking by hand which is a great book by the way people don't read that anymore do you know that Patrick I don't think people read that book anymore good luck with Cody and Equalization States isn't a good idea because you want the moisture elastic continue now they will not be smoked so on the issue of rodents so

I forget which one of the burgers and it was Maurice burger from Burger Smokehouse once told me that you know when he was a kid what they would do is they would hang the hams from a very thin wires right because rodents can't chew through wire and they can't climb on the wire and so they would hang the hands on these like super thin wires from the Raptors instead of from from strings a roast because the roads can climb on those but couldn't climb on just a piece of wire he also said that when they used to cut slices out of the center of the you know that that the frying slices for it they would rub lard on the faces as they as a cut it mainly to stop the drying out to keep the stuff preserved on that side he said that they used to keep the hands like that for a good long time now they might have been pretty sure that they came we would smoke those things out so that to prevent kind

no pets from going going in there now there's a couple of different kind of passing need to worry about right so early on if you have parts of it that are still and I think I wrote down and see if I actually did, because I'm pretty stupid I probably didn't I have not here shoot if you go online at the University of Kentucky and the University of Virginia have very good guap and extension websites on curing ham at at home the guy who did Virginia Tech's one is name is Norman Norman Marriott and he has a lot of good information and then he Kentucky folks have a lot of stuff on on pest control but earlier on you're going to have problems with you could have problems with flies right like Skipper and stuff like this except for that ass talking it's going to help with some people recommend actually once once it's you know done equalizer

angulation because equalizing in getting its initial kind of some of the moisture out dates and people will wrap it full and paper which is still kind of like moisture permeable but not insect permeable and so that's how they'll kind of do but once you get enough liquid out of it so that the the Flies themselves are not a problem like the main problem that I've had with personally is with various different kinds of beetle and with mites right and so once you get mites in in your space right there like they're you can't like you're not going to you're not going to get rid of them you know what I mean that they used to use a

and the name just went out of my head and like I said I thought I wrote it down in the thing with the name when out of my head you as you age 56 go out of your head but there's something that they used to fumigate the actual hands with that is meant to be like a food-grade fumigant and but it's been it's being outlawed not for a food safety reason but because I think it's like detrimental to the ozone layer so that they can't do that anymore so there's nothing I think that you can spray kind of directly on the the the meat except for they always say like Rubble are like if you have an effective Berry area cut it out rubber layer of oil over it and some people put like like hard alcohol and then oil over it to try and kill the things around there also like if you get a Mite infestation or before you hang up some people for you hang the meat some people now will take like pyrethrin like this like it which is like I guess from chrysanthemums or something but it's like you know non-toxic

pesticide spray soak the wood in the area with it to wipe out mites and stuff like that and then though and I guess I think it does and then they'll hang and ago but like I've had might develop and you can see mites because they they make this powdery nonsense you know where there where there is actually I think their bodies that beat as our Dynamic is powdery stuff not going to hurt myself thing that really is grosser the Beatles write in there different kinds of beetles that eat different kinds of things but the ones that I used to get wood for into the fat area that you're right where the fat me so kind of meat and scary and you'd see the boreholes made go in there and I had a real tough time eradicating then so I think your stocking that is good if it were to just for that yeah that's that's what that's what I've seen people who do that I think that's the way finchville sells their hands on their paper in stockinette and if you actually if you look up

there's a whole curing technique called bag hearing that Norman Marriott from Virginia proposes where you put a fixed amount instead of instead of taking your hands and kind of like you know down flat wise and then turning them over occasionally and then just having the salt kind of distribute over like a big case of hands like an alternative method is to address the amount that individual hand inside of the paper bat and cure it like individually like that which is the back right there I'm going to see how that turns out I was just curious to of beverages when should I start calling them but I'm thinking of just want to see how long they can you know

cuz I'm just curious at the longer and what are the flavors going to develop but if you have four of them when would you recommend pulling them yeah I mean well you can get you know like a nice pic right and you can kind of Judge during the curing time based on kind of Aroma On The Ice Pick what kind of where you think where are you think that's the flavor is going and I would also highly recommend Wayne them so you can kind of gauge how much moisture you're losing overtime but I've never I've never made my own from from scratch but you know like all of the anecdotal evidence so if you try to mimic the like the actual kind of you know heat regimen you're going to get in and kind of like the classic ham production areas

you know I wouldn't cut into one earlier than nine months you know what I mean and I would I would try to wean oh wait a year she could you know I taken nine month old hands and 87 additional year and their part but they're good you know I think that's a lot of for you if you want to eat him for a long time is going to be that fat coating especially especially on the space where the meats expose because that's where we're going to lose a lot of moisture and so if you can imagine your head slicing a country ham did the meat that's close there to that where was the pig's body where there's no kind of a fat covering right it's a lot harder and dryer there than it is in in the rest and so that's what you're going to want to and also remember if you're using Bertolli salt quantities there a lower their lower salt content so you can probably survive a higher degree of dehydration without having it tastes consequently that much more so

so long as it doesn't so long as you have enough in there that during the initial keyring phase it doesn't spoil but that's where the ice picks going to help you to worry about if you do get some paint or spoil in the ham when you burn it out you can just cut that part out of me and I can't tell you I've had no so many hands that had portions of them that were not properly cured and that part was bad but the rest of the ham still good so you know it's never up never total loss the top and temperature for the plan is after that sit to hang them in a difference between E85

yeah up and down so I got like it if that's the that's the reason the travel uni the drying machines they have in Parma are so awesome because they they imitate that kind of that kind of cycle that day-night cycle of temperature humidity yeah so like that's that's what you want what you want but you should keep keep us a keep us posted either on the chat room or to my Twitter at cooking issues and let us know how everything's going cuz I love I love hearing that the progress how these things go right it might be seven or eight months from now if you have a problem with insects or something like let us know it's interesting if you're not going to be there all the time that's a sort of it's it's not a Hands-On operation at all sort of a lots of things that they're come back every few weeks of operation

thanks for all your help so I didn't get any of this week's questions but next week we're going to talk about preserving basil from Thailand we're going to talk about these new this new weird Free Snoop instant coffee that supposedly is really good but I haven't had it so like a mini actually if anyone out there for next week can tell me something about a sudden coffee and whether anyone's had it or tasted it like sells out instantly but so it's hard for me to talk about what we can talk about it next week on the show anyway also had a question on Pandora's which would take a long time for me to get to so we'll get that next time and also a question on trying things out with sodium sulfate which I'm not even sure how I should respond to but we'll talk about it next time on cooking issues

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