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Episode 235: Pots are Female, Pans are Male

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Roberto's Pizzeria as usual join in the studio with Nastasia at the hammer Lopez I'm good what's up you can come like you become like the third I like that he called himself before the show started and abuse sponge and the Stasi and I noted whatever you soak up with a sponge in this case abuse gets run back out on you on to you again in the sink but plus that nasty smell to respond yeah and you try to wash it in the dishwasher you try and somehow it distinct never fully goes away

what kind of sponge are you. Do you have that like abrasive layer on the one side that gets all pilled up and nasty to fix. Bright tax that are fake yellow on the other

not today in the in the engineering Booth there's no Jackie molecules in the engineering Booth Mall Grand start today we remember like my favorite that number back people say like you say how you doing and he'd say fine for now and it because you don't and you would always say tomorrow you never know and he died

awkward silence in 72128 that 718-497-2128 big news. An actual friend of mine right who's not in the food business and architect in fact I know our kids hang out together came over to my house ready for this cooked meal with a veggetti yeah first of all he bought some weird Chinese veggetti that's the exact thing that cuts vegetables really ER and he goes no no no it's like it's like a peeler it was modified to be veggetti like

cuz I couldn't spiral it couldn't make a continuous spiral I can only go the length of the zucchini or the length of the Cucumber because it didn't rotate

worse even than that you basically it's like a peeler your section Junction shook shook so unless you were I like unless you are a rotational genius unless you were doing it the way for instance that like using a sous-vide to cut a vegetable into sheets you would always end up with a very short noodle so he and he came over and cooked a dish with my least favorite vegetable which is like crap he literally came over to my house and cook noodles with its and he's a listen listen I don't have any cheese that doesn't need cheese

not only going to give me zucchini noodles there's not going to be any like she's everything went well thankfully he is not one of these anti carb nut jobs and so it was a mixture of zucchini and actual pasta zucchini is soaking up in a sauce in the flavor does any fried it so like that like you fried zucchini people say to do I make sense

it's okay if it's Friday because it's squash and squash is healthy no matter how you prepare it is her freezing squash is solidified water with some mildly vegetal taste it expunged it's not like chicken

try to know it's not like she didn't know it is most definitely not like chicken it's like all these like weird tit-for-tat things you know what I mean like well I'm going to go on the treadmill so that I can pound 50 Snickers bar bar if you want a Snickers bar workout if you want to work out the unrelated fryer squash if you think it tastes good don't fry your squash because somehow that lets you fry something as though fried squash is going to be as good as Fried Chicken which is not good in this case is as good as Fried Chicken those are you eat chicken anyone anyone

now you don't like the temperature is coming like look like volcano look like if your phone's going to deal with zucchini and try to make it as good as possible right I would squish the ever-loving hell out of it like you would with an eggplant right right so that you get rid of all of this pain genus of it if you were going to fry it and then I would somehow batter it and try to make a nice texture out of zucchini and then batter it so it didn't become I'm not afraid of oil but who likes like oil sponges who likes to eat non crunchy oil sponges of property fried saying absorb the whole hell of a lot of oil right but it is what it is what what is it crunchy right is crunchy so it is delicious you know I like to keep it whole core it stuff it with me fall good. Sounds good good that it's like a non bitter version of stuff bitter melon you like bitter melon you know why

Tim is making his truck he shrug shoulder because she's like yeah I like bitter melon for you that's my side contribution to your dinner party yeah I know you bought me or something it tastes good yeah I know that like someone else brought wine conversation tolerable but like what like you're like you know what did I bring I brought on the outside yet still soggy and oil-soaked rancid zucchini product right

how many times out of 10 when you get to keep what you get always

hey Dave masaccio Jackie everybody hey I was just curious if you'd be willing to share and maybe some weeknights Staples for a for your listeners the father of two young girls and you know I always looking for ideas on quick dinners to knock out that a delicious I'm familiar with your you know your steak in the garlic bread to heal and what not but yeah be curious that's what you like to knock out how old are your girls

I got a four year old and a 9 month old but before year old eat eat just about anything so far enough especially my older kid at how many months is the young one

she's nine so she's starting to eat a little bit of Some solid foods here before I have you heard the Fantastic new news that now they say that everything I told you I don't take my word for it everything that they told you about not having a exposing him to expose them early on to things that might be allergens even though at the time I was like this is a load of crap you want to expose the kids to a bunch of everything so should they can kind of hack it as we go on and you know this is me know we killed almost everyone on this continent with our with our blankets full of like disease kind of thing that is constant exposure to low levels of things from a young age seem to make you more invulnerable to them

so now and said that yes in fact with the exception of which you know you can get botulism from we hate to be the one to hear that said we always freaking thought that the sad thing is I couldn't act on it when I had kids because if I was in a minute if you're wrong and your kids end up with some hardcore allergies are going to be like this because Dad thought he knew best and didn't feed a freaking peanut butter like you're supposed to be like in fact the allergies are caused by this kind of stuff I have not but yeah I know it makes sense out a new niece and the family and yeah we're all remarkably on on that tack last night at Dinner Theatre

do you have a rice cooker I do I do I do a lot of stuff with the rice cooker just because it it holds things so well so you know you can bust out at any point like right when you get home you can throw like any sort of thing that cooks in in the rice go in fact I'm kind of lie I don't really tend to cook finish dishes in the rice cooker I tend to have

I have a bunch of Korean stone bowl is a toast oats and like they're super fast bus stuff out on promises did not kid-friendly you know what I mean so I usually what I'll do is I'll just have like a boatload of rice and then I'll take whatever I have in the fridge left over from the last couple of days I'll hack that stuff up and throw it into the stone bowl with like a quickly and provide soft because I always keep in my pantry light depend on what kind of mood I'm in cans of coconut milk cans of tomato paste like it all bunch of stuff and I mean to bust out sauces quickly crack an egg into it with a Tulsa but it requires its which is probably not what you wanted and again your kids can't really have that starts with U like for quick pasta but the kids cuz I don't have kids and I don't get sick of it

never cuz there's lots of ways you can practice back before I had kids and even when I had kids one kid when I was used to live on 38th Street in my pasta machine was out I was in a routine or twice a week I would make pasta mean like make it and I know I would ignore all the relaxing steps when you're rolling it out and so I could I could make pasta by the time the water was boiling now it's fine accomplishment and take a fresh pasta thing but it can be done in under and under 45 minutes I mean if I have time I'm done working and near my wife is home I really only have 15 to 20 minutes to cook dinner I mean like Rachael Ray with a 30 minute meals I don't know where she has the luxury of such time you know it's like 15 to 20 is about the limit so like that's why a lot of pre cooking is really good we gotten in to have it you know a couple of months ago

we sadly fell out of it we're like on a Saturday or a Sunday we do you know we'd roast 2 chickens instead of one right because it doesn't take any more energy to roast 2 chickens in one and then you know we would do the old school River park the car Case-Mate maybe you know maybe make a bra through some chicken salads do some stuff like that and now even on Sunday so I can see if I'm up in Connecticut I'll bust out the Tandoor and I'll always make extra of everything and then use the leftovers like a really good leftover seriously like show up at home throw potatoes in the oven baked potato bar so freaking delicious so delicious and you know what I bought a couple weeks ago okay you ready forit faicco's I went out and bought I went full seventies and got baycoast what are bacos

cuz texturized vegetable protein in the in the form of bacon bits and it brought back some good memories Dax who did not grow up on them thought they were crap thought they were garbage if you do make the baked potato bar save a couple of extra because if you chip those they fry fantastically very quickly later without any pre-prep even after they've been especially if they've been refrigerated appreciate it thank you we'll talk about it on Eric's call back till 6.

well yes okay so I had some questions that went unanswered last week and my phone is not wanting me to see what they are okay I just moved into a new apartment a decent if a little shabby prewar building aren't they all right so just 70s buildings have like all the roaches and stuff that we were too high for the giant water bugs the giant water bugs at high unless I guess it took a really old building

giant water bugs Roaches on the phone because I have a question to he can answer

C13 cat I'm not saying cuz I didn't call I didn't know ahead of time that he was going to be the sponsor but since Sam Edwards is sponsoring the show and I have a question on Country hams if he wants to spend a couple of minutes on the phone what is towards the end of the program weekend are you know

Capitol Chevy pre-war building in Brooklyn the kitchen is new and that's nice but there's one major drawback as with most New York City Apartments there is no hood over the stove and every time I try to roast a chicken or sear a steak on my phone when I was trying to move it thought I wanted to define the word steak I know what a steak is iPhone every time I try to roast a chicken or sear steak the hard-wired smoke detectors go off I thought maybe I can recalibrate them but no dice I've opened windows and Floyd fans but nothing I seem to do prevent the problems do you have any advice short of moving this is driving me effing nuts thanks Matt Banbury okay yeah it's a big big problem like the laws are that we have to have a smoke detector to put the problem is it that smoke detectors are not designed with kitchens in my nan

well there's some people's Apartments like you got your stove if you got your bed you don't I mean it's like there's no logical kind of separation and it's true that some places even with the windows wide open and like a fan in them which I recommend they're still going to go off now that there's a couple of ways around this you know you can certain manufacturers of cooking detectors as you know I like to call them I have a a button on it called a hush button write a lot of them do yours might you might not know about it so the thing that says the test button on it right so some manufacturers and you can look up online you can look up yours I know like I think God the brand Kitty you'll make something to do this where if you press the button once tried to press it it will be till go pick once at you and for the next eight to ten

minutes depending on the detector it is not going to go off right based on what you're on what you're doing unless it has what they call and a put the same air quotes you can't see because you can't see me but excessive smoke so basically it goes from being a a cooking detector to a yo this is really messed up detector problem is I many times my life was at the set this up because this crap up getting so angry about at the cooking people people who manufacture these cooking detectors and up an idiot to talk about them online assume that the only time you make smoke is when you're doing something improper in the kitchen

false false there are many cooking techniques that when done properly create bullcrap Republic maybe like 50 Style with no freaking crossed no freaking texture no freaking zaz no freaking life it is not only when you are making a mistake in the kitchen you create smoke in this is the error that causes people to create cooking detectors cuz people don't cook people are bad right at cooking this is not employed at my place I have a small Weber gas grill that I got that I use if I need to do some really heavy like Smoky stuff and that I can put right by the window and have the fan suck the air right now that's one thing outside your window

side apartment and then grill right in front of the fan in the Smoke goes right out the patterns are in Europe so like my current my current apartment pattern come unfortunately that the natural direction is it to come into the kitchen but my old apartment the natural directions to go out of the kitchen so that's one of the things kitchen sits in between two windows on opposite ends of the apartment so when I have a fan going on one side then I usually don't have problems directions to the test which way which way you're doing although it's all over the Internet is a plastic bag of rubber bands or a shower cap over your smoke detector while you're cooking because the participants measuring particulates right so you can put that off

pretend the particulate can't get to it be at the seal pretty well for it for it to work and a good number of people have had success with that but the problem is is now you're literally shutting down your detector so that when you go to sleep if something is going on you have a problem but the back to our other things some and yours might already have it have this thing where you can tell the smoke detector I'm cooking don't go off for like only 8 minutes I don't know who can only cook for 8 minutes right right which started the kind of super high temperature roasting kind of phenomena in people's houses at 4:55 no matter how you cook anyway you can if your smoke detector doesn't have that maybe you can replace a smoke detector with one that does

you know I'm hesitant to tell you anything is going to actually shoot your smoke detector in the head permanently right I mean obviously you know like I have removed my smoke detectors and forgotten to put them back in like an odd unwired hardwired when it's not really advisable it's not good don't do it you know this cooking detect undo messed up stars of going to recommend buying nest because their control from your phone but it was weird is is from what I can tell currently works when you press it it'll go off and then you press don't and it will it will then stopped but there's no way to say don't go off I am doing something you know what I mean like you have an anti-virus it's like turn off your antivirus for 15 minutes because I'm installing a program like apparently Nest hasn't figured this is that if you have multiple nests

wire which all hard-wired smoke detectors are supposed to be interwire now so the reason being that a smoke detector goes off in your kitchen and because clearly you live in some sort of like four story Suburban Mansion right here in your room you're not going to hear it at night they want your smoke detector in your room to go off as well so they're all interwire now that's how the codes are but so if your nest goes off in the kitchen and it'll also go off in your bedroom which is apparently irritating whatever but Nest is something that could do that like if Nest likes thought about Cooks a little more they can have a cooking now shut up for 15 minutes because you don't need a smoke detector when you're awake what to do with it

this is a map from Mystic Connecticut Mystic Connecticut are you out of the drawbridge

the other side of the Mystic bascule Bridge yes

try the question but haggis because my buddy and I throw a big burn and we are coming up on it and FEMA haggis a sort of like a giant ball of Lou's Farm sausage in a big calendar right but for a presentation we get the whole skin up cutting cutting of the Hagia to open until I'm wondering if there's enough moisture like is the bong permeable and if I steam it is it going to work in the barn or should I pre-cook at you think and then stop it before and stuff them not actually strangely for tagus but cuz I've only done the Haggis like

cloth-bound actually I think it should work

I mean is it how big is a beef bone

I mean technically I think that type of thing to use for like a Mortadella so I can hold a fair amount that we typically just like packet in there and then steam it covered in foil so that you know hey Liz is the chat room working right now it is working is anyone I mean like there's got to be a charcuterie expert out there who has who has done this before for expert to tap and yeah I'm going to go ahead and say that that's going to work or you know what I mean yeah yeah yeah please let us know how it works as anyone who is like at listen long enough nose haggis is is deserving of so much respect it's so freaking delicious is she


everyone gets freaked out about it every year and then then I have it and I say this is delicious over scrapple although some people don't like scrapple either scrapple up me different obviously also like incredibly delicious and I know they're not the same or even really simple but like I mean I guess it's delicious what kind of Oats do you use

do you like the quick cut the quick cooking steel cut at that make sense are they coming at 10

Bob's Red Mill thing standard like Scottish steel cut guys

I don't think we've ever used like the fully traditional ones I think we've only ever use the quick pretty ones but I like it it's not like they're the quick cook the quick cooking like a flake stuff is like a five minute or less without you I guess what day is it it is not the weekend after man I love haggis anyway enjoy your

following program is ROTC by S Wallace Edwards & Sons surryano hams are aged to Perfection for no less than four hundred days and hickory-smoked to achieve a deep mahogany color the Edwards name is well-known for its world-class aged and cured meats their exclusive curing aging recipe produces a unique flavor profile that enhances the quality characteristics of Brookshire Port Optimum amounts of pure white fat marbling contribute to a flavor that's a delicate perfect balance between sweet and salty for more information visit Edwards VA some reason to start as we speak so I decided I'm no longer good to sit next to me the more uncomfortable chair

just questioning I was recently lucky enough to have the electric drop-in combo unit meeting a stove sale on me with the help of my awesome dad gas lines were run holes cut counters altered and I am now the owner of a sturdy and simple gas range well congratulations to you I hate resistance fed old like gas electric ranges you ever use one of those with a squirrely because that you had in California to talk to the mics. It's not your first time at the rodeo no never use one Jesus I buy you Peter Champaign-Urbana we had one when I live in New Jersey and I leaned on it with my winter coat and like melted my winter coat into it

turn it off and it's like I like you cook in a specially bad for stuff like cooking sugar because you're like paper I guess it's more though

who is now maybe I mean cuz it can't you can't flame out at super low temperatures you mean I just hate the hell out of it I used to hate the way pots and pans and she's going back to when I was like 11 we moved when I was like twelve but I even now I remember and I've used them since the way pots feel on them it's just I don't like it like it's hot don't slide right on and they have that Rapids happy head like they're like I still like it around I'm the owner of a sturdy and simple gas range the same thing in the bottom sauce pots and thin bottom stock pot I'm getting more scorching that I'm used to say anything it is more even over the space of it cuz the burner itself is physically larger right friend that's why James Beard like to maybe James Beard has been crappy pots and so he was getting scorching and maybe if James Beard head replace his pot

with like Mart like a more modern Potter thicker pot maybe he would have not liked electric stoves cuz it's incomprehensible me why he like electric stoves

yeah I mean I've tried backing off the heat and I will certainly keep practicing but I was wondering if there was any advice you would share on soft spots stockpot excetra imagine find yourself in a new gas range and wondering what would be the best use for it I love it technical of course my cast iron is more fun with Gaston it thanks Nathan okay so here's here's the thing super thin bottom pots

with a concentrated gas flame are going to have problems they're fine don't let anyone tell you any differently they're fine for boiling stuff right so you're always going to need to have a pot that you can boil water for pasta in or or you know anything anything of that nature but you're going to you're going to want to go invest in a thick bottom steel saucepan should have a thick bottom and anything if you're going to Brown or like make a room or sweat out vegetables you're going to want something sticker that spreads the heat out more evenly that's just my my feeling is that you're not going to be happy with listen bottom stuff on on your range and what are you what are you guys think Peter

fat Queen have that song anyway whatever you can see your pots to be female hands are one of the few gender-neutral kind of like piece of equipment that I can think of what gender do you think your pots and pans has really why long handles on the fans this is an odd conversation that you don't need a lot keep your thin stuff for for like I say for boiling also I'm going to say you can get pretty cheaply depends on your feeling about him right but the there relatively thick

and they work relatively well just aluminum pots and they're pretty cheap they work really well as long as you don't mind cooking in aluminum I know some people don't like cooking and the truth of the matter is it those pots do get pitted after a long time especially if you use them in the dishwasher because they get kind of the Dead that have dishwashing detergent kind of keeps them out but I have a couple of those because they're cheap I have a couple of because I've been collecting a long time really good stock buy something ones that I use for for brother things but if you have it like like to court shot like saucepan like I would take that into the into the garage or something and use it to melt wax for like you no kids candle project or something like that because that's what that's going to be good for I wouldn't like it so much more once you get a real piece by piece or find thrift shops or or you know when pee

will move away I act like I no longer look I got married a long time ago when I got married we got our set of all clad I can't imagine going out and like forking over the money to buy a full set of pans you guys not right into the same situation you were back with another you don't have your you don't have your reaction rate so like a way to make the thin bottom pan act more like you used to it like it used to act as if it's put a slug a metal underneath your eyes burn and then it'll ride up and down up and down in the Laughing almost exactly like your your your electric range did but then you don't have the what you want which is off on that an electric range has it makes it so so awesome


got a question in from Joan if it is all possible can you ask Dave the following question do you ever use a freezing step for your French fry recipe does it still use the same results and do you alter your processing when freezing yes I like freezing french fries fries in french fries can help what freezing does is it's an additional dehydration stage so if your French fries were suffering from Hollow core meaning that you didn't have the internal temperature of the French fry be potato anymore but just Halo and crust then freezing will accentuate hollow-core if you were not getting hollow-core when you were doing it then freezing in general will make the texture of the X the outside of the fry a better right and it'll also allow you to fry it harder before the potato kind of overcooked because you should fraud you should fry directly from Frozen so frying from Frozen and freezing in general is

extremely advantageous so long as you don't get hollow-core now if you find that you're getting hollow-core also you can keep fries and definitely once they're frozen which is nice just make sure that you let them freeze almost like iqf like individual like on a pan then combine them into portions in bags and put them in your freezer if you find after you're done that you're getting too much hollow-core on your French fry after the Free Step then what I would do is if you have a dry step so if you're going to do if you do enzyme your do enzyme if you don't you don't if you're doing the modernist thing you're going to hit with a Ultrasonic Cleaner right or not then you're going to do your initial blanch out step where you're cooking a potato and putting salt into the Potato by boiling or boiling and steaming I'm just going through it

you're going to go through optionally a drawing step right in this is where this is where you really get to play with it right so it's the length of the Boylston and then the length of the dry step is where you're doing a lot of the moisture control and it's all about the moisture control where your kind of balance the internal temperature of the fry with the external temperature texture is a fry then your first right now you're going to do your your free step or not and I think freezing is almost always beneficial so like if it if you get hollow-core just decrease your chest decrease your dry time if you're using it you conversely if the texture of the outside of the fry is not what you wanted to be and you're not getting hollow-core yet then increase to DriveTime in between your into your blanching to fry I hope that helps without you having to go and sift through the four thousand words of they cooking issues by the way I'm not saying we're going to do this but I'll talk

play Jackie molecules as we cruise by the way in New Orleans for his birthday hopefully he's you know not passed out drunk on the street somewhere cuz it's kind of early in the day

considering putting the blog on like having it admins by the good folks irritate Heritage Radio and perhaps making a semi live again and where do you think that's my life my life but like the air like you know we'll see we'll see new information new cooking issues anyway hope that helps anything for anything for from Sam journalist get a hold of them but on the bright side we do have a collar call you on the air

hey David Anastasia and Peter I'm just in from Baltimore

so wait till you say cry after I mean freeze freeze it and then fry it so you don't go over the so you don't overcook it, I Granite meddler Maverick us right so I think for things like burgers and thing for burgers and that kind of stuff they might use Ln but for duck I think that they use dry ice is that true can't remember

can't remember but I mean obviously one way to try it is to just throw the sucker it like the problem is like Ellen Wright is going to freeze the whole thing all the way around and then if you freeze it that way you're not going to be it's not going to be flat when you try to put it on a pan of two to rent and let you in a deep fryer deep fried are you going to try to get this right and then the question is how do you get it like you almost want to take a nonstick surface like a like a Teflon pan right and then like rest a Teflon pan in Allen right and then and then put the scalloped on the pan

until that that surface of It kind of freezes

and then it should freeze and release from the pan I'm assuming that I put Teflon in liquid nitrogen many many times and I've never had a problem I don't know if you're going to get problems with it and of course the scallop itself should release even from regular steel after after a while so you can try it with regular steel I don't know if you're going to get delamination problems over overtime or if you happen to be one of those people that's negative against Teflon

but anyway that that's how that's how I would do it you could possibly get it done even with dry ice if you don't have access to a liquid nitrogen but you're going to want to freeze it against a flat surface idea to Flat services at once I will say this also is that I've known many people who even if they don't have like a like a access to fancy stuff they will do things like a Seer cuts of meat so let's say you buy frozen meats like like a lot of Heritage stuff comes comes Frozen right cuz that's the way they can keep it all all year so you a lot of people see right directly from Frozen so that you could see her the outside without overdoing the inside and obviously the modernist guys and I think Chef stabs and Chris and all those guys are out to get to this technique but I encourage you to do a side-by-side taste test because the stuff tastes different right so it's not just that there's less trip loss and all that's not a scallop it's a different kind of 6

because you're trying to maintain it raw on the inside and get to see her on the outside. So you can use a series of that too useful thing to to to do there but I would just encourage you to do a side-by-side taste test because I'm things like burgers I actually prefer it standards here to cry us here going to test that I've run out it's only been limited to only done it like maybe like five to ten times as a test but like I understand the advantages that they say you get from it I just happen to prefer the taste of it when it's done standard searing so did you should do some side-by-side test test plan to release a homogenizer like Booker and Dax or anyone else in the food world and by that I mean I assume you mean rotor stator homogenizer no immediate plans the problem is is that the market I don't think is so big on it I feel a prayer

Dan is selling the Ika makes a handheld homogenizer like small one I think they're selling it I'm not opposed to us doing it it's just we got like a bunch of other projects on our plate before that right you got to get that stuff done before we get that done now listen we don't have a lot of time left I'm going to see if next week we can get Sam Edwards to call in to answer the question on hand because we have a question about hanging hands for Equalization and pest control and I know that question is in from Patrick and I know that Sam has a lot of good information on Pest Control in hands were talking about mites mites Beatles and rodents the sun and the stars I want to go to that now because you don't have a lot of time and style doesn't like talking about mites Beatles and rodents but I will try to get for next week if not I'll just answer the question myself in your shoes

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