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Episode 234: 808's & Weddings

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Bushwick and every Tuesday on the 12 12 12 really annoying 12:45 12:50 depending on when we start the show on nice numbers know that's what I like that's that's that's that's his Ole Miss I would say if the average young person has no idea what an 808 is doesn't remember who the Beastie Boys sounds of resurgence

I think his eyes off of you because I'm a freak

drive-in theater

this is just an 808 canz 808 beat we're going to owe ya 80s 808 exactly can the Museum of food and Drake was here with us again today freestyling how are known liar wow now why is that important it's Bachelor season

with her love of the bachelor which is the bachelor as bad for America as a Jerry Springer Show and Jack Jackie molecules Ensley what do you think Jack I have to say something somebody just tweeted at us like 15 minutes ago and they sent me this molecules have to play it it's 10 seconds long pretty

sketch the molecular man Will Ferrell from Megamind movie get some kids 808 Peters rapping his heart breaks more recent Kanye

Peter Kim does not care about Kanye West at Dear Dave East Asia and Jack and I recently ran equipment test on carbon steel pans and concluded that they were a better choice than cast iron for home Cooks but none of the chefs I read and listen to I've ever mentioned carbon steel Skillets you and Kenji lopez-alt both seem enamored with your cast iron enameled strong I mean you know like you know if there was a fire first of all the cast on it would survive but I would save my family first you don't I mean don't get me started on Parmigiano-Reggiano I was about to go into a party Parmigiano-Reggiano rent for my honeymoon but I won't do it. I won't do it no don't do it

you like the parmesan you love your wife that's what I said to me cuz I couldn't know how to Italian to say that and I was like I love to parmigiana read whatever we got a lot of free hats and Parmesan. Anyway I can you comment flush with cash on Christmas I am trying to decide whether whether to buy a Lodge cast iron pan or the carbon steel pan Cooks Illustrated recommend from outside with your fake French in French I guess it would be nice strong feeder cam course lived in can't buy their review please advise Alex so here's my here's my point on the dealio current offense to the lodge folks

I wish that large would come out with a set of cast iron a set of cast iron pans that had the inside sand it so that it was smooth like the old school polish cast-iron cuz those sectors are awesome but in my opinion trying to compare that to try to compare the two styles of pans cast-iron versus black steel is kind of like missing the point it's like not like I wouldn't use them for the same for the same things I think like the comparison which I think also Cooks Illustrated makes is between the black steel pan as I always call it and the in a regular non stick non stick Skillet right and so

yeah I think they're good I think they're they're very good date cast iron and and the black steel are both steel right in front of the surface of them both form non-stick finishes in exactly the same way so in the same way that a walk which is in essence a black steel pan right in the same way that a walk becomes non-stick overtime As It season so will black steel what mission in in total before I go off on this tangent but Peter Kim

cannot sit in an auditorium or in front of a group of people and have nastase and I near him making faces at him because he just breaks up he's like freaking he's like one of those Saturday Night Live characters that like can't not laugh during a freaking so he's trying to do something like FaceTime unfadeable you don't I mean freezing you take a call in the listeners to Black Iron on the air

I live in Pittsburgh here is the the musician from the 70s music business she just like was like crap on it I'm moving I think that's where she lives Pittsburgh Pittsburgh what do you think about that

there's a bunch of really cool I like that a lot alright so where we going when we got to make a delicious frozen margarita please Mother Earth how do you make a frozen margarita mix that you know I like the use of garbage exactly right there are garbage. Garbage noise Jack that's part of our New Year's things garbage garbage

garbage but I was just doing it to make sure that the Su the line pay its what do you think about that time line changes obviously the good news about Frozen specs is frozen specs typically have less because there are more diluted and because

just because of their structure they typically have less lime in and then let's say a shaken margarita would write and so the less lime actual lime is in there are the the less of the detrimental nonsense you're going to have based on Lime degradation right said the other problem you going to have is that if you make a batch on day one and let's say you're going to keep it for three days the back will taste fairly the same on Day 2 as it does on day 3 but it's not going to taste the same as it does on day one and so you know one thing you could do is like I'm just going to balance these all these drinks around like 1 and 2 day-old lime juice right because

I'd like doing your back doing your initial batch with day-old lime juice and get it to taste where you want and then you can put just the amount in that you that you desire another thing you could do

different is to base your specs around a cordial cordial last forever rides and I need to take your lime juice and heat it with sugar and do you know do your batching around that and it won't be the same if it's going to lack some of that the brightness right but you could pop you could pop back in you could pop back in some of that brightness from fresh line here's another thing you can do you can use regular lime right to give some of that lot line Venus and then use a orange with lime acid added to it and that'll give because the orange sour orange juice keeps its brightness than then line does right you could do a mixed with a suggested OJ right if you only have a little bit of lime in there and orange is a flavor in in margaritas anyway right so you could do some

that and then you wouldn't have as much of the day-to-day three blues with the margaritas as we know Jay just so that I don't have to deal with lime juice going bad

you write how do you deal with the orange juice becoming bitter orange you use so you know as long as a test like it and you see whether or not it goes better happens within like several hours right so I accept some tangerines are like getting credibly better and you know if some don't mean if the real problem from a bar perspective is that we're getting navels in right I mean at least if you're like me and because you're using the peel and you're not you're not going to get crappy looking you know okay listen everyone knows California Citrus looks good and Florida Citrus looks terrible even though Florida Citrus is typically the one use for juices they don't care about pills right

ugly I mean you know so that that so you know you're not going to want to pull in like a bunch of Valencia so that you can get like the juice you want and then have to still throw away the juice from your neighbor also like we're very lucky the navels that we get don't go bitter and yes just a test with run but then you know Some Day Some knucklehead might decide to switch supplier get a different kind of Naval in and who knows we'll get hosed because I have read that some navels will get bitter although I know ours don't that's all that's mean that's basically all I can say about that but you're definitely going to want your oranges to do double duty you know what I'm saying I hate throwing all those away if you're doing High volumes on Margaritas which means you have a use for a lot of OJ if if you can purpose your OJ into it you don't even know we're probably going to get good use and you can put a relatively large amount of OJ into a margarita to

the fact because like I said orange is already one of the flavors it's in there

read the directions and then but yeah I would go that route and by the way like what I would do is just to save yourself some time and headache I would I would do like to drink versions of all the different batches you want to try throw them in Ziplocs and then throw them in your freezer and then just kind of rough him up to taste him it'll give you a good approximation for what your slushie machine will do but you won't have to fill an entire selection machine to do it with the lime and then they do the juice and do it that way or would you do a different clean like we have a lot of clarified lime juice left over so when I do a cordial I wanted to be dead clear like roses

I don't necessarily do it as like I would do it if I was going to have a cloudy cordial from the ground up so for me it's so so I just do clarified lime juice sugar and lime peel so I don't make an Oleo and I don't extract any of that extra stuff from it and I just get a little extra punch out of the out of the lime peel but you definitely don't want to use clarified lime juice for this application so I don't know like you know you know taste the Dead Rabbits and if it's that the flavor profile you want then do it otherwise I should boil some freaking lime juice with some sugar and and some lime peel in it as a first approximation and see which one you like better you know what I mean we have leftover lime juice oh and I'm sure you do too so taking a little bit of that and just you know boiling with some sugar and see whether you like it is like you no no brainer thank you so much I appreciate it

text Bridget play everybody out with an 808 beat today I have to say thanks to Nastassja who got me an early birthday present which is a DJ cheese grater cheese grater that looks like a turntable you want to say it I do

how am I will get there until you actually wouldn't kill yourself here you can like just get rid of some like you could use it for your feet I'm not sure if you could use it for your feet symbolize of YouTube videos like you know

this wasn't that wasn't my that's not like that's not like my growing up sound so prior stop smiling on Cook's Illustrated and their their cast-iron so I looked up on Cook's Illustrated website and by the way Peter because he is a Francophile he likes him these kinds of black steel pans right. It's like the weights right and it's easier on right but like I don't want to be flipping around a really heavy cast-iron pan to make my sunny side up eggs

that's one way to look at giant panda make your list okay you know what I have I have cuz they're incredibly cheap I have notified a cast-iron thing I have like six of those sitting right next to my stone bowls may seem a whole lot lighter than my Korean stone Bowls do I drop them on the on the on the on my range and then I'm off to the races at your sweet but I mean like there's no way around a fantastic omelet pans and you know for most people I think are omelettes in cast iron can be difficult because it takes a long time for the heat to spread out evenly

play my let's get back to what what Cooks Illustrated specifically said about black steel and then we'll we'll have discussions about it okay in there a pinion Sears like cast-iron a carbon steel Skillet can Brown food just as deeply and evenly as cast-iron it also has two advantages it heats up more quickly and it's lighter weight makes it easier to handle what we have here is an oxymoron extended go we're together that's like saying like that's like saying you know the sky is blue but really it's not blue at all like you can't you can't like it's just that the two phrases don't fit doesn't see her as well as cast iron but he kept amenities I guess not really too bad you know I'm a liar I'm lying you know what I mean you can't it's a contradiction

a carbon steel Skillet cannot Brown food as a as deeply for a given initial heat input it's not the case you know what I mean it's like in the reason is going back to one of the advantages it's lighter and heats up more quickly by the fact that is lighter and heats up more quickly means it is not storing as much heat right because it heated up more quickly therefore it didn't stores much heat before delivered it to your food otherwise it wouldn't fit. McKenna and it weighs less so it's not as much energy especially because they're fundamentally similar in their heat storage properties now they carbon steel is a lot better heat conductor right which is why it's going to be more more even for a given level of quick overheating right but if you really want to see her the ever-loving crap out of something right nothing beats keeping your cast iron pans in a hot oven where it gets incredibly even heating the whole thing turned into like a searing machine then throwing it on top of a burner for residual Heat

can't beat that and not that people necessarily go through that trouble and I think that if you were searing meat and then also a lot depends on the burners that you have right so you know I have my burners at home are ridiculous mean there were in fact they're not safe but it's not my fault because it's because we know my wife said you know you're too old for this crap I'm going to hire a plumber the plumber didn't install it properly didn't put the proper regulator on my oven and so my my burners now are very hard to use on low but they put out 8 bazillion BTUs you seem crazy to go up and down but when they're on Scream they scream like I can run a walk like a professional restaurant can because they're so freaking like powerful you're powerful for most applications except for a walk

what am I going to get a walk but the point is if you have a tiny burner right I would prefer to have a pan that he did kind of quickly more evenly because you just don't have enough power to really get anything up to the temperature that I'm going to want to do that kind of work in which case maybe you should consider getting a cast iron and throwing it in your oven and heating it beforehand up to a hot temperature so you can see her yeah we've already seen the very first thing no offense Cook's Illustrated because you know that magazine in 1993 when it first came out was like that changed my life like I honestly can't really wait here attention and then the smoothness of a surface point about the black steel is performs like stainless triply which glaciers and all clad similar devices right they save carbon steel he's virtually as evenly as stainless steel triply aluminum sandwich between

what can Brown more deeply are winter cost one third of the price of our favorite triply skillet from All-Clad right so cost less than All-Clad but I don't really think it's kind of heat as as evenly I've done many study if I have done it for years but I've done many studies of different pans over different heat sources and I think again a lot of this depends on your burner so in particular induction burners like most home crappie induction burners would they fall flat is the fact that the actual heating element is quite small so what you should do to any one of your pants or if you can test them is you know McGee uses beans and paper I use a light dusting of flour and I put it on the table and I wait to see what the burn pattern is on on the thing and you can see very clearly how even or not even a particular kind of heat transfer

heat transfer pattern is but I mean I just I like they say virtually carbon steel he's virtually as evenly or they mean virtually is evenly it's not right he's almost as good anyway as slick as nonstick carbon steel is as slippery as brand new non-stick but its ears better doesn't have it synthetic coating what does have not synthetic but it has a coating of polymerized oil so he is in fact because you have to season it has no oven safe temperature limit also not true if you stick it in the oven and you put the oven on self-clean you'll ruin the seasoning on and have to do it again in fact if you poorly season 2 Pan the best way to fix it is to throw it in the oven on self-clean where it gets wiped out what they mean is no reasonable limits I think that's what they mean no reasonable limits and lasts forever that's true here are the problems with the only problem

professional restaurant in you see the black steel if it's treated poorly a lot of times because they are thinner than cast iron here's where they don't work as well as cast iron because they're thinner if you viciously overheat them they wore in the center so like a cast iron pan cast iron pans never going to warp right also they talk about how can I start a problem because it's brittle have you ever seen a cast iron pan break in normal service nope no at home no ice in cast iron burner spiders break all the time so I prefer steel spiders in in on an oven you don't talk about the burner covers and I prefer them every day but different I think of you going to make omelet buy you a buy you a an omelette pan is made of black steel it's awesome

I'm going to also go out on a limb here and say that like I mentioned Jeffrey steingarten you know he always used to say he's like knives are are like puppies right you like either always good when they're ripe like it's like it's like how well it works like after you've had it for a while like no does it reach sharpen does it stop pooping on your floor and stuff like this right and I'm going to extend this out to non stick skillets right so non stick skillets like when you first get them they're like it's awesome and then the manufacturer tells you yeah you know you know how like everyone else is non-stick stuff like it's going to wear off over time ours isn't everyone says you can use metal tools but you really can't will nrz or anyway it's never true and so I know I would say that

like in general unless someone comes up with a nonstick that really freaking works right I'm not going to buy him anymore and the next time I need a nonstick pan I will probably go out and buy a black steel pan is cuz I was meaning of Stefan things are not going to be as good at generating. Give me your give me a cameroonian French for phone for phone give it to me live for the Crusty stuff in the bottom

hey can because you have to add all the burbling crap beforehand like. Nonstick is not good when you want to develop psych some Krusteaz right so if you want to emulate a reason why you don't use nonstick like roasting pan seal make sense you know what I mean so like if you're going to generate crusty then I would say you know use your user your All-Clad so you know or your try pads black steel pan boil boil and therefore you wax a man's Lindsay right I don't know

anaphylaxis a mcclancy anyways it's a drawing well so it gets sick it's Sticky's up faster than other whales have just probably next week Tuesday if flaxseed oil and by the way I hadn't looked this up in a million years in flaxseed oil is linseed oil it's their oil used it it's been trying oil used in oil paints and pick up my phone I guess it is relative point being that so what happened to gummed up and was a nightmare but then it starts flaking off yeah if you if you improperly seized in and you get these layers that can separate and it's a freaking nightmare one like you notes what was he Vice how did they say to do it

flaxseed oil and I I fall asleep Tyson screwed up my pants go ahead and say that in my life I can't tell you how many times I've season 5

dozens many dozens you know what I mean and I have never purchased in my life a special anything to do it you know I always do it like and like in one of two ways either like on the burner in the oven I think one of the main issues that people have is over oil trying to get it all done at once so like you know I'll get a rag and see no soak the Rag & Oil do the the wipe let it sit wipe it out let it let it plimmer eyes and do it again and again and again and have you know it's been a long time since I've ruined one I've ruined the initial work on the initial seasoning I didn't want to thick on a crepe maker that I bought like 15 16 years ago because when you buy a crepe maker the real ones at Grandpa's once they've actually machine a spiral snail like Groove all the way around the thing that supposed to be

set up an oil coating over time because crepe makers have to be incredibly non-stick and I try to do it too fast and so I got flakey's that never kind of went away still works but it's like a little unsatisfying could you get those little divot sand pits in the and then not still works but Yeah Yeahs friend of mine just came he's like I messed up my walk I over-seasoned it now it's got big deal I try to see if it too much oil at once and got big drifts in the bottom of the pan is like what should I do is like you're SOL this is why by the way if you're buying something he needs to get seasoned don't buy one that has a handle on it they can't go in the oven because by far the easiest way to start from scratch if they didn't burn off the old seasoning and you can't do it you shouldn't do it with a torch or anything it's on even unless it's like a cast-iron and you can't do it if there's a wooden handle on it you can't take off you can't throw it in the oven and put it on self-clean of God wooden handle like der you know what I mean I got some clarification of flaxseed and linseed from module stop in the chat room shoes

extracted from seeds of the plant Liam

Lucy Tassimo I can't say that word anyway flaxseed oil is pure and fit for human consumption linseed oil goes through a refinement process and may contain additives that improve it ain't cleaning properties so don't cook with linseed oil to cook with flaxseed

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all right we are back hate so Jack and we were chasing this stuff

get me to my grandma never told me anything about apple cider vinegar she was just like why don't you go work why you do some work why you get to give me apple cider vinegar my grandma is like you know why aren't you if you can sit like my grandma one of my to Grandma absolutely hated the act of reading and it was like one of my favorite things to do is like reading like learning and she think she could stand on Earth least was seeing people trying to learn and so she would you know anytime you try to hate trying to try to sit down with a book she would like just and my grandpa one of the reasons he was bitter till the day he died was that he he also love to read and and grandma would never ever ever ever let him read if you'd only live long enough for like you know audible to exist that he could just listen to that stuff while he was toiling away in the freaking in the freaking yard for no

apparent reason like you know

so Amy Mike my grandma not apple cider and my other grandma was from West Virginia so you know it's more that was the kind of cure-all country ham and lard didn't have a lot of lard in that you know when I was hanging out with her in the 70s that was already kind of De Clase we did have a lot of country ham and she did enjoy yourself some red-eye gravy which is do dishes and I remember Dave mentioning the slimy fish dish wonton cooking issues and and he's pointing out to us so we can go to CBS Minnesota did a finding Minnesota Taste of lutefisk I'm going to go look at it and see what you like to do 50 like we made it before we have what we did is we made we made the lie a eggs remember and then we serve it with regular fish and was kind of with milled it was kind of a newt Fisk

turn down it's kind of head you know what I mean but it's likely treated basic treated fish speaking of which if there is anyone who can hear my voice who's an expert on clearing and staining never try to get some to do that so in clearing and stating that you do you use a bass bass I believe well just much like the one in the 808 only this one more potassium hydroxide and you soak something like a fish in this base it like kind of like messes with the proteins you can Leach out all of the color and everything in in something like a fish right and then you introduce stains to it and you can selectively by using different like stains or use all so I can slide so you can have like the nervous system suck up a certain color and the skeletal system setup another and then Leach it back out of the muscular tissues and you have these amazing 3D like fishing and other animals there's a book on it but when you love that be able to clear and staying something big like a whole striper so that you could just see all the structure of the stripe rather pretty fall all right

maybe for the museum so there's anyone out there who knows how to clear and stay not typically don't do it on such large large things which is why all the pictures are small fish and frogs but if someone wants to take on clearing and standing or know someone that can help us out with large clearing standing. Beast Hunter what am I doing 45 bucks Town underground Meats

any good I'm going to bring me up bring my nixtamatic maybe we'll do some next motivational that's enough hello Dave and crew long time listener and fan I'll come straight to the chase chase my fiance and I are planning a wedding this coming fall or perhaps summer and on a fairly limited budget we've already identified numerous cost-cutting measures but remain a fair amount above our goal while I'm not suggesting that we personally prepare a full food and beverage program for a hundred and forty people I was curious if it might be possible to make a meaningful dent in the total cost I have a fair amount of equipment I picked up at auctions over the years listed below in power shouldn't be an issue so let's see what they got here they got this is John by the way in Portland 3 circulators that's a circulator

Portland Maine fridge freezer one vacmaster vp112 120 lb CO2 tank with regulator onetaco Jet and there's a high rate you're saying I would love to have all not yet but soon one grindmaster 875 coffee grinder I don't know you're going to use that in this again make a lot of coffee

coffee coarse coffee time is and like a bunch of Weber charcoal grill with cyst with prep however we personally would want to handle the serving and set up on the actual wedding day I realize this is a potentially disastrous idea I almost didn't bother asking but I have a nagging feeling it might be possible to sous-vide a good amount of food beforehand is it be reheated before and during the ceremony or back some cocktails the day before or not brother

stop buying Paco Jets

write a do not do not cook at your wedding don't think it's going to depend on a few decisions that you're about to make in your life right now I mean in terms of the wedding knot in terms of life in general once you fall into the wedding trap like you are where you are hosed you are you are completely you are host right so like no questions how far do you fall in here where you're wrong you're thinking I've known parties for large groups of people so I can just throw this like I'm throwing a party but remember the last time you threw a party where you cooked the best part about that was you didn't have to interact with your guess that's why Cooks like to throw parties because they can have lots of people around cooking and have margarine

expect more than a 5-second response from you would best if you genius for someone who's a kind of a social moron you know what I mean you get to look so so I'm not be at a wedding you actually need to be social I'm sorry about you and your family coming in but I have to spend time going from table to table never getting married first of all you're going to have some some form of like me no man of matron of honor of people Honor Guard over the honor roll whatever the cause they're going to have to do a bunch of bull crap right like right before the wedding there's all these little God sees that you have to freaking do to get married like I got to get this thing I got to have this old thing to borrow thing that's new

fingers blue think all this crud is going to conspire to make it very difficult for you to focus on the fact that you need to crank out a dinner for a hundred and forty people and it needs to be good right because your mom or whatever she know what is flying in you know your crazy uncle Ralph from jerseys flying in Uncle Diamond he was dead by the time I got married but yeah I mean I'll go Diamond to be coming in class speaking from experience here at all medical problems I need my cake stand because I was like I'll be damned if I'm going to buy a cake stand for my wedding so I was welding my cake stand like a couple days before the wedding and also underneath the the 67 Valiant that we drove to the wedding in like making sure they wouldn't break down between the church and and and you know my uncle's house with reception was but she was like a little bit of a stretch if you can priebatsch your cocktails a week in advance a week in advance and you have someone you trust who for some reason was not invited to the wedding

you trust him enough to make cocktails for you without pay but I'm saying you still need someone to do it for you right because don't make the cocktails but if you can make a week in advance that I can give you some recipes that are easy to bust out in like large fashion to go around also there's a secret everyone freaking wedding for a lot of freaking champagne have some cocktails beforehand but when I got married like we we we went super cheap super cheap was we did lunch instead of dinner can you can put on a decent brunch a lot cheaper than you can put on a decent dinner people don't get as hoes even my friends don't get ass hoes and you have poor like an unbelievable amount of kava and everybody's everybody's happy you know if you have some form of bubbly pretty much everyone's going to be happy and then it's just a question of getting it all ice down and you can just keep eyes on to make sure it's right and as to whether or not to do sous vide

finishing yeah I mean that's the ultimate way to do it but don't do it yourself don't do it yourself don't do anything that requires you to spend a lot of time that you can't finish more than a week before your wedding that's my make a great playlist Maybe skip the DJ for that really wish I was won by the way John also seconds I having some sort of transcripts for the the cooking issues I'm being told that we're being ripped off the air however I do have something next week for trying to get around cooking detectors right so we know we all know that we hate smoke detectors but we also hate dying and conflagrations to every question about that which I'll deal with next time and I guess that's next week so you'll have loose I'll be in New Orleans really drunk

oh my God we're going to have a week without molecules

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