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Episode 233: You Can't Carbonate That On Radio!

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I'm Linda pelaccio host of a taste of the past you're listening to Heritage Radio Network broadcasting live from Bushwick Brooklyn if you like this program does it Heritage Radio Network. Org the thousands of Billiards let me live broadcast studio with me today anastacio Lopez direct back from her trip to Italy How was Italy the director of the Museum of food and drink talking about what's going on with the program

what we have planned in the new year and and of course in the booth anything good to announce for the network in this has came through so much for that I have to shout all of them out yeah let's see some music I will put the theme song on or something and Jason Momoa sorry Drew Gregory Harris d'en-vau Marco smoking McQueen William sabados Chris Walker Fred Schneider eat sorry Steve Terrell Kenneth e e

Andrew fesler Andrew Schulz Jen Tom Renee Casper Jonas Justin Carlisle from Arden and Rich McDonald Lopez on Ellen Rubin cable melchor re Loca seurasaari Jeffrey given Nicholas Elliott David Timothy there yeah wow nice

thanks everybody you really like the things you seem really made our fundraising drive like possible questions today saying I should handle the old questions first but I don't have my old question so I won't be handling them first but in the meantime for some reason I'm actually doing a live product that I've never used before or seen before they want you Stars why don't you tell us what this is some people from drinkmate sent us a drinkmate carbonated drink make mostly for sodas

beer wine smoothies and coffee me the cartoon show has the same yes it uses what looks to be an identical bottle to the Sodastream at least identical in style now that the thing of a crap about this guy I suppose the other ones as these people are saying that you can go ahead and carbonated alcoholic beverage in it from from the get-go what that means for those of you who've ever tried carbonating a non water beverage in a SodaStream is it they must have recalibrated the Overflow the overpressure valve in it that's the main reason why you can't carbonate alcohol

anything really other than water in a SodaStream because there's a extremely distinct possibility that if you're not extraordinary Lee careful you will clog the overpressure valve and lead to such amusing things as the bottle flying off in all directions and shattering a bunch of Glass Warehouse in fact I had someone even though I explicitly said what the problem was used in my house out there if you deviate the instructions are there to provide the safest experience possible

anytime you deviate from the instructions whether they're our instructions are the SodaStream instructions on down he was like you say that I put milk in my SodaStream is a mess like if it depends on how it's pre stabilized but you can have issues you know with but it's 8 so I guess you could make it better egg cream

a cream no there's no way I'm going to get some angry calls about this I've tried to love the freaking egg cream contain either ignore commands I try to let it many times many many times I've tried love it I have made it I have purchased the official you bet Fox's a Seraph which is the official egg cream syrup which is like at one point maybe looked at a cocoa pod at some point but that's about as close as it gets to be real chocolate and that is don't like them I just don't like them I do not like them

okay do you like them know I don't do you like egg creams call me 718-497-2128 and then tell me why creams are worth even worrying about Piper used to try to work on it all the time and even he he was dedicated to it I think it's all he did when he went home with work on egg creams and eggnog and no good no good for alcohol or Max fill line for water do you actually read the first so like by abnormal care reading the instructions all right so

I'm going to come video it

come on just do it

that up you just like it said .25 seconds

so there's an interesting technique that I've never tried with the Sodastream before to be honest of a short burst techniques Eid I guess being that you can't build up a big head of phone with the short but keep going it hasn't gone through yet to say to go to listen to let the police might be a revision wait for it wait for it wait wait

do not take it off yet

patience is not a virtue but in this case is not patients just waiting for God to not be angry not wait.

No you're not you are not you are not good you are not good I will tell you when you are good people when you're doing this it's like it's like when I tell you how many years when carbon dating Peter why would you doubt me when I say it's not good yet you know what I'm saying expand create foam it will overflow the thing just taking this off the top okay let's see the logies OG go go

gently say thanks and then place the carbonation in physics Ron Well Service open to slow release date

stop it's going to ruin the beverage

we're going to talk about something else until this thing to get first ever seen in my life in this thing computer until it's freaking settles out and looks clear

they don't know what what are we terminating right not milk mule Forest

nearsoft Riesling 2009 how much does it cost for carbonation

dismiss mean. It means in the place of said in place of being saying what is this mean French baking Place speak to random combination of German and French I guess I'll take that one so now Peter

so I bet she look look at the look at the beverage all right now there are bubbles that are slowly rising to top weight

wait now you may fully release it says I supposed to close the slow release

I don't know if I can press the button for the past release an import 25 second verse Peter Hear You Got Talent Chili's glasses

the worst people in the whole world I may say something else Jack stars and Peter is that

nine times out of 10 still wines although they taste good

like people when you're pouring a and not cold enough drink which this wine was not cold enough into a not cold glass I'm sorry that they don't really understand the principles involved everybody know

listen it's a well-known fact it's a fact of physics / chemistry depending on how you look at it that the carbonation level is directly in computer Touch This

is actually under carbonated carbonated well for a wine in fact most wine to have with a carbonated waters I was afraid I don't because they oxidized nature of a kind of comes up but I think that's just due to the age of the wine in this in this case

shout out to you by drinkmate carbonated drink maker a Machina despedidas carbon-carbon exoticas yeah we're being bad like rot likes tank I don't like carbonated smoothie carbonated smoothies I don't know I have my taste you have yours

what's his name what's his name what was his name in the Box oh what are they good for gifts or three steps in between those four steps of of yelling at each other place and people tell everybody else

here's here's the New Year's resolution stop being an enemy of quality and just do it right just freaking thing you did it right it's like it's like myself when I'm yelling it's not personal it has nothing to do it has to do with the product I just want the product to be good everybody has really loves me about the quality of product that's it you've ruined me to

directions to hear the things I say to my girlfriend now it's like cuz no one wants to be that I mean I said that no matter what you do you can either try to be better at it or not right like why be lazy you have to live like that you have to go through life why would you want to do it in a haphazard a crappy manner I don't know. Sometimes I don't want to live sometimes by the way Peters Patrick Martin taken taken taken from the philosopher kind of you know who started the animal Liberation movement was on a panel and basically calling Patrick out you know that sometimes

what are you doing you're the Patrick imitators sometimes but he goes he says what he say he said well all your animals even if they're treated really well like you know they're all castrated all the males are castrated like you know what you know what do you think about that remember what it is exactly how I was circumcised

are are benevolent founder of the Heritage Radio Network York City cold so fast at the crazies haven't made it home yet so the crazies are still out but it's like freezing like I had that guy on the subway today who is playing music out loud on his phone makes me wish I was like whatever the polar opposite of what he is playing it's always a large dude who's never liked comes from a place where no one's ever been like no dude that's always been big and so no one's ever like you know dude you're you're kind of I'd be kind of an a-hole here you know what I mean and so like

was just random annoy your neighbor with crap music day

I understand people on bicycles to play music out loud but are particularly liked it but I understand my brother does it I understand it cuz they're like trying to say I am near you like you here moving music biker near you I get it you know what I mean but like in the subway what the hell why do you need what you know and then when I get off the subway and walking over here you know through that through the through the apartments right to Bushwick housing I'm walking over and the dude on the electric bicycle smoking a cigarette doing delivery delivery hate hate hate that New York New York

walk the dog this morning I forgot to bring their gloves with them didn't take the time to pick up the poop cuz their hands are too cold I don't care about your fingers pick up the Poo not saying all right

hi Peter is Riesling is quite Lovely isn't it it's good so when you go to Phil's house near like about this crappy Chardonnay what is the MSRP number what does it mean by the way okay so I haven't seen you guys in a while so I'll run through some of the stuff that's happened cooking wise over the over the break here I may possibly the best time of my life over the Christmas time and I hate to say it but

it's not wasn't like a reproducible thing I started doing I put how did I do it I wrapped my mom had like some old giant Ziploc that can't even use that how did I bagged it I think I bagged it like in like a trash that I don't know something vile and disgusting but I thought originally my mom had I told her to have the butcher cut the bones off right and every year I try to cook the bones and you want that high overcooked meat with a fat and the gristle and crap around the bones right so like all the sudden and if there's not a big piece of meat so it's okay to pre-salt that for a long time ahead of time so I'm sad now I'm already on a winning Pasta Pasta winning right eye so I solved it down there or the bones

put them in the fridge took out the roast and then wrapped it in plastic wrap a billion times like we used to do with which chickens me that was a super easy to get circulated up here's the problem I didn't have enough time to I don't have time cuz I started too late right so I was starting in a 55 is going to do all the way through to a cool down but then like you know when I only had a couple of hours left of the bump into the inside which was true so after a little bit of that I pulled it out and the initial was at 54 North fort in the high forties right on the inside so this is where my tandora training and by the way after the New Year's I did tandoori chicken I am becoming much better and better

Pandora is all about in and out in and out if you're so like what I did was cooking the potatoes in for 20 out for out for 20 let it let it be outside cool down in 4:20 until I figured at the 5 and then the outside have that overcook thing we all like oh and underneath it I just left the the rack roast until it was right right a couple minutes at the end and then serve the whole thing I cooked I fact I put the roast on the rack for The in-and-out airoprix Roasted the rack and then put the roast back on the rack for the in and out procedure so that you wouldn't get an overcooked section next to the Bone

you don't want no recovered right right right because I didn't write anything like that

delicious delicious delicious hi Dave how's it going all right how you doing Happy New Year Happy New Year I'm going to try and follow in your footsteps I'm planning on going to Mexico City and two weeks and I think I'm going to try and bring back a nixtamatic and so I think did you say you carried yours on like what do I what should I expect like I'm just kind of nervous about like this big thing and not being able to take on the plane with me kind of thing like I could I would

okay leave it in the box like / rap the box and have it is your checked now let me tell you a couple things about who I came back to life, they came back to life don't grind almonds in it after you add sugar if you add sugar to almond if you grind just almonds or any nut it works like a champ right if you if you add sugar to it while it's grinding the oil will get expressed and it will turn to a glue on the inside clamp your place together and then that's going to get the poop on the motor so don't do that another this lady just pulled a bottle of wine, my God I can't look I'm looking around for the microphone and talking to him looking away from the woman so where was I

quality on the Burrs isn't she's done with the wind I can look back really the best and so what happens is is the first four or five batches you make with an Ematic of Masa are going to be fairly course and you need to literally grind the Masa burst into into like a coplanar a kind of a situation and so the very first one you do like you obviously grind some dry rice to get most of the metal grate out but I just don't worry about a little bit extra still getting into my masa for the first couple of runs around in my plates gotten like a lot lot better over overtime you know I'm saying so like your 10th bath batch of Masa is going to be better than your first or your cell phone keeps getting better but they starts out like not so great but don't worry about that

just by law to ride after I went through a couple things of rice I just started sounds like to hell with it and do you know you're double grinding Tomas it right so you're doing a double double grind on it and I just keeps getting better batteries in it when I was in China you know they were like it like that literally the week they stop allowing you to bring a hoverboard on the plane even in checked baggage cuz they kept blowing up but there's no it's all good you bring a toilet back I'm like yeah yeah I am and what were they

well thanks so much snow how it works when you get it have a good time in Mexico true hey go to the Merced I think it's the name of the market right go there and there's a lady was walking quesadillas because it is the season to be jolly for New Year's I busted out our old Mochi maker that we had like years ago and made the fresh Mochi which is delicious and I'm here I know this trend is like 10 years old almost next year this year 2016 I think 1000 Peter schmeichel

why are you talking about food this is a cooking show together talking about yeah well I'm sorry that not everyone in the freaking world like can sit around and talk with us all the time how many times have to hear you talking about Daniel Krieger in Bananagrams and how you have different ways of playing with each other now once I heard it three freaking times already and that's a stupid freaking how to play Bananagrams people two letter Scrabble words are legit I am sorry that you don't like keys so kieu I I apologize for your lack of of liking the same bottle tags on it so they're not mutually compatible

and I'm supposed to spoil the new Star Wars for a Pete and Sebastian Mochi so turns out fresh Mochi is freaking delicious and I don't Advocate you go out and spend 219 bucks on a Mochi maker but if you happen to have one lying around eye of the tiger Mochi maker it is sick and I did fresh Mochi which was really good like we did it I did it talion style because I didn't have any Sesame or anything with me but like they're like little gnocchi but even more chewy delicious but then you just take a new padded out thin and it works the next estas wish I could have told you cuz I did this morning and last night you can take the hard like day-old Mochi and I think even commercial Mochi and you just put it you put spray grease in a waffle iron and you age that expands to fill out the waffle iron and turns out like Chris praecipe outside

and like gooey inside Mochi in a waffle iron and Emoji waffle waffle and they are like

dude that's the next Robin burger man it's got to be like I don't like pick up on this people like start making this crap and restaurants here in the US cuz it is a win the only issue is is that the texture like like all freshly done Mochi the texture tends to change pretty drastically and pretty quickly so it's best as a quickly eaten item and I saw some people online doing it and their stuff just look like we've got to make sure that the waffle goes on long enough get it you have to lift the waffle plate out a bunch of like two or three times during the cook to get the maximum lateral expansion of the bote by anyway so I'm planning on playing more with Mochi As Time wears on a reason I got it out before the New Year's because anyone listen to the last episode knows that this year is going to be the year of starch research for me to write a book

and get us and if you've done you here to here from here to here first folks

well let's just take a really quick break ya

today's program is brought to you by the cheese Cupid app which is a really fun and awesome app which will hair cheese with a beverage so don't be shy I choose a category what beverage compliments your cheese what cheese compliments your beverage Wisconsin cheese keep it has the answer simply choose the beverage of cheese in need of a soulmate in Wisconsin cheese Cupid will do the rest feeling adventurous that will create a random delicious pairing for you to visit cheese get the app check it out pair your cheese and your wine will be right back

Despicable Me

I learned Peter Kim is not seen Despicable Me one last thing we were talking about carbonation and Tandoor on at that now that's over I'm done talking about that I never talk about it again when cooking for one

to meet her like to eat I don't mind like when I cook for myself and it's the first and she's going to get mad but like what I cook for myself it's 3 it's traditional treat myself to something that I can't cook in general for the family that I see the waitress when she pours is freaking beverage for the person wipe off the bottle so it wouldn't drip all over every freaking thing

the quality animes animes equality primarily because there's always a lot of sitting and staring at the ceiling and all this other stuff I waiting for the next plate of food to come out and I freaking hate being by myself waiting for a check I freaking hate waiting for checks even when I'm with cup and who the cover-up anyway anyway this is more of a statement even those single Acumen households are the fastest growing demographic in the developed World their needs are often overlooked obesity and poor nutrition cause by overconsumption of junk food I just called jungle do you know what I don't allow anyone to use in my house to work junk food at all wow it is terrible superfood anything that's the sort of on the think it's a bad

and I try to write a piece on that junk people poor quality people I think there is food is I think there's through this is poorly made but like the problem with calling food junk is that it then set it up as something that you kind of want it's like this like you're so nice of cucumber on my crap and garbage and you shouldn't need it you know what I mean it's like Anyway OK is on the rise I believe single people are more like a back to the readings are more likely to eat pre-packaged meals because they can't be bothered cooking just for themselves but I don't

I'd like to say I have nice shoes in my freezer fridge thank you but like you know what I would like her hands legs suck eggs

they need help these are single people back to the question I am a single woman and want to help people who live alone cook and eat good healthy food not just for their help it because they deserve it cooking something I enjoy be a player who is Louis Harper Seafood using natural ingredients are there natural I have no problems with the word natural in fact like a few thousand or natural because if you buy into natural rights the problem is is that you think that the stuff that you're buying out that says natural on it somehow what you want what you want is people to go buy whole things like celery and make things out of it like something that is like celery flavor that is all natural is just as kind of reconstituted in discombobulated as anything else

what it is is that people make decisions based on and they're being a Bamboozled that's the issue everyone in the business like knows that it is an absurdity and yet like millions of dollars are spent that people thinking that they're doing the right thing by themselves in their family buying things to say natural and two word with 0 meaning for the word natural and the c word appears that will I think kind of be

Illuminating just doing that or if you want to know more about the subject come to the Museum of food and drink on 62 how they were natural has been perverted over the last hundred and ten years Louis Cab anyway we're back to it we're back to release heartburn anyway my recipes are for healthy food not healthy food here is where we totally agree Sherry when she says my butt stick sharing a streamlined approach to cooking with your listeners will help take a lot of stress out of cooking so will my Hansen tips on shopping setting up a pantry door section essential kitchen tools when your kitchen is well-equipped and I'll start cooking is way easier sincerely Louise Harper Harper blog is single serve. Net. Australian I've no idea what shopping

I'd like to buy the general at home is that that they don't have a streamlined procedure that's what I like if you want to use the piece of equipment keep it out on the counter if you don't have space for it just realize you're never going to use it again like making pasta making it for years at least once a week because I could see it there and my KitchenAid was right next to it and I knew how to like bus that stuff that you want to really want I really want I want the KitchenAid pasta roller they're too expensive why do they cost two hundred bucks someone out there please tell me for God's name why is the KitchenAid pasta roller set $200 when an atlas like pasta roller with a saber rollers on at the to your counter is it listens cost us even like 50 bucks

I don't know this is Bed Bath & Beyond I need the roller in the cutter I really only need two different sizes for the thick noodles in the thin noodles in the ruler

I'll find out here again my hands work I can cut you think this year could I see you're a star so I can get back into cutting soda again remember when I was on my cutting soda kick myself and I sits on used in my knot in my lower drawer we are Japanese knife case

hi I don't listen to radio show in the car or when I'm cooking or walking I'll explain it all things worth the pain to stop and take notes also from the shows note to sometimes a bit tricky remember which shows are things happen this is for you jack I don't know if you saw this this is a long way of saying I have an idea podcast to make them more searchable Jack or they could go on a Wiki or something and get cross reference in Lake by cooking issues fans / write a book which I do need to write a book on daily father if he's the cocktail book called Rants and cost $1 a minute

231 episode then that's a shade over ten Grand Jack ten Grand is a lot of money to find out of nowhere but think it takes. It would make it easy if one of them is $50 can you get your name at the top of the episode transcripts to be easy with that much volume you probably get a good discount on transcription to anyway what you think I just said that here in the booth little storage room in the basement we have at mofad that's one of the many reasons why the more recent movie is a travesty because of the way that

11 oakwell liar liar has a twinkle in your eye at that point the museum that is it from Chris right to it although he does mention the last time I had the pleasure seeing you I believe you actually accidentally in? Shot Sub Zero vodka in my sinus with a syringe of tales of the cocktail I may not be remembering correctly but either way I've got some seriously clean sinuses are the podcast off and you've never failed to teach me something I'm working out call no anchor and finally have time to focus on some finer issues in a beer bar that I've never gotten to properly tackle green design for the expiration of your cocktail to tekra save a draft and bottled cocktails that use beer in some way for Bali cocktails that use beer especially those that feature beer in which we are concerned with maintaining hot qualities we were ideally be using glass that blocks the proper wavelength of Life Brown

are green should I be concerned with that are at Brown beer bottle can withstand the pressure of a carbonated cocktail you have any experience with doing Cork and cage cocktails and large format know although I want to but I'll be using probably champagne-style bottles because they are designed to Cork and then cage and you can fairly cheaply get a champagne Corker to do it I don't think those will fit standard beer bottles but you probably could use a brown beer bottle this method in which case it's fine they will handle those larger battles will easily handle bike up to four volumes and you're not going to get a hotel anyway so they should the lighter cheaper beer bottles and a half volume range but most of time they'll be okay and if you let them come up to room temp after you follow them and put them somewhere at just like once you chill them down again they're definitely say so they might explode especially to get secondary fermentation inside of one of them

which is a distinct possibility cuz you're adding sugar that's where you going to look out right so you either going to want to kill off fermentation so that there's no more used to live in it or you might run into problems with explosion and if there are left at room temperature for the fridge temperature they will build over time you might still get some explosions but you never know but is it going to be aware of when you're bottling cocktails for a long. Of time to change over time if there's life he's not unless you add an ascending to actually destroy a yeast right like a preservative The Kills yeast you're going to have issues with yeast in the in the stuff fermenting and reducing your sugar levels as well as increasing your combination that will check as oxygen is the enemy of beer are there any methods you would suggest testing when transferring beer from a keg to a corny keg for draft cocktail are the effects of lightning auction going to be moot what we're all the beer you. He'll be served within a week or your small steps I can take to get that extra little pop jazz hands

during the transfer simply because it's already carbonated so it is long and it's already carbonated before you do the transfer it continually effervescing and because it's continually effervescing it doesn't have a lot of time to do a lot of oxygen uptake to it and it's kind of forms its own barrier you can pre purged your tags and everything with CO2 to make sure that you're not at you're not dumping into oxygen and getting some mixing there and you can then post-carbon again into is a keg and do a couple flash off to make sure you gotten any Oxygen out you have primarily a CO2 in there but hopefully that works so I'm being told that we're out of time next week I'm going to talk to Alex about Cook's Illustrated review of black or blue pen I talk about steel Pan vs cast iron and what I think about Cast Iron and steel pans and cooking issues thanks for listening to this program on Heritage Radio Network. Org you can find all of our archive programs on our website for S podcast in the iTunes Store by searching Heritage Radio Network

like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter at Heritage underscore radio you can email us questions at any time at the info at Heritage Radio Network. Org nonprofit organization to donate and become a member visit our website today thanks for listening