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Episode 232: The Holiday Show

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Bushwick bro you can't call in to speak to her while she's wearing it but she is wearing for the first time this year at the radio show her marvelous Christmas hat

I think we got a sweet ass or something that that her hat cuz it had his like there's a photo online are you and I here with it yet at least it is a fantastic Christmas hat is completely unrelated to the phenomenon of the ugliest ugly Christmas sweater of which you also have several some Christmas had it turns her entire head into a festive Christmas tree totally covering the sourness that comes out of the mouth attached to the Hat Bow Wow Bow Wow and turn our good buddy Jackie molecules I'm in a really really really good mood because the cooking issues listeners have gone like above and beyond with their donations to the network and it fits awesome it's so awesome they really represent

so well there too many comedian shout out it's crazy but just know that every time those come in and work so I just came from a by the way so weird recording this on Monday instead of on Tuesday because Nastasia has to go up to Boston tomorrow to get a cheaper a lot cheaper $120.

I started started earlier today I had to do a series of videos for box for the Museum of food and drink and it's part of our contractual obligation with infinity and you know food science demos no one asked me to just sit around and talk about I don't know something it's always like some sort of tech and Sciences so they said hey you know really really really and that's why I figured I was going to mix it up a little bit. You're going to like this again I want to pay attention you are busy sucks all my time this morning is going to suck all my time this afternoon with us instead

like you know what liquid nitrogen as we all know is amazing but it has three main safety issues one it can get cold never ever ever do or from MiO getting it poured onto your pants or some other thing right here you can get on your hand Frost effect it will just roll in a big one member myhrvold almost killed himself in his car with liquid nitrogen and so we have all these safety rules against asphyxiation but the other one is Jack take me to the explosion noise again so Yeah Yeahs ago and we always talk about it there was a German cook who took liquid nitrogen in a sealed container home from the restaurant and it exploded in his girlfriend's bathroom and like took off one of his legs one of his hand most of the other hand for the me to call Mexico excetra because the pressure just keeps building and building and building

but I've never actually done the demo I swear to God the name of the you know where we're not in front of a big audience where we're going to blow up a plastic bottle with liquid nitrogen to show how dangerous it is right so I take this thing is called harmless water for this harmless water and some sort of wine is coconut Waters non-carbonated bottle so it shouldn't be a problem polycarbonate are strong and so and some liquid nitrogen and so I pour the liquid nitrogen into the harmless water container I screw it and I quickly

and go down right so that my eyes aren't over the top of the thing and there's like nothing happened like literally nothing happened so I like tap the thing nothing around nothing nothing is finally a swear and then I get nervous you ever like fire with us and I never really because it does you have to go to school to be done and it might not be it. It might come on and let's shoot you in the eye or burn that whatever you got me so I'm in a fight I'm in a dud firework situation here right

we're talking like a minute and a half later and all of a sudden it part of this is the Sahara with water bottles are a obviously not harmless and be stronger than friends is Fiji water bottles which I know I can blow up with a measly like hundred 110 PSI water bottle exploded it while I was carbon dating it like you know all of a sudden starts freaking growing and growing and like some starting to look more like a watermelon and it was when it finally went it shattered the first of all the bottle like the integrated like a balloon the Cambro freaking shattered and sent Cambro pieces everywhere and it was the loudest it was like shooting off like 5 or 4 shotguns are all the same time thank God they got I was like we're going to run a test that you going to film this because I might never do it again and the video is horrifying butts

is horrifying what kind of hilarious because you see me looking at trying to figure out what's going on then you see the explosion and then like a second later in life and it's all over your eyes after that I don't know if they're going to actually put that section of it in there but you know you know I like to do the I like to do they what not to do in a semi controlled environment important times and that says before I told people not to do this you how many times I've done damage around like absolutely never do what I'm about to do and then they leave out that part and just had me doing the bad thing is having me so many times every time I do it in the statutes are Ensure shakes her head back and forth like how many times is it going to take before you learn

because that's when you really bad has happened edit an episode of the things that you say not to do I take out the disclaimer right now because Bank the first time to our show we enjoy poking fun at the friendly staff of Roberta's

I haven't really heard what you mean that's why my wife doesn't trust me anymore set myself on fire account slipping with that with a mall and shoving it through my toe or any of those other things that was yeah cooking at home

I was in the basement I made my Christmas cookies yesterday yeah do you make Christmas cookies anymore size or he would you ruin that one time that we try to make all those Christmas cookies for the troops sugar just sugar and fudge do you like fudge really for real do you actually really small doses of small doses of thing that I like it like I can have small doses but I would never be like I'm going to talk into this giant block of fudge icing people do it like I could eat an entire tray of brownies but I only want like a little bit of money people dance for me dance dance I like them both I like them both noncommittal but no nuts I like nuts in a brownie but I would

boys shoes not nuts I don't mind I don't mind the taste of it but the problem is is it they can get a little soggy and Tamia brownie should be almost uni textural I don't really need textural variation in my brownie so like no chocolate chips in a lot of brownies have a chocolate chips in them unnecessary like brownies but I don't need them in the same sex what about you says like solid block of chocolate torte on top of the brownie think for the frosting in a dense brownie that allows you to eat almost unlimited amount of it and I don't know what that is mean as opposed to like fudge we fuck yourself living at you like you need a little bit you like okay I'm done now that was good

because the kids like to use that we use a gun to Spritz gun you like those I've never used one secret right onto the aluminum pan because I like to pull up the parchment whatever and it has to be the right temperature always make the same damn rosette and then they try to make a Scottie dog we have Scottie dogs rosettes Christmas tree but they're all the shapes always end up messed up the Rosetta doesn't really matter because if they bleed they bleed in the circle so who cares anyway

so I make those I make the Almond rubber the right which really is it that I may can make those I burnt out actually my nixtamatic like the motor came back on but I was trying to grind all the almonds in my nixtamatic and make some bomb maker and it was rocking and then all the sudden it's stalled and proof and smoke came out of the oven

Mexican corn grinder just because I was probably a boneheaded making almond cookies it sounds like some stupid crap I would do right and then I make that I make these cookies that like theoretically they're not good but they're like my favorite cookie and I would also seems kind of like them is it is it these cookies that are like my great great grandma's recipe from like the 18 hundreds are like that you don't like black and white cookies aren't really cookies in a little cakes with icing these are like that but they're chocolate milk and so you may call Bonbon that they really drive to you have to drink something with him but you keep eating them and eating them and eating them cookies like that do you like Italian Sicilian yeah just keep drinking and drinking like water with it

vagina centrifuge stuff to talk about supposed to have gone to this like awesome 6-1 restaurant where this where the waiters know how to like they can do that magic trick where they change their eyes their Opera masks like back and forth back and forth back and forth back and forth and instead the meeting ran late because turned out take a long time to explain to people how to build a centrifuge and so instead I got like this little thing of Chinese takeout and I was like I can't believe this and then when I ate it I was like I cannot believe is his tastes like I walked across the freaking Street you know to like the local Chinese takeout and Binoo their logo is like crazy

how do I get highlighter good good good interesting interesting food while I'm there like I think I said also on the twitter-like it had some really cool steamed bun varieties that you don't get over here or that I have never had before I need to do some investigation on that I'm thinking I don't really have any time but you know what are the things I'm interested in is starches so like being over there really made me think I need to up my start game at like they say the same if you if you look up people's descriptions of different starches and what they are good for what they're not good for their always extremely vague but you love starches you like noodles you mean like start yeah yeah somebody was but like most of the most of them popular writing on using different price

just like you know you got your sweet potato you got your water chestnut you got your Caltrop which is the other kind of water chestnut which is it there by early different species you got potatoes or modified starch starch starch xtravaganza and there's actually a there's an interesting books when 1919 I think that has like these lunatics just took a pictures of like five hundred different starches it's on the internet post a link to its people can see like this I start writing sometimes Twitter from Japan or I'm going to try and Tackle this probably not over the break a lot of time but he I think was buckwheat feed a buck wheat or rye

I want to make something the texture of fresh mozzarella made out of that with the flavor of the flavor of I forget where was Ryder buckwheat extra fresh mozzarella and I think I know how to do it it's like a mixture of like soy milk cashew cheese LBG Kappa and like I got to figure out how to get the the flavor of the Buckley without having too much would an additional starch I'm working on it I'm working on it like this is the thing you have to do to include the information life-like standardized starch recipes to test out the different Stars things and then you know do them and then there's no way I can have other people I don't know I'm sure that exists and I'm just terrible communication with people as a thing

what are you doing for Christmas. What about using your molecules what are you doing for the holiday drive to Long Island for the night that's it just us Alex I'm from the bay area of know where you went to college does he have any love for the Very Merry Christmas dates you have a question regarding pressure cookers and induction cooktops I had a Fagor Duo earlier yes yes I'm aware that they don't make a great stock as I read from your cooking as great of a stock as a random cooking shows timer but I was thinking of maybe getting a giant mason jar of sorts and sticking the bones and trapping all that within the latest that was a possible method of hurt any more flavor it is in fact modernist cuisine does that

the time they were the first people I think the Neo demonstrate that to me is the idea that if you don't have a sealed pressure cooker you can just see how things inside of something to pressure cooker and it's Eno same same thing

unfortunately I also live in an apartment that has a rather terribly old electric stove I was wondering if buying a single separate induction top would be advisable since it may offer better controls and if so are there any recommended Brands yeah they're awesome I love him I don't have any like kind of Brands I have had some died on me but I think they just get better and better the main problem with induction cooktops frankly is the inexpensive wanted me you could buy really expensive ones how much was the end up selling artists forced does you need a separate the ones that go into 110 the problems people have with it and it a lot depends on how old you are and how good your hearing is because they make this a horrible noise does a nice body Staten Jackie are you don't talk about so like every inexpensive induction burner that I've ever used just goes

how do I know what you mean like if you're like me like an old fart to can't hear worth spit anyway like it doesn't really matter it doesn't bother me so much but you know I can't stand that and Ice Cube that's like on metal man I used to love turning on the ultrasonic homogenizer homogenizer watching Everybody Run and you know there's got to be some benefits to Listen to Too Much loud music in your headphones for years and it's I can I can be around things that are unpleasant constantly everyday to the instant pot and all the other electric pressure cookers that were on sale recently from Black Friday I don't know the instant pot do you stop

I don't know the instant pot but I have use electric pressure cookers in fact I know the designer of the Cuisinart electric pressure cooker and I think they are convenient and they're they're good and you don't have to get one of these have to worry about those not a big deal with an induction top is just remember your throttle the throttle it down so it doesn't you know presents scorcher or over pressurized my issue with electricity the very convenient and you know mine blew up eventually not not exploding exploding Stars remembers awesome good times

so the problem is that they are a slightly lower pressure so you need to recalibrate your recipes and I really prefer to cook a 15 psi then I think I forget what they ate those a lot of those run they run like 7 I don't know why they run lower a part of the problem is that they're not actually judging pressure they're actually controlling the temperature in the controlling the temperature a little bit higher and I think that's really the reason that's why I was able to take my electric pressure cooker and fool it into getting a higher pressure by just altering the sensor so that it was wrong in the temperature and a jacked it up to the normal pressures that you want to use now again that void any warranty but it it does work the other problem with electric pressure cookers frankly isn't that a lot of times like and you know I use Kuhn Recon but it was a gift I didn't have to pay for it and it's a good pot dosso the good thing about a good pressure cooker pot that's not like a electric kettle is it usually you can get the pot itself upto really high temperature is really quickly over a normal sort of a stove and soda

you know I allowed you to saute the onions first or if you want to do a pre sear like brown the meat before hand isn't like this brown the meat or do the onion somewhere else because it would just take him for freaking ever who wants to sit around for a whole point of the pressure cooker a lot not always but a lot of the time the point of the pressure cookers I can have something done in like 15-20 minutes and so who wants to wait 15 or 20 minutes for the onions to freaking sautee so that you can then have a pressure cooker thing done 20 minutes had to take double in the freaking time it takes to make something cool wants that do you want that says no I don't have a pressure cooker do you know why you don't talk that way

this by the waist size is like like trying to do some sort of like Christmas Eve Blues crap because like what I'm trying to tell you it's just it seems like a lot of work seems like a lot of work secret Santa gift and 3 related questions and we're supposed to question from last week but like you with this whole blowing things up at the thing eyewear Mall discombobulated so these are the questions that I've been being part of the online community that is put in so many hours working on ensuring techniques and ideas the technique has been largely ignored by The cookbook publishing world and they saying are there about 4 bucks that true let her know there's that

Keller there's the original one Roku book there is modernist cuisine at home with books

cannibal in one spot

why they did the Roca want to hear pn1 there's that weird German when were the temperatures were like twice the size they should be member that one know what is the weather in or by Coco publishing the uniqueness of the term is allowed the online community to connect and build a body of knowledge that we can now benefit from I agree that sous-vide as a word as a low-quality description for low temperature cooking however is impossible to Google low temp techniques and temperatures menstrual I guess is it worth giving up the benefit we have received from the term in order just about to accuracy

I don't know I never say it

but again yeah you're right like I have benefited from Google search analytics with things like cooking issues with as one word or like Booker and Dax to go back and do no not have had relations with the dog on this one it's like you know I just think it's it's bad because it's not it's like not accurate it's less important now I guess cuz people know it all but

it was really a big deal when restaurants are getting fines and shut down for using sous vide and people were confusing the two techniques because low temperature cooking with a circulator the had no actual regulations on it it was just a vacuum machine that had the regulation so it was dragging an entire set of techniques into like a like a kettle of nasty hot water when it didn't need to be and I think you know especially when I was talking to a fellow Preston back in the day, and other people I was like why are you marketing a why are you marketing a cook a piece of cooking equipment that can be used without a vacuum machine and you're hanging the name of it in the name of the technique on this other much more expensive piece of equipment that you don't need to invest in right away so just doesn't make any doesn't make any sense it would be like saying you know it would be like only having the word for sunglasses be driving glasses so you felt that you had to go buy a freakin autumn

I'll just use a pair of reading glasses and it's not the case but not really good analogy but you don't need a vacuum machine for low temp cooking or fur circulator so why would you tie the terms together but against I've lost so whatever you know you can't you can't really win any of them

to dismiss. I hate rabbits that it's fine I will eat it I got a rabbit sausage ones from Heritage Foods is one of the best things that made a good pasta with it so good now. Thanks working at right in there do you don't even have the question at a time right so there

like a like a rabbit sausage egg and cheese on a biscuit biscuits that you're crazy about Yorkshire pudding I'm not have that what is that you take when you do you like prime rib at Christmastime Jackie like a prime rib at Christmas time so what you do is when you cook the prime rib in traditional way or if you do should do low temp for insurance and then do a roast off on it you get to Dripping signs of pain right see how he's fat drippings in the thing and then you basically take a what we used to call it a Dutch baby mix which is like a thin pancake batter whipped up with a bunch of bags and you dump it into the pan with the grease and just pops up into this like beef grease popovers

do you like, so you like

jackieoproblems right is there anyone that doesn't like a popover hard to find somebody big sit in this task chair in this chair for almost two hundred episodes Reddit Radio today and help us by new chairs when it comes to rabbits in the wild run by the way from James Jame 5 on so I think it's probably Jameson with a V like that's the password payment Square over the weekend when does students at want us to the saddle later but I'm first looking to low temp confit the legs online temperatures and times are all over the map Love Commodores complain about Pasty

on every almost every site I found making any recommendations I saw a forum post claiming the modernist cuisine calls for 66 degrees Celsius for 1 hour at high other sites were doing a test around 6264 Celsius but all with an ongoing conversation about time and claiming that too long and the meat goes pastey or pasty now what about like Patachou

no don't like it no to pass to use all the sudden you're from that area to country where you from Michigan and I had like a traditional pasty some meat pies with a good is really good flaky or what yeah okay size heart a break it up the first of all I like a traditional freaking pot pie here's what I don't want I don't want you to take a hotel pan throw some crumbly crust bits on top of the pot pie mix and say that you serve me a pot pie that is garbage


I remember when I was a kid I used to put myself on fad diets and I was a kid steakums remember steakums Cheesesteak meat it's like pumped pulp beef that they spray onto a piece of wax paper and then free sound so bad yes you literally what you have to do is you have to take it apart Frozen because otherwise it just disintegrates and back into meat paste again and you stick it on your on your electric skillet because invariably these are made with a electric skillet from the 70s and then they kind of shrivel up and they solidify into these kind of like cheese steak at things anyway so I had everything like exactly so I was like X number of slices of American cheese x amount of sauteed onions X number of steakums on this particular role

with mayo and ketchup was like right at this number I forgot the number was but I had it right dialed in and it would be all I ate all day idiot anyways we talking about Popeyes we started with Brad looked up like how many calories are in a pot pie and I was like oh my God I know what then I realized calorie counting and you don't have you ever read the book Catching Fire things at 200% true is every calorie counting mechanism that is used is complete garbage and you know that actually has rangama think it's actually has real date of the back it up where is I always use a simple thought experiment as I said before in the air I don't know if you take Jackie you can do this over the holidays if sure

right and you calculate how many calories are in a gallon of oil you gain a good amount of weight right if calories are actually calories if you could actually absorb all the calories that you eat in an equipotential way right swallowing a gallon of oil would be a problematic however if you swallow down the well you describe a gallon of oil out here like smoothie and juicing juicing though you're going to absorb a lot more so I actually absorb less than I guess the average person because I wolf things down start he says that I'm in human till I call chunks of his main point is that raw food diet are literally look like even a very rich Western City dweller can barely survive on a raw food diet in terms cuz I have to eat so much more because the food that they might tell you cook at the food's not really available to your body so they have to eat so much more to his point is is that and this is why I asked how cooking made us human is that there's no way

that modern humans could have existed based on a diet because he says I have to eat so much of it and have to choose the hell out of it on this Popeyes detour was from pasty was my fault because pasty if time is so important that they are cooking so hot that you might as well not really low temperature requirement less we are getting the temps wrong if you have any suggestions on time or tempt even agree I seen people insisting that you keep the oven under 210 degrees and others calling for 3:15 even be 75 x Harry from 2 hours to 10 is a time if a Time is two-factor on the low temp why is there no talk of pasty in the oven method Sanctuary for your help

you don't notice the patient is in a piece of meat when you simply overcook it to the classic pasty meat that you get is tenderloin any kind of tenderloin if you cook it for too long even without overcooking it tends to go pasty that's because of muscle doesn't actually have any real structure of a cell and that's the problem so things things like beef tenderloin are always described when they're cooked too long as pasty and I haven't done a lot of rabbit low temp what I guess rabbit has the same kind of an issue anything like I say is like very low in in connective tissue I think that Chicken special events vacuum bags and cooks too long those kind of pasty or fibrous he's almost a fibers like become almost separated so that when you eat it you get all this liquid at once but then it turns into like a muscle fibers in your mouth as you chew and it's because the meat doesn't have too much structure that sell that's the real problem

so that's what they're talking about and it doesn't happen in traditional cooking because you just usually undercook the inside and overcook the outside and overcooking it just makes it hard that doesn't make it pasty that's why I really only happens in these situations where you can get large pieces of meat that are all the same cooking temperature throughout it that you really noticed the phenomenon

anyways so that the trick is it you want to minimize also I think duck can get pay seduction also delivery so something the two false you get with certain kinds of meats by cooking them too long even if the proper temperature is a fibrous Nestor paicines sometimes I can say it's more fiber sometimes morpace the worst also is like things like shrimp sometimes have an enzymatic reaction them at low temperatures where they just turned to almost literally a paste it's completely inedible when you cook it for too long so those are the ones that are really kind of time-limited and it applies to the lower Time Lord you know part of the temperature scale like where you're not going all the way to a Braves but you're in my pain in the lower abdomen to usually meet sit high or low in connective tissue on the passenger side it's usually like Duck can go Livery to cook a too-long things like especially really terrible are like cuts of beef that like don't have a lot of fat or structure like I have

anime tentacle delivery in Massey when you when you cook them too long and so that's why I tend to not really cook things like tenderloin low temp unless you're doing like a Wellington or something like this and you need to just cook it through really quickly but I try to keep all of those times on things like OKC under an hour and you can do that and a couple of way so if you have something it's thick you can we have to figure it out but you can basically set your water bath a little bit higher than you actually want the center to be and then pull it a little bit early before this thing gets up or any number of things like that but it is problematic it's best to try to keep pieces of things that go pasty in ways that you can cook them in under an hour I've never really noticed any piece of me going pasty in less than an hour or not what you described that shrimp turning into Pesos really sickening

teaching at the FCI I would do that as a demo and then all the sudden one day I wasn't able to reliably make the disgusting taste anymore but it was so bad and you know if you've been to one of my demos if I make something on purpose it's crappy I make you eat it the point being that you're supposed to know what happens right you don't want to take someone's freaking word for it and so you know I used to enjoy watching people put it in her mouth and everyone would spit it out because the texture was just like repulsive but alas I was not able to hate games because that would be rude but it's a three-star a restaurant Michelin star restaurant in Tokyo called Euro nice and I had I believe it was good I had a good time but

Stars at the worst the worst guess you've ever had at a Michelin star restaurant near Eataly the single worst I've ever had a michelin-starred restaurant was this a mantis shrimp that that we were served that was pasted it was basically somehow like it was cooked mantis shrimp and it turned to kind of this granular paste I was just vile right remember that the face you remember it when I get to the most expensive but so the point is is that here in the US we don't really see live mantis shrimp that off and how do I describe what a mantis shrimp looks like it looks like imagine like a cross between a lobster and a centipede accurate is kind of like a sea centipede anyway but OKC

Roseanne or something and then thawed and then it was just like those like that Shiro shrimp Frozen here in the US and they're just freaking awful like it one time by cuz I used to I once tried when I was doing you know like a Cioppino Inside by a bunch of stuff to throw into the Cioppino so why not ratchet ratchet in China and apparently it's like only been the range for the past couple of years or something I went when I went to one of these places where you buy you buy the fish live and then they take it and they cook it for you in fact you can go next door to the boat and buy it from the boat and then they cook it at the restaurant it's really weird situation going to do that in the US so the past couple of years like very large mantis shrimp like on the order of longer than a footlong like big mantis shrimp are all their lives and

are there like 3 in across and like over a foot long these mantis shrimp in the icon of all flopping around is very like in prehistoric looking stuff and it was freaking awesome not now to gauge whether or not you're going to like this right all right you know you're familiar like a salt pepper shrimp they're cooked twice right so they're there their fried up and then Friday again so that they get their super crispy on the outside and when the shells are thin enough you can eat the shells right if we were the shack and so like you always see people peeling and I'm like you're losing all the flavors so these things shall trip regular the mantis shrimp even though they're huge like that the ones that I had the shells were thin enough that when they did the double the double cook-off like that on them you could eat the whole damn thing

does awesome Dua hacked up into pieces and served it was just freaking

freaking really good as mothers and I would someday we'll talk with somebody will have time to talk about that interesting food stuff from Steve that I don't have an answer to so I'm hoping that I'm hoping that the internet's of people at the Heritage Radio can hook us up on this hello my name is Steve I just got here podcast recently and I loved it is going to gross. I'm going to look at her face into what your face big fan of the drama known as Hannibal on NBC Hannibal actually was a cooking show those about cannibalism and cooking is cooking cuz he was a new the Hannibal Hannibal cannibal listen to watch TV

no no no I don't I don't have cable or a TV projector and I'll watch like movies we make love me only how you how do you say plugged into a pop culture. Just the internet just the YouTube all the time unsubscribe from people don't don't they try to engage Jack and conversations about the TV shows or just watch for in conversation I love this jacket no I don't usually get the hater side of Jack rare rare I mean I hate from me plenty of hay from Stars very little hate from Jack glad you brought for Christmas is the season if you pulled out your Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer set has the entire Rudolph the Red Nose

reindeer like was it 30 or 50/40 year anniversary set we had to buy you had to buy Yukon Cornelius hermey Rudolph and Santa Claus menu send away can you get the Bumble only person ever send them all in and got them Bumble the rankin-bass old like you know oh my God I wish Christmas tree like King Kong on the top of the Empire State Building and you are hater in general but you do pull out the Christmas which I enjoy insulting that's what that's where I live right that's crazy the show was canceled because I guess there's only so much cannibalism people want to see on the TV I don't know and what are the things that stuck out

play was an episode where Hannibal talks about centrifuging Sal's blood in order to create a clear liquid to taste sweets I'll be there in plasma I asked them medical professionals about it and they mentioned that they had heard anecdotally from third hand source is third hand like that I never tasted sweet tasting sound interesting I want to try it for an awful themed dinner I got a cheap Center for you to spend some blood tube primitive Clay Adams model 01811 Jessica standard a thing as physicals for commercial driver's license test or something like this anyways if acid is horrible but I got some pork blood my local butcher to centrifuge and after about half-an-hour I got zero zilch separation is puzzled me since it's machine was presumably you two separate life for physicals I called The Butcher Shop I got the blood from belcampo Meats in Los Angeles so that you can hang out and get something

an anticoagulant it's just pure pork blood I can't really be true that right otherwise I would gladly I think it's got to be some I think it may be if the pH of the month literature about cooking with blood from Plenty of sources but nothing I can find out about Central using it for culinary you since Jose Andres was a culinary consultant on Hannibal TV series and he hasn't mentioned anything about centrifuging blood in any of his books I've come to the conclusion that he has all this one information about it and it is jealously guarding it and keeping it from people like me I don't think I can afford a centrifuge with significantly higher RPM so I'm wondering if there's a way to chemically clarify the salad out of blood similar to the way you clarify fruit juices and to produce a clear possibly sweets serum or plasma always get them mixed up Steve in Los Angeles so

why I don't know I've never centrifuge blood in any of my machines but this seems to me that when I write like this is something that I guarantee you we have people people

I think so I guess it's one of the things where you don't need me there's been there people out there right there's people out there in the Berkeley

that weird do you like it over there which is why I do have some questions I don't know what to ask first yet anyways we must have said anything right people ask anything you have to wait to channel fishes fishes vodka member that Jack what I would like to know and here's a question that's important but I would like to know is where do I get the Jackie molecules ringtone and Zeb still available for my phone care of this for an email at again info at Heritage Radio Network. Org the response will be quicker if you're a donor

actor portrayal of nastassia the last 230 episode I imagined Aubrey Plaza channeling nastassia please don't hurt me size I respect the hammer if she sounds like someone awesome to hang out with

do you say yourself to confuse people when I tell them I work in it all the stuff on the show you guys talk about makes them think that I work in a kitchen which is highly amusing as I feel like a total fake nice World here's to making you feel like a total fake weed instead of how we do anything anything any Christmas Eve things any advice we need to give her Christmas cooking

I don't know because I didn't know what's going to be the last episode are you at are you at now started a pro pro Christmas Warrior Jack are you in trouble I'm a solstice guy that today happy while. 21st first. Shortest way to your brother since I'm not having people calling right one I went to China I went to Hong Kong and Shenzhen more on that later if you guys are interested I went specifically I met the guy who makes the searzall how cool is that are going to be back online in early January what you mean the route they sold out freaking and the new load they are taking their sweet time on putting them into the factories as you say the new load


the new load is being held onto where is it it's they can't tell me you know how they are on Amazon for $7,300 as a joke I mean tell you something people

I told him it's on if they were going to run out we told them this was not honest I got a bunch of emails yesterday and then all morning I've been on the phone with them they're here they're here freaking guys freaking guys decorator we can do a lot of talking about it it actually is a really nice piece of equipment but nastase and I have to really feel that people want it in order for us to order another batch because they were really just for the kickstarter people but when I use mine everyday it's like imagine if like imagine if like Lazy Susan if it's like Susan stop being lazy took a bunch of anabolic steroids and like you know she became like super Robo we can't call it Robo Susan because there's no motor in it and we feel that like a robo Susan would have to be notarized by the way every restaurant

I want to try not to deal with possibly next year sometime searzall thing and also to deal with a centrifuge and I got good news and I got bad news the bad news is it's taking us a little bit longer to do the centrifuge then I'd hope I'm going to go through another round of prototyping we will start talking about the centrifuge and releasing pictures early in the new year and hopefully in mid-January and telling you about all of its capabilities and what it can do but as usual we don't want to put something out until we're happy with it and so it's going to take a month or two longer than we had hoped riced us but it's going to be

remember about what we'll talk more when death when it when when I when I announced it sometime in mid-January looking for Christmas or whatever Hanukkah that's over next year whatever New Year's whatever the primary thing and this is how I like how I do try to do almost everything is run a small test first that the thing right it's like you're going to have 15 or 20 people over you're going to spend money like a couple hundred dollars on me or you going to do something big thing of Maj take the time to just do a couple of small scale test first most of the time it's not that big of a deal like if it's a poultry problem just get like one breast for one leg and test it out and it's the same thing if you're going to be on a TV show test the stuff out before you're going to eat before you going to do it before you try to do with the whole thing because I know it seems like you don't have the time to do it but that's really the way to figure out what's going to happen if u r

just one or two simple test the second time around is going to be so much better that's how I figure out everything anyway and that's how hopefully you don't ruin the holidays so happy holidays from cooking issues thanks for listening to this program on Heritage Radio Network. Org you can find all of our archive programs on our website or as podcasts in the iTunes Store by searching Heritage Radio Network you can like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter at Heritage underscore radio you can email us questions at any time at the info at Heritage Radio Network. Org Heritage Radio network is a nonprofit organization to donate and become a member visit our website today thanks for listening