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Episode 231: Harold McGee Returns

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cooking and she's just a bar Bushwick every Tuesday 12 roughly 12:45 or so joined as usual with Nastassja to hammer Lopez I just asked it and I hear how you doing guys

I can't believe we're still on time today it's a miraculous from the passport office in Stamford Connecticut special guests in the studio today

Harold McGee

that's right that's right he's here I didn't give you any advance notice because I only want Die Hard fans to be able to call in to 718-497-2128 that is now stayed at a reasonable Pace Time 718-497-2128 Harold McGee probably should keep them to a kind of a cooking-related kind of a theme but you know it's up to you. Pretty open Harold is in town because he's going to do a talk at the Museum of food and drink lab on 62 Bayard Street this week on Thursday and you can still I don't know if you don't listen to me and look up the program you can see and what you going to be talking about

it's interesting there is an anti flavor thing going on now it's kind of like that they even goes part of the theme of sugar salt fat Whenever Wherever that is plus you know the Dorito effect basically trading trading corporations on their pernicious inclusion of those addicting flavors into food until you're not you're not part of the anti flavor I mean if I was a corporation which I guess we're not the mega Corporation I would like we're not we're not hated yet for our

meet me personally I have a person that has no I say Germany yet you haven't reached the kind of that Monsanto level yet or not you know nothing about with whole cultures

yet the city seems obvious just expect them to do that though

now I have a question in actually that I know you have thoughts on from last week unless you swing super pressing ahead last text Ashley family the remind Brady huggett just wanted us to comment on the whole aquabest Corporation been approved in the people who vow to dial to squash if you want to talk about that or do you want to leave it there and talked about and I want to dip your toes into the water of genetically engineered salmon prefecture tell people what it is first it's a salmon that's been

I believe that they basically taken and it made its I don't know whether it's an addition or a deletion of a gene I haven't researched Enough From The Pout-Pout yes wow it's amazing does it look pouty the fish is it named for his looked I've never named it's pronounce crappie but written crappy which one would you want to name a fish crappie anyway so it grows faster has better feed conversion ratio I then I ordinary salmon right and so what are your thoughts on it I've been following this now for 15 years or something like that they first put the genie in the fish and began to talk about this I'm amazed that they're still

able to have a proposal in front of the FDA and I'm kind of fascinated bystander I don't have strong feelings one way or the other I think it's important to make sure that fix that have been engineered don't get out into the World At Large I can't see how efficient Vineyard in this particular way is going to be a problem for human consumers so I want to see what happens there's been a lot of them

been a lot of bad information out there on it we know one of the interesting things is that fear is that you're going to have a an American Creed one of the fierce is it you're going to have like an American crayfish kind of a situation where these Sam and get out there start interbreeding with you know the regular salmon and then all hell breaks loose him you get these fast-growing salmon that are clogging up the news that what happened is they these fish are sterile they're only releasing one sex of fish female and those females are glutes female and those females are are sterile so they're not able to have baby fish rights that supposed to get around the thing. It's been a long time

is the movie written from a book by a guy is now dead but does anyone remember how it is that the Jurassic Park anyone Harold remember that Rebecca Jack and then how that works been too long maybe someone can tweet and how in a fictional account the sterility of the Tyrannosaurus Rex whatever it was or the Velociraptor I believe it was in this case that was all that life will find a way as Jeff Goldblum said in one of his more irritating rolls anyways and some of the people who are against this fish basically are they point out a state a study that was done that proves that this fish can actually interbreed with regular fish and so that the fish was applied to them by the you know by the company that makes them however they Supply them with genetically engineered

yet non-sterile fish specifically for this study so the study study was to show that if you didn't have a sterilized fish but could it interbreed with the regular wild population of brown trout and salmon hybridize with Inland like lake and river brown trout shouldn't like make it out new things and they found the yes it can if they were if they were not sterilized and I'll be at only poorly even in that case and get this is touted as being you know how they know that that there's you know there's

is in it somehow it's possible for the ones that they're going to raise to go out to the wild you read this stuff yes yes it on pushing making sure for the rest of us like the fish that they tested that could interbreed only poorly will actually want the fish that people are actually raising they were they were they had a dino whatever whatever it's just like it's very hard to get you know any good information on either side so

do you want to do some put a question for you into any thoughts or info on dry aging turkey vest duck I had with a TMP nose age for a week that's a different meat obviously bicurious but I like how I like how great I never ate a turkey which we should be like I messed up the Thanksgiving turkey little bit was still delicious but I didn't mess it up a little bit to talk about that later it would they were Heritage breed turkeys turkeys turkeys turkeys and they were I thought they were delicious did you try it or you too busy is good right there good did you try to call Fianna breast confit the legs out this year it was very hard to arrange them into a bird and I didn't have a bag big enough to do the the the breasts and so like I tried to do it

National cooking technique on the breast next year if I do a similar thing with her probably will I'm going to have to bust out the meter who likes didn't have the meatly with me where I was I didn't I didn't adequately plan I thought that just giving it time to adequately plan my equipment regimen to do it that my bad still delicious and one of the oven Tandoor okay here's the issue with the Tandoor right so I had to bird around the stuffing plug right with uncooked breast with stuffing plug was hot so I was hoping the stuffing plug would cook the breast meat from the inside out while I was going into the 10th or not and or goes back to you know what we said it many times is that you want very high instantaneous heat input but low average heated which of the way you do at and doors in and out in and out in and out in and out in and out you know but the cool thing is when it's and it's getting hit from all sides at once so I bought a pair of cheap vice grips

Vise grip on the bottom of this put the turkey on wrapped it with stuffing plug tied it real tight so it looked kind of like a turkey football didn't have any bones in it except for the it while the bones in the coffee that they were already cooked out the right of the breast area had no bones then a ball of tinfoil to separate it from the next thing and then a layer of tin foil in the Vise grip the tinfoil to stop that they the intense heat from the live coals from burning the bottom side of the bird but there was just so much grease that and the turkey was so large relatives the side of the size of the Tandoor and I so stoked to Tandoor with coals that it was like it was like a freaking the Disco Inferno inside of it and always was and then when I I left it in there so usually like when you're cooking a Tandoor

and are you start getting Flames off of like whatever grease is in the thing you you can close the bottom like air vent a little bit damp that up a little bit and then you put the lid back on the table except for the little place where the stores are coming out and that deprives the enough oxygen usually that you don't get a nut like a large kind of a Flames but not when you have this spring off of the turkey so then I pull the turkey you know I had it actually to skewers through it right so I could do a double trip so that did the trick to having a Tandoor is having a place you can put the skewers to rest in between your firings of the of the Pandora that's not like the ground or something else I have a spiral staircase next to the door so I was like putting them on the spiral staircase but I went to go readjust and poured hot grease like all over my fingers you can still see the wrinkles marks in my finger from what used to kind of be a normal fingers that was unpleasant but tasted good it's good I would do it again

I'll be in a little bit differently I dry the bird more beforehand and maybe maybe not maybe cook it all low temp with the bones in which is an anathema normally I don't figure it out but I would definitely do it again cuz I like the flavor of the Tandoor you should you need to own a tan first you have a house in a backyard Pandora there's some place in in San Francisco that sells them but the place in New Jersey ships in the problem is that the shipping charges that I I think I got to get a Tandoor Tandoor is the best I love the Tandoor hashtag vertical grilling the best you know if you'd only question is is it is till I got when I do steaks I put the skin of those like crappie fishing reels that you can buy or Veggie Grill that you can buy I have a bunch of those and

those usually have a place where you can like where it folds down you put a clip over at hold it down and so that's a perfect place to shove a skewer through so typically what I'll do is I'll throw like a steak or anything like that me a piece of that can't be Spirit easily and I put them in the basket and then put them in the Tandoor suspended over another skewer and close it and so that's the way you do things that aren't normally Pandora yeah that's how you vertically Grill things like that

you got to play with it I mean I've never done it before so I would do it once maybe plan on doing it for longer than is probably ideal and see if that's the case maybe check it out as it's going but I hang on to it for I don't know 10 Dates something like that you would you salt it ahead of time to stop any sort of anything it's kind of growing on the outside

I don't know maybe wipe it with vinegar every once in a while trying to kill a bird that has meat is inherently darker is that going to be a good like a Heritage style bird as opposed to a butterball butter balls have other stuff floating around in there no idea the ingredient list turkey Johnny Hunter I bet you maybe he'll write in Spanish I got a call if you're on the air

I did this is Jeffrey from Costa Mesa

better now that I have to sweep Jackie molecules ringtone on my phone that means is member at the break, dance with the right time and think if we say Jackie molecules

do you want to talk to people that do you want to talk to you about blanching french fries a couple weeks ago following up with that

so I tried a few different times for the Blanton basically pushed to the the lowest amount of time for the most amount of time I could get without them starting to all shatter about the theory here was by the way they call was about when you blanch it as long as you know I usually do to get the best textual effect in the French fry that potatoes are so loose that they're really beat up by the end and so then like kind of getting around this go ahead

CSO about 9 or 10 minutes with sort of the farthest I could go without in a large amount of them chattering in about 10 minutes it seemed like the pretty well gelatinize at a decent salt penetration so then I tried a few different oven temperatures and had some interesting results 300 I was pretty pretty consistently got my call 04 IS350 there a little more dense but the people that were going to Blind try and then they like the 350 and 400 was my favorite

no Halo fry pretty pretty soft kind of good you know pillowy potato texture so it still 400 seems to be the way to go before you know another 10 minutes before frying was the 400 was the 400 less time than the than the three and change that had the hollow fry minutes just to see what what would happen if that that was just curious start first to get the texture that you want but also Moisture Control both route to fry and at the crisp surface right and usually Hollow fry is the result of over crying at least in my theory it's all over drying so you lose kind of the substances on the inside of the fry and it's basically just had this crisp outside

I'd write that you would have Halo Fry at 3 and change or $300 or 10 minutes and then not Hollow fry you know what I bet you your case hardening it

is it like a dehydration affect what's happening at the lower temperature. Yeah I think the lower temperature is probably more effectively dehydrate in the entire fry and you must be getting some sort of case hardening a fact that the higher temperature and you're probably also you probably evacuating moisture it's at such a high rate at the surface it maybe you're not saying it's like Siri where is the fake ceiling of the crud probably doing something to dance up the surface of the fry is got to be right I could think of right yes I am I am I

dumb or or just a masochistic to after I I go through all these steps to make a French fry adding an additional stuff and I feel normal know you shouldn't be nuts good that's good it means first of all I never said normally a drawing step anyway so you're just having that drawing step take place in an oven and by the way like this is how everything in the world happened to Rob servation like if you had asked us I presume he'll let me know if you'd asked us what would happen when you Jack the temperature I would have said more Halo fry that's what I would have said you know not knowing but this is why it's very hard to answer questions from the theoretical basis and you need to actually do the test and pay attention to what goes on

you know this is why you should always beware of people who tell you that they have the answer to something unless they actually run the specific test if they're telling you about you know what I mean what about that I was wearing a man about getting better soft penetration with that limited blanch time would it affect the the way that the pectinex is able to effect

now that starts everything if I added salt to that bath so I do that you know that our long text and I'm told you that I don't know how much to sell this going to affect the enzyme but just on a theoretical basis I am suspicious that in the absence of the high blanching temperature that you're going to get too much more penetration then you will just by upping the salt content in your Blanche water what do you think Earl

I'm not actually clear on this part of the system hardcore french fry technique is so you don't have the modernist folk they do the ultrasonic bath to mess with the surface of the fry or so like the one that you know we do is is soak it in in a pectinex bath with which you know kind of disrupts the circus of the bride and that's our first step prior to the start you off normally and you can in water you so get some people soak it for a long time to to extract excess soluble sugar from the potato then you do your water blanch step with salt to put salt into the peacock on the starch then the question of drying which we just address then try one then sometimes freeze depending on what you want and then try to write this is how you make a french fry

french fry so the the point is that enzyme soak thing I don't think Chris is just soaking a potato in salty water I don't think it's going to get appreciably more penetration and just upping the salt content of the hot Blanche water because I got so much of a stir the hot plant well just Jack the salt level in the plants that attract thanks thanks to your recommendation I'll now be finishing fries in an outdoor Cajun fryer I got to give a kind of props to them I called their owner the night before Thanksgiving we had that thing delivered we're setting it up and it wasn't I wasn't lighting so I called them were in California I called them like 7:15 their time to the they just give like the home phone number for emergency while I called the owner and I answer the phone

banging the regulator on on a tank and and got it working so and you can buy that you can buy the Cajun fryer at Bass Pro Shops are not affiliated Jeff Schutte most recent one first step is interested in hearing Harold thoughts on the bean liquid egg substitute aquafaba yeah I've gotten more emails about that than anything I can remember at least in recent years so it's it's the liquid from a can of chickpeas quips up into a nice meringue

as far as I can tell which are molecules that are good at foaming so that you got stuff in there that that wants to foam and then stuff in there that's going to stabilize a phone like the dog star trim and protein and the combination is this unexpected Boon to vegan meringue makers aware of the kind of Genesis of on food and cooking Harold Sino first book it was as a result of studying the fart in using principle of the polysaccharides

why is a fantastic work for her. She has like her happy Styles face on usually situation like this so I got to get some more in here we should get to write a city or old friend Elliott milk herb stems sorry herb stems in milk Which Wich hurt

I know for a fact that Harold you've done work with amaranthe stocks but not in milk and there are the aim is to make something as stinky as possible I think that that's not likely with with this one and milk you would get the lactic fermentation maybe the the herb stems would be carrying naturally occurring lactobacilli into the milk and so they might help seeded but I don't see what what the connection would be between the the I mean that's true

but I'm thinking that I would think I would be more like parsley and things like that and I'm not sure that they have any active active principle isn't cartoons yeah they've got a lot of Cannon I think that's what causes the coagulation when you're doing them oblong in in the rest of his whole family all about the flower to the enzyme in cat stomach crazily enough PSI food all your cheese is made with genetically modified rennet

hey babe I had a question for you long do you cook a turkey in a bag from Thanksgiving we had the debate and didn't know it was the oven bags

but I know that it's okay well every and Harold will or so 20 to 30 years as far as I can tell bad cooking makes a big a Renaissance so it bagged paper bag cooking was big when I was a kid not paper anymore but bad cooking and by the way bag cooking not like sous-vide bag were talking bag like a large en papillote style bag is it is it is big now I have a book from the early early nineteen-hundreds from Alexis Sawyer's like son or grandson on paper bag cookery back when paper first started to be regular paper first start

non-toxic so they could be used in any kind of cooking

tensei comes back again and again and usually things that come back again and again have some Merit I would say although I don't necessarily know what that marriage is have you thought about the Herald

well I actually look at it the other way around if it's things kind of come and go they they go because they don't work so well and then come back because his is like is it like a poor man's copyright like are you keeping the esteem in

I don't know like I used to the paper bag chicken that I used to make when I was a kid my memory of it is that it was good it doesn't steam the bird in the sense that it does the skin get crispy so it's not picking her up so the skin is nylon baking bags are made out of something like that and centrally because they are impermeable unlike paper you are trapping the Steam and you're not getting evaporative cooling so the tip of your beer essentially steaming or

boiling the bird you do get I think some radiant heat through the bag so that it can kind of crisp up and spots but because of the humidity so high in there it's it's limited

they don't you don't poke holes in this bag I think you are supposed to leave the end that you tie off knot knot tied off tightly so so you are you do lose some but but I think the effective surface area of whatever opening there is a so small that they don't have a what they call High relative humidity whatever that means at elevated temperature but elevated to the point where it's

Browning efficiently yes I know you can cook a paper bag chicken have the chicken be crispy but you have to use the old school big paper bags and you know you have to put plenty of butter on the skin of the chicken but again maybe I was just wrong maybe you're asking me to remember what stuff tasted like when I was like eight nine years old that was like you know or 10 that's what I was doing my paper bag work and it is true that using the modern silicone sealed parchment paper on puppy style you get basically exclusively stand results out of things like fish

do you like I'm popular cooking generally headed to cook fish and not have my house smell fish so I'll cook it and then let it cool down so that you know it doesn't move the moment I opened it up it doesn't show fill the space with the fish smell you know how I can you make an excellent like Dashi it's all about that moment that roof aromatic reveal you like that aspect of the en papillote do you like what do you think about your house filled with fish smell now and I detest oil overheated fish oil is the worst has the worst that's up never except for when I'm when I'm doing sardines in a pan and I'll mind it cuz there's something so it mean I don't like it the next day or they're just like so marvellous about

sardines cooked on a high heat yes yes and I have my my favorite places to go to get that used to be in Kanto which is now closed but cockscomb does sardines also so Chris Cosentino's Place nice I'm sure he can cook like him a lot do you also I can sardines

James Beard right among many had many faults one was preferred electric induction electric range tops to gas

true story also thought that canned sardines were far superior to Fresh sardines now he's from the Pacific Northwest right so you presume he could get good sardines so this is just craziness like a I think that they're not the same product I don't think they should be compared I don't think that they're similar not only do I think that they're like like different I think they are dissimilar Prada yeah no I agree I agree I love can sardines I love age can sardines you know you can get vintage but you're right you couldn't do that to a sardine sardine and they offered different experiences pick out the weird calcium bone let's from the can of sardines are you being a part of the deal

do you put sardines are you the fancy folk that by the skinless boneless

I haven't been I like I don't like I don't text you early because it's gritty it's not that it's crunchy it's gritty because they're the bones are dissolved and all you have it is little kind of calcium tablets that are not a fan of the calcium bitlit don't like sardine

Caesar salad so okay so you're saying you don't like anchovies either spoiled is not slimy but here's what you don't want to like start your life and anchovies go buy a can of salted anchovies the straight salted anchovies

make me some

do you make it with the with the crappy can stuff do you make it with the with the with the Salted stuff that's all the stuff you make us all stuff I do too

the white anchovy that like it you know like the cured white anchovy they are not the same thing I do not like people saying that they are better than salted or salted and then away old anchovies I think that they are different and frankly I'm a weirdo but I could eat more salt it into a b then I could be cured I don't know everyone loves him I love them they're good but they're not that they're not the same product they they shouldn't be compared to Greater yeah yeah hey Kim people is cod the same as salted cod know they're different different products in the chat room Harold's holiday gift suggestions for an aspiring home cook already have a circulator and good set of pots and pans long time listener first-time question

set up play when I said I do you like to give people probably food-related hypodermic needle style for Mom for help you can stick it into any size piece of meat or fish you don't see a whole afterwards and you can check like three different places in 30 seconds there are things on the market that are for two as hypodermic that really are not yes yes

yeah yeah yeah if it looks like you could put a hole in you without leaving too much of a mark then that is what we are looking for however people don't ever use that thing as a candy thermometer don't ever put that in the deep fry oil because you will ruin it very quickly and they're not cheap either under a hundred bucks an hour into it for a thermocouple thermometer so you need to buy the probe and the thermometer or do they come with McAfee package but admit that the probe is a plug-in so you can buy Replacements will be tempted to test the temperature of your deep fry oil with a do not

do not

happy that I've ruined more than two awesome like that never been in Norway and Sweden just been to Copenhagen Denmark just kidding you have one so Harold and Dave can you advise on the minimum of a v the minimum ABV for aged eggnog recipes on the web for 20

15 is good 20 is going to be fine I'm really how low do you want to go that's the question right

give me that. That one's one for the Rockefeller right the one that the one that is being quoted as the one from the Rockefeller University that's the lancefield one the one that they actually did it challenge test on so I think that's the one that they were referring to so that this doctor at the Rockefeller she had to say eggnog recipe and they made it every year and some was like a man to save my mother like well this is what we do for a living and so they did a challenge test and they looked at the kill rate and how long it took to kill off stuff with it certain level of initial bacterial load a certain ABV and and it was beyond the order if it was age for after it was like a couple of weeks that it may become safer and safer same like mayonnaise same like using eggs and any cocktail where you're not actually killing of salmonella quickly so the answer is is that there are two separate problems one what is the ABV required to maintain bacteriostatic

bacteriostatic nature of it right and to add a given ABV how long does it take to become safe if it were contaminated at the get-go and I'll send them to be two different things right so you can say I know that within three weeks or two weeks whatever it is 15% ABV is safe however once be contaminated perhaps it could be diluted down to 10 or 12 or or less we think beer doesn't get nasty contaminants in it it gets you can get ruined you can have yeast growth you can have all these other things but you're not getting anything that will kill you in it and that is down that's much lower I think even if you were to crack an egg into beer as long as it was pre pasteurized I don't think salmonella can grow at those alcoholics and what do you think I'd want to check

by comparison, Novato work against bacteria in a way that an eggnog mix does not write all that protein all that fat higher lower acidity so I think you'd want to

yeah what I don't understand though is why why go lower than 15 going higher is definitely going to make you safer

Maine yes I don't know maybe it's just always want you to play with with the border right see you see how far you can go but I'm not I just don't think the alcohol contributes to the flavor of the drink and I think if you go to low it's going to be like a milkshake right to my head I got the Milkshake song going through my head which is and it's not like that song wow alright so sad when you give us a Twitter questions I don't feel left out here all the way up

the answer's always yes they were scared don't be scared there are things in life to be scared of that's not one of them wants to know every use Birch syrup in a drink so far all I've made is maple leaf variation it tastes flat awesome the only bird saurabh I've ever had was flawed and I still not yet received a good Birch syrup it what it was sick and I'm assuming that it wasn't the nature of the Birch syrup itself to be overly acidic taste in acidic and like matter I saw they had happened to it

but and I said it before in the air and someone pointed out a good Birch syrup supplier I just haven't had it yet I would love to have it but presumably it's going to taste different from maple syrup I don't know I have not had any experience with a birch syrup that I can say yeah I know I know how birth syrup supposed to act but I'm interested in it very interested in mentioned in all sorts of tree exudates and saps and their various you know things like so someone called in before they were going to try to get in bars start a curfew of resin like sweet gum resin I wonder whether that happened I want to taste that to find stuff I want to taste like that but yeah any experience with Birch syrup just a taste years and years ago and I just remember it tasting sweet and not maple more kind of more in the direction of round brown serve caramel

caramel flavors to Crosby molasses

Crosby molasses in terms of brown sugar people think when they think of molasses

they think of like that I believe the brand is actually Grandma's you know sulfur blackstrap molasses and you would never dream of putting that friend since on pancakes never you would never think to do it cuz you like why the hell would I want that monstrosity on my pancake right but there is much more in the world of molasses than that and so for those of you that are fortunate enough to be in the in New England area get go get you some Crosby small ass is that stuff is delicious delicious

Dean Mason wants to know any chance of an episode on pots and pans Dave so much bullshit advice out there on the consumer end of the market

what specific kind of BS are we referring to that's the question so like I mean you know we used to teach and you know Harold also independently at used to do is a bunch of different techniques of people used to measure like how do you want in a pan what do I want the pain usually I wanted to not Scorch and I know it depends on what you're looking to do are you storing heat for a long time and then you need a route to sell cast iron right but you know cast iron is good at certain things and bad at others

most Teflon pans will die most non stick. I've never had a nonstick pan that that didn't I was going to put it out there it's going really well I don't know how long it's going to last but I'm not babying it either and I've had enough for a couple years what what are you looking to do you want to push it out there what brand you are using

I see if I can pull it back either there a couple and I might get them confused so but I can if you have that program include me out and I'll I'll be waving it at my and I'll let you know exactly and all of you is it between now and then take your time to do this like like tweet on in or email in Gmail try better for this email in like one particular horse hock or do you want us to investigate beforehand because the other might be a pan that maybe you know I haven't used Harold has or you know I haven't used that I can I can look into

you know whether it's just one of like a separate since I was at Wiley's house over the weekend Wylie Dufresne and he has his grandpa for some reason those Grandpa wasn't a cookout that's not true name is Grandpa went on the donut factory by think I was the other side but a real set of old school copper pans like full fit. And I was like I was talking about can I get a store and it back at the shores they used to have the full Copper set and back and they probably still do but if you walk in to 59th Street and look into his kitchen you can see and it's like all the gleaming copper they why they said to use that the Polish sounds like is it that much better than cooking like on an All-Clad which by the way is what everyone cooks with you know what I mean like 99% of people that I know at home and even professionally in for some if you have the money they're using all klatz what do you cook with hummus bad

do you have other plans anyway about you Harold like for pots and pans stuff like that I collect and mess with them as you're saying depends on what you're trying to do if I really want to see her something inside and of course I'm going to finish it with the iron pan and I'll put a layer of aluminum foil over it to reflect back the heat that it's otherwise going to radiate as it's heating up and get an ice thermal Mass there there's always something fun you can do with it and you can have it like there are places for the old school straight black iron pans to not not cast iron bar black steel pan

yeah there's a place for most anything really like something like for instance like we all think that it's it's good to have your pants be completely even it's not always the case like I like anal in a large like let's say you're doing like a a gradient or a or a poncho you want there to be a gradient across it you know what I mean like this it's about the gradient and so there you might not want hyper even you might not want a big Ingot of aluminum that is going to like him or copper that's going to spread anyways so there's no figuring out what you can do with it but there are some pans over to straight garbage

yeah everything everything I have I have the best collection of garbage in Brooklyn people get rid of fantastic pans so it like what you'll do is is it nine times out of 10 they'll throw away garbage and you'll be like you know what that is garbage so you know what you don't do you don't buy that but like I've gotten like amazing sabatier like 10 inch like carbon steel sabatier knives in thrift stores I've gotten 60 70 year old polished cast iron Griswold pans in thrift stores for like two bucks so you know

search and you will find

you know one one person's idiocy and throwing something away can be your Game Stops go on a scavenger hunt One Day by the way, from here is a restaurant I got to look into you ready for it. Apostrophe Oasis this device has a bar and restaurant where they serve over there next week to help build the centrifuge except for the entire nation Twitter account that allows me like you know do you know go on the boat

yeah I think was in Maspeth or something I was like the voices yeah want to go there after the show and maybe you know knock back some brewskis at the races are we getting ripped off the air burgundy reception

oh let's see which is great aunt Graves is also offering everybody in the chat room Gin and Juice is at Booker and Dax cuz you going to be there on Monday somebody said be careful what you offer to his thoughts on Brooks if I hear only excellent things and so the expert on this and Harold have you gone yet I haven't is right around the corner from where I'm staying but it's always been mop when I walked by superiority burger at cooking issues is of course Nastassja to have a Lopez stars does this person live in New York

I really hate when people right into the show or like food is good there so the superiority Burger is good what is your favorite thing on the menu there whatever that is you like yubo I love you

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