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Episode 230: Run the Joules!

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Sharia in Bushwick Brooklyn usual crew here of Nastassja to hammer Lopez has a big thing to announce and Patrick Martin founder of our great Network and who's going to talk a little bit for us what's going on with the chefsteps world we've been working on better to be too old for a couple of years now and so we're dancing Jewel today okay so for the one person who might have found our broadcast and register and if so you know you'll get like a bunch of tips not only on modernist up but I'm the kind of the new analytical way of thinking about cooking in general whether or not it's a very analytical mindset with course I appreciate and aside from their awesome videos and tips and whatnot you'll find a forum which is very which is very helpful for Cooks all over the world is that accurate inaccurate and we're also taking questions on Facebook and Twitter and YouTube and other social networks I don't even know about yet nice by the way it's not spelled Jewel as in the Alaskan singer sorry Patrick it's not the Alaskan singer is in the unit of energy and just goes to show that you were wondering whether Chris Young

highest what is barometric folk I think you now have your answer because of the unit of measure that they are choosing to to use their right if you ever have any any thoughts on going Imperial with the naming of the unit thing or you want some vaguely female sounding maybe I know what do you think what's it what's the origin of Jewel tattoo your recipes they don't over or under cooking till it seemed appropriate to to name our nice compact little unit after what sous-vide really about which is heat that's that describe most everybody here is listening to it to us now knows what an emergent circulator is but for those who don't it's a device of any sort really that circulates

tell me water but circulates liquid so in this case static water baths like the sous vide Supreme has a heater and sometimes chilling although very few of us have one device that you can very accurately maintain a temperature in said liquid and it ranks right up there it's like it's the it's the newest most different kind of most important cooking Innovation sannce probably Refrigeration is my guess what do you think Chris yes or no well you know what I really think God who beat the first real cooking technology did likely to really change the mainstream kitchen since the microwave which is like really World War II technology so it's time we do something different in the microwave in the microwave

when your microwave breaks your like I got to get around to buying one sometime right but it doesn't really change what you can do in the kitchen I write to about convenience sous-vide Saga I'll give you the shot this is originally a piece of laboratory equipment we're talking now prior to about 2004 this is a piece of our three it's primarily with the exception of very few high-end chefs around the world around the world it is a piece of laboratory equipment it cost roughly and they cost $2,000 and not a lot of ships have them I only like a very Top Flite people who are also interested in modern techniques right around 2004-5 you see a price drop down to about $1,000 where it stays rough

within two hundred dollars that until roughly three years ago when I think you actually broke the price Berry or down below 500 and it's been driven down steadily since with various levels of robustness and quality and Equipment along with a robot DIY 50 and $200 range you can get a circulator that's going to work now I think a lot of these like low price circulator to kind of crush a lot of the DIY Spirit except for those people who always just want to build their own stuff these are the same people that in the seventies would have been buying those Radio Shack kids to make radio that aren't nearly as good as the radios you can buy for a nickel but catalog people a range of a circular 230 out there

comparable in terms of of of cost and where we're obviously giving our community a big discount today for pre-orders and because they got us to this point on to things that we've found over the last few years that the experience really isn't his his greatest we'd like to be at the end of the day everything else out there it's still really just laboratory equipment just been released in and make it more of a Gadgets in in actual cooking tool and it is a chef you know I take a lot of pride in my tools I like them to be reliable I like them to be useful as I like them to be convenient so we really sat down to rethink both the hardware but also the user experience so you know on the hardware side you know when we started most of the stuff wait around 9 pounds and got all the way down to a pound and a quarter you know we wanted it to be small enough that you could fit in your top drawer with if your top doors

anything like mine it's pretty crowded so you know We Shrunk the diameter down by like a factor of four or five over the competition so it's it's only an inch and 3/4 in diameter and about 11 inches tall so it's this really compact unit for those two haven't seen it it's it's visually references devices for other uses if you get my drift it's that sort of General shape and size is that accurate

things are where we wanted it to be coming up a will who want to be really durable and reliable it's going to last you a year so all of the all of the parts that are metal we forged in machine. Of surgical grade stainless steel we put a neodymium rare-earth magnet the bottom to the fury using like a cast iron pan induction ready pot rather than set it down and then grabbed onto the pot with 6 lb of course it's hard to describe how great that experiences but you know we use these all day in our kitchen and and that's really wonderful but I think the thing there is certainly going to be today we put them in the iPhone tablet Android phones we're going to put it into things like watches where you can easily set the temperature in fact we made that unbelief

simple and intuitive and quite a bit faster than than buttons on the device I guess I've been teaching for about a decade but really the last three or so years was Chef that you know how do they prefer their steak rare and medium-rare and thin medium well but those are really imprecise words that mean different things to different people so we invented something that we called visual doneness where we actually shows short film Loops in R app of what you're going to get and how to get there so that you don't have to translate your preferences as a cook in the engineering parameters you can basically express your desires in a very human went through all that looks like exactly what I want and the circulator jewel is going to do whatever is necessary to get you that outcome

streamlining the app connecting it to mobile devices and leveraging the power that what we can do in the phone and in the cloud really had the opportunity to start to change the kitchen and put humans back at the center of the cooking Xperia membrane switches right yeah we're both haters of the membrane switch old fogies I feel like I detest ovens with membrane switches that every freaking time I turn it on it comes on at like ninety times out of a hundred I'm using it as a warming oven for stuff that's coming off in so I'm punching it down to 170 instantly this is Fahrenheit so I could but do you know what I'm saying it's like

call strategy of control I also makes me nervous to take the controls complete an indicator of the machine but so far with your Betta people on this even when we first started really leaving within chefsteps but the more we started testing the more we started realizing what we were able to deliver in terms of the user experience on a nap the more confident we got in the funny thing is we kind of expected a lot of people when we just sort of gave it to them and then hate turn this on and use it you know why we try to stand around and watch them we kind of expected a lot of people to ask you know where the on button and it is very quickly they didn't care very natural and it turns out how quickly they figured out how to use it and what it did in the way they did

covered some of the benefit we become really convinced it to take this plunge and that's going to be on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi correct reliable seamless pairing experience with Bluetooth you just need to bring your phone near to it and we use proximity to basically know what you're trying to pair with an end in judge which phone. Controlling the device but if you want to be out of the store if you want to remotely turn the device on before you come home if you want to get a notification of your water's reach temperature for your food is done while you're out in the yard playing with your kids Wi-Fi is much better for that so we included both because actually cares about the technology

really care about is the experience working flawlessly in seamlessly weave temperature or do you have to just have your phone at the time do I have to just accept you do need a way of indicating that it saw that it's working in that that that it's cooking away and and that's where we we have we do have an indicator LED found it very simply sort of agreed to let you know that it is cooking and at a glance you can tell that it's at the temperature and then everything's fine I think God that's old-school well luckily for you guys don't like talking about yourself I'm not going to stop you from using yeah and it's got a little indent in the top so you can put your thumb on it and to get good leverage while you use the bottom and as a pestle

that was one of the real goals that he'll at least on two occasions over my career dropped an immersion circulator new it water bad times I had to serve like a dinner of the little most recently at a wedding party and you shorted out so we entirely filled the jewel up so that it if it falls into the water nothing bad's going to happen it's just going to keep working on the way into the water rather than having a way to ventilate it into the air to heat the water faster because all of the waste heat is also going into the water but you can make a hot tub with this

sorry I didn't recommend it but there's no shock ability is it Meg great isolation can I use it for a hot tub heater if I wanted to those are our our our certification requirements in a good engineering requirements we built the thing to be safe durable and and basically a professional-grade tool the last one because I know that you can't possibly but if the plug to be certified to get certified for dishwasher

yeah I don't know anybody to make plugs with it if you threw it in the dishwasher I don't think anything bad would happen that's not a test I've done but have you been intimately involved in engineering sanitation cycle I really don't think anything bad would happen if I'm going to have to try that I know of a certified to be immersed for that long in completely like ripping their hair out later or yeah sure to wipe it clean because there's nowhere for do to stay here saying nook and cranny Advantage for a Thomas's English muffin but not so much for the circulator

and units last weekend you can unscrew the bottom is going to use for a peso by the way clockwise only as your pesciolino your unscrew the base by the way right I mean lately but will you undo it and you can pull them up until her out similar to like an aquarium pump motor right in the inside of the heater is just a seamless stainless steel polish tube you can stick a sponge in there and just wipe the surface clean if anything were to scold on to the heater all right and what's the breakdown like they are both and the part of the reason that you can sell it for reasonable prices that you guys decided to go big you think you're going to sell a lot of these things right things we wanted to do you really had to make a commitment

the mass production of in their parts that are ultrasonic Lee welded you're going to start forging massive amounts of stainless steel you know to make a real consumer product like that you have to make a bet then that people are going to want it. And then you're going to sell enough of them to justify you know your investments into robots and and and massive production tools. You don't mean that you're buying a bunch of Roomba know I let me listen thing has been designed to be mostly assembled it in a very automated way and the things reliable turns out you're going to get a better result if you let robot to most of the manufacturing nice when do we get it and what are you what's the pre order cost vs what you have to pay if you wait like a chump

they're going to pay $180 between today and in January 15th to anybody else it's 199 and we include chefsteps premium in there and again like you don't ever pay and then after that retail price will be 299 Jesup community members tend to have a better cooking experience so the people that got us to this point we're going to make sure we take care of them except resting the gym

questions about juul or turkey or anything else related to the kitchen I'm I'm I'm happy to go back there in the country but if the true American poultry Association poultry yes so who is it that sells what you consider to be well I wouldn't say who but they are various degrees of Heritage and actually we're looking forward to USDA enforcing breed claims best smartest people were the Berkshire people do it to they just breed in certain physical traits than make it immediately recognizable like a six-spot of Berkshire six white spots on the tip of the feet nose and tail that certifies that it's a Pure Barre right now I will tell you how I'm doing my turkey this year and Chris you see what you think on this actually I have a test right now I bought a regular turkey legs so you know I'm a big fan of of making the bird look like at the hold

because I'm an American and anyone who doesn't make it look like a whole bird somehow it's not very American you you with me on this Chris I'm with you to look like a person can't possibly understand well as an American yep does Norman Rockwell and turkey in my estimation to do it the way I've been doing it is I will be the last time is I will do a simple deep the bonds actually leave I think the leg bones in and then inject turkey turkey stock Brian into the breast meat and just kind of rub salt over and drape it over a plug of very hot stuffing and then throw that in the oven and high temperature so cook them inside out and frankly that's only an additional

like 45 minutes of work for the cook Cooks unbelievably fast so that's kind of what I would recommend for anyone who's not going to have any problems or something is not going to go through all the trouble of low temp in the whole turkey once where the turkey was bad and I had to rush out we didn't have the time until it's been a long time ago this is like maybe in the 90s early 90s and literally like what are we going to do if I got a rigging to do what you going to go buy a turkey I'm going to spatchcock that sucker break it open cook it flat on a rack and then kind of squeeze it back into bird shape with Thanksgiving and you know what it was not a bad was a good turkey you're nothing because spreading the turkey out like that or heating it from both sides is already a big win in terms of time this year what I'm doing is I'm going to do the same thing I got a boner

on the back then I'm going to rip leaving the skin intact I'm going to rip the legs and thighs out of the bird and I'm then going to confit said skinless thighs and legs low temp the breasts and skin like an Edgar suit kind of a thing and then chill it all down Jam The Comfy legs and thighs back into the Byrd casing great that sucker over the plug of stuffing and then I think I'm going to do I'm going to try to do too and I try to do one in the Tandoor for finishing and one in a deep fryer plan is a good play I can't help but just listen to you and think you would have made a phenomenal torturer in in in the in the Medieval Era Ripta burden part I'm going to rip the legs off cooked a little low temperature you take a lot of Glee in that but that sounds like a good plan

down poultry in a long time but back when I used to teach at the FCI and I think one of the things I used to have to do is I forget what I was but one of the demo that I would always have to do for the students is I'd be breaking chickens down I think showing him how to go all the way bonus like me a break it down Notch. The pants. He hasn't done with any way people are some people would always get this can a little disconcerted because when I'm demonstrating how to remove the thigh from the body I always kind of indicate on my own body if I don't have a chicken with me kind of where the knife should go if you know what I mean like but yeah it's like you know it's an animal you're breaking it down you know is there a difference between Birds you know supposed to sous-vide machines I've never cooked that small of a very small

Heritage turkey myself and what I'll be doing I'm I'm expecting it to be about 5 hours in the sous vide bath and then I'll pull it out and give it a couple more hours in my smoker or are you breaking it I'll probably let the weight of the bird for the scratches itself out while it's in my smoker are you going to make up for the compression are you going to do like a large usually I can just heard of water some parchment paper plastic answer to stuff it in there I will put the stuffing in the smoker and and have the juices drip onto it. Stop when I went reduce the shopping nice now what temperature are you going to cook at 2

so you know this is always the compromise because you know you're not just cooking for yourself and I really don't want to hear complaints from the rest of the family so I think I'm going to end up at 1:50 Fahrenheit is wrong yeah I mean it's all depends on time and temperature but let's not let's not get started let's not get started but it's an interesting question the the temperature you cook it to it is so it is so personal but I on Turkey I would much rather if I was going to choose one temperature shoot for the minimum temperature is not going to piss people off on the dark meat rather than trying to hit the optimum temperature on the breast I mean

to the meat and the juice runs clear 10 seconds of that aren't you and you are never allowed on that microphone again never never Nastassja it comes from a long line of Turkey

it's like right before that turkey catches on fire in a self-cleaning oven but I couldn't get the interlock off I think I don't know I got a listening to us don't go into 50 interlock on your self cleaning oven at least don't say that I told you to do it do you clean your pants and self-cleaning ovens I'm so lazy that like when I get like an aluminum baking sheet like the other day I did a bunch of a whole fish right and I had a bunch of drip towns and then they got all burned onto the baking sheet I'd like to hell with it I just put the stuff in the self cleaning oven am I too lazy or is that like okay I don't know how you think that being smart cleaning crap off

Sims 4 Chris he wants Chris

I've always depended on how well insulated Your Vessel is but with a typical poorly insulated pot I'd be very comfortable recommending up to 10 gallons is almost 40 L if you're using a well-insulated Bethel like a like a Coleman cooler then you're going to get away with a lot more I personally heated 70 + leaders in a Coleman cooler with an even lower power unit so you're not going to have any problems getting power is old is 1100 W percent of our power actually goes into the water which is it is unusual

the more important thing is like death about 25% faster at preheating water than the competition the industry standard as like as developed by like Philip Preston's original polyscience models is 750 watts of heating roughly 750 watts of heat and power was the important things people don't think about this is how aggressive the PID programming is cuz you can you can make something up like laboratory style which means zero overshoot allowed or you can go a gressive which is kind of better for cooks and you'll get like a couple of tents over shoe but it'll quickly settle out on you I assuming you went more aggressive right to be very very aggressive

other than you should go on the aggressive side and allowed a couple of tents overshoot there's not correct we we set out to make it as fast as possible in our limiting factor is ultimately down to to UL certification the power cord have to get absolutely huge once you go over 10 amps of power so that's why you're not going to see any any real domestic circulator delivering more than about 1100 Watts Watts total draw on a plug for normal to do normal stuff that's why that's why I waited word and you got to allow tolerances for not everybody's voltages what it's supposed to be but I'm baton baton but I'm so like

maybe he turn it down 2 certification agencies

hey Dave this Iggy from New York I ran into another fire yesterday unfortunately

like Noble Rot wine from the 70s nice like cork residue

okay where was it stored where was it stored

I think it was stored in the dark that's really been long enough that that you know I drink I'm sure there's a long enough and I'm going to hit in a basement was it in a cool room temperature situation like

probably sitting in a closet or a cupboard for probably most of the time but like a high covered like a high cupboard please not a high cupboard please tell me was not a little known facts people don't think about your High coverage in your kitchen or much much much hotter than your low cupboards are and in general High cupboard much hotter than low covers butt

yeah well I hear some more questions for you the the uh on the wines do they look like fairly normal or has there been a lot of liquid lost

it doesn't seem like there's been any liquid lost in the Takei and there may be some in the champagne

well it's hard to tell her I'm sealed right

is he a they're both still have exactly two options drink it with some very good friends and then have any experience or sell it these are the only two options now I have my step-father has a similar problem because he's the owner of some 85 romanee-conti and this bottle of wine that he has is worth I think it's over ten Grand now it's like it's like it seems to me it would be impossible to drink to not drink it in your situation know since you don't necessarily know how the storage is I don't know what the price is going to be Christian experience in this kind of stuff

I'm not a lot I'm actually kind of enjoying learning something to hear from you Dave been capped like in a super temperature controlled kind of Cellar environment for since it was new since 85 and so like his stuff is maintained as hell you if you wanted to option except for you did what they did once have a flood would put a watermark on some of the labels which you know doesn't hurt the wine but like freaks some people out so I don't really know and I don't know what the market. What year is the dump vintage vintage

it hasn't heater on it if that's what you mean I think it's 62 I don't know anything about you all they like to do is go drink vintage Champagnes and so if it's been kept in fairly decent condition you at least have yourself like an amazing party to have with your friends but at the very least something like that you should get it like a serious oenophile in and there are no I don't freak with them but there are lots of wine discussions where someone can take her so I'm champagne obviously she's interested but you know they don't make a vintage champagne and they won't put a year on the champagne unless they thought it was going to be a good aging bottle sweet wine if you're probably going to have a really I think you might have really good luck on a sweet wine to since a lot of those will have a very very long aging potential it's simply a matter of

the temperature and the conditions in which is kept but if you had if your eulogy is good you know if the air gap in the bottle is good you have a good shot at Yokai and I think you know I'm I think people tend to overestimate the impact of the storage temperature too but I think fluctuations in the temperature there are actually two bigger deal but I think of talk I like it is is going to probably be very drinkable champagne ever had was a good bit mean in terms of actual time since it was bottle to win it was I've had them from the early 80s I think but I've never had so that and that would last year but you're talking a good 20 years older than that I'm sure it I'm sure I'm sure it has that I'm sure it has value you might want to sell it

and if you live in New York and there are laws about it but there's also a lot of wine dealers who won't necessarily pay attention to the law like there's some states where you're allowed to sell the wine back to the same person you bought it from but nobody keeps record so nobody knows you don't I mean but I don't know what the value is on that you have to go go look it up you know what yeah you know what else I would do if I were you New Years or whatever it's like don't open this in the presence of a bunch of like you know like likes will Masters who were just going to like you know pound this stuff like what you do is in a situation like this all the time first step is to go get different friends the second thing you should do is buy a backup bottle of decent but not crazy stuff that whatever you can afford to have right and I take Chris and suggestion in mind the Tokai is going to be fine the champagne has a good chance of being Sublime

read up on drinking old champagne so you know what to expect and what to get and then have a backup bottle so that if you have a bottle of swill on your hands you always have a backup then nobody's ever going to be unhappy with that but that I think you should never have the regret that you never had enough champagne in your life single Bingo all right so that you can look at the price you can decide what you're going to sell it or whether out of deference to you know your past relative that you were going to drink it and have a good time and you're going to call us back after the event and let us know what happened right now, so I have one more question that's Thanksgiving and Chris related

hello everybody this is Steve from Indianapolis and the thank you no problem in Indianapolis right now and I'm actually kind of like a food education program for not only the med students at the local community what is the easiest like sous-vide recipe that you would say to kind of get people on board with circulators because I'm on I'm trying to I'm trying to stay like hey it's the best kind of slow cooker or for like amazing needs and things like that you can do really cheap cuts of meat and things like that so I'm just trying to take consider how to prevent it and I just wanted some suggestion.

I don't find it super helpful. To call it like a slow cooker partly because of the slow cooker you always get the same student extra food and when to be cooking or an immersion circulator you know what you can have just basically awesome food in any sort of texture and style from for me usually convinces people is either like a perfectly cooked piece of fish so maybe if you're not here in Seattle if you would have to be salmon and he writes so that you know if it's perfect it's delicious it's approachable and you know what foot should be really doesn't take away the fear and rinse that you're going to ruin a piece of fish a lot of people my experience are pretty intimidated with cooking fish which is healthy and delicious

Captain Cook to the proper temperature I mean most people have never had a good pork chop everything they've had is just been ruined because of silly USDA recommendations that's been aren't scientifically sound pork chop and cook it at 60 Celsius don't overcook it when you hear it finish it on the grill finishing up and and and that's going to be a little pink in the center but it's amazing how good is there always two ways to thing is is I'm going to pull it right from the circulator I'm going to sear it I'm going to drop it for a while if you see it I think 60 is good if you're going to do like a relatively quick finish finish here on it out of the bath I would go a degree or degrees like a degree or degree and a half maybe even higher if you were going to

drop the pork chops down to like 50 or 55 and then ride them before you before you see him at the end you agree or disagree quiz look like what I have Med students over just trying to convince people that this thing is really good I've been doing chicken breast 6263 so that I can kind of not have it be as intimidating right but yeah I like that idea a lot so like some of the special effect textures on things like a people aren't ready to wrap their minds around the fact that two different so like one of the classic things people do first is like a short rib and I think short ribs done low temp are delicious however they're not the same as what people expect from an actual braised short rib and if you go into it thinking what I'm about to have is a braised short rib than the sous-vide one will come up short because it won't have the same kind of intense meeting is that a tradition

braised is going to have neither will the texture be with the associated so most of the time if you're handing someone who is thinking in their mind for fictional short rib a low temp one and a traditional braids and you serve them in the style of a traditional breads rather than as something different and new most of y'all to see the old fashioned and so that's what I would not do actually yeah because I didn't necessarily know what to say other wise but not like this a lot to smoke a little smoke chicken breast on chefsteps done with to be Dan Dan in a smoky Brine and most people absolutely loved it and can't believe it didn't come out of the smoker at the liquid smoke some of the Liquid Smoke

this is from John Baker in Dallas Texas I want to get to it before we go out in the packing of flour particles measurement of the problem but how much of an impact is the moisture content of flour have on weight I'm not a few professional but I've never heard anybody make reference to humidity in the flower throwing up the recipe maybe than a material difference in the end okay since I don't have time to go too deep into it thank God someone else has done it and everyone that he doesn't get enough props but this guy Greg blond hair has a website called genuine ideas which I think is quite nice do you like this one Christus this what date do you give in that to that blog

maybe I'll ask Chris where he is done all of the measurements and the answer basically is that in the normal range of humidity inside of a house flower is fairly stable and if you go into like rainforest it suddenly starts absorbing more water and if you go and extremely extremely dry conditions it will suddenly give up a lot of water but that it's actually fairly stable in the range that it's mostly kept but you need to go look at that what that he says your second question is standard procedure for frying is to bring the fry oil to given temperature before adding the food that's a 350 or 375 after adding the food the oil temperature will of course drop and rise again as a vessel is heated given to the temperature drops immediately after the food is added is because of the heat energy of the oil using a boil water phase change as opposed to a linear heating off of other food above the boiling point of water

accurate to specify frying parameters on the heat content of the oil rather than the temperature in other words you're a hundred percent right and that's why anyone who has a brain in their head will use as much oil as is feasible when they're trying to get a higher a better stability and that you have to Jack the temperature of lower volumes of oil higher and that's why one of the many reasons why frying at home is often not as satisfying as having a professional deep fryer totally absolutely correct and you know I I generally Advocate actually since you're almost always at home using very fresh new oil which tends to be more stable and has a higher smoke point cuz you haven't used it yet run the oil hotter you know 200 Celsius is easily doable by a reasonable price on oil like canola even 2:10 and you'll be shocked at how much better

Aaron has a question to Chris needs to weigh in on because it's a technique God we got to be done must be a new challenge I want to add a layer of chips around on the outside of my poultry roll is here I was thinking that I would do three birds of pork skin will scrape and dry the pig skin in the oven roll the breasts up wrap and pig skin with meat glue and let it sit in the fridge overnight low temp the whole thing then dry the skin as much as possible and then deep-fried hope the pork skin is dry enough to get poofy and crack a boiled pork skin have enough protein free for the enzymatic action that transport animals yes do you think it will be drying up after sitting in the back to get the wishes and crunchy and puffy crunchy yes puffy know what do you think definitely not and I would strongly recommend you grind your pork skin so that small pieces the size of popcorn kernels you will be much happier if the results are not be as delicious

I want to just chime in here with the public service announcement I saw Dave run through Bushwick to get to the show here and two blocks and I have it on video I think Jack's going to put it on Facebook and Instagram running 2 minutes to box for the show and it showed commitment then I'm on the board of directors of HR and then we are now $30,000 towards our goal of raising a hundred thousand by the end of the year and if you up Dave considered we just got $10,000 from the Mariposa Foundation which is a real honor Erin just pulled that off so consider giving even $25 membership counts and if we could get all of his listeners to give $25 a week to reach our goal is 500 bucks but thanks to our guess everyone Happy Thanksgiving we'll see you next time on cooking issues

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