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Episode 23: Holiday Special

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new shoes hello and welcome to cooking issues on the Heritage Radio Network coming to you live every Tuesday from 12 to 12:45 I Choose You can call in all of your questions to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 will take any questions today actually a mustache is not in the studio with me she is live from where Hector your family live in the Sasha even in Pasadena like near Pasadena and is joining us cross-country lye soap

how's it going over there in starch as to whether it's good it's raining do you miss me yet yes of course we always miss you when you go in a Sasha just just messing around Union what do you think of Sacha you speak Italian Steve pneumonia I think I think that's temperature cooking cuz it keeps out water temperature is very accurate great for the restaurant great for dinner parties wait for cooking for your family I use it all the time I have to miss Tasha has none if Philip received from polysciences listening nastasha Lopez would be great marketing tool for toots for you to give a circular to just saying maybe for Christmas

I just got a thermal circulator I'll be using it to cook short ribs for my family for the holidays also good idea I'm not a lot of time this week to experiment with cooking temp some time and I want some advice on which to use my father has a big skeptic of any new cooking technique I'm with you Steve I know what that's like that will be making short ribs the old-fashioned way so we're going to have a short rib cook-off seem different to techniques between 55 degrees Celsius and 60 degrees Celsius anywhere from 24 hour to 72 hours steaming towards 58 degrees Celsius for 60 to 72 hours you're not going to go that long May 2nd Steve's idea could be a medium-rare short rib it is fork-tender he's not looking to replicate prime rib or filet texture which is good because they shouldn't be the same but rather have a more fork-tender falling apart meet any thoughts he says he knows that I recommend 60° Celsius for 48 hours which is 140 for all your Fahrenheit heads out there but I went to final result with those know

thank you a lot a lot of talk about here and unfortunately we're going to get me some technical minutiae for all of you people have been to space out of the Philip here's the deal here's the good news and the bad news I would not hit a low temp short rib side by side against a regular short rib because I think they're different and if someone shooting for a a good old-fashioned stick-to-your-ribs short rib the old-fashioned short ribs going to have kind of a beefier taste it's also going to have more of a Pull-A-Part texture the low temp short rib is Anastasia you know this but it is going to slice more like a steak right right now and it's not going to be ripped apart like a like a like a regular show red but if you want something I wouldn't go 58 degrees 58 degrees is it's pretty rare

I think people want a little bit of a meteor taste they want a little more cooked but slightly pink on the inside I mean you could go as low as 57 which is about 135 Fahrenheit and then you're in kind of a medium that's in a medium rare Zone but people aren't really expecting a short rib there so it what I would do is I would serve it entirely differently from the way your dad serves his short rib I wouldn't try to replicate I would just recognized that they're two entirely different products and and serve it accordingly mean I wouldn't like shredded up and serve it over a pile of a like some kind of starch product let me massage eating a lot of these things mean and from someone who doesn't come at it as soon the same perspective I do what do you think about the traditional vs. low temp I haven't I actually haven't had a lot of traditional short ribs I mean whatever short ribs I've had have been at home and well we all know that is family

but so I wouldn't try to pick them against one another although it is it's admirable I have done it many times and the traditional short rib is going to have a more traditional sort of texture is going to be easier because it's going to go to the higher temperature but it's also going to be the meat fibers and cells are going to be overcooked I would choose 60° and Christmas. She liked the 60 better than the 57 right yes yeah I would do 60 and I would do it if you at 60° if you cook it for 24 hours it will have the texture of skirt steak at 48 hours it will be a firmer but still tender short rib at 72 hours it will be to my taste too mushy it was lost too much would section so I will go in between 48 and 72 I would say somewhere in the range hood like 56 hours at 60 would be a good number I would sear the meat both I was here quickly put a crust on it beforehand the key to this technique is

Uber reducing your sauce before you put it in the bag you must over reduce your sauce if he has to be like all most Gloppy because what's going to happen if you're going to bag it with the sauce the meats going to give up its own juices into the bag and water down the sauce it's going to taste like pot of food at the boiled beef which now you're looking for they want to over reduce the sauce a couple hours before you serve it I would then after it's done cooking I would let it chill down don't show it right away or the meats not going to absorb a lot of the juices again I would put it on the counter for about 20 minutes then you can put it in water for about regular tap water for about 20 minutes so that's an extra step it does make it taste better according to Bruno Gusto and according to our independent taste test afterwards then you can I sit down I would then open the bag several hours before you're done ready to cook scrape out the sauce that surrendered warming on the stove correct The Taste and temperature of it will likely need to be defatted it will most certainly need a city might need seasoning correction put it back into a ziplock bag with the

short rib don't let me sorry first then serious or troops are we real quickly from cold right to put a little extra crust it's going to look green and kind of weird throw it back into the bag and then retherm it at like 55 57 for up to 4 hours but you could probably like 2 or 3 hours and reabsorbed some of the new sauce you put in its going to be thick and juicy and delicious and that is going to be a bang-up delicious shortbread but it won't be the same thing as a Christmas short rib any any comments and stasha on this ain't like it's like anything else did low temp short ribs it's not there's some things that are just better write that mean that's the case there's some techniques that are just better and then there are techniques that are just different a traditional short rib is different from a low temperature chart of the traditional short rib you're basically almost boiling out the meat the fibers and cells are horrendously overcooked and then you rendered it that collagen to gelatin the gelatin plus the delicious

braising sauce by the way the braising sauce has been reinforced with that gelatin right so so you get an incredibly anxious sauce and and that's what makes a deliciousness of a short rib but can't be sliced do short ribs don't have the same texture as low temperature showroom low temperature short ribs aren't as anxious because you don't render out the jail and they jumped the college and breaks down the way you slice into a low temp short rib you'll see that the college in Hazard rendered out you can still see where the college in was it's just become soft so that stuff doesn't render out into the sauce and doesn't give that incredibly anxious texture to the sauce it also doesn't individually moisten each fiber meets the way it does in a in a traditional brace furthermore and low temperatures you can see a slice of the fat doesn't render out so you can have to slice off some of the fat so it's all a question of what you're looking for if you want something that you can slice into a beautiful presentation is incredibly tender but not the same as official short rib and you realize you're going to have to make up for some of the stuff you're going to lose incredible beefy Flavour I would put some cooked rendered meat into your sauce

beforehand don't just rely on the on the shore of himself to provide that be finished because they won't be there because you're not using a high-temperature technique so I would just try to keep in mind the benefits and disadvantages of each technique realize that they are just different techniques and does it have to be a competition that you ask your dad Steve does it really have to be a competition anyway happy me and said that that's the can't get through I Don't Know Jack what do you know about this Jack are our trusty engineer we're short-staffed today in the in the in the radio station do I give the right number anyway, if you can hear me call or try back again at 7 wait what is it Jack +718-718-497-2128 nastasha maybe tell them to try again John Stewart I hope it's

John if you're listening to me you are the John Stewart so bad with customer service I swear I swear I got to learn never learned how you doing


question for me so yeah I just want to say a big fan I've just discovered a month or so ago and have now listen to all of your backlog and it's it's really really fun so you guys have inspired me to build my own immersion circulator and get some spare casing flies so I've been doing that for the past week or so here and I hope they use both of them in a New Year's Eve dinner that I host every year it's going to be 12

okay yeah so I mean last year I did a mystery questions I have about that so I did a beef tenderloin cooking it was good and I guess you know to be appropriate cuz I can control the temp internal temp for a while but I'm wondering if there's something I guess my question is what do you think is the protein that is most improved by suvee cooking you know I wonder if I should be more ambitious than just a tenderloin

and strangely one I haven't really thought of soap but let's just split break it apart between CV and and and the low temperature right because most proteins can be done well when I say well I mean properly at low Temp and took to good effect depending on what you're shooting for some proteins I don't like very much in in sous-vide in a vacuum bag because I find that affects their texture chicken most notably and in certain fish but are you going to be zip locking or you going to be doing vacuum block I don't have a vacuum by the way I use Ziploc at home that's what I used I'm assuming that you're circulators going to be able to do like about a degree or so men are you going to PID control it because I was going to be it will be a cute across the back of a fine so you can do pretty much anything you want here's the good the good news about tenderloin it is that it's fairly easy you want to go super load

upon a tenderloin with talking like 5554 like is Lolo right and and I wouldn't cook the tenderloin whole I will cook it in a pre slice it out its ear and put it in a ziplock and get ready to go here's the main problem with a tenderloin in one of the great things I love about cooking steaks in a low temp is that that's by the way like in fact I might do this soon to wear my favorite like dinner party thing because it's going to be really easy for you to do it like you going to be a rockstar and it's also going to be easy right I prefer a big thick rib steak like sick you know and so and so and the bad news about The Tenderloins if you do it if you cooked much more than about 40-45 is ideal that cooks much longer like an hour and a half or so because there's no connective tissue in the tenderloin is going to start to feel kind of fiber e so for someone who's not used to it as you over cook tenderloin in general don't think it's fine but you know you probably won't think it's as good as it could be me and you can do a bang-up job on the tenderloin but it's just you know you have to

careful not to cook a too-long me one of the great tenderloin applications low temp is the beef wellington where you can cook the whole tenderloin like vivino for a short. Of time all the way through then wrap it in the puff and then hit really hard in the oven so that you don't over cook the meat cuz it's already cooked you don't need to worry about it technically called low temperature for insurance purposes but if you go instead of going tenderloin if you go rib steak and then and I like to serve the rib steak you know what I'll do is I'll buy like a standing rib roast for a party then I'll slice it into steaks that to make some meaty stuff then take the steaks come real quick then I sear them and I actually sear them a lot longer than I normally talk about to put a put a heavy crust on them because I make him so thick that you're not really losing that much meat by doing it really gives a nice kind of crust and Meaty flavor on the outside your salt or pepper the heck out of him then I throw them in a bag with butter I throw garlic and some people don't don't like that but then I use the butter afterwards to make garlic bread so they have no way situation right then

advantage of a rib steak supposed to attend her line is a rib steak can cook for you know like a minimum for real thick steak you know when an hour and a half or so but up till like 4 5 5 6 hour your window is a lot longer and you're not going to have it so people don't sit down or if or if something happens you're not working right at the edge you're not worried about the techs are going bad on you right about an hour before service or so I would turn the bath down to 50 to me don't say I said so but 50 Celsius so that whole temperature of the state drop down a little bit so that when you put a real monster Seer on the outside when you take it out you can put a really good crust on it without raising the internal temperatures too much on the on the center of the meat and then you know you just you can do that state-by-state so you can eat so for a party you can if you have like you know for steaks if you're serving out you have really thick ones you could do two slice them down send them out and you know then do the next year then

the five minute break through the next two while you Siri off the next to and bring them out and it's a that's the way I run my dinner party is mustache you've been to my house for steak right before the one where I drop it well yeah you made it I we did at the school when you met me that's that's a it's a crazy it's a crazy awesome way to have a dinner party right and Sasha this used to be and this is like no it's not me being massage in this time just like this is what I used to hear right that the ladies they like the tenderloin and but I think nowadays you know I think you're even people who used to go on those told you no sex based stereotypes which I never buy into but you know that go on it I think everyone realizes now that a dude a dude thinks it's like mucho sexy for a woman to tear into a rib steak umm kind of sheet for women to order like you know what a neat scotch in a bar because it's a sign that

tell you that you that you're a butt kicker my wrong about this anyway if it's helpful At All by the way for your dinner party finished off the water about the funeral 2 hours cooking beforehand with them to use their my personal some people I know like to do as low as some people cook really loud which I doubt but like 55 to 56 in that range like so good like middlegrounds like 55.2 or 55.5 if you have a chance to practice on one rib steak before you do it so you can get a feel for what for what it's like that at 55 5 it won't be squashy at Alma Center especially if you cook it long enough it will be good 56 sometimes it's a little too tight for people you know from specially for rare heads it's a little too tight but like 55:5 the squeamish people if they look at it they might say there is underdone to once they eat it again

like it and and the end of the rare heads aren't going to be it's a good compromise right especially if you drop it so that the temperature goes lower and you put a good heart c r on it no one's if their eyes are closed no one can I cook with the texture I just a question of how it looks and then of course you know even though I make fun of you know a lot of Asha is partial to any kind of what it is in Italian is good so you know try all the time about it anyway so but that said when I do steak at home I go Italian style and I dribble some delicious olive oil over it and you know too crunchy mall and salt and I've never had a complaint so altogether questions about gentrification so one thing I want to try to do is sort of a deconstructed Bellini so I'd like to do like a reverse spherification

right so I'm very new to this what I found online basically is at the idea is I'll put some calcium lactate in the future I don't get to straight like taking calcium lactate gluconate cuz it has no taste

Cadillac has some taste

okay so that was my first question is what is the difference in lactate and lactic gluconate okay okay so then basically then freeze it racial was about 2.5% I think for the calcium lactate gluconate off properly

okay that's hot enough to make it hot that you should warm it be sometimes you need to just want to be sure you know

okay and then just drop it into a sodium alginate bath at 5% is I think what I found twenty-five depends on if you have a really strong alginate than 25 probably work if you have a weak alginate then you might have to go as high as Point 8.9 it all depends on your alginate I try a couple different couple different ratios also how long you let sit me alternate bath it the skin is going to keep growing on it what I would do if you can make them beforehand you put them in the oven at bath you let him sit for however long depends on your LG knitting and whatnot fish it out carefully don't let them touch each other the glue the glue to each other okay you're going to want to rinse it off in water and they get me access Elgin it off of it and then you can put it into a calcium bath briefly just to make sure everything's set up now you can let them thaw in the calcium bath you can let them start in Peach puree you can let them saw inside of your champagne flute if you want but why

you can't do is let it thaw in you can't leave it in the ultimate too long and you can't let it thaw and stay in a regular straight water bath or calcium bath because the the the sugar in the flavor and the color going to Leach out over time so you have ozmosis across that membrane and you tend to lose color and flavor and sugar and acidity like and doesn't take that long so don't worry about it when you're making it but I'm staying in a water bath you can store it directly in your calcium-based Peach puree right which right always good you can let them finish thawing in your champagne for the only about letting it's on the champagne flute is it easy to get in without breaking the bad news is that if you have a broken one you're not going to know until you for the champagne and so you know turns out you can never win you know your nose

lemon how long I mean when you Prep Prep something like that and then put it in the the peach puree like leave it sitting Peach puree how long is it good in that situation how long ahead can I make these long time I mean I've never done it with the big ones to cut them a long time because I just do them for like an event or for that classes but you know we've I've had reverse reverse sear fication maple syrup balls that we'd kept her in the stocks how long we kept us things like a week. Up and there's some calcium there then you'll be you'll be you'll be okay until the stuff goes bad

okay we got to take a break going to call in and good luck let us know how it works out thank you very much appreciated

Jourdan Dunn

but don't

I think about prayer

welcome back to cooking issues calling all your questions to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 come into your life or Another Second or two and by the way Harris radio network is on Hiatus a mustache and get to use the word Hiatus you like that we're on Hiatus next week back to you I guess that means in in the new year so this is this is our holiday edition yeah I'm stuck in the sand sand at the plate work while we're talking about low temperature cooking and again this is the first time you've ever heard me rant on about it low temperature cooking doesn't mean that you're cooking something to a low temperature doesn't mean raw and yeah rock rock and we're going to get into next year. You have to set a date yet set a date for a rock cooking Extravaganza are we confronted

reset the last week of January and I think it's I think it's a good time we have no other events people last week of January is cooking issues raw food week Extravaganza at not just robbed by the way because I can't stand to be called a sissy and public lice naturally I let I'll let it slide all the time but not when it comes to food you can call me a physical coward you know you can call me like a relationship Stacy that's fine but food sissy no love anyway so real food challenge the last week of January I've already purchased with my own my own money and Excalibur dehydrator cuz all the schools were stolen or sourcing a champion juicer you know but I'm going to go on this for a second before I answer the next question

Russia, cause then I'll take them right away because that service for you and raw food cookbooks be nice by the prep you won't have your your you know your dehydrator your champion juicer all that can we at the cooking issues team can we bring some stuff some stuff to the table that other raw food people haven't brought to the table yet yes right first of all I'm going to rotovap some stuff I'm going to make some high / low temperature reductions now I might get call The Sissy here because it's not going to be useful for all the raw food people out there because they can't do that but we can do distillations at low temperature we can do through Productions things like that well below the hundred eighteen Mark so we're going to do some of that right

I'm also interested in using a trying to find some good recipes for the Santa the wet grinder that they use for dolls see what we can to get some new interesting recipes using the white grinder food perspective and I'm also I'm going to use them a bunch of enzymes mean a bunch of cuz it right Necessities nothing wrong with using a commercially available enzyme enzyme is the whole deal right now if I can get a hold of Straight transglutaminase it doesn't have any Malto dextrin in it it's been heated and it doesn't have any any kasing kasing I don't see why we can't use some eye transmit cabinets to glue some raw proteins together me and might be fun right apical announced they were not vouching is going to be the last week in January

water in a wait eight years and you be able to eat we will do it and we're going to do a good job and it won't be a yes we can do the job in my Cuisinart slow cooker degrees Fahrenheit 74 degrees Celsius turn on the warm setting is this temperature useful for any low temperature cooking applications or is it simply too hot I'm sorry is simply too hot it's good for traditional cooks and Embraces you know something you could do it at that is going to be good is present if you want to do a duck confit but you don't want to have to worry about it right you can put into a bag and even listen that the the SC Johnson wax a family Corporation you got somebody with people they make the Ziplock bags

they're going to they will Vape will right in and call me a bad human being if I say you can do this because their bags can't take boiling temperatures polyethylene and can't take boiling temperatures above 74 it should be able to handle this okay if you take duck leg and a couple extra tablespoons of fat and you salt cure a with like time and herbs you know that recommended procedure like overnight a day or so and then put it in a Ziploc bag you can put in your slow cooker and leave it for like several hours and you can make a very good duck confit that way without having to have a lot of fat so it's a really good to do stuff like that in a similar vein any traditional Braves like that or any comfy I should say not traditional braids but any coffee is great in that something like that because I actually prefer that high-tech higher temperatures and more traditional temperatures but I like to be able to do it without having that have boatloads

fat around just cuz it gets expensive and messy and then you need to cool it in a fat which is a pain in the butt and so I think it's a it's a really good technique but just don't tell the SC Johnson wax people on me what do you think I will say that 9 out of 10 times my circulators unless I'm doing creme anglaise or a test for like vegetables at a higher temp or like we're working on next motivation unless I'm doing something kind of special like that my circulator is set below 600 63 really most of them below 62 in fact at 6 or below 90% of the time most of my state work in that the 55 range in their duck at like 57 and then chicken at 63265 ushers at 65 so that

and just where it where I am never really above that unless I'm glad you're something special but it's really great for comfy and there ain't much more delicious than coffee

okay let me see Michael writes him and says hello Anastasia here's a question for Dave hi Michael how can I make my own fishing tablet like Alka-Seltzer or Airborne obviously I'd like to be able to give it an intense flavor and have whatever mineral salt is using the tablet base not be too overpowering I think the main thing I'm not sure about is how to bind the powder into a tablet thanks Michael okay there are two ways to browse I'm sure there's a billion ways to make tablets write the easiest way is it going to work for you which is you put the ingredients into a gumpaste and then like cut them or you'll push them into tablets and let them dry out isn't going to give you a text or similar to an Altoid right but not kind of a hard shiny tablet the next easiest way and that won't work for the eighth this because it when you cuz I don't think that it if there's any liquid when you combine that way make a fizzy tablet as you combine an acid typically some mixture of citric Malik

tartaric acid and I guess you could do lactic or whatever typically it's either specific Malik tartar or a blend with a base typically something like baking soda like sodium sodium bicarbonate although some people use I think a potassium bicarbonate and other mixtures of bicarbs right and when they combine and liquid in your mouth they they they his right answer the same thing that happens when you make a volcano when your kid when you add vinegar to baking soda and you get this volcanoes Pizza how you going to get these in into a tablet that's the question

okay the easiest way not very satisfying but the easiest way is to buy empty gel caps and you can get those I know Whole Foods sells them they're basically the Whole Foods doesn't sell the gel in one day she'll like a carrageenan base one but GNC or any of these places where there's kind of people making their own pills all the time or you can get them on the Internet you get gel caps and you can fill the gel caps push them together to form capsules and they'll melt fairly quickly on the tongue and if you let it sit there and go as if it is okay and we have tablet press works is you take a bunch of the ingredients and binders that use like dextrose powder probably some sometime some Malto dextrin whatever your flavoring is and it may be some oil-based agents I'm not sure I would they mix it all up and then they put it into a two-sided press and then a press comes down and smashes it into a capsule form

you can write your name in it and stuff like that now these presses they're not they're not cheap right they they have manual versions of them I looked on eBay this morning and if someone is a call that the tablet press there's someone selling a hand one for 50 bucks that I think you put the ingredients into a little cylinder and you screw it down almost like you're screwing down like a Jack and it is switches that tablet and it opens up and you have it bang habitat I don't know how fast those are what I used to do leather work back in the day when I was at a leather worker with my wife making a bags long time ago I had something called a Kik press that I used to used to do that to make put snaps into things and grommets and they have all different dyes that would probably be the next level up I don't know if they provide enough Force to make a tablet but I didn't really really research it long enough for the big the big machines that use like a hydraulic power and you present a switch it down but now you're talkin several thousand dollar problem instead of a 50.

from which way to kick brass if you buy it used if it if it is the same kind of press that used to do snaps and Gromit work you're talking like that you know $100 a hundred $50 problem something like that but that's how you make the tablet is making sure that you don't have an excess of Base it's usually okay to have an excess of acid because we like acidity in our in our tablet it's not okay to have an excess of Base that you need an excess of acid if you don't it's it's it's not going to have any acidity to it you will have a salty aftertaste that you know that comes along with the acid and a base mixing in producing a salt cellar choose a salt that you like the flavor of using sodium salts I think taste better than the potassium salt since Tasha hates of potassium salts take me all the time is it

find 72128 718-497-2128 cooking issues

welcome back to the holiday edition of cooking issues calling all of your questions to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 will probably maybe spend a little bit Natasha go another 15 minutes so if you can make it Anastasia's door outside of Pasadena in the next 15 minutes you can ask her a question in person probably put some William call call Danny couldn't get the live feed so you send an email in and he said Dave mentioned Lab sales where you can find Old Road of apps at the rotary evaporator a circulator which is you know we've been talking about a lot today that you can find pretty cheap and just need to clean up and maybe fix a fuse is on I try my Google kung fu for options are sales in the NYC area have found anything you have any resources I can check out the finest kind of cells alive lab sale all basically a mile

Whitman off of eBay and just basic on on finding either occasionally someone will like flood the market that happened with rotovap a couple times and that she recently the market on eBay was flooded with Road of apps so the price went down but it's starting to go back up again centrifuges things like that lab x is another website Lab Set another place at a lot of lab people go to get lab equipment the live auctions that I go to or mainly Restaurant Auctions there's not a lot of labs in New York to go out of business there's a lot of restaurants go out of business or change owners of whatever reason to have option so all the live auction that I've gone to in the New York area have been either laboratory site Restaurant Auctions or I used to go to New Jersey and Brooklyn a lot for Machine Shop Auctions back in the day when I was in the art business and I used to do that a lot knows I always found in the New York Times in the east

I don't know what to do anymore but if you've never been to a restaurant auction it's something to behold it's crazy it's a crazy situation especially if you need 8000 pan to have been beat the hell for like a nickel apiece which eBay eBay the way to go and just look for if you can fix things look for things that are not working but that you feel that you can troubleshoot based on a description you have to take chances I've had things that I couldn't fix it's rare but I've had things I couldn't fix for a reasonable amount of money

but yeah that's basically what I do I take my chances on eBay it's a lot better if you can go to a live auction kick the tires for that you can look in the back of the New York Times and they will have like major lab auctions it show up you can go to lie but they're not usually in the New York City area there looks like they're around but you know that Eli Lilly did that a while ago in there are people who who deal with that hope that's helpful in sound so helpful but I didn't feel very helpful helpful I recently watch Wylie Dufresne my brother-in-law friend of the blog while he's me play Mania presentation for Harvard food science class that's their class at Ferran Adria is a heading up at Harvard we have a lot of good friends speak there I think a Lamborghini spoken there at Wylie Dave Chang did NASCAR

pork chops jumps pork chops using an ice cream base transglutaminase YG which is the yogurt transglutaminase Transportation they find proteins together including milk protein so it makes yogurt so it weaves last and hold together better methylcellulose and gellan gum do you think this would work I should be receiving my sample of Activa soon thank you know I don't think it will work but you know he was a deal had ice cream is one of those things that people have been trying to make for 4 years near first hot ice cream attempts were made by a physicist Nikola scurti you know who is kind of one of the one of the people in the 60s who really started 70s started really popular rising in science in the kitchen he was you know he knew McGee he was one of the original people in the Molecular Gastronomy conferences in a reach a

he wanted to make hot ice cream for a long time it didn't work out for him Wylie Dufresne I took it on for a long time and something he wanted to do is working on it a lot back in the year I think like 2000-2001 in there and not able to do it I've had other like bloggers and peoples and who shall remain nameless their recipes for hot ice cream and none of them taste like ice cream mean if the problem with ice cream so I can make that I can make something that has the texture of a melted ice cream right so that's the jail and so you're making a fluid gel that holds its shape even when it's even when it's you know who has a texture of like a nice ice cream base can you do that yes can you take a metal shell and make it firm up when you heat it yes right and that's what all the hot ice cream recipes are based on some form of methyl cell that melts when he puts in your mouth and gets cooler right

but none of them have that the texture is ice cream none of them are as hard as ice cream don't have the bite of ice cream ice cream like a chilling effect in the mouth is it nothing I've had approximates what what you want in your head is something that that provides that the feeling of ice cream but it somehow reversed from hot to cold from cold to hot and I've never and I've tasted a bunch of people's different recipes for it and I've never had something that provide an experience that I thought was satisfying it just it just I think it's one of those it's like it's like the Philosopher's Stone of new cooking techniques Everett like everyone's had their hand and tried to make it and you know just like you can't turn lead to Gold I don't think you can make a hot ice cream I can't think of a good bet to make on it like we did on the raw foods but I would want to have it like I hope someone could make it

because I think we'll be really fun but I'm not had one so far that I thought was totally successful why we made one he said he can get that extra soft serve okay but not like it not like the hard ice cream so that even like a super Holy Grail is the hard ice cream so I hope you have success if you call the different recipes on the internet there are several for hot ice cream and I want you to have success it's just I am I'm dubious I am dubious as to whether or not you will be able to achieve it what do you mean by being too I mean I think that I'm not really sure what you're talking about but I think you're bruleed ice cream is really good register hot ice cream my head on something that's exactly the opposite of ice cream it's like ice cream in Bizarro world you know it's like it's like it's it's it's hard when it's hot

and when you put it in your mouth it cools off because if you know you're a cooler than it and then it melts in your mouth instead of you heating it to melt it it's like a it's like everything Bizarro but that and I know many people who try to do it I should have never had one that I thought man that's ice cream only hot you know if we're late ice cream is good but it's it's still it's it's ice cream at cold in the center but Teddy I want you to work on this problem this is the EPA you're traveling a good line of thought travel by many you know very very smart and very good people before you so maybe you can succeed where where they they have not I hope so. Be fun to tell us tell us what kind of results you have with it Michael natkin rights in hello. He says hello he has tapioca maltodextrin what are used for the usual tricks of turning various fats into soil and powdered by the way Michael remember don't call it just tapioca maltodextrin the one that turns oils and powders is ends orbit

tapioca maltodextrin from the national starts Corporation right not all tapioca maltodextrin will will turn fat into powder is in fact almost done well except for ends orbit because of its particular structure at the bulking agent okay that's why it's so so light show in the fat duck cookbook Michael Heston Blumenthal talks about maltodextrina 19 what you says is a Low sweetener sugar that he uses to make savory ice creams are these the same or closely related products can I use my tapioca maltodextrin this kind of application and would either of them be useful in making a low sweetness vegetarian Savory marshmallow Okay

you're my two cents on that they're they're not not equivalent okay malted extremes are so basically you take a starch they could be tapioca to be rice could be anything corn could be whatever and you have a starch which is basically a length of repeating glucose chains of glucose units right and you break it down into smaller things the smallest thing you break them up into his sugars write your glucose + glucose syrup and then slightly longer like you know like eight eight eight glucose units long is 7 glucose units Longview to call Malto dextrin Sprite and they can either be not sweet at the chain is fairly long the longer glucose chain is the less sweet it is right so the longer chain maltodextrin zarn suite at all really and sew the ends orbit brand tapioca maltodextrin is not sweet at all but it doesn't really act like sugar the same same way the shorter chain ones can start tasting sweet to you right

d-19 means that it has that that powder has the has been a long time but it's basically 19% as sweet as sugar per unit weight right and it's composed their foot for of Fairly short glucose units near chains of glucose is write anything much higher than that and you're dealing with like a glucose syrup which are also not that sweet compared to sugar to talk on the order like a fifth of the sweetness of sugar and so you can use them for things like Savory ice. If we do all the time at the school we make a Jamaican ice cream that you know what a nose is all recipes that is goat cheese ice cream where we use glucose syrup which has a slightly higher deit slightly more sweet than then they can you're talking about witches ds19 we're like to eat when tdee in the low twenties range we make like basically saved not Savory but not sweet ice creams with that I don't know how useful they be for making a marsh

because I don't know exactly how close the properties are the sugar and sugar is not it's not only architecture to structural component in your in your marshmallows so I would tend to think that you'd be better off using something like an isomalt isomalt is half the sweetness of sugar but Crooks a lot like sugar so for a marshmallow I would go ahead and use something like isomalt the problem if he is if you if you use too much ice on our love by tomorrow but if you use too much is a lot like if someone eats like eight bags of ice to melt marshmallows they're going to get the poops cuz you don't digest it the same way necessarily so it has fiber and so you can get you can get the poops from it anyway so I'm told I have never gotten the hoops from too much are small but I got a cast on her stomach I should be something to stash it because you know if anyone shows are going to have a problem with a moustache will say she's going to have a problem with it by this

play something else on that something else on sugar to make savory marshmallows with this product called like test which is a modified sugar product that has zero sweetened if I don't even know if that's that's on the market if I didn't have much success with it it always absorb too much water out of the air and they got to they got to weippe to Michael's taking on a double-edged problem vs. got to get the good vegetarian marshmallow which means you have to get the right carrageenan but I can make with it then take the next step and want to make a Savory then you got to get the right kind of savory but I would definitely start with I would definitely start with that with a small definitely definitely yeah right right a said he has no yet yeah number 5 for the first time my mother never let us have it because she thinks

the greasy I want to show her that she's wrong goose cooked Goose several times and it's sometimes hard to get like a meeting goose and so it seems greasy or seems tough because it's not you know I would mean the question is does he have a circulator

we don't know we don't know if you have a circular McCoo is goose would be great in a circulator and then Chris Duffin A really really hot oven loose I would do goose to try and render out if you if you're worried about Greece and I will try to render out as much of the fatness is totally just off the top of my head by the way so you know take this with you know a box of salt instead of just a single gram but maybe do something like you do with a picking duck almost where you know you kind of separate the skin away then you can go put the hot liquid over it and then you allowed to air-dry a little bit and then I think you know when I go to the fan and then you can probably rent around a good bit of the of the fat and make it not so greasy so I would I would I would treat it if you don't have a circulator I would treat it as if it were packing. If I had a circulator I would break off the legs and then by the way Booker my oldest son is restarting every 5 minutes because of me is like I thought chickens made meat I didn't know you had to break the head off of a chicken to get chicken

and I'm like yes you have to break the head off a chicken nugget chicken meeting Legos do you break the heads off of chickens and like no I mean I would if I had to him and I think it's an obligation but he's like what was it he had sex so brutally like break the head off a chicken that's already said break the head off of a turkey that's like it that's his imagery is that somehow you walk up to it it's alive and you break its head off which I guess not that far from the truth but it's just now hearing an eight-year-old use terms of break the head off of anyway and then going to want to be at a higher temperature and cook for a long time to break it down where's the breast meets going to get dry and overcooked if you if you let it go that long so I would break it down to the breast low temp I would do it at probably 57 or 58 for about 45 minutes cool it down Siri off the skin to crisp it up and then do the legs almost probably comfy stop but that's that's me but deep frying

obviously a great alternative Because deep frying is got cooking technique what do you think yes or no will be the last cooking issues of this year of 2010 we're going to come back in 2011 little bit of an announcement Nils is Nils the Intrepid leader of the French culinary culinary program is he's not leaving at the FCI but he is changing his role he stepping down from that role is going more on a Consulting basis and so he can do a side and I think we're going to he's going to be probably pasta cooking issues mass that he said right cuz he's moving moving on to another thing is that what he said to ask Miss Tasha so that that's a big big news but you know he got put in an eater and various other blogs kind of incorrect information about the whole situation Nils is just

wanted to do some other stuff and is very is very you know time-consuming busy job running the culinary program at the French culinary especially cuz we're expanding and doing it doing a lot of other things and I think he just wanted to cook cook more and run schools less right so that is all of our New Year's resolutions from here at cooking issues cook more and we'll catch you in the new year thanks for listening