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Episode 229: LIVE From Bass Pro Shop in Bridgeport, CT

I like this I like standing next to you guys know things at the Bass Pro Shop intro though

so I fed him to say that

didn't it would only say I can remember really in the parking lot at the engineering section of the parking lot I'm great nice the Bass Pro Shop before they open

be able to Bass Pro Shop is the way we're not affiliated with any way shape or form and it anyway so it's like kind of like an outdoor shop do you say it's accurate they have a bowling alley where all the bowling balls and like some of them are like bass and a ball returns are like sharks and occupy kind of like 50s like enchantment Under the Sea prom night action going on but would like some sort of like weird like animatronic fishing Reef overhead they have a yeah they have like a restaurant there you can hang out and like you know that overflowed yeah then we're going to go bowling game later on after done with the show and we're here really to Talk About That Bass Pro Shops has a very large selection of cooking gear in it

it's really kind of how this is happening why are we here and it's a very interesting intersection one that I know I'm interested and it's it's like her like preservation like sausage grinding like you can get a pretty big sausage grinder here but then also just a lot of outdoor cooking in general

like it which part of what I want

there's nothing to it cooking

remember the pontoon boat today

do it uses its Teflon so like it was Teflon coated who the heck is going to put a teflon-coated pan on an outdoor fire because if you overheat the Teflon Don donsky you know what I mean in point I would not would you but it was Teflon wasn't it I think to an area where they just would season the hell out of there a very large cast iron was trying to get a read off in a guy what is selling and what's not like what and apparently in this is good news for us in general things like old style cooking techniques like like Dutch oven cooking with there with you not like what we're used to but the ones where you actually have the clip where you put coals on top of it and cook outdoor like outdoor camp cooking in a in a in a cast-iron Dutch oven he said that's really coming

making a Resurgence in a going to teach classes and whatnot here later so they're kind of cooking but what I want my eye for a while on this thing called a cowboy grill you seem to know him so it's kind of like a combination fire pit / / outdoor grill

Jose that are company abundant care right here in Bridgeport I drove up and down the street for 15 years watching people get killed literally with the potholes I got Nails potholes and mayor Finch owes me a lot of money but I'm down here now but when I tell people what this particular neighborhood where we were was like before this one in pleasure Beach the boats the docks the ferry Port Jeff Ferry okay forever right in this area then you got Seaview which will swing your right up to Bridgeport Hospital right perfect got to get on North got to get the EMTs out and that's my story but do you think what do you think that they're having something like this here is going to bring a lot more people to the region

all the jobs that they're going to create I hear I hear Through the Grapevine that Mario Batali is going to come in to Main Street The Chew right next to Ralph and Richie that's going to be cool do you think that's her boyfriend is the Chef at Del posto which is one of Batali's look like Flagship restaurant

you said you heard from the restaurant guys that used to be on our radio station that's right

oh wow

dinner tonight for whole bunch of restaurant guys La Calavera Ralph and Richie's restaurant maybe maybe a culinary scoop here that's correct Maybe

we can cook I know some pretty good coach though


you and I was out there for my brother got sick and my sister went out she got sick I drove a car got lost in the valley brought home 30 suitcases of Reserve you heard it here first thank you for doing and enjoy so

well okay not our normal that's great that are normal but nice what if that actually happened what if we broke

yeah yeah that's right what if we broke the news

a new Mario Batali restaurant from

I don't know anyway so back to what we were talking about so they have to tow it was so the thing I want to see call the cowboy grill and what it is it's a fire pit but it has like a expanded metal grate over it so that you can cook on the fireproof you can rip the great off the other cool thing is it's got like an old-school swingarm like for like a kettle and you can hang over it and it's got a rotisserie on it that you can like hand crank so it's like kind of like One-Stop shopping for cooking outside in for fire from my only problem is is that

you know I like Miley Carpenter my sister-in-law Wylie Dufresne the chef so they have a really kind of a nice fire pit their fire pit is like that kind of Steel that like just rushed to a certain point but never rusts any more than George stays outside all the time this thing is got that black paint on it so you know it's going to rust out very nice people but they are trying to convince me you are the top sellers right now Jack here they call it gliss fryer turkey fryer oil less fryer face which isn't a vegan face it's more like the what kind of nonsense is that face it's kind of like smiling because obviously like if you if you put the words oilless and fry together you just lied Mario Batali would not use that product

all right we are

talk about an invention that I'm going to make it I'm going to make the low volume oil this is for turkeys and pigs and cows ready the low volume oil spray fryer

right so it's like a washing machine but instead of spraying detergent and hot water it's going to spray freaking hot oil so you can have a small amount of oil right with a gift like an intentional heater and Fry anything that you can fit into a dishwasher by spraying it by the way that I finished a deep fryer is a thing of oil and then I'll Ladle hot fat over it so that's how like you know if I have to do the turkey like at my in-laws house or at my mom's house I'll go outside I'll superheat the oil put in oil on a grill to keep it at the right temperature by which is unsafe please I don't hear it and then I got a little like little the hot side of the stuff to Chris with the skin the same way that like a in a restaurant when you're cooking

this is the secret that I don't know why home Cooks haven't figured this out yet but you have the hot pan with the fat in it you tip the pan back with a spoon and you based hot fat over the thing to get the other side warm and I was right that's that's how you do it with you you never see people do that at home but every single restaurant cook knows what how to do that why doesn't everyone know how to do that it's so simple I think it's because people don't put enough fat in the pan when they're doing stuff anyway so we don't have anything to like bass over-the-top anyway you know if you're the one person who listens to show that didn't already know that congrats like you're not you're part of the club but the point is imagine if you did that in a n like in something the size of a dishwasher and it's just a spring hot oil around the real question is the safety interlocks because imagine if you opened up the dishwasher

who sings like usually have to pop it once it turns off then so that you're not like otherwise you could like just open it and seems like I'm sure it happened to the first few people especially because like the rationale which is like that first big, you have a lot of people got in the United States it's like German and so I bet they're like was the instructions say not to do this so why would you ever open it when it's on you know what I mean like I was like sure the early German ones you could just likes called your face off because everyone who owned it just follow the instructions for as soon as it comes to America where lag you know I don't really concern instructions and opened it and you know some dudes call their face off and look like a peeled grape and then they probably safety interlocks on anyways anyways I have to jump in here and say that I'm actually working

all of the guy listening while on a board like that I don't really know what this means I take an autograph maybe on a Boos board to match the one I already have one with me but they injected turkey cooked over hot stuff in this week temperature thoughts 35375 400 stuffing temp thanks for the Finish

presumably for the Finish let me see let me see this question so I'm making a deboned injected turkey cooked or uncooked over hot stuff

so if you're not going to low temperature at all but she usually what I'll do is I'll low temperature for a while and put it over to flash it up but yeah I think high is good at the stuffing is really nice and hot I think you could go high yeah I think he's going the higherside like in the force right if you deboned it you could probably go in like that the mid fours and like throw it over the thing and just wait for the skin to crisp up and it should be good and it's not working. He makes food for his cat and bone meal mix Bushwick grocery store however garbage in Bed Stuy so I don't worry too much about him but I always wonder if there's a better way to do this animal foods and there's a whole school of thought specifically

I need to be raw that you feed the animals and I've always wondered why but I don't know whether it's just animals don't get food borne viruses or not but the other problem is is it did they say that they bonded out or is it just got bone meal mix raw chicken but the chicken if you cook a chicken bone it's really bad because then it starts splintering so you have to be careful that the weather doing their frying it now there's no simple I don't know of any simple way other than like a fast like a super fast high heat I mean

you can just throw it like the chunks of chicken into like a 5 billion degree oven for like you know 10 minutes and kill anything on the outside but I don't know I don't know of anything it's going to be super I mean like cuz I don't know whether your cat's going to enjoy it if you dipped in Bleach you know what I mean like you could probably just a dividend bleach but I don't know if your cat's going to enjoy that so much I know my dog was incredibly picky would not know but I'm there no bo no bo no bo no experience cuz I have to say I just feed my dog like you know like Starbucks frappe Starbucks New York City says Dave can you send out the name of the squid guts fish sauce you talked about at the moped laps called is Siri so the fish got sauce that we use is made exclusively from the guts and blood of squid and it's called is Sherry it's from Ishikawa in Japan and it's carried by the mutual trading Corporation

in Secaucus New Jersey and what you do is you just if you would call them in advance they will send it into their store in Manhattan will Trading Company make it they can get it I also found out the true World Foods carry is my other favorite Ford I said live at the museum event I ate is a dead ringer for the Gorham so CRM that was specifically made out of mackerel guts that I had I had the I had Sally Granger as I said it is VX World expert on Roman fish sauce is it was her personal stock of 2 year old car on the shed next to the recipes as best she could dead ringer is Siri so if you want to go Roman go get you some Sesame Siri from neutral trading Corporation of a show called cooking issues that deals with kind of cooking cooking techniques and problems

oh yeah oh nice all right

make a note my mind if you don't like your life so what are you doing a barbecue here later and if people don't realize there's enough hunters and fishermen in Connecticut and I think he will be surprised it's place is packed I think a lot of people don't understand what Connecticut is once you get right off the highway yeah it's true everything is like such a great great fishing and North River goes I'll look to Danbury great trout fishing through there are you currently doing Pit BBQ in Kentucky was more important what's the style at in Kentucky as opposed to listening like in North Carolina or something I can switch the style BBQ

say which is Memphis okay so texas-style barbecue going to find a light rub when you put smoke your meat usually Hickory and white oak or Oak okay and maybe some fruit trees would and then what we do is we burn the wood offset and ensure the clothes underneath the meat that the grease hit the hit the coals and it smoked something it's actually a science to it are most people so I know that in the mid I would say in the early to mid 90s almost everyone who is doing professionally on the coast anyway over and Carolina almost everyone is switched over to gas and there's only a few holdouts left that were splitting wood making their own doing their own stuff you feel that's come back that's gone the other way or is it just a neighborhood to Neighborhood K you're not going to find that gas down in Kentucky and Tennessee or Alabama or they eat for even Georgia really taste the fuel on the meet Fusion gas you actually tasted there's a barbecue

play something in Fairfield say the name but if you when you eat is meat you can taste of fuel

you know my barber my pit in my backyard and in Norwalk I don't ever use gas during their just keep straight wood and you never tasted fuel heat a smoked that's what he was doing for yourself for myself and then people ask me do it for him and I'll charge you a little money for it and I did 30 31 turkeys last Thanksgiving probably more than that this year too perfect for different people see you think like in places like Kentucky those guys never switched over to get eastern North Carolina which is where I used to spend most of my time eating barbecue back in the day like I say there were very few people that held onto and I know like that area of North Carolina really kind of move to use technology not just in that but in many things like the way their hands are producing stuff like that but I was just wondering I guess it likely that never reach over you like Kentucky ham

Tri ham you know yeah you like you like Newsom who do you like over there to see you got up and I can't think of anyone I'm not sure if

Smith Smithfield that's the difference in the product I can't remember it but it's done Tennessee is a great place for hand country hand like that but Broadbent were applying from all right Richard Richard done well thank you so much for sharing let me talk to you smoke salmon with one of my favorite people love South smoked salmon I only takes about 4 hours to do that one brisket shoulders takes a lot longer you know 12:15 sometimes even if you get a full shoulder with the butt and the Pooh picnic together it takes about twenty-four hours 8320 enjoy the enjoy the store I'll take care of you so much

sea bag cost says no mushrooms under back this only for botulism okay for cook but not for Hold Ya Ya is it look mushrooms are like the classic going to give you poisoning botulism poisoning it's a classic because they're typically if you're going to can mushrooms let's say or jar them you're going to do them at a relatively it's not going to be high ass is Camilo acid product right cuz you like your do you like like high acid mushrooms do you like I like pickled mushrooms actually like really Highway vinegar I like him but like a lot of people can't they want to taste more like a mushroom mushroom and so those things you have to Canton pretty hard to make sure you're killing all are you ready for it says not to kill all the spores on it and that's that's really what the problem is and we do a vacuum bag you never going to do that so yeah but it's not unsafe it's just safe to treat it like

like it's been preserved you keep it in the fridge and you eat it with a reason lot of time it's fine I will say this I love cooking mushrooms in a bag because mushrooms are like sponges and when you put it in a vacuum bag you can inject the mushrooms with it with like a boat on a flavor and then when you do like you like low temperature for a little while in the bag you pull them out my God I'm taking on that guy and I hit him with the flavor even though it probably is also tied in with his thumbs in a phone on is on a vacuum infusion in liquid intelligence cuz I believe it's in the look inside and the problem with with infusing and in that kind of infusion is that

Yeezys are really good when you want to get flavor out of something but when you want to put flavor into something you have to worry that when you're depressed Horizon you're not pulling the stuff out so we actually would have to stick the mushrooms in a bag with the flavor shove that into the EC with liquid around and then inject the pressure and you have to do it twice so it yes it can be done but for the technique to really get it done right look at the look on the look inside an Amazon on the liquid intelligence and you can do to see a full set of pictures to figure out how to do it I do it for the Cucumber martini but I don't know if someone who enjoys what they're doing they think it's very classy the place of life or lye soap eggs

no So Cal calcium hydroxide and if you cannot get a high enough pH with that had to do the lion eggs would they use is calcium oxide which is a much much higher strength bass you might be able to do you might be able to do the Harold McGee baked out of the baking soda to get a much more you know anywhere you bake out the baking soda and turn from bicarbonate sodium carbonate that might be enough but I'm not sure I've only ever use straight lie but that what you're looking for is a certain pH so we publish the recipe online didn't we went went somewhere and cooking it possible to look up and then look up what the what the pH of that molarity of Li would be and a mimic that with calcium carbonate not bicarbonate sodium carbonate

not not or probably calcium oxide I think it's in calcium oxide they use not calcium hydroxide I had to look it up and my head but tell is not very soluble and can never going to reach the pH of the stuff that we were doing a lie eggs in is enough to like not want to dip your hand into whereas I'll put my hands into a container of next time I'll anytime / quail eggs

went for what for what technique I think he was at your moped thing I didn't use Quail Lakes and then I have no idea what are we

quail eggs what ratio chart

what do you want to do is I don't know they're like quail eggs are good dozen quail eggs are good like raw over like that makes sense I also like hard-boiled hard-boiled eggs hard to peel the membrane around the white is really tough so what I do is I do I have one of those little like cigar-chomping quail egg Cutters Michelle off of both sides not one and then you take your pinky and

right through it knock it out I'm not sure I didn't use quail eggs at the thing to figure out what we're doing cooking issues

oh no it's beautiful how you doing here

yea nice

Pacific 8 or so excited about the Bass Pro Shops

a long time, I believe you're 33 years and for the last 20 years has was nothing but you know broken down abandoned houses and to have this year it's amazing how many cars in this neighborhood 20-25 years of July you get this many cars parts and I can see the fireworks other than that it would have been just an empty lot this is a nice ride pass here a lot you said there's nothing there's nothing exciting it was to what it became to what it is not as amazing as you think it's going to help in general like bring us is that going to be good for business for restaurants or

they actually called me for a couple catering event Starbucks call me for one catering event before we were they going to cater to this empty lot there was no one here right here at least I'm one of the ones that are again

because you know they're noticing that we are here and I'm loving I'm glad you're out here in New York that's awesome New York City radio show now called cooking issues on the Heritage Radio Network. It's amazing that awesome catering place again

food caterers nice out of Bridgeport right near the Bass Pro Shops so you know when you come to Bass Pro and if you're going to have like a party or Tailgater something you need someone to come cater it maybe

cold with me nice there you go thank you Chef thank you

oh thank you very much

I mean eggs for those who don't know is if you cook an egg for a long long time to egg whites are more alkaline than most things that we eat and because alkalinity accelerates my reaction was my reaction happen at lower temperatures you can get brown toasty tasting eggs that are that are delicious by pressure cooking them so I would say for a quail egg because you're trying to do that I mean thing you cook it as long as you would a chicken egg what you mean about an hour or so I would put them in water let them come up to temperature for you no more so they don't get broken and then let the pressure come down naturally do not push it down

size of trying to look at the pictures on my phone but the problem is it my phone is also our connection to the outside world so

anything out of The Music Connection on a computer for questions I'll just start yammering about other stuff at Joel's stoop stoop so you know I did I brought a flower with me and Charles doing we're doing pizzas and I really enjoyed being able to finish the top of the pizza off with the sea was all you know also had good luck with fish also I was out on a river I had really good luck like doing just like like let's say you're at your at your have a camp in your camping there for a couple of days then you want to go out and almost I kind of look like picnic style egg on a river you can bring like the Sears Outlet if we did like real cheese and and things like that so that you know this is stuff we kind of had we had a lot of good luck with when you're cooking over it

fire it's a lot of times useful to have a directed small thing of flame that you can just hit so just get something it comes up a lot when you're cooking over the campfire show Friends dance like I was cooking pancakes on the show watch Fast cooking pancakes and the pan was too hot over the fire and so they were cooking too fast on the one side so I use a searzall to Rapid set the top of the pancakes I can flip it without ruining it so I can stuff like that I'm good for it's good for stuff like that at nothing Mark asks what's the best wood for smoking beef cheese I don't know like a huge school of thought saying that if that as long as you're not using a wood that doesn't have a high resin content so for instance like you know that you're going to be basically Okay and like you can't really tell the difference between I don't know if you can't really tell the difference between hickory wood let's say and a fruit would like an apple but then there are Woods that definitely have their

flavor so if you're using up there's a big difference between using chips to make smoke and actually Kohl's I think once you're making something into a cold then I don't think it's going to be adding a lot of flavor on its own but the chips clearly have different Aromas I don't really know what you like like what do you like do you like that would you like he's not like using chips and smoking them he's doing like coals are providing smoke but also heat different so I think it's kind of a fundamental like difference using like dust or chips and smoldering them it's a very different thing in terms of the quality of the smoke or what it's what the smokes in parting as opposed to like what what I would call a clear call off of that Super Sentai clear call like people like Hickory because Hickory has a fantastically High fuel value per pound like it just is like a very

has a very high it's it's a good fuel it's also good wood and a delicious nut

Elliott pop now wants to know would you make trail mix over the fire you mean like when you say trail mix what you mean by trail mix what do you think are you really thinking Chex Mix because that you could I like Chex Mix is some straight-up delicious stuff for your thoughts on Chex Mix

I need to come back I feel like it's gone somewhere I haven't had a peanut butter and wait if they sell it they sell it made like before it was my friend's mom said you like milk chocolate into the checks and then you got the the mix the salt the butter chex mix chex Quest off in salt and pepper which is running

operation care I guess rice rice Chex mix chex turn into an elongated stop sign and 1/2 was rice and the other half was corn Chris specs wrap up in 5 minutes if you could if you quick agar clarify juice and you massage this act too hard anyway rescuing juice with agar in

anyways so I'm pretty sure that that clarification through like a I got a filter like a linen napkin or like a very fine I even hate I hate the words coming out of my mouth cheesecloth because I know that someone's going to go buy that ranch instead of big hole Ranch and stuff they sell useless I don't even think that stuff's holes are small enough to keep freaking flies out of think it's a fundamentally useless nonsense piece of crap I don't know why they sell it I don't know what it's good for I think a like I think it's good just for making me angry and for nothing else how many people's food in the world over the years have been ruined by buying that crap that they think is cheesecloth but is not

cancer it's not sterilized it's useless without use makes me angry enough you can tell that my mommy make mommy's okay alright alright rehabilitated everybody should say fake mummy fabric on it

and nothing else so anyways so if you have massage so what you do is you make a noise like a nagging you make an agar set a guard gel tube to 0.2% to grams per liter not 20 it had to go do that a million times you break it up and do it into a curd you put it into what we call the sack and then you get the clear juice out but you have to do with your hands is here that can hear that a massaging the sack and so what it is is is you have to gently ever so gently and gingerly hold the sack and massage the sack to clear the pores such that the clear liquid can drop out if you squeeze a sack you squeeze it what's going to happen is you're going to extrude the agar through the sack and then not only do you have a damaged sack with nobody but you have Cloud e-juice which also nobody enjoys not a question that we have here is can you can you somehow we filter the the

agar out of the Cloudy sack and I got to say I don't know like you could try putting it through a straight coffee filter that point but I have a feeling that you might be in trouble what you can do is just let it settle for a couple of hours then maybe rack the stuff off off the top but you might you might be as my good friend say Sol in a few just by 1% if you just then it will be clear right right says do you know anyone who might be interested in a free centrifuge the internet has been displaying a lid error need some work right that's w r i g h t

I mean look Chris don't give up on your centrifuge like David is never give up part of the lyrics Don't Give Up don't give up because I was having I was Rick Rolling myself in my head and I said Never Going To Give You Up never going to give you up that's why I said it was Rick Roll in yourself in your head so that the video is playing in my head right now as a policy normally what's playing in my head as if the elves think I'm turning into my own head and seen the elves jumping into the wood chipper over and over again and instead I tune into my head and Rick Astley is there a little I mean worst worst Booker Booker because his his girlfriend friend who is a girl who may be Sunday will be his girlfriend likes Rick Astley for some like unknown reason strange

voice not bad so they have this thing called an oil-less fryer okay we're a little bit but I'm going to go investigate we buy one of these things woo Patrick at Heritage by the way there's still time let's order it from from Heritage Meat and I've cooked anything for Bass Pro Shops before you made by a company that I've heard is very good call Cajun Cajun tell me oh my god. Of my head but it is in fact a semi-professional deep fryer with a cold Zone and it's meant to hook up to a propane tank and mint

live outside to anyone who's interested in the idea of having a fire Outdoors as I am now it has for several months and can endorse now is a good idea they sell them here and they have a pop down lid on them that covers them up so that they will just covered up so give it a try