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Episode 228: The Best Part of Waking Up…

today's program is proudly brought to you by culture city of for purpose organization that provides a place of acceptance and support for all autism families for more information visit culture this is Chef Emily Peterson host of sharpen hot you're listening to Heritage Radio Network broadcasting live from Bushwick Brooklyn if you like this program is it Heritage Radio Network. Org for thousands more

Pizzeria in Bushwick I don't know 12 or 5 over here

I don't know who is it my phone says okay 1205 close joined as usual in the studio with a hammer Lopez and Jackie Jackie molecules Ensley in the engineering Booth how you guys doing good I fix the biggest knocked off the vibration support someone's voice was so intense it knocked the microphone off of its vibrations support so what do we have going on tomorrow tomorrow we're going to be at the Bass Pro in Bridgeport Connecticut is it is it the best amateur no sir pro professional style. The people that are going to be there I was going to be there the Bassmaster angler of the year

don't know that some guy from Wicked Tuna his name is Captain Bill Hollywood Nunez all right but you got there was a World Series baseball player from the Boston Red Sox and the Yankees and then private military contractor Brant McGee who's seen on the History Channel show alone and favorite fisherman host of Johnny Houston Outdoors Jimmy Houston Houston was the host of a show called

icon at the Bass Pro Shop be out in the parking lot for the thing they said cuz of our power needs actually set up mics and everything Bass Pro like they're not giving us anything I need to get and coincidentally on the way up I need to pick up a part for my chainsaw Stihl chainsaw parts at Home Depot fence Home Depot through a bunch of

he ran by ripping chain I was using my normal my normal chain on it right sharp pain and I got to go get a tensioner for it. Like why I don't care about this while I act like well this was going on I'd already booked you know a fucking is you saw logs into smaller pieces so you can use it for firewood will not see this tree and I was loading into my cart and my tractor died in the middle of the Woods Middle of the freaking Woods naked in a middle of the freaking Woods

you know what people if you can afford a tractor that works just going to try to the works I just can't afford a tractor that works right now but I want to check if it works you know what I really want I want like some sort of like either a John Deere Gator is Imagine like golf cart on roids what color you are on the air

hey what's up guys Ed from Washington DC

I'm good I got doing all right

stop speaking of tractors at work my dad and has had a Kubota or like 15 years and have never had a problem with it which kind do you know if nothing ever wrong with the front end loader on it

yeah is it at the backhoe to trackhoe when you can load it when you get attached and I drive frame to the rear and put a wood chipper on the back and everything went and they made in their resale value like so will you know what I mean looking on Craigslist was nice but I like how someone gives themselves a retirement gift that allows them to work harder but which I appreciate it and sell kubota's at unreasonably low prices of our minor amusements when we weren't working was to mess with the scammers about how do you say what he scammed what they do is they say they they they they always say that they're in the military and that they just got real reposted somewhere and they won't be able to take their Kubota with them right and it's

they post it as though it's in your blood local Craigslist but then the Ohio and they're like the situation it's I happen to be going through Ohio like tomorrow can I come see it give them total like straight up like yeah yeah yeah I love doing that kind of stuff cooking related question anyway I want to do a few kind of sweet powdered vegetable topping and trying to do like a sweet Thai Basil and a sweet carrot I was wondering if there's a way I can kind of

it's a lot of stuff without a dehydrator by up know like pulverizing it and then mixing it with for the Thai Basil like chlorophyll and maybe like a booking agent or something like that and what kind of suggestions you might have as well

yeah oh nice tights the

huh tell you what you don't want to invest in a dehydrator what what equipment do you have

I mean I mean I pretty much everything else

I mean yeah right always use it like a Super Fresh I don't think you're going to have your not going to I know you're not going to have any luck like a wet milling and then drying it because it's just going to let you know you want them is unblemish as possible as they're drying out so that they basically you're looking to get all the water out before the polyphenol oxidase enzymes can turn him into a swampy morass of crap right that's the goal but you might be able to do the old school just cracked it cracked the oven and keep keep it on low keep the oven open keep on low just to get because really it's only that initial section of dryness that you need to get past and then once you're over the hump in terms of dryness then they can build rather effectively without rotting on you

I hate to admit this because I I should try but you know I like guy that there's a old was Thomas Keller in first started talking about it even though it doesn't seem like it's just kind of technique and I couldn't be that my losing it in my email in my as I get older but I think he has a micro I know there's a microwave dehydration of herbs technique I don't have never tried it so I don't know how it works but for things like you might be able to try the nuclear dehydration there but I would just throw some in an oven I mean do you have a if you can turn the convection off even better so that is not even though the convection help with drying like I find that things like herbs to the blow around a lot if you don't have it specifically said of me that's a really nice thing about a dehydrator

the other thing I would do is call the buddy with a dehydrator and just like throw a couple sheets and as a test to see whether you like the result before you go to ape crazy trying to figure out whether you know whether you like it or not I don't think there's a commercial source of of dried Thai Basil never seen it right I mean the real ball is going to be the contracts coming out to freeze dry that stuff that would be amazing but I would try some amazing mean but again that's even more difficult so many other things you want to try

besides type I don't know how much like yeah you can buy them by and freeze dried can you use that much right no no

I don't know they were going through like maybe like a cord a couple quarts a week or some like that so not like huge amounts right I've never seen I don't think freeze dried beef

weight is it that company that does just XYZ do they do it just beats I have no idea they have just corn they have just pees and just raspberries and just drivers and Wednesday I don't think I'm wondering whether you could just as a test like just pulverized commercial beet chips and see whether or not there is any good news because you can give that a shot I mean like it as long as you don't own the equipment you're going to have to just kind of like hassle around kind of figure out what's going on with it otherwise with who has worked on that many people use to make beats soil and beat beat kind of powders all the time and is widely used to do it at WD and a bunch of people have done it but I think that they're using I think they are dehydrating now as far as binders go like it all depends on how you want the texture of the product you can make it kind of you know any texture from a drive

powder and then actually the texture you want is going to depend a lot on kind of how much you need to treat it beforehand to get the moisture out but I could go anywhere from a dry powder to like ask reuzel topping inscrutable toppings are pretty you know they're fairly moist and you and they just have like you know like butter and then other like I would use pre-cooked starchy starchy as in I'm so this not have that extreme starch taste to it but I'm thinking about things like that you know but I would just I was just test out different things and I'm having a b my mind trying to figure out what kind of topping you want what do you want to be a dust or like a hearty crumbly thing or what I think I think some of them will work as a boil or streusel and would have to play around with what we haven't done a lot of the soil work a man I used to do a lot of the powdered oil work but that's not what your that's not what you're what you're doing there but most most of those oils I think we're like-for-like

I hear something you could do you can make a dough of the flavor you want this wouldn't work with Thai Basil that you can make a really stiff friends since beat like like and like almost like a tuile but like not necessarily sugar and then just like crack that or you could make a sugary and then just post it like a praline and get email get the thing out like a beach wheel would work that would probably be delicious and within the realm of normal kind of kitchen practice without having to do anything crazy you know what I mean

grateful thank God and tell us what happens when I was a kid pretty sure right which is to say impatient but the I think they like there's only like they're not making more constitutions but we keep on making more Americans I think that's the thing you don't I mean there's just more Americans now than there used to be and they all want to see the same piece of paper I mean Aaron actually an hour Aaron Aaron Fairbanks technology is a real thing if you know anything about it yeah

guaranteed oil cost reduction like I say it's a revolutionary technology that the end in which the oxidation process is reduced in there for dramatically increases the lifespan of cooking oils what is it at the show you the time to show you I have never used it but me I know there's lots of different Technologies out there to keep your fry oil in in good feather the ultimate dream is obviously that you're that the food uptake of oil is exact same as the oil input rate to maintain Optimum fry technology that's why that's like the continuous potato The Continuous potato chip model is like Everyone likes kettle-cooked oil or french fries production lines that's like that that's it

right it's like the oil always is perfect and you just keep on making fries until the Earth extinguishes itself same as it is keep on as long as you keep feeding this like french fries son with like fries and a fry and oil it will just be always perfect is an awesome awesome anyway so I don't know about this Friday I mean is it manufactured in Japan agency that what do they know about Jayla

Uno's Uno's Uno's been about Taylor UGA locator really is getting some questions Joe Esposito rights and is it practicable practicable is it practical to pipe a house with CO2 line does carbon dioxide I like ball locks on retractable hoses waiting about the word ball lot of a fur ball lock Universal Universal beverage or a Pepsi Locking System in Fallout as opposed to the padlocks which is what Coke used to use pin lock nobody uses the pin locks anymore whatever and looks like a ball python retractable hoses from the ceiling or just a dedicated station pipe out of a countertop of the pressure regulator at the point of views also what's involved in getting a tank of nitrous oxide and 204 culinary use

residential setting Joe Esposito okay let me hear

here's a problem let's go backwards here's the problem is nitrous oxide nitrous oxide is in the form of whippets and the the issue especially is is that people will at inhale it directly from the tank and if you inhale it directly from the tank you can pass out with the mask on your face and a 6-8 yourself and die right so you know if you type in a foxygen into it you probably wouldn't die but nobody hooks up a system of oxygen and then to I would even now be dangerous is what if the oxygen failed and you're by yourself and you're huffing nitrous he's classically dangerous thing to have lying around the house if there's anyone in the house who has a predisposition to huffing the stuff right so I'm just going to go ahead and say that right there another problem at nitrous is typically used in consumer

applications for injection into automobile engines to like provide extra power like Nitro boost poisonous snake you can't help it now

you can get medical grade nitrous like I I used to have it I gave that nitrous cylinder back but I used to have it I think we gave it back right the big tank will get it back as soon as I used to have it around the trick is is just convincing somebody once that that you are a reputable person and that you needed it so I convinced the guy to give it to me once because I worked at the French Culinary Institute and I said to him a couple different places you need to have a doctor's license and like I don't because I'm not going to drive it in the air and they're like you know and I'll be over after about like 20 minutes if then of me just say no I don't need it right then they said I said what I said I said okay it's I said it's not a legal requirement for me to be a doctor to get tonitrus

I said so what is it that would make it okay for you for you to feel good giving me the nitrous and then it is true I spend thousands of dollars a year on nitrous oxide cartridges for whipped cream makers and I prefer to spend you know a hundred bucks on one nitrous oxide tank in the last 2 years than $1,000 on cartridges and so the guy said to go hang yourself and this one guy said

get a New York City Fire Department to say it's okay I said

I I didn't say that's crazy I said okay so I called the fire department I said hey fire department do you have any regulations about nitrous oxide and they said no we have no regulations about nitrous oxide I was like so you have no problem with me having a nitrous oxide tank based on fire department rules in in my place and compressed gases both for oxygen acetylene industrial environments what will you sign a letter saying that the fire department has no problem with this and for some reason the guy said yes when I fax a letter over to the supply and he said he's all right then I guess it's okay

it's all about convincing it first of all you have to be the kind of person that is accurately not mean there's not going to like cause problems with it and secondly you need to convince someone that it is a that that they can feel comfortable and selling to you and that's about it so I can know if you have a you know like if you have some excuse like

I'm going to business where I'm spending all this money on nitrous and it's ridiculous like a 15 foot weather balloon with nitrous cartridges from whipped cream makers if it if you so desired and then started hailing that until you until you kill over it and there is no whatever it is entirely feasible time they're usually pipe to the bar guns and to the carbonators or to their kegging system and not to individual point of carbonation is a very tough kind of polyethylene it's a it's a it's a braided reinforced like double polyethylene hose and they use

oetiker clamps that crappy ones that are really tight and down with it with a clamp saying there's like a ear clamps that are very good and they use you know nickel-plated brass or stainless like flare fittings and all those things like they don't fail in it because you're not running high pressure CO2 you're taking it down to the pressure you're going to use it at which is in all cases under a hundred PSI are there about you if you're running a fool like a carpet I got McCann carbonator and her car sitting at room temperature and then piping it through a cold plate you're still looking at no more than like a hundred five probably PSI some 110 maybe PSI for it so it's not like I didn't need to worry about but you definitely want to get to use only things that are not going to have catastrophic failure the danger was CO2 like any other thing

is that it is and is fixing it right so if you have luckily you can sense it's not like nitrate-nitrogen where you're not going to sense that you're being a 68 it but it isn't it so you don't want to be in a situation where if you have a catastrophic leak that all of a sudden you know you you know died so that's that's the main exclamation kind of a thing but I've actually never heard of a case of it happening because you you get panicked and excess CO2 but I mean I've never heard of that happening Me Maybe it has but I've never heard of it happening in a in a beverage situation don't get the crappy unreinforced bso's okay

Dave Nastasia and Jack to question thesis from now you want me to try to pronounce his name in Wales is giving me like me by the way Swedish Nails is imitation of Norwegian accent so now I have to say this name and I fit in a nail in my imitation of Neil's doing right you're a doll and sell Force are you involved with XKCD survey jacket

side cartoon that like Texas and Swae Lee cartoon people go crazy for it's like on the way to PDF it has its own like explanations page that's not related to the actual, cats Like These acoustic. Jackie from you familiar with the cartoon XKCD no sir I don't know I'm sure there's a huge survey when they're trying to collect a bunch of random data to see whether or not you can make either interesting or interesting yet spurious correlations on large datasets like people who don't like potato chips might also be more likely to kick puppies I just said that I don't really that those are two questions but there is a sandwich question that reminds me of an episode with something to find a sandwich by listening what is and what is not a saint

because I'm not in the service as a list of things are they a sandwich are they not and I'm not going to

it's all about and then for Jack is there any way for us not listening live and with no Twitter account to see the chat activity reference in the show yeah I get in that chat room and scroll up and it should show you the scroll up and see what happened just get in there and scroll up let me know if that works at verse strangely even though it was an entire apple cider show

I don't do you want to wait on the side until the end get to it I will get to it especially because it asked about the about the center

from Chris I'm writing in to ask about Greek frappe coffee near Harvard like I'd like the local kind of joints not the places that Harold McGee takes us from Mike went into it right and he goes cuz we're Connecticut people you know what I mean and any goes I want a milkshake a milkshake and the guy behind the counter says you don't want a milkshake he does not have accents from Boston but I don't know if I can do a Boston accent you don't want a milkshake mykos what the hell are you mean that I don't want a milkshake he's like a milkshake is when we just take milk and Shake It

you like what you want is a frappe not like a frappe what you want is a frappe and like was like what the hell is this you don't get to choose this is not like the caterpillar in freaking Alice in Wonderland were you get to choose no one on God's green freaking Earth thanks in a milkshake is when you take milk and you shake it that some sort of like Harvard like yard Abomination Diner nonsense Crab Trap Aid coffee I discovered Inc in Athens a few years ago and here is a drink one teaspoon of Nescafe instant coffee AKA Taster's Choice which is in fact

stop it you like that stuff do you like like the stale crappy coffee that you get out of those quilted trucks on the side of the street commercial why the what do you know exactly what's the guy comes home from Africa and the sisters at the door and she's like freaking years is 1990-something what is a Peter Kim Peace Corps or something like that I can actually

how much does The Rock House away from West Africa real coffee that the body language is no good on this one gives her a gift and she's looking at all intensely and she puts a bow on him just now reading now it's a bad kind of funny is that in West Africa they like at least eat in Senegal at least there's like this culture of this powdered coffee that is sold all over the streets better than Folgers so she's totally different because it's spices in it and

it's a little sweet you can get in and put it to lot sweeping yeah you can't have coffee and inside at the same time and I think a comment in the chat room from Tim the best part of waking up is incest in your cup coffee center of the face

today's program is proudly brought to you by culture city of for purpose organization that provides a place of acceptance and support for all autism families this is culture City's founder Julian Maja and even though my wife and I were both positions at the time it was really hot for us to find any resources at that point to help him all the other organizations out there that Vino off the wall but your main focus is basically finding a cure for autism I'll mean focusing Spacey trying to prepare the community to accept not only children have autism but their families as well you know in addition to that be able to provide help to these families in the Cure and now you know so tangible things like you know iPads for nonverbal kids you know Financial scholarships therapy scholarships

camps and also some black Chelsea versus that can teach parents about you no dietary issues you know how to financially plan and things like that for more information visit culture

nice so obviously like important important topic for me and my family obviously but how long have they been been with us for a while now they're so so awesome I went down to Birmingham twice and hang out that whole team and once once at the gala with Aaron but I did just unbelievable stuff that they do like really really really great. We're doing we're just educating people you know what it actually means to have autistic kids I'm of many like as a parent many many Minds about this which I do not mean with we're cooking show not to blaze and Sarah to go go into it but yeah I mean try anything to kind of remove stigma Annex and

increase acceptance and understanding is good in my book right. Coffee years ago one teaspoon Nescafe incest free by the way I'm going to specify incest free like the trade is still not fair but it didn't involve incest right incest Daniela cuz advertise catheters

kind of caffeine you need let myself lubricating Kathy need a cavity be taking your truck you need to like there's like like like CNN must have the most heavily catheter audience in the world

and like and reverse mortgage reverse reverse mortgages

Fred Thompson gas catheters and Humira ads for Charlie Sheen came out huh well that again let's take it back to Greek frappe call me Shelly

man killing killing the vibe okay so where are we Nescafe by the way it says teaspoon but I did some research I have to be honest I've never had instant coffee in my life ever had a crash which was published out of Connecticut in the 70s would like the series of Highly technical you know books on on food technology they had one on coffee in which they described instant coffee is like one of the greatest technological achievements of all time just happened to taste bad anyway it tastes bad milk and sugar can really please don't kiss a teaspoon my friend it is a heaping teaspoon a heaping teaspoon

Cafe 2 teaspoons of sugar 1/4 cup of cold water and then quit quit quit to magical microbubble phone with the immersion blender or similar pour over Iced Out of Splash of milk this without the milk from the Pretty stable microbubbles with intensified flavors and a viscous mouth which one do you dislike both or a combination miskis

what about the word meniscus okay the thing I don't like about it is that it uses instant coffee which I don't love the taste of it as much as fresh coffee I appreciate your advice and making an espresso / fresh-brewed coffee version I would also expect a cold brew coffee version would be spectacular if the hot Brew version worked out I don't know about that because okay I've tried stick blending soy lecithin and various concentrations into rapid chilled fresh coffee and did not get a stable phone or the same microbubbles with as with the nest Cafe version I have also tried various concentrations of xanthan gum and it goes from unstable phone to Coffee snob before stabilizing in the in the way as with instant coffee with coffee snot sounds really bad night sounds like you have a sickness and you've liked Smurf and blew it out I suspect

I need some kind of solid / bulking agent but I'm at a loss for what does might be an extra constraint that I'm sure you know which one is which most quickly joined together and Float to the top of the drink it would be great to prevent this if possible any thoughts advice much appreciated thanks Chris okay

okay you're okay so what the instant coffee does for you obviously is it is soluble in cold water so you can make it if I did the calculations right so you're looking at with that Nescafe remember them but it's a soluble solids thing and so you're supposed to put that coffee is heaping teaspoon of instant coffee into six ounces of liquid instead you're putting it into 2 oz of liquid so you're roughly three times the solids content as he would get in normal cup of coffee that plus it's cold

so espresso I like a really like high extraction espresso is going to have a higher solids content then you would get in in this by by yourself so if you make a very concentrated espresso and have it go right over an ice cube you might let allowed at just about the solids content that you need as long as you didn't like as long as you didn't have to redo some calculations on how cold is the actual espresso would get but this is how I make I make shaken espresso like that all the time very nice bubble that if you don't have the if if if it's to water down at that point then I would just have the expresso let it cool off for a while then put it on in a whippet the hell up and poured poured over ice and it and it should work this thing about this

pick up on this using 2 oz of water in a teaspoon of sugar in your you are dealing your whipping something that's only a quarter cup to ounces so if you just do like a highly extracted espresso and add another ice water and taking up a 2 oz of sugar you should be in the same ballpark and she work what do you think says As for the milk stabilizing it yeah I wouldn't use xanthan cuz it's going to snot up I do something a little more naughty props xanthan mixed with

add to think on it a little bit but give that a shot let me know how it how it works if you desperately need to add milk you can just sticking up the milk with something not even out of xanthan think on it and let me know how that works okay

I enjoy we are together so we did it we're not going to decide her right now and I'll get inside right now cuz I want to hear a thing about cider Estancia I met on Thursday spin another batch of cider in the center to use to talk to you about the results from that the Second Spin because I have another if I had my second and last batch of cider for the year there's about to be done with primary fermentation

update on the booker and Dax 500 bad news the good news is that when you get it you're going to love it that's a good news the bad news is that it does not look like we'll be able to put it on sale on Black Friday on pre-sale on Black Friday not a plan I think we discussed a plan write the plan was to put it on pre-sale on on Black Friday and we're going to give you a like a hefty discount over what the eventual retail price and also we're going to let you like put your place in line right because you know I can probably make enough you know whatever but

it just so happens that all that all of the motor suppliers all of the people right now

just went on strike and so the Prototype which is fundamentally done and it's going to be shipped over here is like the last one before we pay for the videos on Black Friday

the factory is on strike it so we won't get it until until probably December 1st so we plan on the holidays buying ability and we still plan on having you be able to send Christmas cards out to your buddies and if you were a Kickstarter back or we will be sending you you know you're at your notice with an extra $20 off but it was unfortunate because she is sick for the past three years she is sick and tired of always having some sort of Black Friday nonsense to deal with

the good news is that if there's a strike maybe we haven't even slightly less slightly more exploitation free motor Christmas miracle I will say this

it will have a One-Shot capacity of 500 meals at a time it will not require balancing written recipes to have it clarify all the standard stuff that I do at the bar and I've also done like a lot of the modernist cuisine like the P butter and all that it works for the Pea butter it works for herb oils it works for all of that were swallowed justino's it works for lime juice worthwhile that here's what's cool about it aside from the fact that it's going to cost less than a thousand bucks and it's going to be you know a little bit bigger than a Cuisinart not very much bigger than Cuisinart Soul countertop friendly and cabinet friendly aside from that and the fact that we met you won't have to balance its not require balancing okay we're going to be going to be able to run it in batch mode which means that you're going to be able to like put like a container with like a couple of gallons of orange juice and then just

without stopping now the product won't be got to be honest be as clear as it will be in like some more discussion

this is from Kirk and Atlanta Georgia got a quick question I made some Clear Eyes by wrapping a bread pan with insulation installation tape a bootleg version of the cooler method do it in my freezer few weeks later I see that all the ice cubes have lost a significant amount of their Mast I'm moving to a new house and the fridge / freezer isn't new is there anything I can do to prevent this keep Pace with my cocktail consumption by first of all is it a frost-free freezer or is it not a frost-free freezer because I would think a frost-free freezer going to have a lot more weight loss overtime but secondly I would wrap your ice cubes in or put them put the slabs after you cut them would have put them in Ziploc bags and you will not get me I will not get nearly as much lost because you're going to maintain the I'm making quote marks the humidity on the inside of the bag you're not going to get as much sublimation off of your ice cubes as you would have them

there's two reasons they could be shrinking right what is sublimation do the dry air inside of the thing which I think by Frost freezer and secondly could be literal freestyle Mass loss if you're going through hard core freeze-thaw is like you're actually getting drip off the ice cube either way if you put the ice cubes in to get you can buy 2 gallon Ziploc bags right to go through them into gallons epis they make freezer one but I don't know if they make two gallon freezer they might only make one gallon freezer. But try Zippy's and let me know what happens okay butter and it's working okay but not great can you help making the butter is fine I culture cream into creme fraiche then it's whipped whipped cream and standing mixer until the salads just separate I straighten out the buttermilk squeezes out together in Winston and cold water to get rid of the rest of the buttermilk the problem I'm having is getting the maple syrup into the butter even though some of the 1/4 cup of syrup per pound of butter I use get to mix

and then the butter sort of weeps sweeps and the only recipes I found for maple butter have you mix a syrup to the butter once a butter has been made as I try to do or scrape maple syrup spread maple syrup that has been heated and who it what's the best way to get great maple flavor into Dairy butter how would you do it I don't have any modernist cooking appliances but I do have a great thermometer a Vitamix and a stove problem is this you will be okay let's say you were in need the hell out of the butter after you make it yet to get like this here to get all the way out right which I don't actually I like the least more more of the buttermilk and then you will get commercially because I think it adds to that the kind of flavor of the fresh butter ride so I don't try to get in the commercial butter right can range and it's solid content but tip

very high solids content as much water is replaced the water in at least a portion of the water in the butter with maple syrup which

should work but the thing is is that you're going to have to get it in there and you're always going to have some weeping unless you do this I think what you should do is make yourself a very thickened maple syrup now you can either make a an agar kind of fluid gel very fine no agar fluid gel that's what I would do but it still wouldn't be a hundred percent Maple because you need to do the agar and you can't do a garden spray maple syrup into a little bit of water and then temper the maple syrup in but you can probably get I don't know what the maximum breaks you can get his but you can probably get it pretty high then you can try any other sort of thickener on the maple syrup but I would stick in the hell up San Tan France dance like if you may like a real snotty xantana in water you can go back into the maple syrup I don't know that whether you can get xanthan directly hydrated in the maple syrup or not

anyway the goal here is to make the maple syrup stand on its own and then you're basically folding a solid into the into the butter and then it shouldn't we thought it might look weird as it's red the other alternative would be to get her alternative would be too and I don't know if this is going to work but you can make the butter then break it. Most of our thinking you make it again I don't think you can make it again I was going to say like you want to replace the water in the milk with the water in the cream with maple syrup to some extent and make it with the maple syrup in it right I wonder whether that would work but the issue is is that

yeah I think you need to add a quite a lot I don't know how like I think you'll be done loading it so if you figure that heavy cream is roughly 30% a torch in 30 and change percent fat right then it's like 60 and 10% water so even if you were to add even if you were to add let's say 600 Mills of 600 meals of maple syrup to a quart to a liter of heavy cream you'd still only half of the of the non-fat stuff in that mixture would be maple syrup right and I'd like to try some stuff and we give it a shot are we are we getting kicked off drive time to one more because I miss is blanching celery getting to the to the rubbish on fries may be right but I do want to get to this because I mentioned it last week

Dave and Jack to Jack doesn't care what we think and if it didn't get plant in the garden to cartoons on Cartoon in the kitchen not like putting in boiling water what's going on that's not the kind of blanching were talking about what is the procedure of not allowing light to get to the opposite is done with for instance celery although their salary is that you know that is self blanching now but cartoons and also even things like that right

like either Mount up first or wrap things so that the sun doesn't get to them but they're still respond now

the question is if they haven't done this for you how the heck are you going to do it and I've never tried it in fact I don't really get to cook much cartoons like like what you can put butter on a freak Show anyway

the trophy we start on our I looked it up right so the question is can can you just put it in a basement for a sense it and get it to work I didn't find any information on cartoons but I did look up a celery celery is responsive to ethylene gas right but you can just look up Celery and blanching and ethylene and you can find in the factors of paper on celery from the 20s my 1927 you can get its the I think it's called I can't read my writing but action of ethylene gas accelerated blanching on celery from like a 20s and you can look at it now that this paper doesn't have temperature control in it to the extent of some of the modern study used to but celery you're supposed to keep celery away from ethylene producing fruits I like a banana

because they can get with called damaged I need to go through it to accelerated respiration this it's as if they get only level is too high court in the 27 paper you don't the other key is is that it needs to be maintained above refrigerator temperatures for this to happen so what I would do is put it in a light free place or wrap it but not too closely because they they they increase respiration and at least and celery so maybe I'll soon card is enhanced by the removal of CO2 I like bananas and cardoon what is a test this is just a theory proof place for a week or two and see what happens water so it doesn't crap out like you do with a problem there is I don't know whether or not use way to prevent bacteria from growing in water to keep him from going to swap

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