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Episode 226: What Dave is Thinking About

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Jimmy Carr radio network broadcasting live from Bushwick Brooklyn for thousands more

the Heritage Radio Network from a vertice Pizzeria in Bushwick but I'm not going till about 12:50 or so yeah. Mustachio the hammer Lopez here in the in a shipping container

oh yeah it's good to be back I'm just playing this crazy video on Loop I was going through my box of crap the other day and I came across the other day and I noticed an old VHS tape from when I was in school like back in like 95-96 something like this and it's a piece I did called what what I'm thinking about and pretty much and I've been making like 4 years has ever seen my little elf character I draw sometimes anyway so

is my upload video to YouTube I got someone to digitize VHS which is super low quality I wish I could find the original discs and by the way like it was really hard like when you see it you'll know like it was really hard because I'm walking very long distance in it and so did the chroma key on it like mid-90s like the computer and sheet of paper down the street outside of her house had a friend walk behind me with a giant blue sheet behind me as I walked and so universally through interlacing problems when I was doing the early was like

all right well let me explain what the video is on YouTube you can go look at it like certain to basically it's just like a just jumping into a wood chipper over and over and over and over and over again with a band playing I guess what it is

it's just what I'm thinking about

if I told you this many times she can figure out she can write an essay on it this piece and I like defending and critiques and all this other stuff

yeah I'll give you a little insight noticed that I'm not upset about it again and again keep jumping in the wood chipper and it's very important that it's not Gore that it's like it's you know it's cartoon blood coming out of the side of the wood chipper and I believe I believe this is pre Fargo wood chipper believe believe it's is pre pre Steve Buscemi jamming his enemies into a wood chipper pretty sure and pretty much any time you see me staring off into distance nowadays this is what's going on in my head bandage in Spanish


Tim in the chat rooms is it raining of a craft birth video I'll take that as a compliment I went back to my high school which I hadn't been too and you know like five six years or so like that and I was like I need a sousaphone and I need a bass drum in a symbol that I get to my mom's house in my eyes and curly shoes are real I still own them and there used to be a leather joint in the in the Soho they moved it might be gone now run by a guy to be like God bless that's all you ever think God bless a tar leather and I got all the green suede from him made the last made the shoes. Art project back in the day

how was your how how many how many how many listeners does I had listened list I had a hundred fifty. I freaking candy full-size candy bars and by the way a good selection Jack name me some candy bars mr. Goodbar I had 5th Avenue and I had to pay days to pay day but no one talks about the payday also like I always like to have a certain I'd like the entire Eminem Mega which of the large-scale M&M's have a Coke if they have those at the store

the full size Twizzler which by the way will be my call the full size Sour Patch pack yes. Just turned off for vegan face for that one and anyways it's like you know ahead and pound it gone gone I had to go out I bought 50 more and they still wiped us out Booker and Dax were so depressed because they thought their going to have all this candy left over but then of course I want to know what we started cooking dinner and put forgot picking anyway so Jen to go away all those candy it's going in the Chute what's that has gone there's no getting it back and I mean it's not like some sort of secret fake trash like you might have somewhere in the suburbs or something like that has erected or anything on the show at some point

lights come on I'm going to call and ask her questions or something first week of the museum being open to the public tomorrow will actually be the whole first week be closed Monday Tuesday Sunday I think really well and I've been going to Greenpoint more so I've been going all the Polish I got to get Lucas in Poland they have this soup which I think is call jurek I think it's how you pronounce it and it's got in it this stuff called is your which I thought was zoo or as in like Zora and the kodan Armada are you allowed Starfighter fan Jack Last Starfighter anyone Robert Preston's last movie freaking the great Robert Preston from the music man you're familiar with Robert Preston styles

do people seriously America you live in it learn it was awesome because it was one of the first times we know video games were painted in a very kind of guy did nothing but play this video game called The Last Starfighter he lived in a time of trailer trailer park and he played it and he got like like like the universe wide high score and turned out that these video games have been planted all over the universe which is strange can you think they like you know they would have had better technology all over the universe but no they were using 1980s video games space to become starfighters the fight against Zeus and the kodan Armada

night then tell my favorite part about last conversation someday the best part about that is a planet like their starship has been destroyed by you know the Starfighter guy and the guy is kind of like a heads-up display and go back to your AKA zoo or its fermented Rye flour to polish version me so but the soup was really good I need that the short story is I need to learn a lot more about Polish food because everything I've had so far even though obviously I don't know how to actually make it so I'm just guessing based on

what I read what the stuff supposed to taste like butt stuff so I have to let you know what's really good is sauerkraut and mushroom like pack together and cook like you mix I think that's not what we're here to talk about now so we're supposed to be talking about today with some Twitter questions well first off do you like the new heart and how they got rid of the star for the faith and there's a little tiny heart

I had noticed do I don't know do I like or do I hate it social media clean I don't like it what's the difference it's a heart so they're trying to Instagram a separate I don't like muddy I don't like Waters muddied I'm a category kind of a guy like categories to stay the same when you go to college and then you come home for the first like 10 years if something changes in the house every time you come home and it pisses you off like that it's like that and by the way the guy who does a video of the guy who do the last year's all video which you should all take a look at the last video that Chris did for us the one where he's like has a secret searzall that Whispers and stuff anyway he claims to have done this what we're talking about changing like a well-loved program some serious serious backlash has a serious backlash from this Twitter thing I know for sure

it has the little side into a very very firm gel any idea why and how to prevent that we need to figure out what kind of person we were talking about because I've never cooked with I've always wanted to is been made of Persimmon I saw one growing in Washington DC once on the mall and even though I was probably expressly forbidden to I I jumped up grab one and eight the hell out of it because it was going to eat it what do you guys think about this when you were in a place right and like obviously everybody took all of the old everyone is going to hit the ground and rot single so if you really really really yeah look at the brogdale right

save it like this is when I was at Monticello wrong to taste some of the fruit that was clearly going to go to waste because nobody was eating it away right I mean

yeah Stars took a freaking rock and roll freaking Parthenon is wrong it is wrong yeah yeah give me that give me that again

survey says

now it's not right

alright so we got to get a question question question back in March when I asked us about Stanford and how to cook books of the first cooking classes at Stanford that was essentially the science of cooking he's considering taking his lecture material along with recipes and writing a science of cooking cookbook so I wanted to ask what are some of the biggest challenges you faced with writing your book also any advice or suggestions best Kevin alright here's the first one straight up don't write somebody else's book so what you have to do is just look at McGee's book and be like how's my book going to be different. The first thing you have to differentiate yourself from Harold McGee's book you also have to differentiate yourself from the modernist cuisine series

they're all little bit different right so McGee's book is obviously like the reference book The modernist cuisine book is the book for Fourth Kind of new techniques you know what I mean in terms of like just an expedition of new techniques and cooking kenji's book is kind of like a home recipes treated in kind of scientific fashion and kind of like his enough that he wrote to his columns for serious eats if you know that so these are the kind of like three on baking and science you have like Shirley corriher you have like a goal is going to be to differentiate yourself right now if you're just saying you're going to write it as a textbook and you're going to force people to buy it and all you care about is like the fact that you're going to force a certain number students to buy every year that's different but if you're actually writing a book book especially in that field or you have some big big kind of

change to live up to just make sure your differentiated then obviously if you're dealing with you know by imaginary person I don't know what the I don't know what they're cooking chops are like right so it helps when you're writing a cookbook to really know the subject but really well so like maybe they have really great cooking shops I don't know it's it it's helpful I think it's a lot easier to write a book when you know that the depth of knowledge you have on the subject is two three and four times deeper than what you actually right because then everything seems kind of Richard Moore textured you know I'm saying it's good advice anyways it's good advice and also test the hell out of your recipes just test the hell out of your recipes if you should test them but also you should get someone who doesn't know the subject to test them all so you should get someone who doesn't know science to read your text because it's almost impossible for a science head

to write a science book that actually makes sense to someone who doesn't already know the answers so give it to people to read who don't understand and listen don't win the person comes back in and tries to change it to something that makes sense to them almost invariably you will look at what they what they've changed it to and you be like no that's scientifically wrong that I know it's wrong and what that means that's a note to you in your head that you didn't explain it right the first time so you need to recast the entire thing and that's why it takes forever to freaking write anything I'm saying is that better now also if it's thick enough nastase will use it to separate hot and cold but it has to be like 300-400 pages and like you know

just that that right thickness to make sure that by the time she gets off the subway can't be too heavy she can't even look for this so I can keep the hot side hot and the cold side cold this in a from

Pedro paiva paiv I hope everything's okay over there but if not can we have days point of view on the red Prada red and processed Meats thing from the World Health Organization my girlfriend who is a doctor and the answer was that almost everything will cause cancer if you eat it like there's no tomorrow keep up the good work okay so I didn't have a boat ton of time to look into this but I will I went to the the who which is a Q&A until you got to remember is all they've done is they've classified they classified

can my head that's how who's Dino is said to be mean but they classified meat as a carcinogen meaning that they feel they feel they have to be good enough to say that it causes cancer in your definitely you know what I mean the good epidemiology but not that doesn't mean that that there is a huge increase related to it first of all let me just be very clear as far as I can tell it's so much we didn't tell me I'm wrong please please so between and tell me I'm wrong but I don't believe there's any new studies this is just an aggregation and a decision based on studies are already out there so if you already thought the studies that were out there where crap or horse hockey then nothing has changed and here's what they said here's what they said

according to this is how many question 12 how many cancer cases every year can be attributed to the consumption of processed meat and red meat ready for this is this is this is that according to the most recent estimates by the global burden of disease organization about 34,000 cancer deaths per year worldwide are attributable to diets high in processed meats that seems really weak 34000 worldwide worldwide how many billions Are We Now guys also show me those diets out of how many billion many anyway are attributed are attributable to diet high in processed meat and here eating red meat has not yet been established as a cause of cancer however

if the reported associations were proven to be caused all the burden of disease project has estimated that diet high in red meat to be responsible for 50,000 cancer deaths per year worldwide also remember these are high in processed meat what they're talking about is 50 grams a day so roughly 2 oz of processed meat everyday which is more than I ain't no more than I eat when I wish I had more processed Meats cuz I love them anyway so I think pretty weak but at some point either someone that I know

wow wow wow that's a lot of zeros before the first number yeah that I wouldn't worry about it too much and you know like if I had to give up country ham

or like take that billion percentages of zeros in like a might add that to my things like I think I take the ham

hey Dave I have a question about wine I've been making a concerted effort to drink more wine and to start appreciating at Morgan at night in my efforts I'm wondering when you're sort of profiling the aroma of a wine is there any technique or way that you're aware of this is good for food and general to to sort of like reset your your sense of smell because like I get like 30 seconds into smelling a glass and then like it used to this now and I can't tell I can't sort of latch onto what what exactly reminds me of before I can even smell it anymore what you're specifically tasting like what there are things and I wish I'd remembered why am I so stupid like the flavor is who do this kind of thing for a living smeltings for a living they have things that they specific

do to kind of get around this in Jax a stag the guy who was our consultant in the in the exposure and now it's erased I remember him saying yeah I do not hate that will I get to penso a friend since like for palate-cleansing if you're doing country hams it's apple juice not cider juice when you're doing wines I mean a lot of times I mean if you're eating something is relatively easy as want to make sure you're eating something it's not going to like rip the wine apart you know what I mean like nothing an ass high in acid you know too too high in acid like I just like put it down for a while and summer anyone anyone tweeting and what they use

mon chat room hook me up but I also find it's really like your hand cannons like it takes me two or three days to get the onion smell off my fingertips that happen to you or if you eat a lot of onions it comes out like for real I didn't read it

so what's an eggplant parm stacks

with tomato sauce and mozzarella sauce on top

what do you squeeze out all the water

was it good really was it stringy and the skin wasn't gross

Jack what your thoughts and Rebecca are your thoughts on the non fried eggplant parm cooking book I haven't tried it but there is a pressure cooked eggplant parm style thing no

how do you like Troy clearly quite clearly no parm don't freaking time was it made by someone from Parma no parm no part-time ujano like you don't I'm saying too much Dairy is like the hell

just eat raw eggplant just give him a raw freaking eggplant and is chow on it like a goat mean

is he still there I don't know I'm good thank you this is from Wade tennis games on this is a follow-up is it a good one people last week Chris from the green zone called in about his attempt to make a chartreuse liqueur which precipitated know if locked out after adding the honey I think you are correct suggesting it could be an ionic reaction of suspended green particles with cations and the Honey one idea occurred to me from an application in the pharmaceutical industry which uses hydroxypropyl cellulose hydroxypropyl cellulose a PC

preventing them from agglomerating love that I love that plumber Dayton OH okay in water and ethanol I think it would help to provide stability for this lick Heuer using sugar instead of c e l n y a b c with stand for hydroxypropyl cellulose SSL to stabilize the particles in the liquor it is the lowest molecular weight weight grade of HPC produced till we get some extra body / mouth feel but not thinking too much for a liter of liquor you would add three grams of HPC dry mix the three grand to HBC with that 50 grams of sugar

blender on low and then add HP C sugar mixture for 30 seconds if we get a little foamy but will settle to be clear full disclosure Wade works for a nice o m a s s manufacturing this product anyway he's playing with it with cocktails for his own son any way home so what we're going to mail samples like this where should I mail it to you that's a good question I will provide that address in the second in the meantime we would call her

hey Dave this is Robin New Hampshire how are you doing alright House New Hampshire gun fireworks living free or dying love that place

going to be in life melt it down is that a safety problem now and find only eight and I know people that do this because you can get exactly accurate so you don't have to do like up and down up and down because you get it so that you never mailed out on you know all of the all of the good crystals in it so yeah it's great only problem is you have to make 5 billion percent sure that you don't that you don't get water in it

bright bright unless you're doing like a lot because it's not going to be like hyper like thin probably like there's a tendency to kind of lose some to the to the bag so like you know you got to you got to Reno dry the hell out of the bag before you're done and then get like one of those plastic pastry scraper is put it like down everything and get all the stuff out of the end up losing a lot of specially I don't know what kind of bags are using but if you're using one of those one of those with a with the with the criss-crosses

remember this is zero water activity and you know that I can't imagine anything but I know people that do it and you know obviously people store chocolate at that temperature and it's molten state for a long long time not in a vacuum but there they'll have a giant vat of it and then you know the stuff at the bottom is not like it's getting a lot of oxygen so yeah no water activity in couvertures around .308 a complete enemy of chocolate so

I don't think anything will grow you're not killing anything so if there's anything in there you know what I mean sugar in there which even if there was a little water you know would like form such a concentrated syrup that it would be host you know nothing can I don't even survive and then have fun of service mailing address 1130 Bedford Ave box 301 Brooklyn New York 11216 rewind if you miss that take the last question that we had in on the email and then maybe everybody have a couple more for me for a Twitter or no

greetings from Pittsburgh from Justin I've been making an aging eggnog raw eggs cream maple syrup nutmeg cinnamon a bourbon rum and Brandy for a few years now and I think I am marrying in on the best mix of ingredients in aging the longest I've laid age is about 13 months but I usually Let It Go Let It Go for 11 month my question today it is how long is 2 long is there a point it will stop mellowing out and begin to be unpleasant or is it possible it will get even better totally possible that I might get better I don't know what the answer is obviously what you need to do I've had eggnog two years and three years old remember had some that was a huge I forget how old the oldest one he had was Nick Bennett from now is you know at porchlight killing it doing awesomely

free how old he was when he has but it is questions is it going to get better that's going to be a matter of taste and so here's what you need to do you need to make the same recipe three years running you can make whatever you want like as well but you're going to make like at least enough to save a bottle and have a bottle every year so you're going to make at least 3 extra bottles okay and then you're going to do that every year and then here three or your for I guess you'll have a bottle of three-year-old a bottle of 2 year old and a bottle of one-year-old and you'll taste them all side by side

3 years old now and that little boy oh my God I don't know man stops and I may or may not if we ever go back cuz we're good we're supposed to not have allowed anymore but we have a lowboy somewhere that apparently has some eggnog in it and then I will taste it but we don't know. I don't

I didn't you did

Justin from Forest Hills rights and I was wondering if Dave had any suggestions for projects or resources to learn soldering and other basic electronic skills I don't think I'm comfortable animating dead frogs but I would greatly appreciate any other suggestions that I talk about that on the other ones or something for your first daughter in Project animating a dead frogs but the problem is soldering is like you remember like I'm old so like when I was when I was a kid we still use wire wrap you know what I mean with those are really really old and then like you know all of that should I would solder with her all through whole compound meaning like you know you put pins through a board and solder them whereas now like the cool thing to do is like all kind of surface mounted stuff which is impossible for me to solder because it's so fine pitch by a decent soldering iron first thing I buy a good soldering iron with a very fine tip get yourself some decent solder

someone must make a good lead free solder now but most of the solder that you buy a really crap at wedding and then just go online and she was like I know go on at a fruit or go on Sparkman and find some sort of like fun cooking thing that you want to do a guy want to build a time but I want to build some moisture meter so I can Auto water some plant to put some Citrus up and auto water at that be pretty cool race cars so then you get a board with a kit and Esau sought it up and didn't you have practice and then eventually you know in no time you'll do some microprocessor development and then you'll be doing your own boards and then you're going to go yeah right near nowadays it's like a child's play you should learn some PCB which of the board editing software and you know you are putting like two days later someone ships you aboard in the mail is not even probably expensive anymore when I was a kid do you want to make a boards you got out of drill you got a you know you took you to your Xerox machine and you xeroxed a black and white negative of what you wanted you painted the

the positive you paint a board a copper board with with Duke and then you put the paper that you put the the the clear plastic be put in a xerox machine over at your disposal with a light I need wash off the goop that you hadn't cured

I guess it is negative and then you put that in an acid etching bath sh it out and then you sit there with a drill and drill the hole so you can put the resistors in part in it was a royal pain in the behind and light off and it didn't work because you didn't catch it right or anything so the world is much more fun place for soldering stuff now Rebecca what you got for me on the twit are

he said it was a few why you and it just got to be a pack ignition anytime you get like a major setback and something it's usually packed and I don't know if there's a lot of other things going on I've never made up persimmon jelly so I don't know if they're particularly or like paste so I don't know if they're particularly kind of hard set

I don't know they feel like they when you imagine them are you tasting one of your mouth does or no more of a fan of not the ones that you eat fresh but the ones that you dry out and let down and get all soft and gooey and then try out the Asian store

lukewarm what you going to drive once even the dried ones is 4 egg white replacement in a whiskey sour and my girlfriend I love egg white drinks but she's developed an allergy from Joel okay so you could use a milk syrup right so if you made a milk syrup Johnny texture to the drink the but it's also it's also a little bit of oenis of the of the of the whiskey

so milk syrup would do kind of the same thing so you could just do you know milk syrup is one-to-one milk and and sugar in a blender you blend it till dissolve and then for every leader of syrup you add about an ounce of 15% citric acid solution or like 2 oz of lemon juice while it's tearing that up re-curl a little bit if you don't do that the milk syrup will end up being chalky that milk syrup will last for a long time in the fridge will separate but you can just shake it to get it back and it Foams fairly well not as well as a whiskey sour does with an egg white but it sounds pretty well another thing you can do is milk wash so you could milk wash the bourbon just by taking bourbon adding adding adding a liter of bourbon at a liter of bourbon to 250 ml of milk with stirring blend in a little bit of citric acid till it breaks strain out the solids in a cloth and now you have no quarrel

you should use it probably within a within a week or so to lose its foaming ability we're running a test now at the bar with sodium hexametaphosphate to see whether that will stabilize it cuz I got a tip from somebody in Florida that might work so that only increase the phone meanest you could also cheat you could use versawhip or some like that and just make kind of a foam on top and she still want to add something to the whiskey sour that's going to Mellow the whiskey a little bit of the wise it's going to be Tokyo astringent in my opinion there in a minute and say that you're doing a science of cooking next week at most tickets $30

program director at mofad is like she's a japanophile right and so she wanted me to do a bunch of crap that I've done recently in like I don't have a lot of time to develop but just generally nastase and I hate each other like like we're bad you know we're like oil and oil and water saying like like oil near the smoke point that you pour pour water on animated bottle sizes and my catches fire in the fire and then the whole kitchen burning like that's normally kind of how we are however nastassia is coming to my place for Thanksgiving this year you said I can't I can't know you're not allowed to purposely make me get angry on Thanksgiving that's the that's the one stipulation you have to put that in check no purpose

making me upset no getting me spooled up and making me yell in front of my kids or anything like this all right okay but we will be doing some fun stuff like for instance I'm going to do the turkey this year and or turkey to maybe we can get the because I don't think I'm going to get a chance to shoot a turkey in the head because I'm not that good at it and it would be legal anyway maybe we shouldn't we get some heritage heritage bird in about EtG manslaughter and techniques for my Nextbook that's part of my Nextbook going to see what kind of live fish we can start the demo but can't do that we're going to do some oldies but goodies like we're going to do thousand-year-old eggs

getting access to be there in Bass Pro open for you to know if you want to do the radio show from the Bass Pro in in Bridge right when they might be we love Bass Pro Shop about you get a little bit of real stars as we go this is all wishful thinking on this. He's part she does not yet contacted anyone haven't responded exactly what we are going to do the show from there from there if there's going to be famous people

what famous people died during Hunters famous Hunters not allowed I don't have a license that allows me to shoot a turkey in the head in the state of Connecticut and if I did the only thing I would be allowed to have at the house and be an air rifle and they don't allow hunting how many times they don't allow hunting turkeys their rifles in the state of Connecticut alright next week will be back this program on Heritage Radio Network. Org you can find all of our archive programs on our website or as podcast in the iTunes Store by searching Heritage Radio Network you can like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter at Heritage underscore radio you can email us questions at any time I've info at Heritage Radio Network. Org Heritage Radio network is a nonprofit organization to do

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