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Episode 225: Dave Hates Everclear & Bad Pistachios But Loves Cider!

today's program is brought to you by fire cider I hope Tom is based on the traditional New England cure all of raw apple cider vinegar and honey for more information visit hey what's up this is Jack Ensley host of full service radio you're listening to Heritage Radio Network broadcasting live from Bushwick Brooklyn if you like this show visit Heritage Radio Network. Org for thousands more Heritage Radio Network from Roberto's Pizzeria in Bushwick Brooklyn

how to write that 718-497-2128 sadly is not here to quit already first time I'm just going to answer your first few calls here and get the get the show on the road today nastase and I are going to taste the cider that I made maybe if we have time to talk about how you know how I made it out to a different from regular cider I had some of the things we can get new Pharos Grinder from Orphan espresso coffee grinder and I can do a little on-air review of that spoiler alert I need to I need to do some modifications to it to make it exactly kind of the way I want

you should talk about that later if we have time but do we have a call right now or I call her you were on the air

hey Dave nastasha not Jack and fortunately that is Antoine from Boca Raton real simple syrup how to make them shelf stable and then also I took your oreo recipe and unfortunately whenever I mix it with acid it like clumps up and I didn't know if you had any work around with that yeah so that

usually when you get clumping on that and you're using it like it and I'm shaking cocktail right I mean usually what that means is you have kind of a high amount of nut salads left in which by the way one of my favorite words nuts allergy like that one says that sounds like a you you put to take a load in you can hit it with a little more you can hit it with a little more zanfan I don't really think it's the I don't think the jacking the Arabic going to help much we need to try to supping the the level in the in the overall system but usually it's the usually it's the same thing that you need to up a little bit but not a lot right so there's very little Zan tan and take a load to 10 or 3:10 it's mostly Arabic but I think a little bit more xanthan might might help me maybe adding a little maybe up in the entire system

a little bit but it's definitely a question of like hi-hi-hi nut salads we used to solve it just by post blending in like so I can like we originally made our like when stars and I were doing like pecan bourbon showers we start originated with pure pecan oil what kind of oil will not break at all it would have taken away but when we started adding pecan nuts Outback we start getting clumping it would unclump if you just went and like hit it for a second but you can't really do that at a bar so I try to update I'll try to up a little bit and see whether you can do it again

let me think on if I think of anything else I'll get back to you late is it but try that let me know let me know how it works because I hate that the Cloudy look at puppy look on the inside of a drink I hate that so much and how much more would you recommend I guess going out what was the base was the water base

just just the water if I can see how much water for that much are you talkin look try doubling his aunt and see what happens if still very small amount in The Finnish drink you just want the poor ability of the eye to remain high and you obviously like when the crap out of the or job before you do how are you getting rid of the solids

I'm struggling them like five different times with everything I can even though we haven't officially announced what it is yet we're still we're already kind of taking suggestions on names to check out this one I don't really like it clears all the problem is a lot of the stuff that we need. So I wouldn't call it like it clears up because I'm a truth in advertising sort of a fellow even though it does make it right as stabilized eventually I should try to stabilize eventually some

just plain strained nut milk or shots but it's got to be just up in the Santa and see what happened or if anyone else in the universe Tara has that had experience adding some more stabilization to it just let us let us know make as well that depends on well okay so like you mean stabilize him we'll see ribs is the is at his kind of yeast and mold formations right so you know it's all a question of what you want to add a little bit of benzo it will kill like most of the Yeezy Stop & Stop that from happening but you know how long do you want to last

a few months at least but like like make them are we talkin like how I like can I take he can you throw him in like a vac bag and just like poetry middle low temperature to kill the yeast and then keep me in your fridge nothing dangerous is going to grow at 50% sugar so like so like what I would do is like throw him into a into a bag like Circle metal temperature is not going to mess with the with the flavor but is enough to kill you know any kind of yeast kind of stuff like you know and then throw that in the in the fridge and then refrigerated you know once it's been pasteurized it should last you know I don't think it means someone can get back and tell me I'm wrong but nothing bad should grow and no molds will grow after you do that cuz they're not going to have survived that and no yuusha going to grow and I've never had never been contaminated with any sort of like vile bacteria it's all day in

kind of used sand molds and that end of that little bit of he'll do it or you can just hit it with something like benzo it but then you got it been to it to it you know what I mean and then like you know some people will say they can taste it and are some people think that you're an evil human being for doing it so that you know spino go the other way

I haven't tried it out yet I didn't I didn't want to ruin it I just don't know if it's enough for her and so if you figure I mean you have to figure out how much of your half of the syrup by weight is by weight is water but but you got to calculate how much water is in it because the density of irregular simple syrup is roughly 11.2 1.23 roughly and like a leader of that a leader of the product will be will weigh 1.23 kilos a half of which is water so there's roughly six hundred and change Mill 615 Mills of water in every leader of simple syrup

then you'll know what your alcohol content is in so it like in a couple tablespoons and let you know is not ever going to get you too high up but the question is is is is a little bit of alcohol enough to kill to prevent yeast and mold from growing so long as the sugar content of so high and that I don't know because I don't know how close you are to the threshold you could make Rich samples right and those those are even more stable but mold as anyone who is store maple syrup for long periods of time not in the fridge will tell you mold will grow on the top of maple syrup okay solid maple syrup

maple syrup maple syrup here's how I think I would I would rank these kinds of things. That's the worst thing in the world ever had one of those in your way up there may be a pretty damn bad especially considering how good you you think it's Camille is what's your least favorite bad thing bad pistachio pistachios and then you get that one and you are happy you get in that kind of choo choo choo train rhythm

you can kind of look at them and know so I can be used to buy like a can shelled pistachio nuts and always are serious or never like as good as they could be we like wood. Hates me is I would say okay you can look at them they look for some other colors not write a lot of them get a little yellow and oxidized whatever they're still okay but when you're showing them yourself you don't need it don't eat that nut you want to say I just want to blindly shovel them in my mouth though so I appreciate that so what you need to do what you need to do you can have someone who presets are pistachios for you and then you can blindly shuffle them into your art do you feel the compulsion to break them open or do you can you just have shelled pistachio nuts in your okay

I don't know if you don't mind having someone pre-show them for you because I kind of enjoyed do you ever watch James Bond movies so there was the good guys in one of the James Bond movies where they had to climb up some Monastery I think in Greece and he had the habit of being able to throw pistachio nuts into his ears a life before he could throw a pistachio nuts in the shell in his mouth eat the pistachio and spit the shells out that that my friends skill wow skill anyway so we should all wish I were, I want to just let you know that Jeremiah bullfrog and you would love to get you down here

it wasn't open yet so he sent me a picture of the outside of a I didn't get to talk to him so hopefully you got to go inside hopefully the machines were running this by the way museum open tomorrow in Brooklyn Jeremiah bullfrog excellent excellent man as we all know museum open in Brooklyn tomorrow complete with and now I'm allowed to tell you about everything in it check this out we have a it's about the flavor industry was able to see where these machines called Spike smell sense that let you play buy Tekken arcade game where you mix smells in an arcade game fashion like in early arcade game like I don't know like a like Space Invaders Space Invaders Space Invaders Jack Davis in the chat room likes spinned acts as a name for the Santa Fe

I mean like I think maybe later in life are there right now he obviously doesn't care this from Brian Seattle hi Dave nastasha Jack and Rebecca Well Jack and Rebecca this last year has 200 proof alcohol for some cocktail ingredients 5454 Eldridge was our old and Christina is like a cristino

I know that we had know that we said it was going to run any more like you know like 5,000 RPM but how about 5400 I think it's good right anyway Christina oh yeah cuz he like it like 4958 is not such a good number 5412 after we get off the pill called China like you seen I was but that it wasn't generally available to the public and looking for some I stumbled across a California product called clean extract Kleen extract and Kleenex back.

which purports to be 200 proof food grade ethyl alcohol and available for shipping to the public in many states it seems like the product is geared towards making tinctures of various with the word anxious at night time crossword tincture not as bad as herbs herbs and quotes when someone says Urban quotes that means part did you know that is like one gallon plus will there be any problem using any cocktails and if not an interesting doors it opens up that 190 proof Everclear does not have heard the pure alcohol is hygroscopic which it is it absorbs water out of the air with his chest with this just extract water from the air until it hits 190 making it no better than Everclear leather show keep up the awesome work ride from Seattle

is it really making that much of a difference anymore that little bit of water isn't making a lot lot of difference in terms of the flavors are getting what is the reason I hate Everclear and no offense to the manufacturers of the a product Everclear it sucks it's just a rancid awful poorly made product that no matter how I mean we've all been to college you've had Everclear dumped in the Kool-Aid rice does Becca did you have Everclear in in the Kool-Aid situation clear and high regard to guess and even when it's diluted in a large amounts of a grape Kool-Aid you can still smell the Everclear miles away is a poorly made product

well well yeah Purell Purell Purell is like poorly made actually like like poisonous a denatured. I think so and I think that's that's the issue so that's my main gripe with it not to prove so if this clean extract is good to go it's good to go but you do not require back at the bar now we use something called technical Reserve that's made right here in 190 and that's what we use for everything just because you know it's pretty clean clean clean if you get crappy Everclear you can put it through 18 million tons of a dove like a bread on a try and strip out all the nasty remember when we used to sit there and putting it through Brita time and time again right after Brita after Brita and tell the stank went away so that we used it when we were at the school

what's stopping me from teaching people distillation yes oh yes let's hear some The Cider that I made for my very own tree we need glasses for us anyway Arne Olsen I found a couple of small truffles in the forest near my home in Bergen Norway I'm sure Bergen Norway no offense to New Jersey but it's the county where I used to live is Bergen County has the same probably just as nice no no no no offense if you know we are working with a gateway to New York we got that we got the George Washington Bridge so we got there any way to find County no offense to us to Bergen Record

unless oh my CS granulatus known as deer balls Hearts balls heart beating Hearts truffles or like Oprah. Wikipedia and not regarded as particularly high quality question is a truffle oil I'm not very fond of truffle oil but I can't think of any better way to use them and they're not super aromatic and the texture isn't either best Shockers up and by all accounts everyone's like you know maybe they're edible barely maybe they're poisonous mildly so like nobody seems to know but I'm reminded back of when Paul Adams our friend from Popular Science came up to Connecticut and found some bitter bolete with doesn't taste that that good he made it into the to the radio program and it was good

light lycoperdon is a puffball and the Wikipedia if you looked at up actually says it that word comes literally from the I think Latin meaning Wolf Part Wolf Part you can eat Tapas now you just have to make sure you have to cut through and make sure that they're not an immature form of another mushroom that could kill you but it will puff balls and sit there okay there's nothing went to a Polish store yesterday and what I've learned when you've done you talk to Lou cacio front of the show that the poles have forgotten more about mushrooms and we're ever going to know so many different pickled mushroom varieties

slippery Jack mushrooms slippery Jack mushrooms cuz I need to learn more about Polish mushrooms on the America called that I didn't get a chance to order because I despise question last night but it's actually on the list now things I want to order called truffle Field Guide to Truffles in North America and this truffle is included in it because it comes from North America and the reason the truffles apparently in this is interesting to me have a Roma is because they want you to it if by you you mean small mammals find you dig you up

and crap out the stores so that's why they have a Roma so perhaps one of the one of the problems with the particular truffle that you have a deer ball is maybe it's not at its best because it's basket should have in a Roma but they have a longer persistence then like to burn allowance for more things like this and so they're going to remain findable in the ground well past or before the point when actually have the aroma so they don't have much of a can have much of anything to try to make no butter cooking issues

today program is brought to you by the fire cider did your grandmother ever tell you to drink raw apple cider vinegar that's good advice and more common than you make for generations of new englanders at top of vinegar was a morning ritual taken daily a tablespoon of unfiltered apple cider vinegar can help support immune function in digestive functions to the base of certified organic apple cider vinegar fire cider added whole raw certified organic oranges lemons onions Ginger horseradish habanero pepper garlic and turmeric this mixture steep for 6 weeks at room temperature to preserve the living vinegar culture and delicate flavors of the ingredients lastly they blend a generous helping of raw Wildflower honey into the mix the result is potent a balanced offering layers of sweet tart and spice fire cider taste great on its own or in addition to tea juice or Salad fire cider ships direct from

online store and is available at over 500 locations nationwide use their store locator to find one near you and ask for a free sample for more information is it fire cider. Com fire Cider House we could try while we're on cider so what we have here is look in the back of the of this house that I acquired in Connecticut there is a standard size exactly Golden Delicious but it's super high so you can't get the apples out of it very easily but I got one of those 12 foot pool poles like 8 gallons of cider and I wanted to make a very kind of particular kind of cider so what I did first of all I don't have a cider press so I used it all in a champion

that's because I'm that much of a masochist an idiot so I do sit on a masticating juicer also I didn't want to have like a typical kind of oxidized so I hit that juice with ascorbic acid as soon as it was Juiced I did not add pectin age to the enzyme because FPL before fermentation because I knew that a lot of their character when they're spun out they're not like a high a high like a flavor Apple like an ashmead's kernel where the juice is delicious even after all the salads right of it so I wanted to fermented on its solid so I don't get with yeast

I had a small amount of sugar because they were fairly low bricks and put them in 5 gallon buckets and did a primary fermentation for a couple of weeks at them at relatively cool temperatures cuz the house is relatively cool and then here is where I a different after the primary I added SPL and a swirl them around to drop the stuff out then I put the I put the entire batch 5400 to get rid of a lot of the flock and you sediment in it that was it was clear thing but here is another trick I use people that I think is they don't know what anyone else does this but because I was introducing that oxygen there I didn't want it I want it wasn't immediately semi carbonated

semi carbonated into bottles that I doubt of the dosage to cap them and then let them bottle condition for a couple of weeks so here we have it tears tears folks in the booth Rebecca lives we like like it's still very very tart because it's a fairly high acid I was able to beat another batch of

can you try to make kind of a less kind of cider a minimal amount of oxidation

any answer my friends is ascorbic acid and a little pre carbonation before the bottle conditioning and practice my God oh my God

you know what we're simple people and assassinate I like a good I don't even need like hyperextension nice shark like like of Montgomery you know we have another color you were killing people color you're on the air

hey Dave this is Colin down in DC right and it was me to call in about that about I don't know two or three years ago and give him and everyone else is like this real fast update on that stuff the syrup the biggest key really is start with a really high brickstreet potato if you can get Heart of Gold those are your best option otherwise just try whatever you can get locally and just experiment and see what works for you get best deals out of hard to go sir hi Brix easy work with I cannot believe that song in my head I'm so angry

it's like it's never going to leave now going to be there like a retired guy retired professor in Maryland whose got to you know one acre to acre sweet potato farm and he puts like 14 tons of potatoes then so I got in there I don't know where anyone else will get them but experiment beyond that and you'll still get a good product but she's really quickly just get the procedure and advised you're going to end up with a kind of starchy to add some pectin next to that and some analysts I don't know the numbers out of my head but I just get the whatever they get it Brew Shop then just use a bunch of it and it helps it out maybe 65 or 70 c for a day

and you'll see that you'll get a kind of clear liquid on the top and a lot of the Starchild settle out at the bottom and a real key here is that clear liquid reduces down into a caramel syrup or just act like actual candy caramel as you would normally the key here is like not getting any starch and see if you get starts then it just started turns more into like a pudding which is also awesome but not where you're going for a few trying for the caramel I think that's about it if there's if anyone else I guess I could treat it out or whatever but I just got to take the opportunity to are you are you a part of our chat room you should leave now if you would have log into that like right now

yeah I'm on it they can ask questions I am out and about for like another 20 minutes but I'll be back if that's the case last night it's always loved it and do it and you just have to keep believing it and it stays alive yeah I mean minus the hold us like we always we get close we don't quite make it there we all are just hate that I could buy the pixie dust it's available Amazon Anthony Scardino I made his wife

what was that he's missing a clamp screw you insulted one of his Christmas list the picture of it is favorite the greatest tweet that I have ever received in my whole life I like I was on the floor my wife was on the floor by my stars and Jack are going to try to get my wife into the into the program ask my wife a question question it would Dave use equilibrium equilibrium chicken fingers

brining them I presume what's meant here is brining the chicken fingers until they are in equilibrium with the brine around them I have never done that that would take a I think quite quite a while and it's in any questions is there a refractometer that I would recommend I'm enjoying the show best regards I don't know I've never done it that way like I mean definitely that's the way when your pickling we are doing like Brian so con Meads over a long. Of time you know you definitely what you make your brein based on the total weight of Brian and meet and then you check it with

you can check it either with you know what are the density base things like you know the floating guys or you can get a reflectometer I don't know I've never measured salinity refractometer I don't know how accurate they are over the range of interest for Meats cuz if you're going to brine to an equilibrium point you're down low like 3% or less to to 3% in that range so it's going to be relatively tiny amounts and so I don't know whether I don't know how accurate refractometer a regular red Converse going to be for celebrity those levels but I can look into it I didn't get a chance to look into it but I can look into what I do is I only for a couple of hours I don't do chicken fingers a de bruyne relatively quickly and I don't really do any equilibrium thing

5400 set directly related to my question about I'm in another batch of my herbal liqueur and I did it two ways that is a different thing for the expression for the dry ingredients for the fresh I just put in an SD like fresh mints and other herb and it came out right electric green it was awesome it was relatively clear all the gunk that was a mess settled out immediately I could just rock it off fantastic and then pretty dry stuff I did it in a circulator in the back and it came out to be a very dark green it was a bit cloudy and I spent a while filtering it and paper towels and coffee filters

eventually got a pretty clear dark green I forgot to mix the two together. The same me know halfway point in the green colors and then I added I made a honey stir up and slowly added it in it instantly went cloudy and disgusting Brown and I thought that maybe it had loose there something away.

And all the stuff it was still making a slightly green it's settled on the bottom and when I got was at the pure brown clear liquid on top still in these green infusion than the Christmas stuff is the chlorophyll dissolve in alcohol or is it just really tiny little particles floating around going on is

colored with purified chlorophyll from spinach sure after it's made because they're doing a distillation then an age down and then they're just doping it back with the way that you know it depends on whether talking green or yellow right yellow is obviously hard are in honey

have you tried to you tried opening it with regular sugar I mean I wonder what's going on with mean green and stable to Brown instantly but what was the original proof before you out of the syrup really huh

you said you were adding a good amount of liquid to it much more so it's not like it was relatively low and the leader or a bit more and more than a liter of the Everclear strength stuff and then I added almost a liter of honey syrup is oxidizable that

couldn't wouldn't be enzymatic because like I most like polyphenol oxidase enzymes are going to be inactivated at that super high that super high proof that spelled out eventually was actually green

huh yeah

I filled out. Layer of green sludge and I've got a layer of brown clear liquid by the green I'm pretty sure they like that that's what's going on there so then the question is

why did suddenly flop have you tried doing the reverse have you tried adding a small amount of the green to a large amount of water just to see whether or not it stays the weather in flocks together like you might as you go through this small stage we're still relatively High proof but now there's some water like all the stuff my instantly aggregate mean I haven't tried it like that

I would try it and see what happens does the brown stuff tastes delicious or does not taste the same either

Tractive with the name green zone have you tried have you tried

have you added any to water as though it was a bitters before you add any sweetener to it a little bit to water before I would I be interested to see what happens whether it stays clear weather in flocks together and someone else in the in the on the chat room maybe he has some ideas on this but yeah this is it some sort of weird thing is happening as you're adding water to the system so I would try going in the other direction and see whether or not you can prevent it from happening but it could be going from stable to all the sudden flocking sound does flocking together most most up at Lucia's blue stuff tends to not settle the tents to float to the top you know what I mean so like if you were if you were to act like a uzzo something out douche it and then let it sit for

a week you'll get the stuff usually on top knot on bottom so you're getting something that's heavier than alcohol that setting out there that much solid stuff to settle out could be spent it out so you never you never it's hard to say but I would try to do the reverse experiment see what you can stop it from happening and also in the meantime make you some make you some spinach dude or juice and do it the way the monks do it has been a long time since I've done it like you cook it you got to get the initial stuff out then you blend it and then you squeeze it and you get the chlorophyll juice and then that's that's pretty stable I have to go look at that protocols

basic spinach the clear stuff to make a drink that it has ticaloid stabilized parsley oil in Stacy green

right. Let me know what happened do you know Rebecca

set at the number one carcinogen now number one bought cigarettes based on what data if you want but I don't have anything, I will read in general I am loath to believe any of that any of that kind of why because me like if you look at it like something like someone will do is study with a bunch of kind of related risks and no add a bunch of stuff that has no meaning like I guarantee you that there is not some giant cohort study where the only difference between group a and Group B is bacon and then and then you know like in a half of the people on the bacon side of dropping like flies right I mean it's just I guarantee that that's not the case I will look at the data but I would be willing to bet

AAA chunk of money that if I did look into it I would come back and say this is some horse hockey horse hockey you know do you know what they say sassafras so you should be able to have real honest-to-god root beer and you can't cuz someone told you that it's going to cause cancer and you know what I don't know that it's bad that I haven't looked at the bacon so I have no idea how to receive for 10 hours then throwing a 500-degree oven until hit the final temperature to 60° C I want to do this way because I'm worried that if I were to sous-vide at the final temperature of the time it would take to properly Brown and will overcook it thanks Randy

do this instead do this instead cook it at medium medium rare like 57 or something like this

and do it for a long time to tenderize it near as long as you have then for 4 hours 3 somewhere between three and four hours before you have to serve it pull it out of the bath right 4 hours for several hours and then like as it starts cooling down throw it into your a billion degree oven and then you can Brown it and it will have cooled enough that it won't overcook but you'll also still be good on the inside I think that's a better way to go that's how I typically do that kind of stuff you can in fact let it cool all the way down and then just roasted and super high heat oven and be good or you can chill in water and do it but that's what I would do and we have I got a really sore Ken's going to rip my head off right cuz we're at work but we're about to be with. The area is coffee coffee

I'm not going to get to talk like a ferris coffee grinder need some modifications I have a I have a bunch of a STL files that people can print that I got to put up on that on my Twitter account eventually so that people can modify their pharaohs grinders

can rice entire show is not devoted to my last email on Parmenides and now you're not go into it for a whole thing all those sandwiches are initial searing a separate vessel because you cannot get the Meyer reaction in traditional slow cooker except for the dump and go meals are they called dump meals and assimilate usually reverse issue is sous vide cooking that we have the ability to add very sad mommy elements to cooking such as anchovies more meat mushroom soy sauce fish sauce and some are in the same neighborhood our product liquid smoke but don't forget coconut aminos

in memory of years ago for a burger not the ketchup soup dumplings and freeze-dried my art powder or group of Patterson fairly wide utility if this is where the idea to pursue than in lieu of a MacArthur genius award I'll be happy with a Booker and Dax I don't know maybe book an active warrants best kannenberg what are used to do is I would make like hyper thick I would like roast the hell out of a lot of meat and then just make like a hyper broth of that and then reduce that down and then circulate meat in that hyper in that hyper bra so the entire inside of the hamburger tasted like this kind of hyper broth so it was a little bit taller strzok a because I was going to pull it out and see where the hell out of it anyway but because what I know is that you never had

keep flavors on the meet even if you do a post here on it that's why I like you know if we were dealing with white guy short ribs and stuff there's textual reasons as well I would do it people make meat extract at the flavor industry makes meat extract and we could conceivably you could buy like a hyper meat extract that was all brown stuff that didn't have a boatload of salt in it which is the reason why you can't use bouillon cubes is MSG salt which unfortunately and then the rest of it is like these flavors he has someone to make meat straight me to extract and you guys British what about bovre what full of roll

now it's pretty sure I don't know come into the chat room and some other stuff. Thanks for listening to this program on Heritage Radio Network. Org you can find all of our archive programs on our website for is podcast in the iTunes Store by searching Heritage Radio Network you can like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter at Heritage underscore radio you can email us questions at any time info at Heritage Radio Network. Org Heritage Radio network is a nonprofit organization to donate and become a member visit our website today thanks for listening