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Episode 224: Turducken, Sweet Potato Frieds & Christmas Lists

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calling you questions to 718-497-2128 that's +718-497-021-8289 in the studio as usual you can say is we got we got Jay Mall Jackie molecules Jack Ensley back in the engineering worth today

well they're your mic wasn't working I'm back and ready to go we got that Rebecca on on the mic who is the the Rebecca recognize you Captain I just made it up as Jack Tennille my Tennille and she's like making place a call to call or is that just like someone ordering pizza

1 2nd AV

so we've got two callers on the line I'm going to make them wait real quick so I can get this story out of the way and she's making facilities they are supported Heritage Radio so I decided with an extra day in town to go drive over to Milwaukee research see what the best bar is I go to this bar Bryant's which is like you know prohibition-era tell them what kind of spirit to go for ramen the bartender and the chef Justin was like holy ship

Jack in the booth from cooking issues and the whole kitchen apparently a big supporter and Dave's advices is why this drink is here how was the how was a drink yeah major love to Milwaukee Toto in Milwaukee but they were very good for hours and Madison never met them but I didn't get to meet everybody else

you're awesome dude just all-around great stuff in a crock pot 2 black garlic taste like a little bit different but inside an old beat-up Crock-Pot I guess they still make crack but by the way I shouldn't we shouldn't keep the color way but listen I got to tell you this there is like there's this like one of these websites that sells crap on the internet and Paul gave us but they also sell this thing called like Out woof washer 360 which is a hula hoop with water that you wash your dogs but they have a cookbook dump meals dump it in dump

why would you want any meal called I got to go take a dump it's your meal right now I didn't want to do that so we should try it though it's like what was the recipe that they say on that commercial it is a pork shoulder

dr. Pepper Dr pepper pepper pepper pepper and I think barbecue sauce sodium but no free Browning nothing just like I was like a nun browned pork shoulder in there in the Crock-Pot we're about to take all her but before Studio

Donnelly Notre Dame law school Notre Dame

I mean I don't want to call I don't want to call you like I don't want to call you the cocktail priest but you do like all the major players in the cocktail World in you you know don't overindulge I tell you enjoy enjoy the enjoy our yearly debauch down in in New Orleans and I can say firsthand the father father father Bill always has control over the situation don't have to like fights first I guess

not a cocktail you question the other one is very from first of all you know chicken in dark and then in the water bath for a few hours and then try to render interest the duck skin and then put it in the turkey suit and roast it for now

I took the dogs I took the chicken skin off and have some pork and rabbit sausage in there too so anyway they are jaw is it worth taking it out completely and then and then just I don't know what you can come of the duck fat somewhere else in this thing yeah I mean yes you're never get mean I always do skin I always do in my internal Birds skinless because it's never going to be another up their whole culture is it love the highly rendered like nasty unless that's not the way I don't mean to be nasty like birds can't think like a free GUI GUI and that's the deal but like I can I can train myself to love that because that's who I am right I could be like

can't stand apples that have different textures and what they're used to they can't stand poultry skins that have different textures from what they're used to that's especially the case with duck like especially the case with Doug so I think you're pretty much you're going to be host unless you you could do the old modernist technique of taking a dog brush to the duck and instead of doing the temp you could do an actual roast on it cool it down then throw inside the giant a lot of its you know otherwise to do anything to it is like a harmful to the world in general I think I put it in your stuffing out and sprinkle it on the salad that you serve with it cuz that's going to be delicious right salt

to get to transport Hammond a secluded the dock in the in the turkey together absolutely like listen just from a technical standpoint you're overcooking the. Now they're not as like not as far as like an old-school European it is concerned but as far as like a modern person is concerned you're overcooking the duck know I was well I mean I did it around 1:40 in the water bath it was pretty good just did a really really rare chicken

yeah the chicken was you know right. 63 the most people are going to want the duck somewhere between 57 and 58 somewhere in that range okay it's fine it's all fine if people like the way it taste buds my feeling is that the chicken is going to be a little translucent still at that temperature is it

you know frankly I don't remember if you can stand at 3 stepper I would make it too bad of the chicken do that thing it like 6360 64 even 63-64 then then transglutaminase the outside wrapped it and you can do it when it's still warm wrap the wrap the duck around that do that sucker like 5758 you can do it at 6140 is actually a perfectly good. But it's it's no longer if you want that really rosy red medium rare duck then you need to be at 57 for like an hour but if you want like a higher temp duct is legitimate that's the way that like a lot of old school people will cook the duck they won't have it rare any way a lot of old Frenchie's don't like really weird up in which case by the way like the temperature you're doing 60 perfectly acceptable I don't want to I don't want to be am not trying to be a jerk like it's perfectly acceptable just

most modern Americans who are serving a duck breast breast Rozier are on at lower right at that have any 63 or 64 little high for it though right so you could do the initial chicken at like 63% sure that's another option for you anyways and then yeah I would cut the duck skin off and then I would rent it out as Don said that was done by the way and crackling form and I seen Don put away many duck cracklings in my life been have been slaughtered for a not even saved on stuck crackling Johnny Berry Johnny Berry with vegetarian

can I can I can I put it in the fridge before I put the turkey suit on it or should I do it all warm still and not reach them it before I put the turkey get on well into it it's fine if it if it's if it's you know if you cool it down cuz if you cooked it long enough you pasteurized everything in the inside of it I mean that they're the kind of real danger happens when a mixture that can get me contaminated as they're Cooling and then they cool down or of those big are gaps are or what not but you should be you should be fine if it's all heated all the way through and and safe like the super danger obviously is like the person who puts cold stuffing into a bird and then shoves said bird in the oven and it takes like 4 hours for the stuffing to get up to temperature and by the time that happens all sorts of nasty and Tara toxins been created that you know you know that that's what you don't want

but I don't know if you're taking a sausage and your you mean like you not what I wanted to read it obviously it's a nightmare right unless it's in a mollusk by sausage sausage I was going to make a chunky sausage and stuff it in there with all that the rest of the meat but just be aware that if it's been rendered already that's going to bleed out like quickly you don't mean to you know if you're doing a low temp one get away with using other say that I'm wrong you've done at 8 billion times and here's how to do it you know Rebecca and Jack and tell me what anyone to Eno chimes in on that one but that's my that's my feeling that I've made. A Josh says don't use the

fan dry sausage no bueno have used portions of you know I've made like Duc hot dogs and stuff but I usually supplement it with like pork fat I'm using unrendered stuff when I go in for the most fide you know you can get away with it but not in a chunky message nothing

okay will do thanks

the last thing is so I'll take that one was a little too low temp for everyone cuz it's kind of like on the rare side all the way through the idea we were we were doing it was we lined up all the birds in the order they wanted to temperature wise be cooked to sew turkey want the highest temp chicken want the neckties temp duck wants the next highest amp and we threw a squab in which by the way is squab delicious wants to lowest Temp and so like cuz why stop with a turducken it's just because they don't have a squads I guess much in in Jena Louisiana they could it mean they have all kind of small game bird they can be shoving some sort of grouse in the middle of a Frenchie but they're not French on the air

beads of syrup to get crunchy on the outside of a sweet potatoes that were talking about I made once at my pressure cooker like the one that I go to bed crying about every once in awhile is I made a durian caramel in a pressure cooker once by accident and didn't record enough of that information to ever be able to do it again and that you're making me sad even thinking about it because like if I could have mailed that recipe like that's why

what you do but no juice does that ring the bells sweet potatoes must be a long time ago

but yeah I don't know if you could get my really Jazz up the Meijer on it without adding the bases I forget what it's going to do to the sugar but it's definitely going to up the my art if in fact it's my heart that you're that you're shooting for and hitting a sweet potato with analysts will increase the sweetness to the detriment of the starch but I don't know

I don't know what that'll I don't know what that'll get for except for maybe increasing the you I would have tried to make sweet potato cocktails by jacking with Emily and I've never had any luck any luck any luck with sweet potato in the cocktail I tried I tried once using a kind of endogenous amylase stuff in in a sweet potato doing like the pre cook like the long low pre-cooked again I didn't feel like I made him that much sweeter a good bit sweeter by cooking it below the pectin softening temperature for a long time but I never had a lot of luck with a sweet potato perceptively I'm sure it did booster sweetness but it wasn't

crunchy Get Low made out of the outside chance of the Japanese purple on the outside white inside sweet potato delicious

I don't like I'm going to go out on a limb here and get everyone mad at me I don't really I can eat sweet potato fries I like two of them I tires in quickly compared to a like you know a an Irish potato french fry are you ever dipped in nipple sore before you put on a dinner plate sweet potato as opposed to the French fry supposed to be aren't you supposed to be like optimistic about human nature as opposed to so pessimistic that that's how shall we all are

I guess I need to be taught that's why you're pretty sucks right now to work at Mercy

do you like to eat your sweet potato fries when you dip it in maple syrup cuz that's what I like to do and it's got that sweet potato taste with that find better as a kind of a roasted kind of a situation like I'm not saying I just don't think the fries that the best they very rarely have the right kind of crust interior ratio they had very rarely have the right oil to potato ratio and there's an extra something deeply not the best about I also I'm going to go on record and peeling and cooking soup with cutting sweet potatoes I hate cutting sweet potatoes I hate the noise my nice makes when it goes through a sweet potato I hate the way that like they shatter like right when you're like two-thirds of the way through the freaking sweet potato there's nothing about fabricating sweet potatoes

that I enjoy nothing does 9 year old boys like long slimy like sweet potato let me just put it this way their shape is suggestive suggested and so we had one peeled it was all I was always a bunch of was one of those days when was mostly Doods in the kitchen that day and tell repealed one in the Stasi goes to pick it up it's almost like it's all slimy picks it up shoots this suggestive thing across the kitchen because you squeeze on the tapered end of it too hard it hits the wall and shattered into a million pieces and all the dudes were like

we had Sean Andrews wants to know how do you make the sweet potato fries crispy like you were talking about and could you do it in the oven I don't look I'm going to say I haven't worked on it enough to know because I had to take on a problem I have to love the problem I mean like it's a good problem in the sense that like like I understand what you're trying to say I understand what you're trying to say we're trying to say is hey look there is something to salvage right there's something savable as Father Bill might say in the sweet potato French fry

I haven't seen a glimmer of it enough to devote the time and energy necessary to release us that out and figure out whether that is like really there there's a couple of problems generally things that are deep fried

certain exceptions Donuts bubble but don't want to be as sweet as that because you can't get the crust formation without burning the sugars involved right so you going to have a very high percentage of sugar on the exterior but you not only need to cook it to a brown which Fab hydrate it to the point where you actually have a good texter so what I would do if I was going to do it that I didn't talk about my lace by the way I'm turning at as I get older I get lazier and lazier and lazier it's going to seem like I'm not talking about the same thing but I am so Dax you know my younger son has decided that he is actually a child with 1970s and so request baked potato bar good that's really delicious and so I've been like slamming like the other big baking potatoes out of the oven with a fork throw it in the oven for an hour

70s Show big pile of fixings to go with it strangely Dax chews vegetarian chili but whenever I'm not going to judge his version of the 70 and 80 way I've started just making an extra five potatoes when I do it and if you just take a properly baked sweet potato take regular Irish potato russet Burbank Idaho and you throw it in the fridge you've cooked all the starch out so it's fluffy you put it in the fridge and let it sit for a day now you can cut it properly that stuff rise up amazingly well but amazingly well you know because you've done a lot of the moisture management and pre cook when it's still in its potato form and is it as good as my hardcore french fry stuff no but I end up just disking it making home fries and like that kind of a home fries

how to say they're they're really good now back to your sweet potato problem could you do something like that with a sweet potato perhaps perhaps you can and let it drop at the outside dry off a partially be high in a little bit like just in the air and then fry it could you get a good result I'm not going to say you can't you know how people get a good result with sweet potatoes or what they called they treat me better those suckers which is why are there so many bad on the outside and obviously you can obviously that's sweet potato tempura to call and get the next guy swerved backed up here

all you need to have it right away. No y no no it just your dad know is delicious but is it the is it the height of frying it is not

it's Ida tempura something but I'm never and it works like that like that like they're the kind of Japanese ideal of like the incredibly blonde on brown crust that's good for exactly the amount of time so like most most of it by the time like crap

giant betta color

we have to go to the shoestring sweet potato

how to fabricate cuz I'm saying like shoe strings are so hard to fabricate you could probably pull up a sweet potato and then make some sort of like Pringle ask kind of a Scituate are you playing golf and angles what's better LG phone into his forehead when he runs out of battery juice they're good I like them and you know that was one of the most fantastically expensive things ever in terms of food R&D I think that Donna and it takes forever whatever I don't know, are you color are you on the air

no that's on top of what I can hear you on top of eggnog I could be wrong but I was thinking maybe metal palette 50

Ralph's holiday but I mean I would imagine if you can get the phone down you can probably get it I mean I was thinking maybe you do you want some solids you need some whipping you need some crap in in the lf50 is it's going to provide the kind of structure but you need some solids in there to back it up like three things like purees work really well or something that has some like some some structures some like stuff in it may not work with actual milk products because they can be kind of they can be kind of a nightmare

did hold long enough for you to finish the drink with something like she wanted to stay forever like forever like forever you can make an agar fluid gel from the eggnog base you know water temp for back in the eggnog base in the hell out of that and then shoot it out of an isi that'll hold hot up to about 70 degrees Celsius and then and not a hotel tell forever

can you go back to service in life I

what is a What temperature would you hold that drink service yeah you just don't want to mess with the eggs right so everything below 57 I think you'll be fine I'm just going to call and Jerry if you want a cold drink that's an eggnog cocktail know what dies giving starting listen to make sure you probably all right all the way up to 60 in which case you knowing if the Health Inspectors come in you're not going to get in trouble

real quick

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did you get to see the pope when he came through I did not last question and freezing food in a video the demonstrator was using 2 mil poly fill roles and an Impulse sealer and then freezing obviously this is faster and way cheaper than back ceiling but is it person shopping themselves by not removing are Michael from Toronto yes

so you know are you are you going to like it in the short-term you're fine like removing are the problem is this if there's any space between your bag and the product that you're freezing your going to as your product kind of goes through the the cycles of up and down in your freezer you're going to get recrystallization at the surface and you're going to get you can get freezer burn on the surface of that product there's also you know even though you're in a freezer is potential oxidation reaction if you want if you want to have it like let's say you're let's say you're a prepper and you want to have a delicious steak you're going to stay good even when the grid goes down and you know you've run out of shotgun shells so you can't shoot anybody or anything left but your freezer is still running you know you're going to want your stuff back.

so that it stays in good condition because 20 years after it all happened you know what no more plants anything you'll be glad that you can do kind of you can do the old school like you get most of the are out doing a water fill where you where you get the bag under the water except for in then you close it in the water will exclude the air if you go on their cooking issues old blog this pictures are still there showing you how to do it another technique that you can do makes you look really dumb is you can stick a a drinking straw into the edge of a Ziploc seal all the way up to the Ziploc pinch and pull the straw out and then you know that'll also get rid of some of the baked good down because it's crushes the baked goods and so and they're too light they float so it's hard to do the water explosion on a baked good so when I'm freezing down things like

I do the straw on a zippy that's my that's my my trick character stuck on Mars yesterday and he has these potatoes cuz they send them up there with potatoes as part of a Thanksgiving dinner scent raw potatoes up there I don't think you would send raw potatoes out there I don't think if you were actually going to go up for a long time you need a food production unit anyway it'll probably taste like pre-packaged kind of MRE style food for everything else I heard the movie so like they're not going to nitpick but I know for a fact one thing that you're not going to send up on that is like something that might have a pathogen on it so I would bet that they cook the hell out of everything that goes

on that on that on those birds because the system was designed for space program right because you need to analyze every possible Hazard because you don't want I can ask you not to get the the the runs in space or have like food poisoning in space because it's potentially problem is know where they can land food system that was developed for the space program was meant to have the same checks and balances for safety that the physical space Vehicles had write everything we've done everything check everything verified everything so that in the event of a problem and so my guess is that a raw potato in the food supply would be kind of a situation because it might potentially be contaminated

I just don't believe it from NASA right in and say that that I'm sure these guys looked into this and whoever wrote the book it was a book before it was a movie or something so let me get this straight sew in and you're in a space program that is costing billions of dollars with a bunch of lies at stake and you wouldn't ordinarily do something for safety reasons however you did it cuz it's Thanksgiving

I don't know. Like two-thirds of your show yes and my life in general. Bush my life just be called dumb things I've done I haven't seen the movie North by seen the book nor am I nor have I ever consulted with NASA in any way shape or form on any for the food thing so that I could be calm and things that are already pre-packaged on the ISS what can you create that's new and they came up with like a space burrito and then Chris Hadfield actually made a space burrito in the ISS ordered a freaking sandwich before I realized I'd ordered a wrap

it was everything horrible that I thought it was I have not yet been back to set the place on fire however I probably will and I was like maybe they cook the freaking maybe they cook the freaking tortilla before they wreck any updates West and a second questions from the stassia who has Christmas lists man Christmas list

why do you hate on the Christmas to make a list of the people here is some things that I would like that is a list okay what's the saying is she doesn't want you sitting down with a with a magic marker because that's what you be using in the situation color magic marker hopefully it smells like grape or lemon those are my two favorites third talking to stars like here's what I want for Christmas that's not a list

no I mean I don't consciously make a list can ask for something for Christmas if you don't take all the fun out of it for the buyer so not like you know what I need I need a nice place on a Thursday from this one lady what do I need or want right it's you do what you need and then yeah I'll spend like 5 hours figuring out the exact the exact style of crap I want

she's like hey Dave might have like a power outage so I'm going to buy some flashlight flashlight you see what the current technology is right now check out the foursevens website so after you've insulted a person to ask for our stuff so we plan our plan is on Black Friday the Friday after Thanksgiving assassin are going to ruin another Thanksgiving we're going to

announce we're going to sell and we're going to put it on pre-sale we don't believe in the internet is not a valid term for something you don't like what we're doing we don't want to know if anything right now it's simply because we don't want to say like what the capabilities or anything like our until everything's completely hammer down but don't buy a centrifuge between now and Christmas right we're not going to deliver it this year by the way there's no way on God's are that we're going to deliver it this year. I can say for sure and we can have the cube available

test for naming the cube is there a name for it right after you a hunk of polyurethane that I shake around on the inside of two pieces of metal Edge beat the ever-loving crap out of an order to frost up a drink with John in Osaka says dang Shaker notes should be the couponing

this is Jeffrey from Costa Mesa

I just want to say thank you. Sincerely I'll be there in a few up for the time that you I put in and you inspired us to coach problem not just cooking problems but in general Spader thought has been busy as a thank you for that I do a lot of french fries sometimes tater tots from the graph

Adida basic

Technics dog for the hour 14 minutes Lance like what you put up put up on the Block long time ago so the problem is maybe I'm just too delicate to blanch fries fall apart that I'm not getting a lot of you know call nice long french fries somewhere if I can transfer a time and do a longer first fry or what would you recommend no yes or less amount of time but

like I don't think the texture is going to be quite as good and you might have to do more a little more D height between the day Blanche in the first fry take to get it right way but I don't do any Force trying yeah now cuz I've had good luck just steaming ever-loving crap out of them to you know what I mean the thing about the Blanche so when you're blanching a french fry in water doing two things to cook in the French fry right so you're affecting to texture you're also putting the salt in the inside of the French fry which is very important step I wonder what would happen if you did I'm never tested this I want to would happen if you did a relatively short Blanche right to get the salt that you need

pull it out put them on racks and then bake them in a regular oven for a while to do like the overcooked thing and then pull them out let him cool off before you do the fry wonder what happen

give it into some food grade silicone make it hard when you're dumping these when your dispatch when you're jumping out of water like when you blanch for as long as we normally Blanche like literally just even if you were to the spider out of the out of the pot they shatter on a spider there like in fact all the bottom ones get pulp in the ones on top like because I have the cushion of the of the adjuster destroyed bredrin underneath that managed to survive but I don't see no please I don't have the time right now to run a bunch of tests but it's cuz I'm working on this pic music bunch of stuff like this Center fuse and Museum if you

try try like a like a shorter Blanche and then just as I got some big-time in the oven and see whether it's good let me know. That's my only question I have to confess that the person is called a few weeks ago with too many questions and initiated placenta gate so I apologize for that cuz that myself as a hamper has a nail upon which has been miss Lopez good to the Hammer people this is her normal self people with no fat at 2


unethical father Village safe for you to not have a talk about these are a Sears All-State decorators ever going to be available outside of the US

Weekly shopping on Amazon so you can probably convince because Amazon they say they want everything but you can probably go on Amazon. Us and order it from Amazon. Us and they may or may not ship to you depending on what kind of mood they're in a third-party shipper if you could send it to Google I hate I really really didn't realize how much I would hate how export rules work I bought a store-bought lobster bisque bisque in like bisque Bisquick Bisquick pancakes Booker he's like I don't want your pancakes dad I want Bisquick pancake sounds like

recently bought lobster bisque in the store and honest ingredients if States in quotes Lobster extract what is such an extract Lobster carapace spoiled down or is it an industrial best I bet you they just took aspirin and you know what we're doing a an exhibition on flavor and I'm sure we'll get some flavor is coming through I'll ask all I know is this everything it says extract is very finely tweet it would not be a rotovap because I'll be too expensive and not going to get the stuff and I'll figure out what it is I'll try next time I speak to an actual flavorist who works on Savory side stuff I'll I'll try to get that and then the person who called in Jeremy about

in Fahrenheit for the van. I will call her who's going to like squeeze a question in so quickly

hey Dave Natasha Jack nice to see all of you

nitrogen in a keg how long does it take to infuse it into a liquid phase

no night to nitrogen like so like when you're like like a Guinness style like had guys are doing is believe it's been a long time since I look at the widget patent and Don will use nitrogen in beer gases to push without adding extra carbonation but also injection of nitrogen in the bottom of crate see bubbles that cause that head thing to come up so what you want to do that is you need an injection at source appreciably solubilize in the end you can make like you could get like a carbonating stone like a centered Stone there was only going to be there like put it onto a nitrogen in the bottom of a

can be in the cat have to be outside to take you could end you could put a foaming you could put something that would cause a boat ton of foam to happen in your beer lines but it would wreck your beer lines for like a glass out of here so you could do how about this done I don't think anyone's ever done this way you can have a regular beer line right that you let clear and then you can emulate the beginning and end of a keg where it gets like are interruption in it with nitrogen to have a separate line that's just like crappy phone push it push it goes in actually goes in at the bottom to a carb Stone so every time you're pushing it's like you're pushing from a new keg and then you would have a beer without making it nice and need to go to the end of the

I just create more surface area to create more of a nucleus are that points to Charis it's not staying in contact with the beer more than 5 minutes injector right at the temp right at the flow to just crap it out you know what I mean like almost the way of a soda gun crafts it out that's easier if you were not serving glasses you could actually even also just small like an elf Pony glasses on the side of the thing so that you pour it and then at the end right at the air like right in the tip at the end blast Sumerian to cause nucleation sites then you could do it all from kind of 1

right advice you gave me three months ago about the about the coffee on tap perfect a beautiful everyone else cooking issues