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Episode 223: Pressure Cooking, Deep Frying, & Pink Drinks, Oh My!

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cows cows cows so I'm sorry I'm so freaking late as usual but it means you get an abbreviated first first time engineering with us but hopefully you enjoyed we have Rebecca

hello Rebecca reading the chat social media something more powerful

read it you know which one it is is a chickpea be cooking liquid turns out as liquid from a can of chickpeas which people are calling aquafaba with K and this stuff works on to the question I usually buy can chickpeas I prefer to cook them in my pressure cooker so far the liquid for my pressure cooker for my pressure cook chickpeas hasn't lived up the same way when I tried it it only got slightly frothy didn't foam up at all

any guesses as to why doesn't work like the liquid, can you use quit quit I don't know I looked up on the Internet last week or the week before I can't remember and there is a person I forget their name cuz I have it on the file from last week who was successful in making their own their own like aquafaba with chickpeas made their own I think my Google search with something really simple stupid like DIY swing like this are you if you were not getting the consistency that you wanted when it was done now I remember you have to let it cool off to see what kind of accent you're going to get from any stars that comes out of it to see what the actual texture is going to be and then I also noticed she said it wasn't right

can you boil it down maybe it's maybe you're doing too much boiling Myatt my recollection is the person who is doing it online was cooking it for a relatively short amount of time like they were soaking overnight and then they were only doing something like a 15 or 20 minutes cook at 15 psi that I may be needed too low I'm not I'm not sure but they were also probably using less want her to do you remember the way that they make canned chickpeas is they soak chickpeas and then they put them in the can with a prescribed amount of water and then they put them in a retort idea pressure cooker in till they're done they cook them considerably longer than 15 minutes I think but anyway that's how they're actually made so you should be able to do it I wonder whether you're using a different variety of take me there to make me there bunch of different varietals but there are the two main varieties are kind of the larger American kind of one's in this in this suit and smaller ones like an Indian style one and

I think all of the canned ones in the aquafaba is probably made from the larger ones now I looked up in the aquafaba website they still haven't I guess gotten enough money to figure out what the science is behind it so you're presumably there's a protein in there that's whipping up everything up and presumably also some starch thickening break breaking out of it so you know perhaps you're being too gentle for not getting busted up enough and you're not releasing a crap into the water I I don't know but I would look at that person on the web who seems to be able to get today they said that they would it up fine cuz they also don't buy canned chickpeas

CDs is Alex from New York New York I have a question about deep fryers

are countertop deep fryers a waste of time the electric

okay okay so waste of time is such a strong term right so I think that they can often be a late depends on what you're willing to put up with and what you're trying to get out of it how many people you cook for in a regular basis my my deep fryer it at in New York City now. I took my my big deep fryer my 30-gallon my nice one up to up to Connecticut and I have it Outdoors so I'm testing my my years-long espouse theory of putting a professional deep fryer outside and by the way so far good idea by the way people so far good idea I keep it covered obviously not draining oil don't leave it in there such a Tetra and I only use a stainless steel fire their home now the issue is that the good thing about the countertop fryer is that you can walk away from it how powerful is your stove

how powerful is your range to here's the issue right is that the problem with those home fryers is all they're giving you is a basic thermostatic control right there their they're not really protecting the oil in a way they're professional deep fryer would be like you don't have a cold Zone once you don't have a cold Zone and your and you're you're having an issue where they Oriole is like cycling too hot and going around and you have burning particles at the bottom of the of the fry buckets you're automatically you're not going to be in as good a shape as you would be basically in any other circumstances I would get an induction burner right and use the induction burner as your as your fry Kettle cuz you can kind of set those fairly nicely and you can set him a little bit higher than you want no kick in

blast when it when not when they start cooling down review to set it with the number actually wouldn't thermostatic control it because those things unless you have like a male there some new thing that can control the induction accurately the problem with the old induction temperature control things to do spaced on it like a little thing is better than the surface of the of the of the Clayton which is not good for frying cuz it's too induction is nice and fast you're not going to have problems with ignition cuz you're not using it around an open flame so it's inherently safer and this thing is as you can get a much larger kettle of oil going with one of those things then you can with one of these countertop deep fryers because they're assuming that you want to make like three french fries and they're also assuming that you know that they're going to get sued left right up down in the middle if they actually provided a fryer that was big enough to accomplish anything kind of reasonable remember when you're frying on a pot and in kitchen you want to be very careful to not overfill the oil I have

astoundingly powerful man in New York in a walk but I have a burn that can handle a walk you know what I'm saying and so what is it as it starts boiling an experiment with shallow as it starts boiling expanding the walk at ever and ever larger so your odds of boil over in a Whopper very very low and the solid the bird crap in a walk is a kind of condensed in kind of a little shallow spot in the bottom and so I can scrape it out of him going it's much harder in a regular pot to try to scrape that stuff out of the bar now if you also like Asian cooking and you know you're going to live in in New York City apartment for a long time and you had your kitchen near the window you might want to go invest in an actual Wok burner induction Wok burner I've never personally used one but I've heard that they're freaking sick but they're expensive and the other trick is that you might need to 20th ink almost all of them or 2:20 cuz they're strictly Pro but they

they throw up very little heat for the amount of power that they had and they would probably make a good deep fryer but I haven't seen a lot of people use it for that application but that's what you know that's why I would be angling for if I knew that I couldn't beef up the gas cuz I didn't own The Joint you know I'm saying maybe you want to join a joint put in a good freaking rank

got you that makes a lot of sense

is it better or should I just stick with the pot on the stove it depends on how what you're like it ain't love of frying is like crying as such like a part of me that like for me it's worth having and if you're ever going to do a party that's primarily fry for like 20 or 30 people and you're going to do that even like two or three times a year then having a professional deep fryer that just stays Rock Solid at the temperature that you want and can pay and kanban out you know like like 10 pounds of fries an hour or better that's not even that's messing with her commercial fryer that's nothing for a home fire banging out 10 or 15 pounds of fries in an in an hour is a pain in the butt and remember when I'm doing I'm really doing more like I'll do like 6 lb in like in like not that long wait a while for the next flight another six pound and it's the ability to just a lot of product in and still maintain high quality of your oil that's the Hallmark of one of these professional price and you can get on the website so you can get us a not not the best I don't have the best one that you can get like it's stainless steel

cattle which is but what you going for to Briar for not that much I think mean expensive but I think that I think you can get them under a grand mine and and I know you have to convert it to run off of a propane tank and you can run them off of a 20 20 pound propane tank no problem probably not when it's extremely cold you probably have two problems then but normal kind of weather you know you can run it for a good a good length of time off of a single 20-pounder and it's freaking awesome but you have to be extremely safe you have to know can I come to your distance from your house and all this other kind of stuff is not something that you should do if you're not comfortable like with no safety and like doing things to code

got you all this isn't super helpful thank you so much to Jack and Co I have a food safety question for this week show I'm visiting my parents this weekend and found two bags of duck confit in their second fridge to have it you love it

Merry Christmas and have nots problem serving coffee that this old but I look to realize the jelly never got taken out of the bags like it would have been had I made the confit traditionally I gave the duck legs traditional overnight care with salt and spices then vacuum sealed them with duck fat using a FoodSaver style Steeler they were then cooked at 85 Celsius for 12 hours ice down quickly and have been refrigerated ever since because the jelly was still in the bag I meant to transfer them to the freezer before I left the Christmas but I guess I forgot in the shell in the fridge the bags look like they still have a perfect seal on them and there is no bloating or discoloration of or anything that's said the traditional confit I always read that you need to remove the Jelly for long-term storage botulism contamination if I serve them would you serve them to your family thanks Jeremy okay I would not throw away the comfy I'm just saying but it's not him it's not in my soul to throw away the comfy the but a lot depends on what kind of what your salt levels are and everything like they

but the good news about botulism the great news about botulism you also can't guarantee by the way that you don't have something bad growing in there just because if the pack hasn't is still tight like they don't you're not not all kind of the police gas and be your friend that one friend lyrics be an indicator that way however good news about botulism botulism toxin is itself a heat labile you can destroy it so what I would do is I would just take those bags back up to 180 or whatever and let him ride for I got or even lower unit that high and let him ride all the way through to we destroy all anything that grew in there and he bacteria the crew in there and any botulism toxin that's in there now they are there are some keep stable right so you got your sheets table and your heat labile why the hell do they have him run so stupid

the stupid it's like it's like inflammable and flammable they both mean that catches on fire that's a dumbass and I love our language dumbest anyway so there are some keep stable enterotoxins but I don't think that they're going to grow in those situations is there anyway Rebecca are you working you can like do a quick Google Odeon on that thing and see whether or not there any heat stable and Tara toxins of a growing a vacuum Back Bay or what but I would eat it all so you know I would pretend that I'm trying to be nice now just eat a bag myself and wait a day to prove it I'll still gonna be like now so it's my family after I already have coffee with crispy on the outside love it love it do you know what I don't like it when people don't creep up the outside of the skin and up on the coffee make me so sad

Sears Auto

hey Dave this is that from New York

set alarm I'm going apple picking this weekend next weekend in her to show way back from you with someone called in asking about being able to basically cook a in its shell soaking a peeled Apple in Noble shape or calcium lactate and then cooking it so that is still crunchy on the outside soft on the inside they haven't been able to find any suggestions on what, what percentage do you use how long to soak it whether I can do it in the oven I don't have a I don't have any QB

say okay so you want to strengthen the pectin using lactate without an enzyme

calcium will do it I'm just trying to think the best either way she said he don't have a vacuum machine very finely like needle prick the outside of it make sure your acidify if it doesn't get all nasty and then just you know exclude all the air in a zippy it and let it soak for a while and then do like a quick equipped poach in the calcium to try to get it into the like to try to approach the temperatures at did people used to do to do a pectin methyl Ester race reaction like the way Stein garden used to in potatoes and stuff like that which I forget somewhere in the sixties I think of 66 days or low seventies or somewhere in there you know and then you can bring it up from there to let it let it soak it in that bag is try to exclude all the air in the Zippy and and do it that way and see whether or not you get you get a good reaction what is buying it

things aren't actually calcium lactate they're using things like calcium hydroxide you know pickling pickling lime better yes what you do is you soak it in that for a while or awhile and then you do take it you take it out after after it's been Crosslink and then you just have it with regular calcium so catch the most people mess up pickling lime is for is going to be classified vegetable Protocols are online and you could do this a similar thing with an apple I would guess but then yeah I just want to get the kind of that nastiness out

I'm planning on smoking and then frying a turkey not a ton of instructions in terms of how long and temperatures for the smoking portion

yeah I think I think I was trying to get a really Smokey but then soak it for like 10-15 minutes of the few minutes if you can get a good temperature control really accurate temperature degrees is good enough so if you can maintain me the thing is if you're going to deep fry it anyway right you could probably keep the moisture out and almost treated like low temp smoking you know what I'm saying have some people do orcas get smoke it however you want will cook it through cook it obviously it is as low a temperature as you can to have it be cooked the way you want I like mine in the it's really okay to cook the breast in the leg at the same temperature as long as you're not over shooting by a lot in other words like the ideal breast temperature for me is somewhere like 64 and the ideal temperature for me is somewhere

65 66 degrees difference but really if you if you dry salt the breast area especially like on the inside and stuff you can take it up to 66 and not going to kill anything you don't I mean it's going to not be quite as moist but it'll still be fine and then I would have let that sucker cool loud pull it out let flash off in the air right that's the trick that's the trick to deep fry it let it shine that you've done low temperature in anything else let let the sucker and you probably already are going to get the surface tacky right are you a pellicle guy when you smoke to get my pellicle on stuff

I haven't really looked into it looked at it too much in the past but I read about it before you pull it out when it's still warm and let the surface get dry that's the secret to deep frying anything is have the surface speed not wet if you want to get a crisp service on the outside but you're not going to need to fry it for 15 minutes because it's already cooked so special if you're going to do with that same day like I would Jack the sea most people when they're deep frying a turkey what they're going to do is there going to reduce the temperature of the oil which is good for the safety thing especially with the way people people people doing a text with their turn to go have like a wet turkey the stick it in and then like you get like this guys are the oil the oil sprays out they've overheated it falls on their burner and then all hell breaks loose right but if you if you are already have a cooked turkey you don't need to go low you can go up at regular fried temperature now this is all so unsafe but the way I do it because I don't bust out the big turkey fryer it is I always do like

potato fries so I'll just label the hot oil over into a pot and keep it going by the bunch of safety concerns you shouldn't need 15 minutes on on the Friday get a nice crispy skin so long as it's dry if it's wet then you're going to need to lower your temperature on the fryer and fry it longer to get a Christian but remember your then you're all going to have that dry over like a couple of Vino millimeters of me all the way around

Twitter stock let us know how it work out Twitter question for you updates on his new Booker and Dax product announcement that you are

what's his name is Nathan he's headed to Mexico City in early March and wants to know what establishments he should visit for eating drinking and what he should bring back what you should bring back is he should you should bring back and nixtamatic grinder and either a Metate or mono if you have their if you're willing to bring it back to me like you would look if you've never been to Mexico before I only went and watched the real Mexico the only other Mexicans have been to has been like you know like no gallus and stuff with no offense in Nogales or any Border Town for that matter it's kind of like you know not you know whatever I'm not going to say anything negative about no ballast least it was in the early 90s maybe it's awesome now how is it is it nice now or is it helpful it was it was horrible experience I think I had to go to sleep

went to the bathroom in a bucket huh

is it a fancy bucket of poop in it that's awesome like that I have the opposite days. Why didn't I didn't eat when I want to go to Nogales because you're like visiting relatives in Arizona in and out but like in Mexico City I ate whatever in the hell I wanted and I was 100% fine now course I'm an animal in the Stars he is fond of saying I Am Not a Human Being until like I'm not like you should not I broke my foot yesterday yes I broke my foot yesterday but that's just a question of what should you do if you need to go to Merced the market and the Craft Market is named I forget that you should go to that has actually some kind of good stuff you spell you should go to you need to go to Merced like everyday and when you go there you need to have this one lady whose

am I forget Squash Blossom quesadillas are like you know the seppuku where the flag didn't they make you so angry they make you so angry on the kind of how things work here in the US and you realize when you have what she makes her people of her and she has a good Mouse and when you have it you realise kind of why Mexican food is so terrible here it's because

we are willing I don't think as a culture to pay what it would cost to have an American make that style of food at that lake level of ingredient quality here in the US, it's like we we calculated it cuz I showed you the pictures how much how much how much money would it will you turn those quesadillas it cost like Chef is going to charge you $20 for the quesadilla is going to like fancified up and then it won't be the same kind of like simple awesome thing that you just like you know like can eat until you plots over there are you know what I mean and so I think it's like you're caught you're caught in this kind of situation where it's almost almost impossible to do kind of just straight-ahead stuff at the same quality if they do not down there and go to Merced and people

from Mexico City to the Maximus Mac died and came back to life again I start I have a 1 pound bag of rosella flower pod in the Hibiscus family that I got from a local Farm Sheeran Houston I'm interested in if you have any suggestions on how to preserve use them in cocktails as well as any suggestions on cocktails that way to accentuate their character liquid intelligence is lacking any mention of hibiscus unless it was mentioned on the one of the 10 pages that have been torn out of the Houston Public Library's copy I've seen 8 oz jars of Roselle pods and syrup sell for as much as $10 and plan on preserving some that way but don't know if these pods would have to be prepared in any way being emerged in the results to Europe I'm traveling to New York next week and I'm looking forward to checking out Booker and Dax

only I've ever used the dry of used in Serie A just preserving by boiling a minute and I will be on the menu depending on how they feel right now. It goes in and out of the menu a hibiscus drink now hibiscus tea is obviously you are the non alcoholic drink is hugely popular and it's also very popular in in cocktails what it brings hibiscus is like like obviously besides it's awesome color because Lord knows I love the pink drink right people out there's people I mean my people who are worried about drinking pink drinks please like I may be like when I was like 20 of them wow I don't care what you think about what I do

and I guess being a drink professional as I can really order whatever in the hell I want at anytime and no one's going to give me crap for it every Becca what do you think of people in order to pink Drink what do you think I think I would like to shake his hand Liz what are your thoughts many many many many many anything with compart I'm saying is if you got to get over that you got to go over there the color thing you have three women here telling you that you should not worry about it you're the problem is is it you have to rock it if you order the pink Drink You can't be like him Sammie American Crime come nobody likes someone who is sheepish about the stuff that they that they have that they order right it's like same thing with clothing right but you see the

when do with a peacock feather sticking out of his head with a rock said he rocks it you know I'm saying anyways cityworks it can be a little bit much in the back end so when we use hibiscus we do infusions directly into the liquor and then we milk wash it so you just use a do a direct infusion of the Hibiscus / Roselle / whatever you want to call it in to the liquor I like a dinner of vodka is nice I don't know if we've done wrong and then wash on it and it'll suck some of that stuff out in the milk washing technique is in liquid intelligence and then it makes is like a like a champ I want freaking minute all right. I'll tell you a quick story Allen Allen from Apple from from the UK we need to talk about apples but I'll give you a couple of an apple thing I've also an update okay nastase and iPhone XR

working on a centrifuge for home I'll get let you just say that and just this weekend I have an interesting site or technique that I came up with because I have an apple tree that I didn't know so I can I use a centrifuge on the on the Apple to spin out all the extra lease and it's good I also pineapple my side or technique is kind of crazy so like we can talk about it next week if we have time but I'll leave you with this one kind of cooking related because I look like I I like butt in the winter time I cook with wood in my wood stove right okay so there we go this freaking is a can't hook that fits into the like a headlight Clips on the log off the ground right and so that you can chainsaw into it and have your logs come off right right right

I never use it again then roll the dice and biographical together to plan on using it all the time and you buy a crappy tool is your dunce I'm a dunce so anyway so I buy this log Jack I buy the cheap one I spent months trying to figure out what chainsaws going to get I got an old I professional Husqvarna used very good price anyways so I'm a crap. Now I'm going down I need to start cutting firewood cuz fall right put the log jack on a put and it won't pull any more so this is teaching me this is this is the world teaching me not to be a dunce so I take the Lodge at and I Janet down and I'm like I'm free so I cut a small log off that I can get to without burying my bar into the ground and I'm like I'm going to I'm going to have all you had a mask on and everything I'm going to put the put the Lodge at down at sit on it sit on it and in a freaking log pile and brush

sit on this freaking wall jack already people who do this for a living know I'm a jerk and like and I'm going to shove it Pizza log under it so it's a log itself and act as its own log Jack right but I'm like all the sudden as I'm down on the ground my butt on the ground I'm shoving a log underneath of a pile that I'm just lifted off the ground that hasn't been lifted off the ground in years but it was a blow down from sandy's I'm trying to chop up for some reason it hasn't rotted yet and I see on the inside of my helmet like a hornet or yellow jacket and then all the sudden my body goes on fire and I got chaps on I've got a protective helmet and then zoomed out of the ground up into my clothes and all in my helmet and I throw the helmet up and I'm running up the driveway like trying to unbuckle my chair as much as around my ankles of slapping my head slapping my back I got like I got like 15 bikes from these suckers and miles is like you're on freaking fire and entire way up at first I start screaming for someone to come help me like rip my clothes off and then I'm like idiot why do I buy them

add wall jack why did I buy the bad freaking love Jack and I could not retrieve my helmet for two days because I disturb their nest so much that I couldn't get anywhere near that my wife went down to look at the helmet and she got started just getting near the freaking helmet by Poison the hell out of the helmet I can get it next week

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