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Episode 222: You Don’t Have a Circulator?

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a container that tastes like corgis got like you know 5 billion year old reused like you know Upstate barn beams El it looks nice and it probably kind of sound like maybe being a shower or something you know what you think about the faux wood finish that sweet sweet Clementine and as usual with Nastasia the hammer Anvil title with their Booker and Dax

cooking issues and

Heritage underscore radio couldn't get it away from those like weird like you know where the regular Heritage Radio Twitter handle do something for them to score but we're not advocating that you threatened them correct plastic wrap to do something before we start the show have to give the biggest shout out to Kevin Scott who gave us a very generous donation thank you so so so so so so so so so so much Kevin Scott vaporizing his enemies

I'm not speaking vaporization but whose it was compiled new and it spelled with a c like u p t o w cup

take take the cup that you're drinking out of and don't smash to Smithereens cuz that would be against the mission of reuse reduce actually gets introduced first then reuse and recycle those are that's the order that we're supposed to do everything right out somehow., you'll have more on the brakes and them so what are they where they sell

what was the socs what the hell is a coffee sock don't require socks

what is that is that like a coffee mug suck so you don't have to throw away the what's a what's a freaker the guest what was the country music singer with it was a wonderful girlfriend of that apartment banjo Bluegrass weird stuff and it just came out last week and it's check it out Hartman Odetta Hartman 222 Oceano dead she does so much Qawwali music back in the day so much

let's get you some questions I know we had a lot left over from last week I got to remember what they are though because because I spent almost every single waking moment working either on the new Booker and Dax project which I was going to announce it EXO NASA's to announce it today but I don't think I'm quite ready maybe maybe next week you out there which would bring in some people know already because I'm private I'll tell you what I'm doing but I don't want an ass over the air because may not like it whatever and we think says I'd say announce it 2 months ago but why do we have the project coming in soon we know what the ETA is a method that is the minor one the cube

yeah I can come out by Christmas let's not a big deal though listen this is very difficult to wrap your head around okay listen when you shake a cocktail right it's been known for a long time among kind of hiring bartenders that shaking with a large Cube by law for talking like 2 in across right creates a better texture so I was doing a I do events a lot and what happened is is no one would ever bring the big ice cubes to the event right we would have met the bar and we wouldn't have met the event and I would lose my mind right because the stassi's heard me say it doesn't make any sense to donate your time to get people to donate products and then show up and not do the best job you can just because when Ice Cube does it make any damn sense Rebecca's that make

it doesn't make any sense as Chuck D. The New York Post which he tested back in the day anyway you shake with a big Ice Cube and you get a better result but the big ice cubes aren't necessarily sitting around so it struck me that it's not the actual Ice Cube it's important that was it doesn't need to be ice it's just the shape so then I started looking at building fake ice cubes right but they're not ice cubes are just texturizers right. I love it I love you for this because I know they're not they are not ice cubes in the fridge or the freezer to have almost no effects on the dilution of your talk to you at all at all

I'm still have to put but the good news is you don't have to freeze the big ice cubes for shaking anymore so I might as well look at the book when it's full of Ice Cube big ice cubes that you're basically thrown away after it won shake and they're melting in the nothing right so it takes up a bunch of freezer space and you have to melt all this ice whereas you could just use a small crappie ice and get the same same texture as if you had a big ice cube just by throwing in this would be calling cocktail Cube dislike texturizing Cube that has no freaking chilling ability get it through your head it doesn't Rock know cuz a rock will affect the dilution effect okay it is and it has the same density as ice it has a it feels the same and Shaker as ice but it has no chilling Effect one way or other okay all it's doing is making it better

Justin wants to know how can it not mess with your deletion because it has very slightly if it is warm it will slightly cause slightly more dilution and if it is cold it will cause slightly less but it itself has very low specific heat so it doesn't store a lot of energy and it's also incredibly poor conductor and insulator as a as well so it doesn't transmit heat or suck heat in readily so it's it's it's an insulator and it has a low specific heat so it has almost no effect on that was Rex excellent question so before Christmas those are going to be in in town but they're the big goal is to launch the big product on a pre-sale buy Black Friday am I

the fact of the matter is that anyone retail knows you. You do like huge numbers at the end of the year at the end of the year if you know what I mean

you sure do bjd Road in Hammer Dave and Jay Ma which is your it which is your nickname for the molecules okay good I see nitrogen push Cotati coffee around is that something I could do with my easy whipper if so what's your suggested procedure for my iPhone so there's a couple different things and people say I wish people get over this and I want you next time you see someone and they and they are not clear but is it a cool to tell people that like lightly smacked people in the face like a little bit probably not well-liked punch you in the arm do with your eyes like an eyeball Smackdown lights upstairs at 100% of the time I found her effective I would be like crushed into it like a disc on the ground like a like a thin pasty disc right anyways so do not and do not allow anyone else to

what is the difference between Nitro Jen

a the relatively inert diatomic gas that we breathe in and turn to a liquid so that we can freeze things and nitrous oxide the bubbly soluble sweet narcotic I should take an aesthetic product that we used for whipped cream right so you could use nitrogen to push coffee around but I would guess that you want to use nitrous in the reason you want to use nitrous is because it creates the kind of nice texture in a coffee drink that you when it's not hot right when I already has an adjustment especially espresso which has that kind of like you know that live in isn't so it put it put it back in so sure I mean do it just put it on a couple of recipes in in my in the book and liquid intelligence I you just you know just shake it and shoot it

push out a larger quantity out of a bottle in which case you got to go through the rigmarole and blah blah blah

hey Dave this is Devin from DC I just got back from my honeymoon in Japan and of course we went to the security Fish Market we saw that you could be met which was awesome and my wife is an awesome person so she insisted that I buy a yunagi when we walk past the R2 goo doll in the outer sakichi market and traditional single bevel deals my question is I've never owned a single bevel knife and I actually don't know if that's even something that you do I have the same DMT Whetstone but I also have a ceramic honing steel and what you just put the flat side against the flat

part of the the the honing steel or do you not even known you naughty at all I am the worst human in the world complete Enemy enemy of quality I did not follow I'm just letting you know straight up I did not follow traditional sharpening procedure on any of my traditional Japanese Stone do you have

I have a set of three like medium fine and extra fine I think that interrupted interrupted pattern okay do you have the really really big one

no they're like 5in long maybe it's a it's a lot easier I know it's an investment but the only one I use really is the the very big one that has two sides on it and it's the Final Extra fine so that's green and red in the DMC colors and I use the big one is just going to make your of your life a lot easier but even so most Japanese you can't you can't you can't switch between European American grits and Japanese grapes doesn't doesn't work right but those guys are all using very very fine-grained waterstones but you don't need you don't need to do that frankly I mean I've been doing it for years and no one's ever said not sharp instead they like holy crap at the shop and the good news is

sharpening in the world because he know I guess why they can make them out of it I steal that require so much freaking sharpening because you have to touch it up all the time you know what I mean so I would I don't do anything other than I finish on the on the extra fine and I just on the flat side I will go Almost 100% flat like like basically flat like I would but I won't I won't put any forced into it at all like when I'm going on the green with whatever I'm going on the last find one I may be lifted up slightly to take an Uber off like when I'm saying site at me like like a couple paper thickness the paper off the back Edge guess I'm not putting a mark on the back of my knife and then shoot but then on my last one it's literally just like Gliding Over over that thing it should be almost nothing you know what I mean you're really just taking the Boro off on that on that side and it's because remember

you look at the back it should be slightly con cave on that side anyway so you sure it's not like you should be getting a bunch of scrape along Zach on the back of the knife of if you can figure out if you're doing it right and you'll find it easiest knife in the world to sharpen it's so easy to sharpen and so freaking sharp sometimes I will I will run the knife back where I have a leather strop so sometimes I'll just like lightly drag it backwards on a strop to take off anything off the edge it's done but I don't I don't go to any hyperfine stuff I don't do any like holding or polishing of it and because you're doing it like every time you use it you know what I mean every time you bust it out you delete touch it up and you go so you know what I'm saying yeah yeah literally it's like it's like I'm like a minute especially if you're used to it and this is the problem I have with a lot of like big sis and so I have one of the

I forget the name of it that's very popular sharpener that you bolt down and you have like the thing that holds exact angle and it goes up to like eight million that goes up to like basically what looks to be that feels like there's not a bracelet at all like it's like finer than Edenton to face and everything and you know you scrape a long thing and it maintains the angles that you never going to use it every day because it's a it's a it's a it's a thing it's a it's a rigmarole take to get to use it right whereas I have a big DMT the big DMT thing that's flat it doesn't throw off grid I don't need to soak it like a Japanese Waterstone right so literally I just rinse off Andy Griffith on it throw it on my Surface shaap shaap shaap shaap shaap shaap shaap shaap shaap and I'm ready to cut and then you have it you know where every time you draw it through a piece of fish you are a happy person right so is it worth like 45 seconds to a minute to prepare yourself when you're going to cut an expensive piece of fish anyway such that you get a cut that makes me want to cry so much fun

but the single draw through without that line because you had to push the other direction don't you hate that line when you have to push another Direction

yeah yeah you hate it so it's like it's it's totally worth the time so it feels like a commitment when you're starting but when you're actually using it it's like so much more fun to cut that way that it's like you're not going to be right now and I think about it a lot but I'm sure someone will write in that I'm an enemy of quality in a terrible person for the way that I sharpen I just came in

Dan Seattle

I've been doing pork belly at 65 degrees Celsius for 24 hours and as long as I do it with a dry rub it comes out perfectly I mean absolutely perfectly but I'm trying to get

basically to do Ivan Ramen pork belly in the sous vide

and I cannot reduce it enough to keep the texture from going completely weird in the bag by so how reduced is the tell me what tell me what what what liquids are going in the bag okay so it's it's it's soy sauce

and I mean to find the US I just hadn't more sake with more sugar I mean as much as I can reduce to stand still and get more of it out of the pot then I leave stuck to the party

I mean just the texture of the pork comes out completely different

like house till like more spongy or more like it Spode

if I do a drive up and I've done three three or four different ones

best things I cook

it comes out perfectly firm but perfectly tender it's just

it's just still sliceable it off for a minute by whatever's convenient that I just got the Playdium transfer my searzall and that is a very good trick

can you sear it off I mean it's just it's just absolutely amazing but I cannot get this soy sauce sake flavor profile how much liquid is coming out of the regular dry rub bag when you're cooking

probably 2 tablespoons of fat in 1 tablespoon of liquid I mean guessing that's cooking more lesson 8 oz portions are you on the dry rub are you letting it sit for a while before you bag it like how about you

I just do a fairly high salt percentage like one-third salt 2/3

two-thirds of whatever the spice is meant by spice works great

can I just get no make that up had it on the belly had it on there heavy

and straight in the bag and I mean I was just the result for two goods

and your vacuum ever with your vacuum levels the same in both cases you think

55 pounds of belly in

I'm working at out and I'm going to put two or three or four things on it put it in the freezer how much how much liquid would you say is going into the bag when you're doing it this other way

to 3 tablespoons I mean I'm really trying not to put too much in there I've been trying to put less and less says I tried to get past this problem unless you put in his is that they're for the better the texture or no

it doesn't seem to matter any starting liquid at all

and it and it just doesn't work and there's also the other granulated soy sauce or no

your dry rub also contain sugar or no

I don't think any of my driver UPS contains sugar I'm just saying I don't know I don't know I'm trying to figure out what the differences are between you going to necessarily make that big of a difference ride so I'm just trying to figure out what it is

it's been shaking my head about it but I mean you know right

what's the driver up and I've done at least I've done fast pass I've done this some

more lest I went from Penzeys I've done

I've done barbecue I mean they all just work

amazing but one drop of liquid and it just goes to heck let's say you were to do that I don't know how willing you are to mess with it but let's say you were to do your dry rub next time right and you throw like a tablespoon or two tablespoons of like like whatever whatever you have like and then see whether or not that is also bad how much spice are you putting into the brush it off at the end or is it all like the spices are going to be absorbed good thing into also something that has less water in it to begin with so I'm wondering whether or not

the only things that there's water there sugar I don't think the gingers making that big of a deal I guess it's potentially possible but I don't think the gingers doing too much to texture by me I have been wrong many times but that it's a slight amount of alcohol I don't think it's going to do anything to it especially since you reduce the heck out of it right I try to reduce it until I'm like just terrified of sugar in a test to see whether or not just adding a couple tablespoons of neutral liquid to your bag totally ruins to texture in which case you're in a situation where you might want to go all powdered and they do make powdered everything right or did you get out a little like we said before add a little sugar to one of your I would like next time you do it and you push them all out I would take one bag out add sugar to your dry rub to the sweetness that you think you're going to get

how do I throw in a couple tablespoons of water what that does the texture obviously The Taste won't be the same and then you can kind of work from their figure out which one is the same time you can go online I know a lot of powdered soy sauce spray dried soy sauce granulated soy sauce have seen them I seen them all the

I had one last thing but I forget what it I have one last name but I forget what it is she said do they taste both like they have the same level of salt in them when you're done

well maybe I just touched different Hayes and thought I heard the judge salt in that thing is going to firm up the meat so if it's a lack of firmness it might also be that you're just low on salt in which case I will you could like throw salt I don't want an over-salted but it was soy sauce one is not as salty as the one that you normally make what you could do is salt it down put in the reduced up and go and it might bring you back to where you once belonged you on saying things that I would try I'll try to try to make a judgment in your head about how salty soy sauce when is when you're done see whether sugar have an effect cuz I don't think we have I don't think I've ever really cooked a lot of meat in a bag with a lot of sugar I don't I don't know that I hadn't sure someone has on Twitter here though the time in on the board

thank you very much I will get to you in just a second first a few words from compile

American storaway 58 billion disposable cups every year a lot of those cops will still be around long after you're dead kind of dark I know but I'm grateful kapow and we decided to do something about it we created the only glass travel mug that's a hundred percent us made you can check it out alongside a complete line of everyday reusable

side play a little tiny piece of that because it's such a such a cool coincidence that you you asked about that music before the show started I told you I produce that album for Odetta Hartman so the name of the album is too too too and it just happens to be episode 2 2 2 cooking issues

smell weird 220 you dumb is 222 times that


that's it

you got to hang out with the Sabri Brothers man sweet sweet my. Or you could do some some Qawwali chance with that if he's sick put put the you know I think he's the Dead one I forget which one of the famous Aubrey's is dead maybe it's my cool I don't know

okay so I had a friend ask you this question so I might on you cuz I couldn't figure it out so she had about 15 leaves of fresh bay that he infused into some letherbee Gin for Chicago getaways once he blanched it and the other time he didn't and both times he started in an airtight container and was a really great green color initially but then turn brown after a couple days I'm familiar with nasty Brown that's my that's my nickname

is why did that happen he thought at least the plants would have killed those those enzymes in and he could have had a great color

oxidizing overtime in straight gin when you a lot of times you'll get oxidation so I'm trying to figure out how to how to prevent it you would beat you if you blanch enough well okay I mean bay leaves are tough suckers right cuz they're so thick and like I don't know how long do you blanch them

I've never had good luck with I got to be honest I've never had good luck with Bailey's who takes forever to infuse them and they don't Nitro model well why are they turning brown, certain things are going to turn brown like like what if you'd ride it first

tried it first but I guess that kind of close to factor using fresh right but what if you do because you know like that's an easy way to keep mint really really just not from turn brown right is to dry before you before you put it in to the stuff or like why is it the chlorophyll from spinach in like chartreuse does never turns brown why do you think if he tried a different infusion technique instead of maybe like a vacuum infusion and I have thought I'd better or regular natural infusion right I think it would just accelerate accelerate it but I don't think it would prevent anything from happening and also Bailey Vivint appreciably watering it down it's not like you're changing the you know the environment of it

I don't think a bay leaf is being hyper green anyway do you says you think of it being time olive drab right use fresh bay taste good hard to get into it what did it taste good to stuff

I don't know I haven't tasted it I think he said it tasted okay so he's like he's letting you look at it but not let you taste it is so wrong it's so wrong text me says it's it takes it off and do it taste any different after turn brown

oh I don't know what to say what he says the time when things are turning brown there's a there's a concomitant oxidized taste as well and taste any different some like chlorophyll some green chartreuse on that no one no one no one accuses the carthusians of being bastards just because they put a little spin shoes into there and into their Prime now I'm saying because I seen the buckets that they pull the herbs out of it and how they make it all nice and green

well I guess they distill it comes out clear. They don't have it there probably buy it and also there's like all kind of people who think they chlorophyll is going to save their their guts from like you know the ravages of whatever they do or do not do to them so people you can buy on Amazon you can buy chlorophyll powder YouTube videos on how to get the green out of spinach without the kind of nasty but black stuff do two things green and that'll probably punch that punch the green up this is not going oxidizing bad then I would just cheat with the color rather than like worry your head about it too much

okay awesome that's all that's great thanks so much all right so an argument with someone over who is the true Elliott apparently there's like some sausages this weekend Tyler still be able to think about doing like a potion that grill that I need some advice on everything Netflix or regular like all casing

I always do on this I would go a lot depends on like whether you need him to look a hundred percent perfect but I always prefer like that the height the high heat finish so like they know if I were you sent to people in there and their gas grills but I've never had a gas grill that I was like yeah that's really freaking encountered a gas grill that made you feel happy about your life like the big charcoal and I and I would go like you know my average temperature to finish things is roughly kind of like as close as I can get it to the surface of the sun because you can't really over go on on a charcoal heat like that's not like using a blowtorch can't go to over on it like super hot like that then I would do

are the people that you're going to feed it to at all squeamish degrees which is not going to be because I didn't use any pork that I used all lamp back but it's a pretty good Supply was it nice and firm the fat lamb have like a firm enough at the really

yeah you know I got about 20% but I think my you'll probably got like somewhere between 50 and 20% of the little bit after 10:15 if you're doing if you're getting some beer and you're in like you're doing lamp at then like low temperature is a hundred percent the way to go because that way if you were going to get like a lot of bleed out if it wasn't going to hold then you're going to be a freaking Champion you know what I'm saying most normally with any sausage I'm doing I do 60 Celsius which is now

what's the circulator icsm circular but you can do one for 1:40 is not that hard but I would I would do it in water in bags and I would put what I typically do is I put you could do a coach that time when do beers beer that time so that you can do it that way to you can do a you could do a poached you can do a post but if you made the sausages man they have circulators now for like like they're almost free throw most free thing you could do you could do the old school the way that people you can get like a a cooler calculate the weight of sausage and then the weight of your poaching liquid and then like dump it in and let it just cooked through and settle down and then you can just pull them out of the out of the vet as they go and go bang bang bang right so I can see you have like a stock that you like the flavor of and you know that it's like

we just have to calculate what day what the finished temperature is and there's they're not that big so it doesn't take that long to cook them through as long as they're submerged so you know like you know that I could like half hour or so and so the water in at the strike temperature which you don't hit any home brew shop any Homebrew site will tell you how to calculate strike temperature for things like matches and that you know it's a little bit different because I assumed at the thermal mass of your sausage is roughly the same as water right so you think I'm like I don't know how they calculate been a long time whether they bother doing the calculations of thermal mass or when they're doing malt play check it out but in a bunch of other people have calculated their strike temperatures for cooking low temp in in standard 5-gallon coolers before whatever you want

so I can couple hours beforehand I you do that and then the temperature slowly drops over the next over over the couple of hours which is actually a benefit to you because it means that you're not going to overcook on the Finish but I'll still be warm writes a win-win-win pull them right out with tongs right on the free game like hotter than the sun Grill your brothel taste better you can use it later make a sauce with it as long as it's a very very flavorful liquid it's not going to ruin the flavor your sausages to buy whatever holidays you may or may not celebrate get someone to get it because like it's going to make your life so much easier with the stuff you're doing it all depends on what how you cook and what you cook it can save you money in the end because you know

yeah you'll never got it true that room is going to be people people chip and get my man Elliott a circulator come on come on in that comes in from LAX to keep track of what's what's going on on actually would be good for it's going to be good for the day the twitterverse out there that what it what do you call the people on their Heritage Radio

what would it would have that called which what's a Chapman called I don't know we had to come up with a name for that man on Chili hey nastassia Dave Jack and whoever else is hanging around which is Rebecca today it's getting to be chili cook-off season you found a Chili's in any kind of chilly play me anytime when you hate humans it's not really then I haven't heard you speak on a topic at all to do you have any special tips tricks or modern or otherwise it might make make a good chili and put it over the top I don't know if I circulated would help at all but maybe there's some

interesting that can be done with the initial chilly mixture do you have all of my favorite brand of blend of dried Chiles a favorite my favorite method of adding extra flavor beer at Marmot anchovies tomato paste beef you like using short ribs as the meat and he tips me must appreciate love the show Joel okay so listen I'm going to want people that we didn't because I don't have to tell you how I make it but I don't think that I have any like like my tricks like aren't are amazing right like I use a pressure cooker and I over over overdose on on alliums right because they they you know get kind I totaled in the pressure cooker right I use like hyper reduced when I do the super is fast I'm not doing like a Chili cook-off like I'm not like trying to be like the best human in the world on this I am going for kind of speed but I used like a hyper reduce stock which I blend with I blame it a mixture of dried Chiles it's usually like whatever I can get but I like it I like it

make sure I like I don't like my Piper Smokey like I like so I guess I'll put a throw a couple of smoking one's am I like like you know like a mixture like guajillo and pasilla and like some others and not that spicy cuz my family won't won't do it but I like a good blend of dried chillis with the stock in the Vitae prep and then I'll Priests of Siri off all of the meat in the pressure cooker and then throw it in the dew off the aliens throw it in with the throw it in with the with a high produce Stockland with the Chili's then I'll pressure cook that down Pull It reduce the stock blend in and then I'm going to blend into tomato paste not before and I sometimes put in beer and or tequila but then I also fold back at your own what if I'm using I'm using some pork in there too and I fold some country to George backpack in went when I'm done

we will have excellent chili chili tricks anyone giving us excellent really fix Jack Allen Allen from the UK has Apple that we need to think about the Apple things for him for for next week and then we have all of this week's the next time on cooking issues

thank you everybody in the chat room if you're listening on iTunes or in the podcast be sure to tune in live every Tuesday at noon and join the conversation live

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