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Episode 221: Gualolololote

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from Bushwick is like what's the weather for 97287 for the next 45 minutes or so Jack Ensley alright Intrepid engineer over there in the booth is my face paint

that's why that's why I couldn't single day not just not to some days I couldn't get into the Matrix know that deception Gene Simmons and Nest has the hammer Lopez how you doing anything special happen I'm supposed to figure out what I'm going to serve people and I haven't figured it out yet but if you're in the if you're in well I know where it is that I'm going to is at a place in New Haven called ofar call bar has been there for over 25 years my wife

Jan that's what I like on do they have something called alternative something called alternative Wednesday's right it's alternative free you when people like listen to stuff it was like industrial raid stuff you familiar with the band La style Jackie familiar with the old kind of industrial how see their big song with James Brown is dead course he was not dead at that time but yet that was a song we listened to so that's how I that's how I was able to land my wife again on Thursday and we also having Studios new special guest customer service representative social unlike Musashi and myself anti-social music by the way like I know I have a million like Twitter things I've been my head been so buried cuz I'm working on this

I've been getting I get like once a week I look at my Twitter so if I haven't answered you I will answer you soon but Rebecca give us your whole life in 20 seconds or less on 22 I like the color orange and ice cream I gave her less than 1 second for every year of her life I'm glad that you like that's where you from but by the time that you probably remember most things Breyers it already changed their recipe to include all sorts of stabilizer do you remember back when Breyers did not have stabilizers but you're from Philly has that you have to do it. From originally

strong island or the wrong Island so I can figure out where you're from Long Island in which case it's the wrong island or you strong island to little tattoo Littleton going with wrong man I have to sometime

it has not been for fun once wow so I have a collar that at that I want to get to the before we do that I have to send a big big big shout-out to John Nicole open pronouncing that right and of course our old friend Joel Esposito both listen to the drop and made donations and specified that it came from cooking issues so so they are the coolest people of the day please specify so that Jack knows you know kind of which we also have to respectfully talk to the collar michter's huh I like okay with henna on the air

hey Dave how's it going higher summer on exploded its borders I can find a solution to all the things I'm trying to infuse and some sticky resin like mastic tears or frankincense tears and let you know I did to is a half liter to nitrous cartridges and the entire inside of a few like coded in this sticky residue messed up my strainer and messed up a bar spoon

I was a bit better but I got like everything that touches just get this coating on it nothing works and also a good way to infuse at that doesn't go cup all my equipment must be like in the in the in the mental are and that stuff that stuff is some sticky some super sticky once you start using I mean I used to make oil and even just a couple of Tears out would stick to the bottom pan forever and took a long time to fully dissolve into the oil and it's always like something to residue left it's just a nightmare and I was thinking about it for George's problem to make you want to make that the water the mistake of water which I don't know if anyone's been back to Greece recently they now have disliked basically seltzer water at with the Mystique of flavor in it which I think

refreshing easy cuz you can't get to an easy and neither can you throw it away like my solution for him was going to be like let's throw it away you know like put it put it was going to tell him and maybe I'll be discussion later if I have time if it was going to tell him to do was an infusion into alcohol and then pour oil and then try to suspend it right in which case is going to go cloudy it's not going to be like that but we lost this is going to be cloudy it's not going to be in a clear so for for that application if you were going to use an extract and it's going to go can you please can you go back a bit so I just got cut off to make a he wants to make the water right and so he he had a couple of different

one is looking at distillation not an infusion and also just at using like Mustique extracts now it's problem with the Mystic extract is is that it was clouding up right I mean sorry that float floating to the top and not not staying in so one thing you can do obviously without us answer both your questions get some transfer and then scan the stuff off the top and it's going to be fairly light you know the flavor was nothing you can do for that is you can stabilize Arabic into a stabilized their stuff with gum arabic stabilizer with the gum arabic you then should be able to make a soda with it it will separate overtime but you'll be able to shake it back in right so that you'll be able to do that because that's how they do it now unless you use an oil stabilizer that's weighted you're not going to able to get it to stay in a hundred percent in a carbonated beverage without having a separate overtime but you can just shake

back in so come and get the reason you use Gum arabic is that gum arabic has very low viscosity and dilutes well with outbreak without having emotions of a break so it's it is used for soda syrups to stabilize Things episode of stairs but it's not going to help with stability over time because it's not going to change the weight of the particle so you'll still get some separation anyway but then he was saying Georgia saying I wanted to steal the stuff but then it sticks to everything in the pot so I was going to say to just do a test do an old-style like real cheap distillation get a pot put a strainer in the pot line that strainer with something you can throw away like a linen cloth or like a napkin or for fear of some sort of paper filter something that's not going to be there something you don't mind losing stick the 2nd at the kiosk masika at night and then put the lid on top put water in the bottom

former reflux systemware keeps on Breaking Dawn refluxing and I think it'll work but I have that someone tried to make sure that it would work now I'm your thing with the EC maybe we could do a similar kind of a situation I don't think the melting crap will go through a t Satchel so if you were to buy like and maybe double bags empty Saddles not the stars that are like plasticky with kind of big holes that wouldn't use that I just kind of the more papery ones with the small holes stick to stuff in and do the is I should be able to extract it in the melted group I don't think is going to make it through the the tea bags but I could be wrong I would test it and see whether or not that works out for you by the way George that that you know that same technique using a nice I might be good for flavors while so I knocked out with one stone so no eggs

Brightside you like a Philadelphia size we just so you don't even see yourself Philadelphia shooting talk to you about the other guys being hyper dance like super rich like French style like gelato style I like hard ice cream like hard ice cream the other day I tried was it called famous famous ice cream in Brooklyn the last it's like something Hills Hills Hills Hills Hills Alive in The Sound of Music in hilarious comments I've got to share before that already got a comment here in the chat room right man cooking issues is just a sideshow compared to this chat

be out of work soon like my whole life

usually though I'm not a sideshow like I'm a sideshow freak is more like what people call me aside to a free so they haven't Lively chatter by the way we live we checked and I never talk about croissants to know what kinds of the start timer croissants sandwich makes no sense that's ridiculous.

I would rather have one of the other MSN Mason's Odd Fellows too if you're just being fan and you're in the Brooklyn greater Brooklyn area you must oblige you're on the air

iTune assassinated of Jack and Rebecca I might have something for you Dave we have a medium sized liquidambar in the yard and if I'm able to for sure sweetener on without murdering the tree and be happy to send you the good any ideas on how and when I'm at Harvest Bread. The Star Trek a few Le directeur what is it Star Trek if I don't remember anyway so sweet gum trees by the way I found out you can grow into my place in Connecticut but they have a right as we were talking about here and they have a resin in them that is supposedly sweet that can be harvested what is freely as a Serie I don't think it's a bad out that same way I think you have to do it like you would for like other resin star things where you make a like a vertical number

if you ever going to wound a tree like that to get the resin you want to go to Vertical because you don't want to in any way a girdle the tree you know what I mean when you go off of a side branch off the main track

I never thought of that most people who are going to like you know take things off of trees end up going off of the trunk I never thought of doing a branch I don't know how they do I don't know how they harvest gum Acacia from acacia trees I should go take a look at some pictures and see how they do it acacia trees I think a relatively small in relation to a sweetgum which is why I consider that for this neighborhood like a midsize tree some pictures and maybe you're too bad I think it's going to be kind of a situation and I don't know what the difference in flavor would be between let's say spree cuz I like an early spring like first resin versus a later but I think I'm pretty sure last time there was a definite time that is best to do it look into it

I want to try this stuff and let's put it this way I want to try this stuff I'm in Southern California native tree here it'll probably be no I think it's the sweet gum is like from like my area here in New York on South so it doesn't like it doesn't like it to be like hyperko you know what I mean is so it's not like I got extreme Northern trees I think I should do fine at in and out you know where you are I don't know I don't know how it is with drought tolerant or anything like that but I know it's if the tree looks good it's going to it's going to be good and there's no other species I know of that looks like a sweet, other than this weekend in fact

Mike was at a county fair county fair up in Connecticut and he won some sort of freaking prize for his collection is a kid so I can see what kind of some slack not me and you put the ball in his collection of plant seeds and rice Sycamore sweet gum ball looks like a sycamore ball in the way that a basketball is very similar to a Koosh you know what I mean it's like he wasn't there I was just like you know about if I was the judge I would have been like me or goodbye kid Precision Sweetgum smiley face I'm sure what happened

what is this mirror like that's a Sycamore and so they like it he was just like you know leave then so maybe he should just go smack his parents in the face I know you're sweet gums but let me know I'm going to look into it and maybe I'll see if I can remember I'll talk about what I've learned in and then call back and tell us if you were able to harvest quinine sulfate stores from chemsavers titration says research and development not for drug clinical use in humans USP specification if they said it's USP okay listen remember this remember when you buy is actually from

quinine bark bark okay it's not synthesized so it's not like it's made out of some crazy like you know like conglomerate a poison a poison but like you have that going for you whether or not it's been certified for food or for certified for drugs but it has a USP so it's good foot down the copia actual not that expensive

so I look if it's USP I feel pretty safe especially considering the small amounts that you're using the risk is it they if they stored it in it an area that's contaminated with stuff that is otherwise nasty but what do they say that the other like half a percent of point is

so you've got the security by hplc 99 to 101% and it says 45% heavy metals .00 1% insoluble matter .1% I mean if it says USP I would use it I like I don't want to make your decision for you but if it said USP I would use it

I'll try it on myself and then I can be the one that suffers a call back then and it's a pain to go in there and then twist The Sing-Off is there any certain Town tank into your into your kitchen this kind of very flexible hose that comes off the tank okay and I hate it I'm really freaking hate it that like unreinforced hose is the worst and I've seen that stuff burst so I would invest in the real like

beverage line and I've never once ever ever seen one rupture I've seen one be abused so horribly than it did generate a pinhole leak but I've never seen and it was real abuse but I've never seen one like rupture ever in service for and if you get the real oetiker clamps that they're really cheap that are meant for that size tubing that you're using and clamp it down it would take a force of nature to cut that thing open and so I wouldn't I wouldn't worry about worry about that because that's what people do a hundred percent of the time in bars carbonator and then that's it you know what I mean

poor friend what would your thoughts time and temp before cooking but massaging might want to plug your ears cooking a human placenta a Jesus I can't even imagine what happen if I gave a recommendation on the air has a sour face on Jack what are your thoughts on this 20 doctors know how to cook things but not part of their purview but doctor who will give you a food safety recommendation placenta recipe I think it just might be one of those things it comes back and bites me in the behind you know what I mean

yeah one question one question on the chat room while you guys go to yeah I'll be showing you can be the freak if your landlord have I recently cured Laura that is now a hanging in the walk-in it was just now that I realize I accidentally used insecure number one instead of insecure number to or talking about Lardo is basically cured back that delicious finally something and the recipe that this person is using calls for curing salt for curing salt is salt Plus either so

nitrate or sodium nitrate now if you're doing a long beard product like a like a like a ham or in this case elardo if you're going to specify curing salt you would typically specify the one that has night crate in it right so instead cuz nitrate is longer lasting longer acting it takes a long time for that curing salt to make it to the middle of a big cut like this and if it doesn't make it to the middle of the four it's converted then you don't have any current power fish okay so here she used the wrong one going to kill everybody okay with this because first of all remember

a lot of people in there who traditionally curing Lardo they're not using. Salt anyway they're just using regular self secondly it's a it's a hole cut so that has been punctured is nothing going on in the middle anyway so it's not like we're you know like you actually know the word botulism comes from the word for sausage and Latin because you know you take stuff you mix it up its container and it's botulism time you can have a high-salt level that you can inhibit the botulism give you with a whole muscle cut and here's the here's the kicker unlike muscle meat there is not as much water in back that by a long shot so it doesn't take as much to get the water activity of back fat very low and if the water activity the back that's very low is going to be all the way I looked up on the net on the way over here that like them Superfresh back fat on Shield has a fairly high water activity like 991 or something like this if you and it just said dried

salted and dried or smoke some ideas without no curing had a water activity down like points .7 something that's so in other words ain't nothing but I would feel to mention two people to buy tickets at tickets. Moffatt. Org website sound sound hey I got some I call her right and I also I have to read some of this stuff that's coming into the chat room you know you you you opened up the rabbit hole here Elliott's his 3 hours at 76.3 degrees C than searzall

so that's happening

just got my tickets yesterday actually can't wait for the really looking forward to that website and I was wondering if I could do the garlic in the ziplock bag for like 2 or 3 weeks and there that should work I don't see why it won't another option if you're really interested as I know people have done slightly higher temperatures they've used to keep warm in a rice cooker

and just let Rock in the rice cooker and it's actually faster because the temperature is somewhat elevated but it's not high enough to like you know cook it up cook it out or anything like this and so I know I know a bunch of people who it was Johnny Hunter I think it was telling us about like the rice cooker stopped and that you could do it at a higher temperature than what is recommended in and it still works and works faster had to set a different flavor obviously but it works and works faster the rice cooker yeah basically anything that you can control you know like dehydrators stays moist right you know you could also just get like a like a electric electric flexible electric heater Duramax and stick it to the outside of a jar with a thermocouple in between that in the jar and put it on one of these $30 pids you could you could be out of the woods with at you with a temperature control

curing chamber for probably under seventy bucks because you don't need hyper accuracy you just need to stay relatively the same temperature and B&B seal you know what I mean and so do you you could do that without see which of the circulatory of the water running all the time yeah that noise in your kitchen for 2 weeks running that thing and yeah so I can have a very you can insulate it so that you're not like throwing off energy into the atmosphere and you can make some kind of Fairly efficient that way probably for pretty cheap

okay and then just real quick to go back to the circulator again I wouldn't be running any like foodborne illness risk or anything like that if it's sealed away for that long or with the time I mean ideally around the 130-140 over from being dead

perfect thank you so much for a quick break and come back to cooking issues

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you don't tell you don't like the silence

you think you think people actually prefer to listen to the show right okay I'm guessing they like you better as soon as I have the same way we were cooking turkeys and when I was boning the turkey I was singing well hello there my old friend so now whenever I have sound science going through my head I have you don't need a machine that I can go back to like phoning this turkey out you know what I mean

nice never had a real honest-to-god freaking walk elotes I need to write you know him and he's like week this week commercial Pablo's ourselves right there pretty close to allows her key but they're still red it's right I mean to put that fairly close so can I say that every Wild

I want to hear Steve Jenkins say it in the face to save them let me get a freaking prison my wife won't let me have like a gun in that I'm working on air rifles I told us on the air if you can't use air rifle to kill turkeys in Connecticut but it's headshot or nothing so it's kill or Miss there's no room for a long neck so it's not like you know if you're trying to get a hard shot and you hit it in the butt and it's running around the odds are you either kill it dead or or you miss it entirely seems to me that this is a good motive hunting plus they're hard so it's like you know I don't know right at me for going to go hunting it seems to me that like what you don't want to do is being an experienced Hunter go out there and just Wing a bunch of birds in there are like flying around in pain for a hour

ever because you missed you know what I mean Jack and I with me on this

my name is David from the Seattle area and I was wondering if you'd ever thought about or every made a carbonated drink dry ice or liquid nitrogen with funny story carbonated years ago this is why hey can we carbonate sweet carbonate can we do it I don't know let's find out so we tried to like plug all the holes in the tailor and like pressurizing with CO2 while it was running and I blew the gaskets out and we sprayed sorbet

next over the entire freaking and the short answer is is that you can carbonate anything but then you can't you can carbonate as long as you never Hartnett rights because the carbonation can only live in the liquid phase as soon as it's frozen solid then or even approaching solid all the CO2 will be squeezed out so what you need to do is keep it at that kind of like slushie area where there still enough liquid to have carbonation and then carbonated at a fairly high level and realizing insides and possibly filming because only the liquid absorbs CO2 and excluded so that's the short answer as you're not going to get an appreciable amount of carbonation in it unless you keep it under pressure and if you keep it under pressure than

how is yourself so I would have a cheap way to start I would then I would like put the mixture into bottles like Shake carbonate the hell out of it after it comes out and then just leave it at in that kind of a slushie State and then uncap and like slam out of the bottle or just cut the top of the bottle off that's what I used to do when I would carbonate gels I would I would set the jails in in bottles and it is cut the bottle open and then take the gel out without rupturing it because I never was doing it enough to like invest in a system it let me reach in and hang out and get a large thing out that make sense

yeah and then this is just like going back to your old streams I was wondering if you and I found that tear that you were you tried in London know I have to go back and look at my notes I think it was there was via was delicious. It was like I think it was a super fine right I think that was one of the ones and then there was a pair that had a really awesome it was there was a pair that tasted like Quince it was ridiculous so good to go back and look at my notes and I was never able to Corvallis for years but no one's ever made in Oregon of Connecticut

take me to set berries I coming out of our ears Dawson Friday I'll steal some not going to still see I'm not going to I'm not going to do it but if you do it you know cover for everybody you know we're totally against cane toad introduction into Australia Exedra Exedra nobody like nobody likes it

super muscles crayfish are so strong we wiped out all the European crayfish America love it love it love it leave it and even if you leave it will bring it to you five minute warning because I you're cooking the the cake right now we see from to get down to the question was okay Jeremy Brainerd Road in I asking Christina Tosi about a recipe says that I'm working my way through the archive in about 15 episodes to go and I haven't heard anything about this I'm making a cake for my mother-in-law's birthday this Saturday and I'm using Christina Tosi chocolate malt cake recipe everything seems fairly straightforward but I have a question about the temperature of the fudge coating the recipe stays at the fudge should be warm and quotes

I went to port on the cake but fails to specify what warm is I'm planning on making the fudge this week and reheating it using a circulator it says calculator but I assume they met circulator with autocorrect hate autocorrect what temperature what temperature should I heat the fudge to Dodge Dakota cake but not make it to Ronnies that runs off the sides and onto the counter and he thanks us but don't think that's because I emailed Christina Tosi Anastasio be playing the part of Christina please read the touch and viscous not super warm to the touch and not hot steaming which would leave the fudge in a more watery much more fluid State this will render the fudge thick enough to spread itself evenly across the layers without being so loose that it seeps into layers where it doesn't belong if coating a cake in full with fudge rather than leaving naked make sure the cake is very cold / Frozen 0 to 32 degrees Fahrenheit without being TMI crumb coating the cake vs. ideal if the listener has no idea what this means I'd say stt

if cutting the cake fudge sauce should be warm to touch or a much looser fluid State because the cake is frozen it will lock a thin layer of fudge round the cake without melting the cake or having a fudge coating that is too thick not even hope this helps all right so I'm going to guess like a hundred percent series with this reads with the same passion that Christina brings to her craft know and we have some more is I questioned chili questions and questions from Allen in the UK on apples which I get to because I really love the apples and I've been juicing apples myself recently just a the 6 gallons of cider over the weekend back on cooking issues

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