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Episode 220: Enemy of Train Quality

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service so we're doing are you there already walking around background noises are for real well I can try to get off the main drag here maybe be a little quieter

how you doing over there Jack can you hear me so I'm able to go walking today is the beginning of the live the live tweet assign Madness at least for cooking issues even live for a couple of days chatroom I've got a bunch of people in here now chatting with me you say that the L train is the enemy of quality but they do whatever they call that thing now so late and it stopped all the other trains from going but they don't take a service issues that have a problem instead they make the train be 15 minutes late and then they pulled out of service

my favorite people which is why Immanuel Kant never went more than 2 miles away from his house when I'm a carriage ride you're the famous philosophers we by the way like a complete nut bag and a weirdo but he works today and then they realize that these people were freaking lunatics ride one day and there's a problem with the character is late for an appointment so he shot down in his book don't take care of your eyes they might make you late for appointment within a couple hundred years like this to the person I should base like how he know what it what I think about thought on a freaking like clear looney bin what I'm saying anyways

I hate down from glass or people that he's like it's a big dent kind of school so I know I don't know I don't know


get the questions I remember back when I said you're going to read the question there was a question on the question on Messina masika there but I can't look at it because the only instrument that I would have to look at the question is currently against my ear as I do have a question from Josh Weinstein about enzyme soak East Dave said he now prefers a half inch fry the enzyme soak was originally 1 hour what time and temperature does Dave Arnold now use for his enzyme soap

same the reason I like the bigger fry is because OK basic procedure with the exception that the larger fry might actually require some dry time whereas the dinner fries didn't require a lot of work is all about right so you have the main problem with the french fries is either there's too much moisture in the center you haven't developed a kind of crust conversely if you focus all of your energy on a super good crust you can create what we call the hollow fries so it's like super crunchy on the outside and the enzyme choke is one of the things you can do to try in your favor

successful enough about with that french fry recipe that you can have both a good exterior and interior I didn't want to hear that was there because the whole french fry was enjoyable right it's really all you can do is make a good crust and headed by Fry's now

usually polygons shoestring fries Ore-Ida greasy or just like fried Crunchies I like fried crunchy but so I think in general the larger fries are also technically more interesting to tackle the giant giant giant like drive time to get a little more moisture out then you would if you were using a 3/8 Zuckerberg is there a culinary book which would recommend above all others

well of course you should buy liquid intelligence simply for its use of the coaster

are you kidding I'm just kidding you know I don't buy because I'm going to use them for you because I really want to see somebody with you sometimes I'll get them for you know if you ask me a particular area then I'm like you got to get that book if you're interested in even though it's a very old at this point you could go pick up a copy of Peterson now what I said you should go by somebody else has a different time and different friends and there's a lot because

and I can give you kind of a slice of what was happening at a particular time

okay got to go buy on cooking you need to own that that's like saying you know do you breathe liquid


Interstate what do you like four times. You don't like the record books like if you don't care what people think about things I think I used to really enjoy when I was starting to seriously like you know 25 years ago I Giuliano bugialli books because he's such a nut on what he thinks about sending or he's not you like classic like old-school Northern Italians wear like DV8 even slightly from what he considers to be authentic it's crap and although I think it's hilarious that were expected so I like by the one that always tries to kill me

I will be able to read the questions app for my phone stuff for that I really liked it bad that I went through the procedures pretty in-depth for curing this is way before by the charcuterie book came out I mean by Julia Child's way to cook which I like I like chocolate and we call Jackie peep volume color back when I didn't know any better that's literally show you how to skin a baby lamb so how do you say when out of print pretty quickly because it was

wanted to learn to skin a baby lamb old versions of the ones with the weird crazy photos I really love the time life Encyclopedia of amazing reference and they wanted you to cook the carrots in a in a pan with just covering the carrots for about 20 minutes and then you take the carrots out of the water and they want you to reduce that parrot water into like a syrup and it said to cook it for about 15 minutes more and it should turn into a syrup but it never turned into a syrup it just stay

what's the ratio of character water Note 6 carats in a saucepan just barely covered with water so like you know the Pirates of Penzance what's that how tall was the pants who's probably I don't know 6 in deep trouble when it was one of those 16560 is S Hall is why are taller than wide is definitely more than you would need to because you're probably not getting the packing density that you want to get that you probably started out with a higher level of water which in and of itself is it going to give you problems except for you probably have much more than than you think so there's a couple things are going on at what that means is you've extracted stuff out of the carrot so if your carrots are very flavorful

it's not a lot of stuff to distract and there you have it taste the water at the end of boiling and you'll know you know as much flavors I'm going to have to reduce the hell out of it right in that case you know you might have to reduce it also taking some possible to say how many minutes you need to go do something like I guess how you make like jelly he's taking down to certain level because you need a certain sounds contact to get the body needs sugar in the water to the difference between is 50% sugar even still pores you're almost like water like a waterfall

anyway so it doesn't take that much less sugar in a product's all of a sudden make it much less biscuit taste good or no I was just very watery and I think that was probably your pop's OKC or maybe maybe I have it sent back I do have a stove and poorly regulated and I could I could boil a cow you know what I mean because that's how much energy comes out of my music a walk burner my regular stove burner I can reduce it

and it could take you twice as long you really see them to be cooking for the recipe you know that the back in the day are you a fan of through your extracting less like the vegetable is less you broken the stuff down lesson extract it out I'm saying then even no matter what your blood sugar than you would otherwise because you haven't extract as my child

look at all pets allowed if you gave them you know a crunchy vegetable that you know they're not mushy but cooked all the way through where the average American case now I think used towards us like freaking rice and pasta basically freaking animal with Barbarian

how much is the opposite of everything always I love it

I'm on Moore Street people questions will it will get to it suck

will it suck so takes on the structure and the flavor of the corn and corn tortillas are made by like I have made it in a food processor the problem with it is you have to add more water than you should write so it'll work you're going to burn out last time I didn't burn it out but I ran my Cuisinart so hard that it never was quite the same again

and you also need to you need to add more water so then sometimes I'm not saying to do this but sometime if it's too watery when you're done don't have a lot of extra water you can add some solids back in it back to the right moisture content to get it right that's what I would do

all right

and my back is really cool

I like how I got I was able to get a Beastie Boy referenced in there on the college did this one day cuz she'll assume that you mean her harm one thing like anyone who knows her nose nastassia not so much a wait-and-see kind of a lady

you know what I mean. Reaction

it's like oh we're Square stabbing this dude now okay you don't I mean like you see the beginning of that movie Three Kings with Ice Cube and Mark Wahlberg back in the day at least I remembered and the movie but the point is is that you know that's what's happening I'm just saying you're likely to get stabbed if you show up unannounced jack won't stab you I won't stab you missed a single stab you just Instinct but take a quick little break so I can get the sponsor messaging you can catch up

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do it do it do it do it right the first question I asked the people in the bar like Magazine with the Seattle area now because my cousins are slowly drifting to it so you know I'm losing I can basically lost my entire family dinner kitchen staff will crank it out and like one half of the other end of the two brothers they would always come over

and then you're the worst worst I don't know if you know this I'm a New Yorker my son Booker would he feel like he would murder anyone so he could stay in New York somewhere else but I think I could I could deal with the weather in the looks like the Pacific Northwest like I kind of stopped except for the fact that I'm a New Yorker I'm not saying I'm not calling you you know wow LOL

Portland I know I'm kidding I love Portland Portland and ice in Portland like some point like back in the 90s and 2000 the Seattle guys were like we are the supreme leader in this area everyone else is a fake us an important was like now who do you think of first guy who you think of her physical Portland vs Seattle first Portland Sea Soundgarden Nirvana Pearl Jam Come Back to the Future of course I got Nathan myhrvold they got Chris Young Who they got no Microsoft

good salmon good salmon thanks for your great work one hobby that I picked up to listening to the podcast is homemade and lick you all those yesterday's Uncle Ralph

you know I like slightly sweet like smoked sweet drink smoke and I was looking to experiment with some wood infusions via EC rapid infusion method or steeping as a component for the liquor store on my main question is do you have any advice in general for wood flavor infusion EG would form a chunks chips does spiral chunks chips dust and spirals don't seem good for small-scale it piece by piece cuz otherwise I'll go on tangents right so would format listen the surface area of wood exposed is in any rapid infusion translate these my Surface area exposed is like super vitally important so usually the like the bigger the pieces the slower the process but that also means if you're going to do something quick

the more controllable the process also like sometimes like a larger things can skew things in different ways of prisons like certain things might extract more slowly from the center of a piece of wood but you might get more kind of overall total track of everything went to pieces or smaller basic is everything makes it out into the into the liquor as fast as possible that makes sense. So the size of super important I would shoot for Rapid infusion I usually you want to choose a size that is not to to Rapid because you don't want if you haven't got a 1-minute infusion and then you go like 30 seconds long or 22nd short it's ruined it like I like it's nice to have an infusion time it's like you know 3-4 minutes because then you have like a bigger window also if you make things too fine I can be very difficult to strain the stuff out fast enough and then while you're screening it it'll go to too much that's like coffee the problem of that which is why I switch to a kind of a course or going to coffee that I used to read to me because it's your field

by the time you got into the filter and by the way this is the one thing I hate as much as there's a couple things in my life that I'm like you know I don't ever need to do that again like a bunch of crap through coffee filters drywall I hate doing drywall I hate it I like working with my hand like carpentry drywall to drywall taking the stuff I hate that you know what to think of people come to your house right what the hell is this

you know because also like you're not going to have them cut something because they're going to mess it up and then here's a problem with here's a problem with this I'm going to get back to your question don't worry about the problem this is this

you come to me and you say can I help and I say yes cut this cucumber and then you cut it wrong right now maybe I didn't tell you but I did tell you what I was going to use it for right okay so then you get mad at me because I have an obvious look of displeasure on my face and I haven't said anything mean to you I haven't called you a bad person or enemy equality I just look at the cucumbers and look sad is that make me bad

I mean I'm getting better in my in my old age like I'm like you know what cuz here's the thing right here's the problem when you go to somebody's house and you ask him to do something

you're cutting the Cucumbers up and you've mangled it right but once it goes out you've completely mangle these cucumbers you ruin them all the pieces are all different sizes they no longer get Kodi with whatever properly they shut the freaking nightmare I don't know what the hell you did to him but you've ruined them the problem is is that when the host brings that crap out to the table what are they going to do everybody Giacomo cut the Cucumbers like a chump it wasn't me but I mean you can't do that you have to suck it up and make it look like you're the idiot to cut the Cucumbers that way that's the problem

now they know that I could be there for like decades they know how I want it they don't know I want that stuff

you know that Jackie with me out with me on this I can tell you I was like everybody can refer me deserve it like that like that was our browser sounds like Bowser from Sha Na Na members when you're trying like an oak barrel Francis let's say you're making whiskey and you're trying an oak barrel you're getting a surface Char but then it's also extracting stuff out of you know it goes through the point all through toasting and Tri-State like if you Char small pieces of wood that's a whole hell of a lot of char all they do all day all night is thinking

different ways to toast and never get it right so I know you can repeat right so I was first try to settle in on a size of wood and then I would try to figure out kind of some reproducible toasting they would be difficult because of the moisture content of wood changes your your your timing will be different you know what I mean it's very hard to do it by temperature by color because the tard you know anyways best solvent water alcohol blending temperature about alcohol but not straight alcohol probably alcohol alcohol water as we like to call it the higher proof that you didn't mean like look different flavors alcohol can I extract a lot faster than the water allow the stuff and so I think there's an Optimum if not them kind of extract I don't really know what it is I am General work with pretty water booze I I like 44

but you know the pant if you're using a higher proof stuff you can buy most stuff that we operate is somewhere between 40 and 50% alcohol and you'd have to search far and wide to get a higher but you know you could go get this a we use this stuff called technical Reserve that's made here in Brooklyn Brooklyn and it's it's like 95% pure and it's pretty clean right doesn't smell too much like a hospital so you can make a tincture with that we do that sometime extraction I've done is I was straight liquor but man you got to watch out cuz it's some super hardcore web resources for food grade wood and infusion I can only find a otras for winemaking and wood pellets for smoking I'm assuming the woods for smoking and infusion have different safety consideration the pellet that when do the pellets but like any piece of wood like you're kidding yourself if you think that they don't use pressure treated once I mean like but like like

I've used work from Home Depot to the store you buy a cucumber you go to The LumberYard ye by someone that I've just told someone to do something terrible and high extraction to see me typical Barrel Oaks not sure what else to use maybe sugar Maples Berg people I mean there are people have done a lot of work with a alternate Woods I have not I would want to send me the right so there are wolves to Tropical Woods that are toxic but in general like a woodworker would know that the other question is is like once you start doing infusions like you could go get sassafras Princeton tried but it contains several so you may believe it's a frontal is the United States government believes it is carcinogenic you put it in the food you may believe that

in which case you could use it I don't believe it's a problem I use a attritional but that's due to high risk even at low extraction made a good thing is like I said I would stay away from any sort of like weird tropical toxic wood that you don't know what it is stay away from any sort of any sort of pressure treated or any sort of treated wood what's anyone has ever been painted and will probably not be 100% Pleasant on an extraction basis whereas like some of their residents are are good but I don't know what they'd be good for my what extractions lamp one second later question are you aware of common herbs and spices it become dangerous when your high extractions not make for a sentence could become a psychotropic and toxic though I doubt it would be possible that I really a people have to hide it they mix it with any peanut butter

fishbone did a whole song I made him a whole second album on trying to trip off of nutmeg or do you know anyone that's ever done that if you guys are for like like 14 year olds who like are interested in trying something but don't have a source you know what I mean so they go into the pantry and they pound like Neo nutmeg is from what I've read is that the

there's a lot of terrible in large quantities secondly I believe that the dose line between a psychotropic and toxic is very rare is not very big so I don't think it's necessarily a safe thing to OD on your name but I like I said if you want to go look up herbs and their effects there is a whole Community haven't been to a long time is called like Erowid or the vault is someplace where I used to go to get information on extracting a drug test how do you get the most you know what they're interested in psychotropic principles by how do you get the most stuff out of XYZ Urban so all these Knuckleheads of tried all these solvents you know what I mean something most of them not to grade and then and you know they've tried anything anyone has ever said has a psychotropic effect they have pounded is when you should probably stay away from

two things I would get an herbal guide plenty of those things have a toxicity levels are in general crazy guys who like there are people who what they do is they sit down in the morning when they get up and they're like what have I not tried to eat in large enough quantities to mess my brain and will it do anything and then they report on it I mean I think it's a great Public Service I don't know who you think that

I also obviously like spices that are toxic and super high doses like through Joan is toxic and super high doses and it's very prevalent in like Sage extract I wouldn't pound Sajak's I wouldn't Town clove oil extract is an anesthetic there can be other the others so things are going through John things that are high and now using all there's there's all sorts of things aren't meant to be eaten in super high in fat one of the things that you know we were coming across it didn't make it into the exhibition at the Museum is doing but you know most of these things are toxic or at least irritant or nauseous and super high-quality so if you want to see what it's like for an insect or insects don't eat mint take a like a quarter teaspoon of pure mint oil and put that sucker in your mouth is freaking banana Lana's anyway sorry about the whole Streets of Philadelphia

I got propane questions to get to I've got wagyu beef and wagyu beef who wrote that in the weather in Kevin from Los Gatos I'll answer you more in depth but listen you already have to be so I have to answer you quickly right now listen listen listen the reason you need he hadn't used by people what he's doing he's aging and he's dating a big was he got he's got a wag you but what is he got he's got 7 rib A5 wagyu beef roast want to drive it for 30 days and his friends that he has it in his running a 55-52 55% relative humidity and he's wondering if he really needed to get up to 70 or 80 because he doesn't he doesn't he's like I don't care if I lose a little more moisture because that's just more flavor right no no no no get the moisture up listen you're going to case harden that's what you're worried about if you go that low on your moisture you're at the case hardened the outside of the meat which is not what you want for proper edging to take a salt pan old school take us a pan saturated salt solution put extra crystals in the bottom it should be able to maintain about 80 I think someone go look it up for me please

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