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Episode 22: I Want to Be a Mexican Grandmother!

hello and welcome to cooking issues on the Heritage Radio Network coming to you every Tuesday from 12 to 12:45 to show where we answer all of your cooking related questions and a moral issues and I'm here with the mustachio

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it it came to me through the grapevine that some listeners of the show believe that I somehow prevent nastasha from speaking on on the radio in fact this is not the case I want all of your readers you know that I would be happy to have nastasha speak more on the radio it said she she particularly does not want me to make her speak on the radio so I might make her do something today just to prove that I am not purposely trying to hog all of the all of the airtime person in the background on manipulating dials and wheels doesn't like so much to do speaks believe me believe me when we are not on the radio she more than makes up for speaking her mind all right I just put that way what do you think misogyny any comments

yeah well in in the light of trying to get you to say more we had an email response by the way for those of you that didn't listen last time or anytime you know what we are you know basically a meeting folk we're being crew I lost a bet about that know someone couldn't produce a any raw chocolate that I would find even remotely palatable I lost his bet and as a result I'm going to have to end this. You decide to join me although shouldn't have to I'm going to cook and eat what cook I'm going to prepare and eat a raw raw food diet for a week probably sometime in late January or February now the last week I had said that maybe I would just do you know I could eat like raw fish that's alright technically raw and then someone emailed us a response to that basically calling us giant Sissy's Beth Moore me because if I hadn't said anything because of course I never allow her to speak so you want to read the read the email there

Escolar be cooking issues team I think you should go raw vegan because one the raw chocolate bar you ate was mostly likely most most most likely raw vegan to its typically what it meant by raw foods three would be awesome to see how you innovate inside of these constraints for a diet where you can eat raw meat and fish for a week just doesn't sound that hard that's it bang the one request right as far as the rating goes I think if you do make it about personal experience my only advice is don't make it sound too much like a post-apocalyptic Survivor story make it sound like a post-apocalyptic Survival Story it won't be like any other day in our lives and see we literally live in kind of a small closet hole with no windows so we don't like that the entire world could have probably around us and all will know is like the the piled-up mass of junk and equipment

that we live in in this tiny closet so our normal lies is basically that a post-apocalyptic problem so it won't have anything to do with the raw food but it might have that tone anyway right now star says he tried to do it for a week and it's pretty hard especially New York in winter

because you can't get the good the good fruit to what we could do it going to take a lot a lot of research and that's the reason I have to put it off for so long is I'm going to have to read you know basically every book I can find the subject cuz that's you know that's the way that's the way I roll the stash is rolling her eyes cuz she knows is going to be a huge pain in her behind but I agree with you Paul a Pablo rather and sorry and we will do it we will do raw vegan because you're correct it's more of a challenge and want to take on the challenge I told my wife this last night she's not eating enough for a week I said well what you going to do about it I'm the only person that cooks in the whole house or prepares food I keep on saying cookie you know what I mean so like she's kind of like other than when she's at work she has no choice really write so she's going to do it I don't understand her choice what's Pizza

order pizza naughty but I'm eating the most thing right food is all about being social so if you eat like eating something separate from what my family is eating his kind of the worst idea in the world I would rather eat nothing and go on a Gandhi fast then prepare something separate for myself and the rest of my family like the whole point of eating with your family as you eat together not a bunch of separate micro meals you know that end it doesn't make any sense anyway so yeah she's going to actually going to eat raw food with me for a week and she'll probably stock up on hamburgers or what not when she's at work

okay I had a question last week that I did not answer on eggs and the question was what is in egg substitutes and cuz he was having some problems with baking using egg substitutes for baking so I did some research on it and there's basically two different classes of egg substitute the one which I think it's the one you're using if you actually seem to make much is more like it's called at like egg beaters things like that and I'm not really a hundred percent egg substitute they're not typically vegan their egg whites and then they add flavoring and coloring and some other functional stuff to make it act more like an egg when you're scrambling it so what's in the egg beaters it's 99% egg white apparently and then the rest of its Colors by salt onion powder xanthan gum and guar gum the Santa going to modify the properties of the egg white make it a little less hard and also you know maybe give it some of the proper texture when it's being being poured poured out into your pants so that's what's going to make it kind of

more like an omelet the coloring is obviously going to make it more you know I'm like colored and the onion would not as I guess just flavors that they think you want in there so that is basically the egg substitute in a few just if that's the one you're using egg beaters another reason that doesn't work well in baking for you is because they haven't added one of the Prime things that is in eggs and that is less pain right so eggs contain a good bit of fat which also be no help in baking to make it taste better and and there have functional properties but there's the emulsifier lecithin and other different various phospholipids and things in there so if you want to use those in conjunction with with soy lecithin which you can buy right then you can add a little bit of soy lecithin and you'll probably get back a lot of the the same properties that you would get in an egg when you're when you're baking so I would add I don't know

it's so hard to tell I mean I would add you know maybe half percent by volume or a percent on egg weight by volume of soy lecithin to try and get that get that that text you back I would buy the powdered soy lecithin so you don't have to you don't have to heat it too much to eat to get it in you can you know Blended in with a stick blender you should be able to get it in there and that might help your your baked goods better now they make the reason why they probably don't put the soy lecithin in there is because they don't want to add a soy product because it's going to knock out a whole segment of their Market if they put a soy product in the most people aren't using it for baking most people who are using egg substitutes for baking are doing it because they want to go vegan they tip they don't want eggs out of their allergic to eggs or they want an actual vegan product and so those are typically powders and they're usually mixtures of modified starch is like tapioca and potato starch and there's the energy is like one of the famous French people

and it contains basically tapioca starch potato starch calcium carbonate which is leavening Agent I don't know why they use calcium carbonate and other ones but typically I would use that as leavening agent that was kind of specific citric acid sodium carboxymethyl cellulose which is modified cellulose product which is going to provide viscosity in the batter and methylcellulose which is going to provide this gossiping about her and also some gelation when the product is heated and that's going to provide a little bit of structure that the egg would be providing while the battery is Hot Well's you know what's hot men Crooks and when it cools down whatever start using your big thing will have time to sit night I did a cake with Johnny iuzzini from John George based on this you know years ago where we literally dope the whole whole time 20% into a cake and phoned it without adding a lot of egg white because we want to produce a sponge batter that didn't have that kind of protein bite to it and so we use meth to sell for the same

is there any other basically including something that gels when it Heats but on Jaws when it on Heats there including thickeners and a little bit of a leavening agent because that's basically what eggs are doing in a in a baking system so I hope this answers you think that answer this week as a mustache is all she can think about this entire time is whether she gets to drink when we're on the wrong food diet I believe you do last time I was at Farmer's Restaurant pure Pure Food if your food pure have wine but you know they typically on all the wines were by a dynamic and all that we don't have to go buy a part of the list I don't understand again I'm going to get a bunch of hate you know whatever X Y and Z but I don't really understand about and everything myself it's like I understand I understand look

it's true that old-school farming methods like and I would like the lunar cycles and all this other thing in like planting based on like X Y and Z weather site sure I'm sure they have some sort of basis-in-fact generated by centuries of trial-and-error wisdom handed down from the ages bump yes do I believe this but like taking up a horn in like packing it with manure and then bearing it in your field doesn't make any day any damn sense to me at all you know what I mean like that did seems like Holcomb know but I think that and I said it before I think what's good about it as if you're spending the time to go out in your fields and bury a horn full of donkey poo in your field I think it means you're paying more attention to your cross which is probably going to make you have a better product so it's not like that you don't necessarily end up making a better product this way it's just that a lot of people who are interested in

except that they never do blind taste test and I don't forget this I went to a wine tasting and the person was handing out these completely organic biodynamic wines right and they were saying you know this one was producing a field and feel is overgrown with all certain natural vegetation and was awesome all this he was so is full of life and then crickets and frogs and birds and Men let me know all this stuff right and then he's like and the one next door it looked totally Barren they had use Chi No chemicals on it and if there's nothing growing but the graves it was completely unlife like there was no problem as I showed you tasted them side-by-side you really notice a difference in the wind chill is right now why would I taste that wine I like what what the whole point is you taste it to wines and you proved your method does a better job so we need to find someone who actually knows that situation you can find two producers but very similar soils and climates and varieties like everything same same but ones

in the body Dynamic action and one's not and then we do a side-by-side that's interesting to me to you so if any of you out there have this capability please call or write him first commercial break but remember to call in your questions to +718-497-212-8718 for 97212 8 cooking YouTube

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play shoot all your questions Jason 18497 to 128 that's 718-497-2128 coming to you live today from the refrigerated trailer that is Roberto's Pizzeria radio station please come out and eat at the restaurant though the restaurants nice and toasty it's just the radio station that's a refrigerated storage unit perhaps Patrick storing is me hear from the Heritage Food and that's why it has to be so cold okay now I have a question a second time question from Max again some of it he says he ain't what I we use the phrase and maybe mustache you can say it so I don't have to say this time for a stick blender and he said don't worry about that but if you don't want to use that he gives me a word I'm not really sure what what language it is but I'm a little worried knowing Max's question a little worried to actually say it for fear that I might be saying something but he said the translated to lopsided carrot

as they stick butter that's a slang used anyone question is why not pigs milk question and you've been worried about it for 4 years at as have I although you seem to have actually you know arrived the same answer I did and also you know spoken more people about it perhaps more Pig Farmers cuz if you spoke to at least one you spoke and then I have but the big question that always comes to mind as we have yak's milk cheese we have Camel's milk cheese with cow's milk cheese we have goat's milk cheese we have sheep's milk cheese you think of any other animals that like right mean basically domestic animals they make milk and you get cheese out of them why is there no Pig milk and or and or pay cheese now kind of the answer I'd always come up with in my head and spoke it is actually has spoken

when a pig gives birth you use the milk from that pig to feed the piglets straight up you know and then you take them off of the when they take the money you win at win the pig off of me to pick stop lactating so you can have pics again because pigs unlike other animals are really meet machines you know what I mean it's kind of multi use animals when we get leather out of it sure Boris bristles and what not but compared to the cow where we get milk where we get leather fuel a lot of leather or compared to that Neo the sheep or the goat where we can get war and we can get me and we can get milk for the chicken and where we can get meat and the pig is a meat machine you know it takes garbage and quite used to take garbage and crafts that you would otherwise not be able to use and converted into meet your family can eat and so

I think the idea was is that you want to fatten up a little pigs to get him in to meet as fast as possible another interesting thing that I did not know Max and thank you for bringing it up is that pigs don't produce nearly the amount of milk that cows produce you know / / body perfume percent body weight is 4% body weight but he says that the average pig is going to produce 13 lb of milk a day as opposed to a cow produce a 65 lb of fat pigs so if you were going to breed a fairly young shall that was like on the range of like 200 pound or something like that which is normal about Slaughter weight going to play it once I mean to get you know 13 pounds of milk out of that is supposed to you know a cow that weighs you know well over a thousand pounds of them seem like such a bad look such a bad trade right I think a lot of it goes to the fact that

you know they just use it to feed the pigs now if I had someone with a lot of money sure I would either mechanically you know feed those Pig something else if that's even possible I don't even know and then just take the milk that I think that you know where you live but next time you're around maybe we can find someone just run the experiment I mean you could probably pay a farmer do you like if you could you can pay the farmer the entire cost of the litter of pigs that you were going to be fed off of this pic I am certain that he or she would sell the milk and then you can and make some cheese out of it I mean I think that's entirely entirely reasonable right what do you think there was no not to get grossed out if there was a chef I forgot it was in New York who was using his wife's breast milk to prepare things but I think that was just a gimmick man has got to be again I can meet you don't have two kids

you know that if you if you have kids and and your your wife or are you if you're a woman you know it had to basically you know pump milk so that you can go to work and then feed the kids and milk then this is like a super precious come out of this is not something that you're taking to the restaurant and turning into dairy products this is like liquid gold that you treasure and when you accidentally leave one out and it goes bad on the counter UTI with grief and horror and pain. I mean so it's not like something that I think you would normally normally do if I can do that then you can definitely get some pig milk and if you get your hands on some Max please you no let me in on it at least call me send me an email and tell me how the stuff worked out because you know I'm dying to know right

is pistachios not saying anything I told you she doesn't want to speak on the air it's not me not me but this is still a family show I've not said anything been rights and it says some recipes particular particular many Middle Eastern recipes for basmati rice and most Asian recipes for short grain rice call for you to rinse soaked and or drain rice before cooking other Rises and recipes tell you strictly never to wash rice what does washing do for the final product is there any reason to use one rice washing method over another does the type of rice affect the cessation the temperature of the water excetera excetera yes has their own style of rice cooking and also their own style of rice after using here in the US right if you're if you're using a enriched rice that they enrich with you know it with you

nutrients in stuff like that a lot of them were basically dust it on so then if you were to rinse the rice you would rinse off all of that all of that stuff now that's not an issue so much if you're using rice it hasn't been a red Sharpie use rice has been enriched with you know I think they have one where they spray it like it almost hit a wax and oil base and it was something like that where it stays in better with rinsing so I think the ranch at what they're doing is they're basically saying don't wash off the nutrients I would guess right now the reason to rinse rice is because during the Milling process of rice there is excess bran and starch it's on left on the outside of the rice there's also you know some of that rice is processed in some pretty nasty conditions could have Twigs it could have rocks it could have could have you know animal or other types of bad products in it so rinsing is a good step

cleaning out and in fact if you take rice and rinse it most any rice that you can get the rice turns cloudy really quickly which means that there's a lot of soluble starch that's coming off of it or at least some sort of soluble powder back in the day they also told you rinse it because when they were Milling or Ence and sending it out they would have a little bit of talc in to increase the kind of whiteness and also I think I need to wash that that talk out so the rinsing step is most often to get rid of star sits on the outside or it might have might you know interfere with things and so it mean if you take a Japanese rice right which is somewhat sticky begin with but you don't want it you don't want the greens be all go out together right then you're in a situation where hey look you going to do a lot of rinsing of this rice special because they don't cook it in a lot of boiling water right there's not that much point in in in rinsing your rice if you're going to cook it in an excess of boiling water like it's done in some in some in Indian recipes because

if you're going to cook it in an excess of boiling water right the starch that is going to come off as going to be relatively diluted unless it's quite Thirty in which case maybe have to rinse it anyway but if you're going to cook it in either Steve or small amount of water right like that you would like a small my water for Japanese cooking if you don't wash off that rice and there's any starch on the outside then it's going to become sticky because the rice already has that that medium-grain Rice already has a bit of stickiness to it so to get it to be exactly the right texture you want to wash it until the water runs clear and there's no more starts coming off of it and that's where those instructions come from your other types of rice I don't think it's going to matter one way or the other too much was for instance like

In-N-Out coming to soaking and cooking technique a lot depends on the type of rice soaking write your rice is supposed to wash and you wash it and then he might soaking soaking it is helpful in situations where you want to either not use as much fuel because you want to get some of the water in before you start cooking or it also helps because any sort of water pre soaking into the rice is going to make that cook time quicker and also more even so if you have a rice at 10 to split open on the outside before the inside is cooked right then if you soak it beforehand you're going to get a much faster and more even cooking the rice is going to come out better similarly with a sticky rice that steam right you soak it beforehand because if you don't it's going to be hard for the steaming method to to get the email get more moisture into the pre-soak on a steaming thing like that really helps cooking sticky rice parboiled rice the reason why you can boil parboiled rice in a lot of water for a long

hi Mandy gets a bad name of this country just call converted rice and like Uncle Ben's converted brand rice it gets a bad name here because people think of some sort of newfangled like like bull schnoz but in fact it's an ancient and fantastic technique where you take whole rice Holyoke in still in the hall and you boil it for a. Of time in the hall and you actually increase a nutrient content of Your Eyes by boiling in the hall because you get some of them out so they say I haven't really actually read the studies but you know you get some a nutrient from the hall into the rice also you pre gelatinize some of that Rice starch then when you cool it down it would call retrogrades recrystallizes and becomes resistant to swelling and bursting again so parboiled rice actually doesn't necessarily cook faster the ones that cooks faster also buy some has parvo and then pre boil again and ride right so that they're basically they're precooked which is different really from parboiled they could very fast Minute Rice things like that but you

National parboiled rice which they have a lot of Indian Rice's that are parboiled don't actually cook faster I don't think although I have to go back and check it's been a long time since I looked at a recipe but the interesting thing about them is that they don't rupture or break apart the grain stay firm and together even if they're cooked for a long time and even if they're cooking a lot of water so there it's a very good technique to get an individual grains that have a lot of Bounce their harder and texture even though they're cooked because the starch is basically you want to think of it as being kind of preset or or you know kind of strength in this this this technique of parboiling cooling it starts retrograding then Milling it and then cooking it again so there's a lot to do it with rice it's extremely complicated it's based on you know the type of rice you're using the culture you're dealing with an end and the recipe or using I think if your rice is coming out sticky you're going to be better off

you don't want it to be maybe you could benefit from some rinsing if you don't want to rent right and you do like Japanese style you can buy What's called the wrench Freerice it has a Japanese word which if I had it in front of me out at 10 to pronounce but I won't because I won't pronounce out of my head because I'll get it wrong and then everyone to last me but rinse free rice used to that kind of newer Milling technology that allows you to have a Japanese rice that has all of that extra starch in NM brand coating on the outside completely removed without the need for rinsing music I'm not going to have a hard and fast answer for you but it's there is no hard-and-fast answer it's just knowing what the variables are and how they interact 97212 8 that 718-497-2128 cooking issues

Jourdan Dunn

welcome back to cooking issues calling your questions to 718-497-2128 that's 718-497-2128 heard from umber he was called in about his his up Mom's turkey which was left out in this to buy believe in with a Brooklyn or queens and and he still alive thank God so he emailed us another one he had a question about the araby is a coffee machine machine invented by the same guy that invented the sacral therapy is it ring that you can throw like the length of a whole football field even if you're like a tiny kid doing talking about do any of you want to talk about you smell so this guy invented a coffee machine machine where he basically said

look I want to increase the amount of pressure in in the Brewing chamber so that I can force a coffee through and and thereby I guess get better extraction so it's very simple mechanism it's a piston that you drive the hot water through your threw the puck writes and produces coffee now that the question is always been is this espresso and saying is I still buy one of these dang things like 40 bucks more on every time I talk about it but it's it's at you know what it is by all accounts a good product but the question it doesn't make espresso and my answer is no because of course can cause me any goes well part of the controversy Samantha because if you define espresso is a beverage brewed at 195 there's a range there but yeah at 9 bars also arranged with a mouse tail out of the portafilter there a device of bruises

75 degrees Fahrenheit which is what they will be apparently does with moderate hand pressure can't make expresso espresso and that's true that's what I'm saying but I don't think it's merely semantics cuz if you look at if you look at the book the chemistry of quality espresso espresso the chemistry of coffee by Andrea Ely which is I believe available again it was unavailable for a couple years and is available again there are numerous charts and graphs showing extraction and the type of nut just like how much is expected but what is extracted a very different pressures and temperatures so you're you know it's not going to be the same cup of coffee because Brewing kinetics is extremely complicated and you know in the New Year if I ever find time I have a lot to do with espresso and pressures and things like that but it's extremely complicated so I'm not saying that it can't make a fantastic cup of coffee and maybe the best mocha style pot in a coffee

I also wouldn't call and I don't dislike by Moka pot means a little kind of octagonal things that you put on your stove in the water boils up through them and makes coffee as Moka pot and went on a timer there cheap their fight those things are there find a great that make a decent cup of coffee for what they are for a mocha cup of coffee right they are a short strong cup of coffee however to me that does not mean that it is espresso that is a different animal entirely right so I'm not saying it doesn't make a great cup of coffee and talk about until I get one but I feel like I should address your question now I don't feel that I could possibly make the same thing as a as an Express at least not course 910c espresso you get out anywhere is dreck anyway and so you might as well make it any dang way because the people who make it to your care not a whit for how it's made it what it taste like you know like nine times out of 10 you go in a shot in like 15 seconds for 45 seconds and they don't really care

let you know that ain't know what the shot time is they're not really accurate with their door saying they're not really accurate with their camping there Grinders aren't adjusted properly any one of those variables throw off in your espresso is not going to be the same at which point you know maybe might as well just make it out of a 40 no $40. I really want to get one experiment with it maybe maybe it'll change my life and I know I'll throw away my last San Marco espresso machine anyway I don't know but it definitely needs some experimentation what is a fantastic website by the way I love coffee ghee been going to it for a long long time I lurk there I never really comment but it's fantastic sight and

a point to a person who's measuring their coffee extraction using a refractometer which is I've heard about before but I've never actually done it again now I feel foolish for not having done it because what one of the main you know quality characteristics how much stuff you're extracting out of the coffee bean in the weight one of the ways you can test this obviously if I'm measuring how much stuff other than water is in the coffee when you're done and a lot of people use it to call the total dissolved solids meter basically measure the conductivity to do this instead this other gentleman His Name Escapes Me is using our Frac dollar which seems like a fantastic technique in a really great way for someone at home or even in a restaurant make sure that their coffee is staying on point at least in terms of extraction but remember even at the same level of total extraction right out of coffee it doesn't mean you're extracting the same thing right at a different temperatures different things are going to extract differently so did you get let's say whatever you're going to get like you know 10% extraction out of the coffee

like being right let's say you get that well who's to say that it's the same 10% you're just measuring you don't know that you don't know the distribution of you know of the different elements that you're sucking out of the coffee and how that's affected by the pressure in the temperature so to measure the performance of a machine strictly based on extraction terms of what it reads on a refractometer I think is missing what you know the full kind of Gestalt what's going on in espresso it also Hearts back to you know I think the real problem with all of Food Science which is when I read every food science and then you need to make metrics you need to quantify what you're doing in order to have a result in order to have repeatability especially in industrial commercial scale but often these measurements with your trying to measure a very silly very specific like Christmas they're trying to measure like how you know how hard it is to break into form a crust would say or total dissolved solids or anyone of

number think these metrics are really measuring something that isn't a single variable but are controlled by a wide variety of different things that are going on within foodsystems me the reason of food systems and drink system are so interesting other than the fact that they're delicious and we eat them everyday is that there's such a richness to be encountered with a very small number of ingredients starting ingredients and so very hard to get a set of metrics it's actually going to work as well as looking at it with your eyes feeling it with your hands and tasting you with your mouth because in the end right that is all we really care about right to me the repeatability the metrics the thermometers of which I love I love I sent for the 11 a gadget anyone knows me love I love any Gadget but the you know all of that is only an aid to trying to get get to the best instrument of all which is your tongue

and your eyes that's my Mac my feeling on the other hand I'm going to go out and get her if I come that I can make my coffee with right we'll discuss alkalinity and some interesting things I think that last week and I want I lime water and so I read this website by Takashi similar issues with a Blog and she had a whole bunch of stuff on Thai cooking I think she's Tire families tie and they use this at Limestone water which is slaked lime calcium hydroxide and they do numerous things I've used it for years too hard and bananas up when I'm going to make a foster or something like that so that the bananas get a cooked taste but they don't break up apparently can also be used for pumpkins but she uses it and apparently traditionally to be used in frying batter

well and I was extremely interested in in that she says it makes it crispier now in a rice in a rice flour situation we have tested that and I haven't we haven't gotten any conclusive answers right Natasha offord the one with the with the lime water in it because she likes the flavor of the lime water which is reminiscent of pretzels are reminiscent of a tortilla because it's got this calcium hydroxide it's like kind of flavor then it starts to really like but it didn't seem like there's any crispier and also didn't think it was going to Brown a lot faster because alkalinity accelerates Meyer reaction 5-month k-hole worried about alkalinity and noodles and Batters & Franks because it turns out that

that this like you should alkaline cooking methods is goes across kind of you know the world and cultures was was used in various places completely separate from each other so when I started reading about this tie Redline pace and it came to my attention that is basically just calcium hydroxide well calcium hydroxide is call what is used in Uno Uno South of the Border here in Mexico and Central America and South America to nixtamalize Corn right and so nixtamalization is the reason why everybody who lived here isn't dead right because you know if your main staple is corn and you don't know how to nixtamalize which also the best word in English language right it's not even English but this is best position as I can if you don't

and the winix mosai she works as you take calcium hydroxide you you put that in water with dried corn you heat it for a while and then you let it Steep and what happens is from a functional standpoint it makes it easier to Mill and to grind because it back in the day they will be grinding the corn after it was in the world and so on something called Metate and Mano which is like this like Stone thing with like the monocycle square thing and they were directly from the corn grain into the monster that you would make the tortilla or whatever you were grinding it to make tamales or whatever and and so I'm buying one by the way today anyway so basically it was easier for them to mail it also the alkalinity soften the husk on the outside of the of the Corn and also there by making it easier to mail but the the process

boiling and soaking in an alkaline solution because calcium hydroxide is alkaline did to other things while one more functional think it made the dough easier to work if you don't if you just take cornmeal and mix it with water it doesn't have the right texture of Masa right partially the boiling pre pre gelatinize has the starch a little bit and so that helps the the dough stick together provide some structure that it doesn't you know you can cuz there's no gluten you need some structure in the dough and Show preacher latinizing some the stars on the outside of the Corn kernel in the beginning of the boiling procedure that help to do that and also treating it with the the alkaline solution to calcium hydroxide

that also causes they start to be able to hold that hold more water right and so it improves the dough capability so it holds more water is going to feel dryer for a particular particular water concentration and it all all in all makes the dough easier to handle a easier to it form into into tortilla and so without next Malaysian there is no real tortilla production right by here is the kicker it also makes niacin available in the corn that was not available before hand so you get a bunch of European showing up and they ship the corner over to Europe and they grow it right and it was cheap and easy to grow so they grow it and they start eating a largely Corn based diet and they all get palabra because they're not getting the niacin because the duchess don't look and see that you know there's his procedure that's been done for you know Millennial literally Millenia right of nixtamalization they don't think that's important they think that they can just take the the crank

the grain crop corn and build a whole culture around it without doing the next Malaysian and as a result we get palabra so this is a process. It was probably deficient in milk at the time prior to the domestication of milk producing animals to go back to Max's question the calcium hydroxide also radically increases the amount of calcium that's in tortilla because of calcium goes into the corn and so all the sudden now you have a lot more calcium available to the system you have a lot easier thing to work with as a doe and you have and you have niacin so it's good it's all good I became interested in this because I'm interested in all things like that and so we started Nixon lising Things based you know based on the fact that we're playing around that using Thai Red Line paste I'm now we're going to tomorrow or the day after we're going to tour Tortilleria nixtamal which is like the only place in New York that uses its own makes it so nixtamal

I'm getting a matatics I did some missing Malaysian of popcorn which is weak don't try to do with popcorn is not the right kind of corn I read on the internet that it works fine it does not work fine the way it works fine but doesn't feel very well without the stone grinder that the Metate and Mano over the weekend when I was making tortilla for you know my family for for Sunday dinner I blew out my viettel prep like three times I blew out my Cuisinart it was a king he'll mess and I still didn't get the text her exactly right so today when I pick up the official Mexican grinder I'll tell you whether or not you know next week hopefully weather not at work but I'm also interested in Nick mallozzi other grains other than corn for Just Fur for Giggles right so what I know we've done barley we've done right eye and we've done we had some success and some failure and we'll come back on it but I basically we made something that was made with Rye they had Butera Rye flavor which nastasha doesn't like unfortunately because she doesn't like things are delicious flavor

tortilla tortilla flavor what what differentiates it from just you know cornmeal cake is that like cooking has a characteristic flavor right and so next time you bite into a tortillas think about the difference between that and uh next of Lies corn and that's flavor and so I was achieving that flavor and other brains and I we haven't yet done to control side by side of weather just boiling it for the same length of time without using the line is going to produce the same kind of batter but this is what we're working on in in cooking issues we want to bring nixtamalization to the next level where you at like like usual or not content with just learning what we're going to do on Thursday from the people real people who do it every day so that it's always best to go visit someone who does it every day so you can get a feel for what it's like to do it right I mean it sure beats that you know 400 pages of Nixa Malaysian crap I read in the scientific literature that I downloaded off of my illegal connection to Columbia is servers but

play nothing beats going and touching the real stuff eating it tasting it I will practice with my Metate and Mano by the time we make it to it and next week this time I mean I won't be a master also I'm not going to use a tortilla press this is me. That's like a sissy move I need to learn to be like a Mexican grandma my goal in life other than doing a good job on this raw food thing that we're going to do you know what this is I and this is a long time life goal is to become a a Mexican grandma so that means I need I already have a molcajete in my house a little stoned password for years he be a little like me more than peso I've had one of those for 10 years 12 years so now when I get this grinder I'm one step closer and when I can form tortillas effortlessly by hand without a press I am but I have to learn Spanish and if I want to learn Spanish I will officially be a Mexican grandma and with that I will tell you to go Avenue post up

will check it out it's a on pears and it's Tasha and I did a great pair tasting I finally posted on a month later because I'm a lazy weasel cooking issues