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Episode 219: Dave Hates MDF

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play swag on the Harris radio network join Not Unusual nastassia the hammer Lopez is caught on a train back from crappy hotel room are they about to kick you out of the hold the room during the Boston Cambridge actually cuz Harvard in Boston never the two shall touch

I'm actually at Leslie the school next to Herbert was doing the like the public lecture and the and the what's it called the student lecture for the bottom why are you not staying why is harbor not putting up are you what are you doing Leslie

what's good to do a Nexus because I plan on sucking air into my body inside jokes if people are listening big dick anyway what was the subject of the demos

heat heat there was a puttanesca pasta making demo and something else I feel like a who am I making each time I get to use that accident legit legit how you doing, you got to tell me about that tweeting and they can't we didn't live now do so many things

is completely overhauled and just it's a pleasant experience this new website 21st from 5 to 10 p.m. at Roberta's to celebrate the new website launch its Prestige days are $37 per per beer that's how we make up the difference between suggested donation which is 10 bucks and then I'll get you a a Six Point Beer and a shot of tequila the suggested being that guy is like

so I would always just walk outside for a half an hour looking down at the ground to find someone who dropped it on the way out to go in so I wouldn't have to be to look at the Museum person myself and we'll get to in a minute you know I know the look so next week I guess not this again next week here's what you can do let's say you're one of these people who's listening to you can't call whatever Elliott I call you out your stuff or some combination of Jack astacio that's like a combination of you too son left the match that up to Jack stops here

you can't just have them keep it to one question Pro call anything the jackhammer

strong strong so much for the thing is like I'll tell you what we'll answer some questions and I will go back to like cuz we've done so much in the month that you guys have been gone discussion questions to ask power so that would meet Peter Kim Peter came from the Museum of Drake what do you know exactly who directed The Passion of battle station so we can't you can't be a lie

Museum of food and drink what we are about to have a fully operational really in Earnest I guess what you started really four years ago getting a state file me to be able to put on our first brick-and-mortar exhibition and so yeah you guys might have seen the news in the New York Times last week but we're opening October 28th we got a 5000 square foot converted Warehouse in Williamsburg and doing an exhibition on the flavor industry which is pretty crazy a pretty crazy story to tell it something where you know I've been surprised actually getting to know it you know these three flavor if they really pretty much every time you're eating there's there's something that they've done to tweak your food and it's a 25 billion dollar industry but nobody really ever stops to think about that and so

think about what percentage of some sort of like a flavor system in I have a question I know that I think I've heard you say that you used to be pretty into Homebrewing youngest son is 10 now and I stopped the man he was born because they you know like the mess was just so intense that you know I was getting in a would not have been good just wondering what kind of suck you were into and you know New York City Apartment pipe tips or anyting let me ask you this what message do you have like what you're still

crappy for Border like like the wind Plex standard wimpy New York City like been there for like 40 years gas burner 67 years but yeah probably not your first issue is going to be it's going to take awhile to get that the that you know that the work down to where you wanted to be so I would I mean what I did was I I limited myself to 5-gallon kind of batches right because mean I did all Grant I started with corny kegs because I had a bunch of corny kegs around which meant I actually did a batch you know that size smaller than 5 I was doing like 4 or something like that and

like most people when they start I was interested never really got past like super high OG hyper bitter but that was like pretty high OG like very carbonated stuff that I forced carbonated afterwards I pretty much was able to use the only thing that I had to get that I didn't have at the time was the was the mill they know to do the yard to coarsely I grind up the the grains cuz I had already a turkey fryer right even though you can't use that in a city that knows pots and other people who hate aluminum whatever whatever if you're one of those people that don't use it and you know with baby don't ask me you asked me so I'm telling you I use the giant like aluminum turkey fryer pots and no suckers hold got to remember it is I think they hold roughly 6 gallons so you can you can put a good amount in and still you know boiled down a bit you're going to need I'm assuming you're going to do now

investing in any like we're circulated mashed up right away so you're probably right or kind of like holding a temperature for a match with that

you know it's been so long since it's been so long since that since I've done it that you know I didn't have a circulator the time I consider starting up again when I did have a circular is looking at doing a recirculating Mash even before they had circulators by just never I never got into it I was just doing stuff based on the old you know choose your strike temperature and then you know bring it up and then you can you adjust the temperature by you know why did the old traditional kind of got cooler if you know 5-gallon got cooler one yeah that's what I use this I that's the other thing I had to buy you know I don't know what the issue cuz it's been so long since I've researched it on kind of what the effects like positive or negative of having that much oxygen flow through if you're going to use a circulator to get it going you know where it's at the old systems and I just don't know I just don't know maybe I'll be good

I haven't even like I haven't even put the flowchart of how to do it in my mind as something I planned on doing in years and years you don't even like 10 years but I would definitely start I would definitely start with a good old-fashioned got cooler technique corny kegs are a good place to start because it's easy to get the stuff in and out of them although I had to cheat I open it up and cut the tubing down so that I could rack better you know what I mean but corny kegs are very like a space efficient you know what I mean because they're relatively thin they're tall but they're relatively thin and they fit in my cabinets and so like I could do everything in a corny keg although I know most people are going to think I'm a jerk for doing my primary in a in a corny keg I never tried doing the primary in 5 gallon buckets I know a lot of people enjoy that the bucket fermentation

I never I just never never done it but the good thing about the corny was I had to Courtney's one for my primary and then I would rack over into the other guy and then I would force carbonate that guy and I was on top right away from the get-go sign every bottle that has kept the sucker on tap you know what I mean and I wasn't taking it anywhere I was just drinking in my house and so that was a good kind of a good kind of a solution manager knows that is helpful or not interested in here yeah I mean obviously want to go all grain because otherwise why would you do it you going to want to controls many aspects as you can if I'd stay I'm already there if I had stayed in it even another 6 months I would have attempted to Malt you know what I mean and probably another six months after that I think before I would have attacked the recirculating Mash I would have attacked them all and then probably after the mall I would have taxed in mash and then

I wouldn't be the problem is you only have your apartment space everything has to pack away we must be closet friendly can you there used to be an outfit out of Ohio that may be really nice for mentors out of sanke kegs and they made things that you can kind of repurpose as for mentors and boiling things and like that was kind of like the next step up and that's what I would have done if I stayed in it for another like year year-and-a-half because they can kind of fit at closet you have to throw a bunch of stuff away and mash all of your like get rid of all of your stuff you can put in the other thing I did I put a temperature control on it I I put down my cold water system through a solenoid with a high temperature control so that I can control the temperature of the fermentation assuming that I want to drop it low because my house was always above kind of the ideal temperature at that time even for the ALU strange that I was using

they have it you should give this out really you're here you're the museum or both Edition give me the movie we said they didn't want the civically only to those people who asked

it's just fun to draw a monkey wrench in things that help us in various ways yes so bored now you want to sale Old IW group it's advertising firm focuses on minority demographics so I think that Peter who is like you know that the joke Master General made a box of cereal with Biden's face on it called Siri Jose be like the bear hug you squeeze the life out of you while I was holding you guys go on the other section of the internet and look up Harold McGee kind of ideas and just know General Plus

Sarah Marsh yeah he hooked us up with some braids are Fabricators too and he's been real Slim Shady yard Donna bartender well known as right John Cooper Australian yeah awesome awesome guy who bought a bunch of stuff for our taste things from them we used to be in three in here at the radio program they don't like us no more

I can't answer that I like them. Me to means a lot to us it's a project that are already past like know what the hell you're talking about what the project the project that days and working for 10 years me about 4 years and it's something that we think really needs to happen and we're actually now at an extremely important moment we're about to open up our first 5000 square foot space in Williamsburg in about a little over a month and we have a pretty awesome exhibition planned the flavor industry it soon involve tastings and smelling zand days putting together some pretty cool exhibits for this part they already heard you got to get to the new stuff remember we had to do stuff is what they're going to say

I get there so we're going to we're going to have started like that so they could imagine your face. How far your shoulder is cramped up in her shoulders or above her head right on the floor compared to where I could buy the best armor against the against the rest of the day anyways the point being going to see when you get there you going to see

what will happen to say some of it right. Somebody got to keep a New York Times really wants to have the right to used to be the lyrics to get into it the rules are the rules people we went to a while ago and saw that this device they had called an old fat, turn, turn it was really stupid man because it doesn't actually need or anything what it is is it it's a sense and so they were industry here in history that we knew we had to do some sense in a very interactive but we didn't really know whether they've basic ideas that we want

do or feasible so we went and saw it and so on and so now I'm building a bunch of issues in my house would you want a penny most of my time doing now is building these tubas instinct to buzz you know, the exhibition Cook County birth learn how to make a tablet drugs if you want any sort of like watchlist on it now we have tablet eMachines removers my God yeah we have so much stuff I could get us on a DEA or any sort of like Terror watch list it for this exhibition a little family-friendly exhibition vote in the flavor industry

I needed to do something that we could do in a fairly small amount of space that address something important to the museum everything that museum deals with is going to be not just the science which I'm interested in but history and culture economic and so kind of Rise of the flavor industry over the last hundred years as an historical fact that was really predicated on this one simple idea that molecules that molecules are food in our flavors and taste and that a flavor and taste is really nothing but a specific kind of flavors and and taste from the actual substrate of the food is kind of what allowed the flavor industry to rise and become a dominant force in our kind of in our food now for you

beautiful and so you know we're not it's not an expose you know how your sensory Equipment Works I'm going to highlight a couple of interesting historical examples and yeah but we're still going to clear up you know speed bump some of the stuff that has more Wacker claims around Tennessee for lack of better words Streisand scientific Febreze all over cuz I sent the size and it has a very interesting kind of economic history so look for that kind of stuff

in October lab. Moffatt. Org that slab. Moffatt. Org in our ticket presale is going to start September 28th 2018 if you're not already you'll get the announcement the entire season of my garden and everything is if we totally Miss I don't even know what I talked about what what I haven't but I have this interesting spice I know you tasted before be tasting and Jackie want a spice absolute I can't use this at the bar because it's a long time so take this comes off of a tree in my in my backyard called lindera benzoin the spicebush extremely common and it was the settlers use this bush to come determine whether or not you had if the bush crew there they knew that your ground was fruitful such cases here

chew on it it kind of looks like a poop how it by the way I'm done going to say no to it while I was like unfortunately not there this weekend I hope I picked up like a small amount I want to go back and try to pick up and if we have to go save recycle pink peppercorn kind of Lucky like so we had these things called and

poisonous leaves poisonous root poisonous

poisonous but I've been waiting for these things to write the number had all these fruits right all all all all these like things except I found three or two crappy for the day and I swear to God I am glad a deer ate them all because if they were even mildly poisonous I would be dead right now because of how many I would have eaten I would have eaten so many for unclear whether the seeds are poisonous is like because you know what the thing is is that most temperate fruits right most you know I'm here in New York and Connecticut temporary most temperate fruits have that kind of temperate fruity flavor that your apples he got your parents you got your cherries which I can taste tropical

be safe tropical taste like they have a bit of the little guys that going there just tastes amazingly tropical I would I would have eaten myself a death on those fruit that ate in in my area that has a key to it and so she could help us out with what is the common thread between a papaya banana a mango guava the same band around the world but

take a very very short break and come right back

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boy shoot that was getting some has been quite a while Dave an assassin the team question about making biltong curing box a built on steering box out of India built on a nice Beach great I've never had real I've had the fake as I say gankers can get the fake and get the real from the but I like I've never had the real one unfortunately

it's about to make this Drive South African meeting ID gassing from the MDF and the meat I looked into the particular zero my question is me or should I actually consider changing construction materials this all sounds a bit crazy image search built on box right 99% of them are made out of unsealed MDF and two most modern food pantries are made out of

never heard of it being an issue the temperature of 394 most adults on boxes I've seen have a lightbulb in the in the bottom to provide you know the relative heating during the meeting with a bunch of air vent holes with like some stuff over to stop flies and whatnot from getting in and then a source to cause kind of convection and to keep it

so the question is whether or not locally the NBA is and start producing some nastiness you know I wouldn't worry about you much of you can't smell it but I will say this I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate MDS I hate is the worst I freaking hate I hate picking it up I hate buying it I hate cutting it I hate it I hate it so much here some other things hear some things so good things about him GF soccer Street yeah 50 Cuts well igloos and Staples well what sucks your MDS is heavy as a mother secondly MDF chips on the edges thirdly if you try to screw into the edge of MDF later for whatever reason you're screwed cuz it's going to rip out

if you have to put a bunch of stuff on it to get a screw to hold it again because it's not going to hold again because God forbid the freaking sponge and flare out like a lunatic but I just detest it I just I just think it's an execrable nasty thing unless you're going to paint it holds paint really really well and you know I had my last my last apartment made out of particle board and I screamed and yelled and I was going to pay I hate this stuff so much for years because after a while the stuff sacks it just doesn't hold its Dimensions the way real plywood does I just beat test it but I think you're probably safe especially those low temperatures

I wasn't I wasn't clear enough on my feelings this is from Liz Myers to liquid I want a good flavor real maple syrup with the texture of fake maple syrup I try to set the cigarette by boiling an adding 2% agar it kind of set into a stickiest jellyfish thing and that was okay but the texture of the syrup I got a little crystallized E I was wondering if there was a better way to do this or why the maple syrup crystallized 66% Sugar by by weight right so it's a lot when a lot of it a lot of it is sugar and if you add basically anything other than

liquid to it if you remove any liquid from it at all it's going to start crystallize and because you taking the water away from the sugar right so 66 on the maple syrup is about the limit where you can not have crystallization I guess why they take it there honey can go a bit farther up because it's completely inverted the sugar completely infrared infrared is I would make a a thickener I got very sick sick in her and with pure water and then just cut your maple syrup with that second or slightly do is a little just sticking up the the the water that you have but it's not going to cause any kind of crystallization happened to fix your abs are made with like sugar and I think if they think that use micro

cellulose and stuff like that you'll still have you hydrate the agar in pure water and then you add the maple syrup to a making sure the temperature of the maple syrups above about a hundred degrees and then as the temperature drops as you can make a poorly you could do a poorly set pectin specially cuz you're not using acid you can use one of the factors that can set that without the presence of you could probably do some amount of thickening that way bunch of different things but straight agar is it going to is going to help you out so I can answer on the next week

I'd like to boil large quantities of fries at a time by with the temperature staying below 80 sells his I don't know why I necessarily want the temperature to stay below 80 Celsius what you're trying to do that starts kind of set tricked at Stein garden does with the mashed potatoes for fries to bake with Hotel pans over burners or I could buy a stock pot induction stove there must be a better way please help me if you don't want to just get a giant pot first while do you have a deep fryer I have a deep fryer so what I do is before I do what I do is at the end of the night when you filter the fryer oil out your fryers empty not right for the potatoes water in salt and I boil up all the potatoes in batches in that spread

I said to dry out to do it or else I'm going to do I drain out the water then clean all the saltwater back out and it's ready to fry have to heat up a heat up in like 5 minutes they're freaking awesome that's a good one good way to do it if you have if you're doing catering and you have a Combi oven you can just throw them out on on racks and steam them in her in a Combi especially if you have it, if you really want to stay below 80 you can because you can set it at 100% humidity without lower than 212 and you can do them in a copy I've done that with a with a lot of success

the pre-salt it's going to do that you have to like soap and softener salt on MercyMe can I get the salt penetration that way but both of those things may or may not work let us know and so I think Jackson rip me off to the free and Air in in a second so I still have to get to the definition of Sandwich to the discussion is can I listen to discussion on the definition of sandwich and I now feel strongly that someone ought to tell my mom that she did not waste her money or I did not waste my time majoring in philosophy

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