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Episode 218: Dave Gets High: Summer Season Finale

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stop in town he's not a cycle yesterday he's on a leash for the head researcher at mad with one D you want to Skype with that is there

food research nonprofit that's run out of restaurant noma in Copenhagen and also Donley and I die no telling what the what you do wish you had more like more like Don is the evil Overlord that runs kind of the back behind the scenes of the way the cocktail like World works like that is evil Overlord in the sense that an Overlord can be benevolent

Adam for the betterment of the name cocktail Kingdom before she was the the researcher at mad there was a PhD she got her PhD from UC Davis and her thesis was on the pictures pictures correct correct flavor flavor chemistry specifically we have them on the order if you have any questions for This Crew I encourage you to call into 718-497-2128 and because we have no sense of brains like week like I didn't heat up water before hand we're going to be tasting a little bit later on in

program this product called by pove literature words Vitality like the word right

Ariel may or may not be an expert in the chemistry of what's going on at in this and Don may or may not be an expert what is this type of stuff stuff is illegal tea with cannabis extract is in it and Don may or may not be an expert on cannabis extract is in certain states jurisdictions and countries his baby first-hand knowledge with maybe products like this right if you guys want to weigh in on exactly what it is that we're going to be tasting here with this type of this stuff is anyone anyone anyone

do it and then put it into the tea Earl Grey tea and some other cannabinoid compounds and then enrich that by like a fat extraction it's t t a lot or extractives do you like the taste of it

a little bit more green than you give him my text do you find yerba mate nasty or good it's okay but it's it's almost kind of really it's not where you surprising it's like why is he hurt compared to marijuana oh to have this stuff like I would like a class of compounds tend to have different effects on like the brain and your neurochemistry and we're like THC is really good psychoactive effect

cutting Stone cannabidiol have other left sort of stoning Mental effects to help with like anxiety and depression and it's more like

other mental disorders like schizophrenia currently has like a therapeutic cannabinoid interested but not a lot of studies in except for specific that sound like different brain receptors than THC the question is is that for those folk that self-medicate with marijuana to to get themselves mentally right which we all know you know that speculation is not actually the THC that's helping himself regulated that's just a side benefit cannabidiol steering reservoir High

the like do this like a make you confused at all or no can you operate heavy machinery while you're using cannabidiol I guess we'll find out that I can't well I have no heavy machinery operator, get them over there recording equipment is heavy machinery only if you lift it up and try to throw it over your head oh my god do you have before we go to what's the stuff that makes you hungry after you've smoked up is it this stuff or if I don't know if that's straight up THC

so she's not going to make you paranoid will find out the screen version of Mary Kate Nash with Ashley's a pizza song I'm so behind on my internet like I like to you sure I got your chicken last week okay

it's quaint it's so much milk into it to make it palatable that like the milk turning off the heat and dumping the ground chicory root and it like I would do and making coffee ice cream well that did not go too well and the milk curdled a bit I suppose chicory is acidic? I assume Chikorita for you or is it maybe some other reaction to cause the curdling maybe a lower he would not cause a prolonged. Any idea if there's a lifting of some sort of rule of thumb for ingredients I could curdle milk like that and should be in Houston by the way by the way I did not throw away the milk

I strained it very well and blend it with 50% Sugar by weight I'm hoping to use it and Cocktails

chicory way way way you can add a little bit without making mustard flavored my point is is this here's your problem you have many problems I almost guarantee you ice cream but I think what it is is milk is one of those things that balancing like you know balancing itself on the edge of totally pretty much all the time so if your milk is older and it's had bacteria growing it for a while it might be slightly more acidic what's going to make it more apt to curdle so you could raise the ph a little bit with a pinch of and I wouldn't do this but you could raise the pH level of baking soda

I want to be in specific kind of range pH is which is where it kind of comes to you in the jug or out of the couch right now assuming that wasn't your problem with parsing when your heating it in the Mills going to be less stable and also there's a lot of like a like phenolic compound polyphenolic compounds and chicory that much like tannins are going to cause are going to cause things to Colonel so the same way that if you make an extraordinary really strong infusion of like sumac or any other kind of you can curl it so Derek the good news is that you might be able to do exactly what you're doing if you add the sugar first because high sugar concentrations allow you to stay below if you make a 50 if you do a 50/50 milk sugar think you can dump acid into it and it'll stick in but it won't break you know what I mean

because you're just so much sugar that I guess it's I don't know why it's just like not allowing the proteins to get together and curdled as well water so freaking find water and that's how they fold so if you're assuming that I like ice cream base that I would use whatever leader of milk cream and would have a 170 g of sugar so I don't know if that's enough to stabilize it for what you're doing like that I would just do your infusion after the stuff has been stabilized or else just do like a hardcore tincture of chicory and then added as an alcohol is not too much to you lower it lower the rate but almost certainly you're dealing with dealing with a tack tanning or other similar a kind of like phonology crap right

that's how that's how I like a stranger thing happens and that's it as Miracle would say why that's why we put milk in our chicory coffee cuz it's unpalatable like like astringent and bitter right stuff is the stuff that's binding with the milk and getting wiped out which is why we add milk to tea and super strong super strong tea and milk I can get that to curdle in the presence of looks like things that will like alcohol destabilizes acid destabilize is tannins destabilize milk keep destabilizes milk sugar protects kind of milk to a certain extent I think egg yolks pretty much force to protect it to a certain extent starches convert anything is sticking to the Matrix so that the Matrix proteins can of Guam right together is going to stabilize yeah

there might be some sort of like plant produces and chicory so like you can make like a like a fissile Lauren metal cheese so then you get like protein protein is chicory related to cardoons other things that I have a feeling it is true there are there are plants that have enzymes that coil things the maybe it's there so 8 so so liquor boss and Bitters boss like what any any commercial tomorrow's weather are chicory based

nothing since you guys at least on has had chicory coffee in the past 5 years like what do you think it would take like do you like what kind of amaro's kind of face would you want to make us some like that would you want to do like a bitters base with its at Nautica is it not an interesting enough bitter it's not that interesting to watch is not very stupid a southern tomorrow let's say like a New Orleans tomorrow like a Persian king Serafin but it's not nearly as like something like that my check was not as bitter so like you wouldn't pick it as a straight-up bitterant because you do something else that is like football

coconut New Orleans adding coffee doing a little like the rum flamejob laying down is it doesn't make Little Tikes happy sound one of the highest and one and Booker he's on the Spectrum right so Booker used to not be able to stand the noise of the music at the Sochi Russia and so he wouldn't let me cook rice and so I had to rip like one day I was ripped open the Sochi Russia and light just cut the speaker wire so now I like I forget that Sochi Russia equipment plays tunes for you and it's done I don't remember what the tune sounds like do you remember what you know what to do if she knew she done Tunis I have both a rice cooker hot water thing

I think subconsciously you know oh my tea is ready ready by the tuna Place rice I just let you choose the language is right rice

baby I never remember in I don't know how to say rice in Japanese and I never remember which one's rice in Chinese the Chowder the fan

once fried ones rice for completeness in Korean what is it sing it and then in Japanese it would be gone right is rice we are obtaining the correct vessels for brewing tea in and what is the purpose of should we play Trippy Music

till it's done yo PS Dave Hicks that Mexican fake halva which is you remember the Winchester called again Don the Mexican the I loved it I love it no it's called like like peanut paste are going to leave the little rose on it for like a gazillion version

anyway I don't know what do you think are you a holler I like Oliver it's okay because it's like marzipan when it's like marzipan so it's hilarious as it's like all of it named after Marcia pan and it's like neither which is classic all right see if we got any more questions in that I handle the one about cook a two handle the one about that in your food right the one who wanted a guy want to cook Lean Foods or Chris yeah he'll been handled add formication remember that whole conversation

last week's stuff which I think is a you know who this stuff up from Luke hey off to Dave and the cruise is it possible is a good one for you is it possible to make cocktails while you're camping my question is about ice how would it be possible to transport and or make ice while camping for a week thanks for the great show with Don is actually done

questions how much stuff can you pack in right so if you can bring ice and you can bring ice and then like buried in a pit in the ground and like a 40 lb block of ice will last a long time buried in a pit in the ground in an in an insulated container with you nothing you can do is you could you could

does anyone make a spot Chiller like with CO2 cartridges that no one does but if you wanted to take a fire extinguisher with you you could basically make dry ice on the fly if you really want to write some free dilute to stop an Empire

bring a dry ice bag I'm surprised no one makes like a so dry ice dry ice maker attached to a 20oz CO2 like Eragon bottle should be able to make on the order of 7 oz of dry ice which is not the chill like a good bit of cocktail the stuff inside the real baller move is you know like if you're going to go kind of like long-distance Backcountry to Appalachian Trail kind of thing you have people likely be supply drops to just have a bunch of Sherpas go out multiple days in advance and Advance at your campsite so that when I get to the campsite you said dig it up if you stick with that are meant to be enjoyed at warmer temperatures like old-fashioned or something like this you're not going to get it down to technically the old-fashioned but if you dig a hole that is

when you're bringing liquor camping you should always buy the they make little bottle Saks they're like like they're like water bottles that are plastic that hold liquor and they're incredibly light and of course you should only drink box wines when you're camping because it's incredibly like to bring box wines with you every day that she said she didn't want to she wanted whatever I want to see there right now if you are going to be by a moving body of water like a river or a lake that Nina had some kind of flow of a deep enough late if you are boating in any way you can just get a mesh sack put all the everything you wanted to water type bottles like I can drop it in and then just hang that up the back of your boat the water temperature be pretty cold so you get fairly cold drinks so he's even if you have sodas are beers it's common way of showing it if you're on the Lakers

three or four feet underground even if you don't hit water you're probably going to get down to temperature is close to like in the 50 somewhere and you want a real old-school baller baller sweet sweet dollar trick if you if you put your bottle in a in a jug play drugs are the best but you put into it and then you put towels that lean out over it you'll get wicking in a cooler so if you wrap your bottle in in something that has a water reservoir so it stays moist but it wakes up and air moves across it and keep it in the shade it will it will evaporate off and you could probably get a good and it's go on any of the old fat fat the Golden Age of the camping book was roughly roughly 1880 to roughly 1940 right

golden age of the camping books you can look up their side a guy named Mason who wrote a famous One call Woodcraft there's a bunch of Family Guy named Sears who's who's went by that you know their pseudo Indian name of Nasa Road 1 and all of these folks have these old tricks on how to keep things cool no not going to make ice but they try to keep things as cool as possible there's a shot in the face strategies for for things like that serious evaporative cooling there you can probably get a good temperature Delta like 20° some like so Dave I'm back country camping by Lake Superior next week so I'll try out some of the stuff Woodcraft I think Mason doesn't get another one a famous guy can't remember his name but they're all published between like I say like the egg lady 1800 in the 1940s so they all act like they are prior to the

no Trace model of camping and so like the first thing to do is fill a number of large trees have the person who brought you some of them tell you how to track a long but also some of them tell you how to do like the old gentleman's camp where you do have people that you hired to carry all your crap in for it but it's like all your cartridges & Dunn's and circle for your campsite are you would not you would not believe Arielle you would not believe like that would you like if you need to make a fire to cook on let's go to Giant trees and make a v so that you have like a like a larger fire fire that goes down to a V and then they fill the entire interior of this like 15 16 ft long V with log like a whole sucker up down to Kohl's sell another tree to make like cross braces for like Spitz me it's just they're freaking bananas bananas

things like dutch ovens used to be where did you carry one of those things into the woods I know you would not know you would not ask glamping he would just like you know go out there if this guy next month I told you about he was one of the original like a canoe Portage guy and he had some kind of a canoe with that and like his backpack and you know and chill people yeah you can really do that stuff looks weird

greenish color to them and then as soon as you put the tea bag in the in the water becomes kind of Cloudy does it is there any actual tea in it it does have a bitter taste like tea tree for like 4 and 1/2 minutes now. Send it to Mount Jackson but I I should not

how much is do I have to drink to get even

the packet

I think about emotional material

all of the be earnest earnest am I headed since I'm saying cjad which is supposed to get bad up it's it's like everything better what do you think that would even be like the flavor of it it's not very good tea for this is like that's the music

yeah I'm not a user right I was thinking more like I was thinking more like Pink Floyd meddle. Sometimes these days I'm going to chop them into little pieces I mean Rodger Waters yeah I can see it happening now

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hi this is jazz by Dave Hyde on when I got in a very intense conversation in New Orleans in regards to categories of food and I just wanted to know kind of Dave's perspective about a quesadilla salt under the category of a sandwich and I just wanted to know what day of listen listen

okay okay okay I got to calm down here let's let's let's look at this in a different perspective

Define sandwich.

I believe a sandwich involves

two things of starch rice rice

I think you can make things of rice crackers Ritz crackers with peanut butter sandwich with peanut butter sandwich is a sandwich cookie not a sandwich

the sandwich is an adjective as well as a noun to the category of sandwich is made sandwiches with red red red red of suffering it is do you know are you going to deny the Jews their bread when they're running away from the Egyptians because it's around

burrito definitely not a freaking sandwich place of bread to make grilled cheese

even if you were an atheist with me instead of self respect the sandwich and it's made on a split one it's a freaking sandwich category category what's a patty melt what's a patty melt versus vertical and how you actually can read is vertical is what you're saying exactly okay so where is Italian sausage

because you're one of those people that toaster freaking hot dog buns and it breaks into two and you hand them that it's falling through it's still vertically stacked it's not horizontal the Oxford dictionary what do we think

an item of food consisting of two pieces of bread two pieces with meat cheese or other filling in between them as a white male stuff Oxford English Dictionary world renowned for being crappy when it comes to definitions of food or etymologies related to food or historical timelines related food world renowned for being the worst life to life the company Subway right do they manufacture sandwiches

a sub is a subcategory of Sandwich yes even though they're not split all the way into any more look in the old days they would take the knife and shipping shipping shipping shipping shipping would be a suit top to it now biggest slice in half because they're too inept to use the V slicer anymore and that's why if you get a subway now vs. Subway 15-20 years ago and used to be you could eat them without it spraying all over the inside everything and now everything sprays everywhere because it's been over your house cuz I freaking extrudes out of the side of the most important thing a sandwich is not the definition it's the construction the layering that goes into a proper sandwich

play I want a small object like that I can consume a chimichanga

write an inferior in its inferior product no that's too I would always rather have like two or three tacos but a burrito and I would rather I would rather have quesadilla burrito quesadilla open-faced sandwich

is it in Denmark where are usually live we have like open-faced sandwiches this is always open what is always always open open-faced sandwiches for why would you ask me first because they all speak English and you're not worried about the barbecue, barbecue

principal argument to me is there's no such like a pretzel Rod is not a freaking pretzel pretzel Lloyd Planet Nets planetoid I mean it's in the same realm although I don't I don't really think of anything with unleavened bread sorry matzo brei sandwiches as like like the actual hardcore category to me it has to be eleven so anything like a tortilla base or like a roach got unleavened bread based technically as a sandwich it's like anything else like pornography I know it when I see it as sandwiches

a pretzel is a wheat dough that contain Bachman's pretzel contains no oil right and it's usually met with a Sourdough kind of it is rolled into a into a tube shape Twisted into a pretzel shape right it is a pretzel shape right at it is in cooked in an alkaline solution briefly to get if it's not cooked that way then it is a pretzel shaped piece of bread right and then you can either cook it hard or soft when you can have it with salt because you like things are good or without salt because you're a bad person or sometimes

Sonic favorites

hey here's one shaped like Bagels clearly a bit here.

Can you cut it up in that sandwich I don't believe in eating Bagel top and bottom together we had a discussion and shouldn't stop and buy me some time to squeeze out yeah you like a bagel should be eating with like opens whatever you have on it should be open kaiser roll come on

put in my mind I have that nasty shallow like uneven Bagel in my head that you get at the joint to make an egg sandwich. Things just an Abomination anyway that was made like 8 years ago that baby what do you think about that

I mean sandwich slicing is a croissant Open putting something inside anyway like I saying like that there are things like if I see any hanamiya quesadilla I would I would I would tell him to go to hell would happen if someone handed me something closer to a open-faced sandwich gravy poured all over like a piece of toast some freaking duck shredded dry as hell turkey and gravy on the top by be like I asked for a freaking sandwich you know what I mean like and you know I'm saying this before BLT season coming up people by the way by the way I had someone to stash is tomatoes on my first BLT the season they were delicious taking this to us a BLT sandwich

do not let people make their own BLT sandwiches because they will not put mayonnaise on both the top and the bottom piece of toast do not over toast your BLT so that your mouth becomes excoriated from The BLT make a BLT from ruin the effect of a BLT sandwich do not make a BLT with some wimpy kind of like fancy Dan lettuce it doesn't have good crunch my prefer BLT lettuce and Iceberg what do you use a good tomato right and like three strips of good bacon salt pepper that's it you should also salt the Tomato separately and you should pepper the mayonnaise on each side of the bread that is how you make a freaking BLT sandwich

listen we have told me we're getting kicked off here soon can I see by the way I said it doesn't make it better like a team or whatever oil to I'm feeling a function from this to listen to let me try to rip through a couple questions like instant instantaneous fashion

any other City there are good people here than most people are willing to take on to make a good french fry it's not dipped it's not difficult in the sense that you don't need to have a Ph.D to do it and you don't need to be you know a rocket scientist but you do need to do more steps than most people want to do to make a good french fry even if you don't use the enzymes other stuff requires at least two at least one boils at least and a single fry and probably a free step and then fry so if you're not willing to do all that crap like with a soak before hand whether not use the enzyme or not so like you're talking about a several our prep and to do it some more people like I'm going to make a haiku

I think you're the thing or write a lot of research time and Decades of french fry under their belts right and also Frying french fries from Frozen turns out to be a good way to get good crust texture so I often depending if I can't do my enzyme treatments I will freeze my fries because for a quality reason right so you're going up against it's like trying to make ketchup like Heinz does a good job so you in order to do a better job you have to actually put in more work than you think and most people who make their own french fries simply. Don't know how to do it or they don't care get in before we go

okay you ready for this is a complicated one we have a call by the way the best Twitter that thing it was Bush a table standings Orthodox anyway he wants to use a searzall on Saturn right so here's the thing he's like you're allowed to transfer a flame but you're not allowed to make a flame so the BernzOmatic ts8000 that we use you press the button click click click click right and it causes the frame and explain it so he saying the buttons the problem right and then put transfer in the Flames okay so he wants to get a different torch and and pass at basically just turn the gas on and pasta the flame to the Sears all that way my feeling is David now I'm no Rabbi but my feeling is the saying pretty sure but my feeling is that you are not allowed to turn the valve on

search on whether or not you're allowed to open and close valves on a Sabbath yes I don't believe you're allowed to open and close valves on the Sabbath it sounds devious yes the circuit and you can't turn circuits off and on

anyway so my feelings are going to be shafted on on the Val now what you could do what we could do is you could hook I'm not going to do this in private and say please don't do this but you can hook up a timer to turn on at a specific time including the Piezo ignition and as long as you set it up another option is that you could you need to go read Alan dundes his book the Sabbath elevator okay there's a whole book on the Sabbath elevator by guy named Alan dundes found I found out only about things like a Sabbath elevator yeah you didn't know much about it I guess I don't know why it's doing the research and write so for instance in the elevator like technically you know I can push the button for you because I'm a boy although you got to make sure that I'm not Jewish because if I'm doing

be like hey dude can you press that button they just have to know to do it right so you have to pre hire the boys to show up invited to dinner on saveth this is my plan invite I told him like you know when you get here

when you get here it might be nice like when I lift my hands in the air if you were to take my ts8000 ignited and depressed a button that keeps it on and then they could do that and then you could see her with it and then ubila and then they would know that when you put it down but anyway I put that thing down it might be nice if it didn't stay on and burn my house down your arm in novalct are you going to have to go with a see results away Sears all go and come back in one month cooking issues thanks for listening to this program on Heritage Radio Network. Org can find all of our archives programs on our website or at the podcast in the iTunes Store by searching Heritage Radio Network you can follow us on Twitter at Heritage underscore radio you can email us with questions any time at Heritage Radio Network. Org Heritage Radio network is a v

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