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Episode 217: Everything Remains RAW

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Reverb Jack Jack and Jackie molecules speaking of which we had a suggestion in about and you never been would you like to go now

and I hate their accent now so far for an English-speaking country don't want to go if they don't speak English can see I got a whole continent now you're getting a little taste of what it's actually like to be with nastassia Lopez from Australia it's called I just don't like it and is he the artist it sold it is a is a drag queen who goes by the name of Pauline pantsdown but making fun of an extreme right-wing

person named Polly Hansen right who was had a political party called out or still there called One Nation leaves in in like not giving the Aborigines any rights in like basically turning Australian too big like you know and Ankle dominated universe and so one of the lines from this thing is my language has been noted my language has been mowed it's a very very when you're 10 my voice a bath I don't like it

when you buzzed One Nation ask my language has been murdered my language has been voted my shopping trolley my groceries just gone I don't feel like you've turned my horse bath but I thought when you were gone 12678 mckaig cup Italy shopping and jumpers and all that with a jumper sweater

why is it a jumper inside him singing is her Sunny what do you think could that be okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay

Jack back me up because you are a musical sort nine times out of 10 when no matter what language no matter what accent you have when you sing you pretty much sing in neutral Americans so British that's true what's the most music wait unless you're like Green Day accent doesn't even exist like that's not even a real accent right know what that is basically sound American most of the time Lords like the language of Music which is odious but of course he's not into the old for the bread and Christopher Michael McDonald xn

the piano playing singing Soulful even George Clinton gave a shout-out to the social

oh I got a new saw use I just insulted you whole country that's all you know yeah yeah you live there yeah yeah yeah you were born there in like it's part of your heritage and culture everything but you know it's not you I don't like it's your country list of places it would be I mean I mean you know how many marsupials do we have like one or two like a possum like the worst marsupial we like the worst marsupials are marsupials like

which temperature of Thailand in strange conifers and strange plants in general I'm saying is is like you know since when are you interested in freaking out back

the oldest living things on Earth are out there Great Barrier Reef waves and stuff yeah I'm not you're not catching sitting on top of the freaking world stars is be honest

cheese is that a call to got to save me from from like my my hateful crew here

okay this is just recording from Sweden

are you all right so you're having problems locating now which Chiller to use right

yep exactly set up in Sweden is looking at Dubuque e who are the manufacturers of the road and they also make a lot of chillers in the question is how cold does it does it need to go polyscience Chiller the polyscience chiller made it down to about minus 20 degrees Celsius which is about to have a relatively large reservoir of glycol or alcohol right and you get the change and then during the distillation process the the condenser heats up but so like at the beginning

leader of spirits into your interior thing plus whatever you've added so like a leader Spirits plus let's say like 200 grams of peppers are never choked usually off of that leader if I start with 40% alcohol I'm going to end up with roughly somewhere between 600 and 700 mL of distillate so that those are usually my planner that's usually what I'm working okay when I'm doing alcohol distillation when I'm running the polyscience chiller I'll start my distillation at like - 20 or so and by the time I'm done I'm much higher temperature like - 4 - 5 right which is where that where I can maintain forever because that's where that's where they showing power is equal to the equal to the healing power of my thing right


the thing is is that early in the distillation when you get the much more fugitives stuff right that that stuff at be more easily have those temperatures at the beginning of versus at the end of the run and I never mind it so much that the temperature is over the course of the run now you don't want it ridiculously underpowered or having a very very small Reservoir because man the temperature changes our immediate so little I was like I want to say like 7 maybe a 7/8 of stuff in the reservoir and I had a good bit of a good bit of stuff that was down at temperature to start my my distillation run with now also remember

that when you are the one I was doing lower temperature or I should say hi or temperature distillation using a chiller I also had the I was pumping prod out of my column and it was going so as it was heating up I didn't really have a lot of danger of the stuff that was in the receiver flask bottle eyes and going up to my stack and out through the back so you can you can get around that problem either by chilling your receiver flask right which works on to that on to that spherical joint at the bottom where the receiver is or a third option that I never did was just install like a small dry ice trap in between so we're talking about a big distillation Reagan took up to the vacuum pump and typically the one of the issues on these acupuncture as they get if you if you start

open vapor through the vacuum pump that is with the product you're losing flavor 1 and 2 you're dead you know you're degrading the vacuum level because it can't really pump you know Vapor other than dry air can't watch that we can dancing in so there's a little bottle called wolf bottle and the Wolf bottle is a something that goes in between your vacuum controller and your hand and your ears and what you can do there is you can just put instead of like a standard wolf bottle you can basically make a little like super cold trap so you can put like a little bit of dry ice or a little bit of Ln in there and then you have a secondary trapped a week and antenna stuff is going to go through and then right at the end of the run you can just because it's a small trap is not your Mane Trap you can pour your liquid into into the wolf bottle tip to you wrote into me on Twitter

Schneider something I haven't had a chance to try to talk to Tony yet that Tony Conigliaro our good friend over 69 Cobra Factory in in the UK who's has a couple uses a tiller that only gets down to what do you say minus what I just don't believe that I just don't believe it or not but look what I would do is I would if you find a the drink Factory drink Factory I was going to treat them out later and then CCU on it or you can see see me and the drink Factory on a tweet and just say hey look we're looking to get a chiller and pukey lied to us and said you had this no tell you exactly what set up the Run

I'm his distillations even lower than I do right so you know I'm running my email look into a little bit of a lie right so like I'm running my water bath at 50 Celsius and he's typically wanting more used to be back when I was working with him on the road of that he was running his bath at like 40 Celsius now as you know the temperature of the water bath in a distillation rig is not the same thing as the temperature the distillation is taking place at because you know that the harder the heart of your distilling you know the greater the temperature difference between the between the water bath and the actual time and I and I don't know what kind of glass of uses but I only use fairly thick wall plastic coated glass and so I have I have one of them one of the higher temperature Deltas between my bath and the products so you know my standard operating procedure is always placed the back of my hand

does front of my hands to Calais that's why I use the back of my hand to test everything starts did you know that I always use the back because yeah because I can't sense temperature with my fingertips anymore just because he know whatever the back of my hand on the neck of the rotating distillation flask and judge the true temperature of the vapor because that equalizes out pretty much where the paper is and I can give you an idea like I said it's hard to judge but I know that he likes to run his stuff down at like 40 so if he's running his stuff at 40 like even like the way that he want you to do it like they want at least 20 degrees or they want now they want 40 right I think they want for the zero based on on his and if it only went to 10 you could even though Europeans tend to have a hatred of ice machines compared to Americans like you could just use a freaking ice bath at that point and so it wouldn't make sense

doesn't make sense to me 10 degrees Celsius doesn't make any sense to me at all like a chilling power at minus Tennessee like a number for that because I don't have a good feeling for that it's like 300 watts okay or is it in 200 Watts okay or if you go from 200 to 400 really I don't remember any more less that you have like an 8-meter bath right and I would look at what its performance is at like minus 5 Celsius and I would kind of maximize that number and then I would and then I would just see I think mine had 200 Watts at 220

100 it's been many many many years I could try to go look up the old numbers on my polyscience but me know if sweet spot with down around - 504 - 6 Celsius that's where the majority of its power was and then and then it just you know the power went down I know that you're listen people like anytime you reduce the temperature on a refrigeration unit like this you reduce the number of actual watts of cooling powered has even though you're not reducing the usage of power that the machine had a difficult + efficient so so yeah so I would like 200 Watts at -20 is fine as long as you have like you know a corresponding you know big wall up a power when you get down to minus five men get kind of a natural gradation as you go could remember the end of your distillation you're pumping mostly water and you don't really want fries up on your on your coils you wanted to dripped out of the receiver

but I would like to eat or tweet me and stand also tweet the drink Factory I'll try to remember later on today to see what kind of unit they use cuz I know that you know they're running them day in and day out and I use only stuff that you can get in Europe and I guarantee you that they did not use something that only gets down to 210 books you know you know it sucks

okay yeah that you think you very much for your information I will make it to Blac Chyna back to back to Peggy's a question and I'll speak in Australia and by the way she I don't wait what's this emoticon what's this what's this emoticon but it's not a happy to take a happy Rising Sun think it's the new G Gmail happy-face emoticon so I literally just write out with emoticon, and my favorite is smiling pile of poo smiling pile of poop and upset to Siri won't come out and just say smiling pile of poo unless you text me right back we talked about that really so it turns out

that if let's say Booker and Dax send me a bunch of emoticons realistic stars does it because you know she has the same kind of mentality that and I just woke up wanting to be honest I like it says it's that smiling pile of poo right smiling pile of paper and then you say please read me Siri please read me Nastasia is you know text Matthew Lopez wrote smiling pile of poop smiling pile of poop smiling pile of poop but if you just go Siri say smiling pile of poo she won't do it that right two weird isn't don't don't we all is need a machine is not a human right you've got but she will not be told what to do that's equivalent of someone who likes sings NWA lyrics drops and bombs like they're like it's raining and doesn't like

it's not true either you can say it or you can't say it and that's where we haven't she shouldn't say your text you should be like or like some sort of like substitution like you do when your recording rap songs Jack radio edit stop and insert a different word mean a record a separate version

text I have big issue I have limited we used before they failed by the way Dave great job on nailing down SC Johnson about cooking in their bags using rolls of thick bag material and a domestic sealer and I can start with a stupidly long bag Lane length and for you to sacrifice only an inch or so from one sealed Edge I'm more environmentally friendly as well as Frugal the washing all these used greasy bags me to bring reusable options is there a preferably non-toxic in this is where this the rising son Smiley like high temperature melting wax

as a coating for Meats assuming it was possible to formulate such a wax would it be theoretically able to transfer heat well enough it would be great to have to peel Aubrey melt and reuse from what you know about materials is this even a possibility or am I just dreaming is it just me or what anyone else you something like this I also kind of like the idea of healing back a coating to reveal the magic like with some cheeses remember the baby bells

what about like any wax coating on a cheese Clips you know I like all those wax bottle that you won't let me eat nickel nips I did not get people to anyone who knows me know that's a ridiculous thing to say anyone who's met me or the fact that like I carry my lab your car from a nickel nip it's a liquid wax phenomenon I just probably knew you were going to crumble up the wax and light now you know it and I have no first of all what ever toured everything you should and in full context I like weird editing and stassi is a queen of weird editing

do like a big Socratic thing she drags you through a half an hour of arguments in like we like like a billion conditions and then like okay in the event that you know I was on an island and an airplane in MN blah blah blah bands up with you cutting your foot off and eating it and then she said that's that's when you talk to her husband Gabe wants to cut off his foot need it no I don't know if you give me a whole bunch of things that lead up to it would I cut off my foot and eat it if that's what we talked about Family Show

coding coding something like a possible to get a wax coating that would melt at a high enough temperature outside that high temperature then you have to get it up to that temperature to dip the meat into and if it was that hot with the meat into it it would start steaming the the motion it was in the meat so I think you would have I think you have problems basically now there could be friends dance like a a self sealing wax or so you can just press on to the wax tipped it to do it I think in the future what's going to happen isn't necessarily I do actually kind of like the idea that you had a steak and then you peel back the wax and kind of seer it you don't like that idea so I don't like that idea what color is it in your mind

the wax red black I hate powdered black wax everywhere like from like a like or like I actually hate the powdered wax from like the liquor bottles I hate the powdered wax everywhere when he gets older it gets dry and brittle right. I hate that and it's like a friend problem everywhere and I why is this happening to me Matthew Barney sculpture I think the future here Peggy is that someone's going to do like a I buy a plastic bag that can be composted mean not just going to happen right now it's somewhat difficult for a number of reasons because they don't last long in that hard processing and stuff like that but someone's going to make up a biome compostable bag that works and then we just won't feel bad about it what do you think so I would feel bad about it if it was like corn plastic right right

trailer plastic surgeon yesterday for the plastic that you knew band sugar plastic the idea of using those bags and not getting 100% clean the thought of like my dishwasher stuff full of bags would like greasy crap and then when you don't put Rinse Aid in your dishwasher and then at least a little particles they hate that hate it hate hate and she writes him a quick response to why anyone want to eat tomato blossoms Tomatoes if you want to increase the size of tomatoes you can send out the blossoms or baby Tomatoes leaving the others to grow larger than they would have done without with the competition well flowers probably wouldn't kill you unless you ate lots have you ever tasted them not a flavor I go looking for again I suspect the person that Billy has not yet tried one Garden Betty had a post on what you can find out about tomato plant toxicity but I was unable to access our sources long story short she now uses some tomato leaf in her

seasoning with tomato tomato leaves for you I love that I love that so like friend of you have a rotovap out there and can do like low temperature distillation at the end of the season after you've gotten all your tomatoes in but you still have Greenery The Greenery and turn it into a distillate and that's tough night spiders on it shipped these parasites from California into your new your Gardens and obliterated everyone's tomatoes and now people but yeah but you but because you don't control the garden you can't have tomatoes not planted for a year and no one there understand that like in order to kill this California past the need to let the land lie fallow for a couple of years because like every plant you have has it's like agricultural nightmare like who knows you know babe I don't know maybe I'll spread maybe you've ruined

Eastern seaboard

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timer set the Encino accepted for who she is is Claire reading it again that's high Dave when is

when is raw to Rob brezsny what he says I make sure everything remains raw ring like it's like we're like it's a discussion board education educational it's like being like a homophobe I could be like you while you're young and just ignore it but he's been around the world like a long time and he's maintained his kind of homophobic stand which is a c know when is raw 2 raw I'm scared of me because I feel like I'm eating a live animal

go to dinner. Clair okay so what we have here is psychological question right because it uses and Mike obliterated it how thick should you cut the pieces it was skirt steak so so so the color of a meat is what people use to judge have done it is right but the color of the meat can lie quite clearly because the myoglobin which is what providing the color of the primarily with the color that it takes on when it's cooked is dependent not just on the temperature that it's reach but the environment in which beach is that temperature so the oxygenation state of it also the rate at which is heated right so

you can take a piece of meat that's cooked low temperature over cook it and then when you cut it and you let it sit for a while undenatured myoglobin will get Oxygen by in general when you're doing a sliced we're doing a low temperature meat is cooked for a long time especially one that tends to have a lighter background like so you like a like a

what I'll do is is you slice it right beforehand so don't have a chance to Cherry up and then people don't notice or you can throw it flashing under a broiler which is an Essence what cleared it with a searzall to just try and take that color up now you can do it fast enough for the Sears all that you don't actually over cook the meat if you're quick I'm sure she came with the hell out of it cuz she's worried about it the the point is is that we kind of they all saw we taste with with our eyes first so like I can I can cook a chicken like I safely through but it has that persist in painting at the bones if it cook slowly enough and then people won't eat it even if they know it's cooked so the where things actually become hooked is a can be measured based on what's happening with the proteins where it looks cooked depends on a number of variables that are very hard to control so you know you can shut your eyes

when I asked when you when I remember when I was doing eggs like a long time ago when you first start doing low temperature eggs right day if you're not used to a low temperature Egg that's Life's a 62° which is like the perfect yolk texture in that for like eggs benedict right and a half but has like kind of a it has kind of a weird look on the white if you're not used to it right for normal folk we would pass them through simmering water right but really it's just a visual thing because once you coat that egg with hollandaise sauce ain't nobody complaining so a lot of the stuff is really really just a visual that has a lot to do that does have a lot to do with temperature but also so if what you actually want is something that's firmer in my blood

steak on the plate in juices and if by God if I catch any of you cooking meat until the juice is quote-unquote run clear I will find you like that's over cooking by so much you know what I mean like what a nightmare whoever invented that but is a hater of food that's like my grandma and grandpa used to have that like that like onion soup mix on top of the microwave. Like piece of beef liver have that is it is it don't listen Claire Claire Claire the animal has died once don't kill it again

so I'm going to say you know dang

that didn't answer the question answer the question I don't know folks need to take into account the reaction of their Diners right so on a skirt steak and then I put oil in the pan got it hot threw it in flipped it make a skirt steak is like what like a centimeter how many how many how long on each side because I know she took you cooked it so what was happening there is you cooked it and you probably didn't let it rest for a sliced it now I let her rest. Mom why you don't want to conceal and get nasty so that I cut it and there was the middle is perfect but just seeing red treasure a perfect or perfect perfect perfect

whenever I get transferred the man likes inside me Char on the outside that tell you I was talking to someone else like that so she's like no offense people that picture I was like I was like wow

I don't know someone text me or call me and tell me what it's like in Pittsburgh but I heard it's a nice town they say what am I from a question in from bjd long time and at pellet the year was pellet meaning of pork with beer made it following Bourdain's instructions in LaSalle cookbook it was delicious which probably means do not mess with success I've circulated shoulders before smoking in the past that I was wondering about the diner of the original I would have presented more like steak am I a fool I have 10 weeks paternity leave

recipe ideas Sunday supper this in my memory of being with a four month old and a three-year-old because I had that exact thing is like you know I'm not planning my cooking time I'm like trying to plan when I can go pee I'm saying it's like when can I do like a shower magic like taking a shower you like all the shower and my ROK espresso maker while out is it wrong as it does anyone know is that the one with the two livers or is that some new one that are no electronic I got to look it up I didn't look up friend cuz I was testing some new by the way I can set the reason I might not be at the pier today as I normally am is because I was testing some new equipment that will be talkin about soon that dub Accord EX is working on yes yes. Estas distancias the soul determiner of when we discuss the specifics of what we're doing on are they


what means I don't have to see what we need to protect or no

no I will save my way that will let me finish the question any tips or ROK ROK capital r capital O Capital case Solutions on the phone

look in my experience which is I haven't had it at present so you're going to need it so I would keep pounding out those double shots that you can you know how your brain working I have extensive experience in doing braces in both the bag and in in Tradition if you want something tastes like a traditional braise Brazzers right then you have to be extremely over reduce the sauce that you're using because the there's no reduction inside of the bag so what happens is you make a sauce you think is good and if I go that's going to be good to use a stock make it rich then you put your seared piece of meat into the bag and then as it Cooks moisture leave the meat right and

the moisture leaves to meet at Waters down the sauce the sauce is no longer the perfect flavor level has been watered down if you pull out instead of taste taste like a pot after it's good but it's not necessarily what you're looking for it more of a poached or cooked in broth kind of a situation rather than a braising phenomena if you want something to taste braised you have to go extremely reduced on the sauces and stocks you put in my ping pong ball kind of production that you put in you should precooked the veg because the veg will not cook in in the bag so typically what I'll do is I'll sweat out all of the stuff pouring the stock reduce or whatever Reno liver sausage reduce it down until once it's hard when it's done it's like ping pong ball at consistency of a gelatinous mess then I'll see where the meats throw them in and and and go to app

having a much kind of a longer procedure now even if you did that what happens is is that let's take you can take a pork shoulder or you can take a short rib or you can take a few could take like a couple van any like to pick any Braves that you want what tends to happen is if you were do a side-by-side tasting between a traditionally done one and a one that's done in a circulator most people if you present them as being a traditional Braves will choose the traditional one and the reason is that it is just a things tend to taste more meaty right they taste more like people traditionally want them if you bend your expectations and you tell people that what they're at because present in a traditional braised on a piece of beef that beef will get that kind of stringy braised texture and and that the gelatin will melt out

of the meat and get everywhere and so you'll have that kind of gooey you like that stuff like that stick to it like stick to your ribs do we kind of like texture thing that people like where is low temp it's important the same thing low temp the meat is going to retain its shape it's going to retain a lot more of its moisture to have a different overall taste and texture and if you don't Prime people for it then they tend to prefer the kind of Krishna one even though I think that the the low-temperature one is look at delicious product in its own right and so that could be an issue. On things like comfy or other long things I'll tend to when I want to do it in a bag because bags to be convenient right so you cook it in the bag

then you can save it and it doesn't degrade over time so you can you know have it over the course of a week but when I'm doing things like that I'll typically do them a traditional temperatures so that I have that kind of traditional taste and texture until you can do that with a bag another thing you can do I can't believe I'm saying this but if you want to do these long because I don't even have one Crock-Pot did you enjoy the stuff you could traditional braids in a Crock-Pot be kind of a situation and then bagged hot exclude the air and then refrigerating you'll get a lot of the advantages of both ends and I'm going to believe I've ever suggested that

Play Wake it depends on what you like 400 I'm about to go to listen Stars thinks I'm going to talk to her off there and we'll come back at some more questions and get to I get to him next week I hope we are unless I need to be another ketchup think about that maybe next week we'll talk about our project it working on this is thanks for listening to this program on Heritage Radio Network. Org you can find all of our archives programs on our website or at the podcast in the iTunes Store by searching Heritage Radio Network you can like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter at Heritage underscore radio questions any time at info at Heritage Radio Network. Org Heritage Radio network is a 501 c 3 nonprofit to donate and become a member visit our website today thanks for listening