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Episode 216: A Rollie Egg Cooker Surprise

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on Tuesday they think it's Midtown New York City right 18th

Japanese nearing Booth is a reminder there

cuz you were with your sister and you were avoiding any food style people last time I was eating out in Chicago two times ago I saw the real dill weed and I got in a Lamborghini who didn't know how to drive it and grinding his gears while you was trying to parallel park in front of a man and they have competing but not competing but they have bands playing at the same time so Paul McCartney is the headliner and they have somebody playing at the same time as him I'm like why would you do that then they have Sam Smith play the same time as Metallica and she's like I'm going to see Sam Smith

play Metallica call Adam of Popular Science is web presence is that true Barron tire bearings higher than Earl Wright

sukhothai is forgotten

pretty sure what did Prince Metallica Metallica are the anti-piracy like they are so Rebel but don't download our songs in cars I saw a thirty-year-old backward baseball cap light khaki short wearing dudes blasting Metallica out of his Ferrari his brand new Ferrari in Connecticut and pumping gas what do you guys think about that that's not good I don't know

it's in a salad

oh yeah I know that flavor sub it's it's not but very similar to this Mexican herb

like popolo almost Mexico and it tastes like part is that a burnt Transformer taste like a phenolic and so I always a hit me in my head I think it's but there's also a little bit like that it was more of a safrole kind of a note but anyway

what's up with the dropping knowledge

are you doing all right so I got you a really quick is that I am reading your old post about foraging in the South. Bag and you mention you'll given and a book specifically about that I have talked into blue-eyed scallops and I was wondering are you referring to another one besides that or is that the one where I have the scans was talking to Blue Eyes Scout asparagus his first classic classic stuff you'll Gibbons was kind of doing that before anyone kind of like thought it was cool he wasn't he was kind of the man at the time I think some like

making fun of him because towards the end of his life he started doing a pictures for Grape-Nuts cereal so you can find him doing old Grape-Nuts cereal ads

no. Here's how you tell the difference is and what they both died of cancer interesting ly bound program Like a Boy Scout he kind of a thing where they take a bunch of kids and they threw him on his Island so it would just take kids like like grains of sand are marbles and throw them out onto these islands and let him fend for themselves for a couple of days and actually wrote the manual for the Outward Bound thing in Maine and I had never owned a physical copy of it but I've photographed it

megapixel digital camera and I can't get enough says in there he's like God certainly could have made a better tasting very but he certainly never did but I disagree I think I find other berries more delicious because to me berries become more delicious in mass quantities like what you want is a like a face full of buried in order to get the maximum very kind of effect fear and muscles muscles really quickly

if you're if you're on a beach and literally there beaches up there that are like constructed of muscles on rock in the meaning of those suckers fast especially if you don't have anything to put on a butt wild rocket all the rocket is delicious anyway. I'm going to be on vinalhaven and it might have been the library or something to apply to us as it's it's non-standard it looks like it looks like it is full dance tabled you know what are the basic paperback and it's folded and cut so it's longer you know it's very similar to are you familiar with the what's your name Merrifield Garden looks like Tree finder

turn finder track my other kind of IID which they're awesome little books because they fit in your pocket but it's kind of that scale so it's kind of longer than it it's like it looks almost like a like a reporter's notebook but sideways it's like longer than his wife when you're looking for but I'll try to post some pictures of it you got a question of whether it's raining just just the rain stop or an entire up range with oven for House of State into the weeds all sorts of information about varying products and just curious your thoughts about what what you actually need to buy to cook it and all I really want is

I don't really care about anything else as long as my idiot but it doesn't seem to be any product that violate my insurance policies are you are you is it propane gas electric what propane and electric are you are you one of those districts that goes out every two seconds and if you do do you have a generator propane tank are you going to use one of those Weasley 105 on it cuz like I have propane in you know in my place but I like always get nervous about using it cuz if it runs out so I can never use my stove eye exclusive for use Tandoor

I'd like the griddle and like my oven cooking things I use up there but I would goes if you have propane to it like I would I don't know who's got the good high output residential burners cuz they're all just so we need compared to compared to a real

don't have open burners but there's some the couple ones now that offer open burners and are allegedly High much higher output has obviously clean propane tank I mean like what I maybe might do in this scenario is out first of all on your oven I'd go electric just cuz they're kind of more accurate and if you ever want to do any baking and stuff you know and then and if you have half gas half electric let's say you're going to then at least you always know you have one but the the electric on the oven and

for the stove yammy I just kind of either the most powerful thing you can or consider going induction because especially if you're going to be doing like like in the summertime like any heating on that stove I be doing that because like honestly most of time is summer going to be outdoors rocking the high heat you know that's what I that's what I that's what I find myself doing almost constantly and you can stick on the propane outside for going propane fire table propane on the propane over to like an outdoor kitchen area and then you can just go crazy like you could do a fire pit with propane start propane you can even if you wanted everyone knows I'm broke and all the time you came Paul we didn't use it and next time we use the deep fryer though

yeah it seems like there's not get sort of it just seems like there's no good guidance / out there for four cooked with all these lights are the Rangers out there designed for people that don't actually use them that's why I like I just void warranties and get go GoPro but induction people going to rent it no fire don't go induction so I won't break it I put the wrong thing on the complaint of smash that their pants down onto the glass lid of the induction cracket propane is bulletproof it's just most of them suck but I don't buy like buy one that you obviously get like a day with the highest and home one that you can get like you know whatever Viking or I think Vulcan wolf also make

fairly decent one Viking makes a decent one and then just make sure that they convert it right to the orifices and the right Bezos down to it to run the

measure really have that is that is it vary from don't have the ability to use their full BTU output properly because they spray the heat around the pan but you know most like like most burner Technologies are fairly fairly similar in their vast and efficiency you know the things that I would look for are the ability to turn down the turn it down low cuz a lot of burners don't have the ability to go both high and low cuz I sputter out and also like a good flame pattern like a standard home burner with that like you know with that little burner that's only like the size of like took a smaller around there a tennis ball like that's like hotspot City you know what I mean like I hate those things but also

do not end here another reason not to go professional a good reason to go electric you don't have to worry about gas pilot to be an electric stove like gas things are usually bullet proves but if you're up and try not to even if your oven is electric and you don't ever have to worry about the pilot having a problem in your electric oven has pretty Bulletproof on that for the for the top I think the gas is very bulletproof but don't get something with a standing pilot because then you have a problem if your pilot goes out and you're not there and somebody renting it just get you know one of the ones with the click click click that can't be left on you know they have all the safety features Nexus like you know some other knucklehead you a nice every year on Moore Moorestown by how dumb other people can be especially with your stuff and also a like if you're going to do an outdoor thing like don't go don't go something super Bananarama is unless you can like lock it down to prevent someone else will.

you keep talking about all this stuff and I think like a curious as you as you go forward with outdoor stuff that some of that that's longer-term but you know do you know stuff with wood or charcoal outside and crazy stuff going to take longer than I'm really interested in doing all that has anyone will is it if you're only doing it like 2 days a week 3 No 3 weeks out of a out of a month it's hard to get anything like an outdoor kitchen built we're working on it will let you know what happened cuz I think that's the reason either call or should we take a break

sorry about that

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we are back. Well I got nothing for you I do have to call her

hey John this is the drink a lot of them I love them but unfortunately my house Upstate they want to charge about a buck a piece for a lemon so it gets very expensive for me, why is it that citrus fruit is reasonably priced here in New York and as soon as you leave it's a freaking nightmare

no idea I'm bringing a ton of it up with me but even then it's getting a little tiresome flipping around big lemons so my question is can we approximate lemon with the method mix that I could use it in the case when I run out of lemons a little bit I mean not lemon juice for acidity is really just like a 6% roughly 6% citric acid solution so it's pretty easy but what I would do instead is

I mean I would taste it but you could you could Citrus eyes orange be a slightly different flavor but you could just Citrus eyes orange so you would add 50 52 grams of citric acid to a liter of OJ and that'll get you a lemon strength OJ and then it'll have an orange taste but it won't have the lime taste could you not adding Malik it'll be like on the lemon side of an orange you could do that and that would be fresh for alternatively back here in the city you can just take your lemon juice and boil it with sugar and do a lemon cordial and it won't last forever things taste like they've been met with an asset if they don't have proof to back it up and I don't know that just squeezing a wedge of lemon and will work but

sugar or do you do it with that guy Old Tom Gin like how do you handle this week to use simple like a human

I do all time and simple actual like granulated sugar into those things. You still that last 2 tips you're basically getting a mouthful of sugar the super heavy duty carbonated vintage Seltzer Harmony myself of the other option we can actually maybe do a carbonated one but as you said it would just end up hating like an F in physics

that you could do you could just do like a like a but you're not using very much of the ass and then you're squeezing in like a little bit of lemon at the end like just a wedge that you could do that Right Thurr sacedon it then if you were to have got a full half ounce lemon right

yeah I usually do like 2 3/4 1/2 more you can augment with the wedge of lemon in and have it be a citrus is so expensive up in the suburbs by the win

play if you can afford to live in the city then you're allowed to have cheap vegetables does that make any damn sense you're going to grow lemons right there probably for Lyme's once you're back at the place I want to get him is not available to learn how to do everything and I liked it then what are you do you know how are using in Tokyo this adachi's if I could find a tree for that but it's so expensive there like cuz in the size of the smaller than ping pong ball-sized right crazy

call lab report back I missed your birthday do we have a microwave and a dime do you know the fat you know fabulous for his real name is Fabian Von hauske and Jeremiah Stone of Contra and wildair you know their restaurants down there do you know the day padded Wall Street Journal article where they use a freaking do you see that I don't know because of your buddy Claire there where we were riding the veggetti

play Mega hit it right now if you go to early when you're surfing you don't go anywhere if you go too late and I'll go anywhere anyways one of the famous late night comedians male is called bear or something made fun of this a year ago but I don't know if he ever used it this is the Rollie the Rollie vertical Cooking System for eggs and everyone here knows I'm a fan of vertical grilling when it comes to the Tandoor oven it's called simply perfect eggs www. Try rolly. Unbox this as I unbox this which is by the way the reason I own this is because Paul brought some drones up to

anyway he lost his drone at my place and I found it the other day it's a good culinary use for drones

MythBusters use 1/2 slice of chicken with the rotor to prove that it can cut flesh give need to be very good at your drone control to actually productively slice up a chicken to eat it ate cooked chicken chicken with a drone racing the chicken I think it was just a disembodied drone rotor are rotors powerful enough to cut flesh

I want to see the rotor fly and like the cap and I don't want to see a decapitated like in a movie style you would want to see a decapitate people like odd jobs. Okay I'm holding it looks like a thermostat with a tube to see whether it's smells foul it's rather than the neutral now is this ever been a there's a size has never been kissed brand-new she's reading instructions falls directly into the chamber

no plug it in plug it in first Paris on green light turns on for the very first time the Rollie is ready for use

do you have a Madonna's Like a Virgin go through your head when you said for the very first time does it work butter I brought a pad of butter everything once but it says not to use butter as far as I know most Bullies Are non-poisonous their safety but he took it to a Mycologist expert

if it's Viola bitter it's probably not a porcini it's probably till opolis felleus the bitter bolete and that's what we had a late that's been called bitter bolete whitening

start sticking up good smell it smells like like an RV

man it's got that it's got that you know what you know when you like get like a bunch of vinyl crap and you're about to blow it up the first time

you've never purchased anything vinyl like a beach ball

yep well we're waiting for Rollie to heat up maybe she answer a question Paul maybe you can weigh in on some stuff wheezing in chest the aroma right so there's no there's no even if even if you misdiagnose that there's no possibility of porcini ask Aroma of the bitter bolete are any of the deadly poisonous mushrooms did any of them have a good flavor mean Aroma rather

no don't don't eat the ones that stain blue when you touch it she says it will lead stained blue

now it now it smells like a mix of vinyl and bolete that around

well isn't this fundamentally the same as non-stick oil spray Jesus how do you see that causes weight 6/8 minutes 60 minutes to get these questions arise it rises from the Mist okay but this is the saddest you want tell me what this is

no I don't I don't know really can't stay

course you find surstromming delicious it's almost as delicious as her stomach

that is good I don't think so guess I wouldn't guest

you're really Vannelli mushroom so we're waiting for waiting in the last couple of minutes for our eggs to rise by Dave I don't really think nitrates so what you do they want you to use a night rate in nitrate a longer-lasting nitrate like you would use on a country ham for the Lardo instead of the shorter acting and I try to eat something like a bacon or sausage but the fact of the matter is that

you're curing the fat there anyways like I got to worry about is like a little bit of meat that's going to be on the outside if you don't trim it's going to be a problem I couldn't find a single case of botulism in in Lardo not a single one couldn't find it and in fact I think some people cured hams just with salt and it goes to that that's fine and so I think I like that I think you're going to be fine I mean listen as much as my son Booker says

if I die it's your fault if we're dead it's your fault in like I can take that I can do that but don't don't blame me if you're dead but my feeling is that I feel fine eating it what do you think down into insecure number one right the only the only problem would be if you were to not have it there long enough anymore but there's no botulism in there because it's a whole muscle cut

hi Dave nastase and Jack this is Chris from the bay area in California I made it to Booker and Dax last time I was in New York and was at my lunch is each weekend I can generally invest a bit more time on the back and then eat better-than-average food for the rest of the week I'm having a problem with the strategy is meet you beat you wouldn't have a problem with pork loin if you didn't use it you know I'm saying Paul that's true. What do you think they're coming at 3

temperature to taste you tonight of cooking and sometimes the next day but by Friday the

by sparing or holding lean meat for 5 days at a time station occasionally seems like a starch thicken sauce how cold does help I found a spare mentally that fatty or cut such as chicken thighs don't seem to have as much of a problem but seems contrary to Fat oxidation peace I know what you mean but it is not in the centrifuge I'm looking forward to it money to you guys more directly in making it your way.

I suppose since you're doing lean Cuts you don't want to submerge them in oil which is a good way to do it right submerge them in oil in a bag and end and evacuate all oxygen and you're going to be good or vac-pac or if you do if you pre slice vac-pac or like Zippy would like some sort of sauce and then like freeze them out then they can fall really quickly like inside of like a couple of minutes what you think why you got any good suggestions

back at it it's a vacuum storage problem opening and closing I would proportion what you're going to use and then it's kind of stitch but in the long run he was fatty Army in the long run solution is to use is the use of Steve's coming out rise at do I have to do anything to a size you read the instructions it's going to do it on its own

why isn't Rising did we not have been 6 minutes do we not Beat It

it's got all this and I try the candy cap stuff

another time another time we will discuss the results on next week's give me the worst thing in the world is it a condition enemy of quality Falls giving me a machine that makes me the enemy of quality which I appreciate it

I'm sure it does for tubular egg tubular egg crafts but I will give you the results thanks Paul for our machine thanks for listening to this program on Heritage Radio Network. Org you can find all of our archives programs on our website or as podcast in the iTunes Store by searching Heritage Radio Network you can like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter at Heritage underscore radio you can email us with questions anytime Heritage Radio Network. Org Heritage Radio network is a 501 c 3 nonprofit to donate and become a member visit our website today thanks for listening