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Episode 214: STIRRED, Not Shaken!

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how y'all doing got done to South you the hammer Lopez with me got Jack in the engineering Jack was at his usual posting to give me engineering and then apparently what does stassi is actually doing during the radio show is supposed to pay attention to what's going on is texting Jack like she knows you can literally just say that on are you don't need to say in the first of all obviously since I was talking to Jack. The show just an oversight and not you know some sort of like some sort of like Jack no longer count Jaggi. No longer counts many ways can you give us a weather forecast I don't know anything for sure but next week I think we have like a 50% chance of McGee 50% chance

weather like if a butterfly flaps its wings somewhere in Indonesia we might not get McGee next week but you know you never know he's going to hang out before and after the radio show and so he didn't say he would stay but you know assuming he doesn't hightail it out he could hang out and we could get some one quickly before I get into even though I'm a horrendously late so like purposely enemies equality with by the waist and I are still working on the shirt we have other problems we've been dealing with first

I hate I don't tell me if I spoke about it before but I hate seeing people in medical scrubs on the street I hate it that you remember okay so scrubs are the universal symbol that I'm about to do something to your body that requires me to be clean so I don't want it to be a surgical situation right you scrub up completely try and scrub is a me scrubbing and scrub your hand wash everything right and you have these clothes on that are not your street clothes right you put on booties over your feet presumably so that you're around and you know your sneaks that you've been traipsing through like puddles of Filth on the street with and now I'm about to do something to you that like you know requires me to not be disgusting that's what scrubs mean right so the opposite of the scrub for medical professional is the lab coat right or the egg

check my street clothes against the nasty stuff that might Splash on me medically I'm making those Cody quotes with my hands are there quotes they were medically so they make them wear scrubs even though they shouldn't be wearing scrubs as part of their uniforms like Duane Reade sometimes right and I just think it's filthy you know she had to speak to bring up on the show is because it also reminds me how much do you hate when you see people walking outside in there why it's right there walking outside in the chef like what about the people who have to go outside so taking a smoke break they don't even take their apron off and they're leaning with their like filthy apron and their chef whites against them nasty like I would have listened to call scaffolds that I've seen caisson and people spend on constantly and then they're smoking and that's that they know they're spitting and smoking this is like you know it's not you don't want to see that right

to tell their folks not to let a customer see them in their whites unless they're cooking you know what I mean cuz when you're cooking your usually pretty on point about not looking like you're like doing something disgusting like but when you're outside like you who knows whether you know you going to touch your face with your hands which is revolting there's all sorts of things that you know in terms of cooking you want to saying anyways people need to get their there they're their street clothes separate from their is it that people don't provide places to change or I want to carry it is nasty, right you agree with me on usual they showed his last week's disgusting I had no idea what that meant this disgusting this Google ripping and tearing disgusting disgusting okay you seen this

hello Dave Anastasia podcasts in order in the British newspaper the guardian in March of this year former oo7 Rodger Moore explains how he makes a dry martini by the way where does more fit in in your Pantheon of the bonds

anyone Stars characters you don't know Jaws Rodger or Rodger more like one of the character bad guys from his era is is Jaws who said that giant dude who you might remember as the giant dude from Happy Gilmore you seen that movie correct I can't believe you don't know the different Rodger Moore's understand they are kind of absurd sex is weird movies with no plot that's like to know as a kid seeing all the stuff blow up anyway Rodger Moore

DVC Cannonball Run he played a character like him in the Cannonball Run stuff in it in like an old whatever anyway so I can't believe I'm dealing with two people that I can't put anything off of a glue at the normal of course but I had to complain to be honest and asks absurdly for a shaken martini right yes

hey Dave and Sasha and Jackie molecules Antoine from Boca Raton hey what's up

all right cool I had two questions one with a simpler one I was wondering if you've ever made a simple syrup with lactose and if it's possible at all know you can add some lactose to it but it's not this it's like very low solubility so you can't get it up two levels of sweetness that would be required from a simple syrup you can dope some lactose in but remember like even in ice cream if you use too much dry milk powder as it freezes down you'll get lactose crystallization you get those nasty Crystal

okay cool and the other one asked if there's more expedited way to make tonkatsu for ramen sadly never made it by myself you what it what do you do

I was thinking of doing like a half pressure cooker sort of technique perhaps and then speeding it up some other way but I haven't seen anything else on it

like that like first first like pressuring it then drying it then frying it yeah I'm sure that'll work with the pressure cooking with it is you going to want to use the Super Hyper concentrated stock right and then after you release date you're going to want to pull it out and then you're going to want to let it flash off hot to get rid of some of the moisture on the outside but not so hot that you flash the moisture out of the inside-right but you need to get pick up your pick up on the outside of the of the thing so what's your typical what's a typical get by the tanco right pant go with what like an egg what what's the what's the dip on it is it flour then some sort of egg dipped in panko

pretty much I mean just that sometimes I mess around with some milk in there is why there are heavy creamer but you might want to get some batter binder some Chris Cote in your initial flour dip to increase adhesion and stop oil penetration down but that there's no reason that won't work just use a very concentrated stock and reuse it a bunch of times to do your pressure cooking I think you're not going to degrade the flavor of it at all and it'll be super quick easy quick or you can just use you know one of the many Cuts that's going to be like $10 as is and then you can basically just fry from raw you know


call I did not mean you're always going to have to answer so I didn't know if you were never made it before it sounds good Martini sell in the British newspaper of the guardian in Marsh I always forget when you go on a British airplane they offer you two newspapers I can't remember what they are right but you always need to ask is you say which one is the racist one because they offer you two and ones like some horrible race a drag and yeah and I can never remember which ones which I don't know if the Guardians the racist one or the not racist one I don't know someone until they literally like the last time I was flying over there the stewardess as I can get it no do I guess I would prefer the racist one okay rock

Sean Connery Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade that your favorite Indiana Jones

put an egg cup measure of a Prat dry vermouth into a v-shaped martini glass mistake and swirl it around to flavor the glass thing an egg cup it's if I had to look it up in a cup of stores and egg East Haven for a lot of soft boiled eggs and then they break the cops off you have to hold it in a cup started making egg cups face which is like imagine the vegan face but with like just like a huge keeping side dose of the Arabian and likes corn for whole cultures in a cup is about 40 meals which is you know like an ounce in a quart or something around there

can I see you got that you're my first was a huge waste of an egg cup measuring dry vermouth into a v-shaped martini glass and swirl it around to flavor the glass martini glasses are kind of self-limiting drunk machines because like the drunker you are the more you spill it before it gets to your face and slash it around so I'm standing cocktail party it's almost impossible to get to hose on a v-shaped martini glass before I start spilling everywhere and people send you home that's the only good thing I have to say about that glass tile swirl around and throw away what's left you just spent like you know an ounce and a quarter or so of vermouth I liked it doesn't take that much to swirl around a class but what else would have would have them put a couple of ice cubes into a Shaker at your measure of Jan and so on and so on then presumably shaken not stirred so

First Wok on shaken not stirred for James Bond is that he because he's a super spy like he doesn't want to get too wasted right because he might have to shoot someone in a time and so he like has his martinis horribly water. He's probably doesn't want like too much like you no flavor so you like trying to get rid of this much flavor is he Cannon so he's British so he has to use he can't go you know like he asked you know but you know Rodger Moore actual Bridge has to go you know Jen cuz British tank and just shake it until there's like no alcohol or flavor left and then you can find a bunch of them and still shoot Herve Villechaize in the head you know what I mean or like you know intercept on a job when he's throwing a super sharp had at you anyways

that's my Siri obviously it's going to be horribly over diluted if you took it that way but it will be cold as mother and I think someone in the comment section not true you may as well drink a glass of needs and with a boat ton of water in it right cuz you made it real cold water when you do that and I have to say that looks pretty sensible, to me hence a question does a tiny amount of vermouth that would cling to the side of the cocktail glass in the Shaker actually alter the flavor of the drink if you've been at something as strong as didn't remember his Union strong anymore because it's been water to hell cuz he's shaking that sucker enough during it wouldn't James shaking with ice be much quicker to make and unless one has an incredibly refined palate taste pretty much exactly the same yours can Colgan know you taste it and remember it's just you know water and Jen and so you would taste it mean like look the other famous classical rinse Drake's I don't believe in rinsing for martinis cuz I think you should just add vermouth it I think the reason people wanted a small amount of vermouth is it there using

really old oxidized vermouth and you know if you were to open a fresh bottle you know as I don't use my Pratt in mind but like if you were to open a fresh bottle of like a high-quality vermouth or whatever you like the flavor of it would be good in a larger amount in that but the answer is yes printing does make a difference most notably the most notable rinse drink that human beings make who aren't super spies is of the Sazerac which has a rinse well Arab santora absinthe on the inside of the glass and it is quite noticeable if you don't if you know it's quite noticeable and so especially on the on the airmatic side so it does make a difference I don't know about rinsing that the tin with it that just seems kind of medicine kind of dumbass equivalent of adding probably like you know I don't know 556 Robson will make a difference so I wouldn't make a difference if you were to do something that's incredibly strong flavor but you know Janet's had that crap shaking out of it isn't not going to be a problem

Jeremy gabbard officially caught up gang what is it bad that is a thing I guess I'm just like him the name switch here commercial you can play the you can play The Jackie molecules town

I'm officially caught up on the back catalogue of episode after discovering your podcast a couple of months ago man circulators looking at the Anova Precision cooker that was a really call it a Nova Precision cooker why would you come up with a new name I don't know who famously made by we pop Band CB Potts and as long as I take into account my water volume / seating capacity am I going to miss out any thinks that the pricier models offer which the pressure models like me I guess we're talking like the the $800 - $800

tell me I hear $800 a polyscience next the slightly heavier Duty 1 the old laughs, I still love my old metal style probably Science Guy with a metal bottom because I'm a very abusive and I sent so we did that we shot the Thanksgiving turkey again the one that you know we didn't any of that done a million times with it with the the bionic turkey with the bone structure and for that one the metal guy really helped because it's easier to clean the oil out of the metal one and pipe the oil around inside of the bird excetera excetera miles offer I've read Kenji lopez-alt head-to-head which is a couple at a year-and-a-half-old now on Serious Eats about the different circulated but I'm curious if there's any of the three of you thanks in advance Jeremy gabbard

first of all I went and read the serious eats head-to-head and there's a couple of things that we look any head to head to someone writes when someone is sent three circulators or three anything's dishwashers computers whatever you have to take with a little bit of a grain of salt evaluations that someone does right off the bat because they don't take into account kind of what's Happening year in year out and also what happened with a number of different users use it so now you can all go read it but I'll just comment on some of the things at the end and by the way I don't have a boat time is Iona a Sancerre and I own the number to Peter Kim stole it from me but whatever I owned one of the first generation but I'm not had any experience with the second generation only choose which are a little bit different but I'll try to I'll try to go through them and they all work they all heat water up in there they're pretty accurate but what what can be said one of the things he said to worry about

is evaporation during cooking and therefore like how how big a difference there is between the minimum and maximum water levels in in a circulator circulators have a heating element and a pump and if if either of those things goes dry then then you're in in deep deep trouble so they all have sensors in them to stop that from happening but also all units have a minimum water level on the pain the pump in a in a maximum the maximum is protect electronics and the minimum is to is to prevent overheating or lack of circulation now the that this thing is if people don't list his how effective something is at circulating below its minimum depth souffrances if you were to put a an immersion circulator into the ocean it's not going to circulate the stuff at the bottom because the pump really only circulates the stuff at the top so it's a factor that nobody takes into account is how well it circulates a bath let's say your bath was a stock pot and your circular is only have

the top six inches are 7 inches of the stock price of the stock pots got another foot below it will how's it doing there and especially a problem when you talk about that kind of circulation is the fact that that hot stuff Rises and sell the stuff that your circulating and keeping hot tents that tend to rise and the end of lower temperature stuff tends to settle to the bottom so how effective something is at agitating a tall pot is going to be a problem especially if you do a lot of your cooking in things like stock pot but anyways having a wide range of a minimum the maximum depth is important for long cooking foods are on the agenda at a hundred and fifty degrees this is Kenzie 150° water in a metal pot with a 10 inch diameter and two gallons of water will drop in Hi-Fi about an inch every 8 hours due to evaporation in my apartment and then he said covering the top with foil or plastic wrap that useless plastic wrap to cover the top with plastic plastic wrap can cut this down but the possibility that the water level will drop below the minimum line during extended cook at the very real one not

listen you should never run a circulator for any length of time is not covered going to go back and say this again you should never run a circulator without covering it for any length of time it looks really really bad practice okay so I mean like this one of the first things I teach people so for me you know like how much the water level is going to drop is not that much of an issue because I know that I'm always going to be running with with plastic on the top exception being if you're running it during service be running it during service and going to be going in and out then and you're just doing a research and bath and maybe you don't need to but whatever the other thing is that I thought was kind of a little bit misleading on they on the review there is that talking about the clips on on the back of it can be like the screw clamp

because the you know Kenzie's worried that you're going to get eclipse going to fail any going to drop a circulator into the water the only time and you know that well over a decade that I've been using circulators on a consistent basis that I've ever dropped phone in water was because I was so angry trying to yank the sucker off because I had to unscrew the thing in back and it kept on catching on the lid of the on the backside of the rim of the camera that was like yanking on it because I was so angry now I guess. I was yanking on it and I I pulled it up so hard that a tip and fell into the water bath and that's the only time I've ever dropped it and was because it was firmly planted I regularly rip the clamps out of the screw things out of the back and just place it all over the edge so I'm not really worried about about that

what are you going to put the thing into right so at one thing that one thing that like you look at Princeton to the old metal Style polyscience versus the newer Plastics tile polyscience the newer Plastics. One is narrower and then he's very very narrow and what that means is it takes up less space in your circulating. So you have to ask yourself what you're going to be circulating in the weather going to be pushing the limits of the bad because the amount of space that the circulator takes up in the bath is a very real limitation for a lot of people who are cooking in smaller like a smaller vessels on their counter yesterday I found the sun Sara doesn't like to run pure Royal I found that when we're doing a Harvard lecture but you know that's about it but again if you have the money and durability is the ultimate saying than the old school metal polyscience guys I think they're still pretty tough to beat you don't call her

hey Dave I got a quick question but it probably applies to a lot of cooking to do with gelatin using it as a clarifier I've been doing for years with my fellow home birth and they insist that if you you know you dissolve it in some hot water before you had it make if you bring it to a boil it's usually Fadi activate for gelatin but I've always brought to a boil to sanitize I've never had a problem and I figured you would be the one to say whether this is hogwash you're not what you think I would bring you to a boil hurt at that's how they make yellow

what's the argument about not boiling it take for gelatin and won't work anymore but it's crazy right I mean it seems crazy is it some special gelatin is it some Super Hyper fancy gelatin yeah yeah yeah I could see that there's some sort of like gelatin solution that you could buy that's not set that is like you know where the gelatin is it's some particular way but then you wouldn't want to heat it at all because he's mess with the configuration like the solubility of gelatin its solubilize is that a pretty low temperature right but then you know bringing it to an extended boil if you boil the hell out of it you'll start to hydrolyzed it but let's not forget how do you make how do you make gelatin in stock right you boil

bones and and meats to break the college and down into gelatin right that's that's what you do I mean I've boiled me and now I don't think that's a extended boiling in ascitic and if you're boiling it just in plain water right well hydrolyzed gelatin for sure but I have oil gelatin many times and had it still set for another maybe I don't I don't I don't get it I don't I don't get it I don't understand is there any ice on it though

what time is there any like scientific literature on it

now you know how often just pick things up from you no other related things like skewness give me the top off your beer because they do it with the stock you know and extrapolated over and they don't really have any real reason to do it and then I get called a couple of times and they just stick with it whether you know never questioning it out there listening you know don't send us in some information and we'll see

hello Altieri Market bourbon red Navajo churro put your cat for the rise of factory farming USA exists to promote diversity small family farms in a fully traceable food supply we believe the best way to help a family Farmers to buy from them and Heritage Foods is honored to represent a network of family Farmers artisanal producers and a measurable gift to biodiversity how many steaks Berkshire pork or Navajo churro lamb chops from healthy animals of sound genetics that have been treated humanely

simple fact is radius according to this philosophy taste better as we like to say you have to eat them to say them visit us at Heritage Foods USA. Com for more information if we'll just do an outro on Jackie molecules because taking off going viral my ringtones like mustaches you are mean to me I don't even need to text and send it to somebody superjack you can have some of these two

super high brakes apricots this new variety I think out of California and I he'd e hydrating but they start out at like 20-something bricks which is like super high sugar and so you know it's our stars that are super sweet they are at at at the end of the thing is I think what we should do before you dehydrate them to tournament a real flavor bombs is just throw a little more acid into it. Thanks.

Don't they just dehydrate on their own up there in California now you're from there you tell me cuz I'm saying like no water isn't it easier for them to like

Tommy I said not for me. I mean acetic acid base of apricot is what I'm saying is sweetness is so high that it could stand more acidity to back it up at the hydrate cut it sprinkle at the acid like kind of go into it so you get the level of that being so you wouldn't want to learn more acid and what you think about these are supposed to blend house plans because they're super high acid

I can't talk to them eating apricots

nothing in Pasadena by the way Jack do you think sharp and hot should be said would like a Boston style accent I think you should shut up hot Ethan. Could I go about lentil tofu I think I talked about it I've not talked about little tofu in the possibilities please I talked about that to about like a stiffening carrots and whether that's known reaction other vegetables I think I talked about it but it's hard to know because I can't tell about the awesomeness of Frangipani

digestive size inside of a king cake Dairy Queen cakes so I'm like like Mardi Gras King cake and inside of it is that kind of like like more creamy almond crap it's not a March that I want what I want to do is start making things like that cuz we have the capability to grind the stuff down we should do that with killed starts with loving your appetite skating on them but we should be good good stuff right so early I don't have too much to say I don't make it that much myself I think it's a good product but I will now you got me

Japan by the way to get right back to me now Garden tomatoes do you hate Tomatoes right today and said can you eat the blossoms of the tomato plant now it's like they might have too much of that tomato in which is no whatever the alkaloid is related to like so whenever they sell Mac style like alkaloid the ten tomato plants which is why you're not supposed to eat a boat ton of the green tomato stuff you know talking about anyway to Blossom you rip off his one less tomato you get like who has that many tomatoes in their life

Midas Romeo spaghetti with chopped Garden tomatoes basil garlic oil and salt is often in the summertime when perfect tomatoes are available part of the process involves chopping salting the raw tomatoes to draw out moisture that would otherwise water down the pasta Everything but water and on the process is quite tasty and I hate that is no longer part of the sauce I figured if I could stick into thinking it would hear this spaghetti at increased deliciousness and that's what I had it sick in the Tomato water nicely and I'll also made me want to puke when I ate it because it was so snotty it's a technical term as soon as he is. He's making her I'm about to puke face with it with his aunt and pasta I also don't want to heat the water to avoid losing the raw tomato flavor so what would you recommend any what percentage

can a tomato water so it can be added back to the chop tomatoes on the pasta thanks Dreaming Of Summer meals at my favorite pasta soon with more tasting is Jason Jason because the stuff appreciably you're going to have to add a a boat a boat ton of stuff I would use I would use pre-seed gelatinize agglomerated starch is what I would use and then you're basically sickening sickening it the way that cooking that with a starch so I would use like Ultra sperse you want to get ass purse and not a text the reason I would use starch is because you need to use relatively large percentages of a starch which means that it is it will diminish the flavor some but it's also super easy to dos and don'ts out you're not going to go away over and if you use it takes a couple of minutes to add it all right away cuz it takes a couple of minutes to fully hydrate

easy to use and kind of cooks measurements like this Express feeling a pinching and getting it to do what you want where is most other hydrocolloid as if you were going to use like a jaguar in LBG I think you're not going to get were used to starch thicken sauces and so I think it's going to be I think that might be the way to go in this situation but still I don't know if you're going to have as good a result as you would get out of friend since pulling the pasta a couple minutes earlier a couple of seconds earlier doing a very quick drain and then immediately tossing it with the tomato juice that comes out because they increase the salt level of your of your pasta but if you just leave everything else out like another tomatoes that you have out Pasta Pasta in the in the straight tomato water like in to pull it a couple of seconds earlier I think it'll absorb a good that wouldn't think it would have been a good bit of that stuff and so I think if you pull like like me know 30 gallon of spaghetti cooked

for 7

774 you and Mark if I can push like 2 minutes pull it like a good like I would say maybe like 30 seconds earlier than you normally would then make sure that you toss the stuff and the keep it hot like I would put the bulb at something and I will do is I'll cook my pasta and in a colander inside of my pot right now so I can just pull the calendar out the fast drain then you put it into the bowl and if you keep the bowl warm like over the water that's been boiling and makes a starchy mashed but keeping it warmer as you're tossing in the the Tomato water will help it absorb more of it supposed to win it but but let it flash off of You cover it it'll keep warm rooms or more but also won't flash off moisture in your whole goal here at the add more liquid wild flashing off moisture yes. Then add your Tomatoes afterwards and go Super Bowl

get to I still have to get to Steven from Moscow on on ovens and he's trying to get the the thing and Alex from San Francisco but Maggie will be here so we can talk about it and we'll finally get to Michael and is blown Ziploc bags but would be to go drop a cool 10 grand on a really nice rotovap setup and tomato stuffed cooking issues

well I'm going to play this Jackie molecules on the way out


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